Hi Hi guys How are you? Ok, so today I decided to talk about some similarities between Asia and my country and to talk about what I know about Asia Korea, about Russia, about India because, as you know or you may not know Bulgaria was under Communist regime for 40 years so, in Bulgaria we were living like in North Korea And as you know Russia is in Asia so we have many similarities with the countries in Asia That was when we were living under this Communist regime and we were ruler by Russia so people in Asia are very centered around the family. Their whole life is around the family and they just don`t care about the people which are outside their family and here in Europe is the opposite now because people spend more time with their friends than they spend with their family and they care more about their friends than they care about their family also here everybody knows each other because we are small community and when I go to the store I maybe spend one hour talking with my neighbors because every person that I meet when I go to the store we have to talk like “How are you?” How is your family, How is your mother How is your father, How is your sister? How is work going What are you doing?What are you working now? Did you changed your job? So, we are just talking talking for hours with people that are my neighbors, I mean they are not so close to me but still I have to spend so much time talking to them And in Asia people are like, only they spend time only with their family and they talk only with their family they don`t share information, like personal information with a people that are outside their family you know something interesting that in Music video of BTS – “Spring day” they were piercing the ear someone was piercing they were piercing each other`s ears with needle so everybody that were reacting to this video were saying OMG, this is so strange why are they piercing their ears with with a needle but actually, here in Bulgaria me and my sister had the same experience because our friend pierced our ears this needle because there were no piercing studios here and nobody was doing that this piercing with needle I mean there were no studios so the same way

our ears was pierced by our friend because and when I was watching this video I find this similarities between Bulgaria and Korea because it was something familiar for me this piercing with a needle also as you see in BTS videos they wear t-shirts which has bulgarian words written on them in bulgarian and this is some new trend that comes from Japan because they started using bulgarian language, bulgarian words writen on on clothes and they started making this in Japan so now it is this fashion trend is going to Korea, and BTS has some words written in bulgarian on their t-shirts so what I was observing about India and about Korea and about Asia is that some things I like and some things I don`t like so, for example I don`t know why, maybe some of you know or don`t know maybe someone will explain this, but why the favourite movie of whole Asia is Titanic Just if you ask any person from Asia, from India, from Korea they will tell you that their favourite movie is Titanic just something that I don`t understand why maybe because it is romantic movie or something, I don`t know but their favourite movie is Titanic and the things also that I observe that I know about indian and korean people is that they always say that they don`t have enough money and even if they are, you know millionaires or billionaires and they have a lot, a lot of money no one will say that they are rich and that they have money everyone will say I don`t have enough money and they have more money than they tell they have maybe because and something that I observe about this is that their first priority for all the people in Asia is to make money and this is the difference between Europe and Asia, is that because that here people are that, you know here people care more about themselves, about their rest, about what they eat about the places they go they like to travel, they like to observe they like to go in the mountains, because Europe has many mountains, many forest lakes, and people like to spend their free time observing the nature but in Asia people like to spend all of their time, even the night even they don`t rest properly they don`t eat properly because all they care about is to make more and more money so they spend every chance they have every time every hour, every second they have they spend

in making money and I`m not sure what for they need all this money but they like to have more, and more, and more money and here when a person start to earn money, and when a person have some amount of money they tell themselves “Ok, now we will not work so much, we will just enjoy this money that we have we will travel, we will go around the world but in Asia no matter how much money do you have you keep working like you used to work even more, and more, and more work, even if you`re ill, even if you get sick or something, you continue to work, work, work, work and make more, more, more more money The other thing that I observe about Korea is that people there are fashion victims, you know they care so much about buying expensive shoes, expensive clothes expensive bags and for them it is very important to buy the latest fashion trends and to buy very expensive like shoes and everything and in Europe you will see the opposite because here even if a person is very rich he will wear maybe the same shirt, the same trousers for weeks, for months even because here it is just the opposite, and here just people like to wear if they have one blouse that is comfortable, they like to wear only this blouse for month maybe and they like to wear their old shoes that they have from you know, like we say here like they have from the second World War, they have this shoes and and they still wear them this is something like they just don`t like to throw away the things that they feel comfortable in and here people will most will like to wear just the clothes that are more comfortable not to be more like fashionable also I see that that people in Asia they just they just don`t understand It looks like they don`t understand what love is and maybe they just don`t for them this is something love is like something that has no purpose that has no meaning and that it is like nothing for them they just don`t understand what love is, what feelings for somebody is because here in Europe people like to spend much time they spend time in conversations about their feelings about how you feel how do you love somebody exactly what feelings you have for someone, that is very important for people in Europe and exactly what you feel

in every situation and when you`re with somebody how he makes you feel and they just like to spend hours and hours talking about their feelings but in Asia people I think that they don`t spend any time talking about their feelings maybe because this is something that they don`t understand in a way I think so you know, in one BTS video for “Danger” for the song “Danger” RM was saying “If I knew what exactly love was I`m not sure I would have try it so this sound very strange for me because just I don`t get it because here people even in kindergarden they start to observe their feelings to talk about their feelings and I remember that when I was in kindergarten I was holding hands with a boy because that is how you show that you have, that you are boyfriend and girlfriend even in kindergarten we were walking and holding hands with this boy so you know this is something that probably in Asia you will not see because there the boys and the girls are separated and this is something that I don`t like because the boys have friends, only friends which are boys and the girls have only friends which are girls and they are separated all the time and that is why they are not so close and they don`t understand each other very well like we in Europe understand each other better, because we spend time boys and girls spend time together and they talk about everything they play together when they are little and just there is no separation between the boys and the girls and during the Communism years, when we were under Communist regime we were separated boys were separated from the girls, but now they play together and they are more connected and they understand each other better because you know in Asia even I have friends from India, from Korea but I think they just don`t understand me very well and even if they do understand me as a person I don`t understand them very well because they are not expressing their feelings, they are not talking about their feelings and they are not showing their feelings, even if they have some affection or something they are not showing anything they are just like, you know closed door and maybe this problem I think that leads to depression, and to that leads to problems, because you don`t express, and you don`t talk and you don`t show your feelings

in any way so I think that they are somehow lonely, because even if they go out with friends, they go out only the boys only go out with boy friends and the girls only go out with girl friends and this for me makes them lonely

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