hi everybody welcome back to my channel i’m Kassiah this is SiahSwag and i have an awesome new tutorial for you guys today this is a fairly new pattern from country cow designs called the Trekoda mini backpack and it is so cute absolutely love it i made this for my little guy he’s been begging me to make him a bag and i got this yoda fabric in a the beachcomber swap that i participated in she sent this to me and it is just the cutest fabric ever and i had just enough for this backpack um let’s see i used vinyl cotton and waterproof canvas i interfaced with woven fuse Decovil and foam and i love the way it turned out it turned out great this little bag has a cute i know this blends in because i wanted to use more of the yoda fabric but it has this cute little flap up here and then you have a slip pocket and then you have a zipper pocket here super cute and then it has magnetic clothes and in the back we have the straps they’re kind of funky right now because it’s brand new i used waterproof canvas on the straps and i like how sturdy and durable the waterproof canvas makes the straps so i’ve done it before and i knew i wanted to use them again for this little backpack got a double zip on the top here and inside we have another little back zipper pocket and it’s super cute this one is made with a gusset and you pull through the lining it’s not a binding one like my last one i don’t know if there’s a good or better way i like both methods they’re both great um i don’t know they’re different ways they’re i don’t think any better or worse than the other so but i have to say this little bag came together very nicely i sometimes struggle with backpacks and especially ones that have gussets like these and this one i didn’t have any issues with it it was great um let me know if you have any questions i try and read all the comments underneath i now have a facebook group instead of just a page saya swag bags go ahead and get on facebook and join the group we’re going to be doing fun things on there and i hope you guys enjoy this tutorial okay guys let’s talk about our pattern pieces then i am using um vinyl cotton and waterproof canvas so i put woven fuse two on all my cotton pieces all of them um i didn’t back any of my waterproof canvas pieces and my vinyls i used foam except for the zipper the outside zipper piecings the big long ones um i use decoville light on the flap for the outside flap and i’ll let you know that if i think of anything else so let’s see we have our our my back so this is my back piece and i did foam with it and then i have my other foam piece for when i do my front i am also doing the plain pocket front i’m not doing the cargo pocket front so that’s the other difference so these are all the pieces for my front pocket and my slip pocket so i have my zipper i have my outside pocket piece my inside pocket piece and this goes on the back of that is for the slip pocket and then this as well and those are just waterproof canvas so i’m not lining them um this is also a slip pocket piece for the front i’ve got my inside pocket i’m doing it my way that i like to do zipper pockets you can do it her way she’s got the zipper facing and the two pieces the difference is when you do the zipper facing like she has on the pattern your inside of the zipper is clean um this is just a bag for my son and he doesn’t care what

the inside of a zipper looks like and i don’t really think it’s noticeable when i do it this way so i’m just doing it my normal i’m doing one big long piece i’ll probably cut it in two at the end and leave the pocket open so that’s my inside here’s my bottom piece for my inside so you need to pay attention because the pattern piece is different for the lining than it is for the exterior of your bottom piece there are two different pattern pieces so i think your insides a little bit smaller um to fit in your bag so pay attention and make sure you don’t cut two lining or two exterior for both of your bottom pieces because they’re different i’ve got two um lining main pieces i’ve got my gussets my outside and my inside i’m not backing my inside my outside i have foam attached to it i just basted it and then my bottom for my outside foam i just basted that on i’ve got my zipper outside zipper pieces i’m doing a double zipper pull and i made sure and i closed my ends already on that so they don’t come off when i’m doing it i have my two outside pieces my two inside pieces i am not backing my main zipper closure area with anything i didn’t do it on the last backpack i did and i thought it turned out fine so i’m not i’m doing the gussets in the bottom and the sides though with foam you got your cute top piece on the front i just did woven fuse because again we’re backing with um foam when it’s all put together i’ve got my flap pieces and i did woven fuse and deckaville on this one and the deckabill is cut out of the seam allowance there is a pattern piece for that deckabill piece or whatever stabilizer you want to use peltex or whatever it is and then my inside flat piece is just waterproof canvas i did some things ahead of time prepping for this bag just so it went a bit a little bit smoother so this is my back strip piece i’ve already ironed it and folded it and there is foam in the middle it’s just the size that she has on the pattern i stuck that in there and you are going to attach it all together like that i already did my handle my top handle piece um you just fold it like a regular strap raw edges to the center and then fold over again and then i put a piece of foam like she suggests in the pattern in this and then i did multiple stitching on it so that’s going to be my handle and then you have your side connector pieces for your straps i’ve already completed one of them it’s pretty cute look at that little yoda okay and i’ll show you how to make the other one you should have a rectangle piece and a long uh rectangle piece so you should have two pieces for that beside these so four total and then your two connectors and then the straps i am using waterproof canvas for my straps i’ve used it before for backpacks and i really like it since this is for my son i’m not putting foam in it i don’t feel like he needs it for comfort i think it’ll be fine but if this was for me or for an adult i would do wider straps and i would do the foam i’m doing the three-fourths size straps so again waterproof canvas no lining it makes a great sturdy strap and i feel like it’ll won’t show dirt it’ll stay clean yeah so that’s my first one and then i will um sew the second one on camera hardware that you need you need two sets of magnetic snaps you need two sliders you need two rectangle rings you need three zippers um and some scraps to protect the prongs from your fabric and something to put over you want to protect those and i think that’s it so let’s get going on this bag okay i’m gonna do my strap real quick i just marked my centers folded my raw edges in and folded them in again i can leave my ends raw on this canvas because it won’t um unravel and fray so that’s kind of nice

i don’t have to close that off i think a double sided fabric like half fabric half vinyl strap would be super cute or you can do the full on cotton strap like she has in this pattern as well but i would definitely add foam if you’re doing just cotton i think that is a good addition so i’m just going to sew down each side of this strap you could do multiple stitch like multiple lines of stitching if you wanted to on this backpack strap i think that would be um cute as well but i’m just doing it this way for now kind of hard to see my stitching too because i’m using black thread on this black canvas so which can be a nice thing if you mess up all right so that’s my other strap so i’m going to set my straps aside so i have so to go ahead and do that to your other one set those aside and then next is your connectors so i already have one you can see what the finished super cute so that’s my finished product so what you do let’s take our pieces so you have these two pieces this one i fully backed with um woven fuse this one i just did i mean this this pattern is domestic machine friendly so all of the instructions she gives if you do it the way that she has it you should be able to do it on domestic i’m just doing this all on my industrial because i’m using the waterproof canvas and the vinyl but if you use cotton and maybe just like accents of vinyl or cork you should be able to do it on your domestic machine anyways i kept the woven fuse out of the seam allowance like she has in the pattern so with this piece actually let’s do this piece first you’re just going to fold it into your centers like that and stitch it down and then your other side just like you do with other connector straps okay so that’s my strap i’m gonna put my piece in i’m just going to um sew this together so it stays together okay just like that and then i’m going to take this larger piece i’m going to fold it in half like this and then i’m going to fold it again like this and i am doing this one so i did this one this way so i’m doing this one this way i’m doing them so my top stitching is on the right ones and my little yoda guy is the right way um okay so you want to put this in here and you want to be about a fourth inch away from here and a fourth inch up i think you just need to make sure they both match a fourth inch isn’t much just like that yep okay and now i’m going to sew along this folded edge here and these folded edges here not along your raw ends i’m gonna have to move my little i finally got a magnetic um thing for my seam allowances guys somebody’s

like why don’t you buy one of those why don’t i so i finally did how about that i just don’t want my foot to scratch my hardware so i’m putting that back there okay and then so that’s what we have okay and then you’re going to want to cut this from this corner to this corner just like that you could use a rotary blade or you can just use scissors just like this and now i’ve got my two little connectors okay hope that’s helpful all right so put those aside okay so i am doing the plain front pocket so you skip skip a few steps if you’re doing the plane front if not do the cargo pocket in the front and then come to this step hopefully my camera’s not moving too much okay so you want to put your main pocket piece down on the bottom here and your zipper is going to go on top face down and i am going to just baste that just so sorry i’m just trying to make sure i get this going the right way yep i’m gonna baste that just so it doesn’t move okay and then i’m going to lay this one on top right sides together so my zipper is face down and this is face down on top of that right sides together okay sorry i’m just double checking that i was reading this right so baste it and then we’re going to um put this back piece on so my right sides are together my zipper is in the middle face down and we’re going to sew that together at a fourth inch seam allowance as close as you can get to the zipper basically okay so fold that over and we’re going to top stitch that you can press it if you want with the iron i’m just going to finger press it there okay and top stitch that those two together she also says you can clip the bottoms oh i just took my zipper off that’s okay i can put it back on that’s why you sew the ends closed guys and i usually do right there we go so that’s what we have right now and i’m gonna put my zipper pull back on there and we’ll go to the next step okay so i got my zip back on looks good all right you want to take that little strip that goes on top here and you’re going to right side down on top and your zipper is face up okay and we’re going to baste that on this top part of the zipper just add an eighth inch okay and make sure if you have directional print that you’re doing it so it flips up and it’s the right way

i’m just basting okay and then so that’s basted on right there i’m going to take that and flip it over so this is the back side of my pocket and i am going to take the cargo pocket back or plain pocket back piece okay and i’m gonna go right side down just like this so my right sides are together and it’s gonna go on top and we’re gonna sew that at a fourth inch or as close as you can get okay okay so that’s your zipper pocket and then we’re going to flip this up let me think are we going to top stitch that yep and you’re going to top stitch this just like that fold it up okay so if you aren’t getting as close as she does in the picture you may have to um trim this up a little which is just fine so trim that bottom piece up okay just like that so now it’s even okay so now we want slip pocket lining this one so now we want the slip pocket lining piece and we’re going to take this piece slip pocket lining and we are going to put it right sides together with the top of this piece and we’re going to sew it at a 3 8 seam allowance which i need to mark real quick with my little magnetic thing i don’t know how much i’m gonna like this magnetic thing because i can’t really do zippers and stuff when it’s on unless somebody else has a better idea for me so that’s my three eighths okay so you’re going to sew that on at a 3 8 all right and then we’re going to press that and fold it down and we’re going to sew that and top stitch that top piece and that’s going to be your slip pocket i’m a little rusty guys i haven’t sewn in a little bit it’s been a little while so sorry if i seem a little

scattered i just need to get back in the groove i think it’s been a good three weeks okay super cute so that’s our zipper pocket and that’ll be our slip pocket all right next step okay so next we’re going to work on the little flap so on the pattern piece there’s marks of where your snaps go and you’re going to want to put your mail snaps on top which are the ones like this okay if you want your two male snaps you want your two washers and i have a couple pieces of foam to protect you could use any kind of the peltex deckaville whatever you want to use for protection for that and then you’re going to want to just put your washers where that mark is right in the middle make your marks same with your foam go ahead and mark your foam yeah that was a big mark all right and then put in your snaps and your foam and your washer all right and i like to go one step even further and protect them a little bit with some tape on the top here so those prongs don’t poke through anywhere just like that okay and there’s our snaps beautiful all right so you want to take your two flaps you’re gonna do right sides together we’re going to sew all the way around the curved edges at a 3 8 seam allowance but we’re not going to stitch along the top okay i’m just gonna do a couple of clips here so we don’t move all right 3 8 all right i’m going to trim that down just a little bit i don’t know if she says to in this she doesn’t oh yeah she does all right and then turn that flap out let me get my little tool here press those corners out with whatever you want if you have all cotton you can take it to the iron and give it a good press before you top stitch

i’m not going to because i have waterproof canvas i’m just gonna play it safe oh my gosh how cute is that i’m gonna go ahead and top stitch that and you can do it all the way around closing the hole do okay here’s my cute little flab all right so next you want to take i’m going to go ahead and mark my center of my flap here with the tiny little clip and i’m going to do the same for this little piece here just the tiniest little clip i’m gonna do that on all my pieces it always goes together so much easier when you have your centers clipped okay so i’ve got my round piece right side up my flap is going to go right side down i’m going to line those center clips up and you’re going to baste it so an eighth inch okay okay okay so you’re gonna place the slip pocket this one make sure i have this going the right way because it seems yes okay make sure it’s going the right way because if it’s going this way it’s too short so make sure your piece is going the right way so you’re going to place your slip pocket uh back piece there you’re going to take this and flip it down so it’s right sides together i am going to clip my center here so i can line up my centers again and we’re going to sew that together at a 3 8 seam allowance okay okay so we’re gonna fold this back just like that cute and then we’re going to top stitch this top piece see and then this is in the way when i do that i don’t know guys let’s see if it’s okay all right so this is our front panel so yay super cute so now we need to put this other completed pocket that we have on this here okay so we are going to center that up as best we can and we’re going to clip that on right there because now we have to add the magnetic snaps onto this piece which is why we didn’t sew all this closed because we still need to install our magnetic snaps right there so i’m going to put that mat in there while i’m thinking of it so i don’t cut through

all the pieces okay so they she doesn’t have measurements because it’s kind of all different when you’re doing zippers right here um how you sew them on can make the measurements just a little different so i see why she did it this way so you’re supposed to just press in your snaps really good and it’s going to leave a little mark on your fabric hopefully and you’ll be able to gauge from there where to put your snaps so i’m pressing those in yep and i’ve got little markings guys right there there’s that little guy and there’s that little guy okay and you’re gonna do the snaps the same way you did on the flap so you need your pieces of foam here because you want to protect that is not a good washer just a minute look at that washer where are you at look at that i can’t use that well maybe i could but that’s kind of weird let me get a different washer all right this one’s back that’s better sorry i just rolled the chair on the camera okay here we go all right and then put your snaps in and then i’m going to protect mine with some tape again as well all right good tada perfect oh so cute i love it guys all my yodas are going the right way okay so after that is done we want to sew this around and close it shut okay so i’m going to sew around these three sides and i’m just basting all right and that’s what i have oh my gosh it’s so cute and so next we want to just um baste our foam on here here it is so i’m going to baste my foam on the back of this piece my little guy is going to be in love with this bag i already love it all right so i’m just gonna sew that around i’m gonna baste it and then i may put my little name plate right there too

i don’t know if he cares about that but i do okay got our foam on i am going to go ahead and clip my centers on this piece for when i put it all together already have that done the bottom and the top because i’m not sure i think i think it’s helpful for both all right i’m gonna put my name plate on and then we’ll go to the next step okay so our next step is working on the back of the exterior so this is my strip for the back i marked my center i folded my edges in and i’m sticking a piece of foam in there like it suggests in the pattern just like that okay i’m going to take the foam out for a minute i need to mark the center on this side because this is the side i’m putting it on okay so mark you center and she has her picture like this this is a folded edge this is my raw edge okay and it says if you’re doing it for a child to put this handle closer together so the straps can be closer together um for the smaller body so i’m kind of putting them a little bit closer yeah okay sorry i’m just reading the pattern and then you want each of your straps okay and i am going to probably i’m going to baste this part down first okay so there’s my center mark i’ve got my little handle on each side i’m going to just baste that real quick so it doesn’t move and then i’m going to add my straps because then you’re flipping it down like that and you’re sewing that piece onto your bag okay so i’m going to put each of my straps and i’m butting it up right against my handle just like that okay my straps are going all over the place okay so after you have these attached because we’re going to be going up like that you want to get your back piece and we’re going to be marking it one and a half inches down i am going to mark my center real quick of this big piece and one and a half down i need to mark my middle so i’m marking a straight down line this is how i would mark your middle here because i clipped both ends right so i know that’s my middle so you can have a bit of a straighter line going across right there okay i’m gonna tape my foam in

just like that i am going to tape those two closed maybe just like that and just like that okay more stable there and i know i’m not um sewing right over the center of this so i’m not worried about this gumming up my needle so i’m going to place one more right there and place it in the right spot and she does say use double-sided tape or glue oh come on tape sometimes the tape just doesn’t want to cooperate there we go all right so i’m going to place this that top line that we did marking my center right here with my center on here just try and get it all lined up just like that and you don’t want your straps overlapping with your handle at all okay so now we’re going to stitch that on i’m going to do a couple of stitchings on this so it’s nice and secure you could totally rivet too if you had enough yeah you could now i’m going to do another line just right below that line that i just stitched and i’ll do the same thing on the bottom so oh that’s cute okay sorry that was a little crazy with me trying to sometimes i just don’t have enough room on my table kind of frustrating okay so that’s that and i already attached my foam to this piece but if you haven’t go ahead and do that trim off your edges here okay so after you put the straps and the handle on your back we’re gonna work on your your zipper your main zipper closure so you should have a big zipper and four pieces here okay two lining two main i clipped all my centers and marked everything so i know where my centers are so first take an exterior piece your zipper face down and find where your um centers are where are my centers there they are super tiny there it is find your centers there and you’re just going to baste this on first so my zipper is

right side down my exterior is right side up and we’re just going to baste that on first so all right and then you want to take your exterior piece or your sorry you’re lining right side down so you’re sandwiching that zipper in the middle and then we’re going to sew that together add a fourth inch or however close you can get to your zipper she does suggest making your zipper tape a little bit longer so you can pull your zippers out of the way the whole time you sew this i had already cut my zipper so uh-huh i don’t get to do that but i think that’s a great idea then you don’t have to sit there and fiddle back and forth with your zipper the whole time okay so we’re going to top stitch this so fold these both out of the way here and we want to top stitch okay i’m just top stitching along the zipper do not go and close your sides and your edges because those need to not be connected to put this bag together because you’re connecting the gussets together lining separate from your exterior and so you need to be able to grab them separately so do not think you’re going to go ahead and go around and close it because that will not be good just top stitch along the zipper just like that and then go ahead and do your repeat your other side same way so there’s my first side okay so i’m gonna baste this on first just like i did with the other one and then you get this and right sides down so your right side should all be facing each other and then that had a fourth inch seam allowance all right and then top stitch that one as well

awesome all right so that is our top zipper pretty cool okay so the next step for this is our side gussets um so this part it’s important that you keep these two pieces on each side separate because again we’re putting together our pieces separately like the whole bag and so we need these separate so what you do is you take your gusset and we’re going to clip it here my sides are a little bit wider because of my zipper tape that’s okay and i am going to sew just up to this zipper tape i’m not going to sew over this piece right here just the sides to the zipper tape and you want it at a 3 8c i had to take this off again i don’t know about this magnetic guide guys sorry all right so we want to sew 3 8 seam allowance just to the zipper tape so i have my lining pulled out out of the way i need to shorten my stitch length okay and then i’m gonna take it over here so that’s what we end up looking like okay so i didn’t sew over this area right here i just sewed the side and i kept my lining out so you want to go ahead and repeat for the lining part of the gusset um and this one it says a half inch seam allowance oh i can’t do this magnetic guide guys all right half inch seam allowance is that mark all right so i’m going to pull my exterior out of the way i’m just doing my lining piece and you want it half inch seam allowance up to the zipper tape and i’m going to actually i’m just going to cut it a little bit i’m sorry i’m going to go this way because i don’t want to rip my vinyl okay sorry about that i have my half inch marked now all right let’s go ahead and sew that side too about a half inch up to the zipper tape and so you should have both gusset pieces on now you’re going to fold or no you’re going to go like this now and now you’re just going to sew over the tape line just over the tape not the rest of the seams yep okay okay and that’s how you do it it’s just like the other ways like um lauren does her mini backpack because now you have your two sides but they’re separate

right but it’s closed off where it counts so go ahead and do that to the other side okay so now we’re going to so we have our guess it all finished and now we’re going to pin our outside part of the gusset to our outside pieces that we have done so you want to take your front here’s my cute little front i have already marked my top and my centers on everything so i know where to start same with this little guy so you’re going to want to make sure your lining stays out of this whole part you don’t want your lining involved okay so you’re gonna start by finding your centers here up at the top okay do a couple clips and then coming down along the sides i’m just gonna clip this out of my way as well i’m going to clip my bottom here i don’t know if i’m supposed to flatten this seam but i’m going to flatten it right there i’m not sure looks like it’s gonna fit just fine out of the way match my bottom down here and come up okay i’m going to sew that on at a 3 8 seam allowance and i am going to put this back on you guys i just don’t even know

i’ll put that on there just to help me guide okay so i’m going to sew this on a 3 8 seam allowance and then i am going to immediately do another row next to it of stitching to help the stress on my stitches which i’ve been doing in my videos lately and she suggests it in this pattern um and i think it really helps when uh you turn your back it helps with the strain and the stress that’s put on it maybe i’ll i need to switch camera angles there we go okay so with my gusset side up all right i am going to do another row of stitching right next to that not on the inside but the outside of that is that how you say it on the outside yeah especially if you’re using something like cork or vinyl this really helps and your stitches don’t show when you turn they don’t look stressed like they’re gonna pop try to get as close as you can to that row of stitching okay awesome look at that he’s a cutie all right so now we’re going to put our back piece on and we need to clip our i didn’t make a mark let’s see one inch up from the bottom you need to make a mark to put your connectors let’s go right there and right there let’s see i want these like that right just like that

my yodas are upside down i did it wrong that’s okay that’s okay yoda’s nobody’s gonna tell marcus won’t care all right so stitch i’m just going to baste those real quick so they don’t move while i’m putting everything on on both sides all right and so i already clipped did i already clip yep so i am going to make sure that these are in like that and then i’m going to start clipping i am doing the rounded top and it is going on really nicely like i had no problem doing this curve it eased right in no complaints again make sure your lining is clipped out of the way because you still have to um put your lining on with this so separately she does have measurements too for when you finish your gusset piece after we finished putting on these bottom pieces of how long it should be depending on which top you did if you did the boxy or the rounded so make sure that your gusset piece is the correct length after you put on the zipper and the side things the side pieces i did check mine it is the correct length so if you’re having issues making it fit maybe that’s one of the issues okay so i’m all clipped in whoops my little pieces coming out here stay in there all right go ahead and do the same thing that we did on the other side oh it looks so cute all right now let’s work on our bottom piece which is right here i need to clip my centers real quick i did not do that yet all right i wonder if i should keep this camera angle i don’t think so okay okay sorry just read and make sure i got it so find your centers mine is just a minute i’m sure i don’t have to trim this down at all just right on the threes i think i’ll be okay i’m gonna trim this down just a little bit my phone goes over okay so start with your center clips right here center those up and you’re going to sew 3 8 seam allowance and

these are notched out right here for reason so you’re just right to there it should line up see my corner stops right before this seam that’s exactly how it should be all right so 3 8 seam allowance on that and i’m gonna go ahead and do that second little row of stitching right there for this dress my bobbin is catching weird yep look at that i had a little loop in it i felt it all right it’s crazy how well you can what’s going on how well you can get to know your machine all the little sounds it makes and things it does all right there we go all right go ahead and do that on the other side as well so okay so on the instructions it says to clip into the gusset 3 8 right next to the stitching that joins the gusset to the main panel and it will help it um lay flatter so let’s try that it’s about a 3 8 right there um right there so right there and right here ah i see what she’s saying it’ll help it lay flatter like that and it will help with your bulk all right go ahead and sew that all right helped it go a little bit better when you clipped into the gusset like she

says in the video all right i’m going to just yeah just trim a little bit i’m walking over everything just so everything lays a bit nicer and then we’ll turn it out super cute all right let’s work on the inside okay i took a little bit of a dinner break and now we’re back so i am going to work on the lining so all that has to be done on the lining is a pocket you can add a slip pocket if you want but that’s all that is required of the pattern is a pocket so i’m going to do it my way if you want to do it the zipper facing way go for it um this is just what works for me so i found my center marks i made my piece i think two inches longer then like the piece is doubled i added a couple inches on that if you want to know how long this is it might be a little bit too long i may have to trim it a little bit which is fine um i’m just going to put it all on on one piece pull it through and i’m going to cut the bottom so it’s open for um turning lining through and whatnot so i’m gonna go ahead and sew this pocket on so i drew my little rectangle on there i’m gonna sew around it we’re not pulling the whole bag through the pocket we’re pulling the bag through the lining so this pocket is going to be left open to close the lining up through so you have a clean um a clean line on the lining okay and then i’m gonna cut that open and like i said there’s so many ways to do a zipper people like different techniques sometimes i’ll do the pocket facing sometimes i’ll do it this way just find what works for you i think i’ve said the pocket facing is just cleaner on the inside than this method but this method is less pieces and it seems to just be a little bit quicker for me so this is what i prefer okay bring that back and just press that out i’m just gonna do a big old finger press here i love this little yoda fabric he’s so cute all right i’m gonna take my zipper which way does it open this way i’m gonna take my bottom one off first and lay it down and just line it up a little too high and then just line up my bottom first with it flip it down and take my top tape off

sorry my son is playing video games and yelling i don’t know if it can be heard i’m gonna have to go be quiet all right there you go and that is my pocket so i’m going to sew that on and i always start down here at this corner my son picked out this purple for the inside and he’s super excited about it i talked him out of the purple on the front so i thought the black would look better but he is really wanting this purple okay so this is what i’ll show you this is what your inside looks like on the zipper when you do it with the zipper facing you don’t have this zipper on the inside you have like the fabric is right here and it just it looks nicer on the inside so if that’s what you’re debating that’s the difference between the two where are my other scissors here they are i gotta trim my zipper down okay so i am just going to take this and flip it to the top here and sew that together and i’m gonna cut this in half again this is just the way i do it i know there’s easier simpler other methods well maybe not simpler but other methods but this is just what i’m doing um now i’m going to sew down the sides and close the sides up but i’m not sewing along the bottom stuck on the zipper there okay there’s my zipper pocket i’m gonna take it to the iron cute and i am going to just um iron up these little edges here so when i sew it shut it’ll already be turned up just like this okay it helps when you take it to the iron and do that all right i’m gonna do that and then we will attach this to the gusset okay so we want to clip sorry let me i was just playing around to make sure i had this right it’s going to be kind of funky so we want to clip our lining to our gusset so our bag is turned um inside out again okay so you want to find the lining that’s at the back of your bag the gusset piece for that and your one with the pocket okay you’re going to kind of push all this

front stuff in because we need to access this back piece here okay so it’s going to be a little awkward you can do that and then after we do that we turn it and do the other side so we’re going to start you should have your centers clipped up here so we’re going to start with that and this one is sewn at a half inch seam allowance so it fits in your bag just a little bit better you are just going to have to get that other stuff all out of your way to put this on totally doable it took me a minute to understand the concept but i think i’ve got it i think i got it make sure that this other lining isn’t getting caught in there i think i’m gonna have to clip a little just little snaps get this to fit in this little curve my linings are never perfect and that’s okay as long as the outside looks good i’m happy all right we’re gonna have to really ease that in there as we go all right and come over to this side and make sure that this other part of the lining isn’t getting caught in your stitching okay she also says in the pattern that if you’re having issues with like with this slipping as you sew you can staple she totally could this all right and then we’re gonna sew that on at a half inch seam allowance just making sure everything else is out of the way there and i think i’m gonna move you on to the other side so we’re gonna sew from the gusset side okay just don’t be afraid to squish the bag out of your way half inch seam allowance here all right that’s it

hey well it’s kind of hard to see from the single okay so now we’re gonna take this and flip it so this is what we just sewed okay we flipped it because now we need to sew this other side right here okay i get it now cool all right so take this piece and do the same exact thing that we just did and clip it up let’s see here there we go and that actually wasn’t hard um on the curb either that went in pretty nicely these pieces are measured out very nicely good job joe love this so far it’s gonna be such a cute bag i do think that snipping this gusset just small little snaps really does help with this part i don’t know about the boxy top but on this rounded top i think it helps so all right let’s sew that on gus it side up half inch seam allowance okay there it is now we’re gonna add our bottom and we’re going to leave um we’re going to leave one side open so we can pull the bag through it all right i’m gonna sew up this side first and leave the side without the zipper open i’m thinking that’ll be easier to pull through i may be wrong you may be sitting there saying no i don’t know all right half inch seam allowance go ahead and sew your bottom on

okay and then i’m just going to barely stitch the start and the stop of this other side because then that will be my turning hole what did i do okay clipped my centers make sure you clip all your centers or mark them in some way it seriously helps a ton just like that okay i’m gonna go down the other side here okay so i left that open and then we got to do our sides so she’s saying to clip down on our into the gusset by each corner by half inch so we’re clipping right let’s see if i can does that help so here’s my corner and this is my gusset so i’m going to clip just a line right by my stitching right there on each side and it’ll help our um sides fold better do you see that i know it’s scary snip it into your fabric that you just sewed okay so i snipped my gussets right by the seams so now i’m gonna box it out and it just lays better like that so you definitely that’s what i meant to do on that’s what i should have done on that one side on the front and i didn’t but now i know and now you know so you won’t make that mistake okay so now we want to sew that at a half inch okay i am going to trim that down and i’m going to do the other side i will trim this side down too after i do this side all right so got my gusset a half inch down i can kind of eyeball it because i can see where my stitching is on

my sides okay look look at that it just lays so nice okay oh and then we get to pull this out i’m so excited okay oops okay i’m going to trim the three sides down i’m not trimming down the side that i will be turning the bag through but i am trimming these other sides down just a little bit okay now we turn here we go so i’m reaching through this hole to turn okay we have our bag all turned out it’s super cute i love it love it so much this is such a cute style oh my goodness okay so now we need to sew up our hole so what i’m going to do is open our zipper pocket here i’m gonna pull out the zipper pocket and then i’m going to reach in and grab my lining just be patient with this one because the backpack lining is just a little tougher because it’s more connected but it’ll come there it is okay so you want this raw open end and we are going to sew that together and then we’ll push it back through and sew up our pocket and then all that’s left is the straps yay super exciting all right just like that and then sew that up it’s a little a little bit of a bundle getting under there but you can do it and then if you want you can trim this little part too of the lining carefully okay and push that back in get it all in there flat and then sew up your pocket and it should kind of be creased already from ironing it and it is i’m just gonna fold it down just like that and sew it up okay smell that pocket

push it in here it goes all right let’s do the straps okay so last we have our straps so we are going to get our slider and go up and down like that and then we’re going to come up through our triangle strap here and then you’re going to want to move this material out of your way and bring it down like that because you’re coming up through this loop and back down over the bar behind the other one and then these two right down here are the ones you sew together you could do a box you can do a couple of lines and a couple rivets rivets i’m gonna do two lines and a rivet in the middle so just sew it however you want that is how i’m doing mine i’ll also burn those threads too i’m going to do a line there a line down here and then i will put a rivet in the middle just make sure it’s secure whatever way you choose to do it and then i’m gonna just get my little thread ends there and here and then i’ll go put rivets in it but it’s done and there it is yay we’re all done guys look how cute that is i love it i put little rivets right there on the straps i love the way it turned out i like the interfacing i used i think i would do the same thing if i made it again i don’t feel like it needs it around this zipper part because of the material material i used was thick enough and i don’t i wouldn’t change a dang thing maybe maybe i would put a a back pocket if i did it for like an adult or myself i may put a little back pocket on it if i were to do it again i think i will be doing it again because it was so fun so cute let me know if you guys have any questions i try and answer them all and um sorry it’s been a while i’ve been calm for a while i was a little rusty doing this one it’s been three plus weeks since i sat down at a sewing machine um but i have some good tutorials lined up some fun videos coming your way and i hope you guys enjoyed the video please subscribe if you’re not already subscribed and i hope you guys have a good night

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