just reach with the sky today I’m going to give you a quick rundown of the best options for ground attack in the war Thunder ground forces when you’re flying your aircraft now if you don’t plan on going for dedicated fighter aircraft with which to engage in the aircraft then you can under choose between a multi-purpose aircraft or I dedicated dive bomber or level bomber but some German planes combine both die form and level bomber for example the ju 88 and the Dornier to 1/7 these come dive bomb and level bomb which is quite useful so if we start off in their tier 1 excuse the sniffles I’m a little bit under the weather tier 1 you’ve got the two shooters the BF 110 and the Heinkel 111 H 3 another BF 110 is the best multi-purpose plane it’s got excellent armament for this – it’s got a pair of mg FF M s which can use my link across and for light machineguns you can take a single fire jokela bomb which is the best option because the twin 250s dropped together so unfortunate you can’t do two separate runs with those but I believe the senior 500 is slightly less drag that’s slightly more drag apparently the other think of 500 is a powerful bomb and if you drop that into a circle you’ll be able to cover most of the circle of the cap zone and when you’ve dropped your bomb you can defend yourself the BF 110 actually turns quite well for a large – engine plane not as well as a 109 but you could probably turn with a lag if you’re using your combat flaps there’s a single 500 they’re well-armed and it’s fast as well there’s two shooters now the first chukker I can take a single 500 or 4 50s and a 250 I think those 450 is drop in pairs so 250 s then 250 s then the single tooth 250 I think the 250 drops first though it’s very poorly armed though both of these are poorly armed they’ve only got a pair of light mgs and a rear turret with a single like mg the 110 by the way also as a retiree but its arc of fire is quite limited especially downwards you can’t chew very far down you have to aim quite high because the fuselage is blocking the gun the first to care I think the first roof dude is both after sirens I don’t think you can hear those from the ground which is a shame that’d be a nice feature of it the r2 is different because you can mount a thousand kilo bombs which is pretty serious for Tier one look at the size of that thing it’s almost as biggest plane you can knock out a kv-1 from for probably about 15 meters away with that I’ve been probably more actually maybe 2025 meters but you when you get one and it really doesn’t help so the climber if you look at the rate of climb in the bottom right there it’s got according to the static guard it starts off with 4.1 and this the Tom takes away 4.1 so you’re climbing at zero meters a second the stack guards are a little bit messed up but the point is your plane will handle like crap the Stuka actually has a really nice turning circle or handle so very well but with this bomb you’re gonna be a pig with wings basically some once you’ve dropped your bomb you can’t really defend yourself especially English when you’re running back to base to rearm this plane isn’t very fast so you pull a me it picked off but if you’re in a if you’re lucky enough to get into a game with our enemy aircraft lighting to me fighters then you might do well the only problem is the masses of aimbot triple-a and the ones of the computers can use to pick you out the sky from a million miles away so this Duke is a good dive bombers to the dive bombers by the way you can’t level bomb with them we can be don’t get any kind of accuracy with it you’d have a bombardier like where the Heinkel which I’ll get on to in a moment so the Stukas earth one did one shot wonders really you drop your bomb then your outcome but that’s first the end of your I’ll output you can’t really change the outcome of the game after that unless you’re lucky enough to get back to base finally it’s the Heinkel 111 h3 this is a big slow lumbering beast really doesn’t handle very well especially when ladle and

ladened up with you bombs you’ve got 5 mgs 1 beneath one above one of the front and two waist Gunners so you can cover yourself from all angles but these are only 7 mil 7.92 light em geez so they’re not gonna be much damage but the hindquarters have a huge bomb capacity for this tier 8 250 kilos you can really bring the pain to the Russians with that bomb load just could be careful you don’t get shot out of the sky by flack which can happen because this plane is big and it’s slow so you’re quite an easy target ok so the next tier you got your BF 109e 1 and e3 now these are fighters but they can take a single 250 450 zantron you’re worth it because they’re so small when you don’t get any kind of cross here so it’s quite difficult to aim the e1 really doesn’t have the firepower to deal with Russian planes even tier 1 Russian planes apart from the biplanes the BB 1 the SU twos the axe and the lags 4 mg 17s you’re gonna you’re gonna be firing hundreds of rounds at these Russian planes and you’re not going to be doing a great deal of damage unless you’re lucky enough to critically damaged their tail or their engine you’re probably not going to kill anything unless you could spend all 3,000 rounds on the same plane but they can’t carry a light bomber out and they’re fast and they’re pretty agile so I’d at least consider the ones and give it a try the Dornier to 1/7 these are like the Heinkel except slightly faster they fly just as badly though you tank you can take eight fifty kilos not very powerful beak and saturated little area with a little Boeing run well armed for MGF FM’s and for mg 17s all packed into the No so good for hunting down enemy planes unless there are gel because like I said this thing really doesn’t fly well it’s literally the dawn tani t17 bomber converted into a night fighter designed to shoot down things like Lancaster’s primarily so not a dog fighter by any standard and then there’s the j2 which seems to be very similar except it doesn’t have a bomb bay so you can take bombs any other changes no no the major changes to Morse Dukas next is a d3 this can’t dig a thousand kilo bomb but it can take lots of other different kinds of weaponry you can get a single 502 250 s and I think that gives you two bombing runs because the 250s drop together then you get the 500 C again extra bombing run our limit is the same except the irregular has been upgraded to a pair of MGS instead of just a single one any internal changes improved armor apparently around the fuselage and the pilot additional plating under the radiator okay so it’s basically an armored upon which to do care with a wider range of weaponry and an extra camera an extra gun for the rear gunner the d5 has a pair of mg 151 cannon which is massively more powerful than the d3s peashooters these cannons getting a wide range of mm belts so the air targets which as my [ __ ] shows very powerful against planes although the io2 can take a bit of punishment and you can take an armor-piercing high-explosive belt this is my favorite because they’re effective against armored planes like the the il-2 because they’ve got an armor-piercing head on the shell but they can also penetrate the roof of tank armor so if you shoot at the engine deck of a t-34 you might set them on fire and you’ve got 500 rounds per gun so you’re basically you’re never gonna run out of ammo unless you really keep holding down the trigger you’re either gonna die or the missions can be over before you run in our same bomb load as the d3 now we’ve got the Ju 88 this is the first German aircraft that combines medium bombing and dive bombing so you can be a level bomber or you can dive bomb which is very handy particularly because as the junior 88 has a dedicated Bombardier and a bomb site you can die from and keep the reticle to the yellow crosshair that appears on the ground stays there even when you’re diving towards the ground it isn’t white and like with the Heinkel triple one this thing is quite an impressive bomb load not as good as high good as a Heinkel but for two fifties and 2050s those 2050s are going to be

doing a great deal you can bomb triple-a with them where you can drop them all on a couple unlucky fellows but it’s the big bombs that matter now Wi-Fi gone for the two sorry the 40s 50s instead of the pair of 500 well both 500 strop at the same time whereas the 4050 strop in pairs so you get an extra bombing opportunity it’s also fairly fast it doesn’t handle very well though Heinkel 111 86 next this has the same bomb load here except you can also take a pair of thousand kilos so drop those drop one of those on the on am cap circle anything and it clear out obviously you can make eight separate bombing runs with the 350s I’m only two here or three here torpedo is not much use against tanks but the two thousand kilos are very powerful any changes in the armament no I don’t think so what could the stackyard tell us nothing helpful okay thanks Karen next is t3 the same routine with the 109 ease the afar is a fighter aircraft that can take a few different kinds of ground weapon single 500 kilo not bad or you can go in the entry ante anti-aircraft role and take your gun pods and sticking behind your shots on there now the a5 this is the first [ __ ] off that can take bombs I think they’re sorry rockets the [ __ ] Wolf’s made Greg slug ground-attack planes even though the F the 190 F was the dedicated ground attacker all of the one in 90s made good grammar tickets because they had excellent liar altitude performance the speed and they are well armored and they had quite rugged engine for the first tier 3 190 here can take a pair of bomber destroying rockets these Rockets are designed to engage bombers but therefore they’re packed they’re packed with a lot of explosive so you find these offer a tank and you can you can blow up even a kv-1 or a kv-2 if you get a direct hit and it’s also got the of your pair of mg 1 5 ones and your pair of F FM’s so let’s build a lot of firepower you’re not useless once you’ve dropped your bomb and it it’s fast when it climbs better than the one and I’m it’s not as good at dogfighting but it’s a better escaping there you got your dawn into 1:7 ends these are much like the j’s except the MGF FM’s have been replaced with mg one five ones the n1 here can take your 850 s your hand grenades as gene rules cause them or your n2 which does never Bombay what’s the difference between these two new radio that’s not very handy unless you could drop it I’m a radio direction finder okay letting useful unless you can pack those radios with explosives and drop them out at the bomb bay junior 87 geez these are a lot of fun but they’re not really that good there weren’t there one of those novelty planes that they crapped but they’re fun well though they are good if you can get literally 180 degree angle straight down onto the engine deck of a Russian tank like a t-34 or anything based on the t-34 chassis like the su-85 or the su-100 for a kv-1 if you’re if you’re trying to dive onto a kv-1 or anything heavily armored like that you’re probably not going to penetrate because these guns are okay if you’re not aiming at the engine deck Rati 34 young and have a hard time they’re basically a weaponized version of the pack 36 which was a little pre or ID 10 gun not very much penetration but you get a few shots in you might you might ruin someone’s day don’t handle – well those big gun pods don’t he’ll win resistance and also quite heavy which is why the Ju 87 ought to be stripped down the G model literally has almost no armor so if someone shoots here you’re going to lose a wing and someone if a Russian throws of like a bottle at you as you pass over it’ll probably turn the plane in half I think I got one 11 inch 16 this is the latest variant behind goal in the game which was summary news see the reason is perforating 3.7 seems a little over tier to me it’s much the same as the previous version bombs bomb blow nuts were all the same the armament has been improved you know get a 20 millimeter cannon in the nose and one of the light mg Taurus has been replaced with a heavy mg I think you get new engines as well yes new engines so it’s a bit faster otherwise handled

still have us like a pig though due to drop same as the F fours you can stick a ball on it a5 you – now this is the first really good green I’ll take playing I think the Germans get apart from the NB 14 which is a love battle rating so I counted out in a second but this is the this is the best multi-purpose plane I think the laginas get so it also father I explain my favorite loadout is the Rockets even though these are designed for bombers they really mess up tanks the a5 u2 is very fast it’s got great guns so once you drop your bombs miss for the same as the a5 except I don’t know I just prefer the a5 you to for some reason I don’t think it handles any better it’s just personal preference I suppose that’s the enemies we fought over fun 90s now the me4 10 anyone I discover this low Jim recently it’s fantastic not very agile but this thing can take a pair of 500 kilos the bomb bay is actually here I didn’t know this so you know it seems like pretty dull plane so just glanced over it you can take to 500s in these drop independently you can do two bombing runs and what’s good about this plane is the bomb bay is internal so it’s streamlined no extra drag well armed you’ve got a pair of them g15 ones and a pair of the nineties you’ve also got dive brakes and you’ve also got pretty high speed the climbing and standing isn’t very good too but you didn’t run away quite effectively you don’t really gonna but the rear gunner on the Emmy 14 is Kratt in my experience this year me 410 next is this heavy fighter version which is designed to engage bombers so it doesn’t have any bombs the b1 is much the same as the anyone except the engines are a better let’s go 150 extra horsepower each and the same point 90s were replaced by 13 Mills same will it be on you two the Ducks adventure one to 9 b2 and the B 3 same battle rating first also be 2 this can take a wide range of guns and some very small bombs which they’re worthless really unless you’re trying to blow up a couple of Russians in a tent these aren’t going to be very useful but the MK 103 that’s crying impressive weapon this [ __ ] especially with the I think it’s a change wrap the phage wrap where is it yeah high-velocity armour-piercing they can punch through the roof as much the most tanks and you can take a BK 3.7 we use the same gun the stupid G 2 1 G 1 uses except you wouldn’t got one so take your pick you can take your piledriver or your sledgehammer or your stones it’s up to you b3 this stickers hilarious it’s basically got the the Pak 40 together the late models of the panzer 4 uses and they’re stuck in an Islander underplaying pod this pot and the weapon and the emission diminution weighs about 4,000 pounds in total so this plate hands like absolute [ __ ] I’ve got to be honest yes it does fly like absolute crap the controls lock up but like 600 kilometers now I see it make you dive and you fire a shot and you lose about 20 kilometres an hour and the planes awful breaks itself apart at the recoil it doesn’t really bit shakes a lot and you can’t pull up the elevator because it’s jammed the 75 mil there’s a very powerful witness you don’t have to engage from directly above with this thing especially when you find the HVAC you got a sniper scope there which is an in implemented yet unfortunately but I hope they do backing up for the 75 millimeter there’s a pair off or wait for it 7.92 yeah perfect we’re tearing our 2s and a half now these are much like junior eighty-eights they can dive bomb and they can level bomb I may be wrong on that but as far as I’m aware that’s true and you can take a pretty impressive range of weapons including for 1000 kilos which is pretty impressive the e4 I do think this can dive bomb I was just reading up on it and it doesn’t have dive brakes because I’m eventually the idea of using this as a dipole was dropped so maybe you can’t dive on with it I can’t verify because I’ve never flown it I probably mentioned the premiums as well at this point but the only one really worth mentioning is the Wellington I can carry a pretty impressive bomb load single four

thousand pound oh I know that’s the later very the four thousand pounder nine five hundred that’s pretty good it’s basically equivalent to nine 250 kilos not bad p-47 can take bombs and the d13 guy can take a wide range of bombs but I’ll get to that in a minute next is tier 494 doesn’t have very many planes in it g6 same routine for the rest of the 109s same with the g10 you probably shouldn’t be using these to his dive bombers because they’re really not designed for it but if you’re feeling desperate like the Germans we’re in real life you can stick bombs on it the a8 this is a bomber dedicate to turn bomber destroy that’s why the armament was increased but it can be used as a fighter I can take the rockets which is nice the engine is the same as previous versions but you can use boost so you can boost the power up to the other 2,000 horsepower and you’ve got very heavy armaments and once you’ve fired off your rockets you know do a bit of Russian plane killing the f8 that’s the dedicated ground attack aircraft this has 10 loadout options not all of them useful like you can take your 4 before rocks urate rocks your dustbin your boulder or you can take a pair of MK 103 is pretty powerful but only 35 rounds per gun which is a bit crap so you can take your single thousand kilo in your 450s which is probably the best option because that sounds can kill a bomb and it’s gonna leave a big hole in the side of a Russian tank actually there won’t be a whole mile just be a soft mangled mess well you know what I mean the b6r three this was originally designed as an anti shipping weaponed it’s called a pair of MK 103 s with 120 rounds each which is a lot of hammer and when you’re firing age rap with those you can punch through the roof armour of pretty much any tank but with the larger tanks you’re gonna need to really focus your fire to doing noticeable damage the anyone you for and the B to you for as I explained earlier the difference of difference between the Eames B’s the b2 is got slightly more powerful engines in this case neither for them half of em jeez but they’ve caught on 20 mil cannons to backup the BK 5 the BK 5 is essentially the Panzer 3 JS gummed or pens of 3l it’s the J’son in the game there’s a lot like the 50 millimeter l 60 you see on the Panda 3 L and M you can fire a trap I believe yeah a trap yeah so that’s a pretty powerful anti-tank weapon even though it’s designed as a bomber destroyer you can use this gun to destroy tanks with I don’t have any experience with it myself but I assume the penetration is quite powerful the Dornier to answer is a further upgraded versions of the e with more powerful engines but believe the M has got for my little fella maybe the K has as well no rush no three plate I’m not sure if these can dive bomb to be honest let’s see the bomb load same as the previous two and seven so pretty impressive bomb word quite fast probably that handle too well because they’re German bombers this is one with four bladed props there we go looks pretty nice shame the rest of the plane is so ugly but that’s the atypical medium bomber there with a pretty impressive four thousand kilo bomb loads so pretty impressive case for if you’re using a k4 as a dive bomber then you really need to rethink your life especially since it doesn’t even have any bombs yeah unless you can release your empty one five one gun pods at the right moment and let them crash down on top of the t-34 the Doris yeah the d9 is probably better than the d12 because the d9 is better my altitude its engine and supercharger tuned for it you can take your hand grenades you can take your single 500 d12 is the same except it’s got MK 108 which I think you can load up with armor-piercing high high 80 high 80 high 80 incendiary no you can’t so that’s not too good but Dora much the same as a d9 through your hand grenades you single 500 the d 13 and the d9 and the d 12 they are all they’re all very fast planes they handle much like the normal [ __ ] off except they’re slightly faster but slightly the wrong race

slightly worse well-armed so once you drop your bombs you can get into the fray and make a mess of the enemy fighters t15 to can’t date bombs tier 5 now as you can see I haven’t got any of these unlocked so my knowledge of these is pretty limited but I can’t imagine these make two good ground attackers maybe she spam those little there r4m rockets no bombs oh can I dare tear 1,000 pounds if you spot a t54 you really don’t like the look of you could drop a pair of thousand pounds on it same with a MIG what’s that got no aesthetic the 50 mil same as all the what the hell is that thing in the middle you seen that that’s kind of weird isn’t it you can fire a wooden stake in to Dracula’s heart from a 50 mil mounted on the front over to 62 you can fly a trap so if you’re so inclined you can use the two six two a one you fall pull kazoo together as a ground attacker if you really want to and there’s our old friend the Arado the best fighter in the game but he can take a thousand kilo bomb and a pair of 250 so you can jump on those Russkies who have come back in time to 1945 with their future tanks and you can say screw you I got the around taste jet bomber you Soviet well that’s your Soviet Soviet that’s not your Soviet players that’s your German planes to sum up tier what was probably the best overall was the BF 110 dear – mmm – toss-up between the d5 or than Ju 88 I probably take the Ju tier 3 the a1 or the a5 you – if you’re more into your ground attack I take the a1 the b3 is fun but it’s not really practical it flies like crap tier 4 dive mesh experience of this follow the b6 it’s just because of those MK 103 s and the massive armor you can take but across the f8 that’s optimized for low altitude performance so c5 well I don’t know if anyone’s gonna be diving at tier 5 if you really wanna really really wanna stay the saber and pair of 1000 pounds or you can take your 262 anyone / you troll and fire a trap for those Russians well I hope this isn’t Paul I hope you found this helpful in one way or another see you soon

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