Love or career? Which one should you choose? So I’m going to open up to you guys a little bit about my relationships It’s like I accepted my faith. I’m gonna be a “matandang dalaga”, I told my mom Hey, guys! Welcome back to my channel! It’s Miss Kay Krizz In celebration of love month, we are going to talk about love and the flight attendant career on this video So just keep on watching As always, before we start, we are going to give a book shout out on this video just to thank everybody who bought my book and give a shout out to you guys So this is from Claire’s Clara sent me a photo of her and the book very recently thank you so much for getting the book flowers and another one amazing photo guys is from one Carla Navarro he made a little like photo shoot Peggy Happiny with the with the book the book is there he’s holding the book and is on the stairs and oh my gosh such a sick caption as well we shouldn’t be limited by the decisions we made in the past life is an open door and the future has unlimited opportunities hashtag ready for takeoff thank you one Carlo for the shout out or for the photo yeah I love it so if you guys want to get the book it’s available on Sharpie and also available through the link below on the description box if you are not from the Philly and before we start this video I just like to invite you guys to my workshop it’s happening on March 2 in greenbelt one maxis restaurant I’m going to be teaching you guys how to formulate your own answers or the interview how to tackle different interview questions how to deliver your answers I’m going to be there to give you feedback and polish the way you deliver your answers for your interview so I hope that you can join us and you can register and save a seat now it’s 3,000 pesos per seat and if you register now the first 15 registrants will get a free ready for take off the book so go ahead and take advantage of that promo the links will be down below now let’s go ahead and start the video so this video I wanted to talk about the different pieces of love that I experienced while being a flight attendant you know my different relationships so I’m going to open up to you guys a little bit about my relationships and how it was having a relationship and being a flight attendant is it difficult what challenges is I experienced and what lessons I have learned in the end so I’m gonna take you back to 2009 when I was just I know I was just a fresh graduate and I I just passed the board exam and but at that time I had a boyfriend my ex-boyfriend at times I was so in love and I was young I didn’t know any better so every time that I would go and try to think about being a flight attendant I already stopped myself there I didn’t even try because I’m so happy with the relationship I didn’t want to leave him behind didn’t even think about it even though in my heart I know that that could be a career for me that’s so exciting I know what to try it but I didn’t I just stopped myself because at that time I believed that I could choose love or I could choose career so I choose to love at the time it’s so cheesy right so later on that relationship we had arguments and things like that you know I was still yeah and then when you found out that I would stop myself from applying because I didn’t want to jeopardize our relationship it actually told me nah where is your self-respect why wouldn’t you why wouldn’t you do that for yourself don’t do things for me and do things for yourself think about me if you have any self-respect you should be thinking about yourself and your career how could you be a better person and you should really go for that job and don’t don’t let anything a relationship stand in the way of that and that was actually yeah wake-up call so honestly at that time I was angry at him for telling me this but it rings true in reality it was one of the reasons I’m stopping myself and I shouldn’t be stopping myself because if

are not were strong we will try to make it work even though I will be working abroad or I would be working as a flight attendant and and he wouldn’t be working it you know I was still a student but yeah that’s what happened that’s the first struggle I had with love and the career of a flight attendant that’s the first question I had in mind should I choose one well actually you shouldn’t choose one you can have both of them it’s possible okay so anyway so fast-forward two years I was a call center agent and I’m working in a pinko industry and then I started dating this guy and at the same time at the beginning of our relationship I was also applying with different airlines and I got hired with pal Express and I said that knowing to go for it so it’s okay with it I did my training in Manila the good thing is that I am based in Cebu so those are this is also one of the reasons that I chose working for PAL Express instead of pal which is funny because if you know pal is a much better airline to work for in mind in my opinion because so many benefits and it’s the flag carrier I just didn’t have the patience to wait for my final interview and I already accepted the job offer at this other company because I was thinking yeah I need to work and also I love that we are based in cities so that happens I wasn’t regretting them decisions though because I was able to stay in Cebu it was such a pleasant experience lying for PAL Express Cebu hug because we’re all like just a little family there and all the time with my boyfriend it was nice because he was in Cebu I was in Cebu every time that I finished my work we have time to to go on a date to hang out to celebrate anniversaries but I wasn’t always there during Saturdays and Sundays which is his day off from work and my my work day sometime so it all worked out because we are both very I think we are both very kind of personality you know we we can we can survive without being together 24/7 and so that’s the kind of relationship that we have it’s like parallely like Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory and this girlfriend so that’s kind that’s the kind of relationship that we had so we lasted for so long until such time that I have to go to almond air and I was kind of like a sad because I was afraid that long-distance relationship doesn’t work and shouldn’t work but this time I decided to go for it because I was already 27 years old at that time and I was thinking if I’m gonna do this I have to do this now I can’t delay it anymore because the age limitations you know I don’t have kids yet so this is the perfect time for me to fly international good thing is that time my boyfriend at that time is very supportive and was able to you know be supportive of me and he was okay with me going abroad and we try and work things out on the long distance relationship so I went flying international all my dreams came true I am so happy but the thing is after some time after two years of flying and the long-distance relationship it was not working out for us there the relationship and in my opinion was not working out for us because when the time comes that I said I wanted to do this and then I wanted to start the business want to do this we weren’t on the same page so it’s very important that if you’re in a long-distance relationship you both are in the same page and you have goals to work on and you have you planned vacation trips together and things like that because sometimes what happens is that you will grow apart and that’s what happened to us sadly that’s what happened to us maybe it was just not meant to be and maybe it was my fault and my boyfriend that I was such a nice person without my Sasabe he’s the best he is supportive is so bad it’s just that me I see that we are going in the different ways in our lives and I didn’t want him to change just because I want to change you know I wanted to be intrapreneur you want to be a businesswoman and you know some people it’s really challenging to do that and in my experience also when I became a businesswoman it’s like oh my god this is really difficult so I wouldn’t expect that for anybody else to go through that just for me so I said no I don’t want you to change you just keep being new it’s just best for us to separate ways so even though he didn’t

wanted to happen he let me have my way it was so so good to me you’re watching this you are so good to me it’s not your fault it’s all my fault okay so my experience is just one example some people in the industry they do end up together like a lot of people who are couples ended up together getting married most of them go back to the Philippines to stop working and some of them the man their boyfriends will go to a man or to the Middle East and find work there and start living their life abroad so I please they’re together and also they can travel together so they have the same goals so those those are the elements that will help you keep the love alive keep the relationship strong if you both are trying to go to the same place so yeah I guess that’s why some of my friends their relationships are strong they ended up there marrying each other and having family either in the Philippines or abroad together so that’s the pathway that you can see if you are all going to be on a long-distance relationship with your partner and some people that when they make it work they get married but still they’re in a long-distance relationship the husband is in the Philippines and the wife is in the Middle East it’s all about trust and you know with each other now you can trust each other you know it’s gonna work out and if you have the desire to make it work out it will work out so that’s what happened suddenly for me it didn’t happen that way I started going into the pressure at that time I was already 29 years old when we separated in all honesty I didn’t want to break up the relationship because of course sentiment you’re feeling sentimental about it and you feel the love for the other person and at the same time you feel like I’m gonna be real with you guys there’s a definite fear of being alone dying alone I was thinking oh my god in a few weeks I’m gonna be 30 years old and I’m gonna be 30 and I’m gonna die alone I’m never gonna find someone to love we are never gonna find a husband and I’m gonna die alone so it was scary and it could be like one of those reasons that’s telling me don’t break off the relationship with my ex that time because I didn’t want to be a no but I thought it wasn’t fair for the other person but that’s the only reason that I didn’t wanna break up their relationship it’s kind of selfish and for me the the best thing to do is set each other free I would die alone it’s okay I will die in misery if that’s meant to be and but I have to be true to myself I have to be true the other person that I think we’re not going on the same path we’re not on the same page maybe it’s not the best relationship so I made the choice to break it off then I became miserable because yeah of that fear I was really miserable that I wouldn’t find the right person for me and things like that so I just shook it off it’s like I accepted my faith I’m gonna be a mat and on the luck I told my mom I told me uncool my cold my mom I told me I’m gonna be an underdog I’m gonna die alone have a room for me nice things like that and also I have because I would be you know it was difficult for me to have kids that my doctor said at that time it would be difficult for me to have kids because of my polycystic ovarian syndrome so it’s okay I’m gonna be a hard woman so I choose to be alone I chose to really look into myself and honestly guys I went into depression that time I was happy with my job but I was depressed because something is wrong something is not right within me so I realized now looking back that it was necessary for me to go through that transition phase to be really true to myself and through the peace through to the people around me of how I feel not just because I don’t want to hurt their feelings I have to stand up for myself because for all those years that I wasn’t standing up for myself it all came down to that depression and then it triggered a spiritual journey for me I started learning about emotional wounds and I tried to heal myself so so really step by step trying to do meditation and yoga and figuring out what happened in my life and all those hurt feelings that I’ve been holding on since the beginning of time the unprocessed grief and

so I guess it all worked out for the best after a year of you know seeing someone for coffee and things like that and not really working out I was able to finally focus on getting my business started even without without my even me nuts in the Philippines I was desperate to get it started because if you watch my last video you wouldn’t know what happened I almost got fired so I really wanted to start a business I really wanted to have a real estate property before the opportunity you know disappears so I took advantage of my position as a job on my job as a flight attendants take loans and good loans at that meaning the loans paid for itself so that’s another story go ahead and check out my other video more that sorry but yeah the odd thing though the odd thing that happened is during this time I was single I was focused on my career on YouTube and building my business I would date every once in a while and then suddenly then I met John I wasn’t really expecting anything of this state we started dating and we could oh my god we have the same goals for our lives we wanted to have kids you want some businesses we want to live far from the city and you know prepare for the end of days those are dating convos I remember so killing but yeah oddly enough guys things work out themselves if you work on yourself first I already accepted my fate of being spinster that nine and then suddenly John came along and then everything was was happy but it’s not all rainbows and roll says because I’m still working as a flight attendant there’s still the thing that I have to do a long-distance relationship with him if we really wanted to work things out with the both of us so we did the long-distance thing for some time and it was it was fine this time it was really clean question display that if you’re watching this I’m sorry we were really clingy at the beginning we were like doing video calls 24/7 and he would be upset if I would sleep because I was sleeping I can’t video call him he would realize in the end God has been working on the things that you have been praying for again so I was praying those times when I was depressed I was praying that if I would have an life that I really loved I really wanted to be a mom I really that’s my number one priority I really want to experience being a mom and having a business I’m okay with being a flight attendant I’ve already experienced it it’s a cool job but I’m okay to let it go so in the end looking back at it everything happened just just as how I prayed for God it to happen maybe not the most ideal situation but it did happen you know I was thinking I will never have kids but then I got pregnant so it was a blessing and I thank God every day that it happened and despite having because despite having Oh age those things despite having all these objections that you think that you can’t have what you really want in life in the end if you just be true to yourself and stand up for yourself on who you really are inside the world has a way of working itself out for you so such a long story guys love my career which one should we choose I’m here to tell you guys that you don’t have to choose once it will all be given to you it’s in all perfect timing you can have it all just one at a time okay so don’t have to worry don’t have to stress if you’re thinking like I have to let go of my love life and focus on career you know how it’s it’s really not that way guy so just be happy on what season you are in your life right now respect your season and enjoy the most of it because then the next season will come and you might think that ah I missed the other season because I was so stressed that season so you will miss all the beauty of it now that I am focused on my family and I’m not working

anymore as a flight attendant I do still miss being a flight attendant in all honesty but you know what I am so happy to be here and so happy I’m just so grateful to be able to produce a child I’m so grateful to be able to do what I really love to do which is doing business and doing you too you know my blogs my right B and all of these things so I hope that you find inspiration in this video I know it’s a long video so I’m gonna end it now once again I would like to invite you guys to join me I’m going to host workshop this coming March too it’s called the interview success workshop and I’m going to teach you guys how to formulate your own answers for interview questions and how to deliver them we’re gonna practice polish the way you deliver your answers for the interview itself so I hope that you’ll be able to join me go ahead and register now the links will be on the description box below if you have any other questions about love and relationships maybe I could be your doctor love doctor love and I’ll give my best to give advice to you guys but thank you so much for being here I really appreciate it give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and subscribe to this channel and I will see you guys on the next one bye with you soon bye

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