Autumn meeting 2019 officially starts tomorrow and not today when this is recorded but a couple of us up to five or six cars are already driving today which is a Thursday some are already in place Max from Finland is already at camp I and others still have to work a few more hours so we don’t arrive in the camp for the evening now i have just packed my car I’m just waiting for two passengers, and that’s my wife and my youngest son after that we drive north up to the first camp The weather should be a bit changing there is a risk of both rain and snow I just got on new tires on the car it will be very exciting and see how these work so I’ve changed from Nokian and over to BF KM3 it might be a bit slippery (can not find the word in Swedish) It is difficult to switch between Norwegian and Swedish you just have to be patient enough talk, join in on an epic journey Then we are about 16km from Ringebu We have driven via E6 and a large amount of road work Another in the group chose a different route and it might have been smarter we will see who is first From Ringebu we will continue up the mountain where the camp is located when we arrive we do not know that’s why we’re filming the clip now so the next clip it is morning But if we film at camp it doesn’t happen that much, most will sleep fast we only see what happens Good morning it is Friday we arrived at camp about a quarter to ten then it was too dark to film it snowed a good deal it started already in Ringebu and then all the way up the mountain most had gone to bed when we arrived a few who endured so we just crawled right into our sleeping bags to get a long night of sleep and we got that it has snowed and rained through the night, the temperature was around -0 degrees this clip is recorded in the car since the wind blows too much on the outside now we will breakup camp and set course for Ringebu so on towards Dovre where the meeting starts at 16 So we’ll see what we do on the road now it’s breakfast, coffee and then we drive on That’s how it is

he he he he you thought it would be a conversation opener? Well I don’t quite know – We just killed that one! it’s probably a little early in the morning but on the other hand it’s late Completely majestic view in the background we have gone a little earlier than everyone else I want to make time to stop and both take pictures and film we have already stopped many times here it is fantastic fine scenery I’ve been here before but I still get paralyzed of the view and the beautiful scenery as you can see the clouds are low today it just goes over the peaks it is incredibly powerful now I do not know how much you hear me, because the wind blows a good deal I don’t have a mic for GoPro we make an effort anyway the rest of the gang will be out in no time but we have a very good time today We will not be at Dovre before 4 pm Now I will take some pictures We are at the grocery store in Ringebu we will also visit the butcher and get meat that we have ordered to the dinner we serve our members on Saturday night after that we drive on towards Dovre Then we have finished our lunch in a place called Hundorm really just an abandoned train station then we have been down by the river and thrown stones with the children now it’s on to Dovre we will see if we drive europa road nr 6 or if we are creative it will be exciting at such a fine “SwedishAmerican” accent

here it was actually two jeeps, how did that happend? there should only be two jeeps and now we are three but so nice, it’s always nice with the jeep although all vehicles are welcome at Overlanding.nu but it is nevertheless nice to see similar cars I get to move on them so they pass behind us Ingvar is the guide and as it blows a storm he knows about a good place where we can camp about 3 hours away maybe a little less we are going over the whole mountain and down to the town of Folldal there we are protected from the wind because it is not fun to have to sit inside his car the whole time but on the way to camp if we see something better we take that place but it must be big enough then we take it, then we get less hours behind the wheel but we also have to drive a good deal to reach our goal on Saturday because the crown jewel is to get us up to the top of Tronfjell and on that peak it is full winter with a lot of snow so the trip up and down can take a damn f-ing time and I as chef will serve dinner at 8 pm tomorrow that’s how it is that said questions? No? at 19 o’clock half past eight we are in camp perhaps everyone has firewood? Ingvar has more if we need we have alot of wood So good, Ingvar runs first I drive after Ingvar Then we must have someone with good radio in the back! – I can take that place if there is any gaps in the que so shout over the radio is there anything else? Everyone has a radio? I have an extra for you well then everyone has a radio I’m sorry, but I can’t think of anything more now you have to ask me something What speed should we have? – A nice pace 50-60 km / h is quite reasonable it must be legal and justifiable then we’ll see a little too Well, then we have two trailers too is it okay for you? how nice For information, Max brake light does not work so it might be good to know the ones behind him let’s just get in the cars and drive Ingvar first, so I Let’s go Is there any life here? (the driver slides on the accelerator pedal) – Jesus Christ!

“Radio: now we get oncoming traffic” Did you see what he had in Tobias’s trailer? Yes they had many sheep there Wow…see how beautiful it is The mine at Folldalen. Im not sure what we do here but it gets exciting Marie still does a pretty good job as a driver driving as if she had stolen the car things are going very well then I can concentrate on photography for once, it gets a little easier to take some more pictures But now we have arrived at the mines in Folldal will be nice “Radio: We have to stand on our side of the police car” are you cheeky? but I think the only female driver could have parked next to the police car look at this view not wrong you stand out a bit with the only red car the red car clearly visible compared to the others which side should we take? paid camping is not wrong every morning I see these peaks outside my bedroom then we have left Folldal with a very short tour now we are on our way up into a valley with no name we are on our way up over 900 meters above sea level The wife still does a good job and I might do a good job as a photographer the scenery here is absolutely amazing the sun is still high in the sky I don’t know anything about today’s camp we have made changes because the wind blows too much so now we are on our way to a new place Is this where we are going to camp? – No I do not think so

“Radio: Andreas, if you think I’m close, it’s because I’ll take pictures of your car” It is received, it´s all good (He should ask that to the lady, she is the one driving) *censoring* what nature it’s incredibly beautiful we are up at about 1195 meters above sea level In Folldal nature park we will not camp here, but just drive down to the other side Under other circumstances with less wind, it would have been fantastic to camp here but now it will not be nice and there are no points on a trip like this Sleep at 19 so you can’t sit out in the wind so we move on descending into the next valley where we camp Then we arrived at the camp we are quite high up, but below the tree line so, now we got the right white balance. Don’t know what the phone is doing we have an incredibly beautiful sunset and now that the white balance is right, we can see the right colors we parked here to get shelter from the wind we also had a few extra camps further down the valley but this one worked fine now it’s dinner for most of us in the background we will have the campfire then we’ll just take it easy we cook an American meat stew it sounds very exclusive, but it is not it comes complete and the rest of the evening we should just have a good time Are you filming Eriksson? – Absolutely!

Are everyone ready to have lunch around 11am today Does that work? and we use an hour or so and then it will be the meat stew as a joint dinner today since a couple has gone home, we have more than enough food it’s just eating as much as you can dinner should be finished at 8pm but it can also be earlier, depending on when we are in camp sushi if we get fish then? – Yes we’ll see Ehhh then do we drive if everyone is ready, or are they questions? does everyone have enough fuel? Can we refill later if we need to? We can refuel in Alvdal but then Eriksson, do you have anything to add? – No Vi har en säck med ved kvar! Who has a place? – I’ve tried to get rid of it so the car gets lighter is there anyone who can take it I can take it Thank you! Ingvar first, then me and after that Eriksson then we are a car less today Good morning! It’s Saturday and we’ve just left the camp and we are still on our way through this beautiful valley I still sit as a passenger, completely voluntarily Marie certainly does an equally good job of driving today Beautiful weather today a few clouds, but otherwise blue skies quite warm, and that was it tonight too or the sleeping bags were extra warm but it felt like it was warmer last night now we are heading towards Folldal I think …. we will climb a nice peak in the area I should know what that top is called but we will come to that a little later Wow! it jumps a little in the car since the road is very bumpy but we are on an Overlanding trip

we are heading over to Alvdal that’s the goal of the trip now i think we should take some pictures of all the cars the view is not bad So it fits very well this country is absolutely amazing It was nice to get some creative driving and not just fine gravel roads and asphalt we might have let some more air out of the tires but but it’s a little hard Is it going well? – Yes it goes well! Then we have finished lunch very simple but good now the course is towards the mountain peak we are going up on Tronfjell We saw the top when we ate lunch, and then it was no snow on it but it is a high peak .. will see if I find it on the map 1665 meters above sea level if we can drive all the way up to the top I look forward to it short stop in Alvdal befor we’re going up to the top that’s behind me here we have refueled some park their trailers to avoid dragging them up and down

so now we leave it will be epic with the weather we have today how to photograph and film all at the same time I can film a little But now you know how it brakes nicely down? So that works fine I’ll take over the camera soon Ehh..but!! … you can´t film like that! Im will have to cut the film #**** Camp! a small place outside Alvdal is located just off the main road which you can hear on the movie, but it doesn’t really bother us here then we have the river Glomma behind me the place is quite nice and works really well we have got a seat with all the cars We have also been visited by a German Overlander He spoke German and driving an Italian registered car But on the other hand, I am Swedish in Norway so I don’t know if it’s that complicated really it’s a while for the included dinner for our members so we’re cooking macaroni with some meatballs

as we wait for dinner the day has been absolutely fantastic words cannot describe I have moved to Norway from Sweden and I’ve lived here for almost 23 years but I’m still struck by the beauty it is something very special it is incredibly hilly and the terrain varies greatly that it is changing all the time I can say with my heart that everyone has had a really nice trip especially those coming from countries other than Norway but now there aren’t that many only Norwegians and one from Finland Max! – the rest is from Norway a little unusual we usually have a good number of Swedes too Max is a wonderfully good and nice guy who has driven all the way from Finland to join us it is very impressive today it doesn’t happen that much anymore everyone has raised their tents Jon Wiberg will start cooking dinner in a couple of hours after that we should just have a very nice time Was everything okay? It was actually better than imagined So good It’s Sunday, the last day for a fantastic and adventurous autumn trip wonderful scenery and participants and perfect weather there is really nothing to complain about other than it’s over but there will be several new trips guaranteed we will definitely return to this area here there is much more to drive on It costs a good deal to pay for all closed roads, but that’s the way it is and worth it some participants went home early today the remainder must drive different roads home, depending on where you live we drive via Rena and down to Elverum With this, it is the end of the most beautiful adventure of the year

Until next time we see you

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