our road trip for Record Store Day 2013 is officially underway and it would only be right to have our first stop beat our own local independent record store cactus Records let’s go inside there’s a lot of places I plan to do the first spot for cactus and I’ve been here the longest but it was here and then it was up on Wallace or something it’s been around but he had 1970s when they opened but it’s it’s a combination of just vinyl in general being bigger and also just awareness like more people know about it every year so we tend to see bigger crowds you know depends on who the act is you know when we had Jason Lydell here it was a little bit bigger but overall the day you know the whole day has been getting bigger and bigger every year we’ve also been making it bigger every year yeah we try to add more stuff every year you know first first year I think it was like five or six acts in the last year there was music from the moment we opened up we had people playing outside even before we started with the stage in here we had forget who it was one of the touring bluegrass bands to set up a set up up front it just rocked it they were fantastic you know I mean record stores used to be the predominant place where you learned about music you know now we learn about music through the internet or through less and less so but through radio and that tends to really be homogenized you know you see what you’re supposed to say you know what the big acts are you know every once in a while someone can break through one like YouTube but even when they do they you know it’s the record store mentality that pushes people through it’s the idea of that grassroots thing and that’s what record stores are is how people learn about music at the very basic level you know we will put our music that people haven’t heard of and they’ll come into what is this I want it and it wouldn’t be exposed to that any other way you know you don’t just things don’t just happen to pop up on download sites in that same where you’ve had an experience definite expected to experience and that’s how you find your favorite bands that I find most of my favorite bands was hanging out record source a kid you know fight only listened to the radio I just I still listen to whatever was top 40 and 86 you know a bunch of other bands are still like we’re still trying to figure out who’s playing and when I know we’re hoping to have a bunch of giveaways we’re I think we’re gonna have more product than usual we certainly ordered more it’s still hard to know we never know what we’re gonna get to like three days before even within these the bigger Indies always do you know get more than smaller endings if you’re a huge store in Seattle you’re probably gonna get the very limited White Stripes whatever it is before we do but and we’ve ordered all we’ve ordered a lot bigger this year than we have in the past we’re planning on it just being a bigger of that ah Jaime’s has been a store Minneapolis since Jaime himself started it 27 years ago I think and he owned it until 2000 and when he died it was taken over by a couple ladies who worked for him and then my husband and I took over the store four years ago on record started I actually lived in the neighborhood and we didn’t want to see our local shop closed so we quit our full-time jobs and took over we um I was eight months pregnant with our daughter and my son was a year and a half all this is a very impulsive crazy thing to do but it was a really great thing to do and then the year following that we actually closed we had a big show on Record Store Day on 2010 was that right and we closed that day at the day after I started to move the store to our current location right here we’re located next to a great you know local cafe and hardware store there’s a grocery store going in across the street so it’s nice to be next to like a couple different local independently owned businesses you know we live in Minneapolis it’s a great place to own a record store there are so many good record stores in town and we’re really fortunate because that means we have a really good local collecting community atomic natural-born customers who have been collecting for so long that they would be surprised if all the record stores went away you know there’s been an influx actually there was the started like open to start up just a few years ago you know a couple great ones have closed send them in the last years but we still have a really vital community we have we have the

record collectors coop and we have that what does it call the record sale at the VFW every two months so there’s just a lot of collectors a lot of dealers in the city that’s a great place but there’s a lot there’s a really vibrant local music scene and people are putting out their local you know meaning out the stands they’re putting out records on vinyl which is great for us and great for them to have that we can be a place where they can sell their stuff so three years ago we had a big show at the old space and then moved and then two years ago this is our third block party so we closed off the street next to us and have a stage outside and we have 15 bands playing both inside and outside it’s a little bit crazy because even though records art is always the third Saturday in April we live in Minnesota it’s gonna snow tomorrow it’s gonna be cold and it you know it has snowed on during our block party before and we just you know it’s again it’s Minnesota people make the best of it it’s spring and it might snow so well we wish the weather could be nicer but we can’t control when it is I’m I think it a couple years it’s on like the 16th of April so that makes me nervous but we always have a really big party and yeah it’s a really great time yeah we try to involve a lot of local businesses too you know people like I just picked up from the little garden store seed bombs that they want to like give away people give away CDs that noise land industries is this local it’s not a label it’s a press-up they could they produce vinyl so they’re giving away a local compilation with if you buy a local record I mean a postman record you get a free compilation from noise land industries this year so that’s really cool yeah we will have a ton of stuff on sale so we normally have $0.50 and $1 records all that’s gonna be 10 cents and we’ve got like a puppet show coming or you’ve got a beer tent that’s gonna be here as part of the block party and then inside there’ll be a bunch of bands it’s it’s it’s a really crazy day and like one of the garden centers is gonna be selling plants and stuff so we’re trying to make it all about spring but it’s hard to know that’s still on the ground we got local artists do deep dig whit and Ben Creek of on vinyl after life they’ll be selling their wares so we’ve got some artists and Rogue rogue citizen is gonna be here they’re painting I mean some of the bands chastity brown is gonna play pennyroyal and the Erickson’s the quarters and audio perm southside desire you know for dave and i it’s it’s our anniversary party we ask all of our favorite bands to play and so it’s it’s it’s all look but like in our opinion the coolest local bands that we could get here so I’m trying to think of who else the day before on Friday Charlie Parra is gonna be here he’s a really great musician he’s unfortunately has to be in Kentucky on Saturday otherwise he’d be here during the black party but he’s gonna do an insert on Friday afternoon so we’re actually kicking it up a little early which is fun a lot of people I think you’re gonna come and scope out where the record store day release final will be in our store that Friday night so they can plan their strategy that for us it’s about being a part of the community a collecting community I love my customers we have some of the best customers in the world I have customers who come in weekly every week and spend hours here I know these people I love these people and like I feel supported by them because they might record to me and like there’s a lot of ways you can spend three hours on a Friday afternoon I appreciate that they spend that with me like it’s a good habit to have people always like oh I spent too much money and it’s like well you could’ve drank that money or you could have put that money somewhere else thank you for supporting me in my in my small business and I always joke that I live in mr. Rogers neighborhood I mean I run into the mail lady at the local pub I see the furniture store lady at the cafe next are like its record stars are important but look you know independently owned businesses are important it’s really fun to be a business owner in the small community with a bunch of other independently owned stores and it’s kind of funny how much customers how important our customers are to like someone you get a normal person with their tastes and when you see them every month or every week and you know what they like and then you remember oh he was looking for that bike service record it’s good to see Jim I got that flex Abbot’s record you wanted the only thing on this stuff cuz I know you know if I if I see something like Sabbath come through and I know someone’s been searching and searching for it I try to remember those things that we used to keep a list with it’s impossible everybody wants to be on that list so like I just try to remember it all and every now and again I get it right the independent record store industry change well it’s it’s good and it’s bad small stores do go out of business a lot of stores do sell online and I don’t I you base really tricky you know you it can hurt and it can be good it’s good because people are like oh it’s still collecting records and if you are dedicated record collector eBay is the place to find some of the stuff that won’t you won’t find in your local store but at the same time it makes me have to price stuff a little bit higher than I would want to and it seems kind of backwards but like a customer will come in to sell records and say I saw this on eBay this is worth $25 for me it’s not worth $25 I have a sorter and I have an overhead I can’t pay that person 25 but I have to pay more because they saw that price online and so I have to mark it out more so it’s it’s hard I think sometimes they have those online dealers selling records on and I and I I don’t

know if that’s why some of the smaller shops have kind of the business if if online buying it’s a part of that but I feel like you know like I said it’s a really good time to own a record store because people are really passionate about owning or and collecting records most of my customers are young guys like 20 to 40 year old guys so it’s a it’s a collector thing it’s it’s it’s fun to collect records as it should be just like it’s fun to collect anything I’m sure but I happen to like cutting this record start anything look at the number of titles that are out there right now five years ago when it started it was much like about 30 titles or something like that now it’s hundreds and hundreds of pages and pages of all these things you have to choose what to order and all this stuff Heinie’s was traditionally only used fine on that new vinyl at all so when we took over we started carrying local records and then started saying oh you know they make reissues let’s buy some rice she’s just test the water to see if these felt and they do and it’s it’s really great for people who want that Curtis Mayfield record because hey that’s really hard to find sometimes and you just can get a nice reissue copy you know the diggers are still gonna dig and find those originals but it’s nice to have like fur person who’s passionate about music it’s nice to have the ability to buy or you should buy an all-new vinyl and then you know the big hitters that Neil Young Bob Dylan’s they always put their records out on vinyl as they should and they’ll keep doing that and that’s nice but but also in pop music is what Katy Perry’s record online now I know Lady Gaga’s is and Lady Gaga’s records are so I definitely have seen growth and I think it’s really like a cool thing now oh I’m a record collecting lady came in I guess I shouldn’t call her lady shoe the high school girl she was a door well she came in she looked her Allen and then she came up to the counter and Sikkim help me and sure you know what she said I’ve never listened to a record but I really want to can you help me like I just want to I feel like I’m missing something it’s okay what do you want to listen to no idea no it’s no it’s like okay let’s go and classic rock here do you see anything you reckon it’s like I know the doors are okay so I go really woods things they shouldn’t help you put it on she listen most people when they go to the station listen to you know the tracks they want to make sure it’s not scratch she listened to the whole thing the whole side then took it off brought it back so thank you that was so cool and then she left like that was it was so awesome to be like here like 15 I just helped you but like people my age are you know I was born in the 80s and my parents had records what my siblings didn’t really like I was right at the end I bought my first CD when I was like eight you know but people my age now I have kids that we were starting to have kids and kids don’t know how to put the CD on but they know how to put a record on so like my kids have their own box of 45s their own box for this Disney storybook records and I know a lot of people who did that with their kids we have those fisher-price players the glueten ones yeah the portables and it’s really fun because just like anything when you’re in parent helping your kid discover something cool it’s just like riding a roller coaster it’s fun but if you get to do it with your kid it’s so fun they’re gonna feel weird I mean gonna bring the CD when they’re older guys I don’t know how to do that I don’t wanna make a mixtape so it’s weird it’s a lost work it may be that a maybe I’m just a total history and I am just like so my geeky for doing this to my poor children but you know I think kids sit kids today kids today should learn about you know and that’s what’s really great about the hey Katy Perry fans are you gonna be like I’ll buy the vinyl I can’t play it but it comes with a download okay you know so they’ll still buy something convinced you know it feels like that substantial piece of art they can put the record on their wall and then play that download code so and you know I don’t they don’t see us going away because people are gonna want people are so passionate about music they love music they love listening to records it’s such a fun thing to do I can’t imagine that eventually it’ll all just be big box stores because because there are so many people producing music right now there’s no way that businesses like ours could go away I just I mean I hope you all right the exclusive company we are the oldest full line independent record store in the nation Ernest Tubb all country that one beat us out we’ve been around since 56 so sorry 57th year in business which is pretty awesome I’ve got seven stores all in Wisconsin and yeah we’re the exclusive company a record store today each one of our stores is everyone has their own kind of celebration going on so I mean all our stores are gonna have the releases and stuff like that we’ve also got some like cool sales and each one of our stores is doing a food drive type deal because you know we try to help out the communities we’re part of the community we’re all

independent like that kind of deals so we try to you know give a little back you know while we’re doing this kind of stuff and then the entertainment either some stores are just having DJs some are having DJs and bands like this store for instance we’re having some bands throughout the day including JD McPherson which is gonna be really cool he was he’s in town that day playing just down the street actually at shank also we got lucky enough to kind of rope him into coming down to yeah it’s gonna play a few tunes and sign some records he’s got a it kind of works out that he’s got a record store a release out so kind of cool there got some then a bunch of really great local bands including trapper chef in the shades who just recently got signed to side one gummy and really really cool kind of Americana rootsy rock band and we’ve been kind of we’ve done stuff with them for years and so it’s really calm in this past year has been really nuts for them and it’s really awesome to see like you know it’s good on the South by Southwest new little showcase and stuff like that and I’m kind of getting the recognition that you know we’ve been seeing you know the promise for all these years and then I’ll son you know it’s kind of happening a little bit so yeah it’s really cool you know like yeah the CD there’s definitely been like a downswing but one part of it that it has been starting to get some press finally is that the vinyl resurgence is like really making a huge impact like the growth of our vinyl section has been in the sales for vinyl across the chain has been huge I mean we’re at the point where some of our stores it’s like a quarter of their total sales and I mean you know five years ago that was unheard of but it’s awesome I mean the younger kids I mean this was kind of myself like you know six years ago or so is well same thing it’s like you get your parents you know turntable you borrow that you start out with their collection and then you know yeah you like it you know something that you kind of want to get into you branched out on your own and you just build a bill bill then kind of the excitement over physical media it’s kind of come back and yeah it’s really awesome and then I decided that other than that other things that kind of keep us afloat doing like pre-owned like you stuff that’s huge just because you know as far as like margins are concerned and stuff like that that’s a really big part of our business now too is pre-owned stuff which is cool like especially for like the I mean it’s records CDs DVDs all that kind of stuff so that’s been huge and as well as kind of branching out and trying trying different kind of things I mean is you know you don’t want to become a Spencer Gifts but bringing some of these kind of you know who cheeky type items into the store like you know it kind of makes sense it’s pop culture stuff we have pop culture customers they like they’re fans of that stuff they’re fans of music and movies and yeah maybe they want a t-shirt maybe they want us you know a mug or something maybe they want a Darth Vader cookie jar so yeah I mean those kind of things and then obviously like you know trying to give the best customer service we can I mean we have really really knowledgeable staffs which is I mean we get comments on that all the time and it’s not there’s that there was that stigma for awhile I think especially from like the 90s of that kind of you know uppity record store clerk who you know just you know nose up turned I know everything by that not screw that you know if you like it cool that’s what you’re enjoying that’s awesome like we love all kinds of music and we know what music does for us so why are we gonna not gonna like you know get on someone because they don’t have the same taste the sauce that’s lame so yeah stuff like that and yeah we’re doing well man I mean this is ya got seven stores been in business 57 years and not you know just going up at this point so yeah we stock local artists as well which is always nice we come in we have perform we get to know them so then you know you know we just kind of help each other out with promoting and there’s you know we promote their shows they promote our store you know they come and do like they come by just I mean for like free in stores you know they give their time and you know talent to you know help us out as well and you know it’s just a cool place to meet and hang out and you know there’s no you know it’s just one of those judgment-free zones you know everyone’s a music nerd here it’s cool like there’s no problem like that no one’s gonna give you grief and the younger crowd getting into vinyl which is kind of probably starting around even like mid high schoolish you know like 15 16 year old kids or you know picking up their either their folks or you know picking up like

their first turntable and stuff which is awesome and but then on the other end there’s kind of the older generation that they’re like hey my stuff still works oh you know I remember that I remember that kind of warmer feeling I remember like how I enjoyed the pops and the cracks and the imperfections and it has a different feel to it and I like hey they got a bunch of stuff it looks like you know it’s still around so I’m gonna pick some up again and kind of revisit that so we’re getting a little bit of both and yeah it’s really cool I’m sure there’s gonna be some changes I know that there’s been this kind of recent cassette revival thing in a way which is a little goofy I’m not sure that’s gonna stick around too long you know I mean you can label it whatever you want when these little hipster things or whatever but I mean you know little that seems more like a trend than the vinyl type stuff is so to me at least and but yeah I don’t know I I kind of just see she found growing I don’t think it’s gonna necessarily reach like the apex of the 90s or something like that but at the same time I think that you know you know there’s room in communities for them and the communities want them like if they didn’t want us we wouldn’t be around and I think that’s gonna you know probably you know the neat for us is going to become I think even a little bigger I mean I know you can buy stuff online and all that but you can buy everything online essentially you could just never go to the store any store but unless you’re like a hermit you know people like social interaction you know we like talking to our guests about stuff and they like talking to us about stuff I mean that’s you know how we learn more about you know new bands and like I mean our customers turn us on to stuff as much as we turn them on the stove so I think yeah the launch is definitely there and I think it’s just gonna keep going we do digital sales too so we’re not you know throwing the X up on that like no dice cuz hey some stuff is out of print you know sometimes you can’t fork over a hundred dollars for this like youth LP or CD you know so hey if it’s available digitally and you just want the music and you’re not able to get it anywhere else that you know it’s about the music so it is a way to get it so that kind of stuff we’re not you know we don’t we don’t say you know like down with digital or anything like you know kind of embracing all mediums sure as far as records are concerned I mean they’re art in a lot of like ways to I mean it’s you know CDs you’re not really gonna throw up on your wall but a nice 12 by 12 you know I’ll pee like jacket you know a lot of them look cool and they’re pieces of art you know so yeah and then the digital downloads are awesome you know that just kind of yeah exactly that makes everyone happy and the especially sometimes they’ll even throw bonus tracks in the digital you know I was listening to there was last year there was a black angels record sort a piece and you know the amv was cool and then for the digital download they included a bonus of them covering the zombies she’s not there it was awesome yeah you know stuff like that it’s and it’s cool because the band seemed to kind of realize that – that there is that coexistence and so they’re trying to you know I guess facilitate that for their fans a bill I’m Dan and that’s a key been around since uh past 40 years we took over about 18 years ago I worked there for a few years before that I suckered Ganden along for the ride and we’ve been here ever since they mean everything to us this is where I would you know meet future band mates or just to interact about you know what I thought not many people knew about or where there was an artist or style of music so now we have the web so that’s that’s been around for long enough people have already forgotten that it was a big sacred event to come to a record store and and like I said meet people that shared the same interests but they still do it and basically that’s how we keep the store going by interacting with the people who visit that’s how we know what people are interested in as well as we wanted to keep discovering new things yeah it’s like going to school you know it’s or going to the barber shop you just come in to hang out you pick up the thread and you run with it you know I mean have people it’s kind of fun getting everybody’s opinion or not opinion or you never there’s always something new coming you know and there’s always a situation being created and so you never know what’s gonna happen on a day to day basis I think that’s why it’s important to still have those whether it’s a coffee shop or and

there’s always spots that are where I guess the people want to come and hang out we try to create keep that act true so if I will never left here but as far as its resources for us to get it it just seemed like people’s interest was less and less and then we saw more and more people special ordering it and seeking things out and asking this can you get that and I think between going other places and shopping online people kind of start counting on like can you be our guys you know if I’m looking for this are you gonna get it I’ve been pretty lucky and that our focus is it’s been pretty Maryland and we are surrounded by people that other people would call music nerds and people that I mean we’ve got customers and know more about music than I do for sure you know and just people that we’ve always had that culture we’ve kind of fostered a community of people that are super into it and you know of course you get people nothing pisses off a record store owner more than like oh dude I can burn that for you you know like I think that they’re they’re going back to that also there’s a supporting of it all there’s this mindset of like you’re getting over on the the records you know the record stores are making all the money and or you somehow you know scamming them are getting over on them and I think people are starting to realize or if you look into it it’s just a you want to support the artists the artists need to get paid you know on paints your house they get paid these get paid for their job so by supporting the store you’re supporting the distributor who’s supporting the label who’s hopefully paying the artists we just saw a new record store in our neighborhood and he seems to be doing pretty well but it’s you gotta be in it and you got to know that you’re not gonna make a lot of money you know yeah you guys know whatever a lot of interesting stuff for me a lot of cool people and but you’re doing it cuz you love it and you want to discover more stuff and that’s that’s where I go back to where I was saying about it you will never know it all so that’s what keeps of fun you know there’s always another thing to discover and someone’s always walking in inquiring about something you might not know about or which turns you on the one to explore that also we’re seeing people young people come in and this curious with the whole the presentation and to actually see something tangible and understand like wow this is yeah it’s a whole different performance the presentation of the artwork and although I enter notes and all that and I’m seeing younger people kind of fall in love with that all the aesthetic friend of mine works of a kid that was asking her how many plays you get out of a record and that was his mentality you didn’t really you know we do see the handling of the digital age I think people allow the records the kind of language as if they’re video games and they’ll come back and they like it just skips really bad now can just be clean or can it’s like it’s damaged you know it’s always awesome when someone comes over and looks at your records in place because they’re gonna pick stuff that you don’t listen to or you haven’t listened to in a long time but it’s just kind of neat to rediscover going over you know occasionally we’ll buy collections from somebody and it’s like what you’re gonna for a while yeah I see our whole history of what they their interest and pride you know what their social life was like yeah by you know their indulgence in music it is interesting and it’s sad too when people recycle their history like that but hopefully they’re not throwing it away hopefully they’re making new memories too the following is a flash flood warning from the National Weather Service which includes the following counties in Illinois Coke and DuPage flash flood warning remains in effect for cook southeastern late dupage southern DeKalb northern Grundy northwestern will Moscow Kimmel and Kane counties until noon this is the flash flood emergency for DuPage in counties at 6:20 6 a.m. Emergency Management reported that numerous roads and interstates were closed due to flooding reports have stranded vehicles have also been related in addition to flooded homes and other buildings some municipalities have also declared states of emergency due to the flooding three to five inches of rain have fallen in the past 24 hours with approximately half of that falling since about midnight across many areas additional rainfall of 1 to 2 inches is possible through the morning hours which will only worsen existing flooding as well as a lot of youth planning to develop well the rain started we were warned about the floods in Chicago but I think we’re

going to risk IFS records has been in this neighborhood in like apart for roughly 30 to 33 years now I was originally a chain called secondhand Tunes I worked for the original owner I’ve been here 28 years and then he sold it to an Internet company that went bankrupt it within a couple of years and then out of the bankruptcy I bought this one location so for the last 10 years it’s been Dave’s records but everybody in the neighborhood and everybody that’s been here a long time knows it’s its second engines I still get people to call off 10 years later a spittoon but it’s not it’s not us people love that sign but the sign was out of practicality because when I bought the store the CD half was next door because when it was secondhand tunes this was the CD half and the vinyl half was next door so when I bought it just to stop people from coming in and you know with their big bags full of CDs this it was mostly out of practicality it wasn’t that I hate CDs I don’t like the CDs it’s just this is the format I’ve always liked it’s the format I’m comfortable with dealing with even one of the second in tunes I press to have you know the vine will happen when owner wanted to split it into two stores I said let’s do it format wise because back in the 98 late 80s and 90s that’s how it was breaking now you know people were either shopping CDs or they were shopping buy before they were music people that did both so they didn’t mind going in next door so I mean that’s really why it’s there but people do love it you know they do love that no CDs I mean because it makes you part of a club that the younger kids I think like that they think it’s part of some secret Club I don’t feel like it’s some exclusive like secret kind of Club that we’re all part of a final you know conspiracy against the world you know that digital world you know we’re not we’re not we’re not like that yes hi I’ll listen I’ll listen to music on whatever format I have to you know Tom Waits puts out and only see the item I’m gonna listen to it you know it’s not like I’m against I was always confused when I saw a vinyl kind of dying off because it just didn’t seem to me that that was that was happening and it seemed like in the late 80s and 90s all of a sudden they were making more new titles and I’d get him and we’d sell and I was like why isn’t there some kind of requisite increase in the number so I think nowadays because they’re in more places where they track it better I think they’re seeing the same things that I’ve been seeing for a lot longer than that it has never died it it died with the generation the the Nirvana generation late 80s Early 90s they’re the ones that used to come in look at that sign ago oh it’s just old man music and not realized that they still made vinyl and a lot of the bands that like on vinyl and that generation kind of got wedded to that but that’s when the vinyl change that you’re seeing now that’s written about it’s that young generation that thinks final is poor yeah you know I think vinyl connects you in a way to music to other people I mean you can buy it online but most people when they’re buying vinyl they’re binding the store and I think they like the physical aspect of it the physical virtual build you know the physical building of the collection whereas in the past your whole collection you built 10,000 songs virtually on your CD you don’t have a real connection to them about how you built it you can’t even really like your record collection you can look at and see the whole scope of it whereas you can scroll through but you can’t see all 10,000 songs that are there but you know you kind of know they’re there and you kind of know where you got them but with a record you know who you were with you know what day it was you know who broke your heart that day and you went out and bought that record you know there’s there’s an emotional thing to Records that’s different then and I think that is what is connecting with the younger generation because I find so many of them starting to build collections even before they have turntables as opposed to you know which makes no sense to me but but it’s like it’s like that first step dipping your toe in the water it’s like I’m gonna buy the record yeah that’s got a digital download so I can listen to it but then eventually when I’m I get over my fears I’ll behind that you know so you know I think there’s just something about vinyl that makes you want to connect to the music more and to connect to music shoppers to I mean I think people like coming out and seeing looking at somebody’s bag and say hey come in here or something playing and they go what was that you know I mean that’s the difference in the physical world that’s different for kids it’s like there’s knowledge to be had here in a record store that you can’t get online we weren’t hurt by the downturn in

downloading it’s a little buying records you’re still buying records down downloading killed the physical CD because you didn’t have to have it even with your CDs you pop them in your computer you rip it you’re done and then you don’t you know the cases go sitting somewhere but you’re not doing anything with them like with a record or you want to play it you got to pull it out of the jacket you got to play it and once that happened the stores that had all their inventory set in CDs that they had paid you know for you CDs paid five bucks apiece that used to get 10 bucks for them now they couldn’t sell them for a buck and they also found with a lot of those stores they a lot of those stores probably set up digitally early on so all of a sudden they would start selling their good stock online immediately and then their store you know it’s like I’m making all my money online why do I have the storefront and then the cost of doing business also are why people stay in business you know and sometimes it’s not necessarily that you know vinyl is dying and it can’t be profitable but in some areas you know you can’t pay the rent to to do it so you can’t have a strong I mean every town would like to have a little record store but you know there’s a lot of there’s there’s a lot that goes into surviving in a business in and of itself and I think for the businesses that have survived from that crash in the in the downloading era where CD you know like half of your stock immediately became irrelevant and what are you gonna do with that it’s like you can’t you know some some CDs became collectible online and you know oh for that madhouse like you know that house print CD that you can’t find anymore some type a hundred dollars online yeah that does happen but not you know not very often and and so for those people I think they probably had a little bit of vinyl in the background that they just left waste away and then they heard stories or heard rumblings or started going you know we need to stock some stuff and then all of a sudden Bossip and this is this is what I found in the transition from when I bought the store because I I had been adding more and more new vinyl as time went on and I was always shocked really we can sell that you know because certain things you think you can’t sell and I think a lot of CD retailers didn’t have a lot of faith in vinyl anymore and as they gained more faith in it that little rack in the back all of a sudden became half the store and helped to save them and so that’s I think that’s the story of vinyl saving a lot of stores you have to be prepared to be a business person as well you can’t just think it’s cool to hang out in a record store you have to love music have to love selling it to people and have to love knowing how to keep that viable because the store is a great place starting out you can get a great collection of stuff to open a store but keeping it running when all of a sudden you know people are bringing in cool records anymore and you’re real cool store that you opened when you started what are you gonna do so now here we have a good mix of as long as you keep a good mix of stuff you know new and used and a variety of things I think you’re always going to survive but you have to know what you have to know where your customers are going you have to know where you want to go with

how you feeling that’s all good yeah sure you’re gonna go to work or anything – yeah what if the leases are you looking for but now now public image limited I hope they have a poltergeist glow-in-the-dark soundtrack white friends have you even come to record today every year came last year was the first year but I I came too late didn’t get it so what time to get here this morning 4:30 4:30 I was pretty cold there just about we’re we’re ready we do and we do is difficult Dewayne line every year this is my first Record Store Day oh really what are you looking for a provision at the drive-ins relationship of the man you’re a pretty good forget in there yeah maybe I called the store but they’ve got a decent

all right so your first out the door actually Parrilla yeah your first out the door with purchases hello so what did you get I got the fish record I got the page McConnell record I got the MGMT tape and I got the Dazed and Confused soundtrack nice actually was that everything you wanted was that your whole list that was everything I wanted you might be the only person who gets to say that today I know spike you might be the luckiest guy in Minneapolis right now I’m very lucky I got the last of one of those so that was meeting probably the only one I got excellent is this do do every burger day every year this is my third time the first record store today I came to I did not realize it was a big deal and so I came in like three o’clock in the afternoon and there was like nothing left but that was not a reason not to buy records I still found records to get so I don’t know but five years ago I just didn’t realize that you had to line up to get the cool stuff why why didn’t you say as a music blogger why would you say record source or so forth well I mean they’re kind of the lifeblood of what you know I was younger you know record stars were really the only place you could get music and and now when you can get music anywhere anytime it kind of loses kind of the Hutus I mean half the fun is the hunt and half the fun as that as the community that gets created and when you have a store like this you mean you know the record clerk sits and they you they give you tips and it’s an it’s a it’s a curated tip it’s not just something so I mean there’s a life there there’s an ambience there that you’re never gonna get sitting in front of your computer there’s there’s a light and there’s so many records that I have bought just because it’s displayed but one of the record store clerks have got a little sticker on it saying that it’s a great album or if someone tells you this great album or you hear something on the sound system and go what the hell is this you’re not going to get that you know searching on the web Oh


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