– [Child] Family fun for everyone! – [Narrator] Hey, it’s the Great Pumpkin – Yeah! – [Narrator] Right? – Right – [Narrator] Now assistant, we’ve got to go where? – Into spooky Halloween Town – [Narrator] That’s right There’s hidden pumpkins that have Vampirina and Paw Patrol in them We gotta help them escape from the pumpkins right? – Right – [Narrator] Let’s go! – Okay, let’s go! – [Narrator] It’s not very hard to find the assistant, she’s wearing a giant orange pumpkin – Yup! – [Narrator] Or are you a giant orange pumpkin? – I think I am Look at this graveyard – [Narrator] Oh yeah Hey look there’s a pumpkin down there! – Hey yeah! – [Narrator] Let’s see what’s inside of it okay? – Okay – [Narrator] Can you bend down? – Yeah I can bend down – [Narrator] It’s like you’re a giant sumo wrestler Yeah got it – [Narrator] You got it, alright So let’s see what’s inside You need me to open the top? – Yup – [Narrator] Oh, what’s inside? What’s inside the pumpkin? – Whoa, look at this! – [Narrator] What is that assistant? – Whoa It’s gigantic! – [Narrator] I wonder who put that in the smallest pumpkin? (laughing) What is it? – It’s a giant squishy! – [Narrator] Oh it is? – Yeah, color changing too – [Narrator] Whoa, show me how that works – Okay, so you open it Wait there’s no, oh! – [Narrator] You gotta open it assistant and see what’s inside of it – There’s no tear Okay ready? – [Narrator] I’m ready – Got it – [Narrator] She got it! The pumpkin juice went flying! – [Narrator] What is it? – Whoa! – It’s an owl! – [Narrator] Who? – An owl! – [Narrator] Hoot – An owl – [Narrator] No, they say hoot. That’s what I’m saying – Look, (screaming) it color changes – [Narrator] Whoa, it does change color – Yeah – [Narrator] That’s pretty cool So it’s an owl I wonder if it’s eyes change color It went away, it vanished – It did? – [Narrator] No (laughing) – [Narrator] But look you see how you can go like that and change it? – Whoa! – [Narrator] Super cool! What happens if you breathe on it? See what happens (breathing) – [Narrator] You can’t see that (breathing) – [Narrator] Oh wait a minute it just told me something You wanna know what it said? – What? There’s another thing in the pumpkin? – [Narrator] He said that you drank some apple cider – I didn’t – [Narrator] (laughing) Alright so is there anything else in our pumpkin? – I’m gonna put this in my pumpkin because I have a lot of room in here – [Narrator] Oh yeah! You got pumpkin storage don’t you? – Yup Wow! There’s something else in here Let’s get it – [Narrator] Okay – And I got it! – [Narrator] You got it! What is it? – It’s, JoJo’s liquid lava putty – [Narrator] Oh wow! We seen that before The liquid lava putty that’s such fun stuff to play with – (gasping) Whoa! – [Narrator] Look at that! – Lava putty! Let’s play with it some – [Narrator] But then we gotta find Paw Patrol and Vampirina – Oh you’re right – [Narrator] Wait I’ll see if I can help. Whoa! That’s some cool putty – Definitely – [Narrator] It’s rainbow colored even – No, it’s blue – [Narrator] Oh blue like Speckle Zone That’s cool, I love it! Alright, so you got your JoJo Putty, now what do you gotta go find? – Another pumpkin of course – [Narrator] Alright so we’re gonna leave the cemetery Hey look at the pumpkin right there! – Yeah! Wait this isn’t a pumpkin It doesn’t have a face on it – [Narrator] Oh! We only can find the pumpkins with faces on them – Yup – Alright, well let’s look and see what else is in here Oh assistant, I see a coffin! – Ooh let’s open it! – [Narrator] Open a coffin! Are you serious? – Yup! Let’s open it It’s Romeo! – [Narrator] Oh it is Romeo! What was he doin’ in that coffin? – I don’t know – [Narrator] I think he wanted to jump out and scare you Remember how we played coffin seek that time? – Yeah – [Narrator] I bet you Romeo is that what you were trying to do? Were you trying to scare this (toy sounds) I think he was trying to scare you – Well let’s keep looking I’m gonna put this one in my pumpkin – [Narrator] And she’s gonna store it inside of her pumpkin – Right – [Narrator] Alright let’s keep goin’. What else is there? – Hey look there’s another coffin – [Narrator] Another coffin really? – Yeah! Let’s open it – [Narrator] I don’t know about opening all these coffins – Oh it’s Gekko! – [Narrator] Oh, Gekko is in the joke with Romeo! – Right – [Narrator] Well that was silly So let’s see Gekko Hi Gekko (toy sounds) – We save the day whoo hoo! – [Narrator] So we found Gekko and Romeo so far in our pumpkins Right? – Right Now I’m gonna put this one, not in our pumpkins, in our coffins – [Narrator] Oh yeah! Should we go this way? – Yeah! – [Narrator] Watch out for these giant rocks assistant – Whoa! I may jump over em’ – [Narrator] You can’t you’re a pumpkin Oh it’s a pumpkin on a rock – Whoa! – [Narrator] Be careful! Don’t spill your pumpkin seeds – I’m gonna go up to the next one – [Narrator] Wait a minute

If you fall you might spill all your pumpkin seeds out – (laughing) Let’s try it anyway Ready? – [Narrator] Yup – Set Go! Wow! – [Narrator] (screaming) Oh you fell (laughing) You fell in hot lava – Hot lava? – [Narrator] Let’s keep going Let’s see what we can find I was just being silly – Ooo look at this door! – [Narrator] Wait a minute There’s also a scarecrow over here – Whoa! – [Narrator] You’re in the pumpkin let’s see if you can – (gasping) He’s waking up! Oh help! – [Narrator] Let’s go! Let’s go over here! – Yeah, let’s go! – [Narrator] Watch out for the ghost (screaming) Is it really a ghost? (screaming) I guess the ghost is real – Okay,whoa! – [Narrator] Hey there’s a pumpkin and a clock What happens when you push the button on the clock? (steady dinging) (screaming) What was that? (toy screaming) – Hey look there’s a pumpkin! – [Narrator] Wait push that clock again What did he do? (steady dinging) – [Narrator] Whoa! – Whoa! (toy screaming) – [Narrator] Yeah let’s see what’s inside of that pumpkin – Okay Ready? – [Narrator] Yup what’s in it? – Opening it (gasping) It’s a Grinch toy and the Grinch! – [Narrator] Oh it’s baby Grinch from the movie The Grinch – The Grinch! Yeah! – [Narrator] You dropped the Grinch toy all the way down to the bottom too – Oh, I’ll get it – [Narrator] You can get it? Are you gonna be able to go underneath there? – Got it! – [Narrator] Good job! So let’s see what’s inside the little Grinch ornament It’s a surprise ornament right? – Right – [Narrator] I think it’s gonna have Santa Claus inside – Santa Claus! Its Grinch themed These are the only ones you can get You can get the Grinch, Max, the baby Grinch, Grinch, Max, Cindy Lou Lou Who, Grinch, Suzy, Groopert, Axel I guess, Lizzie – [Narrator] So I heard from a friend who’s seen the movie already That baby Grinch is supposed to be so funny – Really? – [Narrator] I can’t wait to see it – Me too! Okay, I got it open – [Narrator] I hope you get baby Grinch, because that would be awesome to get baby Grinch – Yup, but we already got baby Grinch, kind of – [Narrator] And what’s inside of the ornament – Whoa! – [Narrator] A green bag! – Whoa, awesome! I’ll put this in my bag Just kidding there’s something inside of it – [Narrator] Really? What could possibly make this even better? – I don’t know Let’s open it Got it! – [Narrator] Oh you got it, good job You’re a good green bag opener pumpkin – Ooh, it looks like, who did we get? – [Narrator] He’s got a candy cane in his mouth – Wait look! Oops, I dropped it – [Narrator] You dropped it – Look at this It’s like a picture of Whoville – [Narrator] Oh, he looks– – Oh that’s a picture of his house okay – [Narrator] Look he’s got a little candy cane in his mouth – (gasping) Oh look at this! Oh, let’s see who we got first So we got Auzzie – [Narrator] Hi Auzzie – I got this opened and it looks like you’re supposed to let’s see Can I see him? Thanks So it looks like you’re supposed to it’s like his little stand holder or something – [Narrator] Super cool! Alright well we gotta keep going don’t we? – Yup, I’ll put this in my storage – [Narrator] Where should we go next assistant? Lead the way! – This way! – [Narrator] Alright let’s go this way – Let’s go into this room that we saw earlier – [Narrator] There’s a giant cat right there! – Oh, it’s only snowflake – [Narrator] I hope he’s a good kitty Hey can you fit through that door? Show me (laughing) Barely That’s silly Oh it’s a spider over your head! Oh, I gotta watch that – (gasping) I found a pumpkin! – [Narrator] Yeah there’s pumpkins everywhere in here There’s a pumpkin – No that pumpkin – [Narrator] Oh there’s one down there! Show me – Okay – [Narrator] Let’s see if I can push her over – No! – [Narrator] (laughing) That’d be silly – Got it! – [Narrator] People at home, – now have you counted how many pumpkins you’ve seen in this video? – I don’t know – [Narrator] Leave a comment or have your parents leave a comment and tell us how many pumpkins are in this video? – So we got a Pikmi Flip I’ll open that in a minute once I get this last prize out (gasping) and Disney Doorables I’m gonna put the pumpkin down and now we can open em’! – [Narrator] Alright so here you go You start with the Disney Doorables

– Okay Okay so, it looks like you can get up to two or three surprises in this – [Narrator] Oh really? – Really Okay Let’s see if I can get this opened Okay, I got it open! – [Narrator] Good job! – Okay here’s that and now let’s, oh that’s the back (laughing) – [Narrator] Don’t open up the back door You wanna open up the front door – Let’s see It looks like we got two characters [Narrator] We got two? – Yup It looks like we got Kristoff – [Narrator] You got Kristoff from the movie Frozen – And Mayor Lionheart from the movie Zootopia – [Narrator] Wow, so you found two in there Here I’ll hold the box – Okay these are the two – [Narrator] And then here is your Pikmi Flip – Okay Got it! So now here ya go – [Narrator] Okay – And I’ll put that on my wrist – [Narrator] Good job – Whoa, look it’s like a little toy Well let’s flip this Whoa! Well let’s flip this first – [Narrator] Okay Here I’ll open the packing if you want – Okay Whoa! It’s purple Okay, I got it flipped It looks like a little doggie – [Narrator] It does look like a little dog What does it smell like? Here’s that – It smells like strawberries – [Narrator] Oooh, this smells yummy – Yeah – [Narrator] Show em’ how they flip again So it goes inside out? Alright – Right – [Narrator] It’s a Pikmi Flip! – Whoo! And then if you want it the other way Whoo! – [Narrator] Just like that What was inside the package? – Okay, let’s see Got it Oh, it’s like, oh it’s pineapple flavor – [Narrator] Oh it was pineapple It like opens and closes it’s eyes right? – Right – [Narrator] Pretty cool! – Yup, I’ll put this in my bag Now, let’s keep looking – [Narrator] Let’s keep lookin’ – It’s a dead end over there so we should probably, oh! Look there’s a tent! – [Narrator] Oh it’s your bed That’s where you sleep because it’s a pumpkin – Yup – [Narrator] A pumpkin inside of a pumpkin right? – Now I’m gonna check in it – [Narrator] How do you get inside to go to bed assistant? – I don’t know Really I don’t know – [Narrator] People at home do you think it would be fun for her to do 24 hours in her pumpkin suit sleeping in spooky town? – Ooo! I don’t know – [Narrator] Alright let’s open it up and see if there’s anything in there Inside that pumpkin Are you guys still keeping count on how many pumpkins we found? This one counts! I don’t see anything in the tent – Me neither – [Narrator] Alright, so let’s keep goin’ Let’s go through – Let’s go through here – [Narrator] Yeah – Hey look! This is my swing (laughing) – [Narrator] Better be careful! You might pop your pumpkin costume – Right – [Narrator] So now we gotta go back through here – Into here! – [Narrator] Into the tunnel (ghost sounds) Oh no it’s a spooky T.V.! – Look it’s a bunch of pumpkins – [Narrator] More pumpkins It’s pumpkins down there, there’s two giant pumpkins – And it’s a tiny one over here – [Narrator] Oh back there hidden – Whoa! It’s a pumpkin that we’re looking for – [Narrator] It is, it’s a fourth pumpkin! – Hey! You’re supposed to let em’ guess – [Narrator] No they’ve gotta count all the pumpkins Not just those – Oh! Okay Here’s that We have Vampirina toys! So we got this Vampirina toy – [Narrator] You’ve got a Vampirina! – And Vamparina! – [Narrator] Super cool! – Okay I’ll put this on the ground and now let’s look at this – [Narrator] Okay (laughing) – Okay so now let’s look – [Narrator] Let’s see what you get You wanna get the ghoul girl Vampirina right? So we found one Vampirina right here and we found a Vampirina flying bat Hi bat – She’s made in a capsule – [Narrator] Hi V How ya’ doin’ V? – I’ve opened it., I’ve opened it! – [Narrator] Oh you already opened it? Yup Okay Yup the ghoul girl Vampirina is also glow in the dark – [Narrator] Hey look it’s like the scare– – We got baby Vampirina! – [Narrator] Baby Vampirina? I’ve never even heard of such a thing – Me neither! – [Narrator] Look she looks like a little bitty baby! – Yup! Let’s keep lookin’! – [Narrator] We’ve got one more Let’s look at that silly T.V. set over there

Okay – This is supposed to be in my house (electronic noises) (both scream) [Narrator] You’ve got the craziest things back here Assistant That’s just my channel that I like to watch It’s called Scare and Seek – [Narrator] Scare and Seek channel More pumpkins over here – Hey look one, two, three – [Narrator] That third one is a little pumpkin – Whoa! Let me bend down and get it Got it! [Narrator] Good job what’s inside of it – Let’s see Okay So we got Owlette – [Narrator] Owlette! The final– – The final PJ Mask member! And we got a JoJo Siwa squishy! – [Narrator] Really? – Or a squeezy Yup Let’s open up this first – [Narrator] Okay So far we found Owlette, Romeo – We got a JoJo bow – [Narrator] And look here’s Owlette Hi Owlette Hi – A JoJo bow squishy – [Narrator] Whoa, it’s a JoJo bow squishy! – Look at how, look! – [Narrator] Whoa, you better put that inside of your pumpkin! – Yup – [Narrator] Let’s keep lookin’ – There’s one last room in here – [Narrator] This is the scariest room of them all! – Hey look there’s a pumpkin – [Narrator] Between the skull’s there’s a pumpkin – Well these skulls are fake – [Narrator] Oh yeah, they are fake But look it’s like a Oh Toodles design – It’s the Mickey Mouse ears I guess – [Narrator] It is, but what’s inside? – (gasping) Look! Mickey Mouse surprises – [Narrator] Mickey Mouse surprises are inside of it! – Oh! I’m just gonna drop em’ for now – [Narrator] Okay – Okay So now let’s open em’! Okay We’re gonna open this one first – [Narrator] I’ll hold this one for you – Ooo we can get the golden Mickey (gasping) This one’s so cool! – [Narrator] What is it? Oh, it’s like Mickey kicking up his legs He’s like what’s up? – We got, well it doesn’t say who we got So let’s open up the next one! Okay got it open – [Narrator] Good job, here I’ll take the garbage – So we can recycle it later – [Narrator] That’s right Now you gotta get the second piece off – Okay So how many pumpkins do you think we got seen? By the way if you’re wondering, I do count as a pumpkin – [Narrator] You do count huh? – Yup It’s a lot of pumpkins around here Wow, I wouldn’t even be able to count them Like it’s going so fast! – [Narrator] You need to get your parents to help right? – Right Look at these cobwebs, ooh! Whoa! – [Narrator] Alright, so see if you can get it open now – Okay Got it! – [Narrator] Good job! So we wanna find the Gold Mickey right? – Yes, Gold Mickey please! – [Narrator] Please, please! – Please! – [Narrator] And you found – Magic Mickey! – [Narrator] Oh you found Sorcerer Mickey – And some sort of Mickey Let’s see, let’s see what Mickey I’ve found Sorcerer apprentice that one is And this one is – [Narrator] Here you take that out – And this one is Pie Eye Mickey – [Narrator] Take that out of the package – Okay Got it! – [Narrator] Good job, now here’s the other one It’s ready to go too So this is the sorcerer from the sorcerers apprentice right? – Right – [Narrator] I like that Mickey He’s one of my favorites – I like this one – [Narrator] That’s a really cool one too – Yup I’ll put him in my pumpkin – [Narrator] We found all the pumpkins Now did you count how many surprise pumpkins were there and how many pumpkins total were there? – Yes – [Narrator] Like the total pumpkins and the assistant counts as one and all the surprise pumpkins So have your parents leave a comment Right assistant? – Right – [Narrator] And tell us, what do you think the assistant should be for Halloween? – Yeah, I might be this So I can put my candy in it – [Narrator] You never know! – [Narrator] Check out Instagram and Facebook and you’ll see the pictures of the assistant for Halloween right? – Right – [Narrator] Bye everyone! – Bye! – [Narrator] Hey there everyone! Thanks for watching our video now make sure that you subscribe to The Engineer Family to see lots of cool videos

In fact there’s another cool video right there! You can select and watch it! I think you’re really gonna like it Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, Surprises, Frozen, Blade, Mash- up There’s so many videos to watch Bye!

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