Night Journey Planning Hwang Gi-seong Original novel Kim Seung-ok Adaptation Kim Gi-pal Scenario editor Hong Pa Assistant directors Kim Ho-sun, Ju Yeong-jung Cinematography Kim Deok-jin Assistant cinematographer Jung Pil-si Lighting Cha Jung-nam Assistant gaffer Ahn U-bong Music Jeong Yoon-joo Photograph Yang ki-zoo Prop Master Lee Sang-gu Editing Ree Kyoung-ja Developing Korea Color Film Lab Sound Recording Hanyang Studio Effect Choi Hyung-rai Yoon Jeong-hee Shin Seong-il Ju Jeung-ryu, Choe Hoe-yeong Choi Kil-ho, Yang Il-min Lee Ill-woong, Lee Ja-young Joo Hyun, Kim Hong-ji Producer Kim Tai-soo Director Kim Soo-yong Good morning You’re here early – Mr. Park? – Yes, sir If Dongbang doesn’t make the payment today, file them as bankrupt Yes, I think we’ll have to do that Yes Number 39, please Hello, sir About the payment Well, I’ve told you many times already The bank can’t extend the deadline anymore Yes, I know, but if you could just extend it one more day today I’ll be ruined Ruined, I tell you – President Choi went bankrupt, didn’t he? – Oh, my You know it happens all the time Oh, my gosh! You came to work today, too? I have no choice but to work until the day before the wedding – Then tomorrow, too? – Yes, come to the wedding in two days – Of course – You don’t think I’d be there? I was worried you might be jealous since we were the last old maids to remain My gosh How were you able to date him at work without anyone finding out? You little rascal! – You’re a master of dating – She is! – A true master – I know What’s wrong with her? Excuse me Who’s officiating the wedding? The bank president, of course Didn’t you see the invitation card? I don’t look at invitation cards from close acquaintances

You fooled us totally I didn’t know Miss Oh was so sneaky – Hey, come buy us a drink – Let’s go – This is what I mean – What? – Without your glasses, you’re a beauty – It’s a habit Bye Stay healthy for 100 years! He must’ve been in a hurry Bio Vita Sangsu Wine made from the finest grapes Healthy environment It’s a mild wine that can be enjoyed even by those who can’t drink well! Take a long sip to get rid of your fatigue and thirst Come on!

Wait, I haven’t had dinner yet You stink of alcohol! It was late, so I shared a cab The couple in the backseat was making out If it weren’t for you, I would have gone back downtown Miss Lee? You must be pleased This is your holiday bonus – Have you planned something nice? – Yes, sir – It’s your holiday? Where are you going? – I don’t know Maybe you should follow Miss Oh on her honeymoon tomorrow? – What? What are you talking about? – Oh, sorry Are you trying to ruin my honeymoon? You’re all too much He’s getting married tomorrow but he is still working – Just working half a day – It’s still strange I’m sure the branch manager had something to do with it Since one of the two old maids is getting married, he must be giving the other a holiday That must be it Don’t rack your head over it It’s a rare holiday You should take a rest at your hometown Yes, that sounds good What? That sounds good? Now you’re humiliating me at work, too? – I’m sorry. I¡¯m sorry – What is this? I said I’m sorry – What? – Are we boxing now? Come on. Stop now – Come on, hit him! Hit him! – Hey, hey

hit him! Right, left! He missed It’s our turn now That tickles! Left, right! Alright! One, two, body, body Good, good! Now left, right, a little more! Oh, no! One, two, left! That’s it. Good! Now a little more Oh, come on Now once more! That¡¯s it. Excellent! Alright! That¡¯s it. That¡¯s it Yes, eight, nine, ten! We won, we won! That Japanese guy finally got knocked out It was great Look, it was a KO – Me, too – What? I feel knocked out Two autumns have passed already And another autumn is passing Now, it’s winter It’s wonderful! A wonderful victory. It feels good We met before Mr. Gong and Miss Oh What will you do on your holiday? Their wedding’s tomorrow I have to go to there Of course – It’s really wonderful – What is? I certainly enjoy living like this – Aren’t we going to have one? – One what? A wedding ceremony Weddings are lame Next, the bride and groom will bow to each other – You’re here – Of course. You look beautiful! Thanks You should get married soon, too! Let’s take a picture by ourselves – We’ll get out of the way – A picture for the two old maids! Smile! If you smile, you’ll have a daughter – Congratulations! – Thank you. Thanks

– Where are you going for the honeymoon? – I’ll call you when I get back – Goodbye! – Bye Miss Lee! Here you are You came, too? You’re on holiday, but you came anyway We had placed a bet on whether you would come or not Oh, really! Why wouldn’t I come? Anyway, I lost, so I’ll buy lunch – I’ll decline that sort of lunch – Are you mad? No, I’m just joking along with you – Miss Lee? – Mr. Park – Yes? – You have to choose one, too – One what? – A bride! Alright, let’s go Let’s go talk about your future over a drink – Hello – Give me a face guard, please Alright Here – You must have a cold – No Listen, sir This is what I’m talking about Isn’t that so? Hey, just have another drink – In addition to that – Yes, yes, just drink. Let’s drink up Well, that’s not it

Miss, rice wine, please – Bring some rice wine – Alright It’s just as I said Do exactly as I tell you – Hey, don’t eat so much – It’s good for you. Eat! – Why are you eating so much? – Hey, just eat This is a huge problem I can’t do anything about it Nothing at all – What is it? – What’s the matter? Premature ejaculation, I think – It’s hopeless. I’m worn out – What’s wrong? That jerk! Just because he’s my boss, he thinks he can be the boss of my character, too Then what about me? What does that make me? Do I have to mortgage even my character to these people now? These damn bastards. Oil will dry up after about 40 years of digging When oil dries up, the world will collapse Hey, a lady friend! – Let’s crash her table – Where are you off to? Join us for a drink here Where are you going? – Eungam-dong – The Han River Yes, Eungam-dong, get in – The Han River – No – The Han River. Han River, please – No – The Han River, please – Yes, get in Thank you Eat up You have to eat well

Here Get out of there! You think I wouldn’t know that you’re hiding in the washroom? – Why are you running away? – Let go! You think you could escape from me? Don’t buy alcohol with this money You treat your husband like this? I am your husband after all! How could you leave me here alone while you went to your hometown? You’re going to do whatever you want? Fine then! Welcome and take a look My name is Choi I’m the first son of the family that used to run the old brewery Oh, right. How have you been? You remember me I was hoping to see you sometime – I’m a widower now – Sorry? Oh, I didn’t mean to be impolite We’ll probably meet again Bye then – Give me some tangerines – Alright Those awful motorcycles are roaring around everywhere now and it’s hard on the ears Mom Sister! Hyeon-mi! – Hi – Hyeon-mi Look how you’ve grown! So pretty now I’ve grown a lot, haven’t I? – Yes – Okay then – Let’s go over there – No, where’s mom? She’s gone to the village She says I have a long way to go – Hurry up – What is it? Come on, hurry I can’t believe this is still here It’s my turn now I’ve been polishing it every day Just waiting until I can ride it to school just like you used to Is this really the one I used to ride? Let’s go out You’ll teach me how to ride, right? Alright, let’s go out Wait, let me get changed quickly Okay – Be quick – Alright Hurry up! – Yes – Oh, my – How do I look? – Sis You haven’t changed at all You’re still a high school student

Really? Look at the back That’s pretty! You’re so pretty, sis – Let’s go – Okay, hurry up – Oh! If it isn’t Hyeon-ju! – Mom, mom! – Mom! – Oh, my girl! – Mom, let me look at you – I might fall over – You haven’t aged a bit, mom – What are you wearing? I’m back home Mom, go wait inside I’m taking Hyeon-mi to the seashore But – Come on, let’s hurry – Okay Wait I can’t believe how she hasn’t changed at all Be careful You ride so well Wow, my sister rides so well – Now to the left – Yes That’s it. Pedal hard Push me harder There you go Sis, you ride so well – Get up quickly – Alright – Are you alright? – Yes This is so exciting! – Let’s get up – Hyeon-ju Hyeon-ju, as soon as my holiday’s over, I’m going to Vietnam – You will? – Yes Oh, no I’m not your teacher anymore No, you’re my teacher Hyeon-ju, I don’t think I can just leave you like this When the war is over – You’ll meet another man – No Hyeon-ju Please don’t die Don’t die, don’t die Hyeon-ju I want to be like you when I grow up I heard you mastered a beginner’s level in abacus calculation? Oh? Yes – Let’s practice some more on the bicycle – Okay – That’s right. Here, let me push – Yes – Is this too noisy? – It sounds beautiful, mom – You used to hate it when you were a child – We were so poor then The sound of the sewing machine reminded me of poverty – Will you try meeting that man tomorrow? – What? If you haven’t had an offer of marriage yet If only the other man hadn’t died in Vietnam You could have ignored the rumors and gotten married But he just filled you up with expectations and ruined your lot This man has his reasons for rushing, too He probably wants to trade off his second marriage with my rumors I know about the old rumors I heard it was a very passionate affair I was run out of town for being a player That doesn’t happen to just anyone

– Will you give me a ride on your motorbike? – Sorry? – I want to feel the excitement of speed – Alright, let’s go If people start to talk, promise you’ll be responsible Sure, of course It would be with pleasure Hello, boss. You’re here This is one of the businesses I operate An oyster cannery The entire stock is exported, so it has a tremendously bright future Yes, sir It has a bright prospect indeed What a match for the two! This is another one of my businesses It’s not the size of a hotel but there aren’t any other motels like this around here I’m planning to expand it into a full-scale hotel – Would you like to have dinner? – Alright I guess you aren’t much of a player as I had thought – Sorry, what did you say? – Not such a player, I said Yes, it’s me When did you get back? Yes, I’ll be a little late tonight I have a prior engagement Anyway, I’ll see you later Two autumns have passed already And another autumn is passing Now, it’s winter Oh, I certainly like this – What? – Living like this – Aren’t we going to have one? – One what? – A wedding ceremony – Weddings are lame Two autumns have passed already And another autumn is passing Now, it’s winter Oh, I certainly like this – What? – Living like this – Aren’t we going to have one? – One what? – A wedding ceremony – Weddings are lame The customer who just left said you’d pay for his tea?

Yes, sure Teacher, I’m back from a trip to my hometown How was your trip? Hometown? Full of empty rumors Rumors? Yes, trips back home are always full of rumors – It’s like that – How was it here? Here? It was a little inconvenient without you But it’s alright since you’re back now Honey, you haven’t gotten drunk and got rowdy for a while, have you? What? No fun in that anymore Really? That’s true It’s all very convenient now What is? What’s convenient? Still no fun in it even like this? There has to be some fun in getting drunk and rowdy, right? – Alright, alright. It’s fun – Have your fun later Then try to act raucously! Why did you go to the countryside? Did you go and cheat on me? You bitch. How can you treat your husband like that? Weddings are for people who wait in line at public toilets Alright, I’ll do it I’ll take it from here Why should we get married? Even if we don’t marry, I am your husband I’m your husband, understand? Fine. Stop taking the contraceptive pills from now on We’ll have a baby When the dawn breaks, we’ll be wed My job at the bank doesn’t matter Hey, is that good enough? Oh, my stomach! – I still have two more days of holiday – You should get plenty of sleep


Look at her striking a pose Let’s go Excuse me, where do you live? You look familiar How about a cup of coffee? There must be a coffee shop that’s still open The world needs more conversations Don’t you think? Could we have a little conversation? She looks completely different from behind It’s not our day today I came home early for a change I’m sorry but I’m still on holiday Holiday, my foot Oh, Hong Gil-dong is over What happened? Give me dinner I’ll tell you about it Alright then So Hong Gil-dong took his chivalrous bandits and burst into the magistrate’s place – Oh my – And he says, ‘Bring out the treasures you seized from the people.’ And they open wide the storage doors The film set must have swayed left and right The magistrate with the long beard was running away like crazy He tripped on his long beard! Hello Can I give you a ride to the bus stop? Thank you and goodbye Let go of me

Let go! What are you doing? Let go! Oh, no. Stop! What are you doing? No! No! Why are you doing this? Oh my god Hey What’s this? This is too much She should have woken me up – Hi! – Hi, it¡¯s chilly Teacher

Won’t you tell us? Later Did you enjoy your holiday? – Mr. Park? – Yes? What happened in the past few days? You don’t look so good – Here we go again – You can say that again – Let’s have a drink tonight – Yes Honey, what are these numbers? What? Miss Lee What’s the meaning of this? You must really want to get married I hope you aren’t thinking of me as your husband Look here, have you gone mad? Where are your glasses? What’s the matter with you? You never stayed out all night before This guy has gone bankrupt again How do we deal with this now? I told you that you look better without your glasses Look, are you trying to get fired? If you do want to quit, quit quietly What’s with calling me ‘honey’ in there? Go home right after work, alright? What the heck? Damn it – What time is it now? – Ten – Thank you, ma’am – Thank you Excuse me, miss Can I buy you a drink? I have a lot of money today but got no one to drink with Gosh Listen, miss Can I get a light, please? Eat azaleas and play in the water Miss, where do you live? Can I drop you off?

Are you on your way home? Won’t you dance with me? Now, miss Oh, Miss Lee? Sorry. I’m sorry about that – But you must be enjoying your honeymoon – Honeymoon? I did not enjoy my honeymoon She wasn’t a virgin Virgins, where have you flown off to? Miss Lee, don’t ever tell on me No matter what Men are all the same We don’t like complications Men are all the same! There are no virgins in this world anyway Goodbye. Goodbye What are you doing? Why are you doing this? Taxi! Tell me. What are you trying to do? We’ll go meet your mother before we register our marriage What for? I’m tired I have to get some sleep It’s probably for convenience If that’s the reason Hello, miss Are you free today?

The holiday is over subtitled by Jean Noh proofread by Christy Shin

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