hi I’m latina worry i’m working with division as a software developer I joined you one after completing my strength standard and I I wanted to learn computer I heard from someone like a visually impaired person can learn computer with the help of screen screen reader and I wasn’t aware about the stable so I learned computer with help of jaws which is string reader then I completed my I joined my pitch Utley say that it grows post graduation diploma in computer applications so after completing the PJD say I was looking for job so I I couldn’t convert an interview I realize that I am lacking in communication and logical reasoning so then the bantha came with a software division called tech widget and i absorb as a software developer so I I learned take in in tech region all these things like communication skills and logical reasoning and now I’m working now I’m comfortably working with our clients as a software developer so it’s it’s very it’s very difficult for me to learn all those things I I struggle a lot to learn all those things it can be so I feel that if any avenue available for a visually impaired person then they can definitely they can definitely learn all those things and definitely can be a big IT professional yes I am ravinder again I am working with tech vision since one year as I accessibility tester developer and as a trainer what is accessibility testing yes in the computer field so many disabled person can operating operate the internet but so many website are not accessible for a disabled person so what i am doing here I’m artist every day some website then I provide the solution how to make accessible website have you faced challenges while you getting a job yeah actually my big problem is communication skill so while suppose I have to write report so that time I have to face so many grammar and vocabulary issue so that time was very tough for me as a trainer do you think you can teach visually challenged students how to learn the computer sure why not I do I’m mrs. me robert v founder director of Nevada Anthony Quezada 15 years ago when I started working for the visually challenged students pursuing higher education as there was no support system for them there was not a single word in brain that was available for them no educational help no help from the family nothing in these circumstances it was very challenging to run naman gradually as students started coming 21 it struck me that they have different dreams to realize different passions that leave their lives taking

all these factors into consideration I started training them and putting them on various career paths unknown to the vigil each a lead role for example dancing bakery confectionery law commerce and da ba these are the common causes that ever fallen in spite of all these courses that they pursue and through the efforts of livin somehow we could place a number of students in various fields but unfortunately there was always a question mark on every degree or a certificate that these students of mine received the thing was education that they received ought to have converted into a very honorable job for them there are basically two main things that are a problem for converting their talents into employability one is they lack in certain aspects like computer literacy basic communication and personality development if they have to live up to the times all this has to happen to them because actually technology is low bar for them the mainstream companies are not also aware of the fact that these are people with lot of talent and intelligence and they care they are employable in a very intellectual jobs to address these problems we need to have a program through which their self sustainable and the employments that they get should seat with that it is a challenge to their brains and their intellectual abilities and when the noggin d professionally I’m an engineer I am associate at Whitney wine for almost two years Here I am coaching the students for different languages and then we are mainly concentrating on competitive exams for government jobs and psu’s like banking sector etc mainly I clerk level and assistant level we are preparing them for english maths logical question solving reasoning etcetera as the situation is i present very few students are to clear this competitive exam CET exams etc as the students need more training in communication skills typing skills practical hands-on on computer and also mad sin problem solving what I feel is even though students who have passed mscit they need more practice hands-on practice to read some satisfactory level at the computer working so typing skills computer working communication etc needs to be addressed hi I’m vinaya and I’m a loyal and I’ve been teaching a law student or loss turbulence low subjects for the past few years now and I just wanted to tell you a tell you about how it’s very difficult to learn law if you do not have access to the internet like there are students right now who have passed the exams only because they have access to technology because law is such a subject that is so vast that if you want to look up something you cannot afford possibly afford to go to the library and look it up in the library you need to have access to the internet so that you can look it up just you just look it up online in a matter of a few seconds so the point is that a four subjects like at all or engineering or other professional courses it’s very important to have access to the Internet so the problem that I faced with this rule that I talked a lot to was that he was very smart and he had already finished a beer and an Emmy but yet he was working as a telephone operator and now that he is studying law he might be able to look at a brighter future but just for him to finish law finished his LLB he will have to study all the subjects that we studied in English which is a real challenge for someone who has studied in a marathi video all his life you you that’s okay i am currently looking after that technician the original remark which is a software development division i have seen God of my colleagues really struggled a lot and come up and the software development feel as a profession profession both of them being from the neck of the background have faced a lot of

challenges in terms of knowledge of language required to grasp the new technologies etc but they have struggled and they have really come up to this stage because there has been some sort of guidance that has been going on in the technician team itself somewhere for students who are coming up I really feel that such kind of guidance and such kind of streamline streamlining that would take place under proper trina’s is very much required for people to be successful IT professionals because technician is certainly looking forward to employ a lot of visually challenged we are a team of nine right now me really look forward to have more and more visually challenged professionals with us training academy is very very essential or place where in all these students who want to pursue I to you as a profession they are nurtured very well hi my name is Sarah cookery I’m the vice president of poor voc-tech this is a startup company in palo alto california and i wanted to talk a little bit about our experience with the one technician in terms of all the work they have done for work tech so i met sidhant and the team and alan about a year and a half ago and i was very surprised to see that they were actually working buta some of them had finished courses bachelor degrees in computer science so I was wondering what they were doing in terms of work and actually none of them had opportunities at that point of time so the thought that maybe we could give this a shot and see if they could do a small project in for work and we did give them a three-month project which they executed very well considering the experience the and based on that we continued giving them more and more work as a confidence in them increase and today as a result of their eyes would say dedication and enthusiasm I think they overcome the large extent that the challenge that they faced with a disability and they’ve become an integral part of our team so they are really doing wonderful work with boardwalk and you know we have you think they’re big asset not going forward I think they could developed a small team and sure it could grow to a lot more people they could serve or they could actually execute projects in norm of companies and be fully valuable to other companies I think the there’s two things that could help them to set up to grow this team throw this idea of tech vision and one of them basically is you need to recruit more people but there is a certain skill set which is required which is beyond the existing things which was almost going program or any computer work means and that is for example technically communication or working with the jaws software which enables them to actually interact with the computer so training is a big part so you can get a lot more people if you’re training program which basically you know make them ready for the workforce white-collar job in the field of computers and secondly the there is a big need for creating an awareness among the IT industry so that they realize that these guys can actually perform you know equity or even sometimes better than you know your regular sighted people so this idea has a bit potential this tech vision could be a platform on which we can build we can recruit more and more visually shattuck people I mean it will be great for them it will give them a rewarding career as well as it will I’m sure a lot of people swallow the technical problems so I think it’s a win-win situation and we should do all we can to help them LOL does not require eyesight it just requires an insight every visually challenged individual has a special insight of his own stood by the almighty it is because of this insight that is able to make his unique contribution and value addition to any work involves

himself in we believe that we live in times when talent is valued we believe that we live in times and society where physical limitations are not given any importance and only the merit is what is counted and valued are usually challenged students are capable and competent enough to prove their worth in any reputable decent job that is present in the society today however we believe that today there is a basic lack of awareness amongst the mainstream employers regarding the competencies and capabilities of our visually challenged students and perhaps because of this unawareness the opportunities that are lying in the mainstream employment world are not being exploited and a major pool of talent is left intact we believe that a well-designed learning and development curriculum or a program for these non cited friends can not only polish their career competencies and bring them up to the mark of the expectations of the mainstream employers but also help them achieve their dreams their desires and their and their big aims in life so to say our vision is to be a facilitator in building tomorrow’s of on a non cited friends the vision of this Academy which we have named insight is to tell is to develop these visually challenged friends into eligible candidates for any decent reputable job in society today we aim at focusing that we aim at focusing on developing telecentric skills like computer from a professional perspective communication logical and analytical skills which will not only turn then which will turn them into full-fledged candidates for any decent job hi my name is Uma Barbie I am a trustee for nobunagun of the vikas I let my parents have been running this institution for the past 16 yawns my mother has been teaching an array of subjects to students which will each other students together in to get them through graduation and post-graduation levels unfortunately most of the students cannot use this talent this intelligence and their knowledge that they have gained to get jobs worthy of their talent this is because there is no platform or awareness amongst the sighted world that visually challenged students can work at par with the sighted the computer skills are also lacking in there in the skill sets existing with the visually challenged students and we cannot deny that in today’s day and age using the computer is a life skill inside an academy has been established to give these students give these visually challenged students of almond a formal platform a formal means of Education a formal means of gaining a specific skill set that will get them into the world of employment world of employment at par with the sighted we have designed the program in such a way that there are two aspects to the program one is software proficiency there will be eight grades in the first two grades we will aim towards giving them computer literacy we plan to teach these grades at the school level itself for the visually challenged students in blind schools grade 3 4 and 5 will aim at making them at ability testers and solution providers gate six seven and eight we’ll give them the skills to become any good soft get to get into any good software I deform over and about this we will also teach them communication skills and English communication skill which is majorly lacking as of now and logical reasoning skills also will be imparted during this course the second part of the program would be competitive exams coaching which would help them get jobs secure jobs in the government sector in banking PS you really etcetera levante has always strived towards making a holistic change in the lives of the visually challenged inside is an academy it sure that we would be able to make this change and take the vision of navarth ahead and make it a big possibility


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