what is up YouTube is chaotic game and you’re bringing you a new video of just cause 2 this is the multiplayer beta that is in testing right now and it is only available right now at the moment for today saturday and sunday i played it before in the past is really fun there’s a tee there’s other people’s names and stuff like that and you kill each other you could do whatever you can see there’s a chat on the side and people always go freaking crazy but I’m gonna just gonna let’s see where am i right to you let’s go to this Airport and I can guarantee there’s gonna be hundreds of people there or not hundreds but like like crap out of people I guarantee it’s alright it’s over there so let’s just go on over there I’m pretty familiar with this game I’ve had it on my xbox and I have it on the pc now it’s freaking awesome i love this game because of all the cool things you could do like this but um hopefully we can find something to do so yeah let’s go ahead I think we’re here or no it’s over there okay all right almost there mm-hmm almost hey there’s not that many people there Oh though there’s a guy who took the plane he’s out of there Ashley took a helicopter well I’m here Oh nothing’s here for me to have I said well teleport it to that where’s airplane sweet giving it get in get in I got an airplane I got just [ __ ] it up what he just stole it from me oh okay I wasn’t very nice oh don’t steal it look at that what kind of [ __ ] is that what the heck you can steal vehicles from people now I remember the last time I played you can’t steal vehicles from people and I guess now that has changed you could just jump on someone’s car and steal it that was quite gay I was really gay see where I’m like god damn I’m like on a city that’s like away from every civilization possible let’s just find a car then I know sometimes there’s there’s a things up here helicopters on some of these big buildings not on here reports of violence he said some really no one up here ah actually don’t think there’s any in this town that sucks all right oh look sweets yes yes yes yes yes yes yeah anal what’s another kill someone these guys are chasing each other it looks like I’m gonna kill one or kill someone this guy right here thing is I know let me destroy that something to get in

it whoa whoa what you want to have a helicopter fire okay okay okay here guys lagging you sure we jump thingy jumped out awesome he’s floating down whoa that guy is hanging on to me I believe and he’s probably gonna steal my [ __ ] hi guys is [ __ ] hanging on he’s just [ __ ] he’s stiff ah whoa shooting at me yeah for blame sir come back here I want you this is like grand theft auto oh I think I hit him maybe but I think he was on fire so maybe I didn’t I’ll go after these two right here I want an airliner I’ll an airliner playing whoa what the this guy’s gonna go after that wait going guys avoiding me come back here this guy’s avoiding the crap outta me come on boss yeah get out of here my sky yes good out of here my skies mine all right I don’t think he’s dead I think he’s alive who the [ __ ] is shooting me someone over there maybe it’s mad Oh [ __ ] [ __ ] ah you son of a [ __ ] shot me who was it I’m gonna go over here right here right here yes excellent excellent all right we’re gonna take off take off to go Stalingrad oh snap let’s go let’s go over here yes no what the get back in there [ __ ] knowing friction [ __ ] one on the map this is gonna take a long time a very very long time I know what Stalin guys doing in the ocean it almost seems like

I’m going really really slow pikesville Ashley look at the chat so freaking horrible oh my god be more [ __ ] crazy sort No Oh get in take control of it is alright it’s on over there try zooming in like this come on we’re almost there there’s Jets over here if I recall correctly come on robust they’re sort of this freaking helicopter go faster almost there love copter know why did I do that again god damn it no no it’s not gonna let me back in this time [ __ ] me [ __ ] me [ __ ] me oh [ __ ] is there a boat around here there is boat come here come here Bo what the water and you die oh my gosh that’s very freaking horrible you guys are gross that’s what I’m thinking too oh my gosh that was horrible we’re almost there and now I’m probably super far yes shoddy or am I god damn it i’m basically where I [ __ ] started let’s just go over here see what’s up vehicle vehicle let me nice if i had a car i guys cars pretty nice i would steal it but i’m an ass damn it come on like this faster all you need we’re doing so much we are getting somewhere the thing i don’t like about this beta is that there is not like anybody like any pedestrians and they just have all these nice cars lined up oh my god handling is [ __ ] horrible oh my god this way to victory Oh oh my god this one shut up ooh ooh ooh God dang it man come the hell on okay now we can go oh my jesus oh what that guy doesn’t

follow me leave me alone oh come on almost there i don’t know why i’m so paranoid I’m like looking back off crazy almost there oh man this is the main one I think if this is the main one oh my god this is where all the people are whoa and I stick the landing I was [ __ ] amazing man this is where the party is at I’m trying to get inside what I [ __ ] can oriental us return all right trying to get in over here then over here man I doubt we are going to get inside a pass and you’re playing without getting blown up oh I got got on our plane there’s a passenger plane but it’s crash sweet oh I ever do that come back no my car back I know I wanted to cruise with you man oh no I’m alone I’m alone ooh Oh aren’t you slow hello are you doing go it’s my cruise man yeah I think I’ll steal it when we’re in midair let me so effed up no stay off of it is mine mine fine art them over this is mine yes yes yes yes yes go go go go go go go go go go you can do it [ __ ] all of you and we are out of here and I’m a jacket jacket oh I can’t oh I should have didn’t have the chance but I’m on it still [ __ ] surfing oh that guy’s a judge sweet I get it now no no no no I’m a blows up oh man this guy’s probably pasties like are you were so why are you shooting it are we going let’s see where am I then I’m currently over here and this is gay goodbye baby they will go down boom em on guys too he’s probably really pissed he’s shooting at me what up homes what up look your plane oh he was mad at

me poor guy well i’m gonna go ahead and the video right here guys please i describe you guys have not already and i’ll see you guys next time thank you for joining me

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