what’s up guys welcome to Saints Row with sushi what’s up what’s up what’s up so let’s try to read it out in in unison all right conquest yes the story of human history since time immemorial immemorial great leaders have risen from humble beginnings to do [ __ ] and since it was oh so I sorry and so it was with the third-straight Saints since conquering still what ha the one small-time Street gang has evolved into a media empire same communities and the pearsons whoever [ __ ] my Pierce that point is the Saints are on the world stage and every criminal organization wants their crown it was only a matter of time before one of them took the right to the fight to the Saints exam my accent evolves and turns into different things as I would go along yeah evolved all right punch punch punch sounds punch punch punch punch punch yeah it sounds like this what all right yeah I just happened to bounce by some kid dropped it I like the old cell phone I do my own stunts Kong so it’ll be real [ __ ] some slack he’s just researching his part love those big-ass pink sneaks yeah the fashion of tomorrow action time everybody in the gun everybody in the bank has a gun that’s that’s the world that’s the world we’re in right now time to lay down heat yeah kind of put bullets through people’s faces loading screen and action jump jump roll troll and all right so I’m gonna write you’re just the left of me right now watch out watch out that lady’s getting in front of me catching my bullets whoa this statue of the horse came down where you at you read me no no he put up his fists just now he wants to fight all right he’s not gonna be a threat anymore vault we were looking for the faults what’s up with these all these chicks that are

kind of sexy looking we’re robbing fancy hot chicks I think look at them whoa you dish it you just lunched by right now shoot all their computers and hardware – there we go I love it excellent destructible environments alright you ready let’s head up here where the blue marker is all right here we go there’s a lock on the door damn it yeah they’re coming in from the lobby that’s correct so these are other gangsters but later on we’re fighting police you ready go up you sign the you sign the autograph did you alright here you go plants bluey now there’s a wisecracker Johnny Jett is pretty cool calm and collected alright so guys come in here they’re coming in here see the ropes jiggling Wow me too and I’m okay again actually everybody got blinded just now yep here we go and out you go what is he doing oh he’s just sitting there dead looks funny you couldn’t hold down the shoot button for a while it just goes and goes and goes on I enjoy this the shotgun you get it later I enjoy this machine gun enjoy it while you can because later on the game there’s not gonna be so much fun all right and out you go buddy huh some guy just threw out the window I think some of these swats are not making it in oh all right I just got exploded no I’m okay though get the helicopter all right cut scene all the violence yeah this game has enough of it here we go think this banks insurance will cover all this damage no no I don’t think so you know this Bank is gonna make an insurance company go bankrupt keep firing keep firing [ __ ] what was that from Spaceballs right yep

there’s another one you go for a helicopter oh I got a laser sight on me oh me too oh there’s stuff that blows up over here the helicopter there we go SWAT dudes TAC helicopter reload reload and I’m over the side you’re still hanging on the larger yep all right get him get him get him get him it’s a mosquito on my arm honking oh I’m not getting me on the copter when the other got slammed to the wall I’m go home them down literally that’s what we’re doing we’re like lawn mowers and these SWAT guys are the grass Oh Laser laser I’d say one thing attack helicopter huh Oh Oh this again only me jumped you didn’t jump busted that’s good high schoo bed respects a little bit okay so now I think I have to create my character and you still get your old character well I’ll be quick about it I’ll be really quick about it yeah yeah but I right now I kind of know what’s what’s all in there so I’ll try to go for the similar thing that I had last time except for the zombie voice because I think you’re just missing out on a bunch of the game customized character race build all strength skin white as hell body mask what the hell I can have a farmer’s tan bikini ten song that’s the one I’m having aged I’m going for do your age all right then 28 sex appeal 100 my actual sex appeal of course and okay here we go face all the features I don’t really care about so much let’s say hair head go for the thief the Egyptian princess is very good I like it though I said I could grab him actually I have a ponytail maybe I should make it like this maybe I should do this maybe I should do this just because I have that too in real life but I don’t want to make my guy in real life though what is it kabuki that is a female hold on wait what whoa yeah really I really do have a goatee and I’m really fat and I hate you sad whoa ho so a character kind of fits my looks southern belle haha tamed afro Teen Dream Home Depot truck no uh like a Humvee I got armored Humvee alright you know what I got one already I’m using this one and I guess this color facial hair the Chuck

wherever that one is in dark oh crap this guy is freaking scary it looks like me whoops nah I do have eyebrows though huh what in real life or what are you doing okay okay you know I can do some pretty cool whoa scary [ __ ] alright my guy is not the real thing as me yeah I don’t think I’d go with face paint that’s too much personality voice there we go for normal voice just one I’ll choose II yeah that one’s a good one and the taunt oh you’re gonna love my toy so wear makeup oh no no no mouth no I think we’re good I think we’re good to go start the game did you pick your talk yeah yep yep I picked some really like fancy girly ones with high kicks and everything at least now I get to hear what the guys saying even the subtitles when you pick the zombie voice you can’t somebody saying seriously commercials saint’s name used to mean something more than body spray and some ass taste and energy drink it’s all about precisely with you if you’ll indulge us our employer lives in a plane deal port airlines the swivel chair Johnny Gat you can probably afford it cuz he’s got it on jet you know – you wonder why you’re still losing at this point you know the guy that I created the character here that sort of looks like me except he’s got big blood splatters on his face and goth makeup a little bit but he’s got sort of kind of hair like me a little bit and a beard I have a beard at the moment so for all the people watching this and wondering what I look like in real life just look at my Saints Row character and keep that in your mind you can you can easily put on the mohawk right oh yeah oh you need to screw your hair out first nice knife throw that guy will never have another migraine no or one really long one for nurses for the rest of his life yeah Johnny gets cool he’s got this alright let’s have a look at your character where are you hold on let’s fight a little bit first

where are you at where you at oh man who’s murdering that dude holy crap you look pretty psycho dude I actually hit you a little bit too or what holy Ken I’m gonna go for him I’m gonna go and whoa whoa nice synchronized motion there for us oh yeah you see that kick get him get him when he’s down get him when he’s down oh you got a gun I got a gun not happy all right let’s get in here headshot boom headshot headshot boom headshot headshots is actually kind of easy with this game isn’t it since everybody’s heads are so huge oh yeah I killed her if you’re holding somebody and you press F I think you snap their neck I think Johnny’s in trouble man I think Johnny just got shot all right don’t let go whatever you don’t let go sorry whoops here we go freefall I got her I got her oh no I got I got I’ve been caught get him get him get him I can’t aim that way for some reason it’s not letting me aim up there there we go I took care of nice one there blow us damnit gotta reload what you’re here you’re right next to me your fat butt subdued here we go you go get him get him get him yes dodge the cars all right I’m going for Shanti you right next to me Dodge will the boxes and things oops ouch wow wow wow I’m crashing it’s everything on the way down right now you’re ahead of me right now you’re right in front of me I’m gonna catch her all right you got her but the cut sheet the cutscene is showing me all right there’s a plane coming at us this sounds like a good plan shoot the window shoot the window shoot the window alright here we go in the window yeah I do this every morning when they go to go to work on the way this is pretty much how I Drive to work every morning right at some dudes well shot me the league it’s funny that when they die they float up like dead

fish punch punch punch punch and shoot here we go I’m going for Shanthi rrraaahhh good thing he doesn’t sound like a zombie anymore cos I can actually hear what he’s saying every time otherwise I’d be like rah rah rah rah rah rah rah I nearly got her and got her well fireworks she’s upset yeah no but she’s happy when we caught her just like the first time like I’m gonna need a band-aid yep he’s not the one that got stabbed with a knife right yep you kill them and you get money right they drop money when you when you beat them pay attention to how much money he wants to withdraw from the bank from the ATM a million dollars all right respect is going up I can call Shawnee on the phone loading screen for your viewing pleasure are we yeah I think so let’s do that and we’ll edit some stuff together and get back to you in the next episode so click the like button like you love to click that like button and we’ll see you later like button my like button yeah share subscribe and like my space look at this face don’t you want to show this guy some love right here whoops I think I didn’t mean to punch you haha yuhu look hideous your jawline is ohh oh she’s coming in to be the gun dude want to grab her can’t grab her can we yeah whoops alright let’s I wanna hit I’m gonna save it and then we’ll can see you later yeah alright

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