Time for a snack (Theme music) Apple! Apple Apple That’s how we slice an apple # Theme music SONG: # Welcome to LazyTown It’s a start of a brand-new day # Things are upside down Here in LazyTown # Adventure’s just a moment away. # Given the time of day and lane conditions, I calculate that if you put a spin angle of 75 on it, with a speed of five feet per second, you will bowl a strike every time You can’t calculate genius No way on a computer A little to the left A little to the left Yes! KIDS: Yeah! Yeah! What’s this? I can never get any rest in this town Oh, it’s those kids Playing games. Full of energy How do they do it? Oh, it’s the SportsCandy I have to get rid of it I wonder what’s happening in LazyTown Door! DOOR: Door opening It really is a lot of work getting rid of all the SportsCandy Here’s the last one Oh, no. This is the last one Can’t wait to go camping Do you think we’ll find a butterfly? Oh, Mr Rotten Oh, hi, Robbie Hello, pink girl Hello Hello, uncle Robbie, what are you doing? I’m just relaxing But enough about me What about you? Why aren’t you playing with the other kids? Oh, me and Uncle Milford are going butterfly watching We’re going out of town on an annual camping trip Hop on, Stephanie Oh. OK. Bye Bye-bye And don’t hurry back Now there are two less noisy people in LazyTown. (Laughs) Now to get rid of all the SportsCandy Hi, Robbie What are you doing with all that SportsCandy? Er, funny you ask I was I mean, I was Oh, I was going to bring it to you Really? Yes. It’s for you So you’ll have plenty of energy and you will never be lazy Thank you. It’s always good to have plenty of SportsCandy That’s what I always say Hmm, not Let me show you again ALL: Come on. Come on Come on, Stingy Bowl a strike Come on, Stingy If I can’t get rid of all the SportsCandy I’m going to do the best thing in the world Absolutely nothing It’s got to have a lot of spin Give that to me OK. Very precise Try again OK. Let’s do this Let’s do it A little to the left You may now reset my pins OK. I got it

I forgot about them What is it with those kids? I must put a stop to this Oh Almost ready If I try to stop them, Sportafloppy – beep, beep, beep – will come and save the day Oh, I used to be the tent master of my Lazy scout group Really? Yes I will show you exactly how to put this tent up The best way to put up a tent is from the inside out Now…oh, my But, uh Oh, no. Uncle Milford Who turned out the lights? Help! (Belt beeps) Someone’s in trouble Oh, no Is Sportacus leaving town as well? Perfect. That means I can make LazyTown lazy again! Ha, ha. To the lair Help! Sportacus Are you OK? Thank you, Sportacus You’re welcome Do you need help to put up the tent? Oh, yes I think you might need this Oh, yeah You need one of those? OK. You do this Put it over here How’s it going, Sportacus? And now it’s all done Thanks. Wow I just need a master plan If I could only find a magic wand or something KIDS: Stingy, you bowled a strike I was perfect Now I want to play some volleyball ALL: Yeah, volleyball (Kids all echo) See? Hocus pocus, bing Bing KIDS: Ha, ha. Look at me I’m great at volleyball It doesn’t work If I could only find a real magic wand (Chair squeaks) What? What’s this? A book of magic spells and a wand ‘How to make everyone lazy.’ Ha, ha. Perfect Now I just have to look like this guy It’s disguise time # I only have to make a little simple recipe # Easy Like spelling A, C, B # A, B, C, whatever # The outcome will be absolutely crazy # Everyone will finally be lazy. # ALL: # Hey, we play # We’re going to move today # Get up and have some fun Games are for everyone # Jump And run # Hey, we play # We’re going to move in LazyTown today # Where was I? Ah # Now to find ingredients to put into the mix # According to my recipe I only need six # At last my life will be amazing # Everyone will finally be lazy # Hey, we play # We’re going to move today # Get up and have some fun # Games are for everyone # Jump And run # Hey, we play # We’re going to move in LazyTown today # Na, na, na, nah, na, na # Na, na, na, nah, na, na. # Wooh Now. The last thing I need for the potion is a sunflower Well, let’s see, I have sunflowers Ah. There’s a sunflower Oh, what a beautiful sunflower Ready for the thunder serve? Alright Come on, Stingy. Go already Trixie, don’t interrupt genius (Groans) BOTH: Serve, Stingy We want to play (All cheer)

Oh, we’ll get the next one Yeah. Oh The kids are still playing Now I can make them lazy Hey, let’s see if this works (Talks backwards) (Kids all talk at once) Hi, Robbie (Talks backwards) What? (Talks backwards) What? What language is that? This is not normal I have to try this again Poor Robbie Robbie. Come on let’s play Let’s play Go. Serve What did go wrong this time? I did put everything in this I did the frog snot, the lizard breath, the cobweb, the drool from dinosaur and the spider teardrop, and – ah-ha! The sunflower This is not a sunflower This is not a sunflower (Wind whooshes) Oh, whoa. Oh that must be a sunflower Now I have the right potion Ha. Let’s do it Nice job, Stingy This time it must work Oh, what? It doesn’t work What? What? Not again (Ripping sound) Ouch Wow Wow. He’s really active He must have eaten a lot of SportsCandy He’s almost as active as Sportacus This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen What is he doing? I have no idea Is Robbie doing push-ups? Good morning Wow More What? Somebody make this stop That didn’t work Maybe Robbie just wants to be active What else can we play? Boxcar racing KIDS: Yeah! OK. One more time (Mumbles) Let’s see What am I doing wrong? Uh, I’m ready Oh, Miss Busybody Yes? Yes? Could you maybe help us start the race? Oh, yes. Of course OK OK. Ready Ready. Steady. Go (Kids cheer and shout) A little bit left Good job I’m getting ahead Pixel, let’s do this Go, go Go, go, go There’s the finish Don’t give up. We’re approaching the finish (All shout at once) Yes. We’re going to make it (All cheer) Those children, always playing Maybe I got the sunflower wrong Let’s see What does a sunflower look like? Well, here’s a picture of a sunflower but where can I find one? Aha. There’s a sunflower Of course it’s a sunflower (Sneezes) Now that’s a sunflower Whoa Back it up I got it. I got it Now let’s do this for real (Laughs) (Laughs) Yes!

(Cheers) (Sighs) It’s so pretty I love polishing my car What’s next? Let’s play hopscotch Or we could jump rope (All gasp) Yes! Yes! (Snores) I’m feeling rather lazy Actually I don’t really feel like hopscotch today I’m feeling kind of lazy Yeah Sportacus, it’s over here Come take a look Wow. It’s beautiful (Crystal beeps) Someone’s in trouble I got to go. Come on I’m right behind you Oh! Me too (Mumbles) (Bell rings) Bicycle You check by the tree house Got it Mayor! You get Bessie Yes, of course OK Hi, kids Hey, Sportacus Hi, Sportacus What’s the matter? Why aren’t you playing? Because we don’t want to Don’t really feel like doing anything They’re lazy There’s something strange going on Yeah, I’m not feeling like doing much of anything (Robbie snores) Uh? ‘How to make everyone lazy.’ Excuse me What? Who are you? And why are you here? I’m too lazy to answer the questions Too lazy! (Phones beep and chime) Sportacus! Stephanie! I found a wizard in LazyTown I think he’s cast a spell to make everyone lazy I knew something was wrong All the kids are lazy as well Is there a way to reverse the spell? I’ll check To reverse the spell you have to make a super SportsCandy potion That’s it Too lazy This is so good Sportacus! We’re going to need plenty of SportsCandy I know how to get it Get ready for a special delivery Got it Paddle! Huh! SportsCandy! Hi, Sportacus Hi, Stephanie I made the super SportsCandy potion We need to get it to everybody in LazyTown Let’s do it OK Remember, we have to get it to everybody I’ll do that I’m coming to save you (Gasps) (Mumbles) What? Why did you do that?

Because you were being lazy I want to be lazy I want everybody to be lazy She got my book Give me back my book, my dear No. You’re not going to get your book back if you’re just going to make everyone lazy again Give me back my book! No! That’s my book. Give it back Give it to me I’m almost there Huh? What? Huh Are you alright? Oh, yeah What happened? A wizard cast a spell and made you all lazy BOTH: What? Stephanie’s with him. Let’s go OK Come on, you guys What just happened? Oh, Milford Miss Busybody, hop on, there’s trouble in LazyTown Trouble! No. Come on. I need it (Both groan and moan) ALL: Robbie Rotten! (All sigh) That guy! Can’t you people be lazy one day? KIDS: No It’s not going to happen Does this mean we can go back to our games? Come on, let’s play KIDS: Yeah. Let’s do it (Kids all laugh) # Bing bang diggiriggi dong Funny words I sing # When I am dancing Dancing, dancing # Bing bang diggiriggi dong Silly words that can mean anything # Get on up It’s time to dance, yeah # It’s so much fun being up on our feet # So we go up, up, do the jump # Move around and clap your hands together # Together, together # Down, down, turn around Having fun is what it’s all about. # (Kids cheer and laugh) (Moans and groans) These spells are useless (Wand rings) Oh, no (Growls) Captions by CSI Australia

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