hi guys Doki gaming here and welcome back to another video first of all apologies I haven’t done a video for some time on my youtube channel at the beginning of the yeah said let’s see I was gonna concentrate a lot on my twitch channel and a lot on my YouTube channel I’ve been mainly focusing on my twitch channel I’ve been doing a lot of streaming you can see the link below come join me there i stream pretty much every night on Twitch but yeah I said to myself that I was going to do a lot more YouTube videos and I haven’t really got around to doing that I wanted to build up my twitch channel which I have been doing it has really grown in the last two three months even longer actually lives five months six months but yeah I want to get back to doing videos for YouTube doing some just some normal flying videos and some more tutorials and a few other things as well so yeah once again apologies for for such a long wait on my next video um I’m doing the dc-10 as you can see from just flight and commercial level simulation I think it was a joint project by those two developers I think mainly by commercial level simulations this is part of the f flight series meaning it’s not too difficult to get the plane up in the air set it up etc etc saying that though it’s still quite a tricky plane to fly I still have a few little issues with this plane I don’t know we might even experience them on this flight but I find sometimes the speed is really weird my speed needle jumps from like 250 to 0 and the plane just does some strange things I don’t know maybe I haven’t clicked something or done something so if someone else is experiencing that and they know the fix for that please let me know what else yeah as I said the FFF light series you should be up on in the air pretty much the F light series basically means that there’s not loads and loads and loads of paperwork to read or manuals to read it’s it’s a straightforward manual and you can get yourself flying straight away we’re flying from Copenhagen up to Stockholm we’re flying into the new Islander scenery I think I pronounced that right out of now I think I’m either pronouncing a right or wrong but anyway it’s the new it’s the new or Beck scenery I have flown in there a number of times while I’ve been streaming fantastic airport to fly into all Beck’s have done a great job so good all right we’ll get setting up the plane I’ll go through all the bits and pieces and then we’ll get going I’ll see you guys in a sec okay welcome back so we in the cockpit now I’ve got it too cold and dark basically you can’t get this to cold and dark by loading up the tutorial flight when you install this plane it gives you a tutorial flight from Penang down to Singapore and when you load that up what you do is you obviously find yourself in Penang but what you can do is it starts start the tutorial flight then change your livery and then change your airport so I put did put myself in Penang but then I just changed to the FedEx livery and then I just changed to to stock to Copenhagen so yeah and that sort of gives me yeah more or less a cold and dark start so alrighty so first thing we want to do is turn the battery on you all notice as I said with the cold and dark you will notice that something’s already switched on but a lot of this stuff is is switched off so all right battery on we then want to put the APU fuel pump on we then want to put APU APU master on want to put that active start we’ll wait for the APU to get up to about a hundred percent and then we’ll put it in to run

you can hear it starting up now we’ll just wait for that we’ll just do our fueling as well we need about 18,000 kilograms of fuel up to Stockholm right so we nearly had a hundred percent there okay good all right so next we need our ap Eugene on our gen buses are on already then we want DC tie switches to be open again those open really remember this is what I was saying about some things are on some things are off those are good we then want our AC bus ties to normal as well which again those are set okay I feel we need to just do our furious or we can do actually we can stay by the engineers panel let’s go to fueling payload you put 0 there what did I say we need about 18,000 let’s drop that a little bit let’s do like 46 and 46 no okay there we go Wellesley we’re 50% in the left and the right okay good so we don’t have fuel now we’ve got no fuel in the center tank so we’ll just turn on our left and right tanks those go to the on position Lola Lola now we move we’ll come back to the engineers panel now we go to the overhead again there might be a number of things on you ready but let’s have a look the avionic switches we can turn to on the no-smoking and seep out there we go those are on okay now we can go to ifnc and basically the way I load my FMC is as you guys know I plan my flight and my fuel in PFP X and then I move that over to a blur soft EFB you can see the two links at the bottom in the description that’s the two bits of software I use and we should see the plan already in in the FMC to get access of the FMC or any other little functions you just click this bottom bottom button yeah and there we go there’s the FMC it’s a very basic FMC so flight plan there we go you can see we’ve got a flight plan in there ready I’ve really added the star to it as well because I added the star so whatever you change in ├ívila soft you will it will automatically change yeah it’s similar to the Coronado the 1900 the 1900 current order it’s the same thing whatever you change enabler soft automatically changes on the flight plan as well a couple of other things we want to do we want to set our takeoff speed so our v1 I’ve V rotate and v2 program crew speed will do about 290 transition altitude is 5,000 I climb speed we wanna we wanna climb speed around 280 cost index I wouldn’t know

I’m gonna put 80 and these are like the what to code now oh let me just come on notes yeah yes so that’s the minimum decision altitude and different reference speeds that altitude in that as well I don’t bother too much with those so that wouldn’t worry too much about those you can change the fuel to other pounds or kilograms you just click on there and you click K four kilograms there we go so there we had me remember we had our fuel was eighteen thousand four hundred the inert we’re going flaps 15 so that’s a flight number fedex where we’re going cruise altitude is 33 and we can alarm the IRS –is what else do we need that’s just the wind weather director i’ll go through that okay that’s pretty much done just gonna see what else we need yeah okay that’s all done okay so let’s configure a little bit of the autopilot so IV rotate speed was what I said was let’s just get that out quickly was 127 and RV 2 was 1 3 9 so what you basically want is you want your v2 plus 10 so we want 149 okay 149 we can now do I altitude we’ve got no restriction so let’s just get up to our cruise which is 33 okay so that’s set and now we want to put our vertical speed we wanted about 1,800 okay and then we’re gonna do alternatives as well our qh is 10 20 to 10 20 there okay good all right we’re pretty much done we’re pretty much done let’s do a Hindu engine start now so we want our beacon light to master and put our nav light on starting this plane is also a little funny sometimes sometimes you can have it in star tailstock be sometimes continuous be it yeah just it’s just the luck of the draw on the day to be honest I normally leave it on continuous B that tends to fire them up straight away so we’ll leave it as that our trim as well all you have to do the trim is just moving into this green part there that’s fine we’ll put some flaps on when we will put some flaps on when we or taxane I’ll do a little bit more verse we’ll come back to that all right I think we’re ready for pushback see well I said we still got to do a couple of things on the engineer panel as well so we’ll get back to that actually I could have put we can put the galley lights on that’s fine all right good all right let’s do pushback and we want to go we’ve taken off from runway 3-0 so we want to go to the right those who don’t know right what I’m going to do is just do my heading bug so

it is 301 okay 301 just change that as well I can take that we don’t need that will use the Togo when we so even though this is as I said a part of the the F light series I still think CLS and just light have done a a really nice job on the texturing of the plane the sounds are really good you’ll see the the sounds as well or you’ll hear them even and the texturing is good is a few loose light few little issues you can see there by the wings just looks like they haven’t finished it off completely but the rest of the plane is like bits of worn Birds is like good they’re dirty but they’ve dirty bits on the little bits on the on the flaps so I think they’ve really done a good job there I’m at flight Tampa Copenhagen again the link is below I’m using gsx for my pushback I’m using active sky next for weather I’m using Rex textures for clouds even though we don’t have many actually a really nice day in Copenhagen today I’m using Rex for airport textures what else I’m using soft clouds and I’ve just realized that weather actually hasn’t kicked in so let me reset that know one day we got a clear day let me just reset my weather yeah you sure why that didn’t reset oh there we go there we go got a bit of cloud we’ve got a bit of cloud alright let’s do this engine start so we want to start with engine 3 so we just put it out like that you should see and to starting up you want to get out just over about just over 20% and then we can start the fuel Oh okay those should have actually been down my bad that’s why I’m saying to you with the cold and dog it doesn’t reset everything it doesn’t reset everything but there should be down the field all right good no just like Engine 2 again wait for the end to to scroll up to around 20% I mean you can’t put the fuel on all right there we go you can hear the sounds sounds are really good Oh gsx look gsx is messed up a little bit there you should be ready straight on all right and then the last one is engine one you can see it firing up now all right and let’s give us some fuel this plane is really nice if it’s you know I fly it when I fly it when I you know when I’m tired of flying my triple 7 or some of the other planes you know it’s just something it’s something you know something you want to do if you if you just get bored of others or so the other planes it’s nice to mix it up it but I like mixing it up I like trying these new planes even if they not the the best of standard like like we’ve

come to expect these days with some of the developers but you know it’s it’s different it’s another little challenge etc so okay alright so we just need to finish a couple of more things yeah before we start our taxi so let’s go back to the engineer panel we now need to turn on our Jen’s and then we need to turn on hydraulic pumps as well we need to put our packs on those go to Otto okay and then Peck’s go on apu goes off okay voice recorder and our voice recorder and the flight recorder is on we can put on the avionics [ __ ] which i think is already on yes okay and then I hydraulic pumps engines 1 2 & 3 can go to – auto okay there we go okay they’re all on auto okay that’s good sometimes yeah that’s just sometimes the clicking not sure if it’s like if it’s Auto on you got it and we can put our your dampers on I found even though we don’t really need it it always always find with this plane you always got to put the anti our ice on yeah the engine anti-ice as well window the ice can go on as well and we’ve got other warnings as well just our parking brake the Peter heat selector is on captain which is fine elevator trim we’ve set and we can put some down 15 15 flaps we’ve got no warnings there ok tks can go on as well good good good good then we got a couple more before we before we take off so as you can see fairly straightforward okay this is just this is just trying to render in there we go or I’m going to put flight directors on now my heading is checked altitude is checked line up

all right we can put our landing lights on let’s just get lined up nicely you can see it’s just taking a little long to sort of render I do run with fairly high settings as you guys know fly tamper is quite a detailed airport so that’s why just taking a little while to ending some of plane and that’s okay so the last few checks we can put the auto and throttle on the flight directors are on so basically what we’re going to do we’re going to take off excuse me we’re going to put it in indicated airspeed straightaway because we wanted to monitor that 150 or we wanted to track the speed of 150 okay we’ll then put it into heading mode will vector ourselves a little bit and then once we sort of get clearance from ATC even though we’re not on ATC then we will put it into nav one which is that you click the GPS and then you click the nav hold as well and basically what will get you on this little panel yeah we’ll get a speed indicator we’ll get to navs or two headings and then we’ll get an altitude and the altitude will come on once we click that that autopilot but I’ll I’ll show you and then you’ll you’ll get a better idea so okay all right let’s go let’s go you’ll see that this plane will will take off really really quick it really gets up line I don’t think I’m very heavy as well so even more so for the plane – you’ll see a ready now to start taking off now here we go you see that okay positive rate gear up all right let’s put diet I indicated airspeed on and we can increase that a little bit up to about 160 you’ll see the needle will start going back to our speed there we can now put it into I will leave it for a bit will fly for a little bit let’s get some flaps up increase the speed to 180 all right what I’m going to do now is put it into autopilot put the altitude so so we’re up to speed and got altitude and now I’m just going to follow the heading so we want to go a little bit to the right yeah so we’re going to push the heading in and then you’ll see we’ve got two heading indicators there we go and let’s get the last bit of flaps up as well it’s really taking long to render tonight good everything looks good there I can’t remember do we turn our AP you know we don’t we put our APU gen off in this plane I can’t remember actually hmm I’m just looking at a corner remember if

we turn off our APU gen I think you do actually yeah there we go actually thought I’ve turned off my thought I turned off my APU yeah APU should have gone off as well yet APU Master should have gone off as well yeah ap desk okay all right what we can do now is we can put it into nav mode so it follows off our flight plan so what you do you click GPS and then you click nav and there you go you see it changes to Navin Ave so now we’ll start following our plan but I’m going to change things around a little bit yeah we’ve got we’ve got a funny little Sid leaving Copenhagen this sort of goes north then it goes sort of east and then back north again so I’m just going to go straight to where should we go straight to Neelix I think it is so what you need to do is you can bring up your fm see you again there it is there next a little neck so I think it is so what you do is you click the direct – you click Next it like that and then you just confirm it and there we go we’re flying direct to all right let’s get the speed up yeah our speed we should have been at around really around around the 250 already landing large can go off now transition altitude is do that back down to 1015 well can just press B okay good good good yes a couple of little a couple of little a couple of little errors there yeah as I thought I I thought I switched the AP off that’s why I was saying earlier it might sometimes you’ve got to click twice for it to go down yeah so I still had it on there by mistake so yes apu goes off packs are on we made sure that was on APU gen is off not sure yeah I think it does go I’m sure someone will comment and let me know everything else looks good we’re climbing nicely we’ve got just on an hour as always I’m not going to show you the whole flight what I’ll do is we’ll watch a little bit more everything’s pretty much done now I’ll just show you what we do when we get to cruise mode so I’ll switch the video off and I’ll show you once we get to cruise mode then we’ll we’ll we’ll watch a little bit in cruise and then I’ll switch it off and then I’ll get back to you guys when we’re just about to do top of descent and then show how we set up the plane fire rival

but you I think you’ll agree with me the sounds are really good yeah the sounds were really good I’ll show you some of the texturing I was talking to you about earlier it’s a nice livery as well so I think when you buy this it comes with I think about fifteen liveries if I’m not let me just have a quick look yeah 19 19 19 liveries and they’ve just released a new livery pack as well you can see the two links below I don’t remember what I was saying to you so you can see what the texturing and that sort of the the dirty the dirty marks on the flaps you’ve got like some some paint chipped away there on the tail yeah it looks good I think it looks good I think they’ve done a really good job with the sound it’s a pity they didn’t spend a bit more time it’s a pity they didn’t spend a little bit more time on the FMC and the actual plane itself you can see their captain durka and he’s a co-pilot he’s smiling he’s happy what I was saying earlier I’m not sure why it just looks like they just haven’t finished this off yeah I know that I know there’s been one or two patches and this it’s made to look like that I do it to me it just looks like it hasn’t been finished off and there has been one or two as one or two patches as well so I can’t understand why they didn’t fix that up so alright let’s increase the speed again we can get right up to about 300 now what we’ll do is once we pass around twenty to twenty three thousand because the the air is getting a bit thin up there we’ll will drop the vertical speed to around 1200 yeah it’s getting various getting stunt obviously get a bit denser less denser then what what what we add now so okay good okay all right guys well what I’ll do is I said we’ve got about another thirteen thirteen thousand feet to go I’ll switch the video on back on once we get to cruise and I’ll show you what we do a cruise I’ll see you guys in a sec okay welcome back so we’ve just hit top of cruise now so what do you want to do now is take it out of is mode and put it into map mode and you want it around about seventy eight you can see we got her on eighty day so we can drop a little bit put on seventy eight and there we go that’s it that’s all you got to do okay and you can see you can confirm there

you got a little end there on the speed dial as well and that’s it everything else is good passengers are happy to try to see what else is simulated in here and they never simulated too much you can see these are proper photos the proper photos of the engineer panels yeah as I said to you I think it would be nice if they could have maybe just simulated this a little bit more a little bit better but you know what considering that this is an F light series they have they have simulated quite a lot so so I suppose we can’t be we can’t be that fussy with it or too disappointed even you know what I haven’t even turned the lights on in this these are floodlights there are there’s the floodlights there okay are they some damn lies at the diamond okay we can turn and put our seat belt to Otto now all right good I think we’ve got about 173 miles to go so what’s that about 20 odd minutes to go 25 minutes so what I’ll do is I’ll turn the video off and I will put the video on as we get to our top of the scent will sort that out okay all righty guys I’ll see you just before top of descent okay welcome back so we’re not far from our top of the cent now so what we’re going to do is we are going to adjust our altitude bug so we’ve got a couple of restrictions coming in so let me just see we need to be below 15,000 so let’s just get below 15,000 yeah and we need to drop our we can put this back in to indicated airspeed drop this down to about 275 and now we can drop our vertical speed and it’s telling me about 1800 I am just FB can tell me what actually tell me there we go yeah I mean yeah avila soft efb gives me a little there’s got a little button where you say descend now and it gives you your rate where you need to be at a certain way point so it’s telling me that at me lag I need to be at fifteen thousand and but all below so it’s telling me I need to descend at an eighteen hundred feet that’s you can work that out as well you there’s a lot of a lot of different calculations where you can work out your you’ll descend how many miles you need to be at example alright the other thing I wanted to do the other thing I wanted to do was is go direct to me like we’ve got a routing is a little funnier so we on our way to the TRS vor but I’m just gonna go straight to me like so what we’ll do we’ll do direct to again click knee like

and just activate that so you’ll see we’ll start going straight to knee leg now I have noticed with the dc-10 and with this plane a sometimes my speedboat hopefully it won’t do it the speed bag just all of a sudden drops down to zero yeah and then the plane starts spooling up I’m really not sure why does that I have got the latest copy or the latest download from just light unless they have brought out another patch in the last month or two or yeah I’m not too sure when last I did I downloaded this yeah maybe a month or maybe two months ago so I have noticed in this plane that it autumn’s all of a sudden just drops it’s almost like it’s not picking up it doesn’t know what the you know the pizza heats in that it doesn’t know what what the speeds are so Ava soft is telling me that we 1160 above what we need to be but it is coming down fairly quickly so what we’ll do is yeah it’s down to a thousand now so what we’ll do is once our deviation is pretty much on level will then drop the vertical speed as well we’ll start getting our speed down as well okay the other things we can do is we can put in our localizer for our lender is 109 three five we coming in on runway one right the wind is the wind is 270 at four but I’ve just looked on flight 24 and yeah they coming in real life they’re coming in on on zero excuse me on 0 1 right so will coming up one right as well so localizer is 109 3 5 and I approach is zero zero six okay so our deviation is right down now to 570 so just showing me that’s telling me that we might have started just a little too soon but it’s all good I’ll drop our speed when we when we drop our we can actually start dropping this now as well I can get down to 1600 alright let’s just bring up our FMC again and we’ll go to approach I’m going to work out our approach so it’s basically saying approach speeds for flex 18 flex 35 and flex 50 should be about 153 133 or 130 I think we’ll use about we’ll use 1 flaps 1/5 130 flaps 35 yeah we’ll use flaps 30 35 for our approach okay so we 14 nautical miles we’ve also got part of the star is this this Ted vor as well it’s a little strange it basically the vor is just north of our localizer our glide slope as well so I might just vector ourselves straight in instead of going up to the vor and then coming back down again I might just do that so all right

so we can drop this as well now okay good everything looks fine I just hope we don’t have any issue with speed as I said this plane tends to do a few funny things sometimes all right so we should be hitting that the my leg and a couple of bone a minute or two so basically what we’ll do is this can be a little confusing sometimes what you need to press for localizer and for glideslope etc but basically once we close to picking up the localizer we’ll we’ll leave it in localizable then we take it out of GPS mode and then just before the ILS is pretty much like your approach hold you know on the ng X or the Airbus you get their approach hold so you basically so there’s a little bit of a sequence for that right so we can drop this more so we need to be down we got a we got a we’ve got a four thousand we’re gonna four thousand so they just get down to four thousand now alright let’s just increase this a little bit just get back up again I want to just increase this a little bit get it back up to 1800 okay we seem to be a little just just a tad higher than what we should be so what I might do is just go into heading mode yeah and just vector ourselves out a little bit just sort of give us like so there we go and then just vector ourselves out a bit and then we’ll come in from another angle yeah we were going really well there yeah we just seem to have lost we just sort of lost the profile a little

bit but all we’ll dude we’ll just say we’ll just pretend ATC just put us in a little bit of a hold so pocahontas the class look clouds with the right

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