ah what’s up everybody we are headed to lovely Merced California nr Street we are headed to the last day Blockbuster Video sale in Merced it’s the last one in their town and we had gone a couple weeks ago to order or not to order but to reserve a movie rack because if you guys notice that’s what I keep all my movies on blockbuster racks and we picked one more up and since today is their last day we are going to pick it up so we are turning on our street oh yeah got the whole family in the car we’ve got the whole crew and they’re so excited to be here I’m excited I know you are really every video you can say that yes there’s the little one taco truck each bar it taco de mariscos that was their life stuff like it was it yeah and on the box how much do you have in your pocket I got 22 bucks $20 in my pocket record this when I had your taxes done thank you how much everything is now I don’t know all I know is we’re headed in there’s a whole lot everything left here’s the deconstructed rack and travel with at home about 40 minutes away and we picked up a couple things hey stop it let’s see what we got ah my soul to take all the DVDs ended up being about 90 cents season four of the office these came to about four dollars and then my son got Forza Motorsport for thus ended up being about seventeen bucks and there we are that’s what we picked up on and then the rack my two boys are acting like monkeys well worth our trip I think we’re gonna go get some lunch now well we’re out there wasn’t much left was there no it was pretty cleaned out they had like a half a wall of movies barely and look and most of them were were TV shows what were you there yes you did it was nothing it really it was nothing a catalog tile titles there was nothing new left what does that mean long times like older titles but and blu-rays there was abused a handful left by Tommy I mean all the DVDs were only like 98 cents

yeah I got season 4 of The Office for like four dollars better than their last season oh this lat I couldn’t watch this episode we just started yeah yeah this is the last episode that was what like an hour hour and a half or however long it was that it was painful to watch that it was one of the worst episodes ever you know what’s his name is it Ed Helms yeah okay his character on that show it’s it’s him already just by his nature in my opinion just as it by his nature have some people have a looked or a character or whatever you want to call it but his particular character coupled with the character he plays as a kind of guy I want punch in the face and I would lose my job I couldn’t work there and I know it’s all a TV show but he annoys me to such an extent that I had to get up and leave the only thing we learned that was good is that it there was a little like blurb on on who’s the Hispanic guy who’s who’s gay yeah Oscar thank you on awesome on Oscars computer it said that you were finally gonna find out like what this whole documentary is it was a 10 year documentary about the office yeah but that was it out of like an hour you should start doing the other guesses it was horrible like interpersonal relationships in the office place well it looks like it looks like Dwight and Angela make it back together yeah it looks like that too and who knows what’s gonna happen and Jim I think they’ll make it yeah I I think that’s a poor way to end the series yeah I don’t like that part of the show but I think it’s because it’s wrapping up what do you think would burn uh next uh I don’t know they kind of broke that wall putting the camera guy in there the boom mic guy did I like it no but I think this show is running so thin they’re just kind of trying to get through this at the end of this season you nailed it that’s exactly what I think this show really should have ended about two years ago yeah do you think that’s why what’s his name Jeff jumped off or what’s your opinion on that I don’t know he may have just become too busy yeah and it’s possible he saw maybe something was gonna go downhill but you wanted to get out maybe if you know if I had a successful career which he does I would want to whatever the other industry turned maybe he’d get out on top yeah you know if he if he if he foresaw that philosophy very very valid point he might just need because he does a lot of stuff yeah too busy to have worked on the series yeah so I’m sure was a combinate whoa look at this forty-niner car I love it he’s hit the switches switches is that an original – no I just skip the next part I’ll kind of respect for your viewers thank you now if we don’t lose the cardboard back ends you said you tied it down well I’m his experiment this one is now see what it looks like when I get there what good boy isn’t that how – then what what language what’s happening you know what you’re a dick Shh what up with Loki’s window break freezes that’s just me whatever I’m not sure you anymore I never wanted you to show me to start with thank you I’m just now I’m gonna show you there so the girl was saying that the Merced store obviously that one’s done the Modesto store is two weeks into theirs their closing sale and the Atwater store has just started their closing sale so the only ones left in the whole Central Valley are the two or three stores we have in Fresno and that’s it you know I don’t know I I don’t know anything this is pure speculation on my part but I can’t see black luster existing as a brick-and-mortar entity for the public for any longer than another year tops yeah at the rate they’re closing here at least it’s item those things I find fascinating we joke about not having a

whole whole uncommon because I’m not I’m not a movie guy but blockbuster is a business I have I’m I would love to know the inner workings at the you know the higher levels top level they didn’t plan was it that the plans too late or was it which has kind of fallen uh they didn’t plan or was it that they did in fact have a really well-thought-out plan in their eyes that just didn’t take it just failed it did that because plans failed yeah just because you’re a big big successful company and you do a lot of things right and you make it you know you’re running things nicely doesn’t mean that you don’t make mistakes I’ve seen it I know it from my personal experience so you know you had been from novice on the guy type on the street guy type of thing your Netflix yeah Netflix count that started confusing with red box Netflix is also the computer gone in the near future in my opinion right and that type of of you know go to the store and rented their thing it’s all going to streaming but or online Amazon buy a blu-rays yeah whatever store but you know they Netflix you know I don’t know who owns Netflix or because if there’s anybody like related to them that we that’s a big company that the public knows about but they came in they got in early and that something blockbuster should have done I know I heard that they a little while ago a year ago two years ago there they were gonna basic finally understood that to be the kinda same thing isn’t the Netflix but they were just there’s several expressions they were late to the game I think because I haven’t seen it or heard it I haven’t seen any advertising or promotion on blockbusters part not to say they’re not doing some but I haven’t seen it and I’m a member of Joe public so net Netflix is the king and now I know there’s some other people coming up but Netflix has it locked up the problem with any store I’m not gonna go down that road take it and expand upon it but the problem of any story is that if you commit it to one product exclusively it’s a it’s a win it’s either a winner or loser really not much middle ground so when it’s when you’re running thick and rich you’re running a big area but when it goes to hell it goes to happen but oh I’m sorry for ever get my traffic because I’m happy is any any company that sells or has a limited diversity of products such as blockbuster it’s just movies when it’s run right enriched a1 and but when technology in this case is I think the problem changes you better move fast and slightly and and hope that your plans work and what you’re talking about the tangible going to the store being able to look and feel and see blu-rays and DVDs or whatnot the only stores that are gonna have that available to them or storage that are our multi product stores such as Target or Walmart because it’s only one aspect of what they sell yeah that’s such a shame though because it really I mean people people of like our generation growing up in the 80s especially I mean that’s all we knew you go to your mom-and-pop store you go to Blockbuster if you had it whatever local store you had and you just browsed and Creusa creation of so many great memories the browsing through your local video store and just finding all these titles you never would have even imagined of before you turned you on to a lot of different things that’s that’s really gonna be gone I think well you look at that yeah you’re right picked up times change I mean look at the drive oh ha ha I mean look at the drive-in movie theater growing up we went to the drive-in there’s yeah there are some drive-ins still around and maybe in other parts of the country there are more you know there there’s a lot to go to but you know they’re gone and but yeah I mean look how many times you’ve seen in your experience you’ve seen things change I mean you grew up with before the talkies came out oh shut up you know so you went from having the orchestra playing for the machine that played the music on the black-and-whites yeah because I’m so silent movies yeah do you think there’s any movies on that truck no there may be I need if I hopped onto the hood and then like pull the Fast and Furious let’s do it get the the back of the truck I got the tools I’ll run clothes if I can maintain speed on a spot where he won’t feel it now for for

any other movie fans out there seriously be honest with me don’t tell me you haven’t thought about that when you’re driving by a Walmart or like a target truck we’re ripping off no no no no not ripping them off but they just fall no shush thinking I wonder if there’s movies on there you’re planning a heist I am not that isn’t what I meant I meant do you wonder if there’s movies in there no I don’t I’m not asking you will you have the damn camera not now okay no I’m sure you Chowchilla says City Limits yeah with Chowchilla got a boss sometime in their state prison and a steakhouse and coffee shop that’s job chilla folks pump you got you conceal carry permit you know we’re gonna lose all of our Chowchilla viewers and I apologize to him we’re just recording yes in fact there are two two prisons here anyway I think so I think there’s a woman’s in a men’s this should just combine them and save money make prison babies oh they kind of did like bosom babies no the women’s prison was briefly a women’s in a men’s prison for a while now you don’t forget it yes the men and women shared cells I bet you there’s plenty of those women that would scare the man oh I’m on the freeway I’m on the freeway that’s all I meant look now we’re gonna lose all of our prison viewers you know what I give it up to the prison viewers I like their code you know they have a code yep prisoners have codes I and for the most part and for the ones I know of you know prisoners oh you know prisoners no no I mean their coats well you know from what I know we’re on television and never been a prisoner you know there are certain things that they don’t tolerate you know as I understand it and I think that’s fantastic the justice is served you sleep now he’s just being silly okay go to sleep so we’re headed to triangle drive-in again hungry like a wolf yeah triangle drive-in has a little bore it’ll bore your viewer I’m not a while they never saw the last video because I never posted oh okay we’re gonna want more your viewers arguably the second fastest No all right arguably the best burger in town you meant to see the second best program job well it’s Philly nine to five guys and their crinkle fries I made you have a superior fried but damn and I do left the Five Guys fries as well you do I do I think triangles got a better fry I told you you have something to Saturn which was right man hey don’t hit my camera I’m not buying her another damn iPhone deal dude in fact what the LAT was talking back oh you know why was i but oh god no no no we’ll talk about it I’m driving I got a yeah you know what I got a identity thief Omid knock your head boom dude I got a UH dammit now I lose my train of thought you know what someone behind this is gonna pull this is gonna call the cops let him call the cops and there’s our prison story well we’re in the prisons howdy folks this is huge Robin look they’re trying to drive bias as quickly as possible because they think you’re drunk no don’t bump my head on the window should be good it will cost a de fruta yes this is John no we’re not going to constitute brooder that’s 45 minutes away how far 45 minutes Oh at least no you know what you know what if I didn’t have the stuff in the back of the truck I would I would but I don’t I have to limit my speech so doesn’t blow away oh that would have been a very uh spontaneous thing to do and fun here we are coming up on triangle drivin an excellent excellent venue that’s me too much if it lay down for a

while it’s a little bit of a drive from where we live but it’s good but it’s nice because we’re already on the freeway yes it’s really not that much further than yeah yes we can man we might stop by we’ll see triangle driving there it is oh let’s make all your dreams come true locate its busiest I’ve ever seen him at one time oh let’s go in the yumminess would you get double he’ll show it all I see is rapido yeah a double with bacon I told him the only mistake they made is they put cheese on I said no cheese but I got grilled onions grilled onions lettuce and it’s awesome awesome surprise what would you get yeah you got spicy chicken how is it well worldone we finished up a triangle we’re full it was it was a good time we had a good day good family day good family day I’m sorry what what I have no idea what you’re saying son oh well year was the Mustang made and what years won 965 almost 1965 yars e do you have anything to say son what no you’re gonna hit it oh no way what really all right you guys take care we’ll see you next time

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