welcome to sheep checks out video games which means we’re gonna have some first looks at several video games today we’re gonna have a first look at when Vikings attack so let’s just get started I believe what I’m liking so TAC is an indie game clever businesses of who develops the game are a fairly small company and it’s published by Sony Computer Entertainment which means it’s only on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita it’s currently free in the year EU PlayStation Plus store get it free if you have place 2 plus subscription in America you cannot get it in the US even not now I played nothing on this game prior to this video I’ve only read that it’s a fighting game of sorts let’s do the quest mode the public game so it’s online quest it’s a public just so you select any times change multiplayer option so I guess it’s a drop-in dropout sort of thing may we play the farm exciting please wait this is moving away here four more players and press triangles ready up we go what’s going I’m the yellow one apparently I don’t even know what’s going on place this I lost some people oh there we go get back I want to stay there figure out what this was okay so we’re at the farm I’m this guy okay so I don’t quite understand this when I press X my character shoots forward what’s going on now walk into clothes civilian said what yeah this was very very confusing any button I press just shoots my people for words I don’t quite get the comes up here okay just happen I’ve one guy left these other guys have big groups press circle to throw objects let’s circle just shut me forward can I throw people throw okay yes stage cleared I thought this was some sort of co-op thing apparently we’re just bashing each other out bastards let’s aim this preposterous okay so we’re moving on so I’m guessing we can walk into these people and they’re a part of our group let’s see do some good okay that was big miss let’s take this bathtub and just finish them all off now I have one guy left but I just stole the other guys people so it’s pretty it’s pretty interesting at least it’s this the whole sis sister game I don’t quite see what’s the quest here though this was marked out of this quest mode it’s fun I guess it’s silly I’m wondering if people are actually playing this online regularly or it’s just because it just became free on PlayStation Plus let’s take this bet and throw it over there stage cleared but

yeah it seems like we can just stay in here if they leave can I just stay here son forcing me to go with them but apparently they could still see their screen in here it was light of ambushing me who don’t tell me we can grab oh they grabbed the tractor that’s really what what annoys me about this is it told me circle to throw and I interpret that as press circle to pick up objects and throw them but these guys pick up objects automatically when you walk over to them so me pressing circle to pick up will just result in automatically throwing them as soon as I get them that was kind of annoying I may not have been paying attention to the instructions but I was weird okay so axe just shoots me forward some kind of Dodge can I pick up the other guy’s dead once no we’ve been easy sweat see I’m doing that again throwing it out let’s get the sable oh yes beat you Oh see if I can figure out some more controls I really can’t take that green some do you wonder if somebody had voice chat on but I think those are the sounds from this case not one and I can’t grab that you need more than one person in your party so you actually pick up I can actually pick up this thing maybe it’s heavy things I don’t know but I can pick it up okay this is cool but it’s cool game and all and it looks pretty nice and this was kind of fun weird the thumb but why is it cold when Vikings attacked is that something later in the game or should I press the single-player item so I guess the main focus for us right now is just bashing each other except what we’re not really supposed to do are you supposed to bash the Vikings and I’m just bashing them like an idiot because I don’t know this perhaps yeah I got some points for Oh because we’re actually supposed to bash the Vikings so yes these are Vikings it looks pretty weird okay I didn’t catch on to this before how but the Vikings get a white circle I don’t think we’re rushing shop so I’m being the idiot I’ve been the idiot who’s just rammed and bashed on my teammates that’s why I have no points what is this well Oh Odie yes it’s kind of a party game that’s what it seems like oh sweet huh Mac farmer Bobby Rambler characters in this game are pretty pretty nice smooth controls the most part quest lovely the far so let’s see let’s go to the menu and then you even return to hug move play oh no poor guy who’s choosing level and I just left him okay let’s try single-player just to compare do I get some sort of box doing

that for me get this quest lobby play three joining joining joining okay so you can just bash on each other wait wasn’t this private lobby what’s going on you know what sure starting in five managed players can always compare anytime later yeah I’m not sure what happens to my yelling once now but I’m not yellow I’m not yellow Jesus I thought it was the biggest delay connection ever but it was luckily and again I forget that I’m supposed to bash the Vikings like so the environment is pretty good-looking in this game I have to say replace fairly well it’s hard to say what to expect when it’s : likings attack and when I looked at pictures of the game just like character sprites and stuff like that it’s kind of sealing like something or – must I ask kind of deal you don’t know what Christmas is its tower defense game basically only that you are actually the person in 3d controlling your character instead of being involved and doing everything from above it’s very fun game that also looks very good ooh give me that thought I could take the phone thing phone books in the car you’re stealing myself they’re just taking my stuff good shot skinniness weird let me throw a bench in your face stage cleared galaxy times my people are six now not quite sure how I gain people they just seem to appear see now lots people died and some of them ran back now to more than ran back from where I don’t know let’s take this bench and throat wax don’t want no wagons in my town just get through yeah that was a brilliant cars scarce automatic sweet that’s only me and Jojo Jeremy oh wait sticking together to the end the other people couldn’t handle and handle the Vikings and the rubber ass oh [ __ ] believe me it’s even worse as a job though I’m just killing him get the bench people stage clear just bring the bench we see can I figure out something what just happened press square it and it just disappear it’s a big cucumber that’s nice or the cucumber yes not giant foods some sort of circus oops sorry you taking this can I take

this not I’m professional Viking Slayer what’s going on I saw that hey took my [ __ ] car oh that’s not very nice you have to send this guy out strongly-worded private message afterwards haver like this cannot be tolerate only by me take that let’s grab this tent shaking let me throw a gypsy tent on you oops you have a giant scar what what a cheater it’s using hacks I can see it can see it oh ha ha so I’m talk oh god damn it soil again give me that hey gimme that bench yeah what you gonna do you’re gonna take my car and took me with it I have a star on my name why I don’t quite know it’s a shoe there ok so there’s a boss battle little poppy style Oh take that take that oh hey look at this fancy guy eyes must with the fighting markings take that bench SAR I will powder your every attack sorry sorry sorry I have to people tough hats say no more Oh God that was funny ok this time I mean it go on my own quest mode High Street please wait okay so I have to go in the lobby on your private this sign and menu manage players go private I’m just ready up okay so I’m alone there are no paths I’m just alone no AI – Aiden you’re on the way as much as we all love a I looking at you Skyrim give me that car okay this so there has to be some sort of system where you have to be a certain amount of people before you can grab heavy things so you will be rewarded for staying alive with your people by getting how I just run into these people and build up my crowd oh I was already carrying something I didn’t see that big mistake oh okay what just happened second chance maybe I’ll take it take this to Vikings this to vacuum oh it exploded good to know good to know let them gather and Ram don’t take the car and take the car again oh yes oh so I’ll take a sign that would be anarchist movement need we need

signs stick baggies don’t know when traffic signs down Tallyho the I saw that got them traffic signs stopping my throw books yes Jesus these guys are running running for the buck stage cleared let’s grab these people keep on moving and slavish I was not prepared for this take that bunch have a back in your face oh [ __ ] no there’s two groups now shouldn’t be allowed oh come on join my group Joe my group Joe my guru Joe and Joe and Joe enjoying nice take that and that and whatever I can get there how does it get through hell it’s not the car oh come on I have to gather some people I can’t lose now I always forget to use this might be useful at times dodge the trash cans and telephone booths you guys need to all miss my want though la-dee-da house being it totally what I was meant to do not lucky at all I’ll get lucky oh so if you throw it at them while they’re holding that seems like it’s exploding or did they just lose it hi yes I think I got them soon can we got this now come on nothing to grab this one okay so we go yes that okay that was actually a guy I could have used I’m an idiot you’re not taking that car go are taking that car god dammit take that take that take that take this and have a visit this hmm no I wasted the car it was wasted whew I try to dodge it I say have this cactus smashing smashing there oh okay so hooking this guy to catch things I had one with boots the other time just discovered it was the people who had stars not my group as yep I am power wicked that was unfair well he’ll be a reasonable I think they threw that on themselves it’s always a good thing when my enemy did some great ourselves sometimes it’s car can’t take this car they can though oh [ __ ] there’s no business trash can symbolize what you are because I trash ah one left lost my grabbing guy couldn’t use him though I don’t know wow it’s so real much stage clear look just cheap this bomb and have you dropped it hey come

hello I say awfully lots of Vikings have this summer pond going up there ok what’s next what’s next ok ok they just ambushed me all the time what have I done to you except when cards in my face okay so incest can dash into the flying object to catch them ah okay that’s useful very very useful so if they throw something at me I will just shoot intro right back into them like take this bomb cannon now I with the cannon part yes do that oh yes take it take it goddamn can you take it see take the car go where Japan you get this oh nothing happened you saw nothing nothing yeah yeah yeah so there’s some sort of check points honest people who fake oh how about that how about that can fail miserably at this give me the car I’ll succeed sometime trust me got this maybe I should focus more on the people are actually a bunch over there and this and this and there’s Oh didn’t expect me to catch that now did you I’ll take this bound can’t say anything else none of this game is enjoyable this thing thanks oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no give me more give me more people take car and found [ __ ] they are throwing way too hard now down five units yeah didn’t think I would make it well I did more I believe it was the bus on the first level was there well I what white people have to bring god damn boxes into games I will never understand I don’t want bosses guess I can just but I can’t grab the stuff he throws at me can i let’s try and do just that how can I kill him he’s turning shield way too fast how can he do this what am I supposed to throw at him because I’m just bombing myself now bastard this is really annoying how did I do it

do I shoot it in the wall oops like this okay that work let’s try that again work what do you know it again pretty good this stop this bomb make this and yes and take this nice nice might as well give up right now yeah oh yeah yeah taking what I can get well that was indeed a fun game that’s all there is to it see you next time

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