♪♪ In a moment, we’re going to pray, and then I’m going to ask you to open your Bible to John 10 If you’ll just get it to John 10 right now, there’s just one line It’s red-letter words, and it’s just dynamite So that’s all we’re going to focus on, is that one line And I’ll pray with you in just a moment, but you’ve got to admit, we humans, we’re funny creatures Have you heard about people celebrating losing? We got a phone call from our son Kirk this week, and it was followed up with a text message from Chelsea, our daughter-in-law Just this short little message tucked away in that note, “Number three is out,” and we’re thinking they’ve given us two of our granddaughters Maybe this is number three coming out or getting ready to come out or whatever I don’t know Then she put a picture with it, disabused us of that thought, and here’s the picture she put in That’s our granddaughter Ella, and her third tooth came out this week So everybody is calling and celebrating losing It’s amazing We celebrate losing our teeth in the beginning, and by the time we get down at the end of the journey, we’re hanging onto those teeth for dear life Like, don’t celebrate losing anything Ah, we’re a funny creature, we humans We celebrate losing We celebrate losing our weight We celebrate losing our minds No, we don’t really celebrate losing our minds That’s one of the things we want to hang onto because there’s some stuff that we don’t want to lose We don’t want to lose our minds We don’t want to lose our friends We don’t want to lose our health, and I’m thinking that what we’re about to plunge into together, you and me, this might have kind of universal appeal for all of us This is another one of those DIY, what my Gen Z’er friends, and Abby is one of my Gen Z’er friends She’s going to be up here with me in just a moment to help me preach this, but they’re calling these DIYs This is do-it-yourself, and what’s the title of this one? “Do It Yourself: A DIY Guide How To Be Healthier And Live A Whole Lot Longer.” So we’re going to get to that in just a second, but first I want to pray with you, and I want to go to that line in John 10:10 Do you have it ready to go? All right. Let’s pray Father, thank you We’re crazy creatures We celebrate losing We celebrate winning It just depends on what you’re talking about, and he we are looking now at a guide for health Are you serious, Father? A DIY guide for how to live longer? If You can give that to us, give it to us right now please We’re coming to You in the name of Jesus One line, a provocative promise He makes Penetrating, may it make sense to us we pray, right now, in Jesus’ name Amen So open your Bible to John 10:10 Already there? Good John 10:10, I’m in the NIV We’ll put it on the screen for you Here is this penetrating promise, red letters all the way through this chapter So my verse is in red here, John 10:10, Jesus speaking Okay, hit the pause button right there Come on There is only one person in this universe, you got to admit it, only one person in this universe who comes to steal and kill and destroy And you know who I’m talking about I’m not going to mention his name because he gets some sort of perverse pleasure when people talk about him I’m not even going to mention his name He’s demented anyway He’s the only one in the universe that comes to steal and kill and destroy Mm, but where’s this big promise that you were talking about, Dwight? Well, let’s read it again John 10:10 Oh, boy. It’s party time Did you get that? Jesus to the max, and when it’s Jesus to the max, what does he say? “I have come so that all of that guilt stuff that you’re dealing with you know, the always looking-over-your-shoulder kind of guilt? I’ve come to take that away I’ve come to take away that flashing red light called your conscience I’m going to steal your conscience I want to be to the max in your life, and I will give you the abundant life I have come to take away your moral bad health, so that you’ll never wake up with a hangover again I have come to give you the life, and life to the max, life to the full And when I forgive your sins, by the way, I’m going to so

bless your body with new life, I’m going to so bless your soul with new health, that you’ll never be the same again.” Put it on the screen for us again, please Jesus says Do you want the full life? You know what they say, don’t you? The softest pillow in the world is a clear conscience Jesus says, “I can give you that clear conscience Here’s the deal: You take me, and I’ll give you life to the max and the full You take me, and I’ll give that to you.” Talk about health If you talk about good, good health Let’s take a look at it together I came across a blogging scientist the other day Boy, I’m sure glad I found her She’s a research scientist, UC Davis You’ve heard of University of California in Davis It’s a big institution She is the founding director of UC David Integrated Medicine So I’m starting to read her blog, and I come across these words, and I want you to see them They’re on the screen right now Whoa, Loma Linda? I used to have grandparents that lived in Loma Linda I’ve been there You’re kidding me. Keep reading Now I want to say a word about those studies that she reviewed, but I’m really excited about these eight secrets And, by the way, she came up with them herself They’re not in the study She read all the studies and then came up with these They’ll be our DIY, our do-it-yourself list for today, but first, she’s absolutely right Since 1960 — Get this Since 1960, there have been three major studies of the Seventh-Day Adventist lifestyle The first one was in 1960 The second one was in 1974 The third one — it’s still going on, by the way — 2002 The last two are called Adventist Health Study One The third one is Adventist Health Study Two Very interesting about those studies By the way, Adventist Health Study Two, that’s going on right now? And some of you are still participating in this Listen to this It was funded by the National Cancer Institute with an additional $5.5 million grant given by the National Institutes of Health so that it could focus on over 96,000 Seventh-Day Adventists between the ages of 30 and 112, living only in Canada and the United States So it’s a study on North America Amazing Now I need to tell you this These guys were not commissioned by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church The Seventh-Day Adventist Church accepts the findings of the studies, but it did not sponsor these studies So that makes it even more intriguing All three studies have explored the links between lifestyle, diet, and disease among us Seventh-Day Adventists with some rather interesting factoids So let me give you one from Adventist Health Study One I’ll put it one the screen for you, all right? What are they? And then the Adventist Health Study number two Here are some factoids Now I need to tell you this in advance This is not comparing the Adventist population with the rest of the population This is comparing Adventists with Adventists because there are six categories they came up with when it comes to our diets, and you can imagine what the six are, so I’m not going to give them to you But watch this, on the screen, from AH number two Hmm Here comes factoid number two in AH Two Interesting Here comes bullet number three You get half the incidences

of Type 2 diabetes One more In other words, vegetarians live longer That’s what they found in AHS number two So what was Jesus’ promise again? Look at it on the screen again John 10:10. Come on Jesus says The question is, how can we experience this life to the full? That’s what everybody wants It doesn’t matter your age It was really fascinating for me I’m just going to be up-front here To look over the shoulders of this woman Her name is Rosane Oliveira She’s the, as I mentioned, the director of integrated medicine at UC Davis, but I’m looking over her shoulders as she said, “I’ve read all these studies, and hey, blog readers, I’ve come up with eight lessons you need to know about.” I’ll put her words on the screen — Rosane Oliveira So, I’m going to share them with you, come on Let’s scribble them down Abby is going to come up here, and we’ll be done But would you pull out your new study guide? It should be tucked away in your worship bulletin right now Pull it out, please This is our DIY, do-it-yourself, list of eight life lessons for long, lasting health All right? Eight lessons You didn’t get one? Here come our friend, the ushers Put your hand up, and they’ll make sure you get one of those If you’re watching on a screen right now, if you’re watching on television, you see that little website at the bottom? That is our website, newperceptions.tv You go there, and you’ll find this particular little conversation we’re having today It’s entitled a “A DIY Guide How To Be Healthier And Live A Whole Lot Longer.” Click on the study guide, and you’ll get the same list of eight You have to fill in the blanks with us We’re glad to have you watching live-stream or wherever you are right now All right So you’ve got it up in the balcony, as well? Are you getting them up in the balcony? Good Well, let’s not — Without any further ado, let’s go Eight lessons for a long, healthy life Write it down Number one: Take breaks So this director of Integrated Medicine, looking at Seventh-Day Adventists in Loma Linda, she said, “Hey, I learned something from these guys Take breaks.” Now the words that follow are also hers, okay? She puts in parentheses “24 hours,” and then I put in brackets, “the Sabbath,” “from daily life to focus on family, God, friends and nature They believe this relieves their stress, strengthens their social communities and provides healthful, consistent exercise.” End quote She doesn’t say a word about why we do it I just remind you, in case you forgot The Fourth Commandment of the Ten Commandments, that begins with the words “Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy,” it ends with these words Scribble is down There it is, Exodus 20:11 Why do we rest? Because the creator did It’s a great idea And guess what Research now shows it adds to a healthful life: longevity I love the way Moses describes the greatest rest Keep your pen moving Exodus 31:17 “And on the 7th day, the Creator rested and was refreshed.” She says, “They have time with their friends They have time in nature They have time to relax.” Yep, you’re right You nailed it on the head That’s one of the secrets to longevity right there, and good health All right, there are eight of these, and here comes number two They call that BMI Now she writes So where did somebody come up with this whole food, plant-based diet idea? From the Creator Jot this down. Genesis 1 The Creator is talking right now Now the research is showing that a whole food, plant-based diets are the secret to a long, healthy life Got it? The Creator obviously knew what He was doing when He assigned that diet

Number three Jot it down, please She writes, the good news is that you don’t have to run a marathon Enough said Abby is coming up in just a moment We’re going to talk about that We’ll kind of tease that one out, speaking about exercise Number four, write it down, please There are only eight of these Who wouldn’t like that? She nailed it on the head again Jesus, in John 13:35, on the screen for you So I’m a little curious on this one, so I step away from her blog And I go into Google, and I want to find out about relationships We just had that “Roommates, Bad Dates, and Soulmates” series I said, “Listen, tell me about the effect of relationships.” The National Institutes of Health, summarizing 148 different studies Look at this Put it on the screen for you We all knew smoking was a risk factor and alcohol consumption is a risk factor Now, the National Institutes say this idea of friendships moves right up there with alcohol and tobacco in its effect on our longevity.” But she goes on And by the way In other words, I refuse to exercise, and I’m not losing weight If you have close friends, that will mitigate, to a degree, some of that, those risk factors in terms of your death age Number five Jot it down, please I like this. “Give back.” True or false? Come on We all know it’s true You know what? There are scores of studies that show, by the way, that volunteers — No kidding Volunteers, whether you’re a student going to class You say, “Dwight, I’m taking classes.” That doesn’t count as volunteering You have to take those classes Your mind and body know when you’re doing something that you don’t have to do, and they reward you with these little boosting chemicals that actually raise your immunity level and expand your longevity Volunteering for senior citizens, we’ve got retirees in this communities Volunteering at neighbor-to-neighbor is a huge boost for your immune system and your longevity That’s what she’s talking about — give back! Jesus put it well: Luke 6:38 Get involved. Okay Number six Ooh, number six is going to be one we wrestle with Number six, some of you are going to start pushing back right now “Oh, I love the first five Don’t give me number six.” But number six is one that this particular community needs to hear, all right? So number six Now she’s talking about supper, okay? “Eat an early, light dinner A lighter meal at the end of the day will promote better sleep and a lower BMI.” End quote Whoa And then I remembered something I read in Christianity Today Oh, I was so glad this last week — Ah, I kept it And I want to tell you about it It was written by a physician named Lindsay Stokes She’s describing something called autophagy Can I put the word on the screen for you? Autophagy Yeah, what’s up with that? Autophagy describes a process that the cells go through When the cells don’t find nutrition outside of them, you know what they do? They go inside They have some proteins lying around They have some little body parts within the cell that are lying around They start eating those proteins, and they start consuming those body parts As long as there is food going by, they don’t do that clean up work And guess what they have found Autophagy is the body extending your life because, you know what? If you don’t eat just before you go to bed Now, some of us are on a two-meal-a-day Karen and I have breakfast, and we have lunch And that’s it, and I’m just telling you the truth You get hungry around supper time I wish I could tell you it ain’t so, but you do But guess what? When you give your body a break, and it needs considerable time for that break, grabbing that pizza just before you drop off to sleep? That really — You say, “Dwight, I really do better when I have food in my tummy I sleep well.” You know why you sleep well?

Because all the blood from your brain has gone down to the stomach But while the brain is sleeping, the stomach is going — [ Gurgling ] all night long It’s getting zero rest, and tomorrow morning I’ll just grab a couple Dunkin’ Donuts, and then I’m off! You keep eating all day long You graze right through the day There is no break There is no break for those cells that say, “Give me a break. Stop I won’t turn out there for food now I will turn in here.” By the way, I’m just going to throw this in Alzheimer’s? Anybody with white hair is concerned about Alzheimer’s Trust me Alzheimer’s — No, I’m not going to get into it now I’m going to do it in November I’m going to do it in November We’re going to talk about mental health, and let me tell you Baby Boomers are really very nervous about Alzheimer’s I’m reading a book called “The End of Alzheimer’s.” It’s fascinating, and by November I’ll be able to help you out Don’t get into the descriptions right now, but the point is, the brain needs you to stop eating so that the brain can clean up what’s been built into the brain, squirted in the brain all day long Your bright minds have been — The brain says, “Stop Don’t eat. Give me a break.” That’s what she’s writing about, so I’m going to put her words on the screen right now, okay? So this is Lindsay Stokes talking about autophagy There’s one other method you can use, and it’s called famine And when famine occurs, and the food supply drops off, the body begins slowly to consume itself It has no choice We don’t want that, but 12 hours First Tuesdays on this campus? The day of fasting and prayer? You could go with 24 hours and do your body a very big favor Just stop eating. You won’t die It’ll feel like it, but you won’t Number seven There are only eight of these “Drink lots of water.” Jot that down, please She writes They’re now finding eight glasses of water is even better We’ll talk about that when Abby comes up in 2 split seconds All right Number eight, the final one “Eat a mostly plant-based diet.” She says, “Looking at these Adventists, and I’ve concluded plant-based is what they do.” Now these are her words Ladies, listen up Or, as my grandma would say, to-mah-toes And by the way, guys, smile along with the ladies because tomatoes are excellent for prostate health Mm-hmm You don’t want to mess with prostate cancer Nobody does Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes And by the way, that’s not guzzling a jar of ketchup down All right, there they are, ladies and gentlemen — eight lessons Eight lessons for a long, healthy life Put Jesus’ words on the screen again for us, please, John 10:10 That’s the abundant life There isn’t a soul here that isn’t saying, “Man, I want that life Girl, I want that life.” Me too Abby Vaughn, come on up here She’s my new friend You know what Abby Vaughn is? She is a senior at Andrews University She’s a senior at Andrews University, a dietetics major So this is her last year This is a big deal She is also a wellness associate So we’re talking about about the brand-new Andreasen Center for Wellness, right across from the church right here, and she works over there And number three, she is a — I got to always look this up — a group fitness instructor So you want to talk about fitness? This woman can help And qualification number four? She is a member of the largest generation on this planet right now, and they’re called Gen Z’ers, and you’re looking at a Gen Z’er right here, born between 1995 and 2006 Sorry

So, Abby, I mean, this is fascinating stuff This little lady is looking at all these Adventist Health Studies So, Abby, look You’re the exercise specialist Let’s just begin right there Come on Really give us a little bit of motivation now I mean, she said, “Oh, they exercise.” But come on Give us some motivation What are some benefits for exercise, fitness instructor? For sure, for sure So, there is actually a ton of benefits for exercise I’ll name a few One of them, you’re going to have a lot more energy in the long run, so you get up, you exercise As you continue doing that, your body will learn to adjust to that exercise, and you will gain more energy You’re going to increase your muscle strength and tone, and who doesn’t want to be toned and have some good muscle strength in order to pick things up and do what you need to do? You’re going to have better posture, so you’re going to be able to — The muscles in your back and everywhere is going to help you have that better posture So if you think about what you’re doing right now, some of you are probably slouching, kind of leaning up against the back of your seat If you exercise on a regular basis, you will definitely have that better posture You’re going to have less chronic illness So exercise actually has a way of transforming your body Cool And changing those genes that you have so that you have less chronic illness So let me ask you about group exercise because that’s kind of your specialty I mean, do you recommend that? I do recommend it. Oh, yeah Why? Why? So there’s a couple different things that, with group fitness exercise, that you can get Mm-hmm? One of them is that, when I go to group fitness classes, I look at the person on my left and right Mm-hmm? And I say, “Well, if they’re doing it that hard, and she’s doing it that hard, well I can definitely do it a lot better than they can.” And so it’s a way that you can push yourself and kind of have a competition with yourself And no one has to know about that, and then also what you were talking about, being social and connected with the people around you? You have all of these people that have the same goals as you, to better their lives and get completely well And so you have these people that can gather around you if you’re struggling and build you up Mm-hmm. Yeah Listen, we could spend a half hour just on exercise, but I want to move on to your other area of specialty right now, and that is dietetics So what are they teaching you in dietetic school? This is actually one of my favorite topics Okay So diet — There’s a ton of different things we could talk about, but there’s a couple things that really a lot of people struggle with And one of that is our portion sizes, so going to the cafeteria here, we have an all-you-can-eat buffet You go out to restaurants, they have these buffets Mm-hmm? And one way that you can decrease on your portion sizes is only take one plate, and that’s actually one reason why the cafeteria — Only one plate? Only one plate So there’s actually scientific evidence that if you only get one plate of food, and you only eat that, it’s part of the lowering your BMI type of thing Got you So one plate of food What I was saying, the cafeteria here, that is actually one of the reasons why they don’t have trays Because it helps you to portion Ah, I missed them the last time I went They said, “Yeah, we’re not using trays anymore.” Okay, but, by the way, speaking of the cafeteria, thank you for giving them a shout-out You know, I’m pretty impressed I mean, everything is labeled — vegan, vegetarian, carnivorous No, there’s no carnivorous, but they’re going out of their way to help us Right Yeah. So this diet thing I mean, everybody is into a new diet I just, this last week, I heard about a primal diet Eat what the ancients did, no pasteurized anything Give me a break What’s up with these diets? Yeah, so I actually don’t like the word “diet.” No? Because if you think about it, I’m sure most of you have been on a diet before So you start a diet You go through the diet You reach your goal, and then you just stop And what happens after you stop is you end up right back where you were Mm So I like to use the word lifestyle change So with that lifestyle change, you start that lifestyle change, but you don’t ever have an end date You don’t have an end goal You’re just constantly trying to better your life Mm-hmm, mm-hmm Be honest with me Do you like junk food? I do like junk food, and it’s a thing that a lot of people think that if you’re into wellness and if you’re into health, that you don’t like And, you know, studying to be a dietitian, a lot of people think that, “Oh, she doesn’t eat cake, and she doesn’t like ice cream.” I love it, but the thing is, what you do, if you like something, you get some Mm-hmm? But you portion it So say you like pizza Instead of eating a half of a pizza, you’re going to eat one slice So if you’re craving something and you don’t eat it, it’s actually going to end up building up, and eventually you’ll cave in And you’ll eat that whole pizza, and then you’re going to give up on what that goal was Mm-hmm. Okay We’re hastening to talk about — We need to talk about water We had an interesting discussion in the first service

What do you want to say about water? Because we just read, that’s one of the big deals for her She said, you know, what? Six glasses, five to six glasses for men, yada, yada, yada What’s up with water? Right, right So water is actually very important It was given to us by God, so it has to be important So actually for every person, your water intake is going to be different There’s formulas you can find online for that, but basically the easiest way to figure out whether you’re drinking enough water is if you look at your urine, and if it’s clear, you’re drinking enough If it’s not, then you need to drink more Well, that’s really easy to figure out So, in other words, water is absolutely — No matter what age, it’s absolutely essential Drinking coffee that’s liquid is not drinking water, is it? That’s correct Yeah. And pop? That’s correct So, while it is a liquid, it does have caffeine in it, and caffeine is actually considered a diuretic Diuretic means that it makes you lose water, so for every cup of caffeine that you drink, you should actually drink another cup of water to compensate for that Mm-hmm? Let’s talk about sleep because she didn’t mention sleep at all Isn’t that amazing? Eight lessons of life, she didn’t get the sleep part Let’s talk about sleep, especially on a campus like this, where sleep is at a premium So is there, like, a suggested giving guide for sleep or something? Well, you should actually sleep up to 7 to 8 hours I know, as college students, as parents, getting up and then going to bed at night, getting that rest that you need is actually really hard Sometimes you’re an evening person, so that doesn’t mean that you have to go to bed right at 9:00 and get up at 5:00 You can take that a little bit later Mm-hmm? And go to sleep a little bit later, as long as you get that 7 to 8 hours of sleep Somebody came up to me after first service and said, “Hey, listen,” and scribbled it out here “For good sleep, no computer, television screens before you fall asleep.” Is there a — What’s up with that? Yeah, so I’m not completely studied in this Yeah? But from what I’ve read and what I’ve seen, there is light on that screen Mm-hmm? And that light actually changes with the chemicals in your body and makes you stay awake longer, and it makes it harder to sleep There are actually apps that you can get that changes that light into a different frequency that allows you be able to sleep sooner if you do choose to look at it Mm-hmm, okay We don’t suggest it, but it is there Okay, this idea of, “Look. I’m young right now I’m a Gen Z’er or a millennial When I get to be 50, I’m going to really start honing in, and by the time I’m 70, I’m going to just — perfect health.” What about waiting, putting it off? Yeah, so first thing I want to say is, why wait and put off what you can do today for later? So if you start now, you’re actually going to see the benefits as you get older Mm-hmm? So it takes such little time to be healthy You can take 30 minutes out of your day Have a 20-minute workout Do some meditation or just quiet time Mm-hmm Drink your two glasses of water in the morning right when you get up, and just take 30 minutes a day You can find recipes online that cost less than $1 per serving, so the money issue, if you really look into it, you can do it Yeah It’s doable Let’s end by talking about Jesus Abby, what’s Jesus in your life? You know, if we look back to creation, and we see all the things that He has given to us He gave us the water He gave us the nuts and the grains and the fruits and everything we need to have that restful and peaceful environment and keep our bodies healthy that He gave us And we can do that by eating and taking care of the things that he gave us Mm-hmm So taking care of our bodies as the temples that he gave us through the stuff that he gave us It’s a big partnership Oh, yeah And he has a vested interest It’s abundant life, right? Correct Abundant life Put your hands together for Abby Vaughn and our Gen Z’ers Thank you, Abby God bless you Let’s put it up one more time Jesus’ words. John 10:10 I want to end with these words A little American lady, she’s about 5’3″ tall, she actually wrote the literature that has led to the Adventist lifestyle that the world and the culture today are sitting up and taking notice of She put the whole package together Her name is Ellen White She wrote a book called “Ministry of Healing.” It’s a little classic In a moment I’ll give you a chance to get it for free, but I want to end with this quotation from her book The words of that little American writer I love this That’s the abundant life

“I will give you this life to the max if you’ll take me If you’ll take me, I’ll give you that life.” I’d like to take one more moment with you here at the end of our program to offer you something special We are delighted to be able to send you this book The title of the book, you see it, “The Story of Hope.” In this look at the story of the Bible, you’re going to journey from the dawn of the human race through those majestic, stunning narratives, straight into the breathtaking story of our Lord, Jesus, and then beyond into the New Testament and beyond into the prophetic story of how life on this planet ends and then begins again I’d like to be sure you get this book, no charge to you, so grab your phone please and dial out toll-free number right now 877-HIS-WILL Two words — 877-HIS-WILL Operators are standing by, and we’ll get a copy in the mail to you as soon as possible Until the next time we meet, may the peace of our Lord, Jesus, abide with you 24/7 ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

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