Hi guys How are you, good morning my name is Jonathan She’s Scarlett let’s go hi guys omg my hair so messy omg my face so ugly now we are heading to Canberra so we will come back to Sydney tomorrow 2 days in Canberra omg kelupaan tas gua serius, gua naik ke atas lagi kali ya finally I can do the proper opening good morning we are going to Canberra today the opening before in the lift have a lot of people because I’m a beginner I’m still shy so yeah, today we going to Canberra for 2 days today and come back tomorrow and the first itinerary we going to our in law first after that we going to war memorial and then look for cherry blossom and then we go to Pink lake and then tomorrow if we have time I wanna go to Goulburn or Gosford? I dont remember the name anyway , nanti kita bakal update itinerary nya besok atau hari ini terus omg they close at 5pm and then we arrived here 4.48pm I’m not sure we can go inside or not so we can’t look around inside because they already shut and when we went inside there was a ceremony happening babe, what ceremony is that dawn services anyway I dont know what that ceremony for about I think it’s about to commemorate the military in the war I dont know how to explain it as well anyway that shame we can’t show you guys how it looks like inside

so we wanna go to Narra park to see cherry blossom if not we wanna look for dinner straight away because it’s already really late ayo babe ke Narra Park kalau gak nanti kemaleman because he’s so slow he’s slow because we planning to wake up early because we still want to go to my sister house but he woke up at 11am I mean 10AM so we end up left the house at 12pm we arrived here at 4pm and then go to my in law and he still want to come here then this pace close at 5pm anyway I wanna go to the park just arrived at, wait Narra Narra Canberra Park Oh Canberra Narra Peace Park can you guys see I dont know how to show it to you guys I heard a lot of cherry blossom already but again we arrived really late the sun already set so we probably just look at it quickly and we eat I’m hungry wow there’s a lot of cherry blossom this is lake the lake is beautiful it’s dark so we can’t really see the cherry blossom not many it’s like only this side and the rest still hasn’t bloom yet they said this is Canberra very own KFC let’s try it first it’s dinner time and because we are not food blogger so we just gonna eat without the food review we all starving kalian bisa coba sendiri pas ke Canberra after this we going back to the hotel and call it a night cause we exhausted already hi guys, it’s our second day now and now we heading to Australian war memorial museum again the yesterday one, because they close yesterday

so he wanna go visit that place again and then we go to Pink lake at Fernhill park hopefully we have a chance to show you guys around what inside the museuum we found white cherry blossom so we do a quick stop why it’s blurry kayaknya dia suka yang suster soalnya dia paling bereaksi pas yang suster atau kamu mau yang AIr force

now we are heading to the Pink Lake and we found it jadi di dalem airnya apa kayak batu batu kecil akhirnyaaa ada orang yang gak percaya nih look everyone dont believe me there is things here so we just come back from Fern hill park the actual location is not exactly at the Fernhill Park so it’s close to a restaurant I dont know how to explain it and now we heading home to Sydney but on the way there they said in Goulburn is beautiful too one and a half hour from here or maybe an hour only and then actually from yesterday the camera is blurry hopefully all of the footage is okay because I just realised it just now all of my photos are blurry and I just find out the setting is in manual setting I dont what I did before and use the manual setting so everything is blurry now because I dont realised it yesterday if we stop at Goulburn if not we just gonna head back to Sydney 3 hours drive we are at Goulburn now and I dont know what is good about Goulburn omg I swallow sands so my in law told me to visit this

big sheep look it’s so big and after this I wanna go to the bakery across the road we already here so I wanna take a pic quickly and then go to the bakery cause I think it’s nothing here, or maybe it’s not because it’s nothing here but because the place is not popular yet so I can’t find any recommendation about what should we do around here so I dont know what to do in here so it’s inside the sheep actually there’s something inside the sheep the stairs are made from wool this is the eyes of the sheep now we are at the Trappers bakery can you guys see it? they said it’s an award winning bakery after this we just gonna head home, I dont wanna talk too loud cause it’s busy here

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