what’s up Scott what’s up price faster faster what’s up Raz what’s up guys how you guys doing

Jefferson Enrique de casa William Elliot what’s up bro you’re rocking with kiss good night yet tonight you’re rocking with kids Timmy to Cola what’s up Happy Birthday to me what’s up William Elliot thank you very much much you are what’s up thank you for the hear compliments I got extensions today today we have extensions I’m actually work wow Wow you you got to stop bro go away where’s he going you should work better than the other one thank you you

good work we’re pretty good that thing thing I like the good that’s a good backup system the guy made I was in my way it is a nice over here look up pretty soon soon Aries so beautiful Michael what’s up up either one you already know or no excellent record right Michael look the only team for known in the league it’s crazy bro so that’s a great record clear for takeoff so peaceful you have beautiful view right there there we go I didn’t watch the game man I don’t want these I’m in Europe Europe you like Austria area

area we’re just going over there now 129 miles miles were going to the next to the next airport airport mm look smooth so far yet feeling good I’m getting 50 free for in a woman screaming 50 frames as we speak we go higher up up whatever takes thirty nine ninety and holy got 44 invested lucky fish bro every game is going to be different this game is very taxing so you cannot compare this game with any other game out there right now this game is not even optimized yet no matter what card use is not going to be optimized I’m getting 5450 frame right now I was not streaming I would probably get like 50 6 frames 63

I’ll getting 60 frames earlier in his mouth when I wasn’t that screaming I was testing it earlier though 60 frames without or more really 62 I think I still and I was not streaming this map map wait got 24 gig so I think those as well I got a 30 90 with 24 gigs what am I 3091 I’m going to buy a duck to be dumping air con for my hair out so I can still invested in am I deducted aircon aircon bro oh my God I can’t even say a word yeah the expensive like live that’s white white why are you telling me that I don’t care if you buy an air conditioner bro bro would I care about about that oh dude you got to do so don’t compare air conditioner with the

damn breakfast what’s up Henry how you doing you know what that is is autopilot autopilot works just kind of relaxing just chilling doing doing nothing a relaxing night night a relaxing Sunday Sunday evening the drinking the beer Cheers hot sauce thank you very much

it’s going with what’s up you like my my hair run that should say laundy Lawrence how you doing well you knew here is pretty easy thank you thank you for calling me pretty what’s up nay a fast furious what’s what’s up this game looks amazing on Max settings it’s not Max settings its high-end this is not Max settings it’s not Ultra its it’s high-end or might be it might be ultra settings with a couple of settings are are high-end but I’m at 40 40 frames at 13,000 feet in Austria Austria here we got passengers today have you thought of getting a hundred 1440p – different matter for extra credit I already have that bro I already have I already have a 1440p I got a 10 I got a 4K and I got another 4K a 49 inch HD are no old and all the bells and whistles whistles I already have a 1440p but it’s too I like work a got a 4K I gotta I gotta to I think I had 39 T bro I don’t want for I don’t want 1440 which I already have but I don’t want to buy another one beautiful looks in 4k do that funny absolutely stunning 4049 frames 50 free Sonny Sonny are we going to get ready for landing guys guys your friend very pretty

beautiful game game oh no I don’t know where to run away away is I’m 35 car come on bro look very serious while flying I think the very serious bro the very serious situation very seriously I don’t want to mess up up I want to mess up dude no I’m saying manifold manifold for headings very very serious

I’m going to call me instructions though though the wrong approach if you the radio the ATC they just keep talking the atcu boy talking nonstop I came in I came to acknowledge it won’t let me me acknowledge my Approach it’s good it won’t let me talk is that finally finally holy oh my god reel down Donald ten miles out out the airport McWilliams

Mike Williams the airport we got my stuff over here bro we got messed up up the airport right here am I going there the other Airport let’s assume marker well just a marker I don’t undergo the landing area that’s what the marker we did to you I can do that that I’m not going to make it strap it in boys you’re making your strap ons out I mean you’re out of here you know what I mean I was way off my ass thought I was like so many airports around here bro I’m going in hot coming in hot there’s so much to do I do applying you got to do what you got to do all the other stuff stuff great great ready I just want to keep talking talking I’m done with the radio that’s it going in we’re going in boys the fight has gone Rogue scramble the Jets

that’s cool I got this little bear the brackets here to help you lay in that help you learn to teach you how to fly a plane not that I need that that but it’s cool to have going too fast too fast too fast too fast you guys want first person or third person or or both oh my God go down down only good one of you you like first person better guys next time I try to keep you both I gave you both did you guys like both look at the background look at this look at the Forefront it’s so beautiful that big mountain over there beautiful beautiful beautiful well let’s see where they want to see what they want us to park request taxi the parking will be requested requested taxi to gates thank you general aviation Park and using Tech CEO emba ëem cross Runway 17 17 EW w okay okay acknowledged acknowledged what about when I taxi when I text you like first person and third person enter my e-brake go the next the next trip I’ll do a bigger plane if you want first wife position of you my my favorite point of view Manimal nice hair bro thank you you for tomorrow you fell asleep watching the video on YouTube and woke up an hour later answering weird questions and now here stupid autoplay okay what would you go with you score myself my Landing there guys great my Landing what are you

give me hello big twill are you doing what’s your callsign – golf out the Yankees line is mountable reacts what else would it be be oh take it off the hell I kind of going fast holy what the hell is that but the going down to the crushing maybe maybe that plane is going down Alejandro what’s up man how you doing doing at 610 okay I’ll deal with that your bands and I’m joking yo furious 6.10 10 thank you come with I’ll come with you still here I’m shocked the first time come with came to my stream for longer than a half hour hour without him being industry as as in GTA in the stream yes true room with come on you’re never here here made it whoo good job guys good job good job job good bring it to my plane man we doing

everybody out out everybody out out wait Mike doesn’t go up I’m supposed to go off off why not going on what is on on still woof woof woof oh that button it generator was on on oh so that took us 38 minutes minutes not until you the tickets longer than that an hour hour all right where should I take off now guys let’s try to take over I want to use a bigger plane this time where should I take off in America do you want me to do something different another short flight or do something different so we can do another short flight with a bigger plane or we could go someplace else on just drive drive fly around what do you say check the engine light is flashing and put it please hit black tape over it don’t worry about that flashing light it’s not important Lakers won another championship good for them in memory of Colby while they won the Lakers took it this year year congratulations cheers to the Lakers the Lakers are my favorite team actually for many years now because of Kobe Bryant so I’m happy for the Lakers I got another win run that I like the Lakers LeBron be his old team team Wow well LeBron got another ring there you go it must be it’s a great thing Living in America America pound pound fifty p pa you guys were here bump bump bump bump hey Hey hey hey I didn’t know you guys I didn’t know you guys were here here James Brown after those good damn it and it I knew that I would and then and then and then I feel good at that mood and I would so good so good so good I need to watch that that movie about James Brown Chadwick Boseman played James Brown in a movie all right is it the last movie he was this pretty pretty good

no came out like maybe five years ago ago well and here he does pretty good job playing him drown oh really oh really Calgary which go maybe we should fly on how long that is why from from the airport Spokane fly from from that’s going to be too far what about Portland International to to Portland International 2 two maybe maybe that’s two for two for Cisco that’s a bus before 200 200 Seattle what’s that far Seattle Seattle Tacoma arrival arrival when Wayne 16 L yeah but via let’s go to the gate hmm mmm well I guess you could go 16 know 16 16 that’s why I’m leaving from they’re leaving from there I’m going over here that’s a very short trip especially in a big plane we’re going in 34 are but I actually want to go to the the yo man what’s up guys cupcake how you doing what the hell is that that hello get my jet Majid majidi weird intro yes it is but it’s been amazing than the last hello hello you fat bastard bro you like that song Rachel I love that song that’s like the best outro intro song ever ever it is funny added an ambitious outro intro intro outro song ever and I need to watch the Tom Hanks and snow video again yeah I just I just watched that David pumpkins seven pumpkins pumpkins great love it David David as pumpkins why does he do that any questions yes several why does he have a middle initial now around here well I would like to just make me laying here and go going to make me go all the way around that’s crazy but we’re going to go to Portland nice but they make me I want to park here but they’re making me go like going to make me go all the way around the airport to turn instead of me just going straight in in that’s my parking space is over here it’s kind of weird what if I go here here we’re going to park here here and sit down in my room wall what are those dots dots with dots well that’s when you are looking at all those are the gate those are the gates

yay the sea so I’m trying to park in a gate but they’re making me quite go all around around but I need a big a is going to be picking a big plane maybe if the gate heavy 12 plane I gotta give him Dreamliner it’s going to be a sort of Jerome liner liner those are all right line are jerking off at the end well well and then the moon shining out like what the what the hell is happening like Batman stuff looks like it’s Batman but some sort of weird because I was like I was kind of uncomfortable weird but the whole the whole series of them I’m comfortable with who I like like that was funny that was very very strange strange I don’t know what’s weirder the jerking off over the city scene or the getting choked out by a giant penis seen that was he we’re not right what the hell is like that at these series and some weird going on here they’re both they’re both quite terrifying love sausage looks awesome awesome soggy who’s soggy knees ayy I say pronounce sausage incorrectly where’s froggy froggy I don’t tell me for one day can we not have a little bit of we’re gonna give me more planes are big planes for his game like what what are they doing we were like yeah where’s that Airbus A380 that we all want in this game game we’re we’re in a big planes don’t say where the big planes at bro you got to stick to the VFR Flight Plan yeah I know I’m trying to do that Furious Boeing the Boeing 747 is probably the biggest one yeah but I’m a gamer try it I do want to try it no like I’m not saying you have to use that that 8 four seven use it I know you’re not saying that I know I’m just realizing the dream line but I’m saying I want them to have more points like add the A380 we need to get a petition sent it to Microsoft then to get that damn A380 in the game the guy who makes that plain and he sent the response saying we had rate we’re working on getting an expert before the game they need a 380 a expert so they can’t just make the plane that have to get an expert’s dude work work I guess so that’s what he told me well they better do it soon because well right but not many in the world left so what do you want more plane somewhere optimization both I got the Star Wars Livery for the only modern flexibility oh that’s pretty cool yeah more more flexibility for weeks just because Star Wars before we get bored and DeLorean cease until is coming out this month yeah I know I don’t want to know anything else I just want to watch the show when it comes out there’s been so many rumors and speculation and of months ago this this is me what happened man I just want to watch it with white with the Mandalorian you know we know it’s going to happen if you

run I guess you know secret guess what I saw from the news and all speculation everything it all seems I won’t say what it is but it seems to be true so we’ll see what what will be y1 what I’ve been referring to is the characters that will be and possibly the location and everything what planet is when you planning to move on gonna be there and everything and and it’s a return returning character Etc so everything is coming to light oh for the for the sake of the fan service and everything so everything is going to be happening really really really really fast everything’s always seems to be completely understood to be interesting because there was a lot of names were supposed to be in it yeah those are going to be connected with the Clone Wars with the rebels and stuff you know I won’t think the characters but they will be in the the door to D2 into Livery playing bro that’s cool All Nippon Airways Airways what do you think of the hand is badass like a rockstar I’m a rock star wait know what it is what it is what it be die I was out so it says did you go to a hair salon and GTA or something where they can add hair to add more hairstyles in the game actually but more that Blake not the connect crazy-ass ones like actual original like normal 128 okay zoom into these Maps and is there a way to move cash has isn’t there a way to move in and out like zoom in and out of these maps and side here that’s why I could move it it let me see something something maybe need a C-3PO plane instead oh you’re into it huh when I was at them I can’t see you I thought you can zoom in and out but I guess you can Runway 28 you ever encounter a real life too narrow in your your life a real-life tornado know no New York City no I anywhere else that you you outside New York no No no I gave her money for a coil Anita not fully I mean I know I know there’s been one around here a long time ago but it wasn’t a tomato tomato it was like go there was a tornado and everything got destroyed but it wasn’t really it’s more like a funky tornado tornado I seen a Dirt Devil one time I think the tornado I think the tornado hit our city joining one time and I was inside Kmart and when I was inside Kmart I just remember seeing the lights like flicker on and off lights went out for a second and everyone went outside and we like what the happened and its purpose was like before internet before cell phones no one knew what the is going on it’s weird and then and then a little fun news little to go tornado hit the hit the city okay anything else either it doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense

I saw twister in theaters is that count good this guy with jump one-liners I’m talking about really like tornadoes and then you come with the movie oh I’ll I saw that movie I don’t we all I’m just saying that’s the closest I’ve ever come to see in a tornado I’m gonna beat the out of of you tonight what are you doing okay I’m talking to his wiener I don’t know you took it off as home I guess you finished fasten your seatbelts everybody an app where you can do this it’s a you know when you pull it back up there thing text you back up push back that up playing look I can put it back okay I’m done bro bro I’m done don’t you don’t need you anymore just leave all right thank you holy appreciate your help so clingy just got to go don’t you need more help I liked being needed come back planes Jews ladies look at the wings on this thing holy wingspan is insane insane under thing Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt or rumored to for dr. strings to at nay nay the alien after he can bruise like it’s a daily and spewed on his face and then he was able to go back in time today it was like Groundhog Day yeah yeah once he fell come on like five years ago or something oh it’s on the sequel is working if you haven’t seen it you really need to to go to space movie it was our they fighting even bomb and I are going to a cave at the end or like you know yeah getting like the getting like mecha-suits like they getting these like robot suits and they land on the beach with the spices aliens is Bill Paxton was in it no Paso him rest in peace I might be doing any that was a bad last will be made right one one of them Emily that does sequel them they mentioned the sequel to the movie was good I really like like it vegetable I think I’ve seen it but it’s got a either brief video trailer if you sound like a picture for the movie to play the character from agua Woman Fanta fantastic for isn’t isn’t it is what’s your surname mrs mrs. fantastic now mr. fantastic is his husband right right so she’s mrs. fantastic is I think was cheese called yeah apparently in his real life husband John John’s this key will be I will be buying time Lahey mr. mr fantastic how about the other tube Human Torch and the the thing still on likely to be safe this is all yeah so far Emily Blunt is speculated to be

the Invisible Woman what’s weird though is visible is that what’s weird to me is that Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool all right Ray take off we’re gonna take off you ready to come with soap so and they used to be married personal first first person hmm it’s reason you’re crazy why is it inspiration Japan and is the airline inspiration to panel is or it’s Star Wars skin it’s Airline is on the phone that pain dear Anna what’s Santa airlines that are really Airline yeah it’s Japanese Airline ruin all that poner ways oh Oh what do you call it’s called I think let me just make sure it’s called All Nippon Airways omnipotens pins are also known as the new I’ll nipples all right hold apples and all man we go looks like he already this is crazy dude thing takes off bite somebody even tried to tell you lifted holy lift it up In Flight itself a cat decides to become a keyboard like sitting on your keyboard okay he’s so lovely cat things are going so lovely that has paper no pencil my cat always sits on up my on my PC I’m like get the off of there and get the off of there wider from these guys I want want to bury it it I want to do it where I can trick him that I’m not really looking looking at clouds it’s just like all right so I’m getting Jesus I’m getting 20 frames at this moment with a 30 for the 39 T mention with oh my God forget about it well I want to wait till I get higher up then I’ll put the clothes what it’s running smooth for this dream isn’t it is that 32 I think that was a foul down low area now it’s at 44 so it’s like set of snow here with each other and I was at 44 40 43 it goes up and down I think that was in a bad spot where it is and put I want to put a star with a few clouds clouds leave a 787 lat their total number the bigger they are the bigger planes which is what was that that and we need then we need that pointy nose as plane from Britain the holes on one the Concord yeah because the Concord what’s on next time time I got to talk to my radio does it get mad mad do you hear me me Yep they’re the clouds what is going on here here I don’t know what’s going on clouds are in

you think I up my my tune into trying to tune into to this station station 775 775 request airport Direction request full-stop landing cancel Landing Direction who’s I didn’t request them of course already I think I must have pressed something by accident everybody so quiet I’m here the Sonny I read I read you you over and out out oh hey man I thought the replay stream when you playing Rogue one you did good kind of weird that game game with that no slow slow yeah until you get to the hole the whole stuff throw one I mean broken I already took off what are you guys talking about about it seems the core airport is what you guys are talking about request the airport Direction select another runway for landing clear Landing intentions I guess I’ll do that I don’t know what the guys are talking about now I saw that they had that mod for like all the realistic airplane sounds you have to pay for it though it’s like 20 bucks but it has like the sounds of people talking or whatever you know yeah probably want him getting something like that is it worth anything and it’s the real real is real isn’t it goes right you want to be more realism in this game going to have to pay for for it but it held my lights 40 YUM we’re a my lights 40 and he’s playing Venice so many buttons is different than any other plane I know what in 747 lights are on or lights were here that’s right me see if that works autopilot works works it’s amazing health I’ll fart our current technology and the cabin has gone all right it’s crazy isn’t it so so the cockpits are not cabin got my carpets probably probably so intense B what’s it doing over two buttons or I got know what I know what a buttons are on the top you’re more or less – oh no we’re too damn well why isn’t it yeah it’s right here that’s all we want this is it right here it’s a little weird dashboard here you got the the the Dome is here I don’t want no you know what that’s a dome light inside it’s good for Lily nighttime at the overhead panel brightness here nice little brightness is here for everything and then you get the lights here taxi lights on even that didn’t he I don’t well my lights go out out come on lights just went out up here that’s weird wait why are the lights go out this year I am pressing anything Thomas Thanks the lights please Ready Player 2 is coming out in November yeah right there’s not even a trailer and internet on Beacon like that in turn on yeah really what a book of Ready player to come on Wendy Wendy but user Fast 2 Furious is spreading this information I think think that is what Fast 2 Furious for the planes not run with lights on like this

it won’t plane planes don’t fly with their lights headlights on weird yes because sometimes that the headlights are located on like literally on like the front wheel wheel well the road to the runway lights what about the landing lengths you got Landing lines you got to run away wait when we like don’t you have lifelike flaunt like flying lights it could be like I don’t know when you look at the front to see if you can find a little bit of reflection any extraneous where oh I think I see him frog legs you say that fog lights maybe maybe they would be called fog lights no this light psyche like flying like maybe flying lights you mean for the interior for the auxiliary just like we unite time flying you just saw like an eye beams and loaded with basic Lights Went don’t planes I guess when planes are flying in the sky you don’t need lights right because you have to radar is going you gotta I guess it’s kind of crazy though you would think I guess it won’t help much either because you’re doing like 350 miles our normal speed for a plane of the 300 right well big big jet like this is like 300 thing well for the light to do anything I need something to reflect off of you know what I mean and if you’re in the sky there’s nothing going on down because you just think that people would see you more you know if you need it because and everything they do have blinking lights and on the plan on the exterior looks like on the tail yeah yeah the taillights and uh you know the wing lights logo lights you got the nav light and you got the beacon those are lights are dishes you just need it should have like UFO trolling lights on the bottom of airplanes to the pilot the function under appears inoperative or malfunctioning reset squat 1,200 1200 he talking to me oh I can’t on it what was that on top that like the look like that just flicked oh this time some type of it’s like a wishbone it’s some type of a year but it’s a what do you call it I guess it helps you when you’re when you’re Landing and different whether I get is and so it has your whole thing here it has everything so I guess I guess maybe with your if your thing goes down you will use this instead I don’t know what this is used for really does anybody know what they use this for maybe in a setting like a it’s like a a what’s it called doctor it’s like a heads-up display I said it’s a hell I did okay really cool pretty cool I just see the little screen there that’s pretty cool and just flip it really see it really see the screen yeah but if you think if you were like maybe if your friends power goes out I don’t know what to do these are for maybe someone to chime in on on a I don’t know I’m at what let me feed him I the physical that’s wrong wrong I bet you they use that for like manual Landing procedures or something cuz most most of the maybe them like is just just automated The Landing that might give like frequency of the atmosphere stats stats okay we’ve all made our detailed these planes are like new video games pretty crazy crazy all right yes it is very impressive I hope that’s not my airport it’s the airport that you better start to send me that can’t be my airport so I just took off is it that close close Seattle to Portland to Seattle is it that close oh yeah Portland and it was not that far away from Seattle obviously not it’s one or dope I shouldn’t say something yeah yeah you’re gonna fly like a round and flick around there’s no way you

can gonna descend in time I gotta find out me see my look is Mount Mount Rainer if you’re missing the airport is that I played before the sure your passengers at the flight hasn’t been hydrant yeah that’s definitely Seattle it is yep yep hey ba coz I just saw Mount Rainer who visit that place before actually I guess it is that was my boy what was that close to the airport I haven’t been flying that that long that’s weird but that Seattle right there right yeah what is my plane doing right now it’s one orderly has well what is it wasn’t like give like some type of like gold what do they go down by itself or or something the might be a different Runway that it’s supposed to be going to it may not happen to go around the whole Airport well that’s probably what it’s doing then those are why is it why is it going here I want me why would it have to be like why can’t School straight into the airport what I have to go all the way around the airport I want to see what it does I want to see what the other Fighters I wanted to do this by itself or just going to go in the point But that’s the marker but I thought that that was just going to be like a waypoint I didn’t know that was going to be the actual Landing I didn’t know and I didn’t know that Portland and we’re gonna do and Portland to Seattle what is it guy going to do the word 45,000 feet wait up there then they say that the they were having problems with so yeah so I like a hundred seventy four miles miles but we didn’t go on it is 74 miles yes he did yeah you did no way are you kidding me it did you think so uh-huh add to it let me go back I just took off like two minutes five minutes ago didn’t I Port of the three hours it it I’ll Drive but my driving maybe but like how long is it by playing we’ll keep them all keeping will keep in mind that the city of Seattle isn’t the same as the airport so keep that in mind so maybe a slightly lower the the airport wise It’s a hundred and seventy four miles miles so well I guess that is the airport because it says K Seattle right there so Portland is an Oregon and Seattle is in knows what that is here so what the hell’s doing Why didn’t it you know what happened I think I up when I don’t think I paid I think I did ignore the flight control people and he got mad and they just like all right folks is good because it says requite all requests flight following following Seattle Center type Boeing 787 seven miles Northeast Renton request flight flower flower and see what they respond squawk 4365 I never know if I know what squawk squawk means squat 4365 NH 873 733 or contact eight miles Northeast of of Renton acknowledge all right so so we found we’re to turn off auto pilot because all the parts is going higher and higher look at all the pilots it’s like it’s just like chilling chilling right right yeah it’s like being an idiot look you don’t know where you going aren’t you supposed to follow the damn flight flight director easy yeah that’s the airport looks you have a lesson wow we all had very short short three hours by car and 20 minutes by plane holy that is the airport so maybe

they are maybe the airport maybe the airline yeah but he should have went down all right so we’re gonna you know we’re going to go we’re going to go what a cool down the hole we’re gonna go go I’m going to turn off the autopilot because it’s really bad that’s the siren I just have it all if not I don’t want to hear it just under that noise it sounds disturbing don’t look like nobody got that what it sounds like but it’s also from those video games like you like alien sounds like a walrus trying to purposely burp is trying to purposely burp your ball or seal yeah my speed brakes on because I don’t I’m going to be doing like like a million miles an hour hour so I got speed brake setup already so I can just press this button button and maybe it’s not working but I don’t really need that book book 90% speed freaks Walt Walt Walt Walt Walt want want want Walt Jimmy what are you playing I’m playing flight soon a place called Craters of the Moon National Park National Park before I started screaming I was watching them The Color of Money you guys what I’m moving I haven’t you ever seen The Color of Money with Tom Cruise and what’s his name yeah a guy thing had a race car team he died I can’t think of his name right now now what what you ain’t Tom Cruise and this what’s up guys oh my God I did so I was just watching I just told them name Paul Newman yeah there you go thank you that’s a great movie that about people playing pool like Tom Cruise you know you’re trying to hustle him he’s hustling him and it’s like they go to a tournament to really good movie go to see all you guys see that movie it’s great movie and morning squirts Martin Scorsese wrote it directed it certain directories and I think you wrote it to our produce to one of those but it’s all in the beginning of the movie I saw his name twice or I thought it was maybe written and directed by him him all right so we’re at now passing hynek Farm farm isn’t it so we’re going very we are at 25 miles out I think 30 miles out so we should be good because me and me level off Jim and Julie’s hey let’s go to Jim and Julie the airport be like private airport that is never and never knew they were like so many little private airports what Johnson Travolta’s private Airport yeah we did there to go not even a month ago a few weeks why people were there too seriously seriously just wake up flights over thing in her life the 787 Dreamliner so to dream okay one mile and of nighttime it was a Scorsese directed movie I don’t know he directed The the I never heard of that one I want she other things like three names wait why is my Why is my

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio gonna hit her wait my throttles not working guys why don’t my brother working why is it my problem not working working what’s running software kill was studying oh what the man thanks a lot not working working God God do you mean that this game has issues man man look it’s not working my throttle why why here that was going up why they need to fix this game seriously it’s really a frustrating man man it’s really frustrating frustrating what do you do that stop it just stop working working oh good we’re almost here now it’s like going crazy now it’s at 84% in my throttle all the way down like what is going on I think the think they have a problem changes to this game game when order breaks High you never know know fire you’re fired no No use know scary scary do you think what airline pilot has played this on a day off yeah some of them do to be on watch YouTube actually pilots on YouTube that flight playing this game game and or explain 11 or the other one I don’t don’t see in the throttle situation my throttles all the way down but it’s still weird man now we’re going to do down think so if your brain you’re throttled down it shouldn’t stick maybe the eighties that mad at me like what are you doing bro here’s my backscratcher scratcher a back scratcher back scratcher hey this thing is sticking look it’s not like I’m looking at the throttle in the plane and it’s not like moving in with my weight its Auto Maybe is it what’s wrong one one know don’t turn it it all that off what a Pilot is off off what oh I think it has Auto throttle one there’s a

problem brother thank you yelling at the thing you’ve got to make this game over the game sucks what about it is this year big thing is over there it’s pretty but which airport airport see if those trees in Madagascar or there as funky as looking trees with the thick trunks I go get more don’t forget my Landing by doing this but but alright we are almost there there most are going to land a gum with yeah what you think is right oh should I might even on my man wind up with the damn Runway bro this could be 10 or another is forgot I don’t think they have any help I don’t know the runaway sightseeing sightseeing that’s why that would be an airline pilot you’re slicing though I’m sorry to say arrival was too busy looking at this hopefully looking at the Seattle particular thing space Manor that’s a nice meal oh that’s that’s right we’re lines up again we’re lined up we’re almost plenty of overlining out I’m going to do I’m going to do a first person person and they don’t have those one Baobab trees I just have regular ass like oak trees in their place at least the boy can always dream dream alright we are planning to land and repairing the land paranoia wind up up there we go I should be good come on baby it’s like No oh was a hard Landing landing come on buildable all the hard hit the first one what plane right there when he landed what

the hell what that bad smoking or something what the hell are they doing the chat has always been faster for you you in the in the chatroom mean come to the Discord Furious we got a mic who’s that behind that you too man but don’t I have a where’s my tell you automatically where to go now beer is good I bought a case of someone beard of the last week Opera House House Jimmy was that you behind me behind me me I’m just trying to find this Cappadocia place turkey a turn there man that’s what I’m going to turn to the next one one all right let me know if you find this place to go I’ll go I’ll meet you there after this I’m just kind of Rapid firing a bunch of different places and see if I can find something for this little dude look at me the location please Furious was that a good Landing few areas oh that was you Shane Shane Explains It all someone to remember when you’re flying a plane man you know you guys don’t know guys I heard that yeah yeah it’s a lot of buttons when you’re in the middle of a landing you’re worried about the landing and you feel that you could you forget to like turn your lights off your headlights on your Landing lights your beacon you guys are supposed to be able to to print on what did I guess a gate gate is there a guy there important bring me in know what happened to the guy that usually brings you in they don’t do that anymore I was going on with this game man it’s up to you making it worse each big guy the gates all the time to break whatever you there you know you always just showed up now it just born didn’t or he’s hiding behind that that wall you still want me to turn over over

I can’t see him anymore it came to see me what are you doing what you told me to do the cockpit when you’re sitting in the damn seat you can’t see anything you’re gonna bring the seat up like that now you can see him all right there you go boom we’re here guys we made it in one piece or or yes Plus now I’m going to be got rid of the guy that brings you in budget cuts because of you know glimpse of what what people don’t want to buy the game all right so can I get back is Surah so I know I can go to what about need a it’s going on here jetway connection they’re really need to fix this man I came in in look we’re living no I didn’t request that that why is it got to do like that you got to make it bigger to spring holy full difficult man to tell you can you please connect the jet way to the aircraft let me see what it says no we will not do that I was coming look doors open at school school perfect I I can shut the engine down now I can bring the badge of guy guy our supply supply they should have an option baggage that baggage return or bag you know like baggage you know baggage add-on over there or bag is removed remove baggage or or add baggage because you’re going to the thing and your putting in baggage and you’re just you’re getting people are getting off your role playing people are getting off why would you be putting baggage in if people are supposed to be getting off should be taken back baggage off no yes unless you’re loading up for like the next flight or something yeah but you’re just laying the you should take him back edge off I know yet people could be getting on but you’re saying if you’re sitting in Flight of where you just like going from one place to another and sit but I can should be taking off I want you look there put Sky pulling back a jean on now but bro we just got here no one’s getting off you know and that’s how people are paying those flavors giving them baggage Airline keeps it well that guy who made the someone who made that push back the better push back thing or a new push back it works a lot it’s a separate app outside the game but it works perfectly and you know activated you go left you go right you go straight it’s a lot better than the one they put in because you gotta you got any requests go right all right you gonna wait 30 seconds request go right left anytime you go on left and right the guys already like in another plain or another aisle whatever it takes to long for it to actually work work I digress batteries of why

isn’t it going on well there you go everybody’s sleeping I’m awake you are everybody else’s I don’t think so so but when you come with sneak out of here gum way would you go you sneaky Fox yeah I didn’t even hear the building either are we did to Lainey that’s two flights is good enough I’m going to play the only owner of the plane blind all right let’s play some turkey doesn’t look right so I’m out of here on to the next one on the list is it the turkey has her her what happened 8 last time I ate like pork chops I didn’t really had it like a pork piece of pork chop quoting my teeth and and which clean and this morning I woke up like I woke whatever I will get home to bed at 6:00 a.m. but I woke up like around I don’t know what time I woke up with like some crazy pain in my mouth what the is that another tooth what the so I go in the bathroom I feel like a piece of meat and that’s a little bit what the do I have to like dig it out so I sort of bleeding with trying to take it out with with floors so as I’m trying to force it out it was like digging more narrow than what the and finally I was able to get out and sort of bleeding crazy story ring that’s gross you guys ever happened to you I have yet food court your mouth and you didn’t realize it was there and then the next day like were few hours later you’re like what the heck what’s that pain in my mouth well no the worst is when you get like a piece of food or meat or something wedge in your teeth and then you go to sleep and then you wake up the next morning and you realize like you know you didn’t brush well enough or whatever and like you feel this pressure on your tooth you’re like that’s what happened to me that’s what I that’s what happened that’s but it was painful the pressure it was like digging in my otherwise I thought I had another up tooth I was like what the so I had to take it out with that then it’s exactly what happened huh brushing you don’t realize it because it’s not painful at the time I’ve never had a bleed or anything but I have woken up with like fucked-up breath like why the I brush my teeth whitened what the well my my blood because I was digging it in with the what I was doing with the floor so I was trying to get get it out I got that like I couldn’t get out with my nail cause I can’t get I can’t get my finger at only way you can do it also yours you’re sawing away at your gums piss in start with peroxide this in case I didn’t want to go to infection I went back to bed I was like I was bleeding managed to convince it out with peroxide so I got back up and rinse out with peroxide like it was like 11:00 a.m. I think

I don’t wake up until I 240 today man I went to bed like 7 a.m. well that was playing around with this for the past two languages Friday night and say anything this card card looking so happy with the card I guess you know it is you know you should give a shot is sign up for the Microsoft beta program why did then bro grow and then try out microscope what is it Minecraft r-tx only with all the ray tracing Minecraft there’s a there’s a X Mod for Minecraft that came out a few months ago called Minecraft our TX and it’s full it’s fully raytrace it looks super realistic and it’s supposed to run really good on the new cards okay you really intend Minecraft game like the whole ask the whole thing a building the thing is is that the mod that they release it’s not about just survival it’s just a thing it’s like worlds that are created by the the developers is that we could just go visit like one of them is a cyberpunk city that’s falling over and it’s all super Ray traced up and then there’s another one that’s like that’s like a tropical jungle or something and you can go visit and there’s like this big old lava their own like it looks badass and Ray tracing dude I’m telling you now know my craft sucks yeah I agree my crust looks even weaving with rain tracing sorry all opinions are like everybody has one and they all stink or other whites the the people who make the GTA 5 videos with Ray tracing that she looks like that’s not even real Ray tracing either I know but they’re making it look real wow that would be how do they make it look so real to think I know I know there’s no Ray tracing in GTA V but they use these screen space Reflections I think I think someone made a mod for it though there’s someone made a mod for Ray tracing for GTA V are using the mind it’s not actual Ray tracing that’s the only thing because it’s so rich we see in the game you have to have retracing program I think somehow in the game so so it’s pretty good though the way you doing it yeah like what is that what’s that one popular ENB mod for GTA natural vision evolve through natural vision I use natural vision or anything even world really look nice yeah I play with that one that provision and added another mod to it where you know if it was very I’m going to try it again since I have a more powerful you know the GPU now I’m going to I’m going to try it again with a bad natural vision I think I saved it on my computer so Michael I have all bra that’s why I should have made for a drive with GTA involved stuff so I tried that with natural vision with another graphic my 211 and it was looking pretty good it looks a little weird but it looks it looks so different like it’s like wow you know it’s crazy I’ve been tried that mod where they have VR in GTA 5 I didn’t like it though because it was crazy like flickery on my eyes so I just didn’t even think think even by the stream can see this is gonna be a nightmare but other people you know depends on your be ours had said I guess or maybe I did something wrong but I uh it played in my computer to be our GT 5 kind of weird I should have streamed it but but got rid of it it’s quit was was it was really hurting my eyes the way the way it was rendering or playing on my headset headset I just can’t believe how good square root brute Squad Star Wars squadrons look so good without the headset if such a different it was so different 4K K and then with the headset which is the better resolution the better frame rate yeah this is insane I don’t know what I mean playing the game Scarlet Starlet Squadron playing a game with you know by my when I was dreaming it was fine for me like the you know the frames and all that stuff but it wasn’t fine for you guys what had to bring it on down my settings where it was like you know a medium mode or whatever like that so didn’t look as good as was as it was when I was like testing it by myself so it’s you know but playing playing some but playing Rouge Squadron with service quality with you know the controller it’s just boring I played it yesterday was like sucks oh with the Xbox controller yeah yeah my plate it with with the draw to but it was like guy who’s kind

of like sluggish kind of but when you with the controller it felt like it was more like so so faster that’s weird so I give up bleep I won’t play it no more I want to play the I want to put his three more over like without streaming is you know just or maybe a play it now with this new graphics card and scream and see what happens and now I have Lisa have old is I have all this stuff back on my screen where I can see the frame so maybe did you play did you play the other new Star Wars movie came out and yeah I played that to a phone order all in order to complete that was great cool I was a real good game but I was just pissed off that you know I didn’t get the I didn’t get it I never got back to the cool outfits I was hoping to get like a nice badass outfit throughout the game I got one we got one for one part remember that part where you get he gave you a nice black outfit and you were like chilling that you were using it I think fighting Darth Vader’s and feel like that oh you know what I never finished that game I forgot oh my God you never got my God I got I I got I got like to the part where where I went were you know where you go underwater and you have to do that that’s that’s whatever sending bro yeah I didn’t do anything no I got to redownload it so I can finish it because I don’t know got I got I got stuck at that part and I got frustrated and then some other game came out and I hard drive to make room dude that’s when I just gave out the spoiler I’m like Did You Know How It Ends Here you go okay forget it in a great ending I’m shocked how’s it going oh my God I was crazy no Renee guess he’s not here either either – hey where are you now number two spot let me see if I can find a place to go and it’s bitch’s game I’m striking out on all these places and I’m going it’s hard to like hey go to Mars they’re not going to add other planets to this game and only Earth earth planets yeah what’s a planet nothing to see in Mars Mars anyway Denali Denali let’s go to the mountains going to be rendered and then we would we would we went to Denali National Park we did yeah that’s around Mount McKinley in Alaska we flew there a few nights ago that was one chain was planning about his daughter it was who wants it what I said that was when Shane was complaining about his daughter playing that among his game game well yeah Fiji as mountains Great Wall of China China what about how long bay in Vietnam is there I don’t know some cool looking islands apparently but probably not in the game probably don’t look very cool in the game My Guna Colorado their red Lagoon of Bolivia when I to Bolivia I’m just I was just looking at that one that’s that’s where the flamingo’s are ya do we go there with yeah we went there we did yeah that’s one of the places you can go see flamingos at it but we can go to every spot spot we’re ready I don’t remember seeing red rocks they’re supposed to be red water there because the we went there that wasn’t a spot where we went where the red water would be sorted result pink water Laguna Colorada Bolivia we never went there about a three hour drive north from Chile San Pedro I’m gonna go check it out Salt Lake or being there it’s all known supposedly known for its blood red waters blood Waters you who took me check it out out copy I want to put the I’m going to put the cords in this in a chat stream not this court the other one I got it I got to go really good already all right so we can go here check it bro check check one-two one-two check it check it accept it as a rival jacket bro check it and

then Caesar any airport nearby we can take off from yeah there’s one just south called the San Pedro de Atacama airport SC PE and there are bad but I God oh my God it’s 50 miles away come on it pours delete departure I’m just going to arrive in the air bro this is arriving here hear what’s been up with you know I like what we doing I like taking off from the airport it’s closed it’s close enough if it’s 50 miles and fun all that do you ride you there do you all right he went people were might stretch just like fall asleep relieved leave it just leave the chat you’re not going to be in here chatting yeah no Shadow there’s no Kyra where’s all the people well then your lovely home which is the gum which is leaves like what the Mitchell’s begging for his mod back and he doesn’t even show didn’t even show up I know what the nice playing wow you all night red red area what do you say it’s a pretty cool looking looking play nicely nicely now the get ever uses his plane great sightseeing playing cause it’s all open open wow I don’t believe this is a great site opening all I also put them on look wow I ain’t gonna lie man playing in 4k at 54 and 55 frames it looks really good man he tell you I’m day is back on October 13th and 14th big on things for you for each other and everything you need to start your holiday shopping early October 13th and 14th 14th you got your ass just had an ad play from something I don’t know what it was well what the was that that I don’t know what that was oh Prime they are when I went to look for look good Laguna Colorado there was an ad there do you like Colorado well let us tell you about yeah all right planning on going on a trip to Colorado your some deals on luggage you’re the only one here fast and furious well you and ten other people I don’t know where anybody is man so I don’t care just playing my game everybody’s watching dr. seif respect or other one of the other big YouTubers that sit there with twenty-five thirty thousand people in a stream walking on top of each other Nick you know what because the same way with no one’s saying I never understood that like why do people why are there like 40,000 people one screen and everybody’s talking kids want to go into sings well there’s thousands good but then you know what listening to what you’re saying came in like have a conversation in there if you want you want to scream it slow it’s just the basic law of attraction all all these people are going there must be good so I I very very clean very nice man yo yo just to play it for K 3 the nails done in 60 frames right here bro wheels on go of me state Heroes station station fixed fixed AKA matter is think for math matter they for yourself I’m getting us I’m getting 58 59 60 frame to you better it’s pretty featureless Lewis we have to start starting

it if there’s a form of animal form form the Kohl of so decadent you know what I got that damn hdr on again it makes everything I don’t know if I should keep it mostly take it all in water looks like pea green green for me let me turn off I want to turn off my HDR is he the chick color changes I have it on a game mode I think photo Vivid looks the best let me go back to to Steve steam standards there’s your picture look at the picture in a stream German or no I’m trying to get the screen to fire back up up to try to get the way trying to get your stream to fire back up its you can opium because I’m running the game and watching your stream at the same time I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be getting like 66 67 frame right now probably more screaming screaming I’m getting 5560 here yeah it pretty much looks the same same I’ll see if there’s these two apparently volcanic kind of pie tongues happening she didn’t with machine here my Halloween L could name for the next month another one too I’m gonna be like that with me while I get more viewers we’re gonna wear a beard ever my had a beer last year so have that sitting to beer get a handlebar mustache get some chopped chop we’re like doing different looks every on bigger the screen and do the long black hair in the mutton chops today I’ll get blonde hair one day I’ll get some right right hair cleans it up up it’s boring up serious serious oh man where are you can save your hair shave your head for a shades very nice we should do is have a second camera setup up this

happen camera there will be just a birthday clown performing his routine who’s going to be doing that the birth of birth actual birth and you hire an actual birthday clown to come whoa actually we’re actually crazy recorded for your stream panic 800 bucks have you seen that Louis C.K sketch nay on SNL where he retires a birthday clown for himself it’s like a 50 year old man man yeah that point School and this is great I was in it I was just sitting in this side it’s flying there it is thing says has approved acrobatic maneuvers and recommended entry airspeeds I’m like oh this is Acrobat let’s read what’s weird about that plane that was like how the control panel is all like mangled it looks good we’re fake or something this is what gets us for the free acrobats or I could batting more acrobat friendly whoa whoa whoa it’s just hard to stole this thing thing the most senior from your Contraption mustache mustache I don’t two days technically one day it’s great in 4k and you tell you you very detailed 63 frames up here you’ll go around you see here where I am we left I’m trying to check out some other spots spots we can get 60 frames and we are with this amazing amazing I’m going to make something worthy headset it’s going to take all the plant a lot of plants of the rendering or whatever something else else for had sex how we could check out that other Salt Flat well flatten Bolivia Olivia it’s boring to some smoke smoke right now this will float on on Mars that’s it it was here in Bolivia can’t see our name plates you guys sign

out and sign back in in maybe I think I think I have that block the lecture sure I’m sure do you want to see my name play but Bali but Valley hello planet so big man man rice patties patties Shake It Out out I’m guessing the is that never know that yes yes many many we’re going down we’re going now thank God no I can’t do that going fast like that try to do a threesome flip and turn that’s a lot work out good it’s wrapping up guys let’s go – you a TV does a regular TV I’m really are you see our TV makes look every look nice this is nice nice good digging lake merci mercy you know what actually this place looks really nice sofa rice patties are so prevalent all right Sammy right underneath it underneath it it Furious humble how did you looking for you the game Furious and you’re on your monitor or you are you watching on a monitor Furious or you’re watching on a good laptop or a or a a TV I mean a cell phone well you are good to me it’s amazing so clear even the grass yeah dude Molly looks cool it’s like streets of City mixed with like forest and shin is crazy talk Dirty to Me me

guys buddy hall help me call me help me help I gotta take a leak I hope I don’t I can set its departure no there are porter on here oh yeah Bali International I’ll just go up there I got I don’t want I don’t want to bathroom I come in and it’s like wow crashing in and my be right back dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh sleigh they’re not Gibson movie just gonna be funny yeah yeah fat man oh god what the hell’s going on here that’s all I want to do when I saw that trailer I watched it expecting it to just be some stupid movie I was just watching it as a goof Troop my nephew’s I was like hey guys the new fat man’s coming out and they’re like that man I’m like no Batman and I put the trailer on I was like what in the is this this I think once they show the Christmas tree all day oh I get it I guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow goddamn weird do I do correct weird stuff that’s body these got Jungle Fever I could try to take a picture of I don’t want to be that a black chick at the pool five five will you just use a black chick again she’s pretty he said she’s really hot and he’s also refusing to share a picture of her we have a picture of her she’s I look how I look on the balcony and there’s a hot is the hot tub out there Maya complex Amy Amy I can hear them like talking all loudly you guys live in the same complex no no I’m just saying I can hear it coming through neighs microphone I think all right now all right now unless that’s something else and I’m here look at that time that through 12 in the morning to do that okay on a Sunday night how dare they it’s going to work night wow so impressive man we’re in Bali Bali my 390s worth my 3090 what now

and I’m streaming we’re my going am I going towards the volcano looking thing a little bit higher looks like viral yeah it looks like tiger stripes the way the city and the forest like Blended in each other’s shoes area area I think you need to go a little bit bit you think you’re the first first one I might try Landing challenges that since Lugnut last week that did nothing everything’s you know dingleberries dingleberries jock strap yes leaving somebody three spatting let’s see traffic running clean of ever see one going to watch that movie that American made this right here the school flying over his mouth

mouth wow you Furious furious it’s something frames like perfect and it’s just and it’s okay okay we did come up with the 40 90s literally cat you have your good it was high end graphics card that anybody can buy and you’re already old over it after two together imagine what a 4090 could do graphics card graphics card the next graphic arts the other 23 or 22 I think we’re going to update their going to have a refresh of these current graphics cards 39 T TI the blue and the green and the brown and in detail it easy be right back he looks like right now he looks like but like fighter what state and Lander that is your time and our time but this is I’m here and you’re here doesn’t means our time it’s the only thing is is I love that look at that dudes cat Camaro Koli goalie bbk’s used to be hot you know know you see her right now I’d be like yo I love you 20 30 years ago in place jerk that times I also jerked off 30 times to you you she be like what what

can’t she married Kevin Kline and then she went nowhere nowhere but I don’t know what gets gets always got comfortable and news earnings easy and give them to her 20 years ago they asked Kevin Kline if he be case were together and they like Wednesday be Phoebe Cates going to come back and Kevin Kline was like go she’ll be back she’ll be back don’t worry he’ll be back what they broke up is together so together we mean by can we back to the this is so varied right now he doesn’t he doesn’t literally the house that’s why they’re married still the equator then have been here a long time ago right for you don’t know what movie I didn’t like that’s a good question it’s gonna be I don’t like like Dwyer was good to I love very much who I haven’t seen that the multi school special rent that I should download that I mean what about A Few Good Men cocktails loved it what Risky Business it’s a girl is why he would you make a noise love to watch it Oprah and then he they make they talk to you tomorrow about what about night and day what movie I want to see is I think laterally with collateral collateral no collateral was a task that was a great that’s not what this is the one where Jamie Foxx is a cab driver he picks up Tom Cruise Tom Cruise’s actually actually what happens Tom Cruise holds Jamie Foxx hostage oh yeah I see now I see that was dude I like that one I’ve got oh my God yeah weird

made why would it cries for opening my VFR map that’s gay Microsoft My Game just crashed because I opened up the VFR map when and great opening via format crash crash oh you want to know where you’re going here’s where you’re going you’re going to go yourself going back to you does the three going going buddy where you going nowhere that’s Meg gig let’s see that pile of that’s what that is is that’s a bunch of dude dude oh my God didn’t take forever for this thing the load up I’m going to take this wig off I forgot I had this thing on on maybe that’s what’s causing your computer to wig out we’re good you you you and your look good the time but shouldn’t you go I think my computer’s I go are you gonna go to bed so my boys takes me this picture of him and he has a big gash on his eye above his eyelid and his nose apparently he went he got up yesterday said this like whatever 3 o’clock in the morning dude what about them he tripped on something and he lands on me glass no funny like like Oh I don’t know what he said something where ever happened he put the Band-Aid off it goes back to bed and he wakes up today and he’s like what the he’s he’s a big guy I did you see that last night didn’t it wasn’t that bleeding profusely but II guess he needed he he had to go to this day and I go to the hospital today and get stitched and get like ten stitches and he went to bed last night with the thing on his own on his face I mean I didn’t go back to sleep with that big-ass guys I mean bro it was huge and I don’t his nose so it’s crazy to be careful careful won’t be able to to a buddy of mine got up in the middle of night one time to check on his kid and this was like years ago ago but he’d like tripped on one of their one of her toys and he stepped on there was what was it on the ground it was like a porcelain doll or something that was on the ground that he accidentally stepped on and it cracked open and A Shard of porcelain porcelain pierced his the sole of his foot and then exited the top went all the way down down tell me that tease it I heard of the getting hung up on the damn cross straight up got impaled through his holy he got crucified it was foot she did happen to us man crazy the closest anything like that ever happened I stepped on a nail in the driveway when I was a kid and it went through went through my shoe and jabbed all the way through month the sole of my foot it didn’t go through my foot or anything like all the way through but through my shoe through my foot I was like oh let it go Get It removed and get a tetanus shot and all that do this little crater area that you were talking about is dope all right and keep going and him or me that is the spot but it is a little bit further down towards that’s a beautiful area right there I got I don’t know man for 2014 40 or 4K that’s you look beautiful it looks really nice right what do you want for you plan on 1440 right at 1080 yeah 14 4 million freddiew getting there 27 in right now wow 14:40 only 27 August an old graphics card now now old is not guys it’s a it’s a 2060 r-tx 2060 it’s like a year and a handle I mean it’s not that old young but I’m like Mitchell oh that’s all you got to say

you say oh anyway and then just like it doesn’t even register with it I know just wait till you’re done talking and then moves on you should have heard him mice those nice ladies goodbye goodbye so I see you there Mitchell bike here bike here kissing a bike here bike here oh he’s here now hi you said he was abusive he was bisexual he did more Alive than he was he was he was he was being used it was on what’s his name is dick Silent Night Mitchell don’t say that whoa Mitchell home animals he didn’t say that he you just asked him if he was and he was say anything and then the next thing you know he was like my dad told me I had to turn off the internet well he did he say he said I must have kind of yeah and then 10 minutes passed and he was like I got to go Manimal Miss Hawaii and Michael Discord Mitchell don’t be don’t be shy it’s okay to be by yeah we won’t judge you we told him okay it’s cool bro look here is his first people in here that yeah yeah gumgum one is by 2 two are you guys in are you know it’s a big deal Chul you are I know I admit it oh big jokes think about it for fun and Profit you know dick jokes you know everyone makes dick jokes yeah chokes me yeah it was just kind of a weird vibe you’re gay you’re gay you’re by you I will gives a but I’m not I’m seriously seriously I know you know I’m just saying oh my God but the way you said last night was like what I don’t know what you said he said two hot guys oh my God he said what you said somewhere words to that effect I was like what thank you I think he said something like Silent Night you’re just a hmm hmm I’m good buy you a come on right says so too come with and he just bounced on his something he just left didn’t even say bye or anything anything yeah yeah weird man so yeah they probably busy doing their own stuff stuff so I was just like please don’t think you’re a little boy I’m a man you tried to explain life to me well well I’m just saying what’s what you know I don’t know what you’re saying Mitchell when you spend all this time in the company of guys who are twice your age your what you shouldn’t do is just paying attention give me a bite block for me me

California give me a phrase I get here I was having problems before going to Cali to Cali I just wanted to come and say hi where you been doing this let me screaming for like three hours you know came by I was with open watching my open watching my friend my friend fight was Rising more on this project like that word feeling like me anymore real mod like us he’s the last mod last not standing standing Ahmad Ahmad well hey boy I want to see you later tomorrow tomorrow honestly I don’t know okay man can you delete that piece of off of a Discord for I don’t know why you posted that here he goes why did he night it’s a good feeling to the top part of like good these are the the picture of top piece of wood looks like good that’s really good Adventure but he probably said he said it probably looks like this and he’d put this there but this is one of the best Eddie running what am I playing this shutdown shutdown oh I just don’t like it that you out of yeah yeah so called San Fierro here some vendors I don’t know know Monica

Pier Drive drive how do you get a chance to play I want to go to sleep Barbara I want to like Holly’s lives in some countries beautiful kind of where I went to the tree I got to put videos I guess you were right where you go inside yeah well I’m gonna look then there’s like that that like metal thing hanging like inside like a circle right yeah very cool like it’s like this if you’re good so LAX is the world’s largest airport right because matter Liguori over over Kennedy I mean this looks ridiculous with you I don’t know didn’t bite at this bike messaging to like if you want to know house and I didn’t realise its name at the time so I delivered the package they let me go off actually actually and I deliver the package that woman and I go back to my office but was then is do the front last delivery and the guy was like so how was she I was like whoo that was was didn’t even know we’re going to look at the name sometimes I don’t but I’m like I’m like 23 years I had no idea I will even following a political then I was like so choose another one I literally came to her in her hand normal person is getting it it baggage Jack it was sick how do you know she lived in New York I hope I have a story like that I was shocked man I told you to explore all the time when it comes up I just didn’t know lifeguard lifeguard they were like the most famous person animal mess the fact that it does and I used to hang out with hang out with yeah because she was in my shoes always she looked like on 14th Street or 15

Street 15th is Avenue be in Manhattan right in the in the Lower East Side that’s where she grew up and my friend had a bar right there Avenue B and 15th Street always come as a mother you still there and it Norine is useful in to and she was coming and she was was just like aim for like she wasn’t nothing yet she was getting she was going for what do you call two it’s like going forward for a parts of roles that I’m going for we forget her first casting calls that she was like I’m trying to get support for this on the I don’t think I’m gonna get it I’m going to get at you didn’t get it you got this part blah blah blah and begin before you know she’s sort of getting crazy parts and just really didn’t see her again she went to my friend’s wedding and it’s over there again and really never seen her kid afterwards and she just started blowing up she got really busy and I think the first thing that I saw her is it that the news like she saw her getting possible that that for games I just remember her from Sin City I think that’s the first movie I wrote I hope receiver Coyote Ugly oh shoot ugly ugly what she did all the bartender chicks that are like Jews in it scripts tripping or whatever and like on top of the bar was she in it I don’t know dude just gonna get soaked out and drink beers with her and now she’s just you would record I would have to really like by seeing her now I would remember me me at Lucca Lounge back in the door late 90s or whatever I would have to say that to her for her to Remember Me pro it’s it brings over you never showed to go with with oh she was in Josie and the Pussycats or rude that was probably 20 years ago ago in love them for the love of basketball yeah sin city was the first movie that I actually saw her act but but but she was great in Daredevil that’s why I really really like oh yeah yeah yeah and then she was in death death I couldn’t make it it the day in the life of a group of teens as they traveled around

New York City skating drinking smoking and flowering flowering Persians fine fine her mind encoding and Chloe’s of eating the pictures of guys wearing a Nuclear Assault sure shirt would you land on I mean on a building it’s just like see-through oh yeah it’s a friends whatever is that acceptable man whoa whoa count do I get my five dollars can I blow up I guess you can’t blow up I can’t turn around did anybody ever make like a destruction mod for there we go for X plane a destruction mind mean yeah we’re like we’re like your plane will blow up if it hits the ground and like that already already doesn’t it I think it does it already bigger it does if you crash your blowout think on it but did they did they ever make it like better or more realistic or anything and nobody ever liked me honestly I played that game from like like when we’re on lockdown that’s what I think I started in April and and I or met at the even later I met the night May June July August and I slept for like 3 months I spent like $1,000 every mods and Ike sheet she just has spent so much money when I gained I never played again thank you very much run that bro bro amazing Landing yeah right or wrong so wrong I wanted to be good but the stand is very hard hard to about about it’s a new TV series series it has to be two seasons at least least he’s got to do one thing you know what it is but I know that it’s very dense that’s what I know right well it’s a two-minute trailers so I’m going to give me two minutes I’m going to need you guys to watch this this game a TV show this is Stephen King Stephen King movie for December the fittest and we’ve been around since like they tease the book and they believe it to eat series miniseries and other nominees so people can watch that to put all likelihood pretty good have you seen him look over thank you

very much appreciate it who’s have palm trees man I don’t know why they can’t make palm trees why is it so hard to make fun for you don’t have to trees and Callie’s got palm trees regular trees here here I guess whack that’s it guys in here it’s guess here what are you talking about about weird weird I’m getting bad frame here PTA ETA that shows pretty fact there’s a lot of talent it looks like the show or HBO series of just a CVS what does can yeah it probably is is Stephen King exactly how this looks good Shawshank Redemption Redemption I tried to take a people of them people in the pool it’s my flat phone off melting I’ll call my guy what happened black Shawn hey what happened after that I did it with it I did it with in this court I didn’t think the plasters you on but I heard her I heard the girls say she was like I think I’m gonna take a picture take pictures of people in the place to be you guys are bad important

for me in about 18 frames right now Jesus did you allow game game by benefind close Chrome in the background that will probably help probably because I have mine open with like 32 and absolutely absolutely oh my sister’s garbage game I think whisper we come here like is nice nice better can’t you’re not streaming in 4k though I think you’re streaming in 1440 are you our know my my phone only goes up to 1440 so maybe if I don’t think it’s 1440 yeah but you know that looks good on this more it looks forked 14th well yeah yeah on his cell phones like 4K yeah basically Kimberly come to shove the phone up against your eyes hi Bob Hope but I do see a flashing light or did to go I’m on the runway right now now maybe it does work let me see traffic now your plane disappeared but I can see your name tag tag guy off and I nameplate never turned a nameplate on well actually well there you go now I see you is there I think it’s about skin color I don’t know why you got that remember that scene that’s good naughty parts or whatever private parts whoa Ingrid inside part I remember a bunch of scenes from that movie

it’s not just that one scene though yeah but that’s like the one thing thing the I find minor about that movie but it’s really good good kill kill kill as you put a white man until until you did the other people’s the skins that are available in the plains and game game like what plane is that next to me I see another planet everything that’s here I don’t think I ever flew in that plane in the plane next to you or behind you Gemini and I know what plane that is she the plane that I’m seeing on my screen is a TBM so you’re so I see that with the Fed Ex 1 but they’re wounded one right be next to you or behind you I know that was not even on my screen it what is that in the game another Cardinals win another Steelers win they can’t keep pushing back these football games I mean they can they can but the Super Bowl champion School the Super Bowl supports going to be a March at least so know the Stanley Cup and the NBA finals were awarded in October so yeah but the NFL the NFL schedules pretty much started at the same time it’s only it’s only like a month later and the thing is the preseason we didn’t even have a pre season this year we skip the preseason we so we save like like four weeks they skipping that so so let me put that pretty much started at the same time as it normally does does I think what they’re doing is they’re having like double games on Mondays they’ll have like a double feature whatever and then they’ll have they’ll push games to Tuesday apparently now because the bills and Titans were supposed to play today but the Titans are having their whole covid tang and so now that got pushed back till Tuesday so we’re going to have an NFL game on a Tuesday for the first time ever and the bills in Kansas City game that was supposed to be this Thursday is getting pushed to Monday next week week crazy what’s up Christopher how you doing the Jets room for the January 2015 yeah they’re terrible holy Dawkins 2015 Cardinals beat the on the Jets anybody Giant Orange was a giant record if I know New York Giants I think the Giants record is garbage to they’re probably like one and four that whole division is up it’s what is a giant the Cowboys the Washington and then only five it’s embarrassing did you the deck Prescott injury yeah his ankle is a compound compound fracture fracture so he’s done for the season bike is literally like literally his ankle bone popped out of his yeah yeah don’t pop out of his skin yeah we got here we got hit hard

Dallas Dallas quarterbacks have a long history of injury injury stupid it I’m so tired he’s girls even comments I like that heart heart heart that to 32 you didn’t watch the video you all those Bots yeah well what’s going on with them another one they wait for love from you you those spots are on a lot of channels you’re not you’re not the only one looking at what can you do to do something about that is really frustrating it’s I don’t know I bleep bleep him but the but yeah a lot of other channels are getting those getting those exact same comments you’re not the only one one like in a way like because a lot of popular YouTubers are getting those comments really totally delete him talk to you man I mean it’s annoying but Bots you can either delete them it doesn’t matter yeah I know I’ve been but it’s just frustrating having to deal with that took another thing I got to do now just tell Mitchell to do it for you you can’t be careful be comments and they might like it might end my video it’s guy writes foof that was a pretty that was a little sketch but time is money and I’m pretty sure people won’t be getting their hands on the 39th until mid-January all and all congrats on the card did you guys see the video I posted when I get the card well I didn’t watch that yet I was mean to you me buying the card and you should just like show me the card and stuff like that that soon I see see you posted nine hours ago yeah tables in nine hours now I see it you didn’t see me it wasn’t I wasn’t on a stream for a while you are because I could because I thought I saw your Call of Duty stream before the video industry industry oh I see it now this is why people resale because people buy it well we don’t between when you don’t wear a brand-new car comes out at 39 T what do you expect it to there’s Thor do this to you to bring new card is you got bought by and all the car guy was out there they make me people like me gonna spend an extra $800 $800 but a card because he wanted that we can do it like unfortunately fortunately I had the money to buy it it it’s what you want want to spend all that money on a car this is my people resale an animal $4.99 if you land on a mountain you’re funny Zuri 499 if you land on the mountains in front of of you I’m done talking that was talking and get said so men well right yeah yeah I got to get off me okay it’s for when I get even close should you be here right now work up in four hours eight you could do that like in five five minutes when weirdo Mountain yeah the mountains that your right where you gonna live anywhere in the what a mountain yeah really man man kills oh well then yeah those sales sales a real circuit we know all right honey you look at it you don’t rip it open you yeah open a nice you

how to put the phone down that’s why you see like the phone was put down on the car and then for like 30 seconds or not even took for me to get my to both of my hands on it did you upload a picture of your gaming rig to or I thought I saw like a notification for that gave me a ring picture no how it was never mind it was I was some other channel video was like next next can we car that happens at 7:30 90s like no no no longer are you be like when it was going to start so basic Sebastian three dining pretty much right what it’s a basic three tiny pretty much right yeah it’s basically an unfortunate unfortunately why is my plane shut down for all right started to go what do you say about a raw and I want to drive straight well they will they come out next year and it’s cheaper one and then why can’t one in the store but then the wrong string is going to be like 1,800 because of the taxes and going to be already more expensive than the normal one you got to hear that that the AMD processor processor if you want to have the best No well last year the released the r-tx 2060 in March and then they release the super line up like a couple of months later late last year yeah yeah 2060 came out in March I think 2019 and then in May or June the same price 26 26 looks like what the dude why why didn’t you guys my long goal we’re here you got this you got this this here we go he does run this game pretty well I detect a hint of sarcasm oh this love me the way I’m landing is that acceptable for me so let me check watching his kite at the park good morning Fred again

Arizona reports nearly 900 additional covid cases yeah someone came into my work today do it again my well thank you very much run that bro bro the preseason donation man really thank you all feel feel and I was like you know I don’t care I don’t know I don’t care those are don’t know nobody’s nobody’s vote is going to change don’t come don’t come into my work and talking about politics politics I’m saying you’re gonna do this or that but everyone knows what they’re going to do something something I would have this old guy oh you’re taking the survey hunt well here my survey I don’t give a about politics is like you feel like you like Hitler that’s a no is it said no I don’t know that I’m good but red hat guess so I was just showing him like of them is bag of I got in his product that he wanted and he was like so do you like do you like Trump or not I like you know I don’t care care that’s what I said I said I don’t know and I don’t care quote unquote to like okay whatever that’s how I feel give me the phone I’m trying to get the feeling of different people for for different ages people are feeling of the man you wasting your time this isn’t something that you do worry about all they care about is a video game movies movies TV shows shows I want to have a good life life well I didn’t say that but I was just like like I said I don’t care I don’t know because he asked me about a bunch of legal questions I said I don’t know and I don’t care he was like okay but it’s still kind of people that bother me that they go deep they go deep into that hole and then they come into my work nobody hey so do you hi thank you this about about now well yeah you hate your cousin’s right I hate what your

president president Oh I don’t have come into my store into my work and they said well you know you hate Donald Trump absolutely I haven’t said anything about him you need to say to hit down Trump even ask me that I’m like listen I don’t hate them I just disagree with what he says Shana Shana yeah sky take it so personally I’m done I know it’s crazy don’t get it man some people write you off as a person if you don’t like a movie they like oh you don’t like Forrest Gump well you can go yourself yeah that’s what people do about politics too oh you don’t like the guy that I like you we can’t be friends like come on that’s what it’s turned into is turn into a sports starting to get into into a sports game it’s like oh well well you wave a flag that you know you see those trucks with I’ve seen trucks drive by with the says shopping 2020 your feelings I’m like what the hell is that about why some 2020 your feelings yeah well well well oh yeah yeah Manimal are we having a good morning why do you ask it so sketchy like that bitch’ll what do you mean just so weird you having a good morning you make it you make it sounds like it sounds like you’re asking somebody if they’re if how’s your drink like somebody roofied they’re because probably like 9 p.m. fan fan tired so I had I see the like that um my accident my promise be tired my apologies it’s okay it’s just funny the way you said it yeah yeah you go check out for guys is into tomorrow no no not tomorrow there’s no okay what does that mean season 2 I know it’s yes I mean you idiot and now known for and I got now these guys wouldn’t have Seasons just like cold doing it seasons are all making money off me why because you’re buying new new skins yeah but you don’t get this Mitchell cause you don’t know you don’t play games you just watch and tell people to products that in the other all right yeah I’m sure you don’t know anything well yeah you think you know ever try to make me look stupid I want to make you look stupid right it’s not for ago games now it’s Fortnight know No wrong it’s mainly for tonight no it’s not only for tonight bro mainly for night it’s mainly all games right

now so now since past few years now and certainly anything that’s a battle royale mode has Seasons but so you’ve got fortnight Modern Warfare during war zone you’ve got Talent you’ve got Apex what are the Manimal is playing last night the very end what was that with Kara rose rose enrolled scroll company broke up the game suck balls Rainbow Six like everything game now has a bunch of seasons I mean by I’m gonna buy Caracol duties like we could play with her cool do because I feel bad like and you know I don’t want to see you play these games that she thinks is good I thought it was not good this game sucks real company it says good for if you don’t have money to buy any other games good yeah but literally I game sucked yes no company look stupid the trailer was it was so it was so slow in bed I mean gets around the around one day but bottom bottom line sucks yeah not Bastion cure it but the game was you know it’s weird it might be a good game to place you know it’s doable the you upgrade your gun you people by blah but come on play it sure wherever begins you could play like that turn the games like that what are you saying there’s tons of games like that feeling I feel aren’t plays E I told her I barked alone the bar yeah yeah what not what it’s called where did she play war zone it’s free it’s better than any other game yeah I think war zone is probably the best like free game that’s like realistic more or less I guess we’re good graphics I think it’s the funnest out of all the Battle For Real that’s oh yeah yeah yeah amazingly pop G I’m going to be Punchy more minutes I don’t know yeah the first time you played war zone you must you must you must one oh yeah I got like third fourth place and forceful my first I’ve never tried them I’ve never tried the battlefield well the what is it called fire fire storm Battlefield my fire storm I never tried that that battlefield the battlefield the game about Battlefield oh my God holy yeah when’s the last time you played a battlefield oh my God I totally forgot about that game game butthole I’ve been kind of having a little bit one day I forgot about that game wow that is hard though I mean I think you should fight some are if you wanted minimum easier I think to both both up there thing they had their both have their things they’re both good because I like both from the be honest battlefields hardcore I was like Battlefield 4 you know like yeah that’ll work like group by far well Phil one with that the last one right Battlefield one was the last one nope Battlefield 5 well I don’t feel one was World War One and then Battlefield 5 is World War Two what’s it wasn’t there like a battlefield one recently oh no or am I wrong yeah it’s called battlefield 1 and it came out like in 2016 or something and it was no the other other one there’s a Battlefield what was it yeah I just had an update on Epic it was Battlefield one I think was that the more next fairly new one the newest one is Battlefield 5 5 which one do I have an epic that 5 you know look you see here hold on I’m loading up it which one do I I’m just want to see which one I have on an epic the I know I put it on I put it on a PC because I want a better graphics and in the other one so I have

I don’t have it go ahead of here anyway I thought I had it all I guess I don’t have it oh yeah the me what you want to origin right in origin origin game yeah it is an origin game right what do you want to say Mitchell I was like what’s your opinion on them doing Need for Speed Hartford Need for Speed art was it the new yeah Neva Neva Speed Hot Pursuit remastered what do you think Need for Speed Hot Pursuit I mean the five battlefield for iOS Battlefield 5 wow yeah you know yeah yeah yeah haven’t played it that long I forgot what battle for the was wow that’s crazy well could ya know current current course so you want me to upgrade my game what’s already a crazy game I know colonel upgraded for what this is upgraded game for no Ed no current course and together I think I have Battlefield an Xbox to everyone everyone both I think fry the 4K and 4K Battlefield yeah are you yeah are you going are you going to redownload Battlefield I have it on my own own maxbox are you going to redownload it on PC I mean well I have it here too it says play but it says upgrade at your upgrade your game at no guys are close so I don’t know what that what is a upgrading I mean let me see what to do here I click on upgrade now hey Madam will you don’t look too addition what’s your to edition I don’t know years probably of the game did you hear that edition well yeah the thing about Rambo from World covered 11 I saw on Twitter like you know that you know que no rainbow won’t be a really an actually a gun gun character he really liked me and I liked not fully but he’s here but he’s going to be fully he’s gonna be like a knife and bow and arrow character what what but like you know but he’s uses guns probably be like this fatal blow was fatality but he’s gonna be mainly knife and bow and arrow Rambo you know could you know the crew can hear this too many you know already could they added new oriented to many new gun characters like Tony what’s up unknown blue I don’t remember your name I don’t remember you so how you doing like what character yeah what do you mean no one’s going to be in it to be in it oh yeah before his fellow boy was fatality but it’s just quick you know I got all the other characters yeah yeah yeah – bow and arrow character like pretty still going to use his gun but probably like maybe like a fatal blow or fatality fatality because so often what the funny thing on 12 of my rings what’s up I remember you are you doing man like Miss Moore combat one of the character come on anyway raining see look and see what’s up man it’s all stops what are you doing what are you showing me just put it in the manager see you soon see look this what am I gonna do to find the Fourier play I can play Madden 21 on PC well if if dr. Graham does Rambo use guns the whole time he’s warning wanted the knife I mean

the reindeer Eisen 9 yeah the rise of 950 900 XT t that’s no that’s the that’s that’s not the newest one the newest one coming out is the one that you want to get is the 5950 X X the processor core 32 thread super processor that will murder anything you throw at it it so Michael flights lights except for flights and because it’s not optimized yes yes the top you didn’t 29 29 trying to collect yeah we’re squadrons on EA Origin and just as well that didn’t go as planned we weren’t able to find what you were looking for the yeah morons anyway yeah you do this thing where somebody just go yeah anyway forget it it you can say it but well it’s happening long video but the Jaguar xj220 wait wait a minute please don’t don’t take the the Jaguar xj220 you know you’re not a fan of it man Manimal – I love it coz you added me me it’s one of those Horizon The Horizon Horizon to Horizon the biggest one I have here for the rise in is the 3900 yeah the new ones don’t come out until I think it’s not out yet yeah like November 20th November November 5th November 5 is when they come to other Rudy I think Gia Rod is dead yes need your O2 good night Vincent night unknown good night Manuel good night all you guys I’m going to dip out too to me let me good night night later date later Manimal later the job man man greater Geor I PG o night Mitchell White very body thanks for watching this stream I’ll see you guys tomorrow I appreciate it all right now you take it easy bro now you there well hey all right Dave Mitchell good night bro Mitchell’s gone to all right I’m gonna of what later guys guys good night everybody is drinking night guys just apiece let’s see you guys tomorrow bye bye this grab my stuff stuff

isn’t that I I don’t

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