I remember names the people that I stop here and we’re doing another ranked match president you playing and as you see I’ll do from here they hate this map no we’re definitely working as a team yeah we’ve had it we gotta were you on this one Oh walk around yeah humes just go from service entrance we could do this Randall I wasn’t mad yeah early I hope nobody has to you if you kill that hostage he’s hostage I have you stopped talking bear on this folder on this floor go back else this boy you should call out those do the main battle me through the main for the main engines you got shotguns boom boom guy swings out of your day so plain secretary about to get off so you can play after that match yeah yeah how much time you have minute we just discarded Oh dr. pine what we’re going y’all going let’s go away from the top oh look we’re gonna get flying because we can always beach below yeah this is for sure no death like me game for all the way down there box oh yeah no no I know they are I’m by the wall being don’t do it don’t do it sober yep hot dang right now but I’m all my my my I won’t point it out oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] i think it was walking in me there’s one more in there right Swiper come over here do that to this one alright and on three ready there’s one more in there go i’m pretty sure i’ll tell for the trip Bar watch officer Barton another one will be here just shut up there’s one more in that room too yo come on back yes in shock John your eyes on the nose he when he go in there 10 the corner he’s right to the right and I think there’s one like oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] no I didn’t know that I her hostage all right you can give me the way I really he’s gonna chase you I’m duck down behind the shoe just wiper watch above watch above watch him while he gets me up you thermite the wall over here thermite the wall or not I could I could kill him where is that is too there’s one all the way around the clinic to the right and there’s one laying on the hostage oh my god I got I got it to the Russians up hold on oh my god I’m gonna mark along with a marking a lift guy and then there’s this guy this guy how’s that the [ __ ] at home oh you can pick up yeah yeah nice like that I was not a yo-yo the head up came in there was like oh you guys are cracking me up stop is buddy run upstairs do you guys want your let’s go for the pigs now let’s go for the pig so we know how to do the pics on this [ __ ] no the pics are really evil you actually only yesterday yeah if it will alter ego your coin gave all three go like 30 so chop three different areas we can see them come it’s actually four different areas you can see they come from each side yeah then call it out [ __ ] him now when y’all yo can’t call out where everybody is I’m going to say yeah you and Tim go the other way me and you go this way for the pic no no it’s upstairs the pic is upstairs look come upstairs app i’ll show you the pic look come here come

here you you look this way there’s only you could see them come on and then you go here uh I guess wait I understand out not understand all sonico [ __ ] kill them you could just yeah I got it uh I guess I’ll watch do you want to do this one and just show with a shotgun over there or if you can’t see them this side or the end of the right side where pro is then that means they on the opposite side of us but you can see them coming up from here as your Tonto yeah I gather come up this way they’re all coming up this way peek at their August ok so for for booze yo Pete come out here shot they come out here shooting with the shotgun come please tell me you got em off hey I’m good yeah do what I duh are you so loud be good you guys don’t even understand what just happen because who won see far up there I got them all I know I bet that [ __ ] I don’t know when er I don’t know why I doesn’t see for if I was not by them I would have just quit honestly I want to quit I would have [ __ ] quit no you can breathe he good it’s so bad though cuz I was like so wise on the ground this [ __ ] flashbang me so I didn’t see any of that I just kept here in the shotgun going off I just kept shotgunning that shield guys I got it oh my gosh I don’t hear them somehow no I can imagine they’re raging so hard right now they got to be rigid yeah but you might get a hate message you might get a hate message man you could definitely tell where they coming from it one person watch that side of me of the cockpit you know it’s just gonna be a battle outside everyone our wives it might be but we have a better shot I think there’s no but you what we what you sit out there look at the windows before you go up yeah there’s also just look none of them are like aiming up the [ __ ] [ __ ] they’re just running up there it’s downstairs are you supposed to look I’m Andy not looking through the window ah they’re all down there they’re all down there so this would be the best bit enemy detected outside okay he wants to mix what’s the mix about the kid yeah but he’s not this way buddy with me anybody locks we got five seconds before he’s not at all in that he’ll come in through this room we can all go through here is clear one down the basement they have a jammer yep I had located on keep in mind there’s someone we don’t know where that dude is so he can come up behind us let’s just go down not really am I going down a good peek a good O’Shea he broke these as he brought the aim yeah but he broke these he’ll be you see somebody’s now he’s kind of got a tap on the door and he’s trying to do the same thing to go he’s doing I mean that he’s doing it under two toys because the two driving around all right oh yes under the next election oh my gosh I thought that was us one behind you one behind you he’s kind of behind you guys I’m working hurt I don’t know I don’t know where from I bet my reflexes off good I want covered me though he’s hurt he’s hurt going going going he’s reloading he’s reloading oh my god come on man how did he not die you must have that watching cause I said whoa whoa make him watch out watch my back there somebody I’m dead you say yeah me wait just watch you look yeah hurry up before that his whole team comes up then rushes you got me not picking up just you two I think you guys should check out downstairs together yeah but on any i’m

pretty sure i doona corner you know when you love the jammers and I on the right wall you know on the right wall there’s a whole other guys laying down that’s how you killed me on the right corner oh you say that yeah you can’t right corner right there yup wait wait lets him do it easy oh [ __ ] nice lets him get the guy in the corner you know exactly where he’s at Tim I know it’s her your thermite know your twitch shoot the trip you got your car Kenny use your car oh live another day [ __ ] how did he see me I didn’t even see him on your [ __ ] MA hey be the go to jail just put the cost recharge at the door yo we’re talking I can’t mom gay aren’t last second he said hello yeah you gotta send me those sounds and let me edit a video for us I don’t like the luggage holds what what we supposed to do a presidential suite yeah go back to the executive yeah executive bedroom no it’s meeting now another baby tonight man no meeting room meeting room that’s where it means that kill the two guys coming well the four guys and somebody run to the back of the the plane and check the other side by the room no no no this is the best yeah you see this one is almost impossible they look breakthrough one person looks here so you can see them come up a gamer prokop down the side if we don’t see them come through that side it only means that I’m mmm yeah yeah you just watch this yeah they only reason every goes inhale this side possible for not getting home where’s that staircase out though right here to the right there’s one do no no no no when we try to get up the stairs this [ __ ] just doing some gay [ __ ] oh yeah oh yeah not you weren’t supposed to be raided that one [ __ ] no no stop stop top ten ten ten stop stop stop you make a hole in this one you can shoot them when they go up the stairs on my side my side my side my side right now is that it well I’ll no that’s very wall I’m went to the front while he’s coming downstairs I live in rough on you think about yeah i’m gonna take a cargo you shoot in that door maybe me i’m just making one hall cuz this is like impossible to get you see that his wiper tell me so the open i have glitch no we don’t need it you will be detected if you remain in this area no I got I got why you guys yeah I’m good bought it good call out those diaper well if you catch me up here and a shield maybe not stuck up if you remain in it down you will be detected by hostile we’re good here my air show dude is over here by me watch it i’m gonna show you guys i’m going home because i was going to show you a cool trick to take care of you I was like you have to see that one kill I got with the pistol was sick like did you forget about me when I just bond with your old team it’s me

oh we protecting basement no no no [ __ ] Oh target some they have honor they all have over to just get these cars down there get your camera’s down there we’re gonna breach we’re gonna go trip all the way to the top because they’re they’re doing some yeah in the back all the way in the top I’ll show you exactly right one more card up at once kind of yeah I want to turn the body banging like trying to make them body the [ __ ] don’t make it out to an attractive vana to run service entrance if you guys can is it there you go right there yeah this is the top there’s two tops though this is um where they add though Oh on the bottom ah Tim’s with me at least this is a safe route Oh what you did I gotta make that shot we shot him across home at one shot yes amazing that oh my god man I’m so mad man I was trying to get him you come into my god this is going stairs yo you notice other one got back in the plane real quick yeah the other ones in the same spot where you killed them at its two up there yuppers to on that floor hey peak immediately I was just checking our pact yo you skip this [ __ ] well you want to breach these dudes I’m gonna breed I’m brother so long that they can’t do that [ __ ] well you don’t reach out are there all right they don’t know which way are we coming from tho except you got that I like that one let’s goes that let’s go naked hold on hold on any which would tell me when I go here we go wait wait wait wait wait wait I’m just um jammed Kenny yeah you didn’t tell me he was oh I didn’t know yeah it’ll show I’ll show that let me take a nikka face feels like laying down in one of the corners please tell ftk what you ran back reach I always do you want to show up make sure he’s gonna give my VIPs know it’s going to your party he went to the right so we got the guy oh he went from the top he went upstairs from the top yeah it was smart of him I keep getting spotted come what yeah don’t go down there they’re everywhere Simon’s got that side but mute was upstairs he killed me by peeking down that hole there Swiper so he might still be up there he might have jumped down first of all oh that shit’s [ __ ] me up there’s one all the way in the corner see when you look straight there on the right side bottom all right send operator standing he’s obviously up tops shoes upstairs by the whole just just we’ll just grab the hostage and run right there right there second son right this I got damn yeah he was really strong straight ahead but to the left it 15 seconds we’re gonna have to pass lemma can second yeah you gotta pick up a bolt over five seconds what’s over em yeah they try to lay on the hostage so you can like team kill them the zoo’s done this every round every round yeah we hit the hostage to that’s [ __ ] well we defending pictus expecting wait I’ll be depending again on now wait just a curse what is it meeting room yeah meeting

room goes Swiper go back to your spot in the bottom where you died but don’t die this time zap you could wash that spot where you died the first time when you got one kill gamer in the back where you were before Tim just build [ __ ] up is there a way to like get rid of Bob locking your armor it’s already up yeah you can get rid of it by um my baby in it you can I check that the [ __ ] out there yo pika pika yeah he go yeah make holes in your wall right here with your shotgun this make holes in the wall right here so you can see them come up the stairs they come out from below oh it’s like this yeah that more to the right it’s right here it’s like this one right here watch oh yeah yeah qu yeah they’re coming this way they can decide they look he looked in the window though they all looked in the window they all look the motto is how you do with them yeah but they always on the window [ __ ] nevermind bottom please I wish I can shoot him like he’s just bulletproof are they still coming up that way yeah once dear don’t know yeah oh [ __ ] watch this [ __ ] who to are you do tho [ __ ] Naidu grenade watch this what is he doing come on come watch it there oh my god they’re dead mod yeah one more one more that one more left side left side nice don’t downstairs down sludge why should kind of think I’m coming yak hora spotted coming for you there’s a car in here I know you said the lobsters downstairs on I the deal barricade everything back up we gotta start barricading stuff back up come in here and watch the door watches here what’s up everybody go back let’s just wait there watch the boss post office go upstairs to the hostage let him he’s using twitch yep there’s only literally so many ways you can come that’s me running around by the way ho house trying to be a dick and knife him I really weirdly damn you think so no he’s on the ya wonder you go then I was I was ugly aesthetically oh he thought he [ __ ] out yo nah he was looking at the other way in the hole in the wall that was it that was a good game hope you guys enjoyed that now some right off the bat oh my gosh yo I gotta I gotta hold on i gotta be back next it out I salute em thanks for watching the worst longest

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