here’s an in plain sight alright there’s our tower it’d be crazy but we’ve seen crazy before we get up here No okay what’s I just have to run towards the tower a little guy doing hey like Sully come on it’s a lemur I’m say hi so cute I love the ability it’s like nice little touch study buck nice nice touch I like that was funny you gotta be crazy to wear a shirt like that crazy something’s wrong again he’s right that smell good room here we go locked we’re gonna have to Simon sweetly implied by the use of the word see great is what I do best kind of sort of maybe okay hey check it out that window over there’s Brooke hey Sully I think we can squeeze through here Jesus okay back there yeah she’s got a great view right okay let’s see what we got Edward England’s sigil just like the map said so what are we looking for good question yeah looking for treasure oh okay I’m seeing a puzzle yes yes it is you put the coin in the now what are you bet picture is zodiacs look there’s leo Taurus four sides four bells way up there got it let’s go ring some bells this is definitely the place call Sam Scorpio Aquarius Leo Taurus statues appear hey looks like we’re at the right

town Aquarius then then I’ll be right back I’ll be damned check it out Sully the clock still works yeah I noticed try not to get tangled in those gears up there you bet right let’s go peel first Scorpio that Avery let’s go pee Oh first yeah let’s go up your first Aquarius Oh what holy what what what okay what okay okay Sully any word from Sam right Aquarius the charges phone wait how do I Aquarius there it is where is always nice people yep and then Leo I wouldn’t stand on there if I were you silly let’s see here okay and then it’s leo and then source oh yeah like I’ve done this before yeah okay one last one which is Taurus okay and again okay last one Taurus worst whoops I press the wrong button

okay whoa okay that’s wait uh-huh Oh Nate this pie is amazing there we go I miss that a little bit hands are lined up and get across let’s go back inside yeah there we go that’ll do it nice I fixed it okay no no no got it broke that oh my god okay whoa wait oh my god I’m so high here just just walk in that’s cool very loud I’m all swing from it yep y’all knew it holy crap dude the set pieces of this game been like leveled up about like ten million levels hey sorry at least I got

the door oh hey look the coin you want it yeah sure why not see what’s down here fingers crossed probably another map Sam finally okay yeah we’re definitely in the right place make your way over here he’s coming good where these lights come from man why there why there flames on someone’s that son was waiting why why are there flames hyung what the hell boys yep Henry Avery Thomas two partners in crime okay founders founders of what worse scavenger hunt ever there are Avery in two sigils these are a little different though yeah I got those star patterns on them they turn but which way are they supposed to go I bet meeting in the middle yeah I gotta tell you that easy okay look yeah just a second or pirate symbols Adam Baldrige and Bonnie and Christopher Condon there’s too many permutations I say we see where that door leads still hoping for some treasure yeah you and me both hey look I was right Baldrige Bonnie and Condon splendid why are they here in the first place well let’s find out that’s right content went by Billy one hand guess he had one made oh that mustache it’s almost as impressive as yours huh bonnie was a redhead yeah hey thanks look another star pattern bottom right corner oh yeah yeah you’re right just like the ones on the Avery and to sigils in the other room two above three below he’s got on here’s another one of those starting that yeah but this one’s different than that first one oh yeah good catch thank you see I’m not just a pretty face where’s his oh there it is very carefully what do you think it was Avery in two sigils the stars on those lined up remember that these line up – mmm yeah those were lineup marathan okay let’s go back and see so that was right

who’s just won nearly figured it out they are you know there were a lot of pirates out there you know so we’re stuck no we’re not stuck give me your phone what you’re gonna phone a friend close text her brother there you know these are actually some nice paintings oh if we don’t find the treasure maybe we could sell them to a museum let’s find those star patterns okay just sayin William Mays American yeah from Rhode Island just like Thomas to its complex hey you still in the tower I’ll fill you in later for now just tell me who’s who great stay where there’s good reception I might need your help again not yet but I got a mechanism to solve here I’ll let you know books globe this one guy looks like a scholar hey Richard want who’s the captain of the dolphin who looks like he and Baldridge were in a best wig competition hey Sully give me a hit you got it Thanks oh happy guy it’s straight the hell cares well I care God look at Farrell’s face looks like you’d rather be anywhere else all right looking for stars there they are there okay okay with it okay so okay nope nope yep nope that doesn’t match yep that matches okay right okay so tridon goes left and the hands go hands go upside down okay and they go like that left off

for oh my god okay so how do we have here you know I’m honestly shocked you don’t know this stuff don’t I I do I just want to make sure Sam knows yeah because he likes to feel useful that’s all of course what happened to here that torch probably fell or something come on let’s see what’s left no recognized this guy looks a lot younger than the other parents about this the stars of gum yeah I’m not seeing it nah-nah huh no name this guy’s getup looks Moorish oh my good Oh syntax knife – right Edward England’s tyranny turns out Sam doesn’t know everything listen yeah I know let’s just look at the paintings huh Yazeed Al Basrah Indian clothes muggle muggles the ones Avery robbed honour among thieves yeah like that’s ever the case there it is that’s too old fucking crafty Edward that’s three I think that one’s too damaged beyond repair so we’ve lost it there it is and got it whoo lucky I thought it was bent away all right I got the names of two of them we should still be able to figure this out okay and then just go get this all right that does it then how matches you good look so upside down scales okay left second not sure yet maybe send it to Sam really hey you’re the one who said he’s the pirate expert just saying okay that’s one and to last one all right let’s see what he makes seven you know that kind of looks like what are you doing you just took pictures hold it mrs. phone gets taken no a breeze recruits wouldn’t have had smart phones obviously obviously this would have been the only way for them to get to the next

clue is it close you see voila all right these could be trade winds yeah and these look like latitudes we got back in our bags again Boyle what produce cordless sent you I can’t be everyone that’s so obvious Nathan why didn’t I see this before this is enough for the Beautiful Mind shit what the hell are you talking us Sam to get the photos anyway hold it hey Rafe been a long time how did you get this number Sullivan leave it on a cocktail napkin I wish that only would have cost me a few shots of rum right no no I had paid top dollar fine yeah I hope you didn’t spend too much on this whole Avery thing I hear the competition’s fierce yeah you pulled off some clever moves there but in the end all that matters as food gets to Avery’s treasure first that sounds like a bet hey Nate you know I’m always game but my partner well she prefers to mitigate unnecessary risks Oh Rafe Adler taking orders from somebody else oh how times have changed you drop everything go home save your life I’m willing to forgive you forget for old times sake I gotta say I’m not normally the kind of guy who likes to quit while he’s ahead these are nice pictures name good composition you hacked our phones listen if you’re half as smart as you think you are you’ll accept my offer listen as nice as it’s been to catch up with you I really got to take this call so what you do realize that your phones are equipped with GPS right I’ll see you soon buddy shit let me guess goons with guns on their way here now Sam for God in Liberty Nathan do you understand what this means get off the streets right now and destroy your father what’s going on hey I’ll buy you new one you’re gonna burst in yeah

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