No It seems Yeah…I might have one I can feel the pulling…so strong Another threeline grunt Another one 2…3..wow This is insane It will cost you NT$6000 or 7000. Should be more than that! We set the price at NT$4000 It’s so beautiful We will see Qinbi Village…get past Ko Tao You can see it all…so clear It’s better than what I imagined It’s bigger and thicker Better than the small rolling pin It’s better to use They all live in the bags We need to put them into different bags every year In a day…there is about 400 or 500 Dear global citizens, It’s time to wake up Get Ready! Remember…watch World’s No.1 at 20:00 on GTV…every Saturday We’re in Matsu this time It’s so popular to travel between islands in Matsu 4 townships and 5 islands All has their uniqueness and special traditions Or special way of having fun The environments and terrains are all distinct This time, in Matsu, how’s the trip? where to go? what to eat? How special will it be? Let’s get ready with us People always say that there are 4 townships and 5 islands in Matsu but there are actually 36 big and small islands Matsu Islands are the perfect places to travel between islands We would start from Beigan this time We want to explore Matsu Islands and discover secret or special places We would visit some experts as well Let’s go Look…how busy it is Bye! Do you have fun? Sure, it’s good It’s nice. Worth you time Remember to watch World’s No. 1 World’s No. 1 Thank you Thank you. Go Go It’s channel 28 Yep Awesome Friendly people…I feel so good Let me show you this The pot! I’ve never seen this…for seafood hot pot…insane It’s more like a drum or something…the size Hello Hello How do we call you? My surname is Wang The pot will be full with seafood Yeah…we put some vegetables underneath The vegetable would absorb the flavours Ok Then we put ten types of seafood on the top 99% of them are from Matsu Just 1 or 2 types are growing here for a short period of time But they live in Matsu We have clear water here in Matsu Ok After growing in Matsu for 15 days, their quality will be good The luxury Matsu seafood feast I’ve even so many places around the world I’ve tried so many seafood pots in other places This is the most incredible one I’ve never seen such a big pot You know why? This is the advantage in Matsu Matsu islands are islands Yep You must spent NT$ 6000 or 7000 at least to eat this in Taiwan But Here…in this place NT$ 6000 or 7000? Should be more than that! We set the price at NT$4000 NT$4000…a pot full of seafood I can’t raise the price…because I told you now Wow…this is so generous! Although we haven’t seen the content exactly, the size of the pot allows us to imagine a lot The seafood in Matsu is food lover’s favourite There are unique types of fishes or sea snails in Matsu The seafood is so amazingly fresh Now, we are putting abalone Yep This is…Histrio Dosinia Clam

I feel that clams grow particular well in Matsu Yep You need to consider the season Yeah…the season Yep You can taste the best and the freshest…if it’s the right season Look at the oyster This is Yellow croaker Steamed yellow croaker…yep Steamed yellow croaker in Matsu Right…we just go to the kitchen That’s to show you how incredible the giant seafood hotpot is Look at the oyster we randomly picked It’s so fat and big and the most famous large yellow croaker You would have the whole fish Look at the size How fat They are different Look at the white one Some breed…these 2 This is male…this is female People normally leave when fishing the meal Yep Yep, you don’t know only we, locals, know this Look at the thickness Its natural flavour…is good No adding anything else So sweet Eating seafood…the right season is the key It’s so fat We will see Qinbi Village…get past Ko Tao You can see it all…so clear This is Ko Tao The entire Qinbi Village Yes I’ve got one This fish…or Earth Or stones Stones…really! No You got one! Yeah…It seems…I have one I can feel the pulling Nice It seems…I have one Who can resist it? This is scallop Yeah…the adductor muscle Do this…look Is it? You’re good Chopsticks aren’t good to use Mr Wang…the local Look at the thickness Let me show you…look It’s incredibly good Wow It’s so good to be here in Matsu You must try the yellow croaker It’s so good..so fragrant It’s not cheap Such a big fish Yeah, the yellow croaker…is quite expensive The entire fish…steamed Then put it on the top Look at the clam The best part Fresh and sweet So amazing To be honest…I’m joking to say it would make your gout worse Yeah This is…more like an excellent meal to resume your energy It’s healthy Yep This is insane!! So incredible! You can enjoy all the tastiness from Matsu and also see their creativity and great hospitality Visiting these islands, there are so many to explore, including food, accommodation, costumes and cultures We’re now at Qinbi Village in Matsu The village culture is quite well-preserved in Matsu It’s also a unique local culture You can see the endless ocean from here Then these hills The houses built on these hills So, they are all in different heights Many stairs…many up and down It is quite well-preserved You can see the buildings They might be refurbished But maintain its original looks All…preserved well Including the roof…look these stones on roofs Might not be all Some stones might be new But they try to maintain the old look Min Dong buildings in Matsu are famous for the granite wall and stones placed on the roof These stones are placed to secure the tiles on the roof from strong winds The gaps between tiles are beneficial for the ventilation inside the house

Hence, the dwellers always call it the breathable house Qinbi Village is facing the ocean with the mountains at the back With the white clouds and blue sky, people call it the Mediterranean Sea in Matsu or Taiwan’s Greece I’ve never known that you can play at the seaside in Matsu I thought people visit different islands We always get off the boat at this spot Yeah, on Beigan Island, The waves are smallest in this area Yep So, we’re going out to see the entire Qinbi Village Yeah..the village You can see Ko Tao This is for 2 people Or 3 people If it’s 2 people, it’s less exhausted If it’s just you, sometimes, you would be exhausted if the waves are big The first person is paddling…then the second person controls the direction So excited!! I didn’t know that we can do kayaking and look at Qinbi Village from the sea The different way to see these Min Dong buildings It’s so beautiful You’ll see Qinbi Village after past Ko Tao You can see it all…so clear This is Ko Tao The entire Qinbi Village There are several villages on Matsu Islands They are all similar Yeah It’s the preservation area You can see its original looks You can see and feel when walking around these buildings But it’s different when you see the village from the sea It’s quite comfortable to kayak in this weather Definitely worth it You would realise why it is the Mediterranean Sea in Matsu when looking from the sea You can enjoy the world-class scenery even in Taiwan There are more unique places in Beigan The next, we are going to the nearby DaQiu Island There are a group of adorable deer living on this island Since we are in Matsu, of course, We are going to visit the sika deer To show our manner, we’ve prepared their favourite, mulberry leaves Hello Hello Are you all right? Hi Welcome on board Thank you How long is it to be there? 5 minutes 5 minutes! So quick This is the closest boat trip to DaQiu It’s very convenient We offer customised service Yep As long as you are 2 people and more and decide the time From 7:00 to 18:00, we can offer the service at anytime The deer is realistic If you have leaves…they would follow you If none…they would ignore you Really! Yep You’ll know it later when you visit them I would find out Yep DaQiu Island is just 5 minutes away from Beigan by boat It’s becoming the hotspot for visitors There lives a group of wild Sika deer which love mulberry leaves If you have these leaves, they can’t help but follow you The front bit The deer at the corner…they fight for food There are many of them There are 5 or 6..up there Ok, thank you They might bite your fingers Bite my fingers Nope So fierce He told me not to give the whole bunch of leaves to the deer They would run away with leaves There Hi Don’t let go I wouldn’t You can eat it like this You can’t take it away from my hand This one…the size It might be an adult See its antler Hi They aren’t afraid of people They come to you right away Nice So lay back I delivery the food to its door They are so relaxed I even need to feed them The fawn come The baby So close We’re so close They aren’t afraid of people How interesting These wild Sika deer on DaQiu Island is the most layback animals I’ve ever met They aren’t eager to get food Even I try to feed them, they still feel like ‘not bother’ Their lives seem so happy here Based on the captain’s description, the next mission is more challenging Why do we need to prepare so early? The waves are big…where we are going later People might feel sick So we stop here first Really! Yep It looks okay now…waves are small It’s not windy Because we are now closer to the land We would go much further out

We would go to the other side Yep, we head east Northeast The waves are much bigger there You can see now…the hooks he’s using now It’s a set It’s a set. All of them Then these are fake baits We use this anchor hook So, we will be in the same spot Yep, we would treat them with floating baits Ok Do you know why it’s windy and the big waves? Typhoon can be so influential The wave can be 1.8 metre in height…tomorrow 1.8 metre means But I checked this morning…the typhoon is outside Ryukyu Islands It’s not there yet It doesn’t matter it’s not here yet The waves are coming Along as it The typhoon…as long as it goes past Yilan…in my experience The waves would arrive here Then you would see tomorrow No waves The sea looks fine You can’t really tell You can see the waves…hitting the shore That’s the wave we are talking about We call it freak waves or rogue waves The waves are so dangerous…more dangerous than Northeast monsoon As the captain said, Matsu Islands are the perfect place to do a trip between islands It’s also the paradise for fishing lovers The Min river carries rich humus meeting with the current and the seabed is flat without many terrain changes in the water These excellent features make it a perfect place to fish There are many good places to fish around Matsu Islands You can see many fishing lovers come to Matsu for it To let it go now? Ok Let it go It’ okay. The current isn’t strong Let it down to the bottom. Okay…the bottom You pull when it arrives at the bottom Just keep moving it Look at a fixed point You won’t feel dizzy Now..we are The waves hit the side of the boat Got one Yeah I’ve got one The fish or Earth? or stones Stones…really Nope There are 2 Yes The greater amberjack They all live in the bags Yep We need to put them into different bags once or twice every year Let’s have a look It’s beautiful Almost as big as the shell Do you see it? It’s the size as the shell Yep The fish or Earth Maybe stones Stones…really Nope He got one Yes..it seems that I have one I can feel the pulling Awesome I should have one It runs away Come Ran away The threeline grunt Straight away…the threeline grunt Another one You’re so quick Another one…amazing Another one That’s Earth…I don’t believe it It’s Earth Okay…have a look So active Another threeline grunt Another one 2 3…wow That’s insane 2 This is so big Yep…the 3 might be weighed 1 kg Yep The biggest might be Because we are the same Because you know It’s better to catch three line grunt from Dongyin Dongyin is better Yeah, the threeline grunt like clean water in deep places The water here wouldn’t be clean anymore after summer Do you see it? it’s not as clean The threeline grunt fish love clean water Ok I’m not joking. We didn’t edit the video It takes a few minutes that the captain caught 4 threeline grunt The threeline grunt is one of the main fishes in Matsu If it’s a good day, you might get 40 or 50 fish I pull yes It’s strong There are 2 Nice The greater amberjack No The same one There are 2… a big one and a small one Awesome This ons is big It’ big Okay…let it go Put it back This is the biggest one…so far I think Yeah..it’s pretty big It’s tasty This? Base on many fishers’ experience

There is Min River…opposite to Matsu Then the estuary… the ratio of fresh water and sea water It’s the perfect ration The same fish would taste better if it lives near our sea This isn’t what the captain said That’s base on the experience of many fishers from Taiwan I see They’ve been many places and found that fish in Matsu is the best Is it? Even I, the unprofessional talented fisher, can catch the hand-sized big threeline grunt Then you know how easy it to fish in Matsu is Since we’re in the famous Sanlian Islets, we can enjoy the fun of fishing, but the spectacular ocean scenery is another must-do task Now, you see the island This is the preservation area for terns Not seagulls. Terns It’s in the family Laridae Do you know why we call it Tern? Look carefully It’s smaller and its tail is similar to the swallow Yeah. We call it Tern These are Bridled Terns They normally stay with Chinese crested terns Yeah…they aren’t here They are in another island, Tie-in There are 8 preservation areas in Matsu There are 5 in Beigan This is one of the 5 One of the 5 This is quite special You might wonder why do they pick this island? Why don’t they pick a bigger island? Because they need to lay eggs on the land Lay eggs on the land The majority of them They would avoid mice and snakes There is no mice or snakes on this island On the same note, why don’t they pick this island? It’s too small Basically, they would avoid mice and snakes They also need to avoid typhoons The environment in Beigan is perfect for them They can choose the best island to stay Now, what you see is the most beautiful island among Sanlian Islets It looks like an elephant from far away Near the trunk…it looks like the face of Moai on Easter Island Like its nose It’s amazing From here, it looks like King Kong Standing like this Then this is…near it stomach Like this It’s spectacular It’s definitely worth it You can have the fishing alongside the knowledgeable eco-tour by the captain It widens our understanding of natural environments and ecosystem in Matsu We’re so impressed by the first 3 islands we’ve visited Now, with all the fish we caught, we can have the feast This is my first time to eat threeline grunt for sashimi Met too In Matsu I’ve tried the greater amberjack, flatfish and Japanese sea bass in the format of sashimi It’s my first time To me, among the fishes you can catch in Matsu The three line grunt is only second to the forefinger threadfin It’s even better than Girella leonina I can’t wait to try My too Wanna try it out Yeah Ok, let’s try it Go ahead Let’s try one To see the differences It’s so good The meat is sweet But, it’s really firm and tasty. Though it’s small It’s creamy Maybe that’s the fat…so rich It might look ordinary It’s better than sea bass Is it on the top 5 or top 3? Yeah, top 3 Top 3 It tastes different from the greater amberjack But it’s sweet The texture of the meat is much firm than the greater amberjack The threeline grunt might look ordinary but there are many ways to eat it People in Matsu love to pan-fry Japanese like it as sashimi and Cantonese like it in a hot pot All taste amazingly good However, there is another secret way which is exclusive in Nangan I’ll keep it as a secret now We’re going to visit a key person the next day morning in Beigan The street is the most popular street in Beigan Really! It’s now 06:30 in the morning Some people have started their work Everyday Work so hard every day for the past several decades Do you hear it? The sound Hi, morning Morning Morning Is it too noisy? It’s fine You’ve made so many This is Fish noodles…sorry You’ve made so many I just started Just start!

It’s so stretchable We normally thought…it’s easy to break Nope…it’s so stretchable It looks…it’s quite thin I feel it’s so easy to break Yep You need to let it set It smells so good…the fish It’s quite like…North Sea fish snack Amazing Extremely thin Did you make the hole? Yep I can help No..you are not helping OK In the olden days, people always caught lots of fish in Matsu To preserve food, the dwellers tended to add salts and corn starch to turn the fish into noodles The handmade fish noodles become popular and representative food in Matsu Like this Ok My grandpa had taught me how to use the rolling pin…but Like this Just do this Yeah Make it even The even thickness Ok The bottle is easy to use Much better than what I thought It’s bigger and thicker It’s better than the thin and small rolling pin Easier to use Don’t look down the bottle It has been used for 2 generations 2 generations! Yeah My mother-in-law is the second generation I’m the third generation It has been used for a long time Do you know how old is it? Wow…the bottle is a treasure That’s the fish, right? Correct The fresh meat…with some skin The skin would be mixed in it The whole fish? Yeah…we put the entire fish in Nowadays, the fish noodles aren’t for food preservation but to satisfy people’s appetite The old method has been simplified to improve the production efficiency However, the natural flavour of the handmade noodles remains the core of the production Then…we let it cool down It won’t get stick when cutting Like this These….we now put them together Like a ball A round Yeah Is this okay? Okay Very good Thanks. You have the talent Just like wind a ball Yeah Look like this We put them together…until full of noodles Then…let them exposed under the sun to dry The noodles might look ordinary, but the production process is so complicated First, you need to remove skin and bone from the fish to get the meat, freeze the meat, make minced meat and mix with flour by hand and then kneading Then you need to cook, cut and dry the noodles before putting it in the package There are 12 procedures to do before selling it to customers It’s so fragrant There is shacha sauce Just a bit It didn’t overtake the flavour of the soup You can still state the fish The amazing smell of the soup The texture is so good You can taste the fish They’ve put shrimp in the soup The flavour of the soup…so strong…the flavour of seafood This tastes amazingly good You need to be in Beigan to taste the classic fish noodles Don’t miss it Then, we’re going to Nangan Island which is the biggest and most popular island to everyone Let’s go Basically, we travel by boat between islands We’re going to Nangan from Beigan The biggest…most popular…all in Nangan Many of you, even been here before, might think the waves is an issue They might cancel the boats so frequently It’s not too bad The distances between island are quite short They rarely cancel the boat Not that often How much is a ticket? NT$160 for one ticket 8:30. It’s 08:12 now It’s coming Just wait a bit We can go to Nangan Nangan is the biggest island among Matsu islands Hence, there is regular travel between Beigan, Juguang and Dongyin

Nearly every 30 minutes, there is boat travel between Nangan and Beigan which is the most frequent route Thank you You can put your luggage here At the back? Just put it there Ok, thank you He put them in order for us It’s quite good You all sit inside No one is going to stay outside No reservations You can just take the seat where you want Here? You can take any seat It’s quite comfortable Feel like…the coaches The seat is like the seat on coach in olden days But they are new seats You can sit upstairs or outside…some people do They might want to feel the wind It’s okay It’s a short travel So big…really big It only takes us in less than 20 minutes to travel between Nangan and Beigan The journey is comfortable and safe But we need to dash to visit a famous person who is the most professional and Taiwan’s No. 1 person He’s near a small bay in Furongao, Nangan Why do we think this area is the best area? Because the water flow is so active Ok The nutrition levels are It’s closer to the estuary of Min River The fresh water and sea water mix together The level of organic salts in the sea water is higher The mussels love the organic salts I see Now is the season of mussels From June to October Ok That’s the season for mussels The mussel is big and tasty Growing in the clean water These mussels will be tasty Taking the boat, we followed him to his working place to know more secrets about how to grow mussels He said it’s important to have the right temperature and clean environment That’s what makes the sea around Nangan become the perfect place and the only place to grow mussels in Taiwan I love seafood, like oysters or clams Or mussels And people think of sustainable ocean resources Like mussels… its sustainability That’s the green light for ocean sustainability It’s good Around the world, including EU In Taiwan, we grow mussels in Matsu The quality is excellent We’ve been here for few days So, I know This place is good for The shape of it…the concave form…is good Because…North wind won’t reach here I see It curves inward Then the waves can’t reach here The only thing…we worry about typhoon the most We let the mussels grow here naturally OK We don’t put any extra things for them It would lower the cost But we need to pay for people to remove the barnacles attached to the mussel shells So, it’s healthy without putting extra things In stead, you need to spent time to remove the barnacles attached to the mussel shells Yeah It’s hard to imagine The highest cost for growing mussels is to get rid of the barnacles attached to the mussel shells I’m inquisitive to know how the mussels look like when harvesting Do you normally do it alone? Yep Then what to do with the boat? We need to move Nope, we just make it stop here Do you see it? There are some green shells We don’t them These are all barnacles That’s how it is They all live in the bags All in the bags We need to put them into different bags once or twice every year They grow together but we need to put them into different bags when getting bigger Yeah Because there isn’t enough space Sure They need more space to grow Do we harvest once a year? No…all year round, you can collect then As long as it’s big enough Sometimes, it The Italian restaurants in Taiwan want them If they are not big enough The restaurants still want them Even though our mussels are small still bigger than those imported Yeah…those imported Nice The imported mussels are so expensive Yeah Let’s open one to show you Ok Great. we can open one Just one day How do you feel? It’s getting harder Now, touch the 2-day one You can compare I’ve made these greater amberjack fish 2 days ago Just look at the meat It looks much dried

You can grill it Or pan fry What’s even better is that…you can steam it Let’s open one to show you Ok Great! we can open one You can’t really tell Yeah How long would it take to grow until we can harvest? About 3 years 3 years Yep So, these mussels have grown here for 3 years Yep, they are 3 years old Yep…it took 3 years to grow It’s so big Yep Look…so big I’ve wear the gloves Or it should be about my 3 fingers width Let’s open and look inside Wow…nice Nearly as big as the shell Do you see it? It’s as big as the shell Yep The colour is so clean Yeah…so clean We used to call it butterfly when it’s dried Butterfly…I heard it before They call it the butterfly shell Yeah..that’s the one when it’s dried We need to clean the mussels because they all covered by the barnacles and look like the oysters I can’t imagine how do we clean them to make them look like the mussels we eat in a restaurant So, now you are…separating them Yeah…get rid of the barnacles first Get some off…yeah Get most of them off Yep They are so many…so many Then wash Maybe get 50% of the barnacles off..then Wow…quite different Many of them are gone Yeah…a lot Many of them have been eaten Because we grow the mussels naturally So natural Then we use the knife to knock off the barnacles Let me try So, we need many people to do it We only can clean 400 or 500 mussels a day when we don’t have enough people We have so many orders But we can’t do it…we can’t sell It’s a limited offer to some people That’s true Unbelievable This is beyond my imagination You actually need to clean them one by one with your hand He said that the cleaner the mussel is, the higher price you can get when selling them to hotels The mussel is so big…incredible Use my hands Do you see it? The butter onion with white wine The most simple way to eat its natural flavour Look…how thick it is The meat So fragrant Do you know? You can taste the amazing texture of it when chewing it So good The texture is like…you know It’s like exploding in your mouth It’s not mushy at all For me, Matsu Island to Taiwan is like Brussel to Belgium Many people might visit Belgium before You know you must try the mussels there But we have the best mussels here in Matsu It’s so fragrant and sweet to eat the mussel dressing with French white wine and butter onion Like what people said, the taste of fresh food is always good Do you remember that we’ve caught the threeline grunt and its Nangan exclusive way of cooking? We, of course, have invited our best chef, Gu to cook for us This time, we need Gu Because Gu I hear there’s a special way to cook the threeline grunt This is We are going to turn it into the Japanese grilled fish I know that people normally use the Japanese horse mackerel to make the grilled fish Yes Or Atlantic mackerel Then You can use any type of fish Any type Yeah, it depends on the texture of the meat Wait The greater amberjack Yeah..I did that I can show you later Really! I’ve made some The Japanese grilled fish Yep So interesting You can use the greater amberjack or the blackhead seabream Or Girella leonina So, basically the way of making the Japanese gilled fish is You hang the fish to dry

No, that’s not how I do it We would do it later What? You dry them in a night No…I use another Different? A healthy way Healthier I don’t hang them outside to dry I use another method…dehydrate them Gu is really…use many strange tools Okay, these are cut and cleaned Then..how do we Put salts on…as normal No, not salts Not just salts We are going to do something different Okay…let’s start again Peppers…peppers in it It’s quite strong This is you own creation Yeah..I made it Put it one the fish evenly Ok Use you hands We now use anther way As you said Your secret method Yeah We now use anther way As you said Your secret method Yeah We use the refrigerator to dehydrate them Look..this was what I made yesterday Yesterday Yeah…yesterday You just marinated the fish, right? Yeah You remembered how it feels like, the fish Yeah…I remembered It’s quite soft Then you touch the one-day old Touch it One-day…this one How do you feel? It’s getting harder You can touch this one…2-days You can compare That was the greater amberjack I made 2 days ago if we just look at the meat It looks much dried I thought that you normally dry them for a night No…now I It might depend on I use the refrigerator now So, I can control the levels of dehydration I might if I want it not so dry Or I want it dry completely We can grill the fish Or pan fry What is even better is that we can steam it I’ve changed the texture of the meat So, the meat wouldn’t be dry if we steam it It’s in good texture Gu, you are so versatile You can make any type of fish into the Japanese grilled fish Not to mention that you use a different method The ingredients you used to marinate the fish are unusual The key is to evenly distribute it on the fish Regarding the texture of the meat, it will be personal preferences Gu has assured us again that he can customise the Japanese grilled fish Let’s start from the one-day one I try this Look…the meat…so soft and tender Look at here I do this The fat Then I just gently It surprises me…so soft Although it just mariated for one day, You can taste it It had the flavour I can smell the aroma of peppers The mixed spices The flavour is in the meat You can taste it Now…try the 2-day one 2-day, right The greater amberjack I take the meat from the same area This is…really…harder You see? It’s obviously harder Much firm It’s firm It has marinated for 2 days But the meat is still Yeah, it is still juicy Yeah, it is When grilling the fish, we didn’t You didn’t spill water on it or No We just put it and grill it The fish marinated for 2 says The texture is different The meat isn’t too dry even it has marinated for 2 days Or not tender anymore No…not at all You can tell by looking Do you feel the nice texture? It’s not dry or tough Not at all Normally the greater amberjack would taste dry after cooking Not as good. This is because The temperature No The spices we use to marinate We’ve changed the texture The texture of meat, yeah It can be You can’t stop eating To be honest, we normally eat the Japanese grilled fish in an izakaya

I just told Gu that the Japanese grilled fish is normally salty for me Then you would feel…for me I wouldn’t expect the fish is tasty I just like the feeling of eating it with beer To go with beer Then you wouldn’t say Because it’s quite salty actually We’re lucky to have good friends from Matsu They have helped us to experience the most authentic life in Matsu This journey is better than ever If you have time, why not stay longer in Matsu You can explore and see more this amazing place, just like the shiny pearl necklace located along the Min River

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