is there actual bones in there really though there is somebody in there in front of me like i don’t know what the heck it is What is up fam welcome to another adventure with your boy omar today i have a special friend that invited us To do an overnight challenge at, his family’s place is an abandoned amusement Park, his name is dan wellington a lot of you know him as sons of arkham franks i’ll leave a link To his channel below he sells a really neat device that does this today we’re gonna explore this amusement park i hear that it is haunted there’s a story of a lifeguard Dying here within the nineteenth early 90s and that’s how long this place has been closed down in october they do an event called scottie scare trail you could come here and check it out it’s really really busy and it’s really really awesome but anyways we got this whole park to ourselves we’re gonna start exploring we’re gonna split up here and a little bit and Yes, i do have walkie-talkies especially for this guy right here because he gets lost a lot all right so james got up there to do his intro and i’m thinking he’s really regretting being up there now i Mean he doesn’t even care because his butt crack is showing, so hardcore right now in fact that’s probably the only thing gripping that rollercoaster yo this is cool this looks like maybe one of the things from the ferris wheel Back there i’m going, to show you that here in a second but Here is where they used to have the bumper cars i’m going, to show you this first this looks pretty awesome i think they turned it into a haunted attraction this is an old retro amusement park i mean it’s really really cool Opened up in the 70s it was really really popular in the 80s it’s also known as the scotty marshalls but now it’s known as the scotty’s scare trail and you could come in october and check this place out for yourself there’s really neat trail and it’s about a half an hour to walk all the way through people scare the crap out of you and they also have these really cool Haunted house mazes and we’re gonna go through a couple of them oh? look i didn’t know that the actual bumper cars were still in here what I’m gonna be 100% alone so you might see something might hear something they say this place is haunted by a lifeguard that was killed here on accident not sure how 100% true that is but that’s probably why this place closed down maybe insurance there’s also tales of a kid they got hurt here and they sued the place there was another waterpark that i’ve been to before i made a video ad but yeah someone got hurt at the waterpark and cleaned these people out and place sat vacant for many years after whoa Yo that’s trippy I want to come back here in october and see how this place is i’m sure it’s really cool What the heck? boy that’s really weird that that moved on its own and nothing else moved just made a lot of noise too kind of creep me out We did get special permission to be here if you’re in the san diego area and you come here you will be arrested they got

cameras everywhere this place is under heavy surveillance and you don’t want to get Busted here just wait till they start opening it up if i were you i’ll go over to the sons of arkham frank’s channel and? let them know like hey i want to visit this park maybe they’ll give you an exclusive pass like they did me We’re gonna go check out the clown area yeah if there’s any activity it might be in the pool area from what i was told So we’re gonna go check that out i know that there’s a giant waterslide here too okay there’s the ferris wheel Right over there it’s clown town they also do like some haunted mazes here – oh look camera right there see cameras everywhere here and they are infrared they will spot you okay this is pretty cool you, know i wonder if some of this still works like if they were to turn these machines on maybe not i don’t know not sure what’s over here But you could see some ladders there, like people were jumping the fence Or is this a part of the okay that’s like a construction site i think they were doing something over there oh? i am nowhere near you right now And and drew is right next to me right now i just ran into him Nope wasn’t me i’m really far away from the bumper cars actually where i was at in the bumper car area one of the bag thingies like it just started lifting up on its own i thought it was wind at first but there was no wind at all and the other ones weren’t moving it was just one of them What’s funny is it had eyes to like it had like a cutout for eyes yeah, alright be safe if you need me i’m here See there’s drew right over there and Yeah, the bumper car thing is way over there alright let’s go into clown town ooo what’s in here all right nevermind Oh, look that’s another maze over there wow they had a lot of mazes here wow this place must be awesome alright we’re gonna go ahead and start exploring clown town dan told me that this building right here was actually an Arcade and they used to do carnival games there was a movie filmed here and there’s a couple of videos on youtube? I encourage you to check it out because i love when i visit an abandoned place or a haunted place and There’s footage of the place like running you know where there was people here and people really happy in even though i love the abandoned beauty like i love seeing what a place was like you know beforehand and that’s what this is here like this was an open arcade area and they used to do carnival games right outside i think like right out here ooo i see you this is really neat oh, no way this is awesome oh cool Dude this reminds me of killer clowns from outer space where they used to do the cotton candy cocoons what, ahh this is so cool if you have never watched killer clowns from outer space check it out really awesome movie from the 1980s i’m an 80s kid early 90s kid and i could definitely appreciate those kind of movies it was probably one of the scariest movies to me as a kid because i kind of hated clowns now when i watched that movie because movies come up a lot since then it’s actually really really funny it’s i mean they used to have these guns where they would shoot popcorn at people and Forgot what the popcorn would do to the people i think that’s what turned them into the cocoons, i’m not sure but really good really really funny and spooky kind of movie killer clowns from outer space check it out you will see something similar to that where the people were wrapped up in these cocoons and there were cotton candy

it’s funny too because like the alien spaceship that these killer clowns came from is like a circus type Ufo and you go in and but it’s like kind of evil and weird at the same time i’m not sure if there’s anything else Hello? see what’s over here how many butts you think sat on that, gonna add one more butt to that list okay what a neat place now this area right here was all completely open and that’s where people would play their carnival games you know where you could win like teddy bears and things like that I’m not, too sure what that is there in the middle maybe it was just kind of like a display cool display here’s that old roller coaster when that james got stuck on earlier he went right up there not sure if this is where the little kid got hurt really curious oh what is that glowing think there’s an animal over there could be wrong oh, disappeared (Oh, hey omar.) i gotta push this button (Blind savage to gimme kiss over?) give me kiss here (Uh i’m in this maze right now bro, and I just seen this thing like literally move in front of me like I don’t know what the heck it is but it is a- *screams*) blind savage what happened? All right I think james is in trouble Blind savage do you copy? bro oh my god man oh freaking he got me good man somebody got you I’m in the maze and I saw something move and it freaked my the hell out.. and I go around the corner and freaking Drew pops out right as I’m talking to you on the walkie talkie did you hear me scream? yes, i got you screaming that was hilarious i was scared though I didn’t copy that I was scared though Oh damn, well he scared the hell out of me for sure… well be safe man they got this cool little trail here yeah, the guys are messing with james over there see them right over there woah, what was that? You ever make it back where the lifeguard died? no, that was gonna be my last place to go. oh yeah me too bro this is, it is very hard to get back here I don’t know how you’re going to find it by yourself i thought the lifeguard died in the pool area alright I’m gonna try to go towards you

we had to go through a lot of like bushes and hills to get up here i might skip out on seeing the water slide ain’t gonna lie I think those are not coffee beans i’m a little spooked out right now wonder where this bridge goes off the heck was that? also this doesn’t go this is not safe at all oh oh My gosh so this is the pool area I’m thinking this is where the lifeguard died you could actually see the old lifeguard chair right there Let’s go get a closer look it’s so cool this was like a waterpark go car park amusement park really thought there was somebody in there that was weird don’t fall in the pool okay i’m not going that way bad idea But yeah there’s a lifeguard chair old school there’s a pool here something i’m guessing that’s where it was or the hole is right here i Don’t want to go that way though cool there’s an old concession area it’s the old fountain drink setup here oh they still got the refrigerators was okay i hope that’s not a router i will be running out of here I hear something but i don’t see anything anybody want some ten-year-old pizza all right that kind of scare me more likely the wind kind of blew it down that must have been for beer let’s see what’s in here it’s where the kegs would go neat-o here’s the bathroom and little mini tootsie rolls cool No thank you That one was so bad that they had to cover it haunted bathroom at 3m this must have been just changing areas right here it’s not really bathrooms but people would come over here and put their swim trunks on Maybe do other things too like underage kids smoking oh gosh it’s you scared the crap out of me man! Now he’s not gonna respond Guess they’re alone so i’m guessing they had go-karts here so i see a lot of them Oh, no way thinking this was an old merry-go-round

whoa dan did tell me that a few times they’ve had to like shoe off rattlesnakes and stuff it is a little cold out but only thing i’m afraid of is when we go into like some of these buildings and open up some doors we might encounter one i hope not this looks like an old storage room it’s a little warm in here so, snakes could be in here… I sure hope not Oh, wait a minute there’s an old cash register wow cool maybe this was a concession stand taking that’s what this was and then it just got turned into a storage area Here’s a trail right here ooo this trail got covered up here i’ll see you guys This is pretty awesome got like this graveyard here i assume it’s fake whoa what the heck is their actual bones in there woah Oh, this is just probably set up for halloween wow that’s so cool okay i heard something in here Let’s go get a closer look gimme kiss What the hell is back there Guys, there’s like i don’t know there’s like something moving over here look no there’s something back there yeah i don’t know but this is just moving like crazy look it’s still moving there’s like something big in the bushes back there hey at least its dug up for you yeah just dug yourself in a hole i’m gonna start letting you go i Appreciate you coming on this journey with me to this really cool abandoned amusement park full of history if you’ve seen or heard anything? let me know in the comments here i would love, to see So if you see any cool comments and you can confirm that it’s some creepy Give it a thumbs up on the comment also make sure to like this video i have a really cool vlog channel too if you Didn’t know i upload just about every day, so if you wanna get to know me a little bit better know more about me and maybe just enjoy yourself and have more fun be a fam join that channel want to give a really big shout out to my boy dan for sharing this cool place with us Shout, out to his family too i will leave a link To their website Make sure to go to his channel show them some love let them know that the fam is here for them i gotta go but before you leave gimme kiss

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