foreign welcome to barcelona for the final two races of the 2020 gt world challenge europe sprint cup one race down and that was a one-two for the lamborghinis we still have on this most beautiful morning plenty to play for eight teams can still take a tilt at the overall title so john watson joining me bruce jones it’s a beautiful but chilly morning at barcelona well bruce look at that track temperature of 4.6 celsius almost cold enough to scrape the ice off but it is a gorgeous day in barcelona and hopefully hopefully it’ll be a dry day as well yeah certainly weather has been uh something that really was hanging over the teams yesterday with rain blowing through but this very much is a different day we’ve got two 20-minute qualifying sessions to set the grids for today’s two races it really is quickfire when you’ve got three races held across two days and for the belgian audi club team wrt they’re very keen to get out onto the track it’s going to be very very cold though john so mistakes could be coming for those that aren’t paying attention to just how cold it is jerice van tour still leads the title with his title race on 65 points with his teammate charles vietz but they’re only five points clear now of engel and lucas stoltz 35 points to play for that’s why we’ve got eight driver combinations that could take a tilt at the title and team of bogusleiski sharing with rafaeli marcelo it’s ranked third in the championship at the moment so he’s very very much at the sharp end yes and we saw yesterday the car brand that dominated were the two emil frey racing lamborghinis and they just literally sprinted off disappeared from the rest of the field and that was a battle between the mercedes and the audis and at one point you almost felt about to trip over one another but they got to the finish line and took their position but now it looks to me as if it’s going to be a beautiful day all the way through so that’s one factor we can discuss it will not be done simply to the teams in the pit lane the drivers on the circuit they have to behave it’s now or never this championship is going to be won and lost particularly into turn one on the opening lap of both the race two and then race three later this afternoon yeah and as we’ve seen over the years over the decades here at the circuit de catalunya qualifying is almost as important as it is at monaco very very difficult first combination of corners but uh we saw lots of type rating yesterday but get yourself up at the front of the queue and you’ve really got a smile on your face i mean it’s a it’s a difficult circuit to overtake army all know that it’s a circuit that changes dramatically in terms of the level of grip you get now at this time of day it’s just coming up to nine o’clock in the morning in barcelona by the time we get to the first race which is run midday usually early afternoon the track would be totally different so teams it’s almost like they have to roll the dice they have to anticipate what they can expect rather than have a constant across the entire day listed as a wet track a track that doesn’t look wet but obviously lights on is the order just saw there’s simon gashe and stephen palette this antelope racing audi that’s leading the silver cup class has taken an overall win but that’s actually sitting on quite a tidy pile of points advantage at the moment they’re sitting on an advantage of 25 points they’re only 35 points to play for they’ve just got to keep on doing what they’re doing to maybe take that title but we’ve seen that yesterday uh many a slip between cup and lift john yes they did that i missed fortune ron turned 12 turning into turn 12 the latter part of us along right hand corner uh when went for the brake pedal the abs appeared to fail which caused the front brakes to lock up the car went off track had light contact with the tech pro barriers but there was a certain amount of damage done to the bodywork so the team had to strip that all away then they had to check behind that to make sure that radiators hose connections then going to the more structural parts of the front of the car that there was no damage to that or to the suspension the steering whatever they lost about an hour in that one and a half one hour twenty minute session got out a few minutes before the end played catch up pretty much but because there’s such an advantage in their category it didn’t harm them particularly but it was up starting at the wrong foot well the team that’s running second in the silver cup is this one mad panda motorsport john and i really like this team just simply because it’s such a wacky combo but ezekiel perez company can accel jeffries they’re the crew there are 25 points down so they’ve got to keep just chipping away in there just heard some

news that sadly it seems the 107 bentley from classic and modern racing nelson panciotici pulled off just before the end of the races they firing the engine bay and the damage has been too much to continue i presume that is for both races today i would assume that if they’re not qualifying now for race two it would be unlikely they would do q3 because g3 is going to follow directly after q2 so what the assumption we have we have to make is that with great regret the 107 the cmr racing bentley will not be taking part in the sound of today’s uh two races yeah sad because it’s always had a great cameo roll so twenty crews coming out and they’re gonna find very very difficult little grip at certain points yesterday because the track was so wet but look at the sunshine today what a film this is the sort of the tonic the teams need yeah it’s still been declared a wet track uh but i think that everybody will have gone out on the set of six there may be a residue of some of the moisture from yesterday there was a lot of heavy rain at different parts during the day but fundamentally uh i would think most drivers and teams will evolve today you can see going through turns seven and eight there’s a very clear dry line there that up the hill the track there you can see it’s maybe in places where there are shadows on the racetrack that those are the areas where they’re still effectively damp on the circuit so it’s been declared wet you can choose whatever tile you want to choose right just to reiterate these are two 20-minute qualifying sessions to set the grid for race two and race three there’s a ten minute gap between them that’s the shortest 10 minutes most these teams can never experience unless they’ve got a car that’s limping to the finish of a race track conditions cool weather getting warmer but it’s about at the moment it takes several laps to get heated guitars most notably on a chilly morning like this give yourself track space guys this is qualifying you’re still seeing some of the cars bunching up next to each other i’m just watching the 163 email freight racing jacob altoid and albert costa the winners from yesterday’s one hour race one and uh it was a gifted race in the fairness because the sister car the 14 had the lead but within the team they decided it was it more important to let the 163 win albert costa of course being a barcelona resident down in turn one a little bit intensive on the brakes old again just the sense of how much grip am i going to have i do i nail the brake on the first lap you’ve got to put energy into the tires to get the tower to work get the temperature up but if you aren’t getting good feelings coming from that then you are attentive so there we go coming down from the turn four so faster sector one not unsurprisingly up acosta and these two enemy afraid racing lamborghinis really really once they got hold of the the race they just disappeared after the set of the pit stop they came out one two and that was it effectively race victory and second place in the podium was a done deal yeah i mean effectively their speed down the start finish straight was fantastic but again if someone came out i think it’s a problem because the corner before being that chicane it meant they got out but they’re super sleek in the straight line but mercedes just couldn’t keep up and the audis was sort of hanging on a little bit further back the there’s there’s the the complete package for the lamborghini uh is here working very well i don’t know whether there would have been any change in the balance of performance for race two and race three i don’t know whether that’s been uh something’s been considered or not look at the difficulty you’ve got the way that the light the contrast that’s not easy you’re turning into turn 12 and all of a sudden it actually goes into a wider the sun’s still so low in the sky at this time of year getting into autumnal weather patterns again out of turn 15 just hits you actually when he’s diving into the pit lane now in case anybody thought he’d come off track so albert caster decided to bail having set fastest first in second second times so no proper time is on the board as yet majority of the teams have been in and out of the pits that sight of that yes it really is cold you were quite right what can we do about tire pressures stay out there oscar tonjo uh has been going better and better with you support hacker they’re running in the in the silver cup class and um really really making great strides for top sport wrt but uh yes fresh set of rubber all around we’ve done the side to lap we’ve gauged what we need as the mighty rumble of that top sport wrt mercedes press is on the others all putting you rubber on the car right morrow angle top of the charts one minute fifty four point zero seven but to show how quickly that will change now oscar tonjo’s done a one minute fifty point seven we need times about four or five seconds faster than this i was 145.5 plus a few hundredths of a second so there’s still a lot of time left in both the racetrack and in the car so look at rafaeli marcelo now

personal best first and second sector as he comes through turn 16 and what will his time relate to it’s mercedes first and second and third in fact and fourth and well where’s the 88’s time have we got a time-off radiate but we haven’t seen that time come up yet so it’s got second quickest i beg your pardon so 150.9 against a 150.7 so track still in an evolutionary in the illusory phase so again oscar tunjo the colombian pressing on running fifth in the silver cup class still has a chance to the title but very much an outside one there are 35 points to play for they’re 33 point 33 points down on gashe and palette but really for them it’s about ending the season in style and for talksport wrt it’s been their toe in the water this year the gt world challenge and i’d say they’ve made a pretty good impression i think they’ve done extremely well and we’re going to look 1.5 seconds up and secretary to so this is the beginning of a run he might do another couple of laps beyond this but certainly right now he’s on route to consolidate his current fastest lap of the circuit currently that’s a 150.7 which wouldn’t even get you into the race in reality but uh this is going to be somewhere in the 148s i would assume if he can maintain the momentum he’s done a good job coming through turn 15 nylons have turned 16 clean exit doesn’t overrun on the exit of the corner goes across the line and that’s a 148.7 so good job again very cautious over the curves on the exit of the final corner there just not wanting to go out the track has a little more heat in it the curves do the curtains got the paints and certainly all drivers understand after a coolish night in awesome stay off the curbs they are very very slippery mikiel grenier handed victory yesterday to his teammate albert costa but this weekend racing the silver cup class with his new young teammate ricardo fellow who he shares the car with in the course of the endurance rounds and uh they therefore pulled aside on the main straight uh granny handed victory to albert costa on homeground snakes behind him about a tenth of a second down at the finish but uh looking for double glory again today and at the moment the lamborghinis like many others still waiting to lay a quick time on the board grenier down in 14th hasn’t done a proper flying lap yet but uh obviously we’ll be doing so but the clock keeps counting down john we’ve lost eight to the seven and a half minutes already so it’s going towards the sharpie yeah we’re getting down to the point where drivers have done a night lap that come in have a little look at the make sure everything is as it should be after the car has been prepared overnight and of course the opening laps on a racetrack that has not seen any action since the end of saturday evening it needs to be it’s almost has to be reborn and the track surface albeit dry in some parts and maybe slightly damp on other parts it needs racing cars and racing rubber to be laid down for the track to then come to the drivers matteo droody as an example in the 55 attempt to audi fastest overall sector one personal best in 72 so we’re probably going to see an audi pop up there into the top three third place actually at the minute is the second of the silver cup cards that’s the tech one racing lexus aurelien panis so the lexus is back up at the front at this phase whether it will stay there or not for the matter but matteo droudie is currently sixth coming up to complete what will be his fifth lap for the cars fifth left will probably be rudy’s lap because he’s in the car for this session so watch and see where the italian goes to matteo through the second there he goes so another driver in the low one minute 48 so they’re going to have to go better than that the times will keep on falling so oscar tonjo just lowered the target to one minute 48.017 he’s two tenths of a second clear and retired trudy but what we saw yesterday john was uh in qualifying in particular the lamborghini to the mercedes look pretty handy but the audi’s seem to struggle in race form the ad is seemed absolutely fine but for charles vitz and uh dress fanta leading the championship they really really need to ring everything out out of their audi in these two qualifying sessions this morning well certainly the 32 audi had the support of the entire audi family because they’re all lined up queued up behind them none of them dared overtake because it was against the interests of any one of those other drivers to do so it was imperative that the 32 rd dries van thor and charles britt maximized the best they could i think they finished fifth overall they had to score maximum points from that position and all the others kelvin vandalism and the rest lined up behind just waiting waiting waiting well i’ve just seen eddie chiva go top in pro am it had been fleetingly phil keem in the erc sport mercedes but very good time from the ted pesto ferrari they’re into the top ten it’s a ninth place for chiba

that car’s been other than the one error that chris frogger made into turn five and it looks as if it was he locked a break just hit the break the rear snatched and put him into the gravel a very disappointing end to what has been so far this year a pretty impressive run by both chris froggett and eddie cheever the third but mateo droody would appear to be on course to put his 55 attempted rd into provisional full position it’s a slight slow delay and it came off the screen 47.225 for the toyota yeah that’s more like really deserves i think he’s raced really well this year but hasn’t just picked up the results for tepto racing he’d have expected got a third place in the third of three races at lozano but since then it hasn’t been all glory so maybe this is the chance for the team with the really sort of plainly livery audis to you can actually buy that if you really want on a stealth road-going audi a8 you can have it but um that’s the color scheme that attempts to racing have got they were first and second quickest albert costas popped up at the second place barrow angle and the mercedes is up the third fred repeats who had been second in the space of coming out of turn 16 blink of an eye all of a sudden it downed down to fourth but this mikhail grenier right now is the car in the 14 lamborghini that has got a purple in sector one personal best in sector two as we look at the 32 this is uh dries van thor and i mean if anybody’s going to get a time out of a nadi we always say there’s always going to be drinks van thought saying it and having it actually materialized but this is the car that potentially could go quickest overall but eight minutes of the session remaining mikhail grenier the canadian in the number 14 lamborghini and we’re ready for the time it is so the first and third the lamborghini’s with mattaya trudy in between them still nobody down it even into one minute 46. that’s clear indication of just how cold this circuit is this morning so let’s just refresh it’s tequila grenier just fleetingly at the top from matar judy albert costa in the second of the lamborghini’s in third place top mercedes is maro angle in fourth championship leader dries van tour improving as he goes around fastest of all in the first sector but he’s still down in sixth place but the times now they started to come down but only by small increments i think i think simply just having to stay out and do laps just to build that temperature faster than first and second overall certainly coming through turn seven and eight and out of turn ten there ain’t anything left on the plate he is ringing everything that is possible to get out of his wrg entered audi out to the very edge of the racetrack now into the sort of slightly weird turns 13 you’ve got to be careful not to overrun then 14 to the left 15 to the right runs the sausage curve by the exit then into turn 16 onto start finish straight this should see the 32 rd go provisionally quicker that’s where they want that car to be on the third drop to four tenths of a second no but while you were saying that suddenly better truly now but costs have gone into the 46s now dries fans are also into the 46s but the target keeps on moving but droody doing a fantastic job he’s three tenths of a second to the good over cost the clock counts down six and a half minutes remain well at least we’ve got the mid to the 46’s i don’t think we’re going to see a 45 but looking at that lap retries fan tour the car was absolutely moving he around literally couldn’t get any more from the car you could see it in the first sector certainly so than the final sector so right now matteo drude provisionally in the attempt to on a 146.5 the 14 lamborghini we’re looking at us coming down is second biggest 48 hundredths of a second behind third is albert costa in the sister lamborghini so albert costa pond i’ll say generously gifted the victory the 163 gifted that victory a nice gesture for the spanish-based or spanish national based in barcelona catholic so he was delighted with his success he said it can’t celebrate it because we’re all in a form of lockdown so he dives into the pit lane as well with five minutes remaining but the car on position purple purple dries van thor keeps going keeps just driving the wheels off his car that first sector time is fantastic nearly half a second to the good on anyone else absolutely you think about the format of that first sector it’s very very technical he’s really throwing it at the wall so easy here in this last sector of the racetrack to lose it particularly through turns 14 and 15 there is a slow left right chicane it’s a clumsy chicane into turn 16 a beautiful entry even nicer exit so comes across the line will this be a low 146 up on 46.38 so he’s cleared by just two tenths of a second from retired rudy so the audi is coming good on the cooler track this morning kelvin

linda the sister car currently fifth not yet in the one minute 46 is only four drivers are dries fanta matar trudy the two out lamborghinis of grenier and albert costa will the south african van der linde join them looking very very fleet of foot at the moment his best abominative 47.1 he goes stop one minute 46.3 that wasn’t in the script but essentially what what’s going to happen this afternoon all the wrt team cars and the rest of the audi family have got to gather around and support the 32 right now 32’s on the front row of the grid but not in pole position then directly behind you’ve got mateo drudy in the attempt then the first of the lamborghini’s fourth second of the lamborghini’s fifth then another audi joseph awake where is the number four barrow angle only nine the principal challenger okay and the driver in 15th place at the moment has banged in his best first sector and the best middle sector of all but didn’t complete it again oscar tunjo i suddenly thought he’d remember he was outside and doing his magic and he did it just he got it all wrong at the end of the lap unfortunately for him but we’ll watch to see if there’s a cameo roll but suddenly the audis are finding form on the cooler track today fred ravish personal best first and second sector currently running in 12th position in the second of the attempt to racing hardy so this will see an improvement for current 12th position whether it takes him into the top six difficult to judge just saying the middle sector time certainly a reasonable gain on previously so fred ravish weaving his way through the final sector of this racetrack 12th position as it stands comes across start finish line wow where did that come from third third well what we had dries fanta going back ahead of kelvin van der linden those two two very similar looking wrt audis black with the gray and white flashes on them but uh now we’ve got attempto into third place ahead of attention in fourth place so it’s audi audi audi looking for a bit of a quick lap i’ll tell you who’ll give it this man yeah that’s just what he’s saying where are all the mercedes-benz carried the 11th well yeah says it’s changing all the time tomorrow angle down to 12th timing and scoring in the screen but this is who is second though phil keaton has put a mercedes second phenomenon nowhere pro am class phil keaton half a second down on kelvin found the linda who’s just gone ahead of trees fan tour again this is going to carry on flip-flopping what is miro engel’s role going to be in this down in 13 time on the board he’s lost the three he’s gone to first 145.5 more or less 200 of a second equals the full time from q1 yesterday and if anybody’s throwing a spanner in the works it’s mario engel because he has put that car onto the front row of the grid three spanx thor is all the way down to the third row of the grid in the space of what little over two minutes gone from being quickest down to the third row of the grid the last thing chris van thorn needs wrt i do need is for that hrt the principal challenger so the 32 id we’re on board right now with peace one thought so whether he can make up his last three tenths of a second in the middle sector that’s a shared little time to make up particularly when your principal competitor is on provisional poll okay he crosses the line he doesn’t improve he’s down in seventh place now because a few other cameo roles have come in rafaeli marcelo has woken up the coffee has kicked in he’s gone top for akka asp we’ve got oscar tunjo i said he was back for another fling he’s ahead of drew’s father drivers he doesn’t expect ahead of him are at the moment and phil keane is also up the front in the top ten but dries fanta championship leader down in ninth position at the moment he’s got effects be made just squeeze in this lap and one more it’s going to be very tight he’s definitely got this lap to play with great lap by rafaela martial we saw him do a 144.9 in pre-qualifying on saturday didn’t get anywhere near it in qualifying formal for race one but he’s put that round again in sector one got purple we’re looking at number uh two oscar junior currently in seventh position perv up with green green so he should see some improvement but where are you going to end up waiting to see but it’s changing so so quickly the top car in the silver class actually is a wheelie on planets in the tech one racing lexus will that be improved upon by toksport yes top sport wrt oscar tonjio back up into fifth place but all eyes in what is happening for dries van tour at the moment his teammate kelvin vanderlinder is in fourth but dries has suddenly downed in 12th position on it’s changing so fast rafaela marcelo so it’s almost a net net situation for the italian he was purple and sector by now albert castle’s gone purple and sector one in the number 163 lamborghini currently second quickest overall so raphaeli marshallo’s provisional pull with what checkered flag out this is his last lap he can’t do any more

coming across top finish line he gets fastest overall sector and sector three of 144.089 at 144.94 sorry waiting to see albert costa the one car on track now that can challenge for pole position well this was important when i last looked at the screen dries fanta had fallen to 13th place he just moved up to fifth but while he’s doing that he’s suddenly falling down the order again as the other drivers are coming across the start finish line it’s at the moment marcelo from albert costa albert hasn’t finished his lap though here he comes he could go to the top which would make it four sprint cut pole positions in a row for the lamborghini team but at the moment it’s still raffaeli marcelo hanging on by three tenths per second but as long as albert costa doesn’t muck it up through the final quarter he hasn’t he comes onto the start finish straight he will be going top he goes 44.8 points 62 000 since that close in a session like this where the track is improving literally by your lap you’ve got to be on the track at the latest possible moment to try and benefit because if you’re the first car to take the checkered flag i’ll guarantee you the last car in this session to take the checkered flag will probably well outpace you the moment we’ve got the two attempts to audis in fourth and fifth third and fourth positions kelvin van der linde sixth in his audi and therese van tour championship leader though he improved on his final lap down in seven have we had everyone to the finish or are we still looking at a finishing off a lap from the second of the lamborghini’s emil fry racing miko grenier car number 14. yeah they’re going to finish this lap there’s a personal best sector one uh not a brilliant middle sector but it is albert costa who has done the biz and put that car on to pole position coming in having completed his run we’re still waiting for the the 14 to 14 has not taken the checkered flag as well but they’re starting back in 11th position which is significantly different to where they were yesterday at the end of the month all of that the pro-am pole went to eddie chief at ninth overall that’s really strong very good lexus so top car in the silvercup class oscar toyota deserved that he really pressed on through that the top sport wrt i mean so a bit of head scratching but again it’s so difficult on the track with where it’s changing so so quickly let’s take a look at those times and albert costa came out on top by 62 thousandths of a second from in his lamborghini from rapper martiello in the akka asp mercedes and then it was really good good news for the attempt to audi team fred pavich and mattaya trudy will fill up the second row morrow angle looked good potentially for pole but in the end ended up in fifth position for hrt kelvin van der linde always was in the fight dries vancouver likewise they had turns at the top of the qualifying table but that was about three minutes before the end of the session they ended up sixth and the championship leader in seventh oscar tonio top car in the silver cup class for the top sport wrt and eight and then look at that great run from eddie chiba to be night to be the top pro up run prime runner just ahead oh leon panis getting that nexus singing down the straight but there were other cars that coulda should’ve but aren’t at the top of the table it was a really really tricky session as the track was cold started warming up at the quickest times were the last times over the line but albert costa took the bragging rights yesterday with the first win of the three races here and now has made it four wins four poles in succession for mu5 racing and it’s lamborghinis an interesting grid you’ve got the championship leader 32 audi in seventh place in the grid that’s the fourth row of the grid you’ve got principal challenger marrow engel and the hrt mercedes third row of the grid and there are audi’s attempt about he’s ahead of marrow angle and there’s a couple of including greece panther wrt audis behind he is if you like the mercedes and the audi meet in the audi sandwich well he wanted a role in the championship he certainly put himself right to the position to have one it wouldn’t want to be a sausage in this case that’s for sure no the thing here is of course that uh what we have is the edible fry racing crews just working their way up the championship table but the real battle at the top is just five points difference between the the pairing evantor and viets in their wrt audi and engel and stoltz in their hrt mercedes as long as they have sight of each other they can really sort of control their relative point scores looking down timing and scoring two results which slightly very disappointing one is 13th place christopher harsa and sandlot racing audi number 25 and a little bit further down another ride out of the sister car the center lock racing for seymour this is in the silver cup of course the christopher has a car as an overall or pro car but christopher harza normally would be what i would call the front of the grid and we’ve seen outstanding performance from the silver cup party cache and palette so where that’s done in 16th place that’s the fourth of the silver cup cars that they will be disappointed with that albeit they’ve got a relatively comfortable advantage

in their championship in the silver cup championship but i think any team any set of drivers they just grab each race take it at a time i know we’re at the sharp end of the championship but uh really trying to get close to the front was the aim but now while we’re sitting in the pitch for this 10 minute break the track continues to lose its chill lose its cold edge and that will be kinda but certainly that the way those ties tumbled through the session john it just showed when you’re racing it also you’ve got a more of a cliff to climb yeah i mean it’s an evolution of the circuit literally in the 20 minutes had changed probably quite a lot when you went either everybody ever died when the track went green it was effectively a green racetrack not a huge amount of grip a lot of or a lack of feel and certainly confidence coming through essentially you have to try and just stay out look for clear laps build up temperature but it’s something that every easy to say but not easy to carry out well jacob also has taken the first poll he’s staying the car let’s hit giacomo i’ll tell you in the pits jacobo four pole positions in a row for lamborghini and certainly as the session went on the tracks seemed to get quicker yeah the truck is improving uh lap bail up for sure albert did an unbelievable job he could improve on the last the very last lap and then he did the pull position i’m so happy for the team and for lamborghini so we keep pushing and then we see for quality what we can achieve well certainly this is a home circuit for albert who knows every corner every opportunity to overtake yeah exactly he’s the king here in barcelona so i’m sure he can do he will do the maximum he can to to do the best result possible thank you jacob thank you so the best place to be is on pole position the driver’s staying on board no swapping between those two sessions this 10-minute break will be over very soon indeed now what will marrow angle be able to do this time around of course a lot of them treating it as see what don’t make a mistake in qualifying one qualify as much as you can now really you can hang it out in qualifying session number two they’ve seen what the target time is one minute 44.8 that won’t be enough i think this time around the track will be just marginally quicker the drivers will be more attuned to the situation but what’s the betting would anything other than lamborghini take pole it was only by 62 000 of a second over the best of the mercedes though and rafa marciello will be gerding ready to go out again john well we know he’s got the new streamlines lightweight haircut uh well that makes any difference or not though psychologically it might make him feel more darth vader than he normally does but i mean the level of talent that marcelo has got is i mean it’s it’s let’s say stella but albert costa somebody who for many years has sort of been flying under the radar but we’ve always known as pace never find himself consistently in a car worthy of his talent certainly he now has that car and he’s displaying that talent yes and as he said yes so what a shame it’s you know we’re so excited we’ve been able to race through 2020 but he would have loved his friends and family and a crowd there to cheer him yesterday at these things you know he’ll look back over his career later and go he was ashamed but it wasn’t the end listen what he wanted to do was go down into barcelona down to los ramblas have a blue white meal with the mum and the dad and the sister and the granny and her granddad and whatever and celebrate but it isn’t possible in the current health situation so the cmr bentley didn’t have the best of runs ugo chevalier the only bentley driver out this morning because the sister car unfortunately had an engine fire about three laps before the end of yesterday’s race that is order combat but only 20th out of the 20 runners for hugo there one minute 47.7 so that’s a long way that’s 2.9 seconds off the pace i mean whether it’s a technical issue or whether it’s just simply a matter of confidence so if you haven’t got confidence because what you’re getting through the seat of your pants through the steering wheel through the pedals is in the case of you know paddle gear changes i don’t know if you get it through the pedal gear change and the all-stars stick shift you know all the but all that sort of analog style of racing doesn’t really exist these days nevertheless it’s about confidence if you haven’t got that confidence there is a little thing in your little tick in your brain says do not press the throttle pedal until you assert that there is grip there so let’s just run down in the various classes of course silver cup class the top qualifier in eighth place overall with oscar tony at the top in prague which is one place behind in ninth that was eddie cheever doing a really really good job so one minute to go and the cars will be back on the track the drivers marginally older by 10-15 minutes but a lot wiser one feels after sussing those situations what the track conditions were dominic bauman going out to see what he

can do in the prime class for sps automotive performance that was the car that ended up ended up slightly damaged at the end of yesterday’s race the last lap sought out for them but the intent is clear from belgian audi club team wrt get out onto the circuit early on there is the sky 10 pester racing ferrari that leads the pro-am class and uh it’s been just as you said that little slip-up yesterday or whatever went on to leave chris froggett in the gravel at turn five have been sitting on top of that class handed victory in many ways to af quarter but keeps the championship a bit more exciting and i i think that little error illustrated just how fine the margins are between having grip and the car looking in control and doing what you want and all of a sudden once it’s gone there is no recovery so when you get low levels of track temperatures we had yesterday we also had a lot of rain at different points in the day but in the race itself it was a dry race but nonetheless track temperature was low at just one little slip or maybe a little bit too much aggression on the brake pedal caught the weight rear wheel caused the car to slide sideways and once it was in that your position it just slid almost as if it was on ice into the gravel bed and there stayed for a lap before it could be recovered and finished the race but of course it finished last but in its category that was all that really mattered overall positions were not the key it was very good finish in its respective categories well someone who who’s fitting that bill as well running the silver cup class we saw his card at stanford in the pits ugo chevalier he’s racing in silver cup class in that dark blue bentley which i think looks absolutely fabulous in that in that livery he’s clearly going out to use all 20 minutes in this session following kelvin van der linde around them they would have appraised the situation the conditions in that first session tail wanted to work a little way around on the event that’s such a fiddly corner john that that chicane turns 14 and 15 it’s it’s what i would call unfulfilling as a driver because you the only way you can challenge it is by being aggressive attacking attacking the kerbs but that itself isn’t always the most effective way of doing it on board kelvin linder going into turn one then traffic just ahead stays that’s the bad panda keep saying it mad panda mad panda man panda sounds great anyway into turn three for kelvin van der linde able to keep the throttle open all the way through so he’s got the grip there for the confidence to do so then back down the gears i think he started the second game just the light so much backlight then the short run this is where we saw that the ferrari the sky 10 pester ferrari just slide right into the gravel on the outside it’s an awkward corner at the best of times it’s funny camber but kelvin van der linde obviously a pro driver in the 31 audi which is a through entry aggressive through turn eight but that’s kelvin he’s an attacking driver has to give it a big breathe coming through turn nine wasn’t confident enough just to try and get through there on a wing in a prayer and balance it on the throttle and steering still currently quickest overall in sector two but he’s essentially the first driver out there of the potential you know front row or front rows of the grid so one would assume if he gets through turn 13 cleanly which he has now this sort of unfulfilling 14 and then 15. he has to wait wait wait before we could get on the power so will kelvin antonina go provisionally quickly this one would assume with first and second purple he should go eight dollars then date of 140 a good lap 145.28 an opening lap that’s pretty impressive that that really is john we saw in the first qualifying session just effectively half an hour ago it took a lot of the drivers 15 minutes to get down into the one minute 45. it almost looked unlikely interestingly hugo chevalier in the 108 bentley is currently provisionally second quickest okay six tenths of a second away from kelvin van der linde but nevertheless it’s just nice even at some point in a 20-minute session to see your name at the top of the field not at the tail of the field earlier panics coming through in the lexus what’s he going to oh he’s got quickest bruce what’s happened well the track’s getting faster just to point out that ugochi valley is about two seconds faster than he was in that first session so i think there was some little problem but albert cross he’s probably going to put his name at the top of the charts yes he does oh one minute 45 4.05 they just gentlemen quicker eight tenths quicker than the pole position for q2 for so where have we look at the bigger the bend you just saw the bentley coming through turn nine the very top of the

chevalier is honored certainly the image of the pending coming through the corner fantastic but that lap from albert costa that was the outlap one flying lap he’s eight tenths quicker than the times they work down to this track is getting warmer then that cold edge has gone away but i think that was an exceptional lap and he’s going faster why not so maybe we’re going to see a high woman at 43 blown the doors off the rest of the competition that’s hey second quickest presently in the attempt to racing audi the lectures which had just gone because the silver cup car remember is down to the third no it’s down into fourth because given that the linda has gone up to third very very close to second place but i truly still waving the flag but on the basis the track is improving all time surely the fastest times are going to come in about 12 minutes time 30 minutes time on the final run but that lap from albert costa i can’t get over how good that was because that was the first flyer and obviously so confident caution thrown to the winds nailed it yeah he had to make his way around the ferrari step the ferrari stepped well out of the way to elect cars to go through so there will be a level of compromise in this lap this is the fourth lap forecaster in this q3 so is he going to go into the pits now he’s going to stay out continue whether it can consolidate anything or not out of this let’s see what he can do one forty four zero five three he is three one thousand yeah i mean he last time i mean what would that love have been if it had been a clean lap it would have been a 143 something or other mateo drudi still running second kelvin melinda third so dries panthal big ask for the young belgium to try and drag the 32 id up to somewhere respectable apparently well it doesn’t really matter starting in the 17th position it’s irrelevant at this stage because he’s going to go into the top six pretty comfortably if not even higher yeah but clearly the way that uh team wrt are playing this one is make sure that kelp with the threes is out there at the very end of the session but the track is fastest when he’s got not into the top doubling into the top six double that 12. okay everything is packed according to where is the hrt borrowing google driven mercedes that is the chief championship rival i’ll come up to another point in the second but morrow yet like chris fentore late into the session in many ways he’s going to be there right at the end he hasn’t got a time on the board yet but the important thing is where he completes this lap through turn 11 into turn 12 all looking neat and tidy but how good’s the time no i don’t think turn 10 was stellar his personal best first and second i think turned 10 could have been executed slightly better i don’t want to criticize him but i think he lost time there just before he gets out of the chicane fastest first section of anyone with his dress fence or he’s woken up now he’s done that bank of that he’s got it on the board this is the bank of that femoral angle won’t put him very high up the table one presumes eighth place there or thereabouts i mean probably it for me to observe or criticize the driver but there is streetsvan for now watch again and followed by christopher haaser in the 25 center lock audi cedric’s fought for currently fastest in purple sector one personal best green sector two sector one is his happy hunting ground that’s the part of the circuit the first third of the circuit that the audis seem to have the handling that helps them be quickest through there but uh further around the circuit it’s hard but let’s see what dries clam talk and do the target time one minute 44.05 and zero and then it almost equaled short while ago uh puts three thousands per second down across her from repeating that madrid taught look that number 16 on the left will get smaller it’s got to second place that is the sort of thing you have to do if you’re trying to take a championship that you might call that a lap of consolidation because that’s put the number 32 audi provisionally onto the front row of the grid as we look at ezekiel perez compact in our favorite livery mercedes comes through turn 16 currently 15th on the grid so let’s wait and see if there’s an improvement might be a small improvement it is a small improvement but it doesn’t matter it’s an improvement right i just want to point out the gap between albert costa who’s in the pits at the moment he’s only got an advantage of 0.136 of a second overtree’s fantautries quite tidy through the first part of this lap but no improvement back it off ten minutes to play very surprisingly a new reflection on the driver but dominic barman currently sixth quickest pro-armed category lead pro i’m category car need mercedes where is our hero in 88 where what has happened to the 88 mercedes can’t see it on timing and scoring we’ve got 19 track where is raphael marcillo is he hanging out or is he hanging eyes oh he’s just come out just as you said

that he’s just uh like glad i got that right that’s half the second he only needs half the session you see that doesn’t really matter that’s cool he’s kind of collected but the target type effectively to take paul you really have to be on the safe side get into the bombing 43s those are super fast laps alba costa sitting on a second well he’s got one pole today he’s sitting on the second provisional pole checking under the center of the front has it off but i’m wondering cars up on the axle up on the jacks anyway wheels and tires off whether they’re going to fit another fresh or a set of tars to go out and consolidate their professional pole position but a little look under that front splitter as if albert might have said coming through maybe somewhere like turn seven or eight or possibly fourteen or fifteen i did flip maybe clunk clump the kerbing check it out make sure there’s no damage that might have had a bearing or an effect on how the arrow in the front of the car would work as rafaeli martial comes up to complete his what is his outlap really he’s out loud but the good thing for him is the fact that half the field and more are sitting in the pit lane at the moment so the tracks a few degrees warmer potentially than it had been or at least one degree warmer at the start of the session he’s got clear track ahead of him best playing surface absolutely i hope but it looked like he was on a fairly committed outlap to try and get as much tire temperature as possible he’s got a clear racetrack doesn’t look like anything is going to have any interference with what marcelo might hope to achieve as we go back to greece but also trees he’s got to be aware maybe the team would like greece to qualify just a position in front of kelvin but you could always sort that out but let’s see he goes into third place he does exactly what the team would have liked him to do yeah so uh supporting the sister car the car that has got the championship currently in the grass barcelo through sector one purple oh and he was eating the track and the gravel that’s what we call deep deep deep through turn seven and then clipping straight across at turn eight target time one minute forty four point zero five zero you don’t even have to have a stop watching the screen to see a driver like that that is what we enjoy but not a purple i only agree nevertheless that was massive commitment coming through turn nine to let the car float as far out to the exit of the corner as he did into this final and let’s say more mechanical and aerodynamic part of the racetrack and easy here to throw it all away just by overdriving watch the curbing on the inside watch the covering as you flick back to the right ride the curb on the exit of 15 then make your entry commitment into 16 good exit not overuse of the racetrack where is raphaeli oh he’s gone we’re going one minute 43 points oh did he what did he do so he’s now fastest by point one of a second from albert costa albert still sitting in the pit so is he breaking the run of poles for the lamborghinis but right now he’s doing what he needs to do and his teammate that’s a replay i wonder i wonder will that be looked at because he had all four wheels off what i would call the racing surface and he skated and i think that could be looked at as being track limit abuse no we just heard uh mentioned that it is apparently fine that is fine because he gets extra marks for trying and i was like obviously my glass is half empty this morning yeah come on john it up i’ll have to top it up and make it completely so here we are six minutes remaining raphael marcelo on a cooler lap he’s gonna pick it up again next time around but he’s on pole by point one of a second point one zero one if you want to be absolutely specific the next two cars are still within two tenths of a second the second row is dries van tour and his teammate kelvin van der linde other challengers tech ones audi sixth place overall top in silver cup class and dominick bauman’s seventh overall to be top in program that really that’s a good run for it thomas bartmann had been the quickest mercedes up until matthew went out still waiting to see where are we going to find the number four mercedes the hrt it currently is on the sixth row of the grid but it’s in the pizza it’s in the pizza you’re correct it’s in the pits greece fan four by the way sector two has just gone purple i don’t know what that actually means is he’s a reasonably good run through sector one but doesn’t come up in any particular shade other than just a black number hugo chevalier down in 20th position personal best if you go back to greece thor in that third position this could see him get professionally onto the front rule degrees it does i think it will yes it does indeed so he’s now just eight hundredths of a

second down at rapper marciello just north of the woman at 44 second divide and that lap from hugo chevalier will move him probably up to about from 20th to well he’s only gone up to 19 has found some time oscar tonio in the top 10 really good run he’s having in the silver cup class for top sport wrt but really it’s all eyes on what two individuals to do rafa martiello has brought the 88 mercedes back into the pit lane don’t think with four minutes he’s gonna go out again his margin is tiny eight hundredths of a second overtree’s fanta albert caster who’ve been the man of the morning really has now found himself on the second row of the grid that’ll be a huge disappointment that car we know was in the pit lane that was up on jack’s looking under the front splitter to see if there was maybe a small amount of damage maybe a ride over a curb as we watch oscar turner he has well there is the 88 the body language is going back for more and he’s got four minutes he’s got a night lap he’s got might get two flying laps in if he’s very lucky certainly he’ll get the one absolute certain laughing depending on how quick he chooses to go with us albert castanera needs to regroup 310 stun and sector one is not going to assist that regrouping to get onto the front row of the grid and he’s got the af course of ferrari running around not too far ahead of him which isn’t really what he wants it’s all right if he catches it passes on the straight but uh with the clock counting down three and a half minutes remaining in this session clear track is what all these drivers are going to need psychologically as much as anything if they’re really going to hang it out there and go for a time this lap is not going to assist anything for albert costa provisionally p3 if you have one flying lap and that will be the opportunity he has started now and this is where he’s going to start doing something a bit special to reclaim that pool position satellite racing a bit out of sorts in the first qualifying session this morning but suddenly they’ve reprieved seymour goes to the top of the silver cup class seventh overall getting closer and closer that’s good obviously they weren’t quite right for the corner track but they’ve had a little think and uh certainly for seymour cup class leader he goes to the top of that class seventh overall fred ravish currently sixth place improvement in sector one fractionally down two tenths of a second sector two so he’s a net gain of a tenth of the show of a second how much does he need to make he needs to make certainly well even a couple of tenths of a second could make a difference between starting the third or the fourth roll of the grid well two and a half minutes very wide at the exit bruce no no go for it it’s fred vervice will that move him up stay seven but the one i want to go to we were talking about number four where’s wally where is morrow engel down in 14th place at the moment well he’s just slow outs yeah starts this lap you know what i think farrah’s got a very good sense of drama save it save it check the flag will come out and then i will deliver he will come across start finish line with look enough time to do a flying lap griezmann thor currently on the front row degrees alongside rafaeli marcelo but not showing any signs of improvement and wait to see whether he chooses to come in or will do as everybody else has done take the opportunity on the final lap to do drag anything he’s got left in the audience well someone who’s just dragged a lot out of his car ezekiel porridge compact fifth quickest bad panda boat sports faulted about 10 places up the order if not more now topping the silver cup classes 44.2 he’s only three tenths of a second down on the fastest time of all that’s a great round for the other chilean that i think is probably his finest qualifying all year so on board albert costa now he’s gonna go for he’s got a minute and 15 seconds he’s come across start finish line this will be his final lap but while he’s doing that in behind kelvin vandalinder is in third place fourth place but he may go into third this could cost costa as well here comes 31 down to the chicane for what’s going to be a fantastic lap he’s got the fastest middle sector anymore work on those times he’s really taking a tilted pole here this is just trying to get on the front row i mean again look at the exit under turn 16 nothing left on the table goes on to that provisional front blue so dries van thor’s been pumped down one roots third quickest alongside albert costa who’s i i don’t think albert costa dropped anything left but i’ll tell you what rafaeli martial is lighting up the purple lights all around the circuit look at that four tenths up in the middle sector i mean this is absolutely mighty it’s obscene you might say the level of attack that he’s giving this but for akka asp it’s been a bit of an up and down season but in this spanish sunshine it will put a massive smile on their face and for his code driver timo bogaslic who’s ranking third overall in the title race pole position was already there so what would it 43.296 that is a stellar lap i mean you’ve just seen a masterpiece pageant here on the racetrack in barcelona he’s six point point six seven five let’s call it two-thirds of a second

ahead of kelvin van der linden what has three spam thought got left well he’s not going to improve on this he’s ranked third maybe he feels albert costa won’t go any faster third not the end of the world that’s that’s fine bruce what is the end of the world to me is that the hrg mercedes down on the sixth rule the grid 11th position what a disappointment i don’t know what the reasons are but that is something certainly worthy of a pit lane interview when the session finishes yeah so what a story of ups and downs it looks so go in the way of albert costa maybe it’s gonna be a fifth pole in a row for lamborghini but it’s like the hornet’s nest was given a little little shove and raphaeli matcha came marcelo came out and took that pole position but i think hats off to kelvin van linden andres van gaal they really really work those wrt audis and uh howdy really coming good as the track warms up here yeah so i mean once we see is qualifying of course for ace three it’ll be interesting to see if there are any not say team orders but team strategies wherein uh wherever kevin vanderlinda may start the race will he be ahead of the sister car the 32 idea of dries van thor and charles verts come the end so that’s what teams do they work as a team it’s not an individual sport it’s not as if maybe in a single seater race where you are the only driver and even there of course team strategies do come into play as well but right now here is the man of the circuit to catalonia standing six tenths of a second above everybody else and it’ll be a laconic cool common collector rafaeli gets out of the car and says hey a double expresso puffer well if he wants an espresso he can have an espresso because that was an astonishing lap to be even two tenths of a second clear on a tricky track this morning but 0.675 is an extraordinary example of commitments right ksp as well they got the setup right for the car bruce i mean we’ve seen some outstanding qualifying laps look at that time point six seven five and of advantage for raphael martiello calvin van linden that dries vancouver both firing really well for the wrt audi team the lambo beginning to have to make do with the second row albert cost a pole and a fourth place pretty good collection from this morning’s qualifying sessions but top silver cup driver what a lap from ezekiel perez compact fifth fastest for mad panda motorsport ahead of the second of the lamborghinis and uh really hats off too for attempting racing mataya droolie and fred vervice really gave it a shot this morning seventh and eighth for this afternoon’s race seymour gashe santana racing found their form again and aurelium panics really a couple of good qualifying sessions in the silver cup class in the lone lexus topping pro am was eddie cheever down in 12th overall a real mix but it’s the car in 11 that intrigues us lucas starts morrow angle championship challenges starting back on row number six that has made their climb rather steeper in this afternoon’s race but uh what a morning here at the circuit to catalonia barcelona and uh for albert costa that first pole and the rafaeli marcelo boy did he deliver in the second qualifying session john well as i mean i think it’s a privilege for us to sit and commentate on a driver who’s just blown the field off the racetrack and i mean he makes it he makes it he’s a an exciting racing driver to watch anyway but he strung together three purples three sector purple times and you know just nailed it and that’s what he’ll get out of the car knowing he has done the best he could have done the team will know it and within the rafaeli marcelo it’ll be that naturally like i say i use the word phrasal iconic that’s how he is yeah but also just fabulous sites here after a day of great cloud and rain just fabulous to see the sunshine let’s see if the sun is shining from rafael marcelo down in the pit lane for an interview rafale a fantastic lap even as we saw awful wheels off the side kissing the gravel there just flying yeah i think a pity that with in q3 with the first set i went in the gravel a bit so maybe without a mistake we were able to save a set for to raise but i mean it was quite quite difficult q2 with a mixed condition but pretend to be p2 and p1 is not so bad and the the strategy there was very much to stay out or stay in the pits for the first half of the session and then get out towards the end yeah i mean i already saw with the first one we thank you too that i wanted to wait a bit long but we were scared of red flag and stuff so i think we went a bit too early and we lost the poor position because i did one lap earlier than costa in q2 so in q3 i said i mean i want to wait uh like a 10 and yeah it surely paid off because the track was getting better and better it absolutely paid off well done thank you

thank you bruce am i mistaken or does rafaeli marcelo look like his hair’s grown overnight i mean he saw him yesterday and it looked like it was just a fresh you know on but it looks i mean i can’t believe he might have scrolled about a quarter of an inch overnight and i think potentially slightly change color maybe maybe his hair’s going grey i doubt it i don’t think he has a sort of emotion i didn’t want to say gray but it did have that look over a light shade of grey well fabulous conditions i cannot wait for the two races the first one kicking off at 10 past 12 but these sessions highlights galore the timing sheets were alive with color green means an improvement on your best sector purple fastest of all we had people down in way down the order suddenly setting sector times that just made us stand up and take a look oscar toncho really flew in the silver cup class he was a rock solid early on mataya trudy in number 55 again two great qualifying sessions for him but we had the lamborghinis swapping provisional poll times in the first of those qualifying sessions but it was albert costa in 163 who came through and grabbed the pole for the second of the race the third race will be later in the afternoon 31 kelvin vanderlinder pressing on all the time morrow angle up and down the order and at the end of the day he didn’t qualify well in q3 at all not for wants of trying but if he wanted trying the man on the move rafaeli marcelo seconded the first qualifying session and obliterated the opposition to take poll for the third race albert costa kept on fighting but he’s going to end up fourth on the grid for the second of the races it was that short break in between drivers staying on board the cockpits waiting urging the track to go up in temperature while they sat there in that 10-minute break and then it was all out there to do it all over again oscar tundra continued to push in the silver cup class kelvin vandalinder fleetingly to the top of the time charts then of course it got toppled albert costa went top the times kept on flipping over but then raphael and marcelo came out used all the track and a little bit of the gravel there at turn seven and eight he went to the top of the charts at the end dries fanta tried his hardest had to settle for third place for the championship leader but today it’s all about rafael marcello fastest in qualifying you

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