hello everybody at on Jupiter and here’s my girlfriend Naomi and she’s gonna play some kerbal space program she’s gonna build a space plane and see what happens say hello hey I went for the topping the VAB that’s how we learn it look it’s Verner von karman getting burner von Braun the German rocket scientists from World War two I didn’t get that one I got the gene Kranz one yes I saw this where I want to be no that’s how you build rockets you want to know the spaceplane so you don’t want to be in this building so you know how to fix it out of this one just knew that the top right orange button never have to edit this a lot okay so you want a spat yeah the hanger the horizontal it here we go space plate hangar there you are okay so the first thing you want to do is pick your capsule so that’s where the dude who hangs out yeah that’s a good one the market one is pretty good that’s like a rocket woman that one right there so I don’t want to rock it I want the skinny or if you want something bigger you can that will actually looks pretty nice it’s pretty it’s pretty but is it effective for you can do the big one that’s looking like a shuttle like a really be yeah let’s say the space shuttle so it depends do you want to go big or you want to go streamline 31 this small going to be pretty look it’s got a flag on it so what do I need now I have a cockpit you got the convict you’re on your own off to goods and it’s pretty yeah it’s got your flag ok I be at but what I do now what right all right so now you need some fuel me otherwise really big the big so these are all still cockpit so this is a cockpit yeah it’s a probe thanks Oh get some fuel tanks so you’re gonna want something with like he says like fuselage he’ll say oh I’ve heard the word is FL like code for a fuselage oh no that just means I found them okay so I’m gonna choose a lodge I found if he’s alive yes well I’m not gonna yeah that’s too skinny yeah you can find women that’s a by coupler words that fits oh wait wait wait let me look what you’re looking at something lifting take no de har har har so it’s liquid fuel versus versus oxidizer yet that other thing so it depends on what you want to do with it if you wanted to go to space he’s both liquid fuel and oxidizer but if you only wanted to fly around her but it only needs with all right sure that works I suppose I need an engine eventually yes I suppose it needs to be a liquid fuel versus solid fuel yes or preferably a jet engine to speak biology so those are all your rocket engines down there they don’t none of them the two jet engines like such as free jet engines you got this one this one or that one but none of those say liquid fuel um let’s see if you right click on me get some more info and I’ll say propel its tearing those liquid fuel bingo you didn’t share that information with me I was going by the title oh you know if you watched hot Jupiters videos you know you know things about that yeah it looks like a butt yeah I’ve seen it actually needs like an adapter I’ve seen some snippets of hot Jupiters videos that one will do anything no it’s nothing must know jeepers having a hug no it’s absurd oh oh oh do this one do this one great that’s what they needed yeah that one we got so you can stick to it okay I like that I get the a turbojet

no don’t win it no we find it a flash yeah it’s cold damn yeah yeah I say how this works it’s like it looks like it should have streamers coming out the back I’m looking into an owl okay now what okay anyway got some engines you got some wings now so you want to go to aerodynamics mm-hmm so do i need like a dorsal fin a pectoral fin and yeah yeah yeahs may be right there yeah but what you normally have a it’s not a fish okay it’s not a fish and you could make it like a fish to see the flu but like the tuna they’re doing that tuna little Katie okay huh that’s actually looking pretty damn good so far all right you need some elements for the door for the main wing now she’s a little flappers it’s right flaps okay little flowers from the 20s no even arrow something once it’s not a flat flappers that’s it yes call it does it flap I might just like holding it funny cuz it’s not going exactly my flavor and nothing is easy or intuitive I love you squad pat pat yeah so here I’ll help you out here ready we’re gonna hit the put it over once before yeah we’re gonna get d cheese and no hold on yes here the other I’ll cheaper moment hold on no no come on don’t let her leave horizontal since you’re small that’s it it doesn’t just fall trust me it’ll work it’s gonna work to flip uh yeah no Spencer flap it’s gonna work generate it’s gonna fly blackbird I used to play is crazy like plane simulator and I had no idea what I was doing it was great now you probably need some like landing gears the wheels would because they’re pretty good cuz if they’re too close together you’re gonna have like oh yeah yeah it’s gonna be so now your basic physics yeah you got it yo she’s smart I don’t know what kind of crap you were hitting but uh XP you were actually hitting the right thing anyway so there you go you ok what but click click it back will swivel around no but that was I centralized oh it’s backwards yeah ok ok so just like click it back matter i rotate um the wsad cheese ok for ya so you’re gonna have plenty of hot supervillains you know what here nope nope nope nope space will reset it dig with it dick with it I was plenty you get it to dick fairly well you’re gonna be view yep get under her undercarriage frustrations of carbal space program that we all experience it’s made fun of you a lot see no every time I come into contact with the ship it decides it’s gonna go walk on guys you’re experiencing the frustrations of kerbal space don’t like cockeyed did he even do about this is it blaster you spent hours watching tutorials and reading forums to get the damn thing online these are backwards pull your hair out does your back where it should be backwards yep that’s okay is there no come back and you should be front like that how do you know that’s frontwards versus back roots this is on an angle that doesn’t give you any indications it should be like as forward as possible so that’s why the wheel should be the front right but like it’s not let I hate you slightly I hate you quite a bit yes I have the right rotation that’s not even on that’s perfect hello Rick even work like a charm we’ll have a nice takeoff that’s it you got ain’t no it’sit’s no definitely not oh my god how do you play Dana said many hours of tutorials and therapy I understand we need everything so why you’re grumpy we’re gonna talk to you really is this I’ve been playing for home too long I’m gonna help you out yeah let’s let the pro do it yeah right

let’s see I’m na da got it you got to see you got a painter undercarriage nice watermelon please no no no oh all right oh yeah I just get a top down naylor look down our top clapham like that yeah me too i need like what am i getting from list tightly hold hunter charge each you’re fine what’s a hundred charge what unit is that um kerbal cells right-click the battery over here let’s find out yeah it just as a mountain 100 there’s no units ok now let’s get some portable hey okay what yeah this one right here okay what is a photovoltaic that’s a panel that’s a part mm-hmm it’s a solar panel solar panel yep photovoltaic okay official you could just slap those anywhere you want to put a possible these recharge my batteries yeah SunPower man do it’s the way the future there we go all right now just kind of poppy it should do it right there yep do it right now I’m gonna be I’m gonna be wonky look at me what am I the one key thing okay right click it let’s let’s test it extend ladder I’ll see what its gonna look like uh-huh what did you do just get rid of the whole thing dr. anything control said oh no what did you do and I have ticked on the it’s gone the whole thing’s gone I think so we got to read the literature to explain and kind of keep that Bluebird what’s called a hot chick in her moment here we go wait doesn’t mean you’re like derping out completely oh yeah it means I’m like flying by the seat of your pants oh yeah how are you it’s the exact definition it shouldn’t work but somehow it does you fools in modern medicine I just see this before all right to click on up here haha even ever you want no he’ll see now this is the one that always makes fun of me for shitty names she can look like the merc mobile my first spacecraft was called mr. Pringle the hoop is Drew was all right I hit that little blue save this guy no no no no no you said blue that’s great the floppy disk there there you go I know I know you were born after floppy no I wasn’t actually I was present for floppy disk I know where the save thing comes from all right let’s think do you need anything else don’t don’t need a dorsal Damon no no we don’t need that I think we’re good we don’t need a central Thank you’re good right we’re not a fish okay fine Lord okay Subedi heart I launch let’s see what happens will you be r you a beer your me a beer yeah that’s what I’m good for I’m the beer man I like your comments to your fans you’re explaining your awkward relationship there you go I’d be my fans understand they know they do what do they understand and fat to dinner I am i moving all right you’re good finally movie that’s cuz of we recited fascist me all right let me explain you the basics of flying it’s all about the naphthol see the nav on the bottom are you gonna judge your movement don’t judge me on what it looks like in the main game so wsad and QE are your things right leg is QE like pitching y’all chewy is rotate like this here look at my hand ready that’s QE okay um WS is this all right I’m going like flapping my hands and what’s the other one Hades this okay right so pitch

me on direction about it all right also um left shift is throttle up eft controls throttled down but right on your engines are off thats that’s fine if you right now see the little there’s your throttle and depending okay I say what we’re doing alright hey to the right of that is your g-force you don’t have to worry about that too much this is your velocity yeah I mean I’m not gonna be hitting five cheese you might anyway um let’s see what else we have to worry about um if you want to immediately shut off your engines x full throttle z I’m not gonna remember I knew this so when I panic you just tell me what key to hit okay do it first of all let’s put the stabilizer on that’s fine tu that that’ll just keep it stable that’s not fun well trust me it’ll be fun enough I just destroyed all right shifter small space like the engines so phase shift yep so space denims you know is started it started that was a spark untitled yep it’s how to be spooning up their active they are the turbojet friend Oh errant a very entered it out of here why oh no Valentina that’s you Jeb quit dallin be yeah it was like wait Jeff quit already all right so remember had a pilot hello wcd cute yes yes he has he has yanos yes yes yes Oh rusty for stabilization ok so you don’t panic and then shift shift to throttle up and then space like to meet your engines they should actually work yep there we go and then eventually I want to move up and write down is open up is down holding it I’m holding s we’re going air horn oh Jesus I know why we need more lift surface that’s okay they don’t have many it still it’s the Merc mobail you’ve already broken the sound barrier yeah get out the way there you go finally fire around stuff yeah it’s nice altitude there yeah yeah yeah I’m gonna do skydiving so you gonna read y’all to know about 7,000 meters okay right now you’re pulling about 10 G’s you said I didn’t need to worry about the case I’m burning it I was I’m gonna burn that leo I’m trying to like save down probably are a actually you’re fine headed right for like thousand meter for the second in the atmosphere to go listen Anna do a barrel roll no do i do a barrel a little do i do a pedicure I’m just gonna like do it all the way around there you go on the National zombies blues up this is pretty cool no I i I’m doing a lot better at this than I did it the old flight simulator craft I mean you’re not crashing it’s actually flying you know you know the youth you steps in every two seconds and window you’re doing it wrong so technically I didn’t build anything need to watch I’m turning pink again here’s a tip if you want to turn rotate in that direction and then grab it and then s yeah like the planes do yes now hi are you looking at the keyboard yes hey not ya see there near that’ll pull you you can level off just like flexing me mm-hmm so that was like cockpit view it was weird no no because I like I was like sitting there goes all this dough let’s see for one sec here’s your copy of you let’s talk

too bad right click around to look around you might be you Valentina right now no I know your guy Bob Valentina’s having a grand ol time ride’em cowboy I see you go back yep so you’re out she’s gonna fall in our pop up at communion I’m not doing anything interesting I hope you come up with something hideous for people to type something we’ve had landing but yes once i get to it maybe not as easy as landing in Top Gun yes I never get that downtown oh so sup fast fast down down up up that’s right here’s what you want to look at right and see if you want me to let me talk you into it now you don’t want me to talk down not really cuz it’s not it it’s not a true bet give me one today you want your to look at your vertical speed if it’s more than negative 10 you’re probably gonna crash okay so you wanna lift it up when it’s time not quite yet and your horizontal speed should also be probably around fifty meters per second coming lower a four-year 30 so’s the t want to look at horizontal and perfect so my horizontal wants to be 40 yeah yeah between like maybe 30 and 50 that’s better not too sure of this by black crash all the time but I know that your vertical speed doesn’t want to be more than negative this is exciting you see if you’re gonna land valentina latch I’m gonna like embarrass myself no only in front of all a couple hundred viewers that watch my videos good is it to Ben it’s gonna go horribly don’t think positively you can always telling you that I would cut your throttle right now so irritating me to keep it well that was before now we’re like close enough slide in there you have definite momentum mass swing probably I keep in mind too that help to manila top is sea level INF up see this is your out to keep of terrain right here’s your really 1400 meters actually that’s what it is yeah you know change once you hit the actual land it’s going to jump way up or reduce so crazy okay now see you survive it’s about half of the sea level 400 meters up it’s not going up though it’s not oh you know what we don’t have lift services yes that’s my fault guess I’ll just keep it like that yep see ideally we should have lip service in the front that was my bad yeah forgive me but no you didn’t kill you didn’t kill him good no that’s a big fat a burnt literally that’s her first time ever playing this game and never having flown before you didn’t kill them you didn’t kill them that’s huge in kerbal space program really yes upside down it doesn’t matter you want to get him out maybe but I don’t own the puppy hover over there looks mad at me evi see if they can get out I don’t look they can get out yet here zoom in scroll forward it’s Facebook yeah look it’s Valentina your balance oh god don’t make me do this yeah you you didn’t kill them that’s on believe is that really amazing were you expecting me to commit a mass murderer right now of two people oh I’ll let the comments do the talking guys is that amazing that she didn’t kill them well we’re not get any feedback now but we will once they what’s the comment you didn’t kill them that’s unbelievable yes yes yes thank you thank you there it is and here’s the cat it always jumps on me when I played a game yeah her name is kitty she’s mine you can’t release it at this manatee all right guys thank you

for watching this has been daily placed kerbal space program say goodbye nanny all right I’ll see you guys in the next video

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