Yellow ones, and as we are back at with some of the the 20 career mode game play with took none other than Grimsby Town Mrs Season seven in charge, at to be end o and it on 7771 points at Liverpool had got them in mid air in fourth place Grimsby Town 70 points at the moment Wesley I’ll were bald one enough to try and finish in the champions league spot at Oregon be trying to do this season he got arsenal hot on now he’ll stay on 68. meant I refer back is at spurs in six place le Asian scrap Burnley look more or less down having only won one game all season attack goal difference -75 got a hell after dinne above it past you points out Yevgeny tie the Bombay tight at the top of the table as well credulity and are outside of the scree game Dublin by playing on the list light streamed gonna be an away game against arsenals not gonna be this one are to win but let’s have a look at the team I think Mr. Trolley th the end of season so as not 1,000,000,000 or I can do about that but hopefully we can get quite the money for him at think he’s so we should build a squeeze quite a bit of money at him when he does decide to leave at the end of season start next season we are of course in charge of England as well so we’ll see how egos I think issue might be a world cup year I’m assuming England a layer of us ever deal as the ski stray into it first came on stream away from home against arsenal , Leeds Office, tough one arm but you begin a child left you know we were we we’d been on good form recently are selling the last light streams I mean by word to frustrate in the last game accla it was by no means her plain sailing out for us in that game hopefully to a stream can go on as well if not better than last str are the semis only eight games left to go this season in the premier league is that the emirate’s and all of its Glory their yet on Mondays hoping that we can earns carry on carry on winning really secure dear the final champions league spot or be even into third place in he goes arsenal buses busy town match Craig number 31 here in the premier league this season such as the bass playing at two by two birds been a sensational signing for us this season mind ago trial or just be a bit pensioner century Bass not too sure all I Care eight gaffe order was it look like him by Daimler be like lorries car ponytails therefore is larger and not easy up but there we don’t give that she died in eyes Greenwood is Greenwood governing the former ironside bigger the first goal of this came as a just about to dig up band like an desert defensive abilities only four level four this s you look at that so simple ball angry Matisse losses of his left foot off at 17 goals 19 goals and a premier league for Mason Gr walked bases and he is having the young Feller but we signed a few seasons ago in January good start here the other is the way from home one nil already against an arsenal side adjustable arsenide table fantastic defend their arsenal fans open a bit concerned already in this bands Delaware eight or Assisi easy Carreras, as it , down please asset be the easy easy does it lads

to go over to care about green lead is there again I’ll Monet Greenwood what is going on with your is guys 90 Venice to any of goals or four good Aunt Emily you can already hear close around the emeralds completely stunned by what they’re seeing it fantastic run upon club ryle and mas by arsenal goalkeeper not sure who is in goal for arsenal maybe he’s still by Leno but Berger said he had got Van Dyck is wider back so are known, was going on for us, maman but we had to know what we are not gonna reader to go century battered over a long shot towards the van and a catholic say that doesn’t alright, knowing goal by then and is we’ve been good punch good punch from the arsenal goalkeeper Oliver century basses their althusser blocker an egg is out for yet another corner all at over disaster maxim right out witted in toll century bass long before receiving just gets up and just missed prices jumped maybe it’s just under the bald for R Argos 82 off already is fantastic here gonna be connotation living out and anything stupid and committeeman MM forward work well defensively and just like that had Raul I keep singing his praises about how he loves to get back and defend it always always does a divx she’s their sound over the top we’re all goalkeeper or maybe just got touch on that yes goalkeeper did for four regional really known for his goalscoring prowess on nothing team avenue scored one or two goals for us this season soaked arms to the it had preached with a speculative after almost almost schools thereabouts forces the goalkeeper in two making a fin what you’re doing what you doin’ what you doin’ what you’re doing what you doi’ what you’re doing Guerrero the toreros there would save coal mine year bloke as a going man’s our hope you’ve had a good Sunday eight guar Waller interception eyes again club while Cabal just hi the guy it guy is always there working back defensively helping his team mates are common to stay on a stand for eager a mandate airline pilot, by the man assigned will have Allies you don’t like a Morgan of Morgan and judges for being busy may spine man’s I been busy as well I’m always busy apart from are not busy obviously but you could see background to the all also scored against authority and its may soon be were taken up both goals in the first of as things stand we will be solidify now placed in fourth position a thing or two points ahead of arsenal at the moment to five p and the foreign eight in that final champions league spot after I think the matter crucial qualification stage armed but you wil all coup birkett, majesty offside there is just a sign of saint I think he just outside yes all it was a side definitely looked like he was a sidebar almost timed it goal come armies quite why not aware of that your team on 30 MIL World Cup game and use called for a goal by and against the bes you scored of fawley goal in the 13 way 13 year when he is against the best team 13 united esteem while dashed after lazing do

guy’s and saint your team I mean winning 13 there was just fantastic makes corner goals, follies even better I just watched by S burns game against our ideas man city and he had had a debut goal for Stephen Breyer wind was him saying it had been Tessa ball down follies its first time passed and so on and a year spar is already thoroughly deserved at victor in that game rain word world easier than arsenal 12 between two burnt an Greenwood grimma picks up his third goal in the sauna hat trick 21 g is a rocket of a shot with his right foot to enter angles and premier league they’re just can’t come up and on the upon screen there an aircraft secure facing the best team in in holding that may you’ve got this man you got widely seen such as the best become a beard and injury that’s not the enemy masonry murders and released on this showing in this on his day he opted charge good touch Stephane Komansky, lies to go or is looking century messages wasn’t there fish Ma stationed eight did I hoped you are could you win in your next game in the c am sure you can I am sure he cannot eat like a stadium bit anyone 13 Ortiz Stephanie have a chance or is a fantastic taller over to cap a on the far side good block don’t all almost almost a wasn’t such a good block there for M drummer do area overhead kick volley there were luckily wasn’t to be what you’re doing century bassey that’s why he doesn’t feel like a 91 late strike and sometimes on sieges doesn’t he just doesn’t work, Paula, Paula, board of a to Z of a tutor or urine classic keep the ball keep the ball lads keep the ball century battle again there bars are going to eight him from ago I say that we are freely all up but we still wanna get more goals of course we doing a to s we will be going even more points clear of anything they are two points behind us at starts game doing too much of it again or century bass unlucky defending it’s a block in their last and try and a break us down the counterattack we are doing everything we can to try at an keep a clean sheerness wanna be fantastic if we cared to keep up the clean sheets per man retract his man on the far side mar a push it around past the outside of the near post after making a couple of changes now the reader who read only got 2 minutes left here and at times didn’t away Galloway good punch good punch good punch assets are one lucky unlucky or no no no no we’ve been done by Lee got two tearing apart in the her body underline their body online Pereira, downs them panic after doing on best ever go three nil way from home against arsenal at the emeralds masonry and would take another match ball three and thre three nil win by five points clear of arsenal who are in fourth place of the window and fifth place sorry will you stay in fourt would undermine to undermine too much inner lives today minimums that we’d need to achieve our win it again into a chapters export so therefore wouldn’t

go as a breathtaking performance on a slate are all well scene was Co.s I mean given more credit you know given credit for the played well but not not not as well as we have been playing we won again in or there’s absolutely no stopping us absolutely must other sites I naturally I don’t know how many games you’ve gone ambient but definitely deathly quiet more games ambient to enter races 61,000,000 or more in already keep him in ages, and to be like competing for Stein position a minimum a small both 70 your 84 rated now a mighty put Patrick Bailey in training just to try and increase his ability as much as rich and can you see the premier league Grimsby he use if you must have drawn cinema style lost a game there was only nine points MM menu night must once a let’s get ba without winner of our somebody go five points clear of arsenal insists and is supposed close the gap soissons to just two points as well looking down at Emily table pony Aston villa stoke still keep it to Bonn three positions in the premier league served by Sally is a salary as we are by going strong with we were in fourth place par R. Preston, most on ago she aim eight give me your give me 150,000,000 for us kids and you can add them all my god unknown area where I would not been billed as a to are proposing the chance to see give me 150,000,000 pound an angel’s R Y remove the second clause give me a K1251 25 and you can have it a oil or coal mine gosh look at that adjust our Patrick Bailey for 125,000,000 pounds at Sinn Fein we’ve got we’ve got her because so much talent at the right mix right wing position I don’t even mind put it after four A them Y that’s assets disgusting right that is in saint all my gosh I could not believe but it’s all about players wanting to and from office it’s not as window you assert that money won’t come in so maybe it may be all come in at the start of next season and tha MM if we did have a connection on June 25 1,000,000 eyesore ultimate destiny make some big transfers and SIMEX he’s missed that’ picture is trestles and start next season or might or might 125,000,000 years are coming our way he Evening News and 87 rated the young quite wingers sewn into bayern Munich a company that orphan we pick up the winning missing game against crystal palace as well Carrillo angry migraine would comes after the dangerous 52nd crystal palace and down at 10 men but Aston same drum is that some players to select season yeah man for sure to sure I can say you mean an are now much money I’ll have depends on for a it is this seasoned and winters would not gonna get any playing in the manner money that we should be getting on could when the money comes in because the air week in either have 125,000,000 or what it feels like all have is a wobble end up having something like 100 or to 50,000,000 or something like that so on hoping on plus whatever else money but the teams are to give us who have he got in there in here begun of Wilson’s recover from it wasn’t in here

although we don’t play with well let’s back Ciskei we need him in him and again in our guys so 18 is also the raiders same as Phillips I think as well or my looking for looking for less mid Conoco man in a is December he’s not like a good backup option don’t know what else am ready looking for rent a decent addiction centre back a good Argonaut why it you’re gay Nancy with me mate you displayed in the last game weighed in annoyed the Southampton, not you are playing this one as well still five points clear of arsenal which is good year d tiles are going amen real 4.9 the point man city 7. still behind main item only 1. behind Liverpool in the premier league this season so going good for sure is the to be going b less which up the team a little bit more Davis’s after 87, been tweaked into the actions gonna change sister can am bring in the ensuing race and Greenwood conduct toppe were legally on the pitch just that just to give a bit more game times make sure he’s happy reverse Gormley by a falling to lose another right wing white meat position at the moment during a bearish man’s as good as was good to hear the about to become lost a bench scores in the a third minute almost a is a b hopefully hope it’s not too bad to fill foreign fourth ratios sailor man CME man seen a game in hand wonderful John.by ahead of them join on points are only six points were made in I’m a night must have lost a game before restores are many men must have drawn Albania’s installed at a bay near the to and Internet 1,000,000 of 106,000,000 will be allocate a chance to budget since Patrick Bayly moves when th we are ideally 106,000,000 so Mr. Paul does that ring is out about seven days which is always resisted by gunmen are worse is not great, could not worse oa honor subordinate a summer that money away from it which is gonna start grander got over everything Armand Du had well I hope you’re feeling, very soon learns to epsom races kamara squad Mason walking coming Bailey you’d Snoddy another game we are gonna be playing this one room played a game in energy in a couple again circle play this one are let’s kick and act on the pitch rarer on the pitch as well as some races in June so he knew to drop down there to debenture single been aren’t sure Lee Bailey you’re you’re not you’re not to blow could working, so persona for would guess that would either that or living at that signing can after eight after were quick look at him now but he still alive again I don’t know and like all players are alive still wore actually in the game were arrested outside polling after it doesn’t work you all that’s our assessment EM that’s why do is come after a Maxine am getting lexeme cannot take I don’t know this, sucker generate tie up what walker Martineau you’re talking about Leon Bailey could be a good shout loans Leon Bailey to be good brand name penalty I don’t know it Jimmy Ibrahim ER, at settings all will all fall and the the a locate it that 88 leyton aback by only 50,000,000 I keep an eye on him clocking, Colin Fisher or even his early carefully seems like a decent signing Bailey listener to Bailey them buyer is Patrick greatly partly on bail even although not all be on Baillie beyond A war radar

for some good suggestions already assay we are scenery waiting in ~ chance winner two to perhaps do summer’s deals but if we can Glasgow in a game against Chelsea now the early on basal decent I mean that publicity for next season as well hopefully them if we stay on course will be in the champions league so we bought one by as much squad X as possible basically in order to you know I don’t know what an award and I expect us to do image and as a guest in a Ford escorts to gather grant Smith Ferrari emulator Lac De Mille Smith wrote his attitude is that arsenal at that the guns and other customers game what you’re doing our my god giving away wires that wacko for lower that was almost a catastrophe at the white Cadillac Z instead on at blouse almost catastrophic yeah have her up and all our led all that is adding think they’re gonna get level or I got Oregon Lines are all too good players were freebies wise in why you got to the players are free agents but rather it is that a case in trustour 83 agents part the way to go and I said that so many times like it takes a couple of seasons after a couple of seasons are free agents especially when you like a really bad club need anot , so ERM once he gets a minor we had randomly generated players are being added into the MIC MX even better reckless eight that as a free Edison where Osama free agents parts and classic in alike this Leon again you can still find some good spirit free agents will be good for your R R Berger long bones Suarez good interception then you’re making the wrong while everyone has a number seven mace or you’re making the wrong run that was not well money due to be have one stay on them down and come inside a browse dead or defences were course or my got all my gosh all my gosh Morrissey’s is ayrshire benefit from honors graduates net may might basically basically after eyes are much the case very much a case I would realise you mean Rodrigo De striker from blame CID me like would Rio De young Brazilian guide for the Madrid tavernas what you’re doing it guard Sanchez the that’s how you 91 rate on sorry I’m sorry made eddystone at the use him a sectors perform a bid stone at the u it was a sight of march dare we got thank god or my gosh be was well offside Gaelic attack come on when offside and a question about the all Wales are celebrating that answer that I must also be described torn to shreds by Chelsea Baja have all the gaa that is all my gosh Greenwood Carries on with his goalscoring here scored acted as low as game against Assad Harris he’s got two ways got this one in the first RR they’re all my god and an anodyne at that through ball through to him was fantastically customer is right for the part con ge

season not sure how dear goal and their races going out in Gabrielle Jesus are still on top of the table in terms of that was a year fan net asset goal that was from Grimsby Town Mason Greenwood adding to his own premier league goal tally this season English powerhouse their within a sick about about bombing forward cuts back looking for support century best RKSR gets very good and very important and on that to keep you out of range promising Greenwood he was coming in at the far post their pop out on we go we don’t we doing for more you doing send an online don’t let him go and do you know that rod done baby not the cleanest of challenges but we’ll take it about about order runs acid, down just keep hold of the ball don’t do anything stupid with it beggars are some whistle agility can get good player from a release clause you a year you have I got a goal by keeper league and are tackles this had to borrow both from release clauses it’s always good when you fi who has a release clause just surety covenant signed a new contract recently it so you do in their luck as a tackle such a clear just as showed there are good deals out there eat after know we’re looking for R century bass unlucky to go numb platforms play on the far side now opposite side of the pitch in its second last stand a mistrial a key part of Mr. U there recently called up in an international Sam Davies that is our our poor pass forward than Billy goats Chelsea coming back at us again like a say we haven’t really had a Lada possession in this game so far opposition is only 9/10 lord chancellor really they would break us down defensively and again a defence stance strong passages, down couple passes disc itself into space that for a tour, writes Terry go grimace their Mason large or have had all my got off order of going then follows: in a than fantastic build up my eight RR almost almost three nil almost premium to bed they’re coming up to the them on to the hour mark hearings at old Trafford are not all traffic snarl traffic is its staff a break from about the vetting it upside breath breath what the arm by laws are far from our offside goal for minor side Berger poor pass back to Lynn’s your ego Davies the store wall midfielder taxes or two below is playing on opposite sides of the pitch that he’s normally plays on doesn’t mean he’s gonna be any less affected here is now a Guinness first touches of the ball bar all Mason Greenwood heading and it is a strong suit their but fantastically get them rise up above the defender just couldn’t direct hit on the target on fortunately , by virtue keep an uncontrolled of etchings to Mason Greenwood Mason more puts on a player at all Capper care quirkiest down to the his near post Molly their binary go at the corner far side with him good good header from Chelsea there are persuade look in the recycle it Lombard soirees RR as a defender in a ball like that wicket wicket R’s unlucky Greenwood unlucky Greenwood by wasn’t meant to be 15 minutes left

buried or pass it back Carreras their and now order up, up such as the masses Paul demain away he could earn good knows that R fantastic all the fine to her had the Chelsea defence struggling there he comes at Adrienne Radlo though or gazette she came bac defensively to intercept that pass Ma have led to a goal borders fantastic defending once again Mason more Mason more to learn R century muscles almost error far post to him and his second goal in the game good good goalkeeping metal detector for once wicket wicket R almost almost a is a masons that lacked an Davis Town Davies isolated as any other player now to be on target nestling into the back of the golf at Chelsea no love lost there as he wins the header green was greater support may some of straight to catarrh and Chelsea task to clear their lines and he goes out for a throw in on this decides taken quick Sam Davies totally sure unlocking to our war war one like it but sunil let’s go as played two games in a string so far against arsenal and Chelsea in with one both from kept clean sheets and both grim as well boasting away from home Cyrus fantasti spot cenotaph the performance from everyone involved unless yeah Solano consigning would trigger at course I will do what we are focused on long-term success just he was not prepared for us alamein you know we whisper of the worst part is a fantastic game from Milan summit on impulse really got weaker left the RS the cup we don’t actually have to play Chris need to make into the semifinals and if the cup will assume bomb not a.d. donor of four sit you know if we making after icing mysterious Leicester them on warden at or near play the finals take it you know what we are winner proteins or whatever all over Ireland are really the asking me and must avoid distractions of course in muscular good run in the premier I think mine in the 18 when he ethic a think I can recovers two leg armed gunmen will will swaths in this one’s lawmaker fewer changes to the team region in free agent are addicted to unearth other regional free agent may be enough for defect he was because the senate feels like a region of lynagh Messier think any does definite girls like history gems of earns the a messy just in terms of year he he knew he was on a free agent this remark 80 as an 86 rated player is already up to 89 gonna put week in their Cabral to come and art and yes Greenwood four Harris in just four and up until bit press some players poured myself a cup game that we are sitting against Leicester us go R divx she coming in with the goal that when here for us the 59th minute against Leicester so looks like we are in the of the cu for ordinary playing of the cup final

Parks early evidence we had to be a money informal winning an want their love affair don’t overplay many ethical final but like dimbleby towards the end of the season so we are only playing that trying to win a first trophy as a of the town manager in the premier league receive we have won trophies with them before by learning to be all important we can pick up our vital win at Wembley in the ethic up there final to look out the use scored see us going bronco sing their will still fairly decent players and I now squad gonna keep them in their four sons we can into a All-Star complaining really man at our major retail limit do with your wages to stop moaning at me because Kwan second be with your moaning line outs are where are you, man’s Lopez Garcia are you NASA guidance on loan ARCO manage somewhere here I am going to delegate your renewal that I mean you’re not be or not, how much wages do you have your 24 carry is nowhere and delegating at 60 Carey of star of 430 tunga retirement dinner 40 to accept call called that that was it any easier Finkelstein he Whitaker him and suggestions of team-combining the two are paid players were you are a great players months ballplayers pilot and in this kilkenny players byronic two and C4 on another two other players return to sanity can play at a second sort teams in the ANC sir made any can maybe I’m wrong on an opener seems an error never seen you be able to write players at Madrid second team will Barcelona BT are near the call it a good ride on a thing of cinema four under meanwhile a of lager our local team now maybe not as is tied up in the table as early before the fire suggests surly and I like I like playing as a the premier league team or at two side and work and we are anxious how I do it I feel like element final flock and Mrs. Team would be good will be interesting for short play nearness O we R you were gonna dance in this game against bournemouth by been on a good run of form hopefully we can continue that is yes we can century best with two goals in that game errorless a division by its treat like them, altering don’t you like is the bicester German third division and thre given free for below on an he’d like Alice Ford and he did like bundesliga her one and bundesliga two are I don’t know if the byronic growth in planning at two are in there but unknown to him the second and as the or and again the third division unannounced at third division is in this game R so we have somehow or took a decision is free of somehow managed to jump up into second place it needs a because they are being on an insane one of what the hell’s going on here before I had its the world cup years well we need to are we to sublimate yellow sea is a reminder they know they will need to submit a final or so players are all take pine our currency for a while dropped afford onlooker national squad selection tenacity in a moment or four ordinate eight per would for we got good team grub we have got more dank April team of potentially women or car on a would try them and will cut wonderment you know what will say maybe a few games and a group stages stiff opposition are in a World Cup and then if they are blokes a division is often and I don’t know third division was a fair enough plant is fair enough and dad or call off while I was a nun, play their next game MX games against man united this is gonna be very very tough game dated

to be the difference between us finishing second and finishing third Taylor you know what we are, qualify for agendas leaders no doubt in my mind know what we are in great forms to inasmuch from a night we are in great form can enliven again the latter play well that back gave us think we played a very early on by in this season’s on the stream and ER you don’t go too well why trial liked we definite deserve to win back a man united unite us having dounreay in between th to fingers crossed with there pick up all three points in this one Graham Asko coming up against an item players from congruence the essence the effort of course mate the level fan or better to put a bit yawns the main I’d win a male ucca say the I’ve felt like we should have won me code of one bodice main item gathered at a admit to gain always rates you know it doesn’t take into account how good pair players are playing Emile real lives otherwise he would you know the light support proper and a retail would not be that great him see some but that is based operating so hopefully we you knew only woman to win because livable use order for up into second and if I be making it all mean that Liverpool have a bet but I will play this one had seen exile or maybe player last in a season or maybe we just seems the last remaining games in the where we just need to we need to focus on this game it from being honest odd effect is there R Barr has Sanchez the bass as 2 B of the cherry there is Aurora just can’t get a goal there is a fantastic all date from defect you know fantastical to find affect you are winners are fantastic ball across from by virtue to such as the bass as well so all around the place so far homeless and Hadley’s placed a Milan side yes he is barely known century bass with the first: Islam year, players in my blood under saying that if we win this one legality ourselves a place at the champions league spite merry go one nil wise Brazil gratia Nigerian it is a nice and got moves went out wide international taint Ireland no Anna Anna known Arlene I was for a Croatia were being there you haven’t made of well cup final two years ago before they were still been in this game but I don’t know Milligan area area or breast almost as if she was almost in their data been saying almost him for a second goal century mass term as a swan a whopping this one Toby are of our old retiring at the end of the season’s tacky charms are on the far side stomach about stay on in deep on them as keep on and down and across in R, on yes RR can attack began attack R the hires out quickly as shown object and may be R9 a, there can attack on their own but looking to work it down here on this missile attack on James good block from markets dollar there are no man United’s looking very dangerous indeed guy’s a cider is a sides Daniel James had just raise offside their the reader who does he pick a man’s keep becoming carry on the been fantastic all double what Paul

barbell ego century vastness time but the second are my goddesses too easy business that an easy Talk to generate player shirt IRA leader Mohammed is a had a didn’t know only you could do that undivided love to be a the have to be sure the other know you can aren’t up glacier submitting like that all I do know know that we are to know what century Bassett been on fire for us to miss one market’s a sometimes it feels it is or mate a name becoming the commentator rarely gets things spontaneous Kate there, pays just gone that sport and we haven’t seen a basically for both goals more or less early for a second goal is fantastic an attack for ever there for a shot was real answer on goal from man Chester united missed one and its aren’t Bailey comfortable save for Pereira to make Oregon back to browse in garda browse almost there feeding it through to could ago it looked like claws, made a wrong through the middle of the pitch , down Cadillac that’s why I like to see Davies they’re dropping because whelk helping a his defenders it had been a fantastic p all century bass calm it down again and that in Manning dealt we’re playing fantastically well and auld department says such as the Basque this dispossessed better off challenge there from being honest but they gunners are some whis in this first our fantasy basten and on hips be gay or not we owe more to two so far in this way is until he hadn’t any answers dad is that he did it at blocking when it we did have an earlier chance to go to know what an he did come out smartly off his li arm before such as the bass really got meaningful shops of Y8 butter them yet to naught still such as the mass on his hat trick gonna be looking for a hat trick of course markets dollar there are trying Marshall Daniel James assert cheeky cheeky back plate or comet, it Guam it look at this man look at displayed what is going on R R divx she R Barr all Greenwood’s Greenwood for the four was in the game for the four or more would goal that were all against been so far we been fantastic or more, line and no against any investment difficulty by the first time he came up against mannion it was terrible or century bass almost there were fantastic passing move muscle 12 with Mason Greenwood all the main ideas tranche off now markets dollar very gonna Marshall James Tierney came into any titanic up back in trauma whipped across in a zephyr used opted to go back outside now James’s them for su and I know this is Florentine oh alter error R what a save or her to the way giveaway good front in or close closing at one push up defensively now Pereira kisses body behind that shops to the easy option to mark issue dollar there are here on this decide on a farce it R century bus tickets dispossessed the wrong time Marcus transferred all the was that cannot James downs James Curran in from the left outside therefore to 444 a plate were at th costing 4 to 40 been out for quite some time right

RR Sanchez the best almost ever had a hat trick star, happen for him is it not gonna happen for him pass America they keep our asset like that, James no match for marker is a dollar varies at him in his back pocket this entire g Davies acid and he shrugged off mate you sure power that we all know you have to brow holding up the ball went for support rising to Boeing good loam or come through any quality Polly’s there by the hay is a wooden crosses < and make the saves their horizon mate for the rise and a know that ain't I know he's like a realistic game had just other I guess as to cause maybe because deck domain racing games I play at former one analyst be all right degree, handling ever alesi for tsar is more realistic on I'd spent a corn ground into force or signing of horizon and into a four tsar was just a stream racing bike on tracks and staffed by conned into force on its actual like cars on natural roads constructed in breaking everything is j reader to Verity Barnet ride the decade areas near post all smart their says it with his foot by Marx it was hand actually or strana do like a spectacular had free kick goal by snot is not happened Greenwood the almost scored against his former employees man united their ago wicket with bit biased and in being the first man than in a play for the horizons whether he reader take to take two or was that breath R3 missile and arms against ran a spectacular corner gold but slickly and again Scotland's on the game is: is a only Edinburgh and south perthshire Utah and by in terms of had weathered a out whether game has tracks and starts on a haven't played too much for the rise and fall player in Hawaii to nil that four shots at onto rocket power level on possession but Innes the goals that count century rusting two in today's want man city winning Chelsea winning arsenal yet to play eight by thing that does guarantee us a champions league spot for next seas expecting a satellite clinics secure transit state what I mean and I guess maybe it's because other teams mouth want are you know what to those been sensation for us this evening century bass an impressive performance from him of course as keeper, happy 91 way strike of courses, impressive performance from him we are in a third place in the premier league 1. behind Liverpool were only two points now behind Manchester united fan is really quite market at the top end of the premier l or mines or mine we need to R clueless in the next game animal played a final game in the season's if we same MSN win my boss and have very good position to potentially challenger night four the premier league title to be of an Claudia rose by of was trying a game we are, rotate the squad ever so slightly are a are Cordero wants a new contracts on consider racially destiny coming into the squad I mean I destiny to her like sort out my are definite to sort out my financial situation summer players you're a freak a wage budget let's start you off at five K and anger relied intent eight Robbie Rufus a man's R what

R come on Paris earns delegate menial star your for 25 K don’t go any higher than four week at bury go Paris as it will he is only on one carry on disguise or an arts must be a start from 7.30 and then go any higher than 50 K go to an rose Amin delegate your renewal you’re gonna be made on Macs five K star and like 15 K. Max Arrigo it was a was loving me now are you what you want, Tony Faulkner he All-Star your for 10 K just going through and doing some at a great minor aren’t signed an austere find you got 17.4 million by a buyout gall stone which is a down on them particularly like start you off at nk and don’t go any higher than the 20 K go Crossley Ins, he disguise an informed and 50, we cut what start you off for 30 Kate don’t behind and 50 K maybe minister by are on sale nimble 30 K never go green corduroy doesn’t wanna figure check contract yet done obsolete biased towards man united in Amman C were top of the premier league table for quite some time drawn even come into the squad Clinton coming to the squalor think all play Harris and is well on trying to your rotate scored by Don risk it too much for Ricky mitre mystics as well hopefully we can pick up a win here against Leicester it’s not snug in the world as a game enhanced are rather like sword and also at the same this one’s go within 1. I think of man united bias a draught or maybe that’s a tough opener Premier Li tie or think this season’s just gone there are four points behind man Chester united there we are only 1. behind man city which away on points with Liverpool we are goes amino jaw me to play this final games of seasons or should I urge estimate and we can do on and there is ESA cup final that is get seconds but the really wanna get seconds on an eminent vitamin o’shaughnessy me playoffs in this one against Everton should be on paper an easy win even if we senate but you never know you never know really we’re gunner get our Mason more into this game or put Cadillac back in to the squad as well as Pereira blessing Davies four we’re Phillips a game Minot order Phillips a game beginning of term Anna game as well a cake with Inkatha Senator Wilson this one’s us at dozen any manner and for us cousin Billy marital 3131 a mink about to change had taught him the game had done a bad as can be Gladys reinforces my point of us needing the left mid Greenwood scores two century Brussels wannabe interest and a CD goalscoring tablecloth in Greenwood is deftly up their green was 100 per cent of their Oregon man united in their carefully cup final court guys, near career tough Gaynor, we’ve got 178.8 million pounds for finishing fourth place the bows out for three months OEM a deafening and be needing eight left mid I think of a sea wall loo we might play some games opinion on the stream depends on how it all is well great to know it is a well cut year to remember some players are from a squad being called up two of the world cup team and are not too sure before and it worked playing the world cup games in this form or not may be only that Ford and extreme race on the a bench instead Arnold of there not biased managers Co.s man united ago like money that’s order is

clear we got our scores submission screen throw it to we want to change any least players I don’t think we do before a crude got good players around me only have one by mid tone but gallery in overalls Armenia any other player I would consider by Patrick greatly maybe even processor neurons many inform the meal to be fair southerner Brady I know just sold him but he could do so by a solid job that are England to remind take off McNeill for Saturday but the numbing got a former Tory there is rather I guess Bailey complain like either side hopefully any player other side complain right wing cinema cannot wasn’t that I can play outside right after the comply outside San charting comply outside as well it landed less mid so as seems like a decent team on orders you need a player winning went as an England than 890808 we got bunch of her Grimsby Town talent an England side are you on about or masonry modes Sir Stan Davies and move of course now got Patrick Bailey Francisco cost up your Saudi youth squads was going on there Francesco cost a were all you left wing Italian left Winger you can be promoted may look at that no profit 458.91 millions are in I’ve done some worry don’t why or why not all of that is not going to outweighed by Jules worked out a budget to be hones white blob press conference Fiona players games will play this game against man united stuff impersonal clear understands I mean the as a matter differing in at a browse been fantastical sees them as a the same their bit to ship that didn’t have them in this one but which is enough to do with it means that homeowners and star on < is a bit of a loss but to deal with it, put Sam Davies back into the squad mawkish dollars error of warm backing them a small 442 below is how little ago green was gonna be there to look at the bench are RA is for real enough to the bench to be honest the Sir Patrick Bailey R distress know what my doing fork sake bear with me on being stupid based he was going on here to grow comb and mark Phillips and Davis leans on their the there are tensions met on the mental element Leeds or Bailey rather onto the pitch at some 0.09 PS replace 1 May ninth at Wembley in the essay cup final it'll be fantastic after missing out a premier league title this season in Leicester cup final at Wembley no less under the arch all away to wend a second season in the premier league that would be hopefully keeping the veggie anyone else on the team as well as a go forward and says, he is well cup tunes army on a manager of may the men maybe we'll plate or maybe we'll play some other group games or just incident stages in this comment leave the actua Grimsby Grimsby make fish fish all day tally Chang here we go here Rio does look at their local MP beautiful be used for men there one before a century rested at look like as well warming up R R where's our where's our was a statue of forever players are like ago so cup final Wembley Glasgow tacky charms ago he reader who read or we're absolutely Dunham in the premier league from be displayed against them

century bass forced wide wind anyone had to be just, down as, dampening stupid there are almost plastic seat of the of the of the was going on was going on Der that was not the parts that was not the past there are absolutely not grimmest such as the bafta to blow looking for century bass again back to Greenwood’s gaa has stray at the hay and a man, must pass just after it is a anyone, had like Terry go off or doesn’t know straight R wiser so difficult or breakdown man united Greenwood hardest R. Howell whole Hal war had R or no no no no no the, cannot act now Dylan denied mm. direct your please man would just be in a minute Emily we absentee wipe the floor would eminent nearly all Canadian from their absolutely nothing merry go area again not the passes man up the path leaves are what is going on wires 19 suddenly not falling to defuse a balance it’s like pressure of being at Wembley or whenever but I don’t understand why this fall under par come on instead my god knows no players anywhere bears little Enoch visit our players anywhere so last Bassett goal kick come thank god year book is ‘is back just in time for Le RR its way already mappings line on today deaf regional arts where the year divx she come back inside Logan other parts but won’t have a only intended target but Holmes lead was a Golan is to almighty let’s go in guy was mine and intended target their but I had no idea how you measure score that the higher perhaps many nights pectin a shoc by in azor inheritors gone past him as far post or just just passes left outside their Grimsby Town a running it one nil absolutely no idea how we’d manage to sneak back goal in their absolutely no idea how doubt scorning but all take it will take y must go Guinness second or be fantastic as well but home Sanchez regressed shellfire is wide of the far post their guidance cowdrey own ID and [email protected]’t always been weighed two caught up with trying to renew some player contracts and then also by younger zillion trust 990 inoculan about now I just ran a concentrates focus on this game all my Josh two no is actually the second I think it might be in is could have a look that bad pointing out fee is 8.8 million signing from real Madrid earlier this season he’s got those two goals in the of the cup final winners man united under the arch at Wembley look at bats and drastic any, nerves in this form, Grimsby man united not learning from their mistakes after we beat them earlier in the premier league are the only honest stream witty what they keep we’re need to our right so ball through from strong but we aren’t able to deal with it their Toulon on on the ball century bashers holds in a trance to allow other players come into the game to burberrys there again play back to two bones

RR will winner will play some good football to date Davis the Davis Davis downing or have an ago to her staff two nil lookup all of the Grimsby Town stands out in their thousands it at Wembley make apple city ago her final for 5 minutes in efa cup final two nil warped very much on course to win at first pieces silverware as a Grimsby T begun to go grim agreement as the ball went for support scuba him the man of the moment chrome and filling in or century bass almost initial way but had two players having to block him take up under control R would try do too much of it Melissa needs doing way too much of it or no no no no no Gala Lombardo longbow mother falcons warriors up in its pitch R U saw race although it II appreciate said the sort pass why he families and fancy six man united but you concentrate on might ac R asset keep the ball ago final half hour here at Wembley tomorrow R don’t know what that cross was on from come and almost wiped out though he was whipped back across to the edge of the 18 yard box Greenwood was set running under control time and now doing his defensive duties tracking tattooed wrong on that far side holding up the advance of man united very well there Davis are again batted in back Clough bring out these are defensive unit without long ball over topped run a fine masonry mode or rare for breath he’s completely jumped all over him 20 minutes now left in the second half at Wembley in the essay cup final against Manchester United’s here we go I am concentrating way too much I can see some messages coming prayer is pepper is there to do is to put Allen autism a game Italian authors may it would mean you mean that the polish Altera’s may R divx she’s dead Yvette he gets the ball under control ole order how you again diary she’s too good to good but it would Emily Grimsby Town by trees be like one or two years ago scours the Londoners came out are heads by little he Liverpool could afford to win at him he’d got what 13 games left in the season novel, for can afford to lose seven of those games ants deal when the Premier Li that last yet I don’t think they will buy saint level four just four to good this season not think wooden is though he sits up the chasing pack I mean not to take anything away you from liver four I think that it’s the likes of Furman you had a dunno don’t take anything away from don’t take anything away from the off form what they’ve done this season anything that man city and the chasing pack just haven’ between first and second term in the premier league is 22. am between fifth and 28th its 19 points that just goes to show like how badly everyone else should Greenwood their shot just wide of the far post their real other sayer of gloom for had been fantastic a distinct ballet

made to look better by the fact that all the other teams are runner bean bags always see you 22 points and to be still ambient it’s great it’s great for four lymphocytes great for the premier league in general R and led her death a full time whistle when Billy are up for the fai cup winners’ a Grimsby Town against man united and yet another clean sheet Sanchez looks absolutely distraught their Grimsby Town players are absolutely all century bus Greenwood and won has been a fantastic in efa cup this season absolutely amazing scenes here at Wembley under the arch come on that I’m talking about as assets celebrate it really go on by Suarez picking up the trophy at ended its no contact come on lads that solemn talking about here we go SA cup winners’ on both forester captain , not to collect the trophy to blow scoring both goals here ego and gone glimpsed living that’s what I’m talking about to nil win as many of the cup final against Manchester united fan the task big staffed fantastic stuff on the Latimer everyone involved absolutely an amazing letter that the away fans it so away fans plans immigrant absolutely using their minds look out at stand fast it come on asset one bowl at all in showing off to the fans Fran their plastic Grimsby Town support here at Wembley on lucky man united are wasn’t your date but looking at the assay cup belongs to Grimsby Town this year are absolutely amazing said lapping all him as Kama on that is what I’m talking about ban tacit performance let’s go that fast enough at at a guess I and I could watch the all day but what can I say lads amazing amazing performance existing arrest and sees nothing like that but was industries and a I was industries them get a cup is always at the embassies in it when you when you skipped out on a winning when when you left the stream and what I needed leaves a stream but we are ready embassies in you know what is one big step for Grimsby Town with him fantastic Taylor you know what we’ve got we’ve got plenty of options below or my god walked for Martin Cooper this: qualify for Euro she meanwhile cup I don’t know we’ve got by the seller can standing so we’re in group a cane at the senator group a group a Gemini Belgian checked public Euro quite that sir tough trip to Spain Ru into the Romania Bulgaria’s ivory coast France Austria can assess Russia got there we are England Switzerland China and Cameroon that we don’t earns you don’t have Scotland in the squad and didn’t qualify for a walk up and see for BA I don’t know for it, or play any of the world cup games on history muscle like all policy mock Tudor first set of her gains in the walk up and maybe we’ll start season eight Windsor with the well cup games read minister we do not start next season will get 4.1 million for winning essay cup creases from realistic aim and England Cecil in China and Cameron us or indeed man’s good for us R’s shipped the storybook at a time I know in your disk in waited carried away with being England manager or Rodrigo severe that would Riga he is his name is spell with a what it’s discover RR 4 R I’m sorry meant anaesthetic a wages we can better near fort that would make him by a fine way out best paid player Bobby can afford that for sure we can

online still weak side to receive 106,000,000 from selling Patrick Bayly dust that’s why I’m excited for Saddam to bayern Munich in terms are trance a budget and a on to next season corduroys complaining still will try delegate renewal with you will start for 15 K not go any higher than 30 K Perry go easy come under Swiss law and it’s really nice to have taught you should scout him on a I know I know you talk Mai Mai and it would somber Rodrigo trust me II it I haven’t seen four Goody hung players excesses see how Highlands doing tennis game actually I imagine that Ireland is still still doing quite good for the memories that travelogue or they have had we had forking what is meant turning clear that we eat thing about BAE relevant and at eight is any 85 range try colluded in the and 25 year old though a comedy of qualm believe he’s not that great but for names be like update so much cargo giotto in Chicago Joe is that a year player, but was going on here all their manager or ward one manager month for Grimsby Town of course I can’t thank you very much Pugh score still holding strong got good few players MX and era Piero left mid talent Cooper right back branko are the mind of a RAM and dominate thank you very much are lets him forward to the first world cup game and I think we’ll call it or call it eight there were mediator the star of the world cup Argos able poorly staffed an extreme playing summer World Cup gam it’s a wrap pal and made it talent major at a minoan she’s fantastic you’d like to dial scored I think it’s was it seven goals and 136 minutes he scored a goal or every 20 four possible mincer policies in he’s been fantastic bike was no there’s no other way to say it by calling for a is being called up to the international Sizer, we got Romania Basile wouldn’t represented as Spain was century Maximilian on arrival four Uruguay is also got quite a few good international players being called up two at their teens are worlds Beckham rice would lead arms why is the deck and most of the injured we need to nursery need to search want me to this 048 cdm or a cm Minimum overall was gonna be the five position is a limit as before but for some cm Morgan gives why haven’t winks robust cdm to need to release the unions Y you telling me what I don’t understand were also why is like Sterling not blame starring 31 that’s what they still waiting unrated to wadi some place almost earnings on a school interesting are clear that’s a solemn are always the same age goalkeeper are willing to be ACM winner place him Morgan gives at 27 Harry winks is certainly another place them Morton gives white reacted had so much straighter we mean traitor as Sally mean

daring enough to walk up ticked over to the world cup after squad at the moment processing on why you’re playing their century yes and you can grow there are also cosmopolitan, there rash foods can top top father married Davies patch at base at a rate now all that served as killing me but he’s good added call him up to the squad with an replace some of the players did you wear one but Sacher Trent can go in there and pixel going to enlist excel at stood s looks like another look at my guess why MS O’Connell four you processing Aunt Annie Morgan Morgan the minister had in the squad ahead of tannin am give us some cover assert that a record either that or corn sign a corner sign him is not at a window at genuinely can’t orange I can sign him or go to my chance policy because I’m R a trio are Irish it within Sacher forgot about him again but I have sat on a three by them and gave goodies 24 years old base ring but many may we can train up to be a good English player dollars a trio less if we can sign him thus if we can make Brokaw pea soup and him , trying 50 millions and it idea see I don’t against archrival 40,000,000 am I don’t actually have any money on for four or millions yes he dare not I should Ahmed CU ideally I option at donington on organ builder sign him next season but recess died in haven’t had money are I don’t have enough money for another even with all Trafford large I don’t enough money so I’m sorry I can’t do that, do that some ideas misted up by a term’s was that goes anywhere others say that we are Bundy players chinaman walk a better start an ext if we qualify area first we could cope against Denmark may be climate and Brazil win at great player labour wage budget by doesn’t mass doesn’t matter are a staff to be a good start next season it is won at us make a bunch of sig don’t mind start next season start next remastered will cup of death Newark in two were intimate and a few signings in the trust answer remember it hopefully you as enjoyed and you’ll probably be back at the age Tamara May be true state Trieste a evening ap have all had eight from the evening with me I’ve foreign fish it all your support is well served year matter that you are CV nex

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