Good Morning guys! I’m at Johannesburg’s airport I’m not alone there’s Sati with me who doesn’t notice what’s happening around her, we’re going to catch a plane which takes us to the destination of this video, one of the most beautiful city in the World: Cape Town, in South Africa… let’s go! Subtitles: Porro Francesca If you’re wondering why we’re in Johannesburg it’s because we had a week off that was the same of our Master Paramahamsa’s Tour in South Africa We decided to come here to follow him, in particular there was the inauguration of a Hindu Temple here in Johannesburg dedicated to Narasimha, an Indian God which is a man with head of a lion but you can read it on Instagram so I don’t waste time now The ceremony was amazing, it lasted three days with a lot of rituals and very interesting things anthropologically and spiritually speaking because they’re extremely ancient rituals we had the occasion to see a Conservation Fund for endangered Cheetahs and also for other animals which is like a “positive zoo” : animals are kept in cages to breed them and then they’re reintroduced because they’re endangered species It was a conflicting experience, it’s important to safeguard the species the problem is that these animals get used to be fed twice a day and to stay alone, so when they’re reintroduced they die, they said that 1/4 animals died but the 75% of them survived so it’s sad and good at the same time It’s a chaotic experience but you can see very close these animals, yes, very close to be 1.5 m far from a cheetah is really exciting Moreover, I discovered some animals I have never seen before like the wild dog, which make a strange sound when it hunts she’s wild! Anyway it was the only “wild” moment in our travel in South Africa, even if here, there’re the biggest natural parks in the World we decided to spend our last two days in Capetown…this is the moment in which we take our luggages Here you don’t need visa or particular vaccinations, you only need the Italian passport, the money used here are the South African Rand (1€ = 16 ZAR) When you arrive you can buy a SIM outside the baggage claim, I bought one of vodacom, especially you have to buy a local power adapter because here it’s used a power socket which doesn’t exist in any other part in the World, so you won’t find it in the power adapter and in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise at the hotel buy it immediately If you’re like me and you want to rent a car, keep in mind an important thing: we rent a car, the airport of Capetown is near to the center, only 20 minutes far from our hotel but the problem is another because if you noticed that the camera view is turned the cars in South Africa are driven on the wrong side, the steering wheel is on the right I haven’t done it since when I went to Ireland, when I drove the yellow car So we fetched the baggages, destination Capetown, we have a little time to visit the city so we immediately begin with an unusual district: Bo-Kaap Bo-Kaap is one of the most typical district of Capetown for its distinctive colored houses, they’re a lot and beautiful, it’s very multicolored It has a particular story: once in this district there were white houses populated only by slaves, in fact in South Africa, especially in Cape Town, everywhere you can find a story about slavery or apartheid and racial segregation because is the history of this country, unfortunately The interesting thing is that the slaves who lived here weren’t South African people because at the time the local population rebelled against this phenomenon, they were from Malaysia and South East Asia and this is why the district is called Malay Quarter

When slavery was abolished and the slaves released, they had the right to buy houses, they bought these and begun to paint them in many different colors to celebrate their freedom So they haven’t an aesthetic, architectural or urban reason but it’s a hymn to life and freedom and the reason makes it so romantic… you know that I love these things! – Do you like Bo-Kaap? – A lot! To make this clip I stuttered a lot, she’s very patient It’s very hot here in Capetown in January, the brain is boiling -Ciao! There were some Italians over there In January isn’t winter here because we’re in the other hemisphere (sorry Flat Earth Society), in Italy it’s winter here it’s summer -Has Sun given you a headache, hasn’t it? -Yes *Russian things* After Bo-Kaap we take a walk in a cooler place in the city: the port with the rich people stuff -What are you doing? -He never talks to me, he talks to the camera -You talk, what a strange couple, one records stories on Instagram and the other a vlog, at least we understand each other I fell into temptation of the Ferris wheel because I can’t use the drone in the city, it’s the only way to see the city from above There’re also the helicopter tours but they’re very expensive This is a middle-class Ferris wheel with controlled air conditioning and vents… It begins! -You have something stuck in your teeth – Have I something stuck in my teeth? Wow what a view! The Waterfront is definitely the center of the night life of the city and the place where to have dinner because there’re a a lot of restaurants and it’s difficult to choose where to eat, we’re at Bukhara because it’s Indian – And we love Indian food -True! Above all there’s an amazing view which allows me to kill two birds with one stone because not only I can use the tripod and take a lot of cool pics but I can also give attention to my lovely bride -It’s me or the camera! -You can’t ask me this, my love -I can’t choose -So I’ll throw it into water! We have to talk about this, quietly In Cape Town there’re a lot of things to see but we have little time so we chose to go out of town where there’re many great things to see, I can’t get in the car on the left side I have to go on the right one, I always make this mistake One of the best things out of town are the little beaches on the coast, the first that you can see going south from Cape Town is Camps Bay, is very nice with big waves but we don’t stop here, because going on, there’re some nicer and mostly the street is interesting from here to Cape of Good Hope there’s one of the most beautiful street of the World, Chapman’s Peak Drive, where we’re going! Here Chapman’s Peak Drive begins that isn’t always open due to the frequent landslides, so sometimes it could be closed

it’s a toll road, it coasts 50 Rand, around €4 but you must pay in cash, luckily I had with me, not a big sum because we’ll stay here for a little If I hadn’t cash I would have return back and look for a cash machine, so if you want to visit this area bring the cash with you The views are not bad at all, let’s see what the street has in store! It’s a joke! It has a beautiful view but it’s very short, maybe 5 or 6 km long with all respect to Chapman’s Peak Drive, all over the World there’re a lot of amazing street, much longer than this and free, you don’t have to pay to visit them Anyway, along the road that leads to Cape of Good Hope, there’s a nice little town: Simon’s Town and it’s particular due to a beach called Boulders Beach, it hosts a huge colony of African penguins which lives only here and in Namibia It’s rare to see them, they have lived on this beach for 30 years, near the town and the humans without problems and they’re right here! It’s really windy and surely someone is commenting my haircut and he’s right, by the way It’s her fault, she likes them but I’d like to cut them -Guys, if you love me please stop to make fun of my hair -I like them! For any claim about my body image, please contact Sati’s PR office, end I’ll going to shave my head and she’ll see me with a fait accompli, sooner or later -No, no no The important thing of Boulders Beach is that it’s divided into two areas: one reserved to penguins where there’re only the boardwalks and the other where people can potentially swim but the penguins are really used to humans that they swim where people bathe, also because they settled 30 years ago when humans were already here so Boulders Beach is the only place in the World where you can swim with penguins! Here there’s some people playing beach tennis and there’re the penguins! Objectively It’s strange! Anyway the water’s freezing, we have little time so we skip the bathe and we head to Cape of Good Hope, called Cape Point too Cape and Cape of Good Hope aren’t exactly the same place, they’re very close, just a few km away Right behind me you can see Cape Point, the south end of Cape Town, it’s an amazing place but beyond its beauty, it’s symbolically considered the point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean In reality the southernmost point isn’t Cape Point but i’s further east, Cape Agulhas, or something like this, I’ll write the right name here! (It was right Cape Agulhas) The place has an incredibly beauty, the Ocean is crystalline which hypnotizes, in fact Sati is there since 20 minutes completely delighted with the beauty

For the atmosphere and the look it vaguely resembles some places of Northern France, some lighthouses of the Northern coast of Brittany, where there’re extremely rough and wild cliffs with the view of a vast ocean because here, in this direction there’s only the Antarctic Generally, every symbolic place is extremely suggestive We can say that Cape Point is for Africa what Cape North is for Europe, however Cape North isn’t the northernmost point of Europe, there is one closer, they’re quite similar, except for the weather here the Sun is very strong, I think I got burned, I’m going to discover it tomorrow morning with agonizing screams In order to go towards the lighthouse and to walk back to the car park you should use the funicular that is there but we’re athletic and we go on foot, but what if we took the funicular? *Sati sings a Neapolitan song about funicular with a touch of opera* It could seem that I taught her the song in order to make a funny video…NOPE! Yesterday she started to sing it out of nowhere, I don’t know where she listened to So today in front of the funicular we could sing it. Ow! Why you did it? We end our day in this posh restaurant, suggested by Sati’s friend who’s vegetarian and we don’t understand why she recommended us, two vegetarians, a seafood restaurant, it’s a secret Except for this one, for the greater part of South Africa you can find a lot of options for vegetarians that’s a very good thing, it isn’t so common in Africa where generally to be vegetarian means that “you eat chicken” This is a restaurant which is located in Kalk Bay and it’s called Harbor House and to eat in that tables near the window, you have to book weeks in advance, we booked half an hour ago Food is arrived! Naturally, it would be very bad to come to Cape Town and not to climb Table Mountain This iconic and flat mountain, which overlooks the whole city where you can enjoy the view of Cape Town and it’s also one of the Seven Wonders of the World, in fact there’re the Seven Man Made Wonders of the World like Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China and others but also the Seven Natural Wonders of the World made by the Creator or by the Nature, depending on what you believe, like Iguazu Falls or Halong Bay in Vietnam and Table Mountain where you can sometimes find a little white cloud which is symbolically called the “tablecloth” This morning there’s a Christmas tablecloth with all the relatives, decorations, lunch, grandmother, uncles. It’s sumptuous, is going to remain for the next 8 hours, it’s useless to use the funicular to go up due this huge cloud, our travel in Cape Town is finished, we don’t have time to do something else because the fly is in a couple of hours It’s hot… not hot, cold We can go to Lion’s Head, other typical mountain where we can go trekking. She said that she has lion’s head too She promised that I can cut my hair If it isn’t windy and I use the conditioner, my hair is OK but when it’s windy it’s similar to a nuclear disaster! We can’t go up Lion’s Head because the path is undergoing maintenance and it will be open in a month, so we have to go the airport, but we could do a lot of things in Cape Town, a city where you can stay 5 or 6 days without getting bored

Furthermore what we visited, there’s a botanic garden, one of the most beautiful of Africa, Robben Island with the maximum security penitentiary where Nelson Mandela stayed for many years, helicopter tours, the visit to the stadium where it seems that the terrible vuvuzelas of World Cup 2010 resound, many trekking like Table mountains and Lion’s Head… What are you doing over there? Nothing! Some agencies organize whale watching but also shark cage diving: in the open sea you’re in a cage to have the sensation to swim with sharks Many beaches to surf, kite-surf, pubs, restaurants, agencies for same-day safaris in parks outside the city, there are many things to do in Cape Town, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the World and it absolutely deserves a visit as indeed all over South Africa… so we come to the conclusions Cape Town is a wonderful city, natural and phantasmagorical scenery, thousand things to see, an absolute must for all visitors to South Africa If I have to say something negative is the large and unusual amount of beggars on streets because in every single intersection there’s someone begging in change of help to cross the road You have two possibilities: to have many banknotes of 10 Rand or to become fool waiting for the traffic light goes green because they begin to ask you something and you don’t know if they’re dangerous or not, when you say “no” someone smile but someone is offended Which brings us to talk about the security of Cape Town, it deserves to be specified We received a large number of warnings of every kind from the airport, because people said us: “Woe betide you if you put valuable stuff in your luggages, they will be opened at the airport” but also in the hotel they said they had guards like if we could park there without any risks Once Sati accidentally left her bag unattended ad after a few seconds a passer-by said: “Are you crazy? Here people steal everything, you shouldn’t forget your things” In my opinion, the more touristic areas are pretty safer like in every part of the World because are in the spotlight but in general it’s always better to apply the common rules of good sense, with a special attention, it’s probably easier to incur in some danger of petty crime like thefts so you should never take all the money with you, usual attention: you should separate your documents from the wallet, you should never leave your things unattended The perception that I had in these two days is that the city isn’t absolutely safe, even though you may unconsciously perceive a sense of security due to the extremely modern and westernized appearance of the city It’s a very stupid idea but a European unconsciously feels safer at home and he pays less attention when eyes are misled by too much glint Surely, I want to return here, it deserves to be explored a little more than I had to stay with Sati, you have to considered that this is our first real holiday We got married two years ago and we hadn’t time to take a holiday, we had always worked and we “shared” our journeys which concerned our jobs… finally! She said that it would be better to have three more days but we have to return to Italy because work calls us, I have to come back to Finland for my travels to Cape North, she has her job in Moscow, we meet again in a couple of weeks in Moscow That’s all for now from the Lounge of Johannesburg’s airport which is very nice but it’s less nice than that of Fiumicino, that’s a different story You may ask “Why are you at Johannesburg’s Lounge?” Because we travel business class…Frequent Flyer’s power!

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