Hi there smart drivers. Rick with smart drive test talking to you tonight about highway driving and holiday driving in the summertime with lots of traffic on the roadways. And keeping you safe, keeping you sane, and keeping you together with your significant other while you’re traveling together this summer to your destination hotspot. And for those of you who did not read the show notes in the description there, today is actually my birthday, that’s how much I love you. So yes Dave, the stream has started and we are on live here and talking to you today about holiday driving and talking to you about highway driving. And I just recently had some experience with this because Friday morning early like 3:30 in the morning I started I drove down to to Watson and Watson is where the ferry terminal is in Vancouver here in British Columbia and I took the ferry across to Vancouver Island because of something you may or may not know I have a rental property over there and went over to see my tenants and do a few things over there and had a drive back this morning I drove back from Chilliwack British Columbia or as I like to call it Chilliwack what just always gives me a laugh but stayed there overnight and then drove back and then started to see the number of trailers and RV’s and campers units on the roadway and as well the out of province license plates and not a state license plates you’re gonna see those for those who are driving down in the States so just answer a few comments to your pennies here dave is here dave is very excited they wanted me to start early but fortunately I always take a minute just before I get started to make sure I have everything and you know spider-man is here we got to have spider-man so I had to go get my cup and yes David is my birthday today yes I got older and now they’re beginning to ask me if I want the seniors discounts at stores which is you know I’m getting a little used to that but anyway here we go Jessie’s here that is awesome jesse has passed his road test congratula Asians boo Coon thank you so much for the birthday wishes yes Dave you’re refreshed amber amber amber thicker yes and that’s really great so all of that’s good mad dog is here Jan is here thank you so much Jen and I got back safely from the coast and we’re gonna talk about Ryan is here Ryan is here from Ontario yes that’s great everybody can say happy birthday Raymond is here Matt how old am i I’m I’m believe it or not I’m 52 today 52 yes and Corey’s here bricks four wheels for those of you who are new to smart drive test Corey is the moderator here and and is really good at weeding out the spam on the channel I think you know you’ve made it on YouTube when you start getting spammed on your live feeds and your comments and whatnot and as well Corey also works for me and does closed captions on the videos and does a really awesome job on that so I’d like to thank Corey as well thanks so much Joey for the birthday wishes here and yes so again tonight we’re gonna talk about highway driving and I’m gonna quickly move over to the PowerPoint presentation and get that going here so just bear with me one sec I should really set this up before I get going I don’t know why I don’t so just bear with me there we go okay so talking about road trips and talking about driving and I didn’t put this slide in here but for those of you who don’t know me I am Rick August I do have a PhD I have a PhD in legal history and Phil you don’t know legal history is the study of policing courts and prisons and I’ll just fix this here cuz it’s not exactly what I want there we go yes so legal history is the study of courts prisons and policing and my expertise is in policing oddly enough has it really as it relates to traffic and I looked at the transition between horse-drawn traffic and motor traffic at the beginning of the 20th century in Melbourne is Drive and really great you know University and school is about teaching you how to learn because I think to have a really good life and have a long life you need to be a long life a lifelong learner rather so that’s who I am I became a driving instructor in 1997 most of my driving career has our driving instruction career has been about commercial vehicles trucks and buses I drove trucks through most of the 90s into the United States out of Canada and 2000 I moved to Australia lived there for five years and I drove bust for Greyhound and Strauss well I drove for Vic roads so I have a lot of driving experience and a lot of driving

instruction experience I got my first driving instruction ticket in Ontario as an air brake instructor that’s also another one of my specialties I moved to Australia became a driving instructor in Australia though I never became a driving I never worked as a driving instructor in Australia per se but I was the driver trainer at Greyhound very quickly I picked up that job there and then I became a driving instructor here in British Columbia as well so that’s me in a nutshell and so tonight as I said we’re talking about road trips and driving in its summer time this is the video I got up this week and I would like to thank inland Kenworth here in Vernon for providing vehicle to make that video on right turns I wasn’t pulling a trailer at the time I was just bobtailing and as you can see I’m a bit rusty in the big truck it was having a little bit of challenges they’re finding gears and quarry might be able to find the link for you there and put that out but that’s the first video if you just go to the homepage on the YouTube channel you’ll see this video on how to turn right in a big truck and it’s actually quite busy here in Vernon because a lot of the Albertans people from Alberta the province of Alberta which is the next province east of us come here in the summertime and for their vacation so it’s starting to get really busy here in Vernon with our population going to Dublin here very quickly so road trips and highway driving in summertime excuse me a lot of us are gonna go with their families and we’re gonna travel to see other family members and we’re gonna go on our vacations and holidays and go to destination hotspots and those types of things and one of the things you want to do especially if your kids are a bit older like older than five or six is you really much really want to try and involve them as much as possible in the planning of the trip and for many of us as you know it’s going to be you know it can be really adventurous with a bit of planning you know it can be less stressful than sometimes it could be so what I suggest is have a bit of planning in place and look at Google Maps and figure out where you’re gonna stop and those types of things and one of one of the strategies that you put in place that I advocate is stopping every couple of hours if you’re gonna drive for long distances and then that way the kids can get out and get run around a playground or whatnot if you got a ball in the car like a soccer ball or something like that you can get out and get a bit of exercise and everybody can walk around and start moving and getting the blood pumping and those types of things and the reason we recommend two hours is that studies have shown and you can figure this out on highways when you drive two hours you begin to see the concrete barriers separating highway traffic on the roadway and the reason for that is because safety experts know that drivers start to fall asleep or get fatigued at that point so be aware of your fatigue and know that every couple of hours you need to get on the vehicle and start to move around to keep yourself alert and whatnot so spend some time on Google Maps spend some time with your GPS unit before you take off and plan a rest stop so kids can get out and they can run around the playground and those types of things and as I sort of preempted myself there everybody needs to rest at a couple of hours and if with a little planning you’re not just stopping an arrestee or some place else it’s not very interesting for the kids and whatnot especially if you are traveling with kids and for yourself as well there are so many interesting places small towns and you know historic nooks and those types of places with just a little bit of planning on Google along your route there and I know we kind of get out on the freewoman getting high we get kind of getting that moto I want to get there I want to get there but you know with a little planning it can be a lot more fun and you can find some really interesting things and explore the route along the way now when you’re getting ready to go and you’re packing and you’re planning think about the activities that the kids are going to have and how you’re going to pack the vehicle you’re gonna have access to food and drinks while you’re driving because of course we’re all gonna eat and drink while we’re driving I know that people will say to you all it’s distracted driving this and that but the reality is is that we’re all going to do it so if you have sandwiches and bags and they’re closed by the driver and those tips to think you’re not reaching into the backseat you’re not people not climbing over seats and they’re not unbuckled and those types of things then everybody’s going to be more comfortable while they’re driving in those types of things as well determine who’s going to navigate and who’s going to drive and Coryell get the video for you here on navigation and route planning and spended a bit of time on navigation and route planning and the two adults if there are two adults in the vehicle have a discussion about where you’re going and then each of you is on the same page but where your rest stops are going to be where you’re gonna stop and see you know sightseeing along the way where you’re gonna stop for meals if you’re not gonna take food with you you know which direction you’re going to go and those types of things and what mile markers you’re looking for and whatnot all of that is in the route planning and navigation video and then again have activities for the children I mean one of the things that my kids did on the last trip when we went down to Washington State to see Jen and do the video down there we had a Robert Munsch book and for

those of you don’t know Robert Munsch is a famous kids author and makeup mess and my kids must have read it about ten times in the backseat and then they would listen to it on the audiotape so you can go to the public library and get these books and they have an audio a DVD or a disc with them and you can put the disc in the player and they can listen along with the book and it’ll ding every time they need to turn the page and those types of things and that keeps kids engaged as well the other thing that kept my kids engaged was looking at my phone and looking at the GPS and seeing where we were on the map and those types of things so kids can get really really quite involved and then of course games if you just google that tons of games on the Internet and those types of things so driving you’re gonna be driving at highway speeds on air states and highways freeways and those types of things are gonna be driving at higher speeds so one of the components of driving that is critical when you’re driving at higher speeds is to keep your following distance minimum three seconds four seconds I would say look farther down the road get the big picture how to look at this video here to show you how to measure your following distance in time and that is one of the things if you can drive in the spaces between the clusters of vehicles you’re going to be a lot safer on the roadway and highway and also get some idea of the characteristic of other vehicles on the roadway if you’ve got a big camper van that’s trying to go up the hill and know that it’s going to go slow and know that if it’s multi lane you’re gonna need to get over to the other Lane and get out and around that vehicle and also again be looking farther down the road whoops coming back today on the Coquihalla Highway just below the summit there and there was a tractor trailer unit broken down I don’t know why the driver didn’t get it off on the road but there was a motorcycle police officer there with the lights on and that was I think the only reason that I saw it and had to get out and around so know that as well that your need to look farther down the road so you can anticipate what other people are doing and whatnot and have a look at this video here on freeways and traffic predictions and predicting road user behavior and especially at on ramps and off ramps have a look as you’re driving on the interstate and the highway looked at farther down the road look for the overpasses look for the on and off ramps and that’s where you’re gonna find out that there’s going to be other vehicles merging onto the freeway and you can move over and that way you can maintain your average speed which is what you want to do you’re gonna go farther and faster with a higher average speed over the course of the day as opposed to slowing down and speeding up and slowing down and speeding up all day so know that as well look for commercial weigh stations and those types things because know that there’s gonna be big trucks coming out of those and whatnot and all of that it’s going to help you out to keep your vehicle going stay in the right-hand lane unless you’re out passing and keep an eye on the mirrors and look for those speeders coming up behind you that are just you know driving ten or 20 miles an hour over the speed limit or 10 or 30 mile 30 kilometers an hour over the speed limit so that you can get over and get out of their way otherwise you might get rear-ended so know that as well recreational vehicles as I said I was coming back from the coast today and the recreational vehicles are out the trailers the big RV units and whatnot and know that these vehicles are not going to travel at the posted speed limits most of the time they’re most of the time they’re going to be going slower and there’s been in this cartoon here as well about that summertime look for roof racks look for PAC vehicles look for out of state or out of province plates a lot of times these people are going to be lost and they’re not going to be knowing where they’re going and because of being lost or navigating expect erratic behavior give them more space if you are passed and get out and pass quickly that way it’s going to keep you safe and whatnot on the roadway so stay away from camper vans and trailers and those types of things whenever you’re changing lanes always shoulder check always always shoulder tech don’t rely on your mirrors make sure your shoulder check that way you’re gonna check and see if there’s vehicles in your blind spot especially in the summertime now with motorcycles coming out it is motorcycle season you want to check to make sure that there are motorcycles there and on the note of motorcycles look twice during when you’re moving through an intersection in case there’s a motorcycle that’s trying to turn left because you know or you’re turning left make sure you see the motorcycle and there’s good reason for that research is showing that the faster something is traveling the harder we have the harder time we have judging how fast the vehicle is traveling and the smaller it is bicycles and motorcycles it’s harder for us to see that in discern how fast it’s traveling so know that there are biological limitations to seeing bicycles and motorcycles now passing you’re gonna have to pass on a on a freeway multi-lane Road it’s not so much it’s not very difficult but if you’re on a two-lane highway it’s going to be more difficult and this video that I did here on this was you know vehicles that are passing and then five minutes down the road there’s a passing lane know that you know there are going to be passing lanes and oftentimes if you’re following a truck is here in the image the passing lanes oftentimes are on hills so you can get out and around these bigger vehicles the RV units the pickup trucks pulling trailers tractor trailer units and buses and whatnot so just sometimes you’re just going to have

to be patient and wait until you come up to a pass clean and then you’re have to pass so sometimes it’s safer to wait five minutes for the passing lane to come up than it is to actually you know do the high-risk maneuver of passing on a two-lane highway now one other thing roadside assistance if you don’t have BCA already and you’re not mechanically inclined get roadside assistance that way you can get towed it’s only about 75 or 80 dollars a year to get roadside assistance for your vehicle and let me tell you last week the Honda broke down again because the distributor went in it and had to be replaced I mean the vehicles got 200,000 miles on it so it’s not unexpected that it did break down but on the highway it broke down out on the highway and there is not very many places to actually get over and get off the road when your vehicle breaks down so know that and as well unless it is an absolute emergency point number two here do not do not get out of the vehicle do not stop on the side of the roadway unless it is an absolute emergency if you have to go to the bathroom wait until you get up the road and you can actually get off in some place into a rest area or whatnot and go to the toilet don’t stop in the side of the road to let the kids go pee and those types of things you know you might even think about getting a bucket in the car if your kid needs to go pee every five minutes because it is not safe in a car on the side of the road it is a dangerous place to be so please don’t stop there as well one other point about keeping a cell phone charger in your vehicle that way your cell phone is charged if you if your vehicle does break down in the summertime you can call the Automobile Association they can come out and they can administer assistance or they can get your towed or those types of things to know that as well and the other thing is is put the hood up on your vehicle it’s a universal symbol that your vehicle is broken down and that you need a roadside assistance if you have a flat tire and those types of things again BCA Triple A CAA whichever organization it is can all come out and administer roadside assistance and again unless it is an absolute emergency do not pull over on the side of a highway or an illness to interstate or a freeway or a motorway it is simply not safe okay and then finally the other thing that will reduce fatigue and reduce distraction while you’re driving is putting your vehicle on cruise control and using cruise control and I highly highly recommend cruise control not only is a better fuel economy but as well like I said it reduces distracted driving because you’re not monitoring your speed all the time and when you reduce distracted driving you have more attention on the task of driving you can start looking at other traffic look farther down the road figure out where you’re going and keep a higher average speed and less distraction less fatigue and you’re going to stay more alert and it’s just gonna be easier for you to pilot the vehicle up and down the highway so I really advocate cruise control I’m a big advocate of it actually all right so good luck on your road test good luck on your highway trips and your holiday trips and keep us informed of where you go and what you do and all the fun and adventures that you have this summer while you’re out driving and we’re back here and we’ll answer some questions now if anybody has questions thanks for that all right so let’s see lots of stuff going on here what I’d like for my birthday I’m not sure what I want for my birthday let me think about that for a second I’ll get back to that ok ok ikura parallel parking I have a look at the playlist on parallel parking choreo get that up for you on the playlist on parallel parking and that’ll help you open gym take smoke breaks yes that’s that’s another one as well although I don’t you know recommend smoking Tommy’s here hey Tommy how’s it going what are you requiring Cheyenne driving tests so all driving tests require our dependent it doesn’t matter where it is in the world doesn’t matter what kind of road test it is whether it’s a car or commercial vehicle all road test consists of the same four basic components speed management space management observation and communication so speed management you got to drive out of the posted speed limit or the flow of traffic whichever is less space management don’t get near other road users don’t get near other fixed objects make sure you stop the vehicle at the right position on before the stop line before the crosswalk line and if those two things don’t exist in the residential area then where the two roads meet stop in traffic so that you can see the tires of the vehicle in front of you making clear contact with the pavement observation you have to observe so you have to look far down the road you have to scan you have to look at your instrument panel you have to look at the wing mirrors the center mirror and you have to have a scanning pattern set up as well you have to shoulder check for every turn any time you move the vehicle laterally lane changes you have to

shoulder check before you do a slow-speed maneuver backing into a space or parallel parking or two-point reverse turn you have to do a 360 degree scan when you’re reversing for observation you have to look out the back window so you have to turn your body slightly and look out the back window while the vehicle is in reverse and then communicating with other traffic you communicate with other traffic via the lights the horn hand gestures appropriate hand gestures to other traffic don’t tell them they’re number one on a road test you won’t be successful position of the vehicle on the roadway and lights horns and eye contact get eye contact with the other drivers for communicating whether the drivers so those are the basic components of a road test and again last week we had some confusion about mock road tests I’ve been saying this for almost two years now and and I realized last week when somebody asked me the question I did I realized that a lot of smart drivers didn’t understand what a mock road test is it’s just a practice test with a driving instructor driving instructors teach people how to drive everyday to pass a road test so go and book a road a lesson with a driving instructor go out with them and do a mock road test they can identify any weaknesses in your driving abilities that you’re going to need to strengthen to be successful on a road test and Sam a true key auto driving school they’re in Bronx in New York was saying it’s only $20 there up here in Canada it’s a little bit more you’re probably gonna pay 50 to $100 for a mock road test but again it’s going to insure that you are ready to pass road test and that you are in fact going to pass road tests so book a mock road test ah Jose Jose I am apologize if I didn’t say that right how not to drive too cautiously the speeds let me get the vehicle up to speed as quickly as possible and you know you it’s just practice the more practice you get driving the vehicle the more comfortable with it and you’re going to get going I asked them the Facebook boon to possible work to answer if it’s possible during the live feed yeah absolutely mad dog if you have any questions just ask me I’ll be more happy to help you out Jim you are allowed to adjust the vehicle when you’re trying to park and you’re usually allowed one adjustment so if you’re parallel parking and you need to pull up you’re allowed one pull up before they start deducting points on that thank you very much felicia for the birthday wishes you’re most welcome okay who else here no I just kind of screamed forward their driving lessons by Big Mac Sam that is Sam from rookie auto driving school there in the Bronx yes it’s my birthday Sam thank you so much intake fuel pump goes there’s only so much he’ll to go down before you can stop yeah okay there we go Matt yes it does indeed cut down on fatigue half fat bottle yes chipsets though it sounds good lucky thank you so much Joey yes anytime that you’re moving the vehicle laterally anytime that you’re turning anytime that you’re changing lanes are moving into a turn lane you have to shoulder check left and right and yes I know that sometimes you shouldn’t shoulder check to the left but there’s a video here on shoulder checking to the left and why we do that and Cory should be able to find that for you and that’ll explain why we shoulder check to the left and that’s because of bicycles and other road users that might be in your blind spot so always check to the left okay good question Dave about getting pulled over by police if you get pulled over by police you don’t have to pull over to the side of the road and actually police will thank you if you drive down the road and I’m not talking like miles and miles of driving down the road but it might you know if you’re in town driving down to the next fuel station or parking lot or something like that you can get off the road it’s going to be much safer for you and the police officer or if you can just drive down the road to the next exit off the highway or freeway it’s going to be much much safer for the police and it’s going to be much safer for you so if you can do that then that’s a good thing to do Michael Michael Johnson big difference between a Ford f-350 Ford f-350 Super Duty in a Saturn yes there is a big difference you’ve probably find the biggest differences in turning radius that the Ford barely turns at all compared to the Saturn so yes it’s my birthday it is my

birthday uh can I take a class A CDL test in a vehicle other than an 18-wheeler yes you can Roy you can get a dump truck a tandem axel dump truck with a trailer on it so long as the trailer has air brakes that’s your other type of vehicle figure out where you are have a look at the drivers manual the CDL drivers manual will explain the configuration for a class one or a class a vehicle and like I said as long as oftentimes if the trailer has air brakes if both the truck and the trailer have air brakes then it’s considered a class one or a class a vehicle for the purposes of a road test okay yes that’s right James what lane I turn into when I’m you turning Joey you want to try and turn into the closest lane that you can most of the time when you do a u-turn you’re going to require three lanes of traffic so the lane that you’re in when you’re turning and you’re going to need two lanes on the other side to come around and do a u-turn most vehicles will not turn sharper than that so know that for the purposes of the road well Cory should be able to find the Cory’s should be able to find the video here for you on how to do u-turns okay $20.00 weird we were to go we’re we’re to go where to go mad dog you sent your question in a message I don’t think I found I saw that mad dog send it to me in an email Rick at smart drive test and all be sure to get back to you on that because I do apologize that I miss that okay yes 20 dollars for a mock road test is that right Sam that it’s 20 dollars I think you said 20 dollars last week was that right for a mock road test because I because the road tests in New York are a bit different so the road test the mock road test I think would only be 15 or 20 minutes just let me know Sam if that be great Scott is it hard to get a CDL job with a criminal record it Scott it would probably depend on what your criminal record is what it contains like so for example if there’s an assault charge when you were a teenager and you’re now 40 it’s not likely that’s going to have an impact on you getting a job if it’s something recent maybe you know like I said it’s it’s going to be up to the discretion of the company that’s going to hire you maybe maybe not and you know if you’re in the country that you’re in whether you’re in the United States or you’re in Canada again that would be just a matter of calling around to trucking companies and asking them explaining what your criminal record is about and seeing what they say that would be the best thing to do dude how do I keep my speed at the speed limit practice practice practices how you do that and the other thing I would suggest dude there is choreo put the video for you on speed control and how to practice speed control so that you can keep the vehicle at a constant speed now the other skill and technique that you need to put in place for the purposes of maintaining a constant speed is scanning pattern so your scanning pattern every eight to twelve seconds you’re going to be moving your eyes from down the road looking at the instrument instrument panel looking in the wing mirrors and those types of things and that scanning pattern is going to help you to maintain your speed because you’re going to be monitoring your speed your speedometer on a regular basis and that way you’re gonna be making adjustments to your speed all the time okay there it is and Corey’s got that up thanks so much Corey Karen have I celebrated my no not really I think my celebration for my birthday is gonna get postponed one week I did go and buy some Dairy Queen cupcakes and my kids are coming over here after the live feed so we’ll have sing happy birthday any cupcakes they’ll be really happy about that so what’s my favorite cake I think chocolate cheesecake I think is one of my favorites I think that’s one of my favorites for sure Sarab June syrup yeah if you’re practicing and you’re doing a roadless I rode a lesson a week yeah I think you’re gonna be more than prepared for your road test in June you’ll get lots of practice in and you’ll get lots of feedback from driving instructor and those types of things so you have lots of times to fix things and whatnot excellent Ryan that’s great that you’re getting that being able to hold the car in the lane because I know that can be a bit frustrating when it kind of deviates and wanders on you in those types of things but boa where did that go okay so yes Big Sam was saying there yes that’s correct so it’s 20 dollars for a mock

road test in New York City a true key auto driving school and Sam how long is that mock road test that you do for twenty dollars is how what’s the duration of that yeah it’s crazy cheap crazy cheap so why would you not like I just can’t you spend $20 to do a mock road test and you’re gonna be absolutely certain that you’re gonna pass your road test first time you’re not going to fail because you know exactly what skills and abilities you need to improve to be able to pass your road test because the driving instructor like I said that’s what driving instructors do they help or they teach students how to pass a road test that’s what they do okay James I got my class B CDL in a single axle truck how do you move to a Class A okay so James what you need to do is you need to go in and write a learner’s for an a license and you’re gonna get need to get access to a vehicle and as well excuse me you’re gonna need to get your air brake ticket as well I don’t do you James already have an air brake ticket because for class 1 or class a license you’re gonna have to get an air brake ticket as well and you’re gonna have to get access to a unit the tractor-trailer unit or a unit well I lost my train of thought so with truck and trailer that’s what it’s gonna say truck and trailer and the trailer will have to have air brakes is what you’re gonna need there ok let’s see who else Michael Michigan the mock test is the same price as the road test and how much is that Michael for the in Michigan there Dave yes there is a way that you can clear your criminal record you can get a pardon and there are companies and organizations just type it into Google and those will come up and you can get a pardon on your criminal record especially if it’s like over a decade and those types of things I’m not exactly sure of all of the details but just google it have a look at it and figure out some of the processes and you can get a pardon on your criminal record ok Joey when the speed limit says 25 when kids are present does that mean during school hours even when kids are in class and not present on the street or just when I see kids walking around Joey when you see kids on the roadway and along the roadway that’s the only time that you drive 25 miles per hour for the purposes of a road test or any other time if the sign specifically says when children are present it’s not when children are in school it’s when children are along the roadway and Joey Cory will find the video for you on school signs and I go over the many different types of school signs and explain each one of them and that’s one of the ones that I explain and actually those are beginning to lose favor because they’re confusing to drivers so it’s not just you but in general we used to have one up here on pottery Road outside one of the elementary schools and they actually took it out and they just put in a straight school zone and Sam might be able to talk to that as well as to whether those 25 miles-an-hour when children are present and whether there’s any of those down where he’s teaching and whatnot okay do a video on using dash cams Matt what are you looking for in terms of using dash cams there is it there is a video here on the dash cam that I use the vox dash cam and it’s actually quite good and it shows you how to use it on the computer as well and actually I should do an update of that because I do it differently now in terms of how I use the dash cam and whatnot but what is what are some of the information that you would like to see in a video on dash cams Matt because I would be interested in doing that for you okay it dress how many miles per hour can i drive in a residential area okay in a residential interes 30 miles an hour or 50 kilometers an hour unless otherwise posted so if there’s no speed limit signs in an urban area not just a residential area it’s going to be 50 kilometers an hour now if there’s high density of other vehicles and those types of things then you want to be able to drive a little bit slower but for the most part it’s 30 miles an hour 50 kilometers an hour okay and sam says the mach road test down there is 10 to 15 minutes and and believe me Sam would agree with me on this that both of us know that if we get you in the vehicle for 5 minutes after 5 minutes we know whether you can drive or not and within 10 to 15 minutes we’re going to be able to give you the information that is going to ensure that you passion Road test if you practice those skills and improve those skills then you are going to be successful on your road test so I again book of driving go to a driving school Booker mock road tests or a practice driving test tell them you’re going to take the road test and you want somebody to give you some feedback on your driving ability for the purposes of passing a road test and you will be successful it’s it’s really really good ok James and 20 miles there

Oregon okay residential now James just clarify that for me in terms of 20 miles an hour because that’s different than most of the driving manuals most of the driving manuals inside an urban area now this could be different in terms of residential that could be something different but inside most urban areas and Sam may be able to say something about this it’s 30 miles an hour or 50 kilometers an hour but as you said there may be some residential areas and that are 20 miles an hour now is that 20 miles an hour is that going to be posted are there going to be signs that tell you it’s 20 miles an hour is that’s something that you just have to know okay James Aaron tank endorsement yes you’re gonna need an airbrake endorsement and you’re gonna need a tanker endorsement if you plan on driving a tanker yes very cheap for New York City Michael Johnson in Michigan they’re at $60 for a mock road test sterling I’m nervous driving for the first time by myself always drove with my parents and tomorrow’s my first day of driving alone yes sterling have a look Cory I’ll get the video for you on top 10 tips for new drivers and things that you should consider when driving by yourself and you know sterling I know that other people are going to be going past you but stick to the speed limit for the first little while until you get comfortable with it and maintain the space around your vehicle you know signal early communicate with other traffic and you’re gonna be fine okay you’re gonna be really great it’s lots of fun and if you’re not comfortable in busier roads higher density traffic and those types types of things just plan your routes in less traveled areas you know cut through residential areas and those types of things and then that way you can get more comfortable with the vehicle by yourself because it is a bit daunting to make that transition to driving by yourself because you’ve been used to being in the vehicle with other people who are giving you directions and helping you out and driving those types of things and now but you’re by yourself so you know just take your time and graduate to those more dense areas William I’m 16 behind the wheel test is in 24 days I hopefully pass I can unlock my freedom I’m pretty confident my driving besides parking perpendicular on both yeah well William you’re gonna do great just a bit more practice and it sounds like you’re gonna do awesome Jim is a true that we were only required to look out the back window when reversing straight back for example parallel park my driving instructor told me this was wondering what your opinion is no I wouldn’t go with that Jim I would say that for every if you’re move if you’re backing up more than one vehicle length I would back up a vehicle length I would stop the vehicle do a 360 degree scan look back out the window and back up another vehicle length another 360 degree scan and then back up again and it doesn’t take that long to do a 360 degree scan just stop the vehicle quick check and then continue to back up back up another vehicle length but I wouldn’t back up like if you’re gonna back up six vehicle links I wouldn’t just back straight up six vehicle links okay so know that all right thank you so much Sarah for the birthday wishes that’s really great and Sarah got her license here just about 10 days ago wasn’t it Sarah that you were successful in getting your license that’s great okay Dave oh wait wait wait wait wait lost it lost it lost it Michael Michael Michael there we go okay video road sites have you encounter on the road yeah I really should because that drive down through Vancouver in the mountains is really pretty so Gabriela thank you so much that’s awesome okay Karen okay so Sam says that where he lives in the Bronx 25 miles an hour when children presents I haven’t seen them in New Jersey though that’s where I’m from okay so they’re not common in New Jersey and in New York State there and in the city as well the Eco James yes you can tell tons about a person’s driving ability on their first right turn yes you can yes you can Gabriela rushing 100 haha ok Gabriela if they’re doing 150 you just want to slow down and get in behind them ok Gabriela what you need to do when you’re merging is you as you’re coming out so the you’ve got the on-ramp and then you’ve got the acceleration lane as you’re coming out on the on-ramp that’s when you want to be checking the traffic on the roadway and you want to be adjusting your speed to match the gap that you’re looking for out there that’s the best thing that you want to do and the other thing I would suggest is have a look at the video on merging mania here that I put up and it’s just a whole bunch of cars merging that I pulled off the dashcam

and that will show you how to merge and how to use the on-ramp in combination with the acceleration lane to get out onto the roadway but if cars are going like crazy like I said you just want to move in behind them ok Anthony I’m trying to get my CDL when I finish can I go local instead of on the road absolutely Anthony there’s that’s the great thing about being a CDL driver is there’s tons and tons of opportunity and different jobs that you can get to be a CDL driver so you can definitely work local and there’s there’s lots of operative different opportunity different jobs that you can do driving cement trucks driving buses if you want to drive a bus local freight P&D work pickup and drop so there’s lots definitely lots of work local William know when you’re backing up you want one hand on the steering wheel you want your other hand on the backseat so whatever side of the vehicle you’re sitting on yes you definitely want your one hand just one hand on the wheel when you’re reversing and the other hand on the back so you can look out the back of the truck ok uh Sarah you know I’m going to make sure okay James I’m a Class B CDL my dad drove 440 and I have driven a triple trip trailer truck I’m looking to drive in the oil fields in Texas and of course need to class any for paperwork purposes there you go yeah James I think you’re gonna do fine if your dad is driven you certainly gives you in terms of knowing what you’re gonna do in those tapes things okay is it better to stay in the right lane so sarah’s asking if it’s better to stay in the right lane when driving and deal with merchant traffic or move over to the lane and then move back when there is a gap so Sarah if you’re on two lanes if there’s just two lanes going in one direction you want to be in the right-hand lane if there’s three lanes you want to be in the center lane the center lane is your better lane and again yes you want to move over to the other lane if there’s vehicles merging out onto the roadway if you can sometimes it’s just a matter of just taking your foot off the fuel pedal and the vehicle will slow down three or four o’clock that’s often just enough to let them get out and get onto the roadway okay okay thank you so much James Euler that’s awesome it’s really great very helpful Gabriela that’s great I’m glad we could help out Joey when I’m backing up if I want to turn my head to a different direction to see the other way do I have to stop the car first I’m gonna quickly just turn my head while I’m still moving no Joey if you’re gonna change your viewpoint of your head instead of looking out the back window I highly highly recommend that you stop the vehicle okay so if you’re parallel parking or you’re backing up more than a vehicle length stop the vehicle momentarily adjust your view and then look out the back window again and then continue on with what you’re doing Jeff no one’s gonna hit the like button yes we could have a thumbs up we could have a app our thumbs up everybody hit the like button and for those of you watching on the replay as well if you like what you see here consider subscribing and as well hit that thumbs up button and that all of that helps us out and gets the message out it helps people to be successful on their road tests and being successful in driving and being safe yes boo Coon what do you think about self-taught driver and a trained one boo Koon if you can do it on your own and then what I suggest if you’re gonna do it on your own yeah that’s perfectly acceptable and then what I suggest you is just go and do a mock road test because again I come back to the point that driving to pass a road test is very different than learning how to drive and there’s certain skills and abilities that you have to be have to put in play to be successful on a road test then when I teach or when I teach when I do videos to teach you how to pass a road test I have to change into my put my driving instructor hat on and I have to drive the car very differently than what I do normally there’s some things that are left over from 20 or 30 years ago and Sam would probably agree with me on some of these things for example the two hands on the steering wheel at 9:00 and 3:00 that is left over from the days when we didn’t have power steering in vehicles I mean most vehicles now you can put one finger in the steering wheel and you can move it around well that just wasn’t true in the days of prior to power steering on these vehicles and the other reason they do it is it’s just part of you keeping control and maintaining control but after you get your license you’re only gonna drive with one hand on the steering wheel so keeping two hands on the steering wheel that’s that’s a bit of a challenge even for me when I’m not teaching how to how to pass a road test William how about backing up in a normal parking space in a parking lot even then William if you’re if you if the vehicles in motion you want to be looking out the back window if you’re pausing to change your viewpoint or to check around you to make sure that there

aren’t this this the driving environment hasn’t changed make sure you stop the vehicle look around and then look out the back window again okay it doesn’t matter where you are Dave do you know anywhere where people can ride motorcycles over 100 miles an hour because they’ve been doing it in my neighborhood just the racetrack Dave other than that I don’t know any place yeah okay there’s the playlist I’m reversing that’s great Mad Dog going old school excellent great to pyram such a special day I would never pass my test without your lessons you’re a great person I’m so lucky I’m learning from the best Karen thank you so much that’s that’s absolutely lovely and Letitia last night I was on the ferry I caught the 9:00 p.m. ferry from Schwartz Bay which is Victoria it back to Vancouver which is to Wasson and you know I was really tired because I I got up early I drove down I worked on my rental property all day and then I go on the ferry and came back and I said I tried to sleep in the car for a while and that didn’t work so I went for a walk around the deck and Leticia came up and she’s from Richmond BC in Vancouver there one of the suburbs of Vancouver the Greater Vancouver area and she was so excited that she met me and she just introduced herself and it was just it was really inspiring for me that she just come up to me and started talking to me and told me how grateful she was that I helped her the pass of road test and she just you know she said to me you know you helped me get my license and and it was you know it’s it’s a great feeling because sometimes as people say it can be a little bit you know bit lonely on this side of the camera and when people when you actually meet people that you’ve helped with your videos it gives you a really great feeling so I want to thank Leticia for coming up and talking to me and telling me how wonderful that was that she passed a road test and that I had a part in her success so I’m really appreciative of that alright so Mad Dogs taking his air brakes tomorrow that’s great Jim on the test in Toronto do we get points deducted no Jim they’re not gonna they’re not gonna deduct points for somebody else honking at you you don’t know they’re not gonna do that okay do I have a video on Gabriella yes I actually have a poll playlist and I think if you just scroll down through the comments there kori just put that up there for us as well okay okay um okay so mad dog you got somebody who’s gonna give lessons that’s great yeah and actually there’s a really good channel here on a driving instructor to Texas who talks about motorcycles and talks about that kind of thing so really good yeah there’s a much more relaxed with one hand for sure I rarely drive with two hands I mean unless you know I’m in a high-risk area then I’ve got two hands in the steering wheel okay William no William once you get your license you know take a bit of time celebrate and then you can definitely drive on your own and you know just drive in less dense areas and those types and things until you become more and more comfortable and definitely have a look at the video on top 10 tips for new drivers and I think I’m gonna revisit that and try and give you some more information about after you get your license and things that you should watch out for and just you know making that transition to driving by yourself ok yes airbrakes is a technical course and for those of you there is an air brake course on my website and I think this week it’s on special so go over there and look at that course and consider taking that course that will really help you out in terms of being successful on your road test and it’s it’s the course has information for both the CDL in the States doesn’t matter what state you’re in and any province in Canada that test that test will help you out ok yes thank you so much James s James there Mick Ryder yes a driving instructor motorcycle driving instructor out of Texas really really good information I really respect him for the information that he’s done good stuff what James Phelps what do I think about self-driving semies I don’t think they’re coming anytime soon despite what other people would like to think no yes excellent Channel ok Raymond thanks a lot for all the very informative videos Rick recommended your channel to a bunch of my friends keep up the good work thank you so much Raymond greatly appreciated really appreciate it thank you for your sentiment awesome Dave there you go ok just one sec here and I’ll show you this I just got to open up the app here so the app that you want so it’s so what I have dave dave is

asking me on the video that I put up on Saturday on driving the big truck I had a speedometer overlay on the video and I recently purchased a GoPro 5 black and GoPro 5 Black has GPS in it and on the GPS so you use the GoPro I turn up make sure that the GPS is turned on you download a program called GoPro quick which is the editing program for GoPro and I’ll just transition over here one sec there we go bear with me here just changing the screen alright so this is the Kwik pro editor here you can see it here get that off there and basically what you do is you double click on the video that you want the speedometer on and this will come up here so this is the video and then you click on this little speedometer adjust gauges here and then you can you have quite a number of options here of what you can put on so you can put the GoPro logo on info cluster speed tracker GPS path so I’ll just turn a couple of these on and then you can see this g-force gauge and then you go save and then you can see here it’s got the speed tracker on here it’s got the elevation tracker on here and you can adjust all of these as well to the size that you want so I just move them around to where I want them on the video and then you just once you get all that done then you click the Create a clip put this on here and then you once this comes up here then you can just hit save and it will render the clip for you and that’s all there is to it and I’ll just shut that off please and thank you there we go okay transition back here so that’s how you do it so that’s how you put the speedometer on the clip for the GPS if you got a GoPro 5 it has GPS make sure it’s turned on and then you can put that up on the video all right Sara think you got my g2 Friday may the 4th be with you there you go that’s hilarious that’s awesome Sara yeah I was trying to explain that to my son because I went to pick them up at school on the 4th of May and all the kids were dressed up as Star Wars characters and my son wanted to be c-3po and I said no no you can’t be see-through bill you have to be Han Solo well the kids now don’t really know who Han Solo was because he was the first you know the original Star Trek Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and I was trying to explain to him how cool the Han Solo was and he didn’t really he didn’t really buy it so so I’m gonna have to work on him a little bit okay on the test the yellow one there is a place where the examiner can see how many times you took the test so far why is this is it important for him or her where are you taking your test Gabriela that they’re gonna know the number of times that you took the test James I wouldn’t like the thought of 90,000 pounds being controlled by a computer on snow and ice yeah James I tend to agree with you or more I mean here in Kent in British Columbia they’d love their super beats the two trailers on the back of a semi truck and now they’re the two turnpike doubles where they’re pulling two 53-foot trailers yeah I just I don’t know how they’re gonna do that okay and that I found I will check your videos before my Jean July we’re happy with this YouTube thanks and be blessed thank you so much Gabriela that’s really lovely thanks so much JFS a380 I see you halls of similar size passing the scales but our trucks are run for Penske of similar size get pulled in four-way and inspection JFS 83 you know why that is it’s because Penske is under a commercial license and has to be licensed with the d-o-t and with the authorities here in Canada and u-haul is not u-haul vehicles are all under a certain weight because they haul furniture and because they haul furniture and they’re not considered a commercial license they don’t have to go into the scales that’s why okay so you’re in Toronto Gabriela and what was the question you asked me just looking in here on the test in Toronto in London I don’t really know why they need to know the number of times you’re taking the test but do know is well Gabriela that if you take another Road test you’re gonna have a different driving examiner it’s it’s unlikely that you’re gonna have the same driving examiner for more than one task most of the time they try and get another driving another

driving examiner to take you out on a road test okay yeah okay Brixton do you think autonomous features could help with driver fatigue not fully self-driving for recent feature might the idea of it set up no Cory there actually there are lots of there isn’t technology already on vehicles that helps people with driver fatigue and I’ve talked to people that there’s space management technology there’s sensors and the bumpers that will determine how far you are from another vehicle and the road user or a fixed object and they will apply the brakes they will bring you to a stop there is also some movement advances in technology in terms of nodding heads and eyes blinking and those types of things to try and keep you awake but I think probably one of the most one of the simplest inventions that helps with fatigue is actually rumble strips on the side of the freeway you hit one of those rumble strips when you’re nodding off and you’re definitely gonna be waking up okay Ryan did you get the information to the lady that wanted yes I did okay I passed that on to her thank you so much Ryan Gabriela of my g2 in Oshawa really great Dave generally it’s not going to be a dirt bike per se gonna be what’s called an enduro and an enduro is basically a dirt bike that has a spits fitted with a speedometer and it’s fitted with lights and signals and they look like dirt bikes but they’re not dirt bikes okay James have you seen the Australian Road trains those are crazy yes I have James but at one of the same time James I was going over the connector between Kelowna and Merritt here in British Columbia and there was a truck coming up the hill and he’s pulling the truck was pulling two 53 foot trailers so you’re talking about a truck that’s 120 feet long there you go yes Thank You Tommy so much for the birthday wishes that’s really great okay jeetu and peter perot the VP and Lawrence drive test is infamous for failing folks well James our Jim rather sorry all you have to do is take away the right to fail you you do what you need to do okay private Reynolds with logs fuel taxes and manifests are we exempt okay JFS 380 are you talking about a u-haul truck 380 because if you’re talking about a u-haul you don’t have to keep any of that because you’re just driving okay thanks Tommy uh yes that’s true what yeah stove nasty thank you so much for that that’s really great the examiners do not know how many times you’re taking it so however in Manitoba you must take two hours of schooling from an accredited drive school after four fails yeah and I think that’s fair I think that’s fair that you should have to take driving lessons after you fail the road test four times plates some song that’s great William when you have to turn but vehicles are blocking the way can you explain both in the situation when you can’t okay William I’m not understanding that question can you rephrase that for me Michael thank you so much for the birthday wishes okay good night Michael thank you so much for showing up and contributing thanks 380 right a horse that’s funny oh okay 380 if you’re just moving a house with a Penske rental no you don’t have to go in and those types of things now where that might get you into trouble 380 is if you have a tandem axle truck then you would probably need to go into into the scale because tandem axle is considered a commercial vehicle if it’s just this if it’s just a single axle on the rear of the vehicle then you’re probably gonna be okay they’re not gonna come after you okay there we go a horse okay Sarah when you turn right on a slip road should I stop for red light or just slow down and check Sarab if there’s a yield sign then you just have to slow down and check and get the right-of-way to all of the vehicles you don’t actually have to come to a full stop there we go okay so I think we’re gonna we’re on the hour here we’re gonna wind this up here and if you’re watching on the replay consider subscribing hit hit that thumbs up button before you can it– and say goodnight everybody Oh pram air brake test vision test is there any more tests other than the road test hair brake test vision test no pram I don’t think so where are you taking your CDL license their pram trees

or other obstacles in the way blocking your vision on a turn like if you have to turn right but there’s a big tree blocking your business check to the left oh okay William I know what you’re talking about so when you’re at it when you come up to a stop sign stop at the correct position if you can’t see then move forward treated as a yield and then proceed when you can see in the way is clear okay have a look at the stop sign video of quarry may be able to get that up for you and you can have a look at that and that’ll explain that to you alright somewhere – but didn’t know its effect for the stop line then slowly creep up yes so you come to a complete stop William at the correct place for a stop sign – intersection and then after that treat it is a yield move up until you can see and then go Jim if you’re near the curb you let them proceed if you’re not near the curb then you continue but most of the time for the purposes of three-point turns on a road test they’re gonna do it in a very quiet area they’re gonna do it either in a cul-de-sac or they’re going to do it in a controlled area where there is another traffic or they’re gonna do it on a roadway where there’s minimal minimal traffic okay Prem you’re in Alberta no I think you’re good to go you I think you’ve got all the steps that you need to do yes and people do not stop for signs log thank you you are most welcome all right so we’re gonna wrap it up there congratulations to everybody who has passed a road test in the last week and good luck on a road test if you’ve got one coming up if you have any questions at all leave me a comment down in the comment section there I’ll be more than happy to get to you and help you out with that and help you be successful on your road test thank you very much for your time for showing up tonight thank you for all the birthday wishes congratulations to those who pass the road test good luck on your road test and remember pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer have a good night I know

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