JAI HIND . I am Group Captain R. K. Das today i wish to speak before you about the incident that happened on 15th June ,2020 between India and China i will talk about the real incident that happened truthfully with facts before i start i would request the viewers to watch this video till the very end subscribe to the channel Saral Mania now let’s see what happened between India and China at Galwan Valley “Galwan” . This is no chinese name then why China is forcing claim over this river or valley strange actually Galwan in Kashmiri language means a strong man or a wrestler Galwan river starts from the area Aksai Chin that(China occupied in 1962 war from India) flows for around 80 Km in the far fetched mountains of Ladakh where no living soul will go and then it enters on Indian side and merges into Shok river but how did Galwan river got its name, it happened that in 1899 there was a man who was the resident of Leh that time British ruled India and an expedition of British started from Leh and their target destination was Pamir Pamir today is in Tajakistan and when they were returning from Pamir they lost their way then Gulam Rasool Galwan who was a guide a good guide in that mountain area was with the expedition team when the British lost their way and were not knowing where to go and how to get back one wrong road and can reach to place unknown deep ditch on one side then Gulam Rasool Galwan guided the expedition going along the side of the river , safely to Leh British were so happy that they named the river Galwan Galwan river after entering into the side of India meets and merges with Shok river And Shok river is inside India and where the two rivers Galwan and Shok rivers meet that location is known as “Y” Junction “Y” because the road and the rivers Galwan and Showk meet and takes the shape of Y and after the war of 1962

the boundary line called the Line of Actual Control between India and China LAC is not at “Y” Junction but around 3-4 Km to the east in 1962 war a big battle was fought on this same spot between India and China where the incident of 15th June, 2020 happened In 1962 a big battle was fought in Galwan spot between India and China, that time India’s Gurkha Paltan was posted there Gurkha Paltan was surrounded by numerically superior soldiers of China. Soldiers of Jat regiment ( India) came to help soldiers of Gurkha Paltan and a heated battle was fought Since Chinese soldiers were hugely high in numbers Indian soldiers faced defeat and losses suffered war ended, China occupied some 33000 sq Km of Aksai Chin Galwan valley is some 3-4 Km away from Y channel and has a boundary near the river coming out of mountains but there is no defined boundary till today there is only an imaginary line which we think is our area this side and china thinks its area on the other side In this area there was never a problem till a few years back Our helicopters had operated till Galwan river ahead of Y Junction and had also gone till the Daulat Beg Oldie but why did this incident happened how come china eyeing on this area actually this area has become very important India is making roads of 255 Km Darbuk-Shyok-Daulat Beg Oldie and Daulat Beg Oldie borders Aksai Chin towards the North India when completes this road which is almost complete then we can send our forces and supplies very quickly to the border upto Daulat Beg Oldie this is what China does not wish to see because if we make Daulat Beg Oldie operational then India can dominate that area and China fears this Line of control to the north of Daulat Beg Oldie there is a road coming from China extending to Gwadar port of Pakistan this road links China to Gwadar Port through the Pak occupied Kashmir and Pakistan so China is afraid that if India strengthens Daulat Beg Oldie by making it operational then India might cut off this road and if India does cut off this road then China’s economic condition will take a hit because China wants to establish fuel supply line from Gwadar port through this road to China so china would never want to see India able to make Daulat Beg Oldie successfully operational and this road of India is properly constructed so since last few years China is entering towards India

in this area.And China has reached near the last post of India at Y Junction India at Y Junction known as petrol point 14 on 14th June. 2020 , one of India’s petrol party went on the spot and saw some tents and Chinese soldiers India;s petrol party was from 16th Bihar Regiment when they saw the tents and Chinese soldiers it is said that the tents were burnt by the Indian soldiers but the truth is when the tents were destroyed there was tussle going on between the two sides and the place had a Chinese kitchen and the tarpolene of the tents caught fire at night both the sides returned to their sides next day when the Indian party went there they saw the tents erected again and many soldiers were guarding there they sent a message to their Commanding officer the CO Colonel Babu thought that he should and discuss the issue with the Chinese authorities and settle the issue peacefully when in the evening he went there the Chinese soldiers attacked him straight away with stones and abuses from the hills above and the Indian Soldiers and CO were walking on a narrow footpath and the situation turned dangerous as the Chinese were ready with an intention to pick a fight , throwing stones from above they had stones . rods with nails and wired Colonel Babu got stuck by a stone on his head in the start itself as he was leading and he suffered grave injury and he fell down and rolled into the Galwan river.Similarly 2 more soldiers with him suffered similar injuries and also felled into the river and these were the first three casualties On seeing the fate of their commanding officer the soldiers of Bihar Regiment pounced and attacked the Chinese soldiers and heated battle began at evening fall it can be imagined how dangerous the area was difficult where survival itself is difficult due to lack of oxygen even breathing is difficult freezing winds and extreme low temperature and melting ice water in Galwan river etc makes the area very dangerous and there started a heated battle with stones , wired and nailed rods, And then from the Indian side came the support in the form of soldiers from Punjab Regiment, mahar and Artillery and more soldiers from the Chinese side so there were around 200-250 soldiers from Indian side and around 300-350 from Chinese side Intense battle lasted throughout the night for almost 8 hours and before the dawn 20 soldiers were martyred including the commanding officer and around 70 injured on the Chinese side 43-45 soldiers died and many were injured around 100 in number apart from the physical blows even the nature showed its fury onto the Chinese soldiers there was a landslide over and above the Chinese camp and boulders of stone and a Chinese bulldozer felled and many soldiers died during the night because of this

around 70 soldiers died because of this So in all 43 + 70 around more then 110 Chinese soldiers died. Now see the sorry affair of China that never acknowledged the deaths nor declared the numbers and think of the families of the dead Chinese soldiers India did acknowledged the number and recognized the martyrdom, there is a peace now. military level and diplomatic level discussions are happening but in my opinion this is not going to settle so easy Chinese words and actions differ and i feel that it will end up in a full blown war In case of war the Chinese forces Army, Navy , Air Force are numerically more then the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. India’s mountain divisions are very capable and the game changing factor for India which will lead India to victory will be the Indian Air force India has latest state of the art Aircraft China also have state of the art Aircraft but our airfields are at lower altitude and our aircraft can strike them easily.Chinese airfields are at Tibetan plateau and they might not get success against India. But I think if there is a war then Pakistan will also join the war and it will want to avenge the 4 time war defeats by the hands of India and will strike first that very time and India will be in a 2 front war situation On one side China and the other side Pakistan, at the same time I believe that America , Australia, Japan, Vietnam, and a few other smaller nations will take India’s side and this war is going to last for long and not for a few days and this is my firm belief Now i will again say in context to the incident of 15th June 2020 that the officers of the Indian forces lead from the front. This is why Colonel Babu died he was leading from the front alongwith other officers Commanding officer of the Chinese Army also died so our military is capable and another thing that i wish to tell is that in every Platoon of our Army there is one Ghatak Platoon its soldiers are hard trained it is said that these Ghatak soldiers crushed the neck of many Chinese soldiers in this incident so all in all i would say that India will never retreat Indian military is capable and will fight for the motherland with all our might and zeal and if this war is started then everyone will have to contribute and support the military and the government and my firm belief is that the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force is very capable of fighting against china and Pakistan. I will make more of such interesting and nice videos that you must see Please like the video and Subscribe to the channel Saral Mania . JAI HIND

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