let’s do it oh hello Internet it’s your old beard bunny jet and I’m here with my roomies Christina and Tony they’re like a love love couple or something yeah that’s gay ah and gage love me gage my boyfriend is off the side over there and this is hidden in plain sight a game that was originally an xbox live arcade or xbox live indie game brought to pc that picked up after i picked up popularity and yeah there’s a bunch of different game modes for multiplayer we’ll just a boy we don’t really know her to the top all right so you need to find yourself kill other players or touch all statues okay no thank you that’s the first one right and this is press Y for smoke bomb and press a to hit people we would hate to kill people or touch all five statue so you guys ready I’m ready what am i you’re the same thing we all are no like oh it doesn’t matter though because you don’t oh I saw someone moving now if only I could find myself whoever that was go [ __ ] themselves Oh oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] can I angle split it’s probably not going to you did you have to talking to that part anyways how long now ever know who i am because i’ve been looking at you I really don’t know where I’m at the guard gyms just our gauges just like spinning in circles I was like oh yeah that’s a flare all right let’s just keep going to each mode rope and and order them will play the other ones were like the most seats find yourself collect horns don’t get shot snipers discover and shoot thieves why to mark someone that you think is innocent a button to shoot i was like ‘hey thieves have to get Quinn’s ah some sleep sniper oh no not this game I don’t know oh oh I’m not a sniper overs blues a sniper ah you only have three bullets so you already kill someone goddammit Oh No it just started you have to get all the fun damn it I here the thing that everyone’s competing against everyone because whoever gets the most coins probably wins if they survive

yeah hahaha but I really have one of you marked yeah I realized oh yeah I couldn’t ask Tony oh it’s marked and I out the other one I walked right in front of it so many time to know so scared too oh yeah I kicked ass I realized who it was I was listed for Tony’s pink so that I realized 20 was marked innocent all right death race you gotta walk or run then you get one shot how do you run it a show us when we go off period so this press a [ __ ] is oh no not this [ __ ] all right so you don’t know who you are you hold a to walk you hold Y to run but if you run is obvious because none of the CPU players run and you also have to shoot but you only get one bullet so if you [ __ ] up are you killing yourself no you’re killing the other people oh it’s gonna be so funny how do you run you hold Y to run but if you run its gonna be obvious who the [ __ ] is this who’s this guy the things he’s a hotshot is this person up here these people were asking for is this [ __ ] [ __ ] this take off running is there I’m Jimmy who’s all left god damn it what is it I get the skeleton ha ha ha ha ha Mon didn’t i kill jug with it then I was no Tony beat you to the year I’ll beat you to the finish line oh I was the only one that was left me I didn’t have a shot because I used one jet already nice joke I was confused yeah all right I like Christine oh that’s nice vs ninja so whoever fire 2 & 3 are ok so i guess we’ll be at night I am i protect the royalty or kill the ninjas and I guess a is the kill so why you have to figure out who you are and you have to kill the other ninjas and not let them kill the royalty of here the Knights you can just kill everyone oh I see one you just rain the rugs bath bed I think you can do why the smoke bomb probably I’m just murdering all the movies oh there’s that [ __ ] there faster than oh no he got me he’s at the bottom down there in the in the light right now oh wait I’m basking better than 100 I got the royalty let’s do that but I’m pressing Y so we just switch teams so now whoever was a night there’s a ninja vice versa hey so they just have to kill all the royalty right yeah do I phone them go again all right I’m here I’m going to mels your turn whoever’s up there ah know what you want to use these right there oh you look [ __ ] I’m so slow ninjas are faster just barely come here Jed she do it oh jeez coming up we got assassin find yourself blendin Killy NPCs this is like the old stuff plankton so I’m a safer again I’m I’m not really sure I understood snipers discover and shoot assassins assassins find yourself and kill npcs oh ok a penny for every game right

how do you assassinate I think today I would assume how are you doing it I can’t either hearing lots of assassinate sounds but seen lots of dead people it must be working then II just have to hit him from behind I didn’t I didn’t get that mode at all oh maybe like takes a while with something like it’s delayed okay yeah yeah apparently I had fire okay so now we know how it works okay we’ll play it again of them yeah so there’s like a delay on it which makes sense it would be [ __ ] a possible otherwise yeah if they just instantly guide from bowl of [ __ ] must be alive or some you get your eye on that one huh it’s clearly not that one of your hearing assassination sighs yeah I think it sound a rock 1000 yeah good job all right ten murders which one did you guys like the bed like keep the gadget the death it was still pretty awesome okay please all right who’s this little [ __ ] who got skeletons asking for it what about this what about this little princess down here the princess is getting hot in huh I got you in my sights I know this prince is down here no God i want to see differences so got there well what what is this little person to her enough kicker what person the princess know who just shot that I did how does it say aye he’s mine I [ __ ] know got you [ __ ] those fantastic hmm what’s this little person doing chained up I guess I was it’s a little rock dude this is so intense back again I think that’s an [ __ ] how do you want why you shoot with the trigger why is running sure press walking blow this [ __ ]

oh cool I’m tell me it really might be good I said to GN before we started this I was like I’m gonna be the worst at this game i’m just gonna lose all the time Hey look who is winning nine all right I just know how to take people out hmm who’s this cocky dick head hey hey this [ __ ] to you whoever that was your dad it’s not Homer Simpson looking to dig in the king who that one yeah he believes like Homer Simpson look like a pimp cane I don’t know how you get a homer he has is like an orange beard what do you skip beard it looks like Homer I with my side damn it uh yeah then I have no idea who I am me neither I still have no idea again I’m just going to see what I can get a reaction on the gauge here that one this one that one mm-hmm this one I this yeah you’d get a little give a little high here who’s up here and was watching that one I don’t like that [ __ ] I’ll never win who died who lost i’m in me i was the Green Goblin that was right behind you this game is hidden in plain sight is free-to-play was originally available on the xbox live indie arcade or pretty fun haha what’s this game Shh there’s that person you know you had to give yourself away when I hold the cursor over you and you never move one for luck then the maximum amount of time you son of a [ __ ] why didn’t you shoot me I worry good shot I killed gauge who’s read I was at the bottom well who died killed at the top no one no one you killed me who was read then I’m on the red your rent was holding over me for like a good minute that was me I thought I shot you know oh I must have shot someone else there was the princess I don’t like that night I don’t like that night one bit that would really way to distract I don’t pull the [ __ ] trigger you don’t have the balls well you’re taking out early do you still have you shown haha why did you throw get the [ __ ] out oh those you know son of a [ __ ] you son of a [ __ ] I feel

really good now I’m rocking it it’s like impossible at the beginning to know where you are was up there by the [ __ ] chimney not a Christina that’s for sure are you sure all right well you know since I am the only one that has a shot left what haha one more of this look the books is cruising along I like that one one bit here god I want to pull the trigger so [ __ ] bad yes it is isn’t it go ahead make a run for a [ __ ] I feel like I got takeout right as I took somebody else I think it was really let’s try a ninja party again so what’s this one this is where you have to find all the statues or assassinate people yeah i also have such trouble finding myself I all right come on I win damn it [ __ ] well you know no idea where I am very I am oh [ __ ] you clearly two people are over there when boobage just rushed for that time are a free killed me yeah i saw that i was going to go into trying assassinate him but he smoke bomb doorway those takes me a second at first in my network I think I solid eating right what I heard a ding right when I touched when you touch it I was like well it’s just like zooming mm-hmm Jed’s kicking all over RS is right now damn it i forgot to attend a bday girl just killing everything till everyone going for it i won damn it summer I always find myself like right away

depends sometimes i do sometimes like right now I have no idea where I am there I am oh you son of a [ __ ] it’s so much winner winner I feel like this may not be very much fun to watch but it’s a lot of fun to play it really is it’s a thief oh yeah I forget how what the controls are again for this so snipers have to shoot and discover the thieves press Y to mark the innocent and the thieves just have to find coins that’s good oh poor it so simple in the graphics are like so simple to no joke heard every actions fun I’ve never played as the characters do you collect coins like as soon as you touch them yes damn it oh my I didn’t do so hot around why are you guys marking people as innocent cuz they touch cones and doesn’t pick him up oh it doesn’t pick him up it just dings yeah but you don’t hear a dingaling the process of elimination I thought that they picked them up no oh you haven’t marked yet it looks like they disappear over time they’re [ __ ] best and if one shot left you in the clad why would anyone drop their coins do what you want do you want me to touch the coin do it Christine I got it yep it’s only me hey it’s that ah hello switch teams [ __ ] this is gonna be impossible for me cut damn it how did you die right away christina was like right on me or was that Tony and no it was me like right away at your can adjust was like oh like yeah I started this corner and it’s somehow icon view any idea no

picked up a coin in a long time son of a [ __ ] here are waiting for [ __ ] ever find the drink and not freaked the [ __ ] out good job I was following his ass so hard and I was like you know what I’m gonna pretend to watch someone else and keep watch I knew I knew I was yours like god damn oh man I’m [ __ ] a where we’re all god of the slow night I am main jet are together a ninja alright gage let’s just fascinate these [ __ ] [ __ ] you [ __ ] damn it you don’t mess with the best yeah yeah that is it again so we’re the same teams that’s right you’ll [ __ ] you run away my god the night’s can kind of hide too what’s the matter no no I know which one it is you gauge nope I’ll get him no I got the bottom waiting team switched apparently the thieves can attack or the assassins can attack like way fast and move really fast too I’m like [ __ ] blind I still have to blow him that’s just rude going in I’m going in didn’t you ever do you know which one it is this [ __ ] right there he’s my boy no I told me at the bottom again wait where am I ok I found me I’m going to touch your princesses boats yeah that wasn’t even a real one that’s awesome they get back up 30 minutes [ __ ] why are you doing you’re just killing my people don’t really kill Dover the girl find the chimney right there right now I follow Nia twenty20s with them which it is oh god run ok this is that one know what baby face is doing you have a minute in 43 seconds come on Christina get in there commit some matricide it’s killing every day that’s just rude just just killed any of these [ __ ] ah ha ha ha let’s just stay clear hey again wait till we switch sides nope kids up there backing away he doesn’t give up

you son with edge throat punch switch teams all right if anyone has any questions or is really confused cuz you’re just joining in let us know and we’ll explain what the hell’s going on but just to recap two of us are Knights two of us are ninjas and we don’t know who’s who so right up top right up top right there right there not going towards up god damn it get him haha job gage I did that double pronged attack [ __ ] just pure guessing you got me I hate you can’t kill the royalty by the way I tried there’s a ninja up top you’re [ __ ] you’re [ __ ] very bottom hit a hook running from the night he cut him off cut them off you can do it will do again you smash your tail yes again that was the best actually seems to be in the Knights best interest god damn it all the way in the left he’s the very bottom yep he’s right there no Jenny’s going to throw a princess get up and go go time dead oh I’m back go Tony you can do it got him [ __ ] switch teams but gauges member yeah you’re coming for you I’ll distract them whoever else is love go for No without you kill that Queen kill that Queen alright switching again Oh God where am I at what am I okay so confused I’m onto your schemes happy but I can read chat you son of a [ __ ] lied we switch teams at all I know I can’t catch up to him happy campers that don’t read this aloud say switch but don’t actually switch to you all right Raymond is confused Stephanie’s is probably my favorite I agree oh god this one finally I’m assassin who will my sniper I haven’t ever been that killer so I’m gonna be a killer so what you just press a when you’re over them and then eventually it just happens yeah I felt that yeah I know yeah because we were right on top of each other goddamn it I saw that one go down and I

knew that I’d like to see it get down to like two enemies laughing hey like one of these is the right one somebody’s got wrecked that one made a weird turn I don’t like it nope I saw through your clever disguise is switched [ __ ] pretty hard to lie about switching on this one I don’t even know where I’m at I have come on to you I see you I still haven’t found myself [ __ ] together I think it’s the woman the very bottom right this one yeah I think so someone is making a mass killing right now but that but I helping out man one in mind haha the skeleton yeah i was watching the skeleton of the end the photos nice I thought you’re the blue Yeti devries oh this is my favorite might do a lot of them are good so your whole day to walk by to run get one bullet if you run it’s obvious because no one else runs I don’t like this lady just casually strolling out here you said about that one just run that one just ran i’m ninety percent sure that one of the top just ran the [ __ ] is this dude okay the one of the top it has to be one it’s christina it half she’s laughing she can’t write it this is like an oj yes i’m really what what is this one doing it’s all them purple yetis racist damn one was it a tie put her three boys goodbye a hair I like I we’re all dislike destiny each other out so what’s this one doing what’s up Bullitt like changing colors that cuz it glitching out i think oh my god it’s getting pretty far out there suspect of them the whole [ __ ] match yeah I’m really suspicious night now he’s just now a movie now that I’m pointing out how suspicious I am that seems pretty suspicious meanwhile who are these [ __ ] right can I get a two-for-one shot cuz i think i might take son of a [ __ ] oh [ __ ] he’s going for it you some of this psych out dark goddess

with 50 like illogical warfare that was good I did not expect that focusing all over here I didn’t even see whoever whatever princess huh don’t know this [ __ ] where the hell up there I’m sorry princess hold on honey Dage totally not gay hey it’s his project right you’re not laughing because of you are you sure I know this it hasn’t mover Xfinity I hear that just keeps going in the night wait which one was gauge but overall it desperately not to get shot uh so basically this game is you play as a character no one knows who each other are you have one Bowl to take a shot oh I miss who was it I would have [ __ ] got you but I’m it anyways you don’t know who you are when you start the level a makes you walk why makes you run you each have a cursor with a sniper bullet and you can snipe to kill the people you think it’s them the first one they reach the finish line wins so it’s always these stupid little indie games that make me have so much fun and like these triple-a games nowadays I just don’t give a [ __ ] about that’s all that it’s Colonel Sanders looking [ __ ] goddamn Colonel Sanders it’s always some one of the top or bottom amazing bastards right oh my god there’s so many so many right here they’re all [ __ ] these [ __ ] skeleton [ __ ] was that you yeah who got me I did look at this this is the most intense one everyone’s is right on the edge go for that one right there I stina oh you didn’t kill this is my game oh man I was doing so good at the beginning and now I’m just pure [ __ ] I know what to do to trick you all what just don’t say anything no don’t know who I’m in this one yeah likely excuse this guerrilla looks like someone no I’ll stay towards here cuz i know one of you [ __ ] are going to take off running as soon as you get to this line it was up here by the juvie huh every camper doesn’t want me to let you see this without a giant screen switched rocher you can’t switch on this happy camper you sack of [ __ ] this [ __ ] ice win yet he’s asking for it dammit dammit yeah oh no I didn’t see you cuz you’re so deal son of a [ __ ] you know what hey you know what I’ll let someone with Kristina’s way still everyone takes the shot and then just wrong duh how you play that [ __ ] cuz you guys waste it so quickly I feel like it’s kind of cheap to be at the edges though cuz they’re so hard to see and kill the person at the edge that

that Homer Simpson looking Fugger’s yeah was that somebody over here maybe you look at office right there yes I was like oh it’s right wizard still know who I am guess it’s probably a good thing right use them with the pack p so intense everyone’s is like I’m so quiet I am the quietest God somebody is gonna make a break for it yeah I gotta be ready ah nice night view gage I knew that [ __ ] pink things son Oh player one damn it by a sword am one more game I say we all have to take her what the [ __ ] how did you kill me what is that really that was me is whoever killed me like right away yeah I did Regina no I saw him because I like jiggle though you jiggle tactic yep let’s do one more after this and we all have to take our shots before the before before the chimney like a before anyone reaches at including cpe who I’m from chimney right and then everyone has to run your club you can’t believe I got Jen that’s a star p behind I just saw it I was like that’s kind of odd for it I just match to a like four times in a row huh here’s where am I am I that one that is me run oh gotcha you son-of-a-bitch wait what I was no new it is like walking like I got it ah alright everyone’s will take their shot before any CPUs get here well you know that’s one way to do good I guess come on you see you dizzy oh I don’t even know who I am I don’t like that oh that one I still have no [ __ ] to Scylla to do so what you have to go for that one damn it ah i win ok this is smelling on my level so that was hidden in plain sight on the the PC also available on xbox 360 on the indie arcade a uke is free on PC on ND arcade it spread like a dollar and you you have to have 360 controllers I think you have to have them to play it pretty fun totally worth it totally worth the free money that you have to pay for it right so yeah if you like this and you want to watch live follow me on twitchtv by size jet 05 youtube com back sighs get three or five to watch replays and comment and just send me hate mail and yeah I’m jazz that’s a Tony and Christina and gauges off to the side and I’ll see you next

time are you done yeah I’m done yeah

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