I’m Tom T Hall and an old friend welcome to pop goes the country here’s something old Billy Ray’s credit no dreams to make me cry my way around get me down I’m gonna keep it the way beautiful game feel good let me say I’m in we I moving the strain keep me from the something gets in my way given the way I got the music that good old country music I got the music Thank You Billy fantastic salaries fantastic looking good and you got some celebrities with you once you guys though we all but studio position we’re gonna hear some more of this after awhile along with Sylvia welcome to pop goes the country and we’ll be right back I didn’t gentleman ears are pretty boys and a pretty picture welcome Sylvia to lips don’t be shy kissing the to see we need and it’s under the tree keep nice touches hey

is it really as away three any donor Oh but we never to be we No while we have one of our good country music towels on pop goes the country this week and a very exciting young man of dynamic performer Billy crash crowd architecture crashes a great name for you thank you come crashing onstage and well they don’t forget that name you know a lot of people say yeah I remember uh crash but what song did it record instead of sitting out I remember the song but who did it yeah you know we’re talking about we’re talking to some people about excitement and show business and if you get up for a job and you get out and you work hard you’re one of the very hard-working entertainers you come out and you didn’t realize that your responsibility is to entertain and that’s what it’s all about you know our fans they drive a lot of miles time to see the show and I feel like we owe it to them to go out and give it all we got and so I work hard you know if I’ve heard expression you know what a man it’s got time to go you know a lot of people say they like to go while they’re performing and I’m one of them they would like to go when I’m performing in a hot Sun if I got to go that’s it well you stand a good chance of fans and I love entertaining the way you operate I love to see your show and you carry some great musicians dedicated to the business and you deserve your success and some some other entertainers will not mention any names but come out and they sort of rest on their personalities and they sort of beacons from a little bit turned their back on the audience and that sort of thing but no they that’s not a good idea today today people pay a lot of hard-earned money to get in the show and and I always tell my fans when I come out a lot of times I’m really down and when you won’t can’t see those fans smiling and flowing it brings me up they make my show you know one of the things I know that I told someone about the music business is that you spend three days on the road and you get there and spend an hour and a half on stage yeah so you got to make that count and you do crash and we you dynamic exciting performing would love to have you thank you and you were working with you too well thank you I appreciate that no me crash Craddock not only has a great dynamic exciting show but he handles a ballad beautifully but here bill sing his song if he will beautiful song called I just had you on my mind Thank You Jo let this come bother and any I just had to heat your voice one more time I know we found you lie with eye I’m alright I just add you all my I’ve just had you all Oh

oh you sound so close I can do and remember you love me I don’t know with statue I just heard you all I just had you home talking to but I guess you oh please don’t think I’m I just have all right I just had you all I just add you all I’ve just added you all I just had you oh my my well you know traveling around the country people asked me where I get ideas for songs and why write certain songs and if they’re true or not most of them are and they also asked me to explain some of the situation to the songs and I tell them often that the songs explained themselves as in this one right here Grady’s Broadway keine Leavitt Texas the other night drinking beer about a halftime in fallen gym on the galley a man we were drawn Victor’s right and songs in there talking for too long Paul said we oughta move this party over to stub now the smoke was hanging low and thick and the guitar man with a hunting licks and Joey D was in the back room we all went back there to check it out and joe said well now shut my mouth heard the old storytelling Oh John I handled a thing good job on better clothes and y’all know how that stuff goes presume we do poo and just raise them and championship of 1917 now Joe meek and a group round the place got robbed the place got bad jewelries don’t recycle replace that onion we’re gonna use that Hamburger Helper cue ball then Joe picked up a big old broom and he waved at all with a broomstick while we battled back and forth all night and the tears were streaming from our eyes an onion for the pay phone the place was quiet as a mouse and we don’t to get to our man I can barely see that onions were all that bread but I said to me back tears ones that ain’t ball disappear to hold em down bringing in the chair Joe said your way to the next year that’s 1978

Rhaenys Broadway being 70 tell her you’ll excuse me for stepping in front of you for being out of breath that is a long song yeah that is a lot I would alighted too heavy on pop where’s the country this week you said that you like to talk about yourself because you want people to know about you right yeah I think it’s good the fans to kind of get a little bit of your personality rather than just hearing your records all the time and here from Indiana Kokomo Indiana yeah and you started off it’s an interesting story the way you get backstage to meet some Country and Western artists and some people the first contact I really had with any entertainers or people in the business was when I met him at the little Nashville Opry in Nashville Indiana what I did I draw portraits pencil drawings and do pen and ink and stuff like that but drew some pencil drawings I got backstage to meet Tanya Tucker and Dolly Parton got to talk with them a little bit about the business and get a little insight into it well it’s a terrible pun but you became an artist in order to become an artist well we’re delighted to have you on the show today and also glad to have all Billy crash cred up here oh yes he’s a mover oh let’s just see what happens to him on a sea cruise in my shoes same you know to be my guest but won’t you let me take me wanna see don’t you let me take you wanna amazing bra long time to be my guess you got nothing oh won’t you let me take you wanna see baby won’t you let me take you wanna see well my heart beating rhythm be my guest you got nothing but won’t you let me Jamie wanna see won’t you let me take you you got nothing to lose won’t you let me take you wanna see let me take you wanna see please let’s do some rockabilly I know we’ve both got hours and hours of it I’ve never sang within pick with you cannot stand out here with you know well not the way we start now we’re gonna do it right remember the 1950 will you back up down there I’m gonna start the band and you come out like gangbusters I see now I got the hard part you know you all right fella you ready up two three four over baby lol shaking or no

with ever shaving your nose shake baby shake the shape baby shape baby we got chicken in the barn baby baby you can’t go wrong you can’t wait baby shake it baby shake shake baby shake are we hey we got a partner here to sing with us easy now bring in Sylvia here sing it we want to thank you Bill for being on the job good luck jr. Silvia nice to have you and we’ll be back next week with another great show we hope your joining us on time goes the country provide to you ha

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