I really can’t see where your love for martial arts is Come on! Bai Cao, attack! Get into predictive attack stance! Come on Stop! Deduction! Why? Why did she lose a point? She didn’t hit me Bai Cao There’s a penalty for only taking a defense stance without attacking Why’s there a rule like that? She doesn’t even know such a basic rule. We’ll win for sure – Begin! – Go, Bai Cao! Go, Bai Cao! Go! If you don’t want to fight, just forfeit You’ll lose the competition Why does it feel like I can’t move my legs? Bai Cao, to have to go against such a strong competitor on her first match, and the opponent side is being so harsh. Her confidence must be down I don’t blame her for feeling like that Yuan Wu Dao’s emphasize is on calmness and judgement If a few harsh words can affect her emotions, then she shouldn’t be in competitions Her attacks are like the wind, I can’t predict it at all What should I do? Senior, it’s already 5 to 0 Bai Cao haven’t even start yet and she’s already losing! Don’t jinx it The match will continue shortly Senior Well done. Keep it up That Qi Bai Cao has no experience at all, she’s not up to your level Here, drink water Senior Ruo Bai I knew you were going to lose, but I didn’t think you’ll lose so badly I’ll do my best on the next round It’s hard to see what move they’re going to make because it all happens so fast I’d already predicted her movements, but I couldn’t react to her speed on time If you need to replay every move several times in your mind, then don’t be in competitive martial arts You can just sign up for performance martial arts In competitions, you have to go with your gut instinct and follow your body instead of looking through your eyes and your brain Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! This girl, Mei Ling, is pretty good The other one Wait a second The match is still going on Blue! Red! Prepare! Begin! You have to go with your gut instinct and follow your body,

instead of looking through your eyes and your brain Left roundhouse kick That’s it A beautiful butterfly kick If she can hit her opponent’s head, it is 4 points. If not, it is worth 2 points Is Senior Mei Ling injured? How would Senior be knocked out after one kick? What did I tell you? Bai Cao is going to gain back points You guys should be shaking in your boots! Alright, everyone together! Go, Bai Cao! Go, Bai Cao! Go, Bai Cao! Just two kicks and she recovers from a loss As of now, Bai Cao is in a good position I didn’t think she had it in her, but she really can be different when she wants to be Bai Cao! Bai Cao! Go, Bai Cao! Go, Bai Cao! Go, Bai Cao! Mei Ling, there’s no time You can only win with attacks now! Go! Go! Go! It’s…now Bai Cao, you’re the best Blue, red. Stand up, bow Red wins! How could I have lost! To a girl like you! Thank you for this match I’ll definitely win next time Bai Cao is the best! Bai Cao is the best! How was it? I was right, huh There is some potential there I’ve never been panicked Even I can’t see the end

Bai Cao! You won! Even a lot of people fall and get hurt You won on your first match, you’re a genius You were like a female warrior, feel like the Unbeaten of the East [A character from The Legend of the Swordsman] What are you saying, the Unbeaten of the East is a man I am growing the wings to fly My youth doesn’t live for love Enough You’ve only won one match, your opponents will only get stronger from now on Everyone, are you all prepared? My dreams are not that heavy We’re prepared I only want to inspire myself We’re prepared! We’re prepared! What I’ve missed is a thing of the past So I’ll let them cheer for me from behind Go! Go! Go! Go! Prepare My dreams are not that heavy Bow I only want to inspire myself Start What I’ve missed is a thing of the past Ruo Bai. Hu Yi Feng. Qi Bai Cao Senior Ruo Bai was being too serious Bai Cao and Senior Yi Feng won their matches Song Bai will win for sure Senior Ruo Bai can relax with his match I agree, we don’t have to compete Why don’t we discuss what we should eat for our celebration later? You guys feel that when a competition is won, it’s over You’re all stupid if you think you don’t need to prepare for the next matches No, not really. I’m just hungry so I want some food Yuan Wu Dao is not all about wins and loses, but it is about honor. Your honor, the opponent’s honor, and most importantly, the team’s honor Wow, you look so manly when you get serious I am sleepy Look at you, I only praised you a bit and you are like this The 23rd An Yang Yuan Wu Dao Martial Arts Hall Challenge Matches Fang Ting Hao You…It’s really you Don’t you think we should resolve our grudge today? Mr I don’t think I’ve dumped you before, but from your straight eyebrows, gap of your eyes, and your baldness, it must have been hard for you to find a girlfriend I advice you to– Shut up I know you’re a playboy Today’s matter is not a relationship grudge Look at me, do you recognize me? Then, let me take a look This hairstyle I don’t think I remember Are you done talking? I have to go Hey! After you beat me, I had to shave my head You dare to say you don’t remember me?! We must fight today Don’t think of leaving Fine, I can fight you, but on one condition Spit it out I need to change first Alright, quickly Fang Ting Hao, stop right there! Stop! It’s you! Come out! Shhh Are you a dog? I only know you’re bad luck, something bad happens everytime I see you Come out! If you don’t come out, I am going to stay here and wait till you come out That guy out there is looking for a Fang Ting Hao, does that have to do with you? You don’t feel this is a little That person is looking for world champion Fang Ting Hao, why are you hiding? Are you him?

That’s right I am Fang Ting Hao’s enemy Fang Ting Hao is going around bullying others with his name I couldn’t stand it so I went to him for a talk That was when I met his die hard fan He even shaved his head for him It’s so scary If he knew I was here, he will definitely kill me What should I do now? I didn’t think Fang Ting Hao would be this kind of person! Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this for you Really? Thank you so much Where is he? Leave him alone What? Leave him alone? Tell him to come out now I have to fight him! Please, don’t hurt innocent people. Yuan Wu Dao is not for fights like this I’ll apologize for him for anything he did wrong What? He sends a girl out to apologize? Ah, I understand He’s looking down on me, that’s why he got you to come out Alright, come on then Let’s fight No, no, he didn’t send me to fight you. I won’t fight you What?! You’re not fighting me. Stop kidding Get ready for my moves – What is he doing? – Yah! Ah! Yikes! Big bald guy You can’t even win a girl, why are you still learning Yuan Wu Dao? Why don’t you go back to your farm? Go back and tell Fang Ting Hao a Yuan Wu Dao champion should act like one Don’t use Yuan Wu Dao to create trouble – Uhhh – Let’s go Don’t you dare leave! What kind of technique is this? – Fang Ting H- – What nonsense are you sprouting! Ah! Don’t leave! Oh good. He didn’t chase us Thank you for saving me, Miss Qi. Why don’t I treat you to a meal How did you know my name? Did you forget? You told me last time, when we were on our date I didn’t think I would see you so soon and you saved me What is it? You’re named Fang Ting Hao? Uh, that’s right I’m Fang Ting Hao. He’s also Fang Ting Hao He didn’t want us to have the same name, so he’s always sending people to bully me That Fang Ting Hao is wealthier, handsomer, taller He shouldn’t be so childish, don’t you think? That’s it? Yeah, that’s all there’s to it It’s fine, I’m used to his bullying If I knew Yuan Wu Dao, I would kick his ass so hard What? Fang Ting Hao! What? It’s Fang Ting Hao! It’s Fang Ting Hao! Bai Cao, take a picture of us with him! Your hand’s injured, we should check it out Do you think this is funny? Do you make jokes out of others just to be funny? Bai Cao! What’s wrong? How could you treat our Ting Hao that way? Yeah, why are you so ill mannered? It’s no problem You’ve lied to me ever since our first meeting Last time you even dine and dash, treating me like a fool I thought you were joking around and you have a good heart Now, I see that you don’t even know how to respect others Fang Ting Hao, I don’t care how impressive you are In my eyes, you are just a disrespectful guy Hey, wait. Last time, I was onl- Ah! – Are you okay? – It’s alright – Quick! Quick! Quick! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Two hundred and twenty-nine. Two hundred and thirty

Two hundred and thirty-one Two hundred and thirty-two. Two hundred and thirty-three. Two hundred and thirty-four Bai Cao, you’re really too great Everyone wanted to celebrate your first win in the match, yet, you didn’t go You decided to stay here for me No problem, I have to clean anyways There is only half left! Do your best! Senior Ruo Bai, you are too harsh Two hundred If Senior Chu Yuan didn’t encourage me to practice the predictive attack stance, I wouldn’t have won Should I go and tell him that I won? Aiya, I am so tired That Yi Feng, I am never going to call him Senior again I’ll show him Yi Feng Feng Zi (Sounds like – Crazy Guy) What do you think about the name? Bai Cao, I was talking to you Is something bothering you? Don’t you dare lie to me It shows on your face. Everyone knows when you try to lie Wait, Senior Chu Yuan took care of you when you were injured He also practiced the predictive attack stance with you, why didn’t you tell him that you won? I…I don’t want to cause any more misunderstandings I knew it I saw through it the other day Be honest with me, do you like Senior Chu Yuan? Stop talking nonsense! Aiya, I am being serious Everyday, all you do is practice. If you’re not practicing, you’re sparring with others, if you’re not sparring, you’re doing your homework You should be brave with your love too, like me I am always outwardly expressing my love for Senior Ruo Bai’s beauty You have to express your love for Senior Chu Yuan bravely Stop talking nonsense Are you scared of Senior Ting Yi? Even though everyone thinks of Senior Chu Yuan and Senior Ting Yi as a pair, that doesn’t stop you from liking him, don’t you think? If it were me, confess anyways If you got rejected, then it’s only a rejection That’s not a big deal You have to try new things when you are young Why are you suppressing your feelings? Be brave and confess! Why are you suppressing your feelings? Go and love! Bai Cao, don’t you think I’m right Let’s go, we can do it now Stop joking, I don’t want to go

Stop playing, Xiao Ying Senior Ruo Bai, Xiao Ying is slacking off! Ah, I didn’t, 280 281 Hey, Qi Bai Cao, you are such a scaredy cat You’re too scared to confess, aren’t you? Just leave it to me! Senior Chu Yuan, you’re back Xiao Ying, what happened? There’s this thing that I can’t solve, I can only ask for your help It’s about Bai Cao. She was severely injured during her match with Mei Ling the other day She couldn’t even raise her hand after the match! It’s a bruise? Or something bigger? Uh, that Aiya, anyways, the swelling on her hand is thicker than my thigh We all told her to rest more, but no matter what we said, she just woudn’t listen She doesn’t only practice, but she even wants to go help out at my mother’s noodle shop She doesn’t listen when I tell her not to! Senior Chu Yuan, I’m only coming to you because I don’t know what else to do Senior Chu Yuan, you’re the only one in the whole wide world that can save her Where is she right now? She’s at our noodle shop Okay, why don’t you go back first, I’ll be there after Okay Check Total is $205, I’ll take $200 Okay, here Thank you, plase visit again Bye Why isn’t he here yet? Senior Chu Yuan, I hope you weren’t lying to me Xiao Ling, cover me for a second You are really skilled. My daughter is so lazy She never helps out I have to figure out a way to get my mom, the third wheel out of the way. (Chinese word for third wheel = light bulb – conducts electricity) That’s right, add more water Mom, mom. Why don’t you take a rest, I can help you here Wait, it’s fine This is the most important step to our store’s famous beef noodle You are too used to being a princess. If you do this wrong, we can lose the whole business! Xiao Ying, what’s wrong with you today? You came to the shop to help? Ah, if every day mom said from the day the store opened, this is the first time you came to the kitchen Auntie, Xiao Ying wants to buy new clothes I am telling you, you spend all your pocket money! Stop dreaming about getting more! Aren’t you going to play cards with your friends? If you don’t trust the work to me, just give it to Bai Cao She’s made the beef soup a thousand times Go, go, go! Your friends are waiting! Silly girl, when did I make plans to go play cards? Your brain is not working! Bai Cao, Bai Cao, this is my mom’s only hobby. Please, don’t go. Hold the fort till we are back Let’s go. Let’s go! – Did I really make plans? – Yes, you did! Qi Bai Cao. Qi Bai Cao How long do you plan to stay mad? You are not even picking up my calls? – Let’s go. Let’s go – Stop! When did I make plans to play cards? What is wrong with you? What are you playing at? Eh, isn’t he that Chu Go, go, go, go! Hello, Sir. What would you like?

Nothing. I’m here to find someone Bai Cao

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