all right hello everyone this is harry redd from seven days weekend today we’re gonna play a little game called they don’t know it’s not actually from japan but it’s a taiwanese game it’s made from the made by this company called this code again ah let’s go to freddie games and simon creative okay okay so this game it’s about uh you control as a little uh witch girl it’s an action adventure game i’ve heard it’s really hard like yeah i’m not exactly i don’t know exactly how hard it is but some people say kind of dark soul like nowadays everything everything that is hard is dark soul like like what the hell all right all right without further ado let’s start the new game and since um actually i already started the game uh a few days ago and i wasn’t uh actually recording it i thought i was recording it but i wasn’t so what the hell let’s delete it and let’s start a new game like brand new game standard or advanced if that’s more you can switch to standard mode in time into setting the strength and sound of the ability to live so this is easy and it’s hard i guess i’ll make it easy because i i’m not a professional game yet all right i heard there’s no uh since there’s no voice acting so i’m trying to do some voice acting for any character in this game like what i did what i thought i was recording don’t matter a little girl is this the place inside the castle just reach the thor and then maybe i can learn about brad huh oh the cat sound the sound of the cat is definitely a dude like wow i can do that hey kitty cat whoops almost forgot that i need to find a little black cat first one look at that and he just told us that you need to find a cat and then you tell us again the little black kitty will guide me for some reason because i’m a witch you know where i all right let’s go alrighty i don’t know it just sounds very italian for some reason uh the is my favorite my favorite pronouns all right here we go this so i already uh get a hand of it i already beat the first boss

so i was just gonna clown through with all these all right all right his job and this run and this is a daily attack here you go all right don’t need to save in here so this game uh it’s a little bit wonky on the controlling that’s why it’s hard no matter there you go and if i remember right a q is for dropping z for using it and uh which ones we’re charging our yes yes there you go look at that this is how magical uh magical girl works magic use some magic oh there you go i love that you can uh sprint and shoot magic laser at the same time so you can do like this you know so you do a little bit more uh and maneuver ah too slow too slow there you go i was trying to rush it this space is for dodging by the way what you looking at by the way it looks like a aoe attack but it’s not exactly i mean even if it is it’s not really that wide of the range so you just gotta i just gotta work on my accuracy so you got stamina your health and your mana forgot about you if i remember this guy this guy in here pick it up and drop it down hey hey all right and later on i’m still gonna farm some resource because i’m stuck in this game in order for me in order to be their first boss i found a lot i remember how they call it all right so this one you gotta sprint jump and ah sprint jump and mainly maybe to float that a little bit it’s fine jump come on all right get my stamina back jump baby here you go

so that’s a expansion bag so i got extra slot for my um inventory later on when we fighting the boss we gotta need to use a lot of stuff all right so here’s um you can save and you can get upgrades or you can buy stuff so trade is for buying stuff which we’re not going to do it right now and you can use the resource whatever the this is you can upgrade your stuff my favorite is intelligence and man and maybe a little bit stamina i can run more all right so here’s where where where are we gonna start farming our resource oh not here the next one oh whoa whoa whoa whoa you guys no matter all right there you go me all right so uh normal magic themes you can’t penetrate these barriers but with a charged one fully charged you can you can easily kind of treat that thingy all right here we it’s a little go of hell let’s see if i can defeat this without farming the resource i highly doubt it the best try yeah don’t skip it even though i already watched this but don’t skip it found your little one ah the kitties in danger yes indeed i don’t think the cats will die but you know let’s just save it for the sake of story okay such a good game whoa you sneak attack on me [ __ ] sneaker little pussycat it’s okay now it can calm down definitely a dude luckily you’re not hurt at all you’re in safe hands now come sit in my bag i will protect you conceit in my bag yes that’s cool you ride the shotgun i drive got me well with you you right on the shotgun i drive yes yes yes all right so here’s uh a chest let’s try to get there and we’re gonna meet mr handy

i thought i dodged it sorry just a little bit mr hand mr arm mr armstrong mr armstrong there you go yeah this guy’s the only one with the hands so far so that’s why i called it mr armstrong oh you’re weaker than i i remember i thought i played standard the last run i don’t know probably not oh my i picked the the adventure i’m not sure but he felt a little easier oh there you go as you can see i’ve totally forgot about that guy yeah there are lots of uh ambush in this game so people’s gonna be like ah this game’s nothing like dark soul it’s not that hard dude this is this isn’t the first time i played this the this level so if we uh got to the next level it’s gonna be totally different story so just you wait this is really really difficult for me at least oh a little bit laggy down there all right what we need to upgrade is our health because it’s gonna be really hard all right and and the boss fight uh strange isn’t gonna help you a lot because you know the guy has a shield he’ll see you later hope can i create another time health and let’s go 58 house defense for a while i’m gonna do this and restore 50 nails yeah so uh if you use too much of the items you’re gonna get a curse it’s gonna weaken all all of your stuff so what i’m trying to do is use less less item as possible i’m finding this guy see i cheese a little bit what is this it’s a boss ah it’s a boss yes it is hi i am the boss all right let’s fight what wow i thought all right this one’s easy what i hate the most the close uh it’s a close range so as long as we keep a little bit distance from this guy we’re gonna be fine one two one

wow i thought what come on totally did that we’re fine oh no close range no close race stranger danger stranger dangers i ah oh come on all right yeah i totally picked the wrong difficulty last time it wasn’t this easy it definitely wasn’t this easy spectre armor the crafty soul was trying to stop me i think which means the throne is inside the castle they’re just not gonna walk away with that the style i’m not walking what’s going on second phase thou shalt not proceed any further you still have power i’m [ __ ] i have the power little kitty thou shall be stopped here all right self-destruct all right so this is the last time um they’re finished so from now on there’s gonna be a uncharted area for me no i’m glad i don’t have to farm any resource dude to defeat this guy probably is because the difficulty i picked why didn’t i pick standard first out though got a little ball come back alrighty loading got a bit nervous because you know right now i can see my mouse moving with a little blue circle usually is not a good sign for uh for unity games there you go hello my name is pussycat lady mobeta finally your return you’ve returned finally you’ve returned it’s me puss in boots and i love that movie wake up are you going to lying on the ground forever get off get up already black hat you can talk you know like a cliche thing for a

magical creature where am i come with me let’s go just around about way it’s still connected a roundabout the kitty why can’t you why can’t you talk no matter i’m magical of course i can talk of course i can talk i’m a member of the beta family a lobeta is a family okay as for you do you remember what you are supposed to do i have to head to the throne yeah you gotta sit on the throne and become a queen is that what you’re intending to do so we have uh lots of tunnels to go through here all right so we can’t jump that high so it’s not here oh there’s a chest here wind god wind level one when elements allow the meta to the better to bounce once that air oh it’s double jump okay double jump here you go all right just gonna try a little bit more maneuvers all right nice yeah the lights here is beautiful there you go it’s a unity unity engine can can be really uh um astounding sometimes i’m trying to i was trying to find where you know part of me english is my first language more of these live crystal are you inferior like crystal because i like this one better because this this one gives you a little curse oh no no no no i don’t want to use you ah come on z to drop it god dang it oh god dang it what you can save here whenever you’re uh quote unquote prey you get rid of a curse so man i’m not sure what i need probably uh because that was running a little low and dexterity and strength since it’s cheap aiming stability man and regeneration staff attack it’s definitely uh not my style because this is not strong at all what do you got counter magic to the counter magic before the staff attack right before the enemies hit you while the magic magic lasts your manner your gender regenerate faster as well that’s your spell charge oh all right how do we do that oh what the hell is this that’s a mannequin you’re madness and [ __ ] you got dolls and [ __ ] in here what the hell creepy ass whoa you’re alive all right let’s try it what there you go whoa this is cold ass oh okay let’s try it again wow come on i was trying to counter all right let’s do it again

oh come on oh can i can i counter a range attack all right try again no i cannot oh jump on me creeper hey it gives me a lot of mana back too nice all right i think that’s about it let’s get our hills back and uh 33 nice 33 many stamina strength yeah i guess greens is better now because this counter magic changes everything so you can only counter the melee attack can counter range attack i guess that’s fair mano king all right here you go it’s so cool looking man i love it oh my god the charger attack is so powerful oh is that head to life oh mr handyman oh [ __ ] all right let’s try again ah come on if i got it so the timing you gotta be perfect there you go oh it doesn’t do that much yeah i guess handyman is is more powerful than mannequins do i need to go back no i still got lots of help it’s fine you’re gonna be good you’ll be nice and dandy oh you are alive whoa whoa whoa you guys just wow oh you guys just pop out out of nowhere let’s stop the first one and get the good one oh okay so there’s something i think great fishy here you go so what we gotta do is oh light up oh nice a little light up what it’s the fire magic why didn’t you use fireballs instead of laser beam i guess laser beams colder but whatever oh [ __ ] oh wow that’s uh turned out to be a blessing because i would have definitely got hit by these guys this trip to fallen dodge that [ __ ]

out of accident what come on platforming suck at this jump jump double jump is nice all right maybe i should stop at the next checkpoint light up there you go because i wasn’t it wasn’t to be too too much for the first stage because i repeat it once but uh if i gotta do this it’s gonna take me a little bit more time right because you’re not the one who’s attacking me you are to get skill nice how about you you’re alive good night well the counter attack is cool and all but now it’s so hard to use light up unless you prefer a normal uh magic attack hey what’s up i totally see you is this oh here you go nice yeah so uh why do i get here there’s dudes downstairs oh they’re trying to get up oh you missed her handy how about you guys you can see me oh come on you see it’s not a it’s not exactly an aoe attack i mean you can penetrate and hit the guy behind it but uh whoa hello mr handy you can’t reach me all right can’t you miss the handyman you can’t touch me nice so uh that part yeah there’s something there alrighty there’s something here i think so it looks like it right you gotta be something here light up light up yeah you gotta light up all right light it up should i go downstairs is that where i’m supposed to explore huh this looks like a different section whoa what are you you’re different you’re you’re dressing like uh you’re dressed whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa spitters one more there you go they’re not exactly they’re not spitters you’re uh our orb thrower

so i think this is the place i should go oh sorry revived again oh at least you give me some resource oh do i have to uh destroy pulse in any time uh the saying this is not it or in certain order never gonna do it i mean at least you gave me a resource i wasn’t exactly wasting my time so let’s go back down there and see what’s going on i’ll destroy you if i let you go didn’t i all right let’s go back down there grab whatever is down there don’t tell me you guys respawn you don’t all right no falling damage nice oh mr handyman is packed or are you a different one ah you went you went to the angle i can’t hit you there you go okay hi from me all right so what did we do down here more mannequins pick up ice i have oh time to read all right with the spell complete charging you’ll gain an aura of super armor and fire resistance aim and release the spell to attack locked on target nice so let’s operate from my uh charge attack hold tap to open magic wheel to switch magic tab to tab maybe i already use this last one tab arcane ice nice nice uh you’re speaking japanese come on you’re speaking japanese that’s fine i guess this taiwan is not exactly a mandarin country i guess you care wow i love this magic very nice any more of you any more of you guys oh he can lock down wow i love it this is even better than uh arcane cannon so this is why i couldn’t break the fire rocks fire doors rooms spots i’m not sure because i need this yeah yeah

all right let’s do this again should you guys respond i should chill during one hit what’s my new magic oh hold on there’s one more than two of yous what is the third one there’s a third one i feel like freedom gone then furida you just attack me all at once see not my favorite character you know that’s his dialogue all right here’s the check one drop this uh what’s the curse stew was the curse ah that’s fine break this jar save the game call you a day i should upgrade first right um just save after outbreak nice saving data is safe all right so that’s little witch no better little wish apparently uh they hire someone to speak japanese to voice acts no better it’s a thing that because japanese anime is so popular worldwide so uh any asian country who’s making a game that looks kind of a kind of japanese anime kind of thing they hired japanese to uh or at least a japanese speaker to voice acts you know all right that’s and for the uh end of the episode today if you like it you know leave a like subscribe and ring that bell and we will see you next time bye

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