Had enough of the day, and you’re, like i need to look at my bubble Yes, good bubble. Bubble never leave me. This bubble will never pop. Good bubble. I love you bubble (music) What’s going on guys, welcome to 10 strange Chinese items today, Bryan went on various Chinese websites. Bryan: I went to China Matthias: You went to China? I doubt it. Bryan went to various Chinese websites and picked out 10 items, that he thinks are Very very strange, okay. Now He is going to show them to me And I’m gonna let you know whether you should try it or deny it, whether they’re good or bad We don’t know! I don’t know! I’ve [never] seen them before, alright guys, if you haven’t already make sure you click that bell icon Because I’m live streaming now, opening exclusive products and I comment back for the first 30 minutes when a video goes live So you want to make sure you click it, so you don’t miss it. Let’s begin 1PC New Storm Glass Mini Weather Forecast Bottle Stylish Decoration for Home and Office Tempo Drop With Wood Base. *Burps* (Excuse you, Matt!) *Bryan burps* Okay, so there’s, the word base. Oh.. (sign of disgustingment) Your burp smells dude, my mind was fresh to death But yours smells. So it’s supposed to.. What is it supposed to do? It’s supposed to like Cloud over, or something when there’s supposed to be clouds outside, and it’s supposed to be clear when it’s clear outside? Is that is that how that works or? No no (realises what it’s supposed to do.) It’s rainy. Snowy. There’s some sun and some clouds Just more pictures of the same these look like build teardrops here. We go snowy warm or Windy So there’s like little things in there snow is coming. There’s like little drops Thunderstorm and sunny I mean that’s fine and all but I don’t understand how this would look in that Maybe there’s like drops coming down. I don’t know I don’t know maybe some reviews will tell us what we need to know shows the warming and cold for two To four days in advance snowfall week it looks much biggest in the photo and not working of the everything well It’s very long the weather does not respond What are they trying to like do voodoo magic and like okay? Make it snowy outside? Why isn’t it playing along? Why isn’t the weather playing along? Let’s try it. Buy now. Oh Wow, this is a really great package. Yikes Gosh, oh, I don’t want to break it. That’s my nightmare. Wow. This is small. Ew, dude The tape could like stuck to it. Oh would you? Okay, here we go That is actually quite interesting looking that looks really cool I mean, no, you’re not supposed to shake it! You’re not supposed to shake it! Well, I shook it And now I’m shook nasty! How, how am I supposed to know what you are and you aren’t supposed to do It’s kind of cool-looking. I guess and then it goes on this little thing right here And then you just kind of wait for the magic to work- Oh it is cloudy outside! I think I don’t even know exactly what it’s supposed to be but I think it did predict weather I say that this is a Deny it- What? I say it’s a deny it because they didn’t ship it with instructions. There was no description I don’t even know what it’s called Storm glass well, we’ll never know Abwe two times wood massage. Oh button back neck shoulder button. What do you mean? How do you massage a button button back is that a thing a massage my button back, please! What are you talking about? I’m talking about the warts on my back. You know [those] buttons as my bunny dude body foot reflexology hand massage dog form Dog form? dog shape massager is great handy can massage your back shoulders neck or other part of the body guys to improve blood circulation and stress simply relax Okay, okay, okay. Fine. I get you you look a little stressed. How about you buy it. I’m gonna buy. I’m stressed right now I’m so stressed buy it Whadya! (or product smacked against table sound) I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory Uh. What does it do, like just do pressure point ah? I don’t I you know I don’t want you to massage me. Because that felt, like, really good when you pushed it on my neck and I was like “Oh! That made me feel dirty!” Made me feel real dirty. Oh It was like.. Amanda. I’m sorry like I’m sorry now that we got that out of the way next product. Get out of here! *laugh* Deluxe round Floating table profit table anti-gravity box with flower pot Magic trick what? I think it’s just a table, dude How dare you! It’s a table on a briefcase? It’s an anti-gravity Table! What does that even mean? What do you mean what do you mean? What? the table appears to be totally normal looks like something you might find in the entry hall of a

Stately Manner cover the table with a beautiful full full full Thing then together with a spectator or by yourself you can make this table float it looks wonderful Didn’t show me how to actually do it. Let’s look let’s look on YouTube He puts the thing down Okay, so now the table’s there He raises it up And now it’s gone Gone, I didn’t see the table at all look see. There’s no table Uh no there is a table under there, and then you just oh it. Just really looks into that camera Okay, nice belt buckle okay. I’m curious. It’s 218 dollars though I say we got to know if you guys are actually interested in seeing this magic trick for for that price I will perform a magic trick for all of you beautiful people and everybody here in the office, and everyone here at the office. Yeah I will provide me I’ll have a little magic show for people at the office. I’ll find a belt buckle to match his! *laughs* kids parachute hand-thrown parachute toy play game for children educational educational come on what is it teaching you about lift and drag and wind maybe Haven’t we used this one already that’s additional is this I think it was it was like a target [or] Walmart one It looks like it’s decently made But a dollar fifty seven that’s cheap corresponds to like a child dad Came about two weeks. I brought home the postman Recommend toy to purchase with child spending time most it summer will try to accommodate the snake summer summer Yeah, you can you try to accommodate the snake please Accommodate the snake okay. You know what I want Garbage quickly falls off even flies the child will be difficult to throw to parachute revealed I don’t understand what these people are talking about nevertheless. I will apply it now Hmm Super Sports Supersport Dead Hey Brian. Oh, I was trying to twist it off. I know I’m doing It’s catching the hair oh kind of weird not enough space Yeah, you see that Yeah, I’m not like 5. I’m having an issue having lots of fun with it But I feel like if you know you subtracted 20 years off my life. I think this was dope. Oh, what like this Sure he falling apart. It’s literally already falling apart. There’s like two threads and now it’s a part It was like two threads stitched in there what the heck oh? Just when I was about to say try it you need to deny you I Adore long Style Raincoats set cycle rain boots Shoes rain boots travel essentials rain boots high quality rain boots waterproof rain shoes [covered] oh I know Try to follow like where is he reading all there were extra rain boots [whatever] you think man This is when you want to be a trash person. I don’t see the appeal why not Just put garbage bag on your feet well hang on with the garbage bag on your feet That’s what it looks like and you’ll save a lot of money not you want actually save a lot of my only four dollars oh That’s creepy without the leg this is really weird It looks like someone just like chopped feed off you think she’s pretty stylish like this She’s having fun. Dude good for her. I did not time to try on but seemed, okay expect rain I recommend legs are not wet in the rain, but there was not quality rip [seems] So it is better to have a spare in general convenient family very pleased [with] them these are excellent in this wet country Check was this review came from us Seattle that’s a wet city. What’s dave? I’m studies like such a wet city here. You keep spitting on me dude You know what I need those shoes because Brian saliva glands are overactive. Oh You purposely do that. Why’d you get pink? Dude you know pinks? Oh pink’s my color so what you talking about your background Okay, there. We go guys so first off. We have it’s actually orange, and then they give me some straps there I think this is not over he might be over. It keeps the beach. Oh Weird I Don’t like this it already has a band here. What’s the point of even? Okay, I don’t [think] you bought the right size extra large. Oh There you go now Wow, this is like putting on it an external stock This is like put it on the saw outside the shoe. Oh, and now I’m going to put this on it, too ah That was tiring no idea

How you guys like it looks like I got my foot caught and I halloween is like some kids, Halloween Candy sack This is a delight ok this is the issue. I can’t get it. Oh Dude, oh jeez that that’s so much work to get it off. What are Gonna? Do you’re gonna walk around in public all the time with that thing on you’re going to walk in you know? Into school and in class and everyone’s going to call you back foot. Hey bad boy, huh? Hey, sex, what guys do you [like] my jokes? Do you know huh? Yeah? I heard you did guys follow my instagram candles right here my fees right here also I do instagram stories, and that’s kind of fun. Go follow it link in the description kids toys submachine guns for boys water games absorb bullet water crib let Absorb one bullet water Crystals submachine gun toys [oh], that’s kind of cool. Dude what there’s like little water toys in there, but it’s not like an actual water toy kids toy Submachine gun I don’t know the word Submachine gun right behind kids [toys]. Just the juxtaposition is shocking everything is fine shipping to Murmansk Seven days track tracked until the male child happy definitely recommend selling What is track tracked they tracked the track how do you track a track? What does it mean to track a track can you track the track track by now? Okay, that looks a lot smaller than I anticipated so what I’m curious about are these like little Water beads, so this is like a squirt gun, but it doesn’t squirt like a water gun, but it doesn’t squirt no squirting Oh, it’ll also shoot darts. Well how versatile now. I’m getting excited Oh wow, I wonder how it wow, okay. Wow tons of tiny little beads. That’s what they go from here Okay, so when you put them in water they get up to this big they ship you a ton What are these considered orbs or ease or whatever they’re called? I’ve never I’ve never felt them. Oh. Oh, they’re so cold I got to grab each orb and throw it in there that is difficult. Oh, no the orbeez are going everywhere, okay? So here’s the difficult part you have to somehow get each slimy little little orb into the oh [jeez] [well], no, it bounced away no Brian go get it. So I think I got like four in there That’s a lot of work. Let’s open this up like this put it in like Okay, so that’s kind of working a little bit better however the other oh yeah that they’re they’re really going in now The issue is it’s like a mo is like a one-time-use, but you can put this in there Or do you just load the cinema top like that? Oh you just load that in the top like that, okay now what? That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen it’s a submachine gun that you cock like a like a shotgun brian. You know what’s up That’s not bad very loud. Oh And it’s really weird you feel like lo it. You’ll feel like front load it, and it’s like hard to get the bullet in there We’re going to load this in we have to load this in upside down. Oh No, literally wet everywhere. Oh Disintegrate just disintegrated it. Oh man, okay, this thing makes a mass dude. Oh That’s got some kick to it I felt that like the ammo you can’t you really use afterwards because it’ll like get destroyed or Dry up the ammo that it comes with these things right here You’re going to take how long is that going to take you? You know versus like a nerf where you could just get a couple more of those and just load your gun real quick I say good night A traditional classic Balloon Helicopter kids child children playing Flying toy they really wanted to get up get across that it’s like a kid’s toy So how did this work you blow up the balloon you attach the propeller? And then it just goes crazy the pressure inside the balloon spins the propeller to lift it up Why don’t you just turn the balloon upside down and how it go up by itself? No it goes out of control difficult Control controlled by tissot controlled easy to install and improve kids manipulatives ability I Don’t want to improve my kids ability to manipulate. I’m sorry I just don’t cool stuff only the ball is too small quickly blown away, and you should try to bead more Long gone, and the balls fun the children are happy what balls. What are these people talking about what ball? Do they mean the balloon so yeah, so okay? Bye now Let’s do it. Okay, so first we got to build this Relatively simple to do you lock it in place like that pretty simple just keep locking on those propellers Locking them in baby, then you put this

Like that and then you blow up the balloon Bro, bro, stretch it out oh that hurt my my cheek dude ain’t no chipmunk What is a really difficult oh? My gosh. Oh my gosh This is such a tiny balloon, and then I believe what I’m supposed to do is just throw this thing on here And that’s difficult to the one hand while you’re pinching with one. Yeah I think you’re supposed to do it beforehand and then pop it in so I’m doing it before him now now I can blow it up Okay, ready That’s it greeks like it’s a dime, and it only goes up 5b. You’re doing it towards me That’s so underwhelming. Can you blow up the balloon blowing on the top of this? What does happen do is just put more air into it? The redeeming quality about this product is [simply] this thing And I’m bored of it now at the denial Ooh, yeah, electric cervical Vertebra massager device vibrating needing shoulder back neck massager infrared shiatsu body Relaxation oh What the heck what the crap? Is that dude? Why on [Earth] leg? I thought it was a Vertebrae massager [lie] on her leg. Okay, honored. Tummy. What is this meant for I don’t understand it Oh my gosh a guy was that the inventor of it. Hello Thank you from the bottom of my heart this product is great fast delivery Thank you for the gift very cute to all I recommend this store. Have a nice day and a lot of success in business Goods come in a box [factory] and package what a little wrinkled, but the massager works What’s wrinkle with the box for heads and a souvenir? Is that a free gift a good massage? Those is perfectly the [sena] put the adapter and a present for which he thank you the seller is very sociable Knows that a is very sociable Brian’s really obsessed with massages today. All right. So we’re gonna We’re gonna add this one to cart and release haha Oh, oh the guy he’s [not] on there. Oh Wow, this is big This thing is enormous, so very strange and this thing lights up with infrared light Look, how weird that is. That’s so weird Why? oh wait my free gift 😮 I’m so happy that I got this free gift didn’t they already send me one of those Is that really handwritten dear buyer give my best wishes to your family? Attached is a small gift for appreciating your support. I hope you like it. Oh I’m like afraid okay, so it’s on 15 site. Oh, shoot that goes up. I’m gonna go lower 50s I’m writing a way that feels good. Oh my gosh that feels so good ah AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGHGHGJJFKAFJSXooowwww AAAAAAOW AAAOOOOUUUU MY OFFICIAL RELEASE COME TO ME uh-oh ouch holy crap dude Ok now [let’s] do it for power -transforms into robot matthias- My BrAiN is vIBrATng ohh My bRaiN is aVIbraTing rIgHt now. I’m teLLiNg you aaaaaaaAAAA aaaaaAAAA Et phone um I feel more relaxed yeah, I feel more relaxed for sure. I say this is a try it I say this is a try it dude bada-Bing Bada-boom right -lawnmower bryan- aaaaaauuh Before the next couple of products make [sure] you subscribe here if you’re new here, because we make videos Tuesday Thursday and Saturday Yes, that’s right Saturday’s to put that big old subscribe button down below now next product funny plastic colorful outdoor soap bubble Shook stick blowing play juggle amused active wands, okay? so if I boil this down without all the adjectives So it’s a bubble stick wand so it’s a bubble wand I don’t understand one. There’s no bubbles involved. Yeah, it’s a bubble look Yes, missing item yeah, it doesn’t look like it’s the same item. I don’t understand how it works, then tell me your magical ways I

-Rubber ducky noises for some reason- Thought with it. Let Soap bubbles After the first scroll all mixed up does not match the photo. All shaky useless thing money down the drain After the first scroll all mixed up does not match the photo. All shaky useless thing money down the drain This is odd. So now on this package. It’s called the incandescent whirler we’re going to party it up. Don’t forget your world. Oh Well, we’re going to find out -More rubber ducky noises?- This is odd. So now on this package. It’s called the incandescent whirler we’re going to party it up. Don’t forget your whirler! Oh I don’t want to rip my whirler, bruh. Oh, it does look like a a bubble Okay Does it though guys yeah that does look like a bubble That looks like a bubble What do you think let me know down in the comments below does this look like a bubble to you? Oh? yeah, kind of looks like a bubble, huh, I That definitely looks like a bubble – a very strange product What would you do with [this] had enough of the day, and you’re like I need to look at my bubble Yes, good bubble bubble never leave me big bubble will never pop. Good bubble, I love you bubble Its big Now It’s small it’s very interesting a less [than] a dollar it has caught my amusement you could put this in something that just Spun all day long and everyone would like walk up and be like is that a bubble How does [that] bubble doing the bubble? How does the bubble not pop its bubble? I like it. I like it Im not gonna lie, this is a try it -cmon bryan stop with the rubber duckies- my gosh new 2016 Mini Glove Pillow hot sales creative Siesta pillow Ostrich pillow for traveling the heck is this for real look at that guy’s face look at that Look at that guy. It looks like he’s got two eyes on the side of his head. Oh my gosh Can you be caught in public like this though would you ever put that on in public? No not by myself because I fall asleep until walk over the end, okay That’s what I’m saying someone’s going to walk off with your suitcase Can you imagine trying to run after someone with that thing on your head quickly realized no smell very soft What a weird thing to say my bro is happy with this gift napped all the way home. Haha She gave her husband. He was very pleased goes to sleep in it for five minutes Who are they talking about alright add to cart What the heck its a bag inside a bag Oh that stinks (whispering) see you on the other side Okay, so this is the idea you walk around like this. No, you don’t walk around take a nap -illuminati music- ready What’s the point of putting my hands in here? That’s the most optimal way to sleep Studies have shown I don’t feel like it Im gonna be honest with you, It’s not comfortable yeah it’s more it’s more comfortable than not doing it I guess but really I’d be able to optimize this way better one of the things that’s Frustrating is like when you want to like your hands go up here in no man’s land like what’s the point of them? Like you want to usually rest on your arms, so kind of like that some strange. Why would I do this? It feels suffocating it just feels like this thing was designed to use in public, but if you use it in public You’re gonna get robbed. I don’t think this is a good product to wear in public Maybe like on a plane guys click this video it is 10 Tech items that may waste your money Those are glowing like light up drumsticks and one of my best friend’s is actually drummer. So he’ll he puts them to the test He puts them to the test baby Boom check it out see you over there high five

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