how do you guys even place an order at this point yeah sorry chick-fil-a I’m so sorry but we love you guys there your chicken is blessed my pleasure how are you this afternoon everyone I would say this is the first time I’ve seen a this many people in a chick-fil-a in my my whole life and secondly the first time we’re going to play constitute a ballet I don’t like it I like it okay ladies make some noise for me I have a three committees William Wallace gray bottom one two three okay girls love to do they can see my little brother over here he has a particularly high voice so I need you to sing these words but if it’s a fine fine line forget to do that for me kind of dwindled a little bit I’m not sure we need more girth yeah gentlemen let’s show them how it’s done singers with me it’s a 5/5 it asleep and chick-fil-a but first things first we would be very

remiss if we didn’t give a huge round of applause for our lovely morning crews crew bill common and Dave this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the country I don’t know of anyone else doing what they do here with these events so that’s pretty awesome and secondly obviously to you wonderful chick-fil-a employees every time are they doing the great attitude okay thank you guys it’s my pleasure yes for those of you who don’t know before the king and country the name came into existence they were a lot of really awful bad names around that I had come up with one one of which was one of the most creative was we called ourselves Joel and Luke because I’m Jill and he’s Luke and it just seems to work for a time we were homeschooled so we didn’t we have very very crazy and unrighteous no wonder we like this place so much yes so after a list of really awful band names there was one day where I walked into the studio and I said to our producer hey what about the name hold the king’s men like the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme and kind of looked at me bit funny and said you know what what about the king and country and for those of you who don’t know the name the phrase for king and country derives from an old english battle cry the soldiers were going in to stand for something greater than themselves to bleed for what they believed that chant was for king and country the king and country we thought as young men and his musicians what better names to be known by the king that yes you see if it’s just now see

to we paid let us say that say I do have I do have a bit of an awkward question for you okay I think it if you ladies now I need extreme honesty here by well hang on a second before we get to that would you all say g’day to my little bless you my residual but every once a game you guys give it up for my older he’s actually taller than me right now but usually I’m taller than him my brother Joel is actually getting married in 13 days and all the way in the back end on the drums would you make him feel very welcome from Memphis chemistry later the other man the Jew on drums it affects my other question extreme honesty by show of hands in making some noise how many single ladies do we have here this evening thank you thank you for your honesty single ladies it’s your lucky day because well hang on a moment before I get to that see what what what I would usually do here is I would introduce you single ladies to not Harry Styles I would introduce you to the dashing Mike Campbell here and I would tell you girls that he is 100% single and afterwards you know you should go up and say goodnight stick out your hand and say I’m your wife nice to meet you and I’m really proud of myself because actually a little while ago we did this little exercise and he met a lovely girl and that since started dating and I take full credit for yes yes is it wonderful to a young love I’m still trying to talk him into me being his best man let’s see how that got is that but nonetheless I he’s not quite available today but you need to make him feel very welcome last but not least the dashing mark Campbell single ladies slip up your hand one more time for me really I really never really got a guffy shot okay single man take a look around two things happen just there but all the girls handle pull the guys are like yeah yeah they should he was curious now you got your answer now is your turn my friend to go up to her afterwards and just stick out again as they get a mate I’m your husband nice to meet you trying to strand excellent see what happens now on the on a serious note though talking about relationships there is something that we do want to share with you today that we feel very strongly about as a band and that is this first of all to you ladies dogs don’t let any men disrespect you in relationships so often it seems like society or culture suggest for you to talk the dress will feel like you’re with nothing more than a penny but we believe there’s a god that says in practice we really doing everything else we wear these necklaces and they’re in the shape and color of a 1 cent coin and they had the word priceless stapled into them and their stems a reminder to us that you go to learn more with all the money in the world and we wear these bracelets as well to say respect and honor on them and we’ve got them both available here

today I encourage you to pick one of them up we’ve literally seen thousands of guys and girls rally behind this cause this girl is saying I know what I’m worth and what I’m not what to know that I deserve to be treated like a princess because I am one in this band saying hey can i play in it we’ll start with me I will stand up I will stand out chivalry is not dead I will treat these ladies as they deserve to be treated I will lay down my life for them as Jamis crafted to his church I know there might be some of us here today that we sort of talked about this and you kind of you hang your head and you say you know I think that’s that’s not me I’m I’m not that guy anymore I’m not that cool anymore I made mistakes that’s how the enemy works isn’t he you make a mistake and then while you’re down he just keeps kicking you can you tell you tells you you might as well knock it up because you’ve already screwed up so are you just a screw-up well the way we see it there’s a man who walked here 2,000 years ago they did something that no one has never done in the history of the world he offered us Redemption a second chance fresh stuff freedom and so if that’s you today I encourage you to not only get off the ground but stand up tall and hold your head high and say I will become the man and the woman that I’ve been designed to be people can’t change and girls if you’re in that relationship and you just know it your heart right now since or brothers and he’s not treating you you’re dating and using you like he’s just not treating me the way I deserve to be treated I try to do evaluate fairly like your relationship and ask yourself whether this is the right thing the right time the right guy as chances are if he’s not being a legend now it probably won’t be a legend in the future but to all the busted hearts out there to all of us who’ve made mistakes is some speed pop agency I’ve kept it off you because gonna have it keep the house yes you guys know it we wanted me to shout it I she buys benches me and the joyful

well it’s next summer with we’re gonna do for you guys is a summit particularly close to my heart four months ago I got a phone call from a dear friends and that he said hey look I’ve got some unfortunate things to share with you I said all carry on what is it he said one of your best friends in high school has been in a tragic motorcycle accidents and is currently in a coma and we don’t think he’s gonna make it and I don’t know if you guys but that’s the first time I’ve ever received a phone call like that about the phone or exactly where I was and about three weeks later I got the opportunity to go see him in the hospital he was once again still in a coma and as I was heading that way I was trying to prepare myself for what I would see when I walked into the hospital and I saw my my dear friend and all of the memories flashback all of the trouble that we got into in high school and all the good times but then I look at his body and he’s breathing and then I look in his eyes and I realized that he’s lifeless and I walked out of that room thinking one thing and that’s this every single one of us crave this thing called hope I’ve seen incredible things take place where people have it saturated in their lives but without it we become lifeless myself so today I don’t know where you’re at I don’t know what’s going on in your life but I encourage you seek hope see cope with all that’s in you this is a song called hope is what we crave sweet dreams surround me I’m left out I need no reason to Ceaser’s itself now these halls the high so it’s fine so our own Santa to turn to rise

– oh you came let me play one more for you hey how many you have been in Nashville Tennessee before this good old self well if there’s one place oh yes sorry rule of thumb here guys when you hang out with the joy FM crew its do whatever common sense come one happy everybody happy everybody’s down in the dumps hey smile pull me over here everyone on the count of three one two three and over here one two here we are one two three oh yeah oh yeah instagram has a video we’re gonna start over here Instagram is and we’re gonna go all the way to the other side all right tag yourself in this one ready set go well don’t freeze up on me didn’t work hang on I’m doing it one was that one two three one two three yes oh we’re getting all bashful here oh and it’s say hello common okay all right so we’re recently from Australia can you still tell is that worth it the sad thing is now you know since we’ve moved to Nashville Tennessee we go back to Australia and we stopped talking to out naked people then they go my where are you from from here actually let me come over to Nashville in the same man where are you from Australia I get this favor known that at this point but the worst American accent not all words now then rephrase that when it comes to understanding Australians the worst accent is Nashville they just don’t have a clue what you’re saying so when we first came over you know particularly the drive-throughs that’s what it would really happen we hit the chick-fil-a people over here say the chick-fil-a we understand this is not how she plays not chick-fil-a’s a perfect McDonald’s I didn’t say that so we would pull up to a McDonald’s or Burger King but not a chick-fil-a because you guys have the screams of all of that you know and we would say you know we could ship we call fries chips in Australia right so we pull up we say yeah mate hey can we get it some a couple burgers and some chips excuse me sir oh you know yeah just just to billions two chips will be sorted sir I can’t understand a word you’re saying and you know what’s bad what they say hey sir um could you pull around to the window no idea what you’re saying yes you pull around to the window and they say hey man where are you from so no you know from Australia it’s like how cool like we don’t speak there area speaking of Nashville we we just did Nashville recently um there’s actually a little town south of Nashville in Franklin and this little historic area and there’s a lovely deli and Lutheran I found ourselves day one night we were singing at a celebration for a man who should have their being miraculous intervention what will soon pass away

from cancer so it was a really strange moment you know you’re singing these songs and he’s sitting there all his friends and family flown in from all over the country in the world to be there that night and we had every intention of just coming in singing our song that I’m leaving but was I was so struck by the moment that we determined to stay so we sat in and we listened to these stories the people shared about this man’s like them what struck me first is that first of all these stories one about his yearly earnings or his accolades or the car he drove or the house and board they were about how he loved about how it sacrificed there about me how he gave when it didn’t make sense how he believed in people but no one else did I left that evening and I set my car off to this might contemplate as a door for a moment he was advanced staring death in the face and yet feel is not present anxiety wasn’t there worry was not around and I believe they were absent because Jesus was there in that room that man I asked myself this question afterwards I said what will people say when I get to the end it’s easy isn’t it you know you get you get kinda it’s a beautiful country it’s a beautiful state you get stuck into this idea this is all going to last you found it’s always gonna be there you’re gonna have good health but they will come a day when people gather in your name they gather in my name and they chefs stories about you may be in your presence maybe after you’re gone or what will they say now hope our prayer so when they look at you they say man you very well he served when it didn’t make sense that young lady she gave to me when no one else would she believed in that young man that young lady let their lives be the proof with nothing else and nothing less in the proof of God’s love to have love I wish my breath my anytime sacrifice and if I speak with human eloquence than

jelly ecstasy we don’t love nothing with the creaking of a rusty gate if I speak God’s Word with power revealing all of his mysteries and making everything as plain as day if I had faith to say to a mountain jump that he jumps but I don’t love about nothing if I give all I own to the pole or even goes the stake to burn as a manservant don’t know where so but what I say what I believe under what I do bankrupt did you guys

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