all right guys so this will be my very first time trying to uh take off with boeing 747 intercontinental airplane and this is a jogger knot it’s like a godzilla it’s like taking off with a big giant godzilla um am i going to be successful i don’t know man i’m going to try my best i’m not a professional pilot usually you have two people here um but i’ll through my i’ll look i’ll i’ll do my best the good thing is this i got plenty of fuel i have refueled so i got plenty of fuel which i could easily fly to japan with this thing i could easily fly to australia it will take me a long time obviously but i could easily do it um but i’ll do my best let me adjust the altitude with this son of a son of a [ __ ] you’re gonna need altitude you have to increase the altitude probably big time by the way this is directly from my computer i’m not using uh shadow or uh maximum settings this is just directly from my computer my tiny little beast my 2016 little beast junior i call a junior fort lauderdale hollywood international uh airport also very busy airport in south florida next to miami international so let’s keep the altitude going okay let’s keep it like that i want to make sure the lights are turned on all the lights let me see make sure it’s working can i turn on the additional lights over here just to make sure uh what can i do here now all the additional lights turned on here let me see anti-ice needs to be on icing anti-icing to auto turn it to on turn it to on uh turn it on and high ice um if you remember plenty of fuel here some good i’m good with that again please for those of you who are who are watching this i’m not a professional pilot now i understand that you could switch to autopilot and just kick back relax and switch to autopilot but that’s not the whole point here the whole point here is for me to control this thing it’s for me to take off with this big giant thing successfully and hopefully maybe i can land in toronto which i don’t think it’s gonna happen but uh oh this is cool you can see uh from the above satellite imagery from the above when you are uh when you are taking off you can see exactly from the satellite imagery where you are this is pretty cool man you know when you zoom in when you look at this airplane then you understand why it’s so expensive why it’s quarter of a billion was a quarter of a billion uh or something like that i don’t know i’m just talking out of my ass again i’m not a you know uh airplane expert okay so but looks pretty uh impressive uh let’s keep it to knots to uh 100 let’s keep it 189 or how about 180 i want to keep it 187 because i don’t want to sink with this big giant airplane i heard you can easily sink and that’s it

lose the control all right and again please remember i’m not a professional pilot so please go easy on me okay i’m learning just like it like everyone else would be learning uh this tells me my engine engine one engine two let me see engine three engine four uh making sure that everything’s okay how much fuel do i have how many gallons i got this thing filled up totally like i said i could fly to japan with this thing um so the anti-icing is turned on just in case you see right here i turn it all on and tie ice why because you don’t want the cockpit window to be all frozen up so that’s at least one thing i learned okay so we’re at uh fort lauderdale hollywood international okay so wish me luck hopefully all right i’m gonna kind of bring it in a little bit closer for you guys um when we take off i want you guys to see it a little bit better so like this we’re gonna take off a little bit because i don’t know if you guys are watching this on a cell phone most likely you’re watching this so uh you know what’s interesting about this game as i’m taking off right now in fort lauderdale hollywood international there’s actually that’s for real there’s a there’s an airplane over there for real like this airplane over here you see my mouse he’s he’s there right now if i was to go to fort lauderdale hollywood international this airplane would be there because i’m using the real atc air traffic control option and this is something that’s very cool and unique all right so let’s go ahead let’s take off and uh wish me luck hopefully i won’t crash hopefully i won’t stall i can’t guarantee you that i won’t crash so if you need to contact the next of kin or if you need to send a message to your loved ones and whoever you need to send the message to i suggest you do it now so they can receive the video so they can receive the message because i can’t guarantee you that we’re not gonna crash all right so let’s warm up the engines let’s turn up the sound so you guys can hear this beast dude i’m nervous right now imagine how nervous i would be if i was really sitting inside this beast 775 [Laughter] allegiance main lord have mercy on us please don’t crash

go no oh my god did hold on frequency change miami approach boeing alpha sierra 747 is time boeing b 7 48 three miles west of ft lauderdale request flight following alpha sierra i need to climb up slowly make a turn i hate the fact that i was able to take off of this thing uh decimal 775 boeing 747 miami center boeing alpha sierra 747-9300 miami center continuously oh miami center boeing alpha sierra seven four seven twelve thousand seven hundred feet we can also adjust the speed let’s zoom out a little bit so you guys can see a little bit better there it is i don’t know how to turn this laptop whatever this is uh what kind of a pilot imagine that i tell you hey guys i have no idea what this monitor is doing here but i’m your pilot i’ll be flying until we get to toronto hopefully people will be parachuting immediately there’s a flashlight here i guess it’s a television for you to watch i don’t know or maybe it’s a touch screen but they’re already in high school i don’t know again guys i i if you’re a real pilot maybe if you tell me

what this uh this is a touch screen uh it’s just television for you guys to watch when you are flying long distance uh on autopilot when you’re up i don’t like 20 000 feet 29 000 people feet i have no idea i’m just talking to my ass cause i’m not a real pilot thank you for uh joining me on this flight please do contact your next of kin because i don’t know if i’m going to be able to safely land this thing i was able to safely take off but i cannot guarantee you that everything is going to go as planned but so far i’m doing good so far time all right all right we’re climbing the altitude up to 000 feet maybe more i’ll be going northbound i hope there’s i hope there’s no people out there watching this and thinking oh there’s this guy trust me like i’m the last person you want flying this damn thing have no clue man but i did figure this out i did figure out uh the anti-icing which is right over here so right here it’s right here hold it no no no no right here the uh the ice i was able to turn that on and off there’s a right here it’s right here anti-ice i’m sorry it was right here i was so that way our our cockpit windows here because when you climb a certain higher altitude from what i understand uh and you’re going through these clouds these very thick thick uh clouds uh you’re gonna get that moisture and you’re gonna get your windows frozen up so you gotta use this anti-icing that’s to my knowledge like i said i’m not a i’m not a pilot expert but that’s what i heard see how we’re climbing the altitude you can see the distance the sun set down further distance that’s like the west coast west coast um what is it 10 o’clock now in the east coast so it’s like seven seven like eight o’clock over but there at least i’m able to control this thing successfully i did move my my speed introversion

to uh 174 and i’m holding my elf doing this uh i was like i think i’ve got 50 000 feet i put up to 50 000 feet because i want to go as high as i can go let’s see what else we got oh that’s floodlight brightness you can adjust the uh brightness panel i zero seven four seven miami center continue as planned airplane it is serial number 747 guess and in here somewhere there’s uh the black box you know god forbid you crash uh all the conversation will be stored in there after the wreckage this is your engine and how much fuel do you have uh first second third fourth engine to see how much the capacity if you will i don’t know how many tons of gallons if there’s anything wrong with the engines it will show up here you can check the map hold up scroll to the map this is the line right here that i’m supposed to be going through this is the line i need to follow like right here miami center continue as planned this also lets you know the terrain the type of terrain you have here pretty cool you know if you can learn some stuff here interesting you know as you are flying i think this is pretty cool as you’re flying let’s say a long distance you’re flying a long distance you can actually learn about these instruments and get familiarized with these instruments and once you get familiarized i think it’s like anything else at first everything here looks terrifying right and you’re terrified of all these buttons but i think just like anything else once you get used to it once you learn uh and it comes like the second nature you can have that muscle memory remember where everything is so that’s why when you see these pilots they go inside these big airplanes and you’re like how do they do that how do they don’t get confused they’re pressing buttons here there everywhere because they have a muscle memory they already know where everything is because they’ve been flying so many years and they put in so many hours they know exactly where everything is but for me this is terrifying because

i’ve never flown um let me also check my map hold on what happened oh no oh my god what oh my god i shouldn’t have touched on the map i shouldn’t have touched on the map i touched on the map oh my god i touched on the map and i got kicked out i don’t believe this man hold on uh what the hell yes dude that’s crazy i touched on the map and uh it’s just boom it went out that was so weird it’s almost like i disappeared all right let’s let’s do it during the daylight let’s try and take off during the daylight all right we’re gonna do the same thing exact same things just we’re gonna do it during the daylight uh because um i want to do it i want to do this during the daylight to see what it’s like during the daylight but that was weird man pressing that uh map button he just kicked me out to the desktop that was totally strange man because i wanted to look at the map i wanted to see exactly you know my location and where i’m headed and all that hopefully there’s no updates i don’t think so but hey at least i was able to get the uh the boeing 747 successfully up in the air to climb out that certain altitude at least i was able to do that but let’s do it during the day let’s see if i can successfully uh take off during the day i’m gonna mix it up we’re gonna do it like a denver international airport that’s a pretty tough one because you know you got rocky mountains and all that so you really have to climb the altitude super fast that’s something we could try that’s like my first bug that i experienced with uh the flight simulator and i put like 60 hours i think into the flight simulator and this is like the first very first bug that i have experienced you know but either way hey i was able to take off successfully so let’s go to uh denver but we’ll do it during the day where is then where denver denver there it is denver international said his departure maybe we can go to seattle uh set his arrival and then we go to boeing 747 airliners there it is and uh we’ll do the same thing get the fuel unlimited fuel and all that jazz um go back to the world map and we can also make sure that it’s a daylight you know we want to do this during the day because already done during the night i was able to successfully lift the airplane during the night but let me tell you it’s really you can feel it you know what’s so realistic

about this game even though it’s a digital simulator but you can still feel uh when you’re pulling the airplane on your yoyo on your uh yaw you know your yoke or yaw whatever you have flight stick you can feel like the weight the pressure of you lifting this beast you know boeing 747 intercontinental airplane you know so let’s successfully try to do this during the day in uh rocky mountains rocky mountains high colorado denver it’s a very busy airport denver denver is like an intersection you got all of these airplanes from uh jfk miami atlanta et cetera et cetera either going to uh los angeles las vegas seattle what have you right portland right so that’s like the intersection uh where where a lot of these airplanes they land and i’ve been to uh denver international it’s a huge airport man it’s beautiful airport too all right so let’s do this let’s go ahead and let’s uh taxi this out such a terrifying sound dude that’s like a huge it’s like a huge tall building that’s what it is man listen to that sound man check this out listen it’s a beast looking at rocky mountains mountains uh that i’m gonna be successful lifting this uh son of a [ __ ] up because the weather looks clear there’s a moon over there the weather at least is clear so that’s a good place by the way we’re not flying tomorrow but the weather looks very clear let me also turn the ice you know this is the most important thing since we are here in colorado where’s the ice turn it so that way our cognitive window doesn’t get all frozen up speed we’re going to adjust our sleeve to uh 74 knots our altitude we’re going to exceed the altitude as much as we can because remember this is rocky mountains high we want to go as high as we can and then when we decide to land we can move the altitude down put on the flaps

and hopefully it won’t crash so yeah all right 30 000 feet that’s just slightly above jesus christ this is slightly above um mount everest good lord not really think about just how that’s the tallest mountain there is man you need oxygen to go up there you can almost touch the atmosphere this is crazy that’s the one thing i would like to do just just to go there just i mean i don’t want to climb it i mean unless i don’t know unless i didn’t give a [ __ ] about my life and i’m like hey if i’m gonna die might as well die out there on uh you know mount everest [ __ ] let this be my last thing i do um but uh i would love to be there just to see it how magnificent that thing is they do have these helicopter tours where you pay them money and they just just below the mountain during the summer when it’s summer there you can’t do it during the winter they fly you very low uh remember you’re still below 29 000 feet you’re like maybe uh 4 000 feet uh and you’re looking up at that marvelous mount everest this is what people told me and you they have these as expeditions where you are inside a helicopter you can see it take pictures they show you different camping sites uh and all that so i would love to do that [ __ ] really all right so let’s take off let’s wish me luck everything seems to be legit here please remember i met a professional pilot so if you if you’re just somebody who’s joining and watching this please do remember i’m not far from uh i’m far from even a cessna pilot if i could fly at cessna i would be okay so don’t look at me for here we go so let’s uh let’s warm up our engines and i want you guys to listen to the engine just listen to this listen listen slowly listen to the beast okay and let’s go ahead and slowly start this is uh i’m already nervous i’m just trying to get this thing out down it’s a pretty big airport by the way um i heard some rumors there’s an underground like a little city on this airport like underground bases and whatnot that’s what i heard again i could 100 confirm on that but that’s what i heard there it is international and i’ve been to this airport oh oh that’s not good oh my god oh lord oh my god wow i cannot take off

i don’t know how was i able to take off with this thing last time good lord come on come on pull pull pull up pull up seven four seven you are leaving my airspace frequency changer i told you guys this this thing it’s just pain in the neck to uh to take off this was not successful this was i think we damaged something denver tower boeing 747 approach mowing alpha sierra 747 is type boeing me 7 48 6 miles west of denver 6 200 feet request clearance to transition bravo what’s up major deadline bro all right now better right now it’s a little bit better cleared thank you mamba yeah man the first time i was able to successfully lift this i was able to lift the son of a [ __ ] up uh when i was uh taking off at night from uh hollywood uh fort lauderdale international but here in denver i had a little bit of a hiccup trying to altitude hopefully everything’s uh thinks good there’s rocky mountains over there all right so far so good it looks like so far so good can we slow down the uh the speed here how about that 155 i’ll do it look at those rocky mountains over there go visit them right now want to remind everybody you know i’m not a professional pilot and i’m sure mamba here thank you major deadline i do try i do try so um i’m going to try to keep it steady last time i i opened um the last time i opened the map uh it crashed i don’t know if i want to open the map because the last time i opened the map the um the video the game crashed me to uh desktop i was kicked out to a desktop for some reason all right but so far so good so far so good let’s go to rocky look at the rocky mountains man ain’t no joke bro uh what’s the highest for the rocky mountains 8 000 feet is that the highest one they got i don’t know i’m just talking out of my ass please correct me out there google that [ __ ] if i’m talking on my ass just say hey dude mr 4k it’s not 8 000 feet it’s like whatever something different i’m guessing it’s like 8 000 feet like the highest peak they got like in denver or something i don’t know that looks like 8 000 feet to me like those over here like like the specific certain mountains like right here i mean that looks like 8 000 feet to me i don’t know i just you know i’m just guessing i guess 747 denver center boeing alpha sierra 747 is type boeing b

7 48 5 miles east of centennial request flight following and i never understood what is this for uh this television here like what is this supposed to mean like this thing right here um can you turn this on i know there’s a flashlight here you got a flashlight but this like what is this for it’s just to watch the television uh like when they’re doing a autopilot long trip let’s say australia or japan uh and they’re like watching movies and stuff maybe that’s what it is dude for long trips they’re like watching movies and whatnot uh i don’t know what else what else could it be because they already have a touch screen over here oh it’s all of this here it’s a touch screen you know it’s a touch screen touch screen uh this one too i don’t know i’m i’m guessing it’s a touchscreen it’s a touchscreen no it’s not actually i i apologize these are not touchscreen but they do have a touchscreen ones uh these you have to use a knob to adjust okay same thing here you have to adjust it through knob and through these buttons right here see like right here booming 747 altimeter all right so let’s keep it like this so we can see where we’re going i guess we’re going to seattle uh this is the uh the line that it’s telling me where to go so again you know just to clarify i’m not a professional i’m not a professional anything i’m but definitely not a professional pilot so oh that’s pretty that’s pretty high dude 14 000 feet man that’s pretty high up bro that’s no joke man um for sure 14 000 feet yeah that’s pretty high up dude so have you figured out um what the issue was mamba with your um virtual hub for using a controller stick for using the um logitech uh flight stick controller like did you find out what the issue was like what the problem was we’re gonna climb some more altitude over here in just a minute i don’t know if you figured it out or not you know we overspeeding i know i know i know if you wanna if you wanna take a screenshot if you wanna send it to my twitter maybe i can look at it maybe i can figure it out see what’s going on um because it works in mine and i’m using um hottest hottest thrustmaster but then again maybe not every brand it’s properly tested on the virtual hub oh that’s probably what it is i heard that they’re supposed to be uh uh doing an update uh with the moonlight like with a much better update with the moonlight

for uh maximum settings but i don’t know again this is all just the rumors i heard meaning that uh like the software will be more stable and the software will work much much better uh especially with a virtual hub but that’s what i heard i don’t know what their part i don’t even know if they have a partnership with a moonlight to be honest with you i haven’t i only spoke to paul once it’s not like i had a chance to sit down with paul and skype with him or zoom with him so i really don’t know uh what kind of or if any partnership if they have with the moonlight so i don’t know i’m sure they have some kind of communication with the moonlight but again you know i didn’t get a chance to talk to paul that much i just had like a brief conversation with him you know that’s all like a very short brief conversation uh on the chat and that’s it like a private message the only thing that i found out from him is that they’re working on a 5900 5900 xt amd they want to get this navi gpu uh our dna they want to get uh like this amd machine they’re building uh the amd high high-end tier uh you know so if you love amd and if you want like to try out uh amd high-end tier uh they’re gonna be working on that meaning something that’s that’s gonna make playstation 5 and the xbox siriusx look like a joke you know in terms of what they’re gonna be implementing but that’s what he said uh he says they’re working on that they already got the nvidia high end tier and they got like you know premium tier as far as the 5700 xt xd it’s a sequel to uh the playstation 5 gpu and xbox gpu siriusx but they also have a ryzen 7 so it’s kind of similar uh like if the the one that you have with the 5700 xd mamba that’s as equal as playstation 5 you know because they have the same you know architecture and all that our dna ii zen uh cpu with uh ryzen 7 so you pretty much got playstation 5 and x-series x with that with that tier pretty much the only thing that’s missing on a 5700 xt obviously is the real-time ray tracing but i think real-time ray tracing it’s way overrated guys i listen i’m the first adopter of real-time ray tracing go type in mr 4k upscaler real-time rage racing and you’re going to see the very first video of me testing with battlefield 5 testing the real-time ray tracing okay so guys uh this is not my first rodeo uh with a 2080 2070 evga i had those cards i even had videos on them okay everything i say you can check it out so that way you know i’m not talking out of my ass because a lot of people want to say that i talked out of my ass mamba knows i don’t talk out of my ass but um to me i think real-time rage racing it’s it’s a bit of overrated uh you know now if it’s used properly some people say that cyberpunk is going to truly showcase that um real-time rage racing i’ve seen it with the mafia with the mafia definitive edition it did definitely add something to it but uh i can’t really like americans it’s not like you know it’s not something that like oh gee whiz man i need to have this like i’m missing out you know it’s not like that kind of a thing real time ray tracing is something that definitely helps bring that light and shadow and reflection more realistic but are you really gonna let’s be honest dude are you really gonna get the magnifying glass when you were playing a video game let’s just be honest let’s just be honest here let’s let’s really not stroke each other all right there’s enough stroking around going around as it is enough of stroking circle jerks out there are you really gonna stop and pause and get the magnifying glass look at the the reflection no you’re going to be too busy finishing the mission you’re going to be too busy uh

trying to go from point a to point b to point c to point d so e e f g or the alphabet of all the points for you to finish the level to move on to the next level so you’re not gonna have time to be looking at oh look at this oh look at this reflection here oh lord right um so i think real-time ray tracing it’s almost like a selling point like a gimmick selling point in a way honestly uh i’m not saying here that you’re not gonna enjoy and that it’s not gonna bring some extra little icing on the cake on your video game of course it will but it’s not something that gee whiz my god i gotta have this i cannot play this game if i don’t have the real time ray tracing turned on it’s not like that hey what’s up standoff how you doing man if you join the game pass ultimate you don’t have to pay for this game you can join the game pass ultimate right now and you can download this game it’s included with the game pass ultimate however if you don’t upgrade to premium deluxe then you’re gonna be missing some airplanes here you’re gonna be missing this bad boy you’re gonna be missing some uh you’re gonna be missing some stuff you know but however you can go and get this game and try it out um i think they have boeing 747-787 i think they do i could be mistaken but i think they do but you can go ahead and you can get this game right now download it it will take you a long time to download it’s about 95 gigabytes plus the updates you’re looking roughly 120 something 100 plus gigabytes um which is pretty big not as big as a modern war i mean call of duty call of duty it’s just ridiculous 300 gigabytes call of duty uh it’s just ridiculous but this is uh pretty big uh of course there’s japan update that you have to download there’s other updates out there so look at the rocky mountains high man rocky mountain hot and there’s another airplane over there dude you can see that’s the real airplane over here on our left see that airplane over here i don’t know if you guys can see it or not that’s at 1500 feet down below us oh that thing is 15 000 feet down below us oh my god we’re 30 000 feet we’re actually at 40 000 feet right now 40 000 feet and that thing is 15 000 feet oh yeah the appalachian mountains that’s in north carolina right that’s north carolina north carolina west virginia i mean western i’m not talking about east north carolina that’s western like asheville blue ridge that’s western north carolina and of course uh western virginia i know exactly those are beautiful mountains man especially in the blue ridge yeah that’s true the new hampshire but i think the best way to view them it’s on the border between i this is where i heard and uh in north

carolina western north carolina the border between western virginia and north carolina right there’s a border between western virginia and north carolina north northern western northwestern carolina north carolina i don’t want people to think i’m talking about the east that’s virginia you know you got virginia and you got a west virginia um i’m not talking about uh east north carolina i’m talking about a western western north carolina and that you know um that border between western virginia and northern carolina western northern carolina that’s where you get to see uh those mountains appalachian mountains it’s like a sea of mountains and that famous road you know the blue ridge road right there’s also a mountain called the blue ridge right if i’m not mistaken that’s that’s next to asheville or north of asheville i’m not sure i think that’s where it is oh yeah but colorado man uh colorado rocky mountains man it’s pretty tough out there uh people told me uh i have a couple of friends who lived they don’t live there anymore but they used to live there i also had a cousin who lived up in colorado springs but there’s a friend of mine who used to live in boulder colorado and he says man i can’t take it anymore like the winter it’s so harsh dude like middle of october it would be snowing dude like middle of october like [ __ ] snow like six feet of snow dude it’s like crazy over there um and he just couldn’t handle that you know october november december january february march six months of winter dude six months of winter i don’t know the six months of snow i like snow don’t get me wrong i like snow i like to you know enjoy a little bit of cool weather cold weather but man six months of that it kind of wears down on you dude and i mean you get tired of it after a while um yeah that’s crazy boulder he he lived up there dude and he moved out um he lived there with his girlfriend for about how many years well he just recently moved out so they were there for like uh uh 14 years 15 15 years dude 15 years he lived up there he was also he worked with the hunters he was a trapper uh so he worked with the hunters and he also did uh like a little expedition for climbing and camping and stuff like that how to build the tent you know uh stuff like that how to survive and you know one funny thing is i asked him uh one time i said hey dude um since you are up there and you lived in uh for 14 what 15 years up there in colorado let me ask you something i said to him hey dude like what about this uh bear spray how effective is the bear spray like especially with the grizzly bears he says it might work with a black bear like if you blow a whistle or if you clap hands really really uh really loud if it’s a single black bear and he’s not hungry uh usually he’s gonna go away and the pepper spray will get the job done but with a grizzly grizzlies are bullies they’re bullies and they’re very aggressive sometimes and it might not work it might make them even more angrier so i don’t know he says the bottom line is just just get out of there he says just uh try to avoid them as much as you can you know if you see a grizzly just avoid them dude just just go um but he uh he has seen some stuff he says he’s seen some things

he have seen injuries from uh grizzly bears and uh like one guy he was telling me who was uh by uh by bicyclist um he said that he was injured so badly with this bear the grizzly bear that the infection was so bad because they have these big huge claws that the infection was so bad that they had to amputate his leg because of the infection that this uh this bear this angry bear grizzly bear that attacked him did to his uh to his leg um and they had to amputate his leg and he can never ride the bicycle again uh so he’s seen some [ __ ] he says you know that stuff happens dude you know people sometimes they don’t they they litter they do a lot of littering you know uh loitering loitering which is not supposed to loitering out there uh you’re supposed to pick up but people go out there smoking weed and loitering and leaving food they’re not covering the food the living drinks all that [ __ ] will affect uh the animals and they’re gonna start smelling that and of course it’s gonna attract a hungry bear a black bear a grizzly bear and then [ __ ] happens coyotes wolves and people just are he says that’s that’s the one thing he i realized out there in colorado man there’s all these you know crazies and hippies out there you know smoking weed and [ __ ] you know having a good time they closed a lot of camp uh camping sites where you’re not even allowed to camp anymore because of so many uh incidents that has happened because you got a bunch of jackasses going up there listening to you know a grateful dead and the fish and and having a good time and uh and then next thing you know he says [ __ ] you got a [ __ ] grizzly bear on your hand you got a black bear with cubs and that’s even worse because when you have a a black bear mama with bunch of cubs she will protect those cubs at any cost uh so he’s seen a lot of [ __ ] out there but he said to me man i’m tired of living up and uh you know living up in the winter for 15 years i asked him so where are you going to move he said he’s going to move to tucson tucson arizona i said well there you go that’s uh that’s a definitely a good change for you from um from boulder colorado to tucson all right looks like i’m doing pretty okay here for um for my rocky mountains high flight okay we’ll let the strain line over here um so have you thought about it um mamba are you gonna purchase uh 2060 super i was you were telling me something you might you were thinking about getting a 2060 super um so i don’t know if you’re gonna you’re gonna do it or not i mean you would be surprised mamba what you can actually do with the 2060 super uh if you gotta if you got a really good cpu and a memory i’m telling you a 2060 super we’ll get the job done oh yeah well it really depends um some people uh he told me there’s been a lot of sightings where some people would mistaken the uh the sasquatch you know the sasquatch the bigfoot the bigfoot um they would mistaken that they would think it’s a bigfoot right because sometimes you go up there you’re drinking and you know you’re not paying attention and you see something walking on two legs black and hairy uh you’re thinking that it’s uh that it’s a bigfoot but it’s actually a black bear and there’s one the big male black bear when it stands up on two feet that’s gonna be like uh you know like a six foot two and you’re gonna think oh my god there’s got to be a bigfoot right because they can work they can walk on two legs sometimes they do that

they go like on two legs you know and then they climb the trees and [ __ ] they can climb that tree pretty [ __ ] fast like if you think you’re gonna hide from a black bear climbing out the [ __ ] tree dude he’s gonna drag your ass so quick so fast and he’s gonna mop the floor with you um i don’t know man i i really you know as much as i would love to move out there he asked me to move out there to colorado and i said dude as much as i would love to move out there as much i would love to be out there in the nature i also understand how dangerous the nature is you have to respect the nature man yeah i know we’re talking about it right now sitting in our comfortable homes right in our comfortable studios and chairs but out there it’s unforgiving okay i’ll tell you on your own there’s no cell reception for your cell phone the only thing that works at the cb station you can call in the rescue whenever they’re available that you have to give them the coordinations etc etc hopefully you can do it they have to send a search team let me tell you man and you got so many predators out there even coyotes pack of coyotes can [ __ ] you up um even if they bite you they’re gonna you can get infected uh you’ve got [ __ ] mountain lions mountain lions will definitely [ __ ] you up for sure they’ll kill you man mountain lions you got mountain lions you got uh coyotes you got what else you got black bears uh brown bears grizzlies obviously and then you have a wolves you know gray wolves i’m not sure about the black black wolves do they have them out there i’m not sure but you got so many things out there they’re gonna [ __ ] you up man you know even the moose moose can [ __ ] you up pretty bad he can kill you man so basically i don’t know man um you have to respect the nature you know if you’re going to live out there if you’re going to live out like in canada british columbia uh alberta you have to respect the nature that’s the first thing you have to do you have to shrink down your ego like your ego has to uh be shut down you have to melt your ego and you just have to respect nature 100 when you’re out there if you don’t respect that nature oh dude you’re going to regret it very quickly super fast you know yeah foxes are shy if you just clap your hands just clap your hand they’re gonna run away dude they’re gonna run away or you blow a horn and get these one of these horns pepper i mean uh bear spray like i said my friend says if you got nothing else to use and it’s your life in danger then [ __ ] use whatever you know use that pepper spray who gives a [ __ ] right but he also said that sometimes that pepper spray makes makes things worse um the best your best your best protection it’s uh 45 hollow point or alaskan you know one of those big ass 357 you know magnums or something it’s or or a high-powered rifle okay that’s like your only bat uh if you truly want to protect yourself now they do have some restrictions to certain counties out there and you know what kind of weapons can you carry etcetera etcetera there’s there are certain restrictions again there’s so many laws out there he said but again you know having a rifle in the woods it’s your best bet you know it’s your safest bet that you’re gonna survive you know unless you get surprised attacked and you’re not paying attention you get surprised attack and you got a grizzly bear charging and you didn’t see them coming sometimes they’re hard to hear because their paws can be very uh their paw paw can be very soft and sometimes you’re not gonna even know that they’re there and they could be hiding behind the bushes and they can be like monitoring you getting ready and then start marching down and when they start running dude that’s a brute force that’s coming at you and all it takes is just one bite and your neck snaps and you’re done you’re dead um or they can crush your lungs they can purposely just press all their weight onto your lungs and crush your lungs

and you’re dead people got to remember they’re not teddy bears they’re dangerous lethal animals they can [ __ ] you up they’re meant the nature created them to hunt the prey they the nature created them to [ __ ] things up you know they’re not teddy bears okay so i don’t know man i i it’s a funny actually it’s not a funny thing it’s interesting i was talking to him i was talking to um my friend tyler uh and his girlfriend jenna who they’re out there in boulder colorado i was talking to them what was it three days ago over skype and uh he told me all these stories and he said man people just don’t understand like this is colorado right here i mean people don’t understand this wilderness here man yes you’re looking at this wilderness from from what fifteen thousand twenty thousand twenty thousand feet above right let’s say okay twenty five thousand or 30 000 okay 30 000 feet above you’re looking at all of this but when you land down there it’s unforgiving when you land up here it’s unforgiving you know so and gotta respect nature man you know you gotta respect nature if you don’t if you don’t respect nature that’s it so like i said i would love to live like in um in in the nature out there but i also understand how devastating it can be uh especially when uh when the temperatures come down 10 minus below zero celsius you know minus 10 minus 18 and you got a 40 mile an hour wind everything’s freezing frozen uh and then you gotta deal with uh trying to stay warm trying to cook something trying to eat something and on top of that you have to worry about you know the wildlife nature is can be very nature it can be the super harsh it is the super harsh environment for us you know and i used to live up i used to live up upstate upstate new york uh during the winter and dude i would complain we would drop down to 20 degrees or 18 degrees i would complain one time it dropped down to -5 and dude i couldn’t even feel my lungs i said hey am i getting air in my lungs or my lungs [ __ ] what’s going on because um it gets so cold that you you can’t stay in one place you gotta keep moving dude like you gotta get so cold think about it minus five degrees uh wind chill it’s let’s say 30 miles an hour you got that 30 miles an hour wind with razor sharp frost bite minus five degrees dude it ain’t fun and i was younger back then now i’m older i don’t know if i could handle it but back then i was younger so i was able to kind of manage kind of manage that that ridiculousness coldness but right now i don’t know dude i’ve been really thinking about this like damn man you know if it’s too hot i can jump in the pool i can cool off i can put some ice i can take a cold shower whatever right you know ah staying warm it’s a difficult task man then you got other problems you got problems starting your car your car won’t start because of these temperatures right your starter is all frozen and [ __ ] you can’t start your car uh you got your batteries all [ __ ] up uh the the battery cells are all screwed up you you need a jumper cable to who’s gonna jump start your car in the winter um you get to put the chains on the tires everything’s frozen they have to put the salt on the frozen uh road dude it’s harsh yes it’s nice to go there and visit your family for a christmas right have that christmas field go there for about seven days come back right but man if you live there you can be unforgiving six months of that six months of that that that winter man uh and because i remember i know exactly what it was like when i used to live up there

um it ain’t fun man mamba i know these guys you know first of all these animals are not meant to be uh kept as a pet okay they’re not your pet okay they’re meant to be out there in the wild hunting the prey all right you can’t keep them in captivity they’re not your baby they’re not your you know teddy bears and it’s dangerous who knows okay let’s say that kodiak bear that you raised as a cub he loves you right that kodiak bear the big giant huge enormous beast right and he loves you and he always loved you for let’s say eight years nine years ten years he loves you so much and then one day one day he snaps because the instinct and his dna of what nature intended him to be snaps on you and that’s all it takes just one second and boom you’re done you’re done he might feel sorry he might cry you know whatever oh but at that one second at the one second that’s all it takes for that big giant beast to snap just one second and you’re done so i people need to respect that man you know the god the the nature and the god created these animals for a reason to be like this and you gotta you gotta leave that alone you gotta respect that man uh and i’ve seen people like you said mamba like you have mentioned i’ve seen people do that and i was like come on you’re keeping him in a cage in a captivity yes they appreciate that you feed them they appreciate that you uh you know uh that then you you were they appreciate that they don’t have to do any hard work but you gotta remember they’re gonna get angry one time because they want the action that’s in their dna it’s in their nature to be out there hunting and you are not giving them them option you keeping them in a prison that’s why they get sick sometimes they get sick they get depressed they get sick because you’re not giving them what nature intended them to be okay i hope they put some laws really i would love to see some laws where um where these wild animal animals you cannot keep them in a damn uh zoo and you’re not you cannot keep them in a cage let them out there let them be out in the nature where they need to be and wildlife in the nature you know i always tell people you want to see a bear don’t even go to zoo go to nature you can still see a bear from a distance uh don’t get out of your car don’t turn off your engine if it starts marching at you you [ __ ] back up and drive move away uh but even there you have to be very respectful of what they are like there’s certain like places out there like in canada like alberta uh called the bear country just i guess east of edmonton or something uh i think it’s in alberta i gotta ask martin because martin uh he’s from canada he’s from that area uh calgary uh i gotta ask him about this but there’s the place called uh bear country where’s bunch of bears there and you get to see them you know from a safe distance but of course at your own risk at your own risk okay so that’s something you gotta keep in mind don’t get out of the freaking car don’t be uh don’t be a douchebag okay just pay respect make a distance and safely observe them but like my friend said tyler he says there’s always [ __ ] out there uh who’s got this ego they think oh this bears nothing man what the [ __ ] bro this bears nothing bro let me show you man like there are these cocky [ __ ] out there you know with their chicks with their girlfriends and i want to show off you know you know there is there’s always [ __ ] man and they’re the ones uh that they [ __ ]

things up for everybody else because of their stupidity right dude this bear is nothing man bro i’mma play some song for this bear you know these [ __ ] they’re always out there man all right and i’m glad that they uh closed some of these camps like there’s certain sites in colorado where you can camp but they they shut down some of these camps because of uh you know people getting high getting drunk and [ __ ] loitering and all that kind of craziness so they uh the park rangers and the state and the county there they uh they closed those uh camps for that reason well look at this wilderness man this is um you have to respect this bro you have to respect the wilderness you have to respect the nature because if you don’t respect it uh it will definitely teach you a lesson it will teach you a lesson oh yes i saw that video dude yeah yeah it was next to a lake it was a brown bear it looked like a kodiak brown bear uh and it was next to a river or something um i think the guy was fishing or something was next to a river and yeah i saw that video yeah yeah mamba i saw that video they were sitting next to our lake or river or something one of those folding chairs yeah but it was cute the way he approached him but look the guy did the right thing because he doesn’t know what that bear’s gonna do and all all that bear has to do is just snap a little bit and he’s done uh remember we’re very fragile we are very fragile dude uh we as humans are very fragile uh and that bear all he has to do is just snap once you’re done you’re pretty much done it was a brown bear very cute bear i think he was looking for food man i think he was hungry but it was it was a very nice bear but then again you know you got to respect the nature you got to remember that’s a very powerful animal and it might look cute it might look cute and you’re like oh so cute but you gotta you gotta respect the nature uh okay nature can be very cure cruel uh you don’t know what that bear is gonna do how’s he gonna snap or is he gonna snap he’s really hungry he’s like [ __ ] dude i gotta eat something i don’t give a [ __ ] this guy’s on the menu i’m eating him uh or whatever right you don’t know so you have to you have to keep that in the back of your mind you got to respect the wilderness and that guy did the right thing by clapping the hand and he just he just ran away and i guarantee you that the folding chair there’s some uh there there were some piles of [ __ ] there underneath i’m sure the guy [ __ ] his pants i’m pretty sure dude i think that was a kodiak bro that was a [ __ ] kodiak kodiak oh my god oh kodiak they even have a kodiak island in alaska called the kodiak island and those kodiak bears in alaska dude monster they’re like [ __ ] polar bears monsters brown polar bears if you will they’re huge [ __ ] monsters uh and dude they’re gonna [ __ ] you up like you’re getting you that’s you done bro like you’re done like pretty much imagine seeing one in person dude you’re gonna freeze you’re gonna [ __ ] immediately you’re gonna have a calling cleansing no for real you’re gonna have a call and cleansing you’re gonna [ __ ] everything that you have inside or whatever you were [ __ ] eating digesting they’re terrifyingly uh powerful animals man i don’t know what he did bro but but uh that he was lucky he was super lucky uh let’s just say that super lucky like once in a lifetime like once in a lifetime super lucky let’s just just call it that like once in a lifetime super lucky um again i’m not an expert on tracking

trapping i’m not a camper okay i’m not a you know longwood bushman i’m not a bush uh bushman guy out there you know bushcrafter i’m not like a professional but i do have a friend who lives up there who used to live up there now he’s in arizona moved to arizona tucson tyler and jenna but however i do understand and i do respect the nature that’s very important part you don’t have to go out there to prove something nature doesn’t give a [ __ ] who you are or what you’re trying to prove let me repeat that one more time nature doesn’t give a [ __ ] who you are how big your penis is and what you’re trying to [ __ ] prove it doesn’t give a [ __ ] the bear doesn’t give a [ __ ] the nature doesn’t give a [ __ ] so you have to respect uh the nature and people who don’t respect the nature well well well well well we all know how that ends right we we all seen that movie before we all seen that and i’m not sitting here trying to tell you that because i’m not a camper yes i used to live upstate new york okay i used to uh climb certain mountains hiking the only mountain that i that i hiked was actually two mountains the white face mountain lake placid new york and sarnak lake just a little bit east of sarnak lake uh a mountain called uh hurricane mount hurricane so i know a little bit about nature okay uh to a certain degree uh okay so i lived out there for for quite a while upstate new york which is totally different than new york city okay new york city it’s an island big giant island this here it’s canada you’re almost next to canada man upstate new york plattsburgh lake placid adirondack area it’s like next door [ __ ] canada bro like plattsburgh in montreal it’s like 25 minutes you’re there okay so it’s two different things two different sides of new york it’s the upstate and then you got down state which is albany then you got the city which is the the big giant gray area island okay so but i know a little bit about the nature been up there not as much as of course my friend tyler he’s a professional uh trapper and uh and a camper he’s not a climber so much of a climber but he definitely knows uh how to survive in the woods okay he definitely has the experience but me i just know a little bit to respect the fact that i need to respect the nature okay and if you don’t respect the nature it doesn’t matter what i say guys don’t just listen to me you’re gonna find out very quickly super fast and your ego is gonna be shrinking down with a panic attacks you’re gonna have a hard time catching a breath you’re gonna have a cold sweats because now the nature reality is kicking in and that’s when the nature reminds you that you’re nobody now in their territory so respect to nature that’s all i’m saying don’t be a douchebag respect the nature and nature will respect you too and you will be fine okay actually if you respect the nature the nature will take care of you but if you don’t respect the nature well good luck yeah but hey at least i’m able to uh i’m surprised man that i was able that i’m doing pretty good man with the with the boeing 747 i really thought i was gonna crash i really thought that was gonna crash let me uh get down there a little bit uh i need to check something here really quick to see where i’m at oh i know i see what’s going on i need to make a sharp left turn a

little bit here just slowly slowly i gotta make this uh left turn it’s very dangerous but i gotta do it ah there we go perfect perfect perfect perfect my friend this is my destination right here 900 miles where where are we going going to seattle from colorado to seattle tacoma seattle washington state and washington state obviously it’s uh you know wilderness you’re right there next to vancouver islands you’re right right next to british columbia washington state it’s a border of british columbia uh so you’re pretty much in canada when you go to washington state you’re pretty much bro you’re pretty much in canada man you’re not even in the united states you’re in canada man you’re like like half an hour uh to british columbia right there if you’re like a northern like uh north of seattle like super north of seattle you’re like a half an hour to 40 minutes uh to british columbia man to canada if you’re out there okay you know somebody uh i had this um argument mamba with somebody not too long ago i think i told you about this there was this argument where someone said to me but mr 4k uh flying an airplane is boring uh and i’m like well that’s subjective uh flying an airplane is boring cooking it’s boring making pancakes is boring taking a shower it’s boring even taking a [ __ ] sometimes can be boring uh brushing your teeth can be boring i mean we can go down the [ __ ] list of things so i don’t understand that argument like it’s boring maybe it’s boring to you but it doesn’t mean that it’s boring for the rest of us okay which i really find that argument there’s no argument really it’s really kind of stupid this is boring oh driving a train is boring maybe to you but there’s people out there who love driving a train there’s people out there who love flying a plane you know just because something is boring to you doesn’t mean that you can generalize generalize and say it’s boring for everybody you know i don’t understand that like that argument like i i hear this all the time yeah but mr forkey this is so boring this is so boring yes flying from colorado to washington can be boring yes but that’s what this is it’s a simulator it’s a simulator it’s a simulation simulator you know i could say call of duty is boring i mean even playing nba 2k after a while like ah dude i’m tired it’s kind of boring yeah i mean we can go down that path you know that’s that’s a circle jerk path of oh this is boring what kind of generation are we living in uh mamba man i’ll never understand this bro i really look i’m not saying that my generation it was perfect or the generation of my father was perfect or or his father or my grandfather generation was perfect no generation is perfect that’s not what i’m saying i’m not here saying oh my generation is the best screw everybody else i just don’t get it like what are you guys all about i don’t get

these millennials like what is it that you are after what are you no just what are you after what is your goal what is your goal what keeps you waking up in the morning drinking that coffee moving on moving through life grinding and moving through life what keeps you going what are you guys all about that’s to something that i really find so mysterious and very interesting like like almost like a phenomenon almost like i am studying extraterrestrial creatures beings from another universe honestly that’s how it feels to me sometimes like what are you guys all about what’s what is it you know but not all look i don’t want to generalize not all of them but there’s a pretty good percentage man so far what i have bumped into it’s a pretty big percentage of them out there but not all of them you’re right not all not all not all no no no not not everyone of course not uh but my goodness there’s some uh there’s a pretty big percentage out there man i always like to go with the majority you know yes there’s a minority it’s not like that of course they have a certain point of views and certain things but i’m talking about majority majority out there just like holy jumping jesus right like what what’s this all about like what what is this all about like what’s going on you know what is this what do you want what are you after you know and even they don’t know what they’re after oh it’s kind of cool so we decided to do it yeah man it’s kind of fun you know no that’s not good enough dude what are you after what is your goal all right we gotta go a little bit right here a little bit right right here look man here’s the thing man if people can give me a legitimate reason okay i’ll respect that like if you can give me a legitimate reason hey what are you after what is your goal i’ll try to respect that like okay i don’t agree with that but [ __ ] i understand you got goals you want to conquer certain goals i get it i understand that but uh but they don’t they can’t represent you with anything like any kind of like uh okay this is our goal this is what we want to achieve this is the end game right this is what we want um nothing it’s like anything goes tomorrow i might feel like doing something else i don’t know or the next day or the next week i might have some different ideas of something they’re like all over the place man it’s like even they don’t know uh even they don’t know what they’re all about dude like that’s that’s the scary part like they can’t figure out like they’re like so doomed and confused they’re like they don’t even know even they don’t know like oh i don’t know man you know this made me happy but now i’m not happy with this i want to try something else man i need to try something else man you know like you’re never going to be happy dude if there’s nothing out there that makes you happy nothing will make you happy dude i don’t know what to tell you you’re just gonna be running in circles you’re just gonna be out there just uh you know hitting that wall from left to right north south and uh you’re always gonna end up in the same limbo same limbo man i don’t know man it’s like and i’ve seen it i’ve seen people just be in that limbo and they never come out of it man you know but yeah dude bruh the flying’s boring bro i know it is it’s boring i know what do you expect me to do now [ __ ] crash i’m into land what do you want to do i’m in the land can’t land in these mountains over here man we got to go to seattle sleepless i don’t want to be sleepless in seattle dude meg ryan’s waiting for me out there yes i used to have a crush it’s true story uh i had a crush on meg ryan back in the days back in the days back in the days you hear that tom hanks i had a crush on meg ryan yes i did once upon a time just like i had a crush on sharon stone but everybody had a crush on sharon stone back in the days in her prime yeah man she was uh she was

a dame no question about that look what’s going on in the world right now with all the suck chaos yeah man speaking of what about that fly man people see that fly that fly on um now there’s these uh somebody needs to make a jeff goldblum jeff goldblum um meme okay there needs to be a jeff goldblum meme for uh mike pence okay somebody needs to work on that but i want you to give me the credit i’m the co-creator uh of course the proceeds needs to go to jeff goldblum why because jeff goldblum was part of the movie called the fly which was a remake i know it’s a remake remake in 1980s yes he did a movie called the fly if you never gina davison right gina davidson i was in there she was pretty hot too man she still is hot but she’s not outspoken too much she’s just quiet celebrity living a life which is great i love that when people don’t when celebrities are retired and they don’t speak much about politics or anything they don’t tell you to vote and this and that i like gina davidson she’s pretty cool she was in telmon luis anyway long story short cutthroat island bunch of movies right samuel jackson uh in that movie uh she was with okay tons of movies so jeff goldblum needs to be as a meme jeff goldblum needs to be as a meme for that fly okay what’s up savage viking how you doing bro what’s happening savage viking i agree with you 100 percent i would love to see uh i think it’s too expensive this is a good point that you’re making savage and i’m glad that you’re bringing this up because they want 30 for a cessna airplane it’s a different type of a cessna airplane they want 30 dollars and the reason they want 30 dollars for that cessna airplane is because it’s licensed all the instruments everything it’s handcraft licensed the blueprint everything it’s exactly the same i understand that i get that but it’s still it’s too expensive man 30 30 dollars for just one damn plane that’s a lot of money dude it for us for me and you uh if you’re a hardcore simulator whatever you don’t care what are my thoughts on hey what’s up nitrous i remember you nitrous dude uh it’s been a long time man what are my thoughts on no optical port on your new consoles i think with the hdmi 2.1 arc return that 40 uh you know gigabits per second there’s really no need for the optical because they’ll be able to send that lossless dolby atmos sound to that hdmi 2.1 with these new receivers you’re just not going to need it that ultra high speed higher bandwidth will be it will be able to carry that higher bandwidth of data to to decode that lossless sound and so that way you can hear that clarity 7.1 channels with 12.1 channels 12.2 channels whatever you have right and i think that’s the reason why they’re getting rid of the optical laser again optical laser is good but with uh with this 2.1 chipset ultra high speed chipset it’s just they felt like they don’t need it like it’s just no need for it what’s up bluetooth how you doing that’s my opinion again i don’t know what the reason is for that maybe because the cost of optical cable and i don’t know but i think because they have hdmi 2.1 it’s just they don’t feel like it’s necessary for them to have the optical that’s just my honest observation i could be wrong i don’t know possibly you would need a hdmi like a

switch adapter or something uh unless onkyo and i have my faith in ankio and sonny and pioneer i don’t know so much about yamaha but pioneer pioneer elite newest serious or on kyo but most likely pioneer newest elite series will most likely have that hdmi 2.1 chipset built inside pass-through uh so that arc return that hdmi 2.0 arc return i think all of them will be hdmi 2.1 that’s that’s what i’m guessing uh that’s that’s my observation and my hope i keep my fingers crossed again again i’m just guessing that’s where they’re going to go with how long do i think we’ll start buying modules based on our budget i don’t know it really depends man it’s kind of hard to predict with today’s market it’s going good blue pluto we’re flying from colorado to seattle um i have relatives in seattle dude you know in washington state i need to go out there and visit as a matter of fact um now it’s not now is not a good time to visit washington state because it’s going to start snowing pretty soon i don’t know if it’s a good time to go there but um that’s a good question pluto with this economy with this covet 19 the market it’s fluctuating up and down left and right it’s really hard to tell uh it’s very unpredictable which way things are gonna go um with the market these days look what’s going on with uh with the movie theaters i’m think about this pluto they’re gonna start shutting down movie theaters what does that mean shutting down movie theaters that means that you’ll see movies like james bond and top gun and all these other movies you’ll most likely see them going straight to home um and you’ll see projectors sales of projectors going price is going higher because more people will be buying projectors now that’s what i keep telling people man those projectors are coming back because those movie enthusiasts who want to have the movie night because they cannot go to a movie theater because of the covet 19 the projector will start getting more needed and you’re going to see some prices ranging out there on the projectors from 250 to 350 to 400 especially laser projectors which i think the laser projectors short throw mark my words short throw laser projectors there’s a newest one by samsung which i want to check out the short throw laser projector and there’s also lg obviously has one alg come on lg that short throw laser projector come on south korea skype zoom you still have i still have your number i still have your number but i’m not going to call you i don’t want to be begging send it to me come on come on just send it to me call me email me send it to me i want i want to test it and i know guys who are following me here they want to see it they want me to test it so i think projectors i think projectors especially a laser projectors short throw laser projectors what is a short throw short throw means that you don’t have to move your projector way out in the back for you to achieve that 150 inch or 200 inch diagonal screen you can actually bring that projector close to the wall and you can have it go up to 200 inches and you can have that 200 inch movie experience you know i mean spokane washington here cool man awesome i have a couple of cousins living in uh olympia you know where olympia is washington washington state olympia and another two three uh relatives i have living in seattle obviously uh not in downtown seattle but like suburbs of seattle uh i have them there too so seattle olympia i have relatives out there we’re still far away dude we still got a

long way to go still got a long way to go 800 miles oh my god 800 miles that’s true too pluto that’s a good point um but i don’t know netflix has this lawsuit right now uh you know because of that that that tv show whatever which is ridiculous man i can’t believe that they even thought this is a great idea what are you thinking netflix jesus christ um i didn’t i didn’t want to talk about it here because it’s very sensitive um so i don’t know what’s going to happen to netflix i mean they might lose some money man because people are very upset with that whole um i can’t talk about it because it’s very sensitive you know what i mean i’m not gonna say it here but you guys know you can write it down on the chat if you want but i personally cannot say it here i don’t know man uh streaming has really uh taken a huge um it’s really rising to a huge peak uh streaming right now streaming it’s uh becoming more successful than ever when you look at netflix when you look at amazon prime they are pretty much they’re doing better than ever right now at the moment they’re doing better than ever because disney plus will most likely put all these movies out on a disney plus where you can rent it buy it whatever i have a feeling that the black widow everybody’s waiting for that movie black widow i have a feeling black widow will be released uh directly to uh i’m just being honest dude i have a feeling the black widow is going to be which is a scarlett johansson movie which should have been released if it wasn’t for covet 19 would have been released in spring of april or march or april this year um but uh i don’t know if they’re gonna release it this december november i don’t know uh i think we’ll see black widow go straight to uh thirty dollars pay for it digitally for our first week and the second week go join the disney plus or they’ll give you two choices either a you can buy it for 30 dollars or you can go ahead and um go to disney plus sign up with and let me tell you uh people will sign up for disney plus if you give him the opportunity to watch uh you know uh black widow this christmas or this thanksgiving right if you give him the opportunity to watch black widow right this thanksgiving after they finish their meals with their families yeah people gonna sign up with disney plus easily they’ll do it sure so you’ll probably see a lot of that going on for sure to may 2021 oh my god jesus even batman i heard the batman got cancelled batman you know the new batman with uh what’s his name uh patterson that guy that dude uh patterson that’s his name the guy from twilight okay um the british bloke from twilight the batman got cancelled uh mandalorian the guy quit which kind of sucks dude i like that actor who’s gonna replace him now i know they can put whoever they can put whoever uh on on that you know armor you can put whoever you’re gonna put with that armor and that you know helmet but uh the voice you know that voice that he created dude it was so unique and he quit he walked off the set bro he quit no he really he just quit bro he walked out he’s like [ __ ] this i’m out of here not sure what the reason was that he walked out uh but it has to be something very very personal to him

that he [ __ ] walked out you don’t just walk out on on a big set like that and but it has to be something very personal to him that that he had to [ __ ] just [ __ ] this i’m quitting i’m walking out you know um yeah dude he walked out go look go google it man google it i forgot his name he was in bunch of movies man he was also an equalizer to um tons of movies you know what i’m talking about right he quit i mean i swear to god i saw it i hope i’m not wrong but i read somewhere he walked out dude he quit like he [ __ ] walked out the set he’s like [ __ ] this i don’t know is there something to do with the disney or something with the politics because i know disney can be very political uh which is which i hate that [ __ ] about hollywood i think it’s hurting the hollywood uh and this is why you got netflix and amazon and all these other companies creating their own independent studios making their own movies i think this is really this could be the downfall of hollywood man this could be very well the downfall of hollywood 20th century fox is no more you guys heard about that right it’s not 20th century fox disney owns it i don’t know what disney’s gonna call it 21st century i don’t know they should call it 21st century uh so this also means that the avatars will be part of disney imagine that disney plus all of the avatars on disney there’s already avatar in disney so um i don’t know he’s a great actor i like him dude he was also good in the equalizer too even though he played the bad guy spoilers warning [ __ ] dude i shouldn’t have said that but anyway great movie uh denzel washington obviously uh was in the movie he’s the equalizer oh it got delayed but why did he say they got cancelled those guys out there you those those influential youtubers how dare you they gave me the wrong news click baiters those click baiters i should have known i should have known i should have freaking known big headline the movie got canceled bruh no it got delayed thank you for uh for that mamba i gotta be careful out there on the internet man i should know better the internet has [ __ ] a lot of [ __ ] out there i should have known better there’s a lot of [ __ ] out there and i shouldn’t believe everything that i read i should do my damn research before i look at something i should definitely do my research before i look at something oh she’s so beautiful man i love gina she’s a great fighter athlete and she’s also a sweetheart man i love gina um what was the question let me see um are you tracking the vr industry do you play in the vr games yes pluto as a matter of fact uh this uh previous weekend i was playing playstation vr star wars star wars uh squadrons and i also did a oculus rift version obviously oculus rift version rift s version looks much cleaner higher resolution uh better graphics so you know it looked amazing on uh oculus rift but the playstation version psvr version wasn’t that bad either yes i’m also keeping track on oculus quest people been asking me a bunch of questions about what are my thoughts on oculus quest 2 and the fact that they’re selling these quest to vr headset very cheap like dirty cheap uh because valve index is thousand dollars if you get everything the package deal you know with the sensors and all that controllers by itself uh the valve index is what 700 700 just by itself like just the base of the vr headset and it has the same resolution as valve index and that’s pretty amazing dude that you’re gonna have a standalone vr headset oculus quest 2 where you don’t need a computer even

though you can connect it to a computer to play computer games with a link cable but the fact that you can actually just take that thing with you anywhere you go put it on very lightweight and you can go ahead and with 256 gigabytes you can store all your movies and stuff and you can have a great experience with that resolution they’re very high resolution so that’s equal the same resolution of uh per each eye on the valve index so what the same resolution that the valve index is using it’s on the uh the quest too now i don’t have the statistics of what the resolution is per each eye but it’s exactly the same resolution for each eye that the valve index is using and that’s pretty awesome for 300 bucks if you go with a 64 gigabytes i would recommend 400 because having that 256 gigabytes definitely helps if you want to watch bunch of movies um you can download the sky box and through sky box you can go ahead and watch your movies in vr and so i don’t know i think quest 2 has a quest 2 will bring a lot of people to the vr and i think that’s what mark zuckerberg wants to do i think that’s the uh the end game that’s the goal here they’re gonna get rid of their rift they’re not gonna really spend too much time on the rift they’re gonna only focus on the quest i think the rift as you’ll be able to use it but i think it’s gonna be obsolete there’s not going to be that many updates on the rift s um so i think 12 index valve index and hp reverb those two vr headsets uh valve index and hp reverb are going to be the two vr headsets you want to keep an eye on if you want to really get into the pc of virtual reality which is steam steamvr will be definitely this is a great news for steamvr for for valve steam steamvr because teamvr now is gonna roll the ball with valve index possibly a new valve index in the future and of course you got hp reverb windows mixed reality for a flight simulator like this game but quest is going to appeal to more people why because people like the ability where they don’t have to have a computer they don’t have to have a laptop they don’t have to have anything around them it’s mobile it’s portable take it with you go camping put it on go sit by the pool put it on you can be anywhere dude you can turn that thing on and boom you’re good to go and um i think with the resolution that they have and the storage space that they have and that new uh dragon chip that they have the processing chip i think the quest 2 is going to sell pretty good i think the quest 2 is going to appeal to a lot of people this holiday season especially because of the pandemic covered 19 covet 19 um and i blow the wind of god because of the covet 19 i think it’s going to sell a lot a lot of units and i think a lot of people are going to jump on it because what a best way to get in touch with your family whom you can get touched in with because of covet 19 situation and what a best way for you to get in touch with your friends where you don’t have to be in person with them six feet distance then with that vr headset so that oculus quest two is going to be selling like crazy why what two things pandemic um price is right 300 which is pretty good deal 400 if you want to 256 gigabytes and then you have obviously much better resolution dude you can have a crystal clear resolution watching movies on that thing you’re going to feel like you’re really in the movie theater you won’t even need a projector honestly you won’t even need a projector you turn on that netflix you turn on that uh amazon prime or or hbo max or what-have-you dude disney plus and you’re going to feel like you’re really there watching a movie in a movie theater with a bunch of other people like a big screen vr right so watch out for the oculus quest man uh scott briggs i’m flying to uh

from colorado to seattle we’re going to seattle baby boeing 747 we’re going to land to seattle hopefully hopefully if everything goes well uh if everything goes well that’s seattle over there far far away 700 miles okay we’re gonna do our best to get there okay let’s get a little closer like this that’s seattle washington state i think we’re in utah somewhere in utah i think uh utah excuse me i’m sorry you have jeff bezos well really it’s not so much jeff bezos i want to meet jeff bezos of course but i also want to meet bill gates i want to meet um of course uh what’s his name um come on the head of xbox you know what i mean phil spencer obviously phil spencer i want to meet phil spencer i want him to drive me uh in his red ferrari he loves ferraris he got a bunch of ferraris i think not by just only has one he has a one ferrari which is pretty good ferrari but he loves cars he definitely loves cars but i know he has a ferrari for a fact he’s got a ferrari ferrari ferrari so i would like to meet him so we’re going there yeah don’t expect it to get it on october 13th you’re not gonna get it next tuesday most likely you’re gonna get it like um the week after 13th possibly monday tuesday the 19th or something like that or if you’re lucky i don’t know if you’re lucky enough and the warehouse is nearby you might get it on the 13th you might get it on the on the tuesday you never know oh this is a .747 old man this thing is huge it’s a juggernaut i was able to take off with this plane uh successfully kind of successfully not really super successfully but hey at least we took off we i knew in the air okay it doesn’t matter how i took off the whole point is yes i did damage the i did scratch and scrape the bottom of this plane but hey dude we’re up in the sky it’s all good there’s gonna be a delay for sure guys um and i think i spoke about this and um i was trying not to talk too much about playstation because of all the playstation 5 fanboys coming after me because they think uh i hate consoles i don’t like consoles which is ridiculous statement to make anybody who watches my video especially you old man you know that i don’t hate consoles which is ridiculous i love consoles i still have my playstation 4 pro two of them xbox one x okay but i gotta be honest you know don’t expect your playstation five pre-order to be a guarantee why because this is a different time we’re living in a different time guys this is a this is something we have never experienced before okay this is a different time we live in and um due to this pandemic so many things are being affected by it you know a lot of people got laid off because the companies cannot keep all these people there due to this covet 19 situation so you need more people to manufacture these consoles right and it’s very difficult to manufacture these consoles if you don’t have enough people in the labor to to create these councils to meet the demands of hundreds of millions of people around the world so this will this this will take time guys if you get it in in february or in january

consider yourself lucky but you will get it most likely most likely if there’s a delay and this is honestly i’m not going to [ __ ] you guys this is my honest opinion most likely if it gets delayed on the november 12th which there’s a good good possibility that your playstation 5 will be delayed most likely after thanksgiving december 1st like december 1st you’ll get it the first week of december the second wave the first that’s pretty good man that’s just in time before christmas just in time for the christmas spirit so you get to play your nba 2k and play the spider-man et cetera et cetera right all these games right so most likely you’re gonna get it uh the first week of december same thing could happen with the xbox siriusx but microsoft says that they have that they’re like they have a little bit more like they can meet the demand uh they’ll be able like throughout thanksgiving and all that they’ll be able to meet the demand they’ll be able to ship it but i don’t know that’s what they say that’s what they said about their pre-order right remember their pre-order when they said on september pre-order this date september 21st or whatever at this time we’ll have a bunch of consoles don’t worry so expect to see delays guys expect to see the delays you’re not gonna be playing if you’re lucky if you if you’re lucky enough to get your console on the 12th of uh november then be very grateful be grateful for that be grateful for that oh salt lake city so we’re in utah hold up what am i doing here jesus mr 4k what the hell what did you do mr 4k well if you have a 30 90 man you’re pretty much all set brother with 3090 you’re like you can just rock it all the way man with 30 90 you got nothing to worry about hold on what’s happening here what happened over here what’s going on over here this is a [ __ ] over here hold on i was watching the hercules the other day hercules and um that movie is so fun dude if you’ve never seen a hercules with arnold you gotta go watch hercules but i’m a hercules i don’t need the money what do i need the money for but i’m a hercules hercules does what he does i don’t need to ask for permission i’m a hercules and then um and then the other guy comes in what’s his name um that other bloke that was with him what’s his name um uh god the guy with the glasses with the with the coca-cola glasses he says hey man um you cannot just walk in there you gotta have money i don’t care i don’t need the money i just pushed through i’m a hercules i know but remember i’m not a professional pilot i’m just a geezer who’s trying to hopefully land this thing somehow in seattle unscratched think of me like the guy like what’s lloyd bridges

think of me like a lloyd bridges in the movie called the plane you guys ever seen that movie the plane uh comedy that’s who i am like lloyd bridges which is a jeff bridges father but there is autopilot obviously that’s something i should have done if i really wanted to do it i could have done in the beginning set to autopilot and you know and then let the whole thing fly but i like to do it myself like this i like the challenge i like to move things around man i just love moving things around i just want to fly it like this and we’re going to load the speed down a little bit i’m more like a like a bushman pilot you know the longwood bushman you know with me you’re gonna have a little bit of a bumpy experience you know i like to i like to twerk the plane a little bit you were trying to get a 3080 as a gift for a family um was that family member but yeah man you got scalpers uh scalpers out there trying to get to sell the uh those graphics cards on ebay for i don’t know how much uh what’s the price on ebay right now for thirty ninety three thousand dollars what’s what’s to pull up to how much they’re they’re selling it for three thousand dollars four thousand dollars what’s probably five thousand dollars i don’t know man some wild prices out there um but i think those scalpers they’re helping um helping them in in sony’s and nvidia and microsoft favor because think about it they want people they want the consoles and these graphics cards to be on a high demand they love this let me tell you companies love this [ __ ] they love it they love it they love demand and supply that’s how they make their money man that’s the guarantee for them to have a bread and butter in the next fiscal year in the next whatever 12 months whatever right um so they love this [ __ ] they’re like let these scalpers come in [ __ ] hey let these bots get ready boom hey bots let’s go it’s time so they love this [ __ ] man it sucks for us but then again when was the last time that the big corporation companies care about us when was the last time they care about us they do care about our money you know they want to take our money for sure sure but they don’t really give a [ __ ] about us personally how much was it two thousand oh [ __ ] man but wait a minute that’s the original price right 1500 what’s the original price tag of uh 3090 is it 1200 how much i don’t have the uh explain anymore ever since i got this game i have i have deleted my x-plane and this is what i’m stuck with i’m stuck with this two thousand dollars for a graphics card oh lord that’s an oled tv bro you can get yourself a knowledge get yourself uh oled tv you can get a 55 inch for for that price uh dude i don’t know man forget 30 90 man imagine 30 90 super ah or imagine 3080 super what’s going to be a 1200 bucks

like aftermarket 3080 super evga the best thing to do is wait guys just wait just wait wait wait wait um you know that’s super expensive dude you know money doesn’t grow in trees i don’t know maybe for jeff bezos and elon musk maybe for them money grows on a toilet paper too uh they probably wipe their ass with a hundred dollar bill but for us you know it’s not like it grows oh there it is hundred dollar bill there’s a benjamin come here you know for us it’s uh especially in this economic situation where’s the stimulus check what’s going on with the stimulus come on because this is a [ __ ] over here which is the stimulus check you set this up dylan all of it [ __ ] the cabinet minister you got this and he do duty work to wear a goddamn mask the hell would you do corona i don’t care i don’t drink corona express what is the corona the extra i want my stimulus check you bastard give it to me now i it’s around here somewhere uh but i don’t know how to do it it’s here somewhere i think um it’s here somewhere but uh you have to type it in and all this but i just don’t know how to do that i’m just a clueless joe right now i’m just a clueless clueless let me type something here hh hold on wait wait clear clear no can i go back clear i don’t know i just put e e h e maximum settings maximum maximum excellent settings that’s twelve hundred dollars dude if you get a twelve hundred dollars dude nah you’re good man i think 250 dollars would go for uh maximum settings or let’s say 400 for the entire year that’s not enough you’re going to spend more i think yeah you’re right stimulus check will go for the maximum settings everything’s so expensive dude these days you know i don’t know dude maybe i should just become like along with bushman like he can make me goulash along with bushmen go with these uh what you call them uh i’ve been i’m being followed by uh this is gonna sound weird but there’s this uh uh this organization sorry something in my ear um must have been the wind of god uh there’s this organization uh they’re like a hipsters they’re hippies and they don’t shave they’re all hairy and and they got these hairy chicks you know they don’t shave and [ __ ] it’s like a hippie movement crap uh and they love forest and they’re called [ __ ] the forest org uh and they’re very famous uh for some reason but they’re following me like they even contacted me bro i’m like oh [ __ ] and it’s called fucktheforest.org and they’re just all about you know hey be out in nature you know express yourselves and be nude whatever like hippies and [ __ ] you know like uh the doors jimmy morrison’s style you know [ __ ] like that you know they’ve been following me dude yeah and they they’ve been they contacted me so uh cheers to uh [ __ ] the forest org hiki mimi goulash along with bushmen appreciates that go go go check it out i’m not i’m not kidding dude uh fucktheforest.org oh if you want to see some forest dude scott briggs just type in uh do yourself a favor if you’re if you love forest if you like to go camping in a forest and you don’t do any trimming and you just want to go all out you know you know bushmen style uh go to the fucktoforest.org just go to the factoforest.org so yeah shout out to uh fucktheforest.org you hear that maximum settings i know there’s a little bit of a hipster

in you in canada i know you guys love forest out there so come on out uh i don’t know i think they might be from canada i don’t know where they’re from probably they’re probably from colorado i’m just guessing colorado you know what’s up what the [ __ ] bro we love first bro we don’t shave bruh we stink bruh come on bruh [ __ ] was your ding dong bruh i think my lady likes you bruh look at her for us bruh she wants to grab you come on come on man [ __ ] the tree over there go with my lady i’ll watch come on [Laughter] and then you [ __ ] high on mushrooms and [ __ ] you’re probably gonna [ __ ] whatever dude you’re gonna [ __ ] any kind of tree that’s out there they are like a sasquatch dude it is a sasquatch i don’t know because i was you know what it is man it’s because somebody probably linked my channel to their uh to their website because i’ve been talking about sasquatch you know and i’ve been talking and i created this character higumi goulash along with bushmen i created this character in the nba 2k right nba 2k 21 which i need to finish by the way we got to finish the story of uh hikimi mi goulash maybe we can do it tomorrow finish the story of a higa mimi goulash longwood bushman i need to make him a little bit hairy he needs to grow some hair like a chest hair and [ __ ] uh he’s gonna be hairy uh bastard like you know like a sasquatch so um i think what happened is uh somebody or many out there decided hey let’s uh put uh mr 4k out there with uh all the videos he created about sasquatch coffee vlogs uh this recent video he made live stream he made about uh nba 2k 21 this character called uh hikamimi goulash along with bushman let’s just go ahead let’s just link him to this website called this organization called um fucktheforest.org and next thing you know they’re following me but it could be also it could be somebody else that was involved and i think i know who it is neil cockman dr achman this is all neil cochman’s fault man he did this he’s probably is out there he’s the leader secretly he’s the leader of the uh fucktheforest.org i’m telling you dr achman neil cockman i’m telling you 100 this is all neil cochman’s fault because ever since he started following me i mean when he direct messaged me when neil cockman near dr achman he changed his name to dr achman now when he says hey man i love your screenshots because i did like hundreds of screenshots and i’ve been playing uh the last of us part two 12 days straight 12 days straight and he says hey man i appreciate you love the game this is awesome cool bro this is rad right and ever since he did that something weird happened to my twitter dude it went private there was a lock on it went private all of a sudden people couldn’t message me people couldn’t follow me all kinds of weird [ __ ] started happening and all i was seeing was just neil cockman’s posts everything related to neil cockman just [ __ ] everything dude just the last of us neil cockman dr ackman [ __ ] nonstop so he might be involved with this i’m telling you this is all neil cochman’s fault i know it i just know it i mean he even changed his name to dr achman you know oh he is for sure for sure dude oh this is neil cockman he he’s the messiah he’s the leader he created that whole fucktheforest.org uh pearl jam is in on it i’m pretty sure pearl jam eddie weber’s in it he’s in it in there too somehow you know that’s fine hey we can have a you know lollapalooza you know uh festival fucktheforest.org pearl jam playing there that’s cool fine by me yeah dr mabuse oh [ __ ] there you go

nah jt he’s he’s i don’t know what happened to him he’s just he’s hiding somewhere dude he even speaks my language dude you know he can speak serbo creation so so he has uh that serba creation um he’s slavic just like i am you know but i’m american slavic yeah um what happened with jt is just that he you know he was stupid uh you know like his argument there was no argument you know if i listen listen okay if a fake jt is watching this a fake jt bot is watching this bro i want you to think about this if i had pre-ordered playstation 5 or xbox siriusx and i showed you my invoice that i pre-ordered the playstation 5 or the xbox siriusx then you can say oh he lied to his father all right uh i i couldn’t keep a pledge but that never happened that never happened all i did was create a two videos with joker voice mocking the xbox pre-order the the playstation pre-order and all that but i never really purchased any of them so you have no credibility so like first of all what you did was stupid because there’s no credibility there if i had bought playstation 5 pre-ordered it then you can say okay this guy couldn’t keep his promise he’s full of [ __ ] right he can’t keep his pledge he has no right any kind of integrity but that’s not what happened that’s not what happened so he you [ __ ] yourself dude you know you [ __ ] yourself big time but that’s okay dude uh you can come join me with those other fake accounts but get a remember guys this geezer over here has shut down bunch of channels bunch of channels that match my content bunch of channels that have stolen my videos i have destroyed them in one day one day no one night it happened overnight it was like a navy seals tier viii special forces all the channels are just when they woke up in the morning their channels are gone [Laughter] listen if you want to use my video contact me is it difficult for you to contact me to say hey dude would you mind if i use your video and then i look at your channel and then i let you know okay dude fine if you’re legit if you’re not a thief okay if you’re not a scapler if you’re not one of those [ __ ] stealing people’s videos fine you can use my video but first you need to contact me bro instead look how stupid you are you took my entire video with the same you just copy and paste you recorded my entire video exact same minutes same same seconds you re you took my same video with the same description with the same title exact same title same tags and you think because let me just show to you stay with me guys let me just show you how stupid these guys are they think they are convinced this how stupid they are they think that if they record my video the entire video that i have uploaded right and if they copy and paste the description the tags the uh the title and if they upload that video on their channel that all of a sudden they’re gonna get the same equal views as i did but little do they know these idiots which they are idiots obviously they have no talent they have to steal somebody else’s [ __ ] uh little do they know there’s this thing called algorithm algorithm right doesn’t matter if i take uh pewdiepie’s video and i copy and paste the entire thing that he typed in and i upload that video to my channel guess what

i’m still not going to get those 10 million 20 million 30 million 40 million views do you know why because of the algorithm he’s on that algorithm no matter what he uploads people gonna watch he could be sitting on a toilet for 20 seconds and he’s going to hit 10 million 20 million 30 million views he could be spitting from his mouth for for 20 for 10 seconds and he’s gonna hit 10 million 20 million 20 million views it’s called algorithm so that just shows you how stupid you guys are out there who are doing this stupid [ __ ] what’s up super cool how you doing shark in our campaign yeah it was ridiculous man and they’re so ridiculous and now they’re all crying to me please man please remove the strike please please and you check their channels it’s all [ __ ] they’re stealing [ __ ] from other people they got nothing that they created themselves it’s all stealing other people’s [ __ ] one guy says i’m gonna call my lawyer in germany i said give it give it your best shot dude call you a call your lawyer in germany call your claus jinglai whatever call him give it your best shot see how far you’re gonna go yeah you barely got money you barely got money to pay for maximum settings twenty dollars or twenty euros let alone you for to afford a lawyer a lawyer [Laughter] how did i find out well the youtube let you know youtube tells you hey uh this guy’s stealing a video match content id they have a match content id they know exactly they can look at the algorithm they can see that everything is identical the same exact title the same exact minutes the time the same exact tags the same exact the description on the video the same exact everything okay they pretty much copied everything they couldn’t either so stupid they couldn’t even figure out maybe i shouldn’t put the same title as this guy maybe i should put something different like hickey me jiggy giggity giggy or whatever but they’re so dumb dude like one guy from new delhi india what did you hear from my lawyer i was like oh good i’ll call you a lawyer i don’t know how long it’s gonna take him to fly from india i don’t know maybe he’s gonna be on the elephant taking a ferry all the way from indian ocean up here it’s ridiculous man i just laughed my ass off i just laughed my ass off with these we need idiots and then going back to my point i was talking about um to mamba to mamba man earlier desperado i was talking to mamba man about this current generation that’s why i don’t get it like i don’t get this generation like what are you guys all about you know like what is it that you guys are after what is it that you want everybody wants to have fun i want to have fun everybody wants to have fun that’s not the question here the question is i know what my generation stood for desperado knows what his generation stood for and my father knew what his generation stood for and your father before your father knew what their generation stood for my question to these millennials is what do you stand for what exactly do you stand for what are you all about i don’t know you let me know uh you better do this give us your credit card information oh we’re going to arrest you we’ll come to your home right now right now we are coming you need to give us deposit 500 right now your social security need to be there right now we arrest you now you don’t give us uh how dumb i mean they gotta be you know i don’t know i guess uh i guess they’re hoping that they’re gonna bump into some stupid people and yeah

of course there’s always stupid people right 8 billion people out of 8.4 billion people of course there’s gonna be idiots out there oh really i give you this money and then uh yes yes yes of course there’s gonna be momos there’s gonna be [ __ ] idiots uh out there you know they’re dumber than a second coat of paint they’re like so dumb they wouldn’t even know which side of the pen smells the worst but they’re out there unfortunately they exist they exist right all right we’re 607 miles from seattle from washington state my lawyers here i’m on the elephant shut up elephant you’re making too much noise and then the elephant just kicks him and he falls down stop that i have fallen my back hurts i will fight the complaint again this elephant i will collect the insurance health insurance money from you it’s ridiculous man what’s the cruising uh altitude here i’ll tell you it’s twenty thousand it’s a twenty thousand i think it’s a twenty thousand no thirty thousand thirty thousand man i think we’re 27 000 27 000 my friend so we’re just a little bit slightly above we’re just a little bit above mount everest we’re just a little bit above mount everest look there’s a moon over there there is a moon can you see it there it is it’s so ridiculous man let me tell you what i do guys do yourself a favor you can thank me you can thank me later please you don’t have to thank me now don’t don’t bother thanking me now you can thank me later that’s okay i’ll accept your tanks later when you go to sleep before you go to sleep put that phone on airplane mode put that son of a [ __ ] on the airplane mode airplane mode and you can have a you’re gonna sleep like a baby you’re gonna have the best beauty sleep ever but you make sure you put that son of a [ __ ] on the airplane mode or you can just turn it off i don’t know just turn off your damn phone you can do that that’s the i mean that’s the best solution is just turn the [ __ ] thing off before you go to sleep what that’s what should do oh the twitch is here the twitch will not make you rich did you know that did you know that dr disrespect has learned this the hard way he realized that the twitch will that make you rich unless you bend over and then you twitch the buttocks for the rich how are you man i always shut the [ __ ] off yeah you know what you’re absolutely right scott you’re absolutely right i mean why should i why should i wait for anybody to call me even if it’s an emergency what am i gonna do call 9-1-1 there’s nothing i can do about it i cannot help you dude i’m [ __ ] sleeping what do you want me to do just call 9-1-1 that’s it but um yeah turn the phone off dude turn it off just turn it off turn that [ __ ] off turn that [ __ ] off that’s the new uh that’s the poster in your bed before you go to bed you put the thing on the [ __ ] ceiling a poster that says turn that [ __ ] thing off no turn that [ __ ] off there’s a guy with a phone and he presses the power button and it says turn that [ __ ] off turn that [ __ ] off it’s a good idea man it’s the greatest idea ever what’s up wolverine maniac how are we doing wolverine maniac i met wolverine maniac by the way he didn’t he didn’t go crazy or anything but i met him at uh i met him at the maximum settings that’s where i met him i also met the uh urban i met the urban uh what’s his name uh mr

urban i met him as uh afro-cyborg ninja uh that’s what his name is i think he was there earlier today i remember we live calling from india but i’m in the calculus 45 000 45 000 rupees to to pay you need to give us your information no ma’am you need to understand if we do not get the proper information we cannot process the payment you need to listen listen to me no no listen to me ma’am you need to listen to me listen to me very carefully stop it listen to me you need to give us your impairment now don’t cry don’t pick a cry baby give us your input [Laughter] i know i tell you what next time the spammers and scammers they call me i’m gonna put an arnold uh or a joker either joker or arnold uh voice over you know it’ll be like uh well hello there who am i speaking to hmm are you the mob dealer so tell me can you give me 50 000 dollars in a gift card right now magically to appear in my purple jacket can you do that can you make that trick happen i want to know i would also like to know can you fly with an elephant all the way from india can you do that i want to see you fly with an elephant like a big jumbo jet can you do that i think you can come on you can do it please please make it happen my lawyer is harvey dent harvey dent that’s all i need is just flip a coin you take your chances okay i mean um when i was sitting in the gordon’s cage he flipped a coin and i told him rachel’s on the other side and uh harvey dancing to the other side you have to pick and choose which side to go to i don’t care which one blows up you just pick a side but remember i didn’t do anything i didn’t flip the coin i’m sitting here in the commissioner’s gordon’s cage i had nothing to do with this oh god i think i saw that movie like so many times i don’t i don’t even have to watch it anymore like i’ve seen it so many damn times like i don’t have to watch it it’s all in my head seriously oh don’t start with a hat it all gets fuzzy and then can’t think straight you were doing uh two impressions at the same time today arnold and joker arnold is uh it’s pretty good i was just was it yesterday i was watching um hercules that [ __ ] is so hilarious if you guys haven’t seen hercules you guys are missing out but you need money you need money i’m the hercules i don’t need no money who do we need the money for the hercules doesn’t need because he was younger he talked a little bit softer when he was younger in 1970s i’m a hercules i don’t need to spend the money to do what the photo for do i need the money for i’m a hercules uh it’s right now let me see it’s 1 23 am dude are we gonna make it in time jesus christ for uh i don’t think we’re gonna make it bro we’re not gonna land to seattle dude it’s too far i’m gonna fall asleep and crash i’m gonna crash right on to uh jeff bezos mansion hercules hercules go where he wants to go i don’t need the money i’m a hercules and then he meets that girl and he tells that girl do you know what you remind me of you remind me of the goddess you’re with the goddess the the goddess

he used to know now with today we’re gonna have a sex to the winner of the intercoast yeah the hercules once the intercourse tonight doesn’t matter what you say i want it tonight tonight i want the intercourse yeah he’s gotta watch the hercules in new york man is it hercules in new york yes a hercules in new york that [ __ ] is so hilarious that [ __ ] movie uh i knew that this guy i mean anybody who saw that movie knew this is it man this is a a national treasure people should i mean everybody knew when they saw him this guy is a national treasure and we’re going to keep this national treasure here and he did he was a national treasure i mean everything after that terminator predator running man all the movies twins whatever hgig you mean uh you talk about that hdr well some games some games that i say some games some video games support it not all of them i think call of duty is the only one that i know of the rambo i’m kind of getting tired of sylvester stallone honestly i am the lord i don’t know he’s just i don’t know man it’s just it’s always the same thing you know you know it’s always i think he needs to take a break i mean i don’t know he’s just he’s old man he’s just too old dude it’s just old it’s okay man you don’t have to play an action here all the time sly you can play uh grandpa or you can play a dramatic character come on man there’s gotta be something else dude not this superhero all the time man the superhero action hero mentality you know bro you’re old five years from now you’re gonna be 80 bro 80 years old come on man come on man come on come on man i’m 80 years old i can be a president until i’m 90. come on man this guy has a fly sitting on his hair come on man shut up man come on man you’re fake news you’re fake thick sleepy joe thick i’m the best thing ever arnold well well from what i have heard from what i have heard is um from what i have heard in all seriousness guys cover 19 and i blow the wind of god what was that the ken kaplan ken kaplan whatever the [ __ ] name is he says burn this thing i will bring the heat wave straight out of hell burn this thing this [ __ ] guy man what a and pure entertainment dude oh and they all doing this burn this thing imma bring the heat wave straight out of hell burn this thing [ __ ] guy oh man crazy america gotta love it dude say what you want about the united states america love it or hate it you can’t deny it you want to [ __ ] it you won’t have a piece of it you want to melt yourself in it you want to have sex with it can deny it you can hate it you can [ __ ] on it you can piss on it you can say whatever you want to say but one thing you want a piece of it you want to get your dick wet with a red white and blue star spangled banner right the wind of god it is really i mean entertainment man i mean pure entertainment here in this country uh and it’s been

for for for 250 years uh i mean when you when you look at this country and just all the original [ __ ] man just [ __ ] came from here all the most original [ __ ] i was here you know what our forefathers have created they created the greatest experiment that the mankind has ever experienced i mean really they they knew what they were doing maybe they were influenced by aliens maybe that’s why they were able to put up with uh the great british empire and separate from great british empire um the aliens came down and they said hey listen george washington john adams listen to me guys um this experiment it’s gonna work don’t worry it’s gonna work it’s gonna work just make it make it you’re gonna start small 13 states don’t worry but then it’s going to expand it’s going to expand into 50 states and russia will sell you happily the alaska don’t worry and you’re going to get yourself a nice little island in the middle of a pacific yeah it all worked out it all worked out it all worked out 250 years man it all worked out like i said love it or hate it think what you want to think there’s no greater place than this come on man let’s be honest man where are you gonna find this kind of excitement this kind of entertainment that’s kind of like nah i’m not gonna find it anywhere else man come on and everywhere else is gonna be boring same old same old boring boring no no you want the excitement thank you twitch i appreciate that you do man but first i got a juice of god here the juice of god kevin thing corona express dude guys i’m not kidding yesterday at the beach i’m not kidding i saw a guy ride a bicycle with other bicycles other people riding a bicycle now keep in mind everyone else was wearing a mask but this guy was riding a bicycle but he had a t-shirt on without a mask without a mask he had a t-shirt on that says corona extra i’m not kidding dude this guy was with the groups of people luckily they were wearing a mask but this guy didn’t wear a mask this guy was riding that uh that bicycle information all the other bicycles and uh he had a t-shirt that says a dirty dirty dirty t-shirt that says corona extra and he’s not wearing a mask i should have taken a i should have taken a photo but you know i don’t want to get copyright infringement you know you can’t take photos of individuals without their consent they have to approve that so um obviously i couldn’t do it but uh i’m not kidding for real i saw i was like only in florida like florida man you heard about the florida man right only in florida florida is the craziest place ever i know i’ve been here for a long time now i’ve seen all kinds of craziness man and you did you even in the movies like it wouldn’t work people wouldn’t like zahna’s [ __ ] in florida anything goes man uh especially especially when you go to the central part of florida like ocala just a little bit east of ocala west of daytona beach uh east of tampa oh kiss me just down south of uh orlando buena vista oh my goodness oh oh man even the aliens will not be able to save you or resurrect you hold on hold on we’re gonna crash well thank you twitch man i’m glad that it that it helped you know that’s that’s what i do guys i’m not a professional and nor do i claim i always tell to people you know i’m not like yes i have knowledge to a certain degree

about televisions i study i learn now i don’t have the knowledge the way vincentio does like vincentio that’s what he does for living that’s his bread and butter okay he takes a shower with a television okay he lives and breeds televisions but i study and i learn and i know i know i know certain basics of televisions you know i know how panel works how it’s made of uh what it can do what its pros and cons stuff like that but the whole point with me and my videos is to share the settings for you guys to try it out you know i always tell people hey if you don’t like my settings but say they’re wrong settings i said how can my settings be wrong if they are my preference no but they’re wrong i said no no no they’re my preference you can’t tell me that my preference is wrong because it’s my preference and i’m sharing my preference no dude you don’t understand it’s wrong i said no dude you don’t understand it’s my preference and like i can go back and forth back and forth back and forth it never ends like dude how can my my preference be wrong it’s my preference you don’t have to agree with it but it’s my preference it’s what i prefer and i’m sharing it but no dude you’re wrong your settings all trash it’s wrong [Laughter] yeah central florida is beautiful i agree but the the worst part of miami oh do yourself a favor never go to west miami at night unless you’re packing some serious heat um west miami dude it’s like a homicide central now baltimore it’s the highest capital of homicides yes i know chicago right now it’s catching up to it it used to be washington heights but uh baltimore right now i mean it’s just it’s like a homicide capital but here in florida i would say west miami is just ridiculous man uh the homicides that they got down there is just ridiculous super dangerous like there would be shootouts man like middle of the streets like like bullets flying around [ __ ] man like a [ __ ] war zone uh that’s west miami you got jamaicans uh gang you got colombian gang you got mexicans gangs those 13s whatever they call them el salvador oh that’s the el salvador 13 uh ms-13 right el salvador you got those guys you got uh what else you got let me see uh you got cubans in there cuban skins um haitians you got haitians in there jamaicans jamaicans are pretty badass i gotta tell you haitians too but jamaicans are pretty badass and then you got obviously all this other [ __ ] drug dealers and drug cartels and [ __ ] like that and so it’s pretty [ __ ] bad and then of course you got these uh white supremacists you got these bugaloo boys you got kkk you got all these other [ __ ] um so it’s a one big goulash of [ __ ] in west miami um so don’t go to west miami dude don’t go there just don’t go there like same thing with los angeles east l.a obviously you’ve got to be careful where you go in east l.a uh campton southampton obviously you don’t want to go there washington heights obviously in new york uh you gotta be careful there too baltimore yeah super [ __ ] extra careful in baltimore chicago yeah of course uh suburbs of chicago be careful there too uh those are the hot spots like you know hot spots for sure philadelphia sure philadelphia too but it’s still baltimore beats philadelphia i know people say well what about philadelphia yes i know that the homicide there is pretty high up too but uh baltimore is definitely it’s there brooklyn’s doing good brooklyn’s really cleaned up pretty good man brooklyn’s now uh it’s like an art city a lot of artists a lot of actors a lot of musicians brooklyn’s doing good brooklyn’s actually doing pretty good man you know once upon a time brooklyn was like uh

very dangerous next to harlem next to harlem obviously in washington heights but brooklyn’s doing um he’s doing pretty good man things have changed around oh yeah they’re out there man they’re out there you know i mean but a majority of the law enforcement uh that when they go there it’s uh unmarked cars you know they’re all like uh in military gear unmarked uh majority they’re like a special weapons and tactics uh units anti-gang units sometimes the federals will be asked to come in you know you would have a federal you know agents going there and these are highly trained federal agents they would go in there and they would crack down on these gangs because they’re very dangerous they’re using all kinds of resources you heard about a teflon right some of them they use the teflon bullets teflon bullets means they can go through uh the kevlar the bulletproof vest so you know uh i always support law enforcement because i know how difficult that job is and i had a lot of friends in law enforcement and i respect them so much because i understand how difficult that job is for the little that they get paid like 40 grand a year even 50 grand a year it’s still nothing versus the uh the danger that they have to deal with especially now the danger is all time [ __ ] high uh you know i mean but i have a lot of respect for uh law enforcement all of the agents uh i have a lot of respect for them because i know how difficult that job is man i know how dangerous that job is you can relax on that job you gotta have eyes all over behind you left of you right of you above you you gotta have eyes everywhere you gotta be observant 100 percent uh you have to be good at coordinating uh certain missions certain um tactics that you have to use to uh to catch these criminals in these organized criminal crime gangs out there that they’re out there they’re very organized you guys would be surprised how organized these [ __ ] are you’ll be super [ __ ] surprised how organized these [ __ ] are and they’re dangerous of course they are 100 percent i’m not gonna say they tell you they’re not but uh again the federal agents the u.s marshals state police local law enforcement deputies obviously we got the bigger guns we got the better resources we got better intelligence therefore we will always catch you it’s not a matter of if it’s when so but it’s a dangerous job you know that’s why i respect law enforcement so much that’s why i have so much respect for soldiers law enforcement federal agents because i know how difficult that job is i know some of them i have friends who are you know doing this kind of a work undercover and helping out other agencies and stuff like that so you know but it’s also important it’s also important to uh to hold those responsible you know the bad cops to make the good cops look bad to hold them responsible to hold them accountable that’s very important too okay because nobody hates bad cops more than the good cops they hate bad cops because they make them look bad for everything that they put their life on the line to risk everything on the line okay to protect and serve the communities and the last thing they want to see it’s a bad cop out there you know and that comes with the accountability and it’s also important remember the explorer the explorer program i like the explorer program you know the explorer program is when um the kids who are attracted to the gangs usually there was this program called the explorer that was part of the like los angeles police department lapd nypd other departments where they would help these kids these juveniles that

would help them and they would like give him the option of education what is your passion what do you want to be do you want to be a police officer some of them end up being police officers from trying to join the gangs and then they became the police officer because of the explorer program that helps them get the education go on the community college and from the community college you can get into police academy for how many years how many months 12 months whatever uh so i missed the explorer program that was a cool thing it’s also important to work with the community man okay community working with the community is very key thing uh working with with people okay yes there’s bad neighborhoods but there’s good people living there not everyone’s a criminal in the bad neighborhood yes these these gangs and these criminals they hide there they’re hiding there but at the same time there’s good people out there who are trying to make ends meet who are trying to make a living go to college go to community college you know do something with their life so it’s important for the law enforcement to have the good relationship with uh community community like in these bad neighborhoods it’s a very key thing very important thing as well to to have that relationship to keep that relationship of trust you know the relationship of trust the key word is the trust you know but i don’t see politicians talk about this i don’t see none of them even in that debate yesterday i don’t see none of them talk about that i don’t see celebrities talk about that i know law enforcement i work with them i know deputies i know some of the federal agents i even know some secret service agents too i’m not going to tell you who they protect but i know law enforcement and i know how difficult this job is i i wrote i wrote a shotgun okay i signed that paper and everything a couple of nights through some bad neighborhoods i know how bad it gets i’ve seen some very crazy [ __ ] man okay um so what i’m trying to say is this we all as community gotta work together police officers are human beings they have families they wanna come home they wanna play video games they wanna go out fishing they wanna you know be with their families with their friends they wanna watch football they want to enjoy life okay i know the uniform sometimes looks intimidating that gear looks intimidating i know i get it but they’re human beings but we gotta work and uh work together trust the trust is the key accountability 100 the bad cops needs to be held accountable for their actions but the key thing is trust politicians cannot fix this we working together as community the guy delivering the packages the local law enforcement the sheriff the deputies the fire department uh the fire rescue all of us working together the garbage man picking up the garbage all of us gotta work together earn the trust this is society we all gotta work with each other that’s how this works that’s how you lower down the crime rate that’s how you lower down the poverty it’s us working together and when we all work together guess what we can put and elect somebody from that community start them first in the local government county and then move up to the state senate and from the state senate they can go run for the president but this is how things work honestly i don’t look at me like this yes i studied political science okay but not that i agree with everything on the political science that i’ve studied but there’s a better ways to handle this and i honestly believe that these leaders that we have they don’t know how to fix this they can fix it because they’re out of touch with reality let me repeat it one more time you need boots on the ground you need to understand what’s going on in the cities you need to understand what’s going on in the suburbs of the cities you need to understand what’s going on in the societies in order for you to fix the problem these politicians they don’t know how to fix it because

they they are out of touch out of touch with reality they don’t know they live in their big villas they’re flown by secret service with biggs airplanes protected constantly in their limos the foods being cooked for them they don’t have to do anything they don’t know what it’s like to to struggle they’re out of touch with reality same thing with these celebrities out of touch with realities living with their little the big mansions in the safe neighborhoods guys you need somebody who’s boots boots on the ground who understands people i understand people i understand you i know what you’re going through i feel your pain i know what you’re going through they don’t feel your pain they don’t know what you’re going through they can’t possibly feel your pain so if you think that magically whoever goes in the office next year if you think that magically your life’s going to improve your neighborhood’s going to improve that’s very childish that’s very ignorant no nothing’s going to change it’s going to be status quo as always because they’re career politicians anybody who wants to be a politician means they want to be in power means they’re selfish they only care about themselves they don’t care about you they care about themselves because if you want to be a career politician or a career a lobbyist for 40 years in a senate right do i need to mention who this individual is okay if you are that type of a person do you really think that this individual as soon as he’s elected as soon as he becomes sworn in becomes a president and with a nice parade and everything do you honestly think that your problems there will be solutions constantly just like that no they can’t fix that and they’re not going to fix that they don’t want to fix it you know hold on we i got i’m going the wrong way man hold on now look at me i’m a nobody right just a regular guy yeah i’ve seen some stuff i’m originally from bosnia right i’ve seen [ __ ] i’ve been through war i’ve seen all kinds of crazy stuff i experience all kinds of stuff i’ve been stabbed i’ve been shot i i know what it feels like when the bullet goes through your leg you feel that burn i know what it’s like when you get stabbed i know what it’s like when you get punched really hard and your eyes shut and you you know you can’t you can’t hear nothing and your eyes are shut i know what it’s like i’ve been through through a lot of [ __ ] in my life but we need somebody who understands what it’s like to go through suffering what it’s like to been there done that live there struggle through it that’s who you need somebody who understands somebody who understands what you’ve been through i don’t think we’ll be able to to make it are we hold on hold on a second let me see i know it is we’re gonna have to bring him down a little bit guys we’re gonna have to bring him down a little bit this point is thinking too much stress scott briggs yeah i think we’re lost a little bit i think we are but don’t worry i’ll figure something out i’m mark watney i’ll figure this i’ll science the [ __ ] out of it i’m gonna science the [ __ ] out of it hold on oh my god oh lord wait a minute we can do something here hold on oh we totally screwed down oh lord

uh oh that’s it guys that’s it fellas we’re screwed now this this is gonna end up badly hold on jesus christ all right scott yeah man i don’t think i’m gonna make it i don’t think i’m gonna make this bro it’s too late bro it’s too late it’s too late for me to make it till seattle we’ll make it in i don’t know wyoming i’m surprised that i was even able to lift this son of a [ __ ] this boeing 747 it’s been three hours and a half oh my [ __ ] god dude dude i gotta get out of here man i got a parachute i’ll tell you what a [ __ ] dude i’m gonna do something that has never been done before i’m gonna do it i’m gonna land this [ __ ] in wyoming that’s it i’m gonna land this [ __ ] right now here we go i’m gonna land this [ __ ] that’s it did i hold on we’re gonna land the son of a [ __ ] we’re gonna land the son of a [ __ ] don’t worry about it this would be like a prometheus landing put the flaps flaps flaps flaps flap the [ __ ] out of this here we go flaps get them flaps oh lord what are we doing here this is a nightmare oh my god dude are you guys watching this holy [ __ ] are we gonna do this oh my god this is insanity i’m gonna park it over here watch i’m gonna practice son of a [ __ ] over here this looks like a nice little landing strip over here oh my god my lord have mercy all right guys i need you to call your next of kin i need you to contact your families and tell them how much you love them and record a message before it’s too late and uh because uh i can’t guarantee you that uh we’re gonna safely land the son of a [ __ ] oh god so uh this is it contact your families and tell them how much you love them tell them all the dirty secrets and now’s the time to come out of the closet this is it this is the wind of god right now this is the wind of god right now oh my god oh look some kind of a base over here dude we might get lucky oh my goodness hold on hold on i’ll tell you what i’m gonna do check this out check this out look what i did i shut off the engine i shut off the engine dude now we’re gliding now we’re gliding this is crazy dude hold on dude this is insanity i can’t believe i’m doing this see that the engines are off we’re just gliding right now oh my god listen to the sound listen to the sound this is crazy oh my god hold on let me zoom in a little bit i can’t believe i’m doing this i can’t believe i’m doing this is this even possible scott

can you even do this in real life captain sully yes i can do this man let’s go let’s go come on captain sully it’s not that difficult you can do it you can do this you can do it i know i know we’re slowly descending down but i know you can do it it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay if denzel washington can turn the uh airplane upside down and land we can do this too come on my god you guys got to stick around for this man don’t leave yet you guys you guys got to see what happens man this is the best part the ending you made it this far you might as well just see what happens at the end bro exactly if if sully can land it on the water damn it mr 4k can land on the mountain i just know i can do it and i will do it there’s a river over there dude my god let me turn the sound so you guys can hear it listen oh my god are you this is crazy this is insanity i don’t know what to say right now i know good god that’s it i’m never gonna fly after this my license will be revoked forever goodness gracious oh lord you got this bro don’t don’t just feel bad it’s not that bad i know it looks bad but it’s really in reality it’s just you know you can do this trust everybody on board guys did you call you next of kin did you call your next of kin thank you mamba at least you made my passengers feel a little bit better i hope everybody called the next of kin because uh i don’t know how successful we’re gonna be with this but i’ve seen prometheus landing so many times if they can land on that forbidden planet by god mr 4k can land on this thing too by the way this is utah in case you guys are wondering thank you desperado it’s been a pleasure man it’s a shame i’d never get a chance to finish the crisis uh less buggy crisis but thank you so much it’s really great knowing you guys everybody thank you so much it’s been really uh a

pleasure and jesus oh my god jesus christ whoa wow oh my god guys we did it what what a good way to end this we did it like my friend cameron d says any landing where you can walk away alive it’s a good landing not bad come on guys let’s pop the uh let’s champagne somebody open champagne let’s go we gotta celebrate god damn it it’s okay guys delete those uh dirty secrets uh that you left a message your your relatives are probably sleeping they’re not gonna see it delete all the dirty [ __ ] you said all the secrets you said you can come back to the closet don’t come out of the closet um it’s okay uh we’re all alive we are all alive we made it and so it’s a good thing this is my what’s my this is my fifth landing is it my fifth safe landing hey guys this is pretty good i was able to lift this boeing 747 and i was able to land him safely 747 this big jumbo jet i think i did okay i know this parado it’s okay i deleted it for you i can do it from a cockpit here i deleted it so it’s all good man it’s fine we’re good i’m happy i’m happy for everybody um don’t worry we got the uh we’ll have to wait for them the cavalry to show up here they need to bring a truck with a big ladder so that you guys can safely come down from this airplane but don’t worry everything’s cool the engine is turned off the fuel is shut off from we’re all good to go here we can just kick back relax i’m gonna turn the electricity on so the air condition can work and then we’ll wait for the cavalry to show up and then you guys just go in these little sliding shoots you know those little sliding shoots and the fire rescue pick you up or they might bring a ladder with a fire rescue or probably the shoot they’ll put you in the chute and you come down and and then they take you to the hospital to check you out to make sure you’re not hurt or anything like that they’ll collect your luggage you’ll take some time they’ll fix you up in a hotel the airliners will pay for the hotel will get your luggage your luggage will be safe don’t worry about it everything’s taken care of mr 4k airliner here it’s all right [Laughter] definitely a lawsuit for me too there’s gonna be the commission here there’s gonna be a hearing definitely there’s gonna be a hearing i’ll have to go before uh what you call the faa and i’ll have to go before them i’ll have to talk you know tell them what happened i’ll tell him yes i did drink some some corona extra but you know no this is vodka actually this is vodka but this vodka with the orange juice it helped me it helped me park this thing safely so this orange juice with vodka really helped me so guys it’s been a pleasure i can’t believe it’s been 3 hours and 40 minutes uh this is not my first time that i’ve done one of those late late night live streams but it’s kind of cool to do it sometimes late like this uh i had a great time we talked about a lot of stuff we talked about colorado we talked about the wilderness we talked about uh you know the crime and and law enforcement all the other stuff and all the you know just think about my live streams you never know which way it’s gonna go kind of starts slow and then it picks up and you know i think the good parts of my pot i mean not podcast the good good parts of my live stream it’s usually after the first 30 40 minutes and then it shifts into second gear third degree third gear fourth gear fifth gear but hey we made it

hallelujah the wind of god saved us can kaplan save this the wind of god he blow the wind of god and here i am here we are not a scratch all good safe sound let me check the scratches no scratches everything’s good man everything’s good everything’s good all right guys i’ll see you i’ll see you today i’ll see you today maybe with a crisis who knows what i’m going to see you with maybe i’m going to drive a train maybe i’m going to drive a train can you believe that mr 4k driving a train some people have been asking me do mr volkey i couldn’t even drive a train so i don’t know if the train’s going to take me to the chappa maybe i don’t know we’ll see but i never tried a train simulator i don’t know people have been begging me for a train simulator come on you can do it you know all right guys see you today thank you for being here always a pleasure mamba desperado uh scott twitch everybody mr urban everyone who came in here thank you man appreciate it so much old man thank you and i’ll see you i’ll see you today cheers we landed safely that’s all that matters i’ll see you guys love you all be good see you today

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