well it’s a pleasure today to be seated in the prophecy in the news studio with La Marzulli and russ dizdar of course our audience has met la many times for us it’s pleasure to meet you I have heard you speak and you’ve got a lot to say welcome to Oklahoma City and to prophecy in the news thank you great to be here now today we’re going to discuss a topic that you will hear noise about hither thither and yon in the Christian world today we’re going to be talking about one particular aspect of Bible prophecy and LA I would say that it’s fair to mention what we’re going to talk about today in the context of its having been in many cases misrepresented we’re going to talk about a word that we’re hearing more and more often and that word is Nephilim Nephilim Nephilim we hear it pronounced a number of different ways I don’t know how you pronounce it but let’s talk about Bible prophecy in the context of Genesis chapter 6 well when we read Genesis chapter 6 we read a very bizarre passage and it’s been interpreted a lot of different ways the way I interpret it and I think the three of us would agree is that the sons of God saw the daughters of men and we need to stop right there and define who are the sons of God Bonet ha Elohim and the sons of God are the angels it doesn’t differentiate between the good guys are the bad guys nonetheless if they are angels and this is of course is whoa how can this possibly happen but the angels descend in the days of Jared and they look at the daughters of men and they there is a union they take wives there is a union there and from that Union which by the way is an abominable abomination and is an unholy union to the Most High God the offspring are the Nephilim and of course that’s when everything changes this is not a weekend excursion this went on for four or five hundred years and of course results in the flood now it’s been the conventional wisdom in the church at large the institutional church for the last two three hundred years at least has more or less looked at these sons of God mentioned in Genesis 6 as human beings this is a very comfortable way to look at it because you don’t have to stretch your mind Maneri world view and so it’s been comfortable to say the sons of god were the descendants of various Bible characters but it’s important to understand the context and the meaning for this reason we live in the days of Noah right now Jesus says as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming of the days of the coming of the Son of Man we’re there and we need to understand this and for that reason let’s press ahead well why would Jesus out of every place he could warn us in Scripture he picks that one scripture he says as in the days of Noah so he’s pointing back to the days of Noah out of the entire Tanakh he points something happens in the days of Noah which differentiates it from any other time in history and in my opinion it is the presence of the Fallen Angels Benet ha Elohim coming down having union sexual union with the women of Earth and creating this hybrid known as the Nephilim and it’s it’s otherwise worse we’re looking at a God who is like well I just don’t like what these people are doing I’m gonna wipe them all out and everywhere every time in scripture where we see the presence of a Nephilim the judgment is always the same there’s never any grace and mercy the judgment is the same the Nephilim are condemned and they are destroyed not only then in Genesis 6 but also afterwards and of course we’re speaking about when the spies go into the Promised Land the Nephilim are there now LA and let me just address Russ as well that YouTube put on a conference recently in Ohio yes we did and you talked about the the serpent mounds as they are one in particular is called Serpent Mound but that’s not the only thing that’s there and you I think you developed some very groundbreaking ideas relative to the interpretation of these things rests a lot of people say well those are the old Indian mounds that were made by American Indians and they sort of took with primitive shovels and they shoveled a little dirt up and made a serpent and so forth and so on you’ve got a different idea yeah because they’re much older than that and we talked to the archaeologists in the museum down there and she even said that this is the one artifact they found this was not done by the Native Americans and that they don’t claim it was done by them they found it later on as they arrived here as they came so it’s been there much longer it’s extremely historic and it points back to the Giants to the Nephilim more than anything else

and again there are geographic points of interest that are laid out with such amazing precision in fact you spoke of a road what’s that road called it’s called the Hopewell Road which of course is a misnomer Hopewell was the farmer who began to find that the mounds and so they have archaeologists will admit they have no idea who these people really were or what they call themselves but they’ve assigned hope Wells name to it this road extends from Newark Ohio to Chillicothe it’s about 50 mile road and again it speaks of a technology and a civilization which somehow would have had to have the means and resources to have a workforce to enable them to build a road like this and this is just not this is built up it’s like about two feet high and it’s very wide and it begs a question why why would they construct this why and how where did the resources come to build such a road like this now let’s let’s try to get clear what we’re talking about here we’re talking about the gradual discovery in our own day of artifacts that suggests the biblical narrative reaches right out to our own time and I’m going to read parts of this again and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and took them wives of all they chose and the Lord said my spirit shall not always strive with man now these few little sentences contain a vast amount of information for example these Bonet elohim saw the daughters of men that they were fair in other words they lusted after them you contend these are angels a lot of people say well wait a minute angels cannot marry human women can they and your answer would be well nowhere in scripture does it say that there’s no limitations here in fact we when we see angels interact one of my favorites is the three angels that come up against Abraham they sit down there enjoying a meal together they’re eating food it’s not illusionary it’s not some sort of delusion Abraham and the crew are not under some sort of hypnotic spell these angels appear as men and there are eating food so there’s no prohibition that angels are sexless we don’t see that anywhere in Scripture they can in some way manifest a physical form yes and in fact this is something they deeply desire to do as we read through Scripture the Fallen Angels really wanted to take control of this earth and there’s no reason to believe if that’s changed right down to the present day right agreed in in fallen angels in the demonic realm they they they’re after the sexual component that’s that’s part of what they do in rituals we find that’s part of it so when I go back looking to the fallen angels and and they’re engaging women yes their spirit beings but we have Christians need to understand that it was the Spirit of God that caused the conception in the womb of Mary from God the Holy Spirit to human female egg the cause of conception occurred that’s the Incarnation that’s holy that’s perfect that’s God now in human flesh whereas this is fallen angel mating with human women creating mutation trans mutated not even human beings these are beyond Nephilim Giants mutants augmented a lot of things but their presence on the earth prior to the flood and now the historical studies show it’s global it’s worldwide we’re seeing more and more now evidence of that and that speaks again to the worldwide flood issue and why God needed to do that now the word Nephilim and we’ve said this many times on this program over the years comes from a Hebrew now fowl which means to fall and if you say Nephilim and put the I am ending on it just it’s the plural it means the plural of the Fallen ones and that’s translated in the in the King James Bible as Giants and Giants occupy a huge huge part of Old Testament narrative a lot of people tend to mythologize Giants but you see Giants as basically wanting to take control of God’s creation and they almost succeeded before the flood right yeah we know from the apocryphal book The Book of Enoch let’s say that these giants became cannibalistic towards the end right before the flood they started to eat and drink the flesh and blood of human beings it got extremely nasty before the flood came and wiped them all out we also know that they were huge and and depending on who you talk to you can get

everything from 20 feet to 35 feet a 35 foot giant is really beyond comprehension and and of course Russ talks about this that the Nephilim are in a fixed state they’re not interested in Redemption they’re not interested in changing their behavior they’re in they’re in some sort of a fixed state a fallen state and this is why there is no redemption what I find interesting too is that Jesus’s passage when he says in Matthew 24 they were given in marriage well who was the they and that’s really the whole nuts and bolts of the case you got to go back to Genesis 6 and she met the they are the fallen ones they were given and he says it’ll be just like that when I return it’s huge now nobody else is huge in my opinion is that there’s been a cover-up of all this for a number of years that is to say there’s a model that people have been led to believe and the model is there used to be very primitive caveman you know they carried caveman carried wooden clubs you know and dragged their wives home by the hair and so forth that was the caveman and he evolved to our present state the Bible doesn’t contain that imagery at all in fact the Bible speaks of man having been created in the image of God right at the at the first sure at the beginning and then this other group of people coming in to try to take charge through subterfuge and through power politics and whatever and this is the huge huge story that runs all the way through the Bible and there’s been a cover-up wouldn’t you say I would say so because Genesis six I mean you’ve got the flood a worldwide flood of judgment from God is it just on the base I mean evil of mankind that’s a yeah that’s a big issue but this is broader this is the mutation of humanity this is the picture that we have of the Darkseid’s presence fallen angels mutating humanity and if it went on for hundreds of years we’re talking about broad development civilization now the archaeological studies around the world the ziggurats we see all around the world the pyramids all these places combined and we’re finding this more and more combined Nephilim presence human sacrifice and a massive embedding of the dark sides work in opposition to God and I the the flood was a needed issue it was a Salvation issue just to save and preserve humanity in fact the battle was for hewed the human genome as the way I read Genesis 6 the Fallen ones were a not really humans they were part human part who knows what part fallen angels and if you will and the way things were progressing before the flood the Bible seems to suggest that had not God stopped him they would have corrupted all of humanity and the entire creation would have would have been ineligible for redemption it would have been had to be scrapped because all the all of them normal humans the descendants of Adam and Eve would have been either killed or corrupted and but Noah was perfect in his generations and that’s the heart of the story right absolutely and and there’s something deeper that goes here that the enemies it’s I call it the cosmic chess match but the fall Aman knowing that if he pollutes the entire genome Messiah will never be born and so it comes down literally to eight people and I strongly believe that those eight people were pure in their generations I don’t believe that God missed one someplace or like you know hams wife was had Nephilim blood I don’t I don’t believe that otherwise let me see let me get this straight God wipes everyone out and he misses this one over here that just doesn’t that just does a hole water for me but the the crux of it is unless unless those eight people were pure the bloodline of the Messiah Messiah can’t be born there’s no redemption for the human race it’s hardball and that might be the reason for the the historical genealogy of Jesus given in the gospel sure where we have Jesus tract all the way back to Adam it’s all pure human ancestor it’s almost as if it’s there’s a definitive issue he’s come to share in humanity for that redemption without any corruption along the way the opposite or the that which contrasts that is the Nephilim issue all the way through the Old Testament now why is it necessary to know all this I’m sure that there are a lot of Christians who are saying perhaps I’m content with what I know about the Bible the way it’s we worship the Lord in our church we go to Sunday school and so forth this is far out stuff why why do we need to move into this realm it is this is truly instructive that’s the question well it’s unless we come to grips and understand who the Nephilim were and understand Jesus’s own admonition and warning to us that it

will be like the days of Noah when I return you can’t make it any clearer than that and so again we look at the differentiation which we talked about the days of Noah the fallen ones are back there’s a breeding program going on there’s genetic manipulation that’s happening this is chilling and I believe that the same exact thing is happening as we speak there’s genetic manipulation going on that we don’t see them now the Nephilim aren’t roaming the earth but I believe the fall is up to his old tricks again and I also believe that perhaps this mark of the beast and we’ve talked about this before this may be some sort of an implant which changes the very DNA structure and you lose your humanity and you become the seed of the third let’s camp on that for a moment because that’s an excellent idea what would be wrong with taking the mark of the beast the Bible seems to suggest it is a fatal irreversible move you take the mark that’s it well what in judgment yeah instant judgment why would that be couldn’t I just remove the mark scratch it out if it’s a if it’s an implant take it out throw it away and say I’m no longer under the mark of the beast or you’re suggesting that the mark of the beast is a bigger change something that couldn’t be reversed absolutely I think whoever takes the mark and why is the judgment there you take the mark you want up in a lake of fire the Nephilim wiped out on the flood Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed why because when the when the two angels show up the men want to have sex with them why do they want to have sex with the Angels what about when we see and also afterwards and numbers 13 33 when the spies go in to the promised land who were there the Nephilim tribes are there and that’s and the judgment for them is always the same when the Nephilim are concerned they wipe them out this is more or less the topic of this conference that you and Russ put on recently and by the way I’m holding here a package of five DVDs and will offer this in a moment but this five DVD package is titled Giants hiding in plain sight Christians need to know what’s being hidden I believe this I know you fervently believe it and you’ve got some research that’s going to be coming out in a while that’s going to just blow the lid off everything and rest you to have a heart to reveal this to to spiritual people today they need to understand your word the church is too far behind on a lot of subjects the world’s discussing this issue the world’s discussing issued the world of occultism New Age spirituality Aleister Crowley was interested in the hybrid demon human mix Aleister Crowley was a man who called himself the Beast even by the way extry and if you’re a beast you’re not a Hugh being urine animal yeah he sort of wanted to be a beat right and he was in some of the darkest of human you know rituals and blood rituals as was Jack Parsons an American rocket scientist yeah yeah and he did the Babylon working in the Mojave Desert in which he attempted to create a hybrid they there was a desire to redo this along with Himmler and Hitler the master race is all about there’s a desire there’s a concept about trying to recreate the Nephilim as a matter of fact famous story about Hitler was that he had a vision of this beast what he called the new man yeah who appeared to him in a vision and the new man more or less promised him that Hitler Hitler and the thousand-year Reich would be comprised of a new form of man higher than human called the Aryans and so he had this very same vision the image of the improved human being in historically this history now they created Levens born birthing centers in which they began to create this 400 to 900,000 in between 1939 1941 where they were developing they were practicing this they were really after it and they desired that and that’s part of the occult world right now as believers we should be at the cutting edge we should be out there with Scripture that already talks about this speaking the truth about it la there are ruins all over this earth in in Eastern Europe there’s a giant pyramid bigger than the one in Egypt in Egypt that that pyramid was not built by the Egyptians come on no human being could have built it because it’s far too complex there are pyramids and one recently discovered off the coast of China under the ocean and they were everywhere who were these pyramid people and why pyramids what were they after well that’s a subject perhaps for a latter time basically there was a grid that was here and other other authors have discovered this there was an ancient grid which covered the planet well my question really goes to this there was a system of control by a group of people who couldn’t be called humans they were hybrids of some sort and the Bible refers to them as giants Nephilim we see

them in the Old Testament as under a number of names are they a memes and the zoo seems in the same zoom every time and on and on or not all different kinds of Giants these people were not pure human they were hybrids and why is it important to track this piece of knowledge well one of the reasons why we went to Newark is because in those burial mounds primitive archaeological digs were done and and what’s amazing is that some of these skeletons were between seven foot which isn’t that tall but some of the larger ones were nine and a half almost ten feet and now we’re looking and double rows of teeth and six fingers and we’re looking at 27 and a half pound axe heads and other artifacts found with these with these giant skeletons and so the theory is basically that not all the Nephilim were killed when Joshua and Caleb came in and it fits the timeline of 3,500 years ago because we see in North Ohio these these mounds that were built and they are dated to about 3,000 to 3,500 years ago so it fits the timeline of the conquest of the Levant the conquest of Canaan and the Newark Circle mound that you know this place with the Giants and it were is connected with the Mayan temple Chechen Itza a matter of fact modern-day mines have come to the circle my own to do ritual in the center there because they know what’s connected to them so you’ve got the ziggurat Chechen Itza you’ve got kotse wattle which may have been Nephilim and mass human sacrifice wherever you find Nephilim you find mass human sacrifice and the development of architecture that seems to embed as if they were embedding a civilization you know it strikes me and this may be totally off the subject but we’ll get back quickly but but remember the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and the giant sure and the giant what does the giant say fee fie fo fum I smell the blood of an Englishman he wanted blood you know he smelled blood he wanted blood this is not at all unlike the sacrificial systems that we encounter all over the ancient world there was a thirst for blood among these fallen angels and their offspring that comes down to us through a number of different historical channels well in Newark Ohio when we were in the circle mal and Fritz Zimmerman was there with us and there was an altar that was discovered an archeological did and the remains of human beings were on that altar there’s another high place it’s called the I think the lizard Mound but it’s I think it’s the wrong name but it’s above Newark and it looks down the entire valley again when they did archaeological digs there they found an altar with human remains so we see human sacrifice it’s being done and this to me legs back to the fallen ones the fallen angels and you you have told me that that these artifacts so these ancient monuments if you will are not crude at all they they really display a lot of reasoning power a lot of ability to construct something complex well just look at the circle mound and in in Newark Ohio you know 1,250 feet and again the this mound is huge when you stand in it you’re dwarfed and it’s best seen because the circle mound leads to the Octagon mound it was at one time one one large complex and when you’re down in it like we were okay you see a circle when you’re above it in the air you see the whole complex who is the Prince of the power of the air now all of this has to do LA with a feature a geographical feature in Ohio that tourists have seen for a long long time it’s called Serpent Mound but Serpent Mound is just the tip of the iceberg and in what is what’s you’re discovering there in yours in your studies what it goes back to is when Joshua and Caleb go into the Levant go into the Promised Land and there’s a mandate by the Most High God to wipe out the Nephilim tribes that are there the Anakim rough I mean some of those tribes that were there well here’s the deal this is 3,500 years ago not all the Nephilim tribes were wiped out in fact we believe that some of these giants some of these tribes may have fled northward into Europe and then for there came over into the Americas and settled in the Ohio Valley now that sounds preposterous until we start to examine some of the artifacts that were discovered 150 years ago 9 foot 10 foot skeletons double rows of cheese six fingers while we’re not saying that these are definitely Nephilim drives it fits the paradigm of Joshua and Caleb caught doing the conquest in the Levant and the Promised Land the Giants fleeing and then settling in the Ohio Valley now my reaction to that is there are a lot of people around who want Giants to be sort of mythological creatures you read about giants in the Bible those really weren’t Giants those

were tough warriors and when Joshua and Caleb said we looked like grasshoppers besides work it was an exaggeration surely not because to look like a grasshopper beside another human being would me mean that these were very very big human beings so I think most people relegate this to mythology but in fact the whole world is rife with historical documents of various kinds that suggest that there were races of giants right absolutely and more and more it’s coming out and that’s the whole issue so much now is coming out in people’s search for Nephilim or Giants that we’re seeing it worldwide and we’re seeing it in the Ohio Valley we’re seeing it again worldwide a great discussion on the topic but as we nail this down this again points back to the flood and the reason for the flood worldwide the judgment on what was an incredible evil and a alteration of humanity you know the Bible says there were giants in the earth in those days and also after that and people have debated about what that means and in your conference you you waxed rather strong in in that area tell us about your ideas concerning the span of of the lifetimes of giants on earth over what period did they exist well we know that when the Fallen Angels came back in Genesis 6 like we discussed earlier that this was a four or five year event it wasn’t a weekend frat party they were here for four or five hundred years and that’s a lot of time to create a lot of mischief yes a semester would put it in this second incursion or maybe the third or fourth incursion depending on whether Sodom and Gomorrah is an incursion which I believe it certainly could be where we see what’s happening with with Bab bell and Nimrod who became Nephilim became gabor work of Tom Warren there but we finally get into the Promised Land we see and also afterwards the Giants the Nephilim are there and it begs the question why there and that’s because that’s Jerusalem is there will be there eventually and that’s where the Promised Land is so we see his move counter move move kind of move by the fallen one against the Most High God and they play it out in real time not all the Giants are are killed or decimated some of the many of them flee and with that comes the technology which I believe in I know rust does to fallen angel technology which we then see in these in the Serpent Mound and the octagon mound in the lizard mound or the all the mounds all throughout these areas there’s there’s an intelligence that’s there and you remember you could only really view these from the air they’re only really appreciated from the air the salamander or the lizard mound the salamander mound very high point overlooking the entire North Valley ritualistic sacrifices were done there and again it speaks of a technology and an infrastructure which had to have been in place in order to construct this you just don’t get up on a Monday morning with a bunch of people and go okay we’re gonna haul dirt from several miles away and bring it in this is a hinge the Great Circle mount one thousand children and fifty feet in diameter it’s a hand which means the inner part was a moat had had water in it there were canals which has since been destroyed which link back into one of the water sources which is a couple of miles away how how do these people do this thing why would they do it and of course we believe that this is not Native American culture with all due respect to Native Americans we believe it predates them in fact the Native Americans themselves talked of a race of giants inhabiting of a land before they got there well there are these giant structures in Europe for example the hedges the Stonehenge being famous but there are several of them in England that appear to have been built almost impossibly out of very very heavy stones that had to be quarried 200 miles away how do you carry these things around so maybe we’ve been looking in their own direction you know there’s a general predisposition among scientists as we call them these days to kind of rule out the possibility that maybe there were other races operating in the past right right this is one the reason I say that we need the research we need as believers we need to look into this we need to search this out in and because it deals with the biblical theme not only does the scripture talk about the Fallen Angels and the sex with the women creating Nephilim but then again afterwards this is specific this is purposed God didn’t make any mistake in explaining this is all going to happen afterwards and it did and it goes down throughout all all of the globe this is humongous and if it has anything to do with prophecy Jesus said as it was in

the days of Noah so shall it be I mean it’s going to be the same way and he didn’t say except for the Nephilim factor yes now the Giants in the Bible and there are many tribes of Giants mentioned the Bible when they die they die for example the Raphael or the ref ìiím of the Old Testament are often called the dead in the King James Bible they are translated as the dead and it says the dead shall not rise at all there will be no resurrection for these creatures meaning that they are unredeemable they’re not human beings that cannot be redeemed by the blood of the Lamb they’re when they’re dead they’re dead these people and this is a question that I want to really follow up on these ancient giant people had another program entirely they were demonically driven in some way which brings us now to the subject of spirits the spiritual effect of the presence of giants on the earth we have reports from the pastor who hosted the conference of unbelievable demonic were to use another term paranormal activity and he was from a denomination which should not necessarily believe in any of this and here he finds himself in Newark Ohio and he’s dealing with objects flying around the room people that are completely possessed all sorts of stuff going on and he’s ill-equipped which is what you know one of the reasons why we held the conference there and one of the reasons why he sat in and listened to everything that we were talking about this man is up against it because the entire area is charged is charged because of the rituals that were done there thousands of years ago and the residue is manifesting these houses some of these houses are built right next to the mounds and in every case that the pastor told us in every single case where there was demonic activity the house was built next to one of these burial mounds so you’re talking about residual demonic activity based on geographic locations that used to be used apparently as worship centers demon demonic worship centers Wow this is kind of fascinating to me because as we read about giants in the Old Testament they always seem to be the enemies of human beings in other words there are not friendly relationships between agha of Bashan for example and all of the others who dwelt around him he was the enemy and of course we remember Goliath the champion of the Philistines apparently he was associated with an anti God idea or movement the Philistines certainly were anti God so what your postulating here then and you can comment on this for us there is a spiritual left over a spiritual residual or of some sort and that’s the norm I mean the Old Testament when Josiah was finally called upon and in to go and to Moloch where all the ritual sites were which may have included some of the ancient Nephilim issues well they had to be destroyed and and all the objects ground down and there’s the reasons for this because Satanists and real Luciferians I mean the ones that no blood sacrifice the ones that know how to summon demons they know that that if they charge objects or they have a site area that it remains open it’s an open issue so the Nephilim in all these places around the world that created the ziggurats and the buildings and did the human sacrifice this was an open gateway that left just a constant influx summoning of demonic power subjugating humanity using humanity and now in our research in our engagement we’re seeing this on a worldwide scale with the satanic ritual abuse issue their belief in search for Nephilim blood their desire to reacquire it because they believe there’s powers in it they want to go to those sites like like a Newark Satanists go there Wiccans go there New Agers go there because they they know it’s a charged hotspot of power that they can go get or the spirits there are summoning people to come now we’re seeing demonic phenomena today what as we haven’t seen before everything is popping open and that would include UFO activity which is absolutely epidemic right now if you read the websites that are devoted to following it all of this suggests to me a more and more open field for demonic activity and which has brought you into this study area I know you’ve you’ve

gone into several similar study areas which we won’t touch on right now we’re gonna have you back one of these days we’ll talk about some of the others right now we’re focusing on these early American mounds or worship centers and you in your searches there believe that you have absolutely connected what the Bible calls Giants with these features in North America you know I really do and here’s why I believe that the Fallen One is engaged was engaged in is engaged now in genetic manipulation whether it’s through sex or genetic manipulation it doesn’t matter to me I mean that’s you can we can get all hung up on that the end result is what counts and he’s trying to create a human in his image is what he’s trying to do which is a counterfeit which is what exactly what we’re creating the image and likeness of the Most High God so the following one is counterfeiting at and trying to make man in His image and what we see we don’t see 20 footers or 25 footers in Newark Ohio what we do see 10 footers we do see 10 footers and they are not I don’t believe but they’re human we also see skulls and other parts of the world which have anomalous features we’ll talk about that perhaps at a later date but I believe that the same nonsense the same mischief that was going on way back in Genesis 6 and then in Sodom and Gomorrah and then after that at the Tower of Babel and then of course at with the Levant the conquest of Canaan it’s the same thing and it’s going to be transfer into modernity when the Fallen one again perhaps through the mark of the beast tries to make man in His image genetically manipulation genetic manipulation which brings us then to this subject and and the subject of most interest to me is what effect does this bit of knowledge that we’re talking about have on modern Christianity how should modernize I will believing Christians interact with what’s happening today let me let me just say something real quick as Bible believing Christians you ever stop and just think about what we believe we believe in virgin births men walking on water Jesus rising from the dead Moses parting the Red Sea Acts says that X has it floats talking donkeys do you realize how crazy this is it’s nuts when you really just step back virgin birth what it’s crazy stuff because it’s a supernatural and yet we close our minds to the fact and we’re worried about this Satan comes with all signs of lying one is we close our minds to what is man testing on the earth today this stuff is real it’s manifesting it’s happening a church needs to wake up and begin to understand the Chan ulis times that we are living in unprecedented times supernatural is manifesting some of its good but a lot of it is deception and it’s from the dark side as Russ would say well let me ask you an off-the-wall question rest what were those giants doing back in the old days when that when Moses it brought the people out Joshua brought the people north and they crossed the Jordan they came in they settled the land and there were giants there what were those giants doing and all of what we research they would be involved in once again they they understood the demonic realm they understand they’re the ones that taught ritual they understood ritual circles and languages Twilight languages they they knew things to involve humanity and so when we look at the Old Testament it’s packed all the tribes around Israel some Nephilim others just highly demonized notice how they were are always in opposition Israel the spiritual warfare manifested in that physical warfare like with with with the Goliath look at this incessant blaspheming of God and then going after Israel spiritual warfare manifested that way and here’s our issue today satanic ritual abuse worldwide Satanism understands the Nephilim issue they understand they would love to have the bones of Nephilim to have them charged they understand rituals of summoning powers and sending them they see that we are the enemy just as the Old Testament Nephilim and or demonized tribes saw Israel as the enemy and that level has grown across the board around the world exponentially and that in the truth is this we haven’t seen anything yet the depth of this darkside presence will will be off the charts and we need to know what we need to know now biblically scripturally on our own spiritual warfare and be in the mission of God and do what we’re to be doing to find our victory you know going all the way back to Rosemary’s Baby and then coming forward in the

movies right up to today we’re assuming there will be a movie released about jack and the giant and and we’re gonna have Giants coming off the 3d screen trampling their way into the theater and trying to eat human beings it’s you know this is our entertainment we have videos where we are fighting off huge creatures from who knows where but they all seem to come out of the pits of hell to me and in our videos and our movies and our literature all speak of this and yet we seem blind to it isn’t this amazing I mean it’s as though we’re all being brainwashed and that biblical prophetic content is given to us it’s the most cutting edge we can look at Nostradamus we can look at Aleister Crowley we can look at all the others but our content God has given us superior insight to the future and a lot of that is what does the enemy going to be doing how is it going to really be in the end of days when we talk about the rise of you know the apocalypse of the Antichrist the coming false prophet the opening of the abyss global Babylon where demon spirits are welcomed in every you know they’re in the air now though they’re in lives and the coordination of the underground satanic connection and their desired to be drawn to the Nephilim sites and use those sites and recon your spirits and use that information well I’ll give you one quote of a Satanist out of a book called the Church of Satan they refer to the church as the rotting corpse of Christendom they’re looking for their day their their understanding and it’s right in one of their materials too many Christians not enough lions well as opposition if you look at the European Church for example you have these magnificent edifices and their tourist attractions and that’s about all Christianity has died and even in America you might postulate that Christianity is dying rapidly although there are people like us everywhere there’s a remnant we’re not well-connected and yet one of the reasons we broadcast prophecy in the news is to talk to you out there who do believe and there are a lot of you and that’s why we bring people like LA and Russ here to discuss what’s going on right now and what this is what’s going on right now as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man right yes it will and I think we’re in those days I think we’re rapidly approaching where we’re going to see something manifest something that’s out of the ordinary a game-changer a paradigm shift is that the appearance of three mile wide craft UFOs it certainly could be because that would be the one one event which changes everything and people go what does UFOs have to do with a Nephilim everything it links back together the two in my opinion are synonymous now let’s go back to Ohio for a minute and it was not only the mounds in the road that you found but there are a lot of other artifacts up there that yet to be explored right yeah one of the one of the things that that happened one of the events that happened to us about a week before the conference the second largest crop circle in the United States was was photographed and then explored and and visited by researchers in Chillicothe again that Hopewell Road goes from Newark Ohio to Chillicothe it’s about 4050 miles away a straight line why there and this was a huge crop circle over 350 feet and you could only see it again from the air so once again we see in my opinion is it as funny how now that the whole Nephilim architecture in Newark Ohio laid dormant no one knew about it no one talked about it okay and a week before of a Nephilim mounds conference is going to be held the second largest crop circle this thing is amazing all these different circles in it and a standing field of corn is seen Prince to the power of the air thousands of years ago Prince of the power of the air in my opinion in in modernity the same type of thing same type of artifact Oh seen from the air I found that absolutely astounding now how about the audience reaction when you talk to people about these things how do they react at the conference it was packed out and the neat thing about the countess was Christian’s came from 7-8 different states yeah all over the place they came they loved it it was I mean they want another one they wanted and we’re talking about having the other one in September they loved it they were thrilled with it and here’s what we constantly hear we wish we would have found this out in our churches we wish we would have known this material why why isn’t anybody else telling this material and sharing and so everywhere

we’ve gone let alone that this particular place they wanted they loved they looked in the material one man came up to me and that the family came from out west a long way and he says to me Russ I upset her listen to all this conference and I came here with an attitude in opposition not ready to hear anybody but now as I’ve listened over these two days I apologize this was incredible material it has really spoken to me and God really wants to be my woman wants to get my life really strong and right and I know what I need to do as a Christian and as a father and that was the impact in that one man’s life very interesting well if you want to hear the conference and see it I’ve got a five DVD set here called Giants hiding in plain sight and basically this is a video record of that conference in New York Ohio much more of the information that you’re hearing today all supported by graphics slides pictures amazing things if you want to find out more about it call the 800 number on your screen right now and ask for the Nephilim mounds package five DVDs seven hours of lectures well supported with with all kinds of graphics and photographs and even even videos movies I was very entertained I just on a purely human by this but I was also apprised of some information that I need to hear about ask for the Nephilim mounds package and you’ll get Giants hiding in plain sight seven hours of DVDs and that’s only 4995 plus shipping and handling with a couple of bonus DVDs if you order right now la Marzulli the cosmic chess match one of his better lectures and by the way when he lectures in his on fire style you’ll you’ll listen up believe me you will and then Doug HAMP the rise of the Nephilim same subject from a slightly different perspective two bonus DVDs along with the five DVD package yours for forty nine ninety five plus shipping and handling when you call ask for the Nephilim mounds package the Nephilim mounds package that way they’ll know what you’re asking for well guys we have about 2-3 minutes left here where should we go from here and where are you going to go from here la I mean you’re obviously still working on this subject yeah I have a book coming out it’s called on the trail of a Nephilim and it’s we hope to release it by the end of March early April it has some startling information and it I believe groundbreaking and hopefully we can discuss some of this at a future date I’m sure we will and Russ what are you up to these days well we’re still looking at the connection between the satanic rituals and the Nephilim issues and going after some of the site issues and we’re hoping to see a second Nephilim mounds conference in September and we will hear about that more later I know that in your heart you have a kind of a calling to keep Christians from being blindsided which they are quite regularly and your ministry involves kind of opening Christian eyes to some of the maybe some of the darker topics that we don’t talk about all the time because Scripture in prophecy tells us about the the end of days the demonic side and that pressure is going to be so vast we have all what we need in Christ but we need to know it appropriate use be in the mission and have tremendous awareness we are in the most important days in history’s right now history and prophecy we’re living it we’re living it and seeing it and yes we don’t want to be 30 years behind we as believers need to be at the cutting edge of everything in society right now and doing the mission of God and reaching people for Christ and and having an answer to give to the world will there be a revival non-stop prayer forward I’m still believing for it I don’t know if it’ll be a worldwide or nationwide but I still believe that God hasn’t withdrawn his presence or faded in power God is still Jesus same today yesterday day forever and we need but but revival comes from passionate individuals praying and seeking the Lord and wanting to see Souls saved and the church needs great revival la could you weigh in on that you know I’ve been thinking about this lately I think about the great revivals of church history and in a way I see an underground revival right now a lot of the the the books like yours that are moving through society are being quietly read digested there are people out there who want to hear but they’re they’re kind of quiet they don’t come together we’re all separate out here today we don’t come together into the great

stadiums you know 18 20 thousand people to have the old fashion style revivals but maybe there’s a revival going on I think there’s a remnant of people who are waking up I get emails hundreds of emails every week and people talking about how they’ve seen videos or DVDs or read books or whatever and they mentioned Ross and Tom Warren and Chris Putnam and and Doug HAMP and others and and they all say the same thing Wow it’s like I are open thank you so much for doing the work that you’ve done and I think that revival is beginning to happen people are waking up to the fact of this great cosmic conspiracy which is happening amen guys Lord bless you both thanks for coming by you Gary I’m Gary Stearman and remember he’s coming soon so keep looking up everybody

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