on the show and build spin we drive the chevrolet trailblazer in will spend we write the honda CBR 650 f and in quicker cars we present the quaker car guy and on the road we drive the fiat punto evo to allow what I have with me today is pure American Muscle courtesy General Motors of course an SUV which is on its way into India and with luck you should be driving it soon the chevy trailblazer as far as full-blown american suvs go thus trailblazer here might not look as brawny eras mean but i can tell you that this is the size that really works for india at four point eight meters she is not really that small and she packs in seven seats which means a huge amount of practicality and it first looks she gives you the impression that she is quite capable with the confident stance and she means business General Motors will position the Trailblazer as a premium seven seater SUV with all the bells and the whistles and a powerful motor the Trailblazer is a chassis on body SUV and measures in at over four point eight meters long and sits on a wheelbase exceeding two point eight meters with a tall SUV stands and it has enough presence to ensure that you take notice of it in case it looms up in your rearview the interiors of this trailblazer here is actually quite different from what you see or what we expect from modern-day premium SUVs and depending upon your taste or the lack of it you might like it or even dislike it because this is quite subdued quite understated and you don’t find any gimmicky things here in terms of garnishing zin terms of colorful tiles instead what you get here is a dual tone fuzzier with a central console here which is nicely located and quite economic a display here which gives you pretty much all the information but in terms of luxuries it really isn’t lacking because you still get a low list of features as well as leather seats here and leather wrap steering wheel here the gear knob which has got nice chrome garnishing here just a little added touch of chrome which does live enough things and of course you can multifunction buttons on the steering wheels but what I disagree with here is the instrumentation I think for a car this size it’s a bit too small in terms of the binnacle sizing and all the information that you do get here displayed is also little difficult to read when you are driving on the highway so I think this could have been reworked and made a little more user-friendly here as I said earlier this is a seven seater which means it has three rows of seed as far as space is concerned specially on the second row of seats I don’t see any issue with it the big question always is in a seven seater if the third row of seat has enough space so time for me to find that out not only is it an exercise getting in and out of this car but sadly like most cars with the third row see this one too is crammed there’s hardly any leg space here and on top of it you feel a bit stuffy because there are no windows here the roof is sloping down as well so this is not a seat you will really enjoy your drive in if you are being driven over a long distance in fact this is what many people call the mother-in-law suite no i am not suggesting anything the Trailblazer here is powered by a 2.8 litre diesel engine and after you heard me say 2.8 liter you probably would presume that it’s a big engine but actually it’s not a big engine is just a four cyl in the unit but having said that let me tell you it uses double over at Cannes with the 16-valve engine so it pumps out 200 brake horsepower as max power and a very healthy 500 newton meters of torque and it is this talk

which actually makes this car so very drivable in city traffic the power delivery is quite linear when you initially fire the engine you hear her loud and clear and after you hit cruising speeds on the highway she does settle down a bit but still this is one engine which is loud so you keep on hearing the engine no matter what reb and you are in this might be a loud engine but actually it’s quite responsive every time you blip the throttle she doesn’t respond to your wake-up call quite well and the car just surges forward and it’s a nice reassuring music that you hear from the engine bay what I drive is a car with an automatic transmission the engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox and she does the job of shifting the gears quite well actually comes with the manual mode as well so you can actually play the race car driver if you want to but I don’t think you need to because this does the job quite well in terms of suspension setup she set up more on the step aside so you feel all the potholes and the aberrations of the indian roads filtering quite clearly and it’s not really very comfortable if you hit a bad patch of Road when you start driving you realize that the steering is a bit heavy and it does require some inputs but as you start building up speeds it gradually becomes quite nice and easy and in fact you do get a lot of feedback from the steering so in terms of drivability you get a feeling that you are behind the wheels of a nice big car after you spend some time behind this wheel of this trailblazer the impression that you will gather is that this is one car which is capable of taking you anywhere really it’s got a real nice bit car feeling everything feels very good inside it’s comfortable and of course there is plenty of power coming from the engine and the high ground clearance and the high seating position gives you a lot of confidence to take it actually anywhere you want to so overall this is a typical American SUV with a go-anywhere attitude in terms of drive rate and safety it comes with anti-lock brakes traction control he’ll assist EBD cornering brake assist and two airbags for the front seats in fact it is this high ground clearance which makes the Trailblazer very much of an SUV the 241 millimetres of clearance really comes in handy when you take her off the road and the powerful grunt of the ancient adds to the confidence however is the lack of a 4 by 4 which stops us from calling it a true off-roader and that’s really a pity because the Trailblazer really has it all to make it a complete SUV the Trailblazer here is a nice SUV but it still might not do for General Motors what it desperately needs which is to generate higher sales numbers the Trailblazer might not do that because SUVs in India in this category do not sell as many so the sales numbers might remain the same but what it will do for the company is to play the role of a brand ambassador and tell its customers that here is a company which not only has a wide range of product but also quality products as well and as a customer what you get is a very capable machine and SUV which pretty much gives you everything that you might need plenty of space a long list of features and a powerful talking engine and it also comes with a high ground clearance however I wish it also came with a 4 by 4 option the Trailblazer will be available only in one variant and it will be brought into the country by the CBU or the completely built a fruit hence it’s not going to be cheap but we feel that it will provide a nice alternative to what is already in the market in this category as the Trailblazer is a vehicle which is well made feels good to drive and as a premium feel to it beauty you

indian motorcycle market over the last few years have grown rapidly and that’s been across segments be the Superbikes the cruisers or even the commuter bikes but one segment that was left somewhat unattended to was a smaller sports bike segment and that is the segment now Honda has addressed with the latest product the CBR Honda 650 f if you thought superbikes were a bit too big for you then maybe you should have a look at this one a smaller sport bike is what many including the young riders wish for and nothing really prepares you better for writing a superbike than a bike like this the CBR 650 f is a bike which is attractive lightweight and easy to maneuver but reasonably quick and you will find this out for yourself if you find an open stretch of road and I like the sound of the exhaust as you r everhard in terms of the styling the CVR 650 f is a typical sports by a huge bulging tank full fairings nice graphics on the fairings and of course a lean forward riding position but remember that honda also has a bigger sibling of this the one liter CBR fireblade and obviously styling cues have been borrowed from that but of course as compared to the five late this is much more of a relaxed bike ride the seating position in spite of being a lean forward is not as drastic and of course it’s a much slower bike than the fire blade so you can actually write this bike long distance without tiring too much and another thing that impresses me is the fit and finish of the bike right from the paint job to the quality of materials everything is top-notch and looks good and feel solid but for the time being the only color that will be uh nor is this one if you want a different color scheme then you will have to wait till honda launches something new you the CVR 650 fel is powered by an inline four-cylinder motor at 648 CC unit and I can tell you one thing even if I rode in this machine without the Honda badger I still possibly would have said this is a Honda because of the way she delivers the power and the way she rides the engineer is smooth it’s ravine and the power delivery is absolutely linear it’s a pleasure to twist the throttle on this bike engine here is mated to a 6-speed transmission which is equally a delight to ship through overall this is one bike you will enjoy riding even if you write very hard the motor here delivers 85 brake horsepower and I personally tend to believe that this is slightly on the lower side I would have been happier with another 15 to 20 brake horsepower more because when you are cruising on the highway you do tend to run out of at top and whack but it is the 62 newton meters of torque which actually sees the bike very well in city traffic and in terms of right ability this is really nice because this is lightweight and it’s very easy to maneuver it through city traffic in fact be the highway or even the city traffic this bike is a breeze and the double pedal this on the front wheel do a fantastic job of stopping the bike will and it also comes with abs for added safety the only thing that warrants a bit of caution when riding is the ground clearance of 133 millimeters which is pretty much in the range of a standard sports bike fair but it does bottom out on some nasty speed breakers the bikes it’s on what Honda calls a twin spas steel frame with mono sharks and rays in at two hundred and fifteen kilograms and is a shade over 2.1 metres in length the CBR 650 here is a machine which I’m sure will create a niche for itself especially among the young set of riders and more so because there is hardly any competition except for Kawasaki this is a good-looking bike rides really well and of course is reasonably priced so it has many things going for it and this is one bike which will also prepare you to write a super bike one day and what I also like about this CBR 650 f is the price tag a trapeze 7.3 lakhs ex-showroom delhi it is a decent price for a bike with this kind of build quality performance and the reliability it is sure to offer with the honda badge on it and this i am sure will also add to the reason as to why you might see quite a few of these on indian roads

this week I’m off to a place which I am sure most of you never heard of a place called o jogo and what this place promises to offer me is peace quite a lovely old colonial bungalow which has been turned into a luxury hotel and a brilliant view of the majestic river Ganga all this seems very inviting and i am going to be on my way very soon and to get me there what i have with me is the fiat punto evo i think she’s going to make a brilliant companion over the weekend too the fiat punto evo here is a car which had things makes for a perfect weekend companion it has got everything that you look for a car if you are going on a long distance drive plenty of space a powerful engine and of course all the convenience and comfort features and it looks great too a touch of piano black on the farcical leather wrapped steering wheel and I think the seats here are not only great looking but also support you very well overall I think I’m going to have a lovely time in this punto evo mucha how is situated at a distance of around 135 kilometers from belly and for most of the way you travel on nh-24 but just before you reach brad card you leave the national highway and take the road to chegou which is another 30 kilometers it sells to punto evo with both the bezel as well as the petrol engines and what i drive today is the diesel engine and i simply love the diesel for two reasons number one it gives great fuel efficiency I get over 20 kilometers to a liter and that’s really good especially on a long highway drive because it helps me save some money and the second thing that I like is that amount of talk it produces 209 newton meters of torque and that really comes in handy while going fast slow traffic on the highway and i simply love cars which produce a lot of talk because it makes them so easy to drive overall I feel field is given you the right mix with this punto evo it’s a very balanced car good and fuel economy lots of power about 91 brake horsepower and of course it handles very well on the highway after leaving the national highway the drive is on a beautiful but narrow road with the canal flowing along for company finally I arrived in New chegou and what is going to be my first stop here after three and a half hours of driving from belly on different kinds of roads I finally make it to check out and my first off here is going to be this that you check out for a century and a half old building which has been turned into a luxury hotel and I am told this is just the right place for you to come in and wine and relax in the lap of luxury time for me to go and check this out the ocho golf or as it is called belongs to the royal family here and is a hundred and fifty year old structure and as you walk in you are created by tall ceilings with chandeliers and plenty of trophies all around reminding you of the days gone by when plenty of wildlife including tigers roam free and hunting was considered to be a manly sport as you walk through the building and take a look at the old family pictures and even pictures of automobiles which are now considered to be classic you are transported back into a different time in age but in today’s age the vintage has to be mixed with luxury as well so you find rooms done in traditional style but you have all the amenities to make you stay here comfortable and after you have taken in the sights and the sound you can also retire to the library with a book in your hand for a cozy afternoon the autograph for twitch is now become a hotel turned out to be exactly the kind of a place that I expected a place which steeped in history a place which gives you a glimpse into the past days of glory and grandeur a place which makes the phrase live like a king seemed so

very real but today it’s turn into a hotel where you can run away from your city life and spend a few quiet days in the lap of nature enjoying the quiet and of course indulging yourself after spending some leisurely time in New chegou thought it was time for me to drive to the banks of the river Ganga and ice passed through the small market place I realized that each egg ow might be a one-horse village but what it didn’t lack in was multiple beauty parlours gets it’s time for me to think of an alternative profession but soon we had left mucho go behind as we headed out towards the river Ganga a distance of six kilometres and the roads first became bad then dirt and then no roads at all and in the process I mastered the art of overtaking bullock carts and surviving real wildlife like sheeps and water buffaloes and this particular one to get instant liking for my pretty steed but a little coaxing with a couple of short blast of the horn and she consented to give us the right of passage after this little detour through real India we were greeted by the river Ganga in full flow another thing that you could do while you are in mucha la is catch a side of the majestic river Ganga here she flows through a vast expanse of land and fills the entire area with a majestic sight it’s really a beautiful sight and what more is that you can catch a glimpse of the river dolphins here i am told and if i’m lucky i might see a few of them here well didn’t have much luck with the dolphins such sightings need patience I was told but then I had to make the trip back home to honestly didn’t mind not seen the dolphins as it was an experience in itself to sit by the river and watch it serenely flow all i have to say is that you chug ow might not figure very prominently on a tourist map but if you do manage to locate it and land up here what you’ll be rewarded with is a very nice quiet weekend and you will totally unwind yourself before you come back to the city I of course group the fiat punto evo all the way up here and i think this is just an ideal car for this kind of a drive it’s good both for the highways as well as for the narrow roads that lead up to here

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