good day ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard my youtube channel hey guys welcome back to my channel I know some of you guys are new here you’ve never met me before hello I know you guys are here specifically for the title where you want to learn more about Omni Air International and kind of understand you know what the interview and training process is like along with what is on the air International like now so the timestamp of this video is it’s early 2019 so hopefully no matter if you’re watching this sooner rather than later this will be helpful to you guys I did want to post this on my main channel because I also knew this is kind of interesting like being a flight attendant is an exotic job and most people have contact with commercial airlines but not so much charter so that’s why you guys are watching this on my main channel but enough of that let’s just jump right into this if you guys see my eyes drift away from you well first off I could be looking at myself in the viewfinder but also I have so many notes right here on my laptop to read off because I don’t want to miss anything Omni Air International is pretty unique for a charter so about 95 percent of time you’re flying military troops and of course you’re flying them all over the world I can’t believe it into specifics where you’ll go because that’s always subject to change if you follow the military you know where the US government is headed and what they’re thinking about but I mean if you look up all like the military bases like we have some of course in Japan and Hawaii this and that you can kind of get an idea that they’re everywhere all over the world so if you’re an omni or international flight attendant you’re gonna be everywhere around the world but it’s always subject to change because you never know this week you might need the troops in Europe then you might need them in Australia who knows and that’s kind of the thrill of being a flight attendant for them is the fact that you’re automatically international and you essentially are exploring the world however Omni our international sometimes gives out its flight attendants to other charters so what’s neat is instead of just being trained under American standards to fly American charter airlines you can also be doing the European route which is super neat so it’s a little bit more in depth of training I would say because you’re kind of learning the codes that the u.s expects but then along with like European codes kind of like certain items will not be allowed on an American Airlines plane but then there are some items where it is rule to have on a plane when you’re going to Germany I hope by making sense but when I first heard all this information it was a lot to take in so of course if you guys have any questions about anything that I say just list them down below and if it’s a lot I’ll just do a second video answering those questions for our flight attendants there’s so many bases to choose from now if you go on the website you’re going to see Hawaii that’s a mechanic’s base I haven’t heard any flight attendants living in Japan that might be a special program so really you’re looking at Vegas, Seattle, Dallas, Baltimore, and Washington DC. And the Vegas one it has the reputation for being kind of a unique route where you do cater to the public and it’s nonstop flights from Hawaii to Vegas back and forth however I have heard that you know things are always subject to change so it seems like that the Vegas base also does fly military so whenever you go through training and you hear reputation about a base always know that they’re always constantly evolving I will say this though if you do get assigned the route where it’s Hawaii to Vegas back and forth you’re getting a lot of old people that you don’t want to drink on the plane they’re going to need oxygen a lot of the times sometimes they pee themselves like you have to have a certain mentality to want to work those routes now if you go a little further up north to Seattle you’ll be probably doing more Asian flights and then if you do Baltimore you’re going to be doing more like Ireland Europe all that Dallas Bay’s kind of flies a little bit of everywhere because if you just look at this location you know it’s right there near the equator so you can pretty much anywhere and then also we have the Washington dc-based that is special clearance you have to there’s like a waitlist for that I can’t really talk more about that because first off like that might be crucial details that I don’t wanna get in trouble for revealing but also they don’t tell you that much in training just because you know you don’t get hand-picked from training because you were such a great flight attendant and get thrown into that base you really have to earn it and the majority of ways to earn things is through the basic system of seniority did forget to mention the Atlanta base but I will tell you that it hardly got talked about in training at all just

because that is a closed base that is on lockdown they don’t see that opening up Dallas however is known for being really big that even if it’s closed it’s going to open back up in a few months. Omni Air International does not pay their flight attendants well so you do really have to budget your monthly schedule because if you’re starting off in commercial, you’re getting paid a little bit under $30. Omni Air International, you’re getting paid a little under $20 and you’re only guaranteed so many hours you do have a per diem which is when you are like let’s say you’ve touched down in Ireland and you’re there for 24 hours now you’re on your per diem rate now the per diem when you first look at the number you’re like what dollar two dollars I can’t even remember what it is it looks wimpy but it does add up because you times that by 24 however it’s just not that much at least you stay in a lot of hotels with free breakfast so just always be mindful about how you’re spending your money besides watching my video if you guys are interested in applying for them I also suggest you do other research because this is such a unique airline because they serve so many military people the training itself and their expectation is like military where it’s like strict dress code just a lot of strict rules and of course handling guns now again when you travel with guns they’re not loaded but it’s just extra information and having to deal with the Department of Defense you have to always bring forward this serious demeanor about so you can’t be joking off in class can’t be a little sass attack here and there because they’re not gonna like that I will tell you right up front they will give you the eye and if they have to give you the eye a second time you’re cut from training I will say that they do splurge on hotels but if you’re doing domestic travel your hotels are gonna be like yeah you know if you go international you’re getting five stars however I will say that overseas sometimes a country’s five-star hotel is pretty much Americans two star ratings so just stay a little open-minded and don’t let yourself get mad about that but I do like that the company does splurge on that you do start out reserve but it’s really easy to get officially into the bidding system there’s about 300 flight attendants total but a lot of them leave because they can’t handle the lifestyle or if you’re a woman wanting to start a family with these types of hours I just don’t see it possible so usually you know people will be there for about two to seven years I think the longest flight attendant there has been there for 15 to me that’s just really low I’m like whoa from when this video is time-stamped I think it’s been a year too since away I have unionized and I will say that the pay and like the pay scale and the contract is still pretty low it’s still not a livable wage if you read anything about this company they keep talking about like I was gone for nineteen days I was gone for 40 days like what does this mean so you are gone for a big chunk of your time it’s usually 19 days give or take two days before and after your window of when this chunk when that time is the company’s time and so sometimes you’re a little chunk of 19 days is at the end of the month and then the next month your chunk of days is at the beginning so of course they’re not gonna fly you back home for a 24 hour turnaround time you’re pretty much just in the cycle of routes going anywhere and everywhere for that huge amount of time so you know 19 plus 19 it’s about 40 days however scheduling it’s usually not that bad you just got to be smart about how scheduling yourself but some people can handle it some people like that I hope you guys are taking notes cuz I realized that I am talking so fast and giving you so much information but if this video is helpful so far please give it a like let’s real talk this because this is something that I found really concerning that I think everyone should be considerate of before applying to this company so from when this video is time-stamped it’s been like a year too since they’ve unionized and so I get just I had access to the contract that showed you know how they’ll be paid throughout the years and I will tell you this that it’s still not a livable wage there’s you know in a few years from now it’s still not going to be a livable wage the pay increase I think goes up like mere cents or like a dollar then like every year even though you get an increase it’s still like just a dollar and it stinks because you’re already so far behind from commercial then it’s gonna take seven years and you’re still gonna be under the beginning rate for a commercial flight attendant so be aware of that but you know come on like they’re a union now this is where it gets even worse I was told in training and again maybe this was an issue with the trainer and the trainer needs to be

investigated with what they said but they said that if a captain pilot throws you off the flight you were terminated and that you know by law that there’s an investigation but it’s really an investigation so you know knowing from my mom being a commercial flight attendant 99% of the pilots are good but there’s always like that 1% who are just not mentally stable and so just imagine this like you doing your job and then because of one person’s opinion you’re fired you go to apply to another job and you have to talk about how you are fired and let alone the fact that the majority of flight attendants applying are young women so that’s really nice to tell young women that you have to keep the captain happy or else you’re going to be fired that is an ethical issue and that did not sit well with me other thing that I just found so crazy is that flight attendants do not have real brakes so commercial flight attendants especially when they’re doing international travel so it’s many many hours they get a break like a real break they get to go off to the side behind a curtain and go into a bunker and that’s an hour two hours of their time for them to sleep do whatever it’s a real break so pilots they get a real break and they get seats that they can close off they can sleep flight attendants you’re not really sleeping okay so you do not have a bunker but commercial flight attendants they get a bunker so I was really thrown off when I do toward the plane and I’m looking I’m like where we sleep you know no you don’t get to sleep however during your break break if there’s the last row of seats are available you can go and sit there you can’t wear an eye mask you can’t recline your seat you can’t lie down on your seat sure you’re allowed to sleep but from what I’m telling you how are you supposed to be able to fall asleep upright on a plane with your shoes on because you can get in trouble if you take them off and so you’re just like I’m just imagining it on a plane it’s so hard to sleep as it is how can you sleep in the condition and then also if a passenger taps you and wants something you have to get up and go do whatever they want by law how is that a real break I don’t even know how this is legal that was pretty concerning to me and it should be concerning to you so you have to really ask yourself do you have the energy for this because you will be exhausted I already saw one of the flight attendants talking about how she’s been up for 29 hours granted she did stay up so she could explore the city a little bit but 29 hours and then working another international trip and you don’t have a real break I have no idea what my light settings were sorry this is changing on you I went to go get dinner and now I’m back to normal with no pants on I actually had no pants on this entire time so getting to the interview part let me look at my notes just so you guys know that just because you have an interview somewhere doesn’t mean that the job position is at that location so I had kind of figured since they had different interviews in different states that when I went to the interview for Dallas that it was for the Dallas base but that also made sense because the Dallas space is usually has never been closed but that time it was closed because they wanted to fill out their smaller bases of Vegas in Seattle so just so you know like you really have no idea and you’ll still really have no idea until you complete training so just go in there open-minded they don’t want to see you flinch about you being upset that you would have to you know move somewhere or commute somewhere you got to show flexibility which I know is frustrating because Seattle be way more expensive to live at than Vegas but at the same time the biggest bass didn’t seem that fun to me so I was like oh well I being a flight attendant it’s a lifestyle yeah it’s you changing everything about you well not changing you as in your personality but you get what I’m saying like your whole life is changed now for some of you guys it might be easier to commute because then you can just pay a hotel you know X amount of days or have a crash pad because it’s kind of hard to be paying for an apartment or a house even if you split it up amongst other flight attendants because you’re just not really there but you don’t really get your travel benefits right away and they’re not the best travel benefits so you know if you can hook up the standby just know you’re still standby trying to

get to your base and you got to be on your base or else you’re terminated is just it really the whole situation the whole situation sounded super exhausting to me but at the same time I did like the challenge of being exhausted but know yourself oh you know can you physically physically make this work out because if you can then it’s a go you know then you should apply but you know you might look out and you might live in Seattle have an interview in Seattle and it’s for a Seattle position BAM super easy you gotta focus on three things so one punctuality because that’s one of the biggest things about being a flight attendant it’s not only should you just be on time you should be early second you’re gonna have a little bit of downtime in the beginning and you need to be socializing with everybody in the room you know I’m not a big fan of exposing the secrets of getting hired with companies just because I feel like you know no one should take the cheap way out and you know and just copy somebody but that’s kind of a known fact on the Internet these days is that you are being watched constantly so you need to be very social and then third what was third again I wrote this down like I kind of said before that whenever you answer things you are going to be tested and questioned about you know like this job is going to be for these bases are you okay we think can you make it work just say yes show that flexibility you got this the interview process consists of two rounds so the first round is the group interview and I’ll tell you why like that’s the entire group so you’re talking to the panel like judges I guess and then the people applying for this job like the interviewees your fellow coworkers but it’s a little nerve-wracking because it’s no longer as intimate of a space because there are so many people so if you’re nervous about public speaking just I don’t know what to tell you but you just brace yourself you got to do it but I will help you out and I’ll tell you how this goes and you can kind of confirm online that you know it’s get asked pretty much at every interview that you stand up in front of everybody and first you have to live certain credentials like what’s your name your hometown base and then you know your last four digits of your social security and how they tell you to give the information make sure you’re giving that back in the exact same order because I want to know that you follow instructions but then you’re also going to be asked like what is your customer service experience why do you want to work for Omni Air International and why do you want to be a flight attendant at this point all I can tell you is just be honest because if you’re authentic that’s gonna show if you’re passionate it’s gonna show but if you say that you want to become a flight attendant just to travel mmm they’ve heard that too many times too far I feel like what I’m about to tell you is common sense but I actually thought too many times during this group interview that I need to say this in the video don’t talk to your neighbor while somebody else is presenting don’t look at your phone don’t do that be professional at the end everybody has to go out in the lobby or wherever you’re getting your interview held and then you get told after 20 minutes that the postings are available so you’ll go up to the door and you’ll see if the last four digits of your social security number in there and if they’re included on that piece of paper you get to walk through once you’ve made it to the one-on-one interview you were pretty much like cats in the back I didn’t know any of the people who ended up not making it through because you know you just starts out with kind of like a casual conversation and then she might ask you like a creative interview question I was asked what three adjectives would I use to describe myself and I did that no problem because he’d already had that in my head and then she asked okay so then what three words you know like with your supervisor described you as thinking I already used up by three words if you are offering a job you will stay after because you have to meet with HR do a little bit of paperwork you got to get your fingerprint scanned just because you got to be in the system because we’re dealing with the Department of Defense here and then you have 24 hours to take test but they hook you up with that no need to go into all of that there was such a variety at the interview that once we all got our job offers I kind of like scan like like who did they offer these jobs to like to see what they were looking for and it was kind of neat because usually accounting about commercial airlines that they want somebody who is young for them to mold and then somebody who’s never had flight attendant training before because they don’t want to have them be confused and

retrained and have to undo what they’ve learned but they really didn’t care so there were people there who were from like big airlines small airlines it was pretty me and then they were young and they were old so they do not discriminate so don’t let that get to you don’t let it mess your psyche up while you’re in there okay we’re at the fun part the stress is over you got the job offer you are going to training and training is always held in Dallas at least for right now you can assume it’s in Dallas I do have to have a disclaimer to this that I did not complete the five weeks of training there was a little bit of a disaster that happened and no I did not flunk out that is a separate story time video where I talk about my personal experience you can guarantee that you’re going to have an exam about every single day whether it’s written or some type of competency thing where you’re having to act out a scenario or show that you need CPR you will also have a midterm and a final exam and those two things are written as well a lot of the exams are mainly multiple-choice and then you have the last little section is fill in the blank and honestly I would say that they were never trying to trick me too too much and a lot of things the instructors would point a like this is on the exam you know or making sure to repeat certain phrases to a point where you know like I did okay okay like you’re gonna do fine – I trust you guys are gonna watch this video in its entirety and learn something from it and be totally prepared for training those exams have to be with the grade of 80% or higher I heard that’s actually a lot lower than commercial so that’s kind of neat so you kind of feel a little more relaxed there and you’re allowed three retakes however two of them have to be for one thing and then this is the other let me reword that so let’s say you are failing your competency exam three times you’re cut because out of the three retakes you can only have two for competency or two for written I tried my best to explain it to you guys okay I don’t know if I did well you do get one day off a week like literally like I was so confused thinking like surely like it’ll be two days like a weekend know one day off that’s all you get and you do have homework even sometimes on your day off usually it’s reading something and then kind of filling out answers to a packet which is good because that helps you study and then other times it’s CBT work where it’s computer-based training and some of those buried where it could be like 10 minutes and then you go hunt has like 45 minutes and you need to get your manual out and it’s hard and you got to get an 80% on that exam but at least you’re allowed multiple retakes but if you’re like me you’re up to like two am doing it the hotel we stayed at was not that nice they were friendly it was a good location they had a good shuttle service but I’m gonna tell you it’s not that fancy I don’t know if that’s subject to change anytime in the future but they’re not looking to impress you with that so I think it’s safe to assume no matter if they change hotels have the exact same expectation yes they were telling the truth during the interview process you do have a roommate you don’t get to choose your roommate and based on how cuts are they don’t want anybody to be roommate lists for more than a day so you will have to pack up your stuff and shift around sometimes depending on who and what gets cut who and what gets cut I mean like who people I know that they present it as to like well you know this is just to continually teach you about flexibility because it comes with the airline industry but to be honest you know I remember they had somebody pick up their stuff and move rooms the day before a really big exam and the next day was an off day so the fact that they couldn’t have it all be fair and let the girl move on the off day it really just showed me that they were cheating she by telling you shape they do not update their email templates I don’t know why to me it’s very unprofessional that they don’t so you’re gonna get mixed messages about lunch they do cater your lunch so I was pretty happy about that and they do pay you $200 and if you do leave I’m not for sure if it’s based on like how you end up leaving if you get cut or if

you choose to leave all I know though is I got paid in full for what I did the attire is black and white just because they want you to pretend and feel like a flight attendant it was a little annoying buying all that stuff when you know for the interview process I bought a brown suit so then I had to go get a black suit now it doesn’t have to be all buttoned down because you can do like a black sweater you can find ways to match the dress code and be a little more comfortable and casual so I kind of wish that I didn’t splurge on all these fancy button-downs anyway that’s just me personally ranting and it will talk about some commercial days in the packet and sometimes about like bringing a pair of jeans which you’re thinking oh I’m gonna bring jeans for the slide well yeah you’re gonna bring jeans for the slide but there’s going to be numerous days throughout the week where you have to dress fancy commercial and commercial with jeans so you know if you’re flying in bring lots of stuff okay you’re gonna want it there is exam on the first day I know back then they used to talk about it and on their first day there was no exam but now they have an exam on your first day and so you will have to take an exam on the city codes and the airline terminology that they give you and then the second day will be Zulu time so just get ahead of yourself so you’re making good grades because you can get valedictorian so just to it right study beforehand make some flashcards you got this I do want to avoid confusion that just because you earn valedictorian that doesn’t mean you get to jump up in seniority everything in the airline world is based on seniority so you know whether you’re signing up for positions or getting a hotel room it’s going to be based on seniority get that in your head seniority is determined by your graduation date however I know that gets a little confusing because you graduate with X amount of people as well how can you have the same number well you don’t they choose to do it through a lottery system so it’s like a fun thing where you draw something out of a hat and then see what the number is on it I remember I was number three out of 20 I was so blessed than I wasn’t in order to graduate you do have to go through every single class that is an FAA rule so if you do miss a day even if you’re sick with the doctors know you have to start class from day one all over again but if you do get cut as and they cut you you can never come back like you are now blacklisted from that airline besides failing you can get cut for other reasons some of that is like you know they’ve already told you about your dress code and you fail to readjust and you no longer comply your cut your attitude is bad your cut you look like you’ve been sleeping you’re cut your phone goes off you’re cut now I will say that a lot of training you know across the board is strict but when I was going back and forth with my mom there were some things that were like way stricter so again military I’ll get that in your head if you got a personality get that up in your head when you’re going through training I recommend you don’t tell too many people don’t announce that on social media because one you don’t know if you’re going to complete training and that’s gonna be kind of embarrassing to have to retract your statement but also to you’re not considered a flight attendant by them or by FAA like nobody’s nobody’s titling you that you are not a flight attendant until you pass training and you complete your iOS which is your initial operating experience where you’re actually in the air pretending to be a flight attendant while you’re being shadowed by a supervisor and you complete all of that successfully and your i/o is intense from the very beginning because you’re doing the pre check showing that you know how to identify everything and then also you’re having to inspect every inch of that aircraft for some type of weapon now commercial airlines they already have their own workforce that handles that before flight attendants get on the flight but on the air international flight attendants are on their knees ripping up the seats looking like getting their head practically in the toilet looking for a weapon and they’re audited and they’re audited quite frequently from what I’ve heard but it’s the nitty-gritty back to what I was saying you were just invited to training you have a long way to go young grasshopper my final advice to you guys is that flight attendant training no matter what airline you are trying to work for is going to be exhausting so think smart of what you want to do with

your time when you’re on your breaks during class and when you come right back home because you’re gonna just want to sleep right away but I believe in you guys because if you took the time to do your research and watch this entire video alone I know that you guys care about your future you know what you were getting into and you are excited about this and I am excited for you and I’m excited for the people who graduated I still follow them on snapchat I love watching them travel they go to cool place they’ve already been to a good chunk of the world already and it’s been like a little over a month pretty cool but again like I said I probably you know miss some things I didn’t cover everything if you got some more questions you gotta leave them in the comments so I know I can help you out and for anybody who works for the airline if you guys have any input to say that me know don’t criticize me I mean I’m just trying my best from my perspective but if you guys have something to offer or it can help somebody else out in the comments please I encourage you to do so and I cannot wait and then after this reveal the story time of what personally happened to me that made it become a flight attendant training disaster ah subscribe if you want to join the fam BAM yeah Bam Bam Bam okay I think all of you new people are now like really turned off by me and think I’m really weird that’s okay okay I love you I mean it bye guys

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