once a food time Christmas the old Ebenezer Scrooge member of the firm Scrooge Marlene company in his County League batting whether he could hear the people in court our safety wheezing nothing then fading their hands upon my frigging their free silly costume three dark already handled right wearing in the lenders of the neighboring office why Freddie smears brown there a door screwed his counting-house will open my peaches I from the faithful but sherry Burke Bob Cratchit who in a desert cold Selby rose caffeine letters suddenly Bob Cratchit rose and approached the office well well how did you clown why are you standing there you probably want to scroll you some free coal to keep your stupid fire going right here nonsense haven’t I told you I won’t have you burning up my coal like tinder sure well what are you waiting for it back to us or did you have another question yeah yes how bet you do you probably want to know if you can have tomorrow off just because it’s Christmas right well it’s not convenient you know and it’s not fair at all if I was to stop half-a-crown and pay for it you think yourself ill-used I suppose your father is Miss nothing but a PO a poor excuse to pick a man’s pocket every December 25th my old partner Jacob Marley agreed well with me and he thought it a lot of humbug to and you flirt with 15 shillings a week and a wife and a family talking about a Merry Christmas bah I suppose you want to give certificate from po folks too huh yeah well I suppose you must but you be here much earlier than usual on the day after do you hear me yeah see who’s knocking at the door open the door Cratchit you bumbler and let him in yeah the collector came in carrying papers and books he took his hat off Scrooge kept him waiting while he fussed with his papers the collector remained standing through that the interview walking from sad to say Scrooge and Marley’s I believe that why the pleasure of addressing mr. Scrooge or mr. Morley mr. Marley has been dead these seven years since you asked he died seven years ago this very night well we are no doubt that his liberality is well represented by his surviving partner not interest at this festive season mr Scrooge it is more than desirable that we make some slight provision for the poor destitute at this moment sir many are in want of common necessaries under suffering greatly are there no prisons plenty of prison and the Union workhouses are they still in operation they are still I wish I could say they were not the treadmill and the poor law or in full vigour then both are very busy oh I was afraid from what you said at first that something had occurred to stop them in their useful course but Sir these organizations scarcely furnish Christians your mind or body to these unfortunate people it is because of that the few of us are endeavoring to raise a fund by the force of meat and drink and means the one we chose this time because it is a time of all others when want is keenly felt and abundance rejoices what shall I put you down for nothing you wish to be an honor I wish to be left on since you asked me what I wish that is my answer I don’t make merry myself at Christmas My partner Marley never did and I can’t afford to make idle people merry I hope to support the establishments I’ve mentioned they cost enough and those that are badly off must go there many can’t go there and many would rather die than go there if they would rather die they had better do it and decrease the surplus population besides that’s not my business it’s enough for a man to understand his own business and not interfere with other people’s so I bid you a good afternoon well good afternoon see you while ago bowing with dignity that collector had in hand flair screwed you know I’d rose and fixed his stove there was enough Cratchit see who’s knocking at the door he knocked three times it may be Billy crash credit or it might be my nephew Fred open the door Cratchit bumbler and let him in No hey Anna Merry Christmas uncle and God save you to Christmas a humbug uncle you don’t mean that sure I do mean it Merry Christmas what right have you to be merry what reason

have you to be married your hole up for enough calmed in what right have you to be this minute what right have you got to be remorseful you’re rich enough you got a lot of crawfish on there ha ha we ate nothing but po folks right don’t be cross and ever what else can I be when I live in such a world of fools is this Merry Christmas out upon Merry Christmas what’s it to you but a time of paying bills without money if I could work my will every idiot who goes about with Merry Christmas on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding he should shun a girl screwed nephew keep your Christmas in your own way and let me keep it in mine keep it but you don’t keep it let me leave it alone then much good it has ever done you or will uncle scrooge it had dummy a lot of good the part from its sacred celebration it brought me a good time a kind forgiving charitable happy time now on the client and all the time I know the whole calendar when men and women’s open their hearts oh is that sometimes three close arrest yeah super sweet bird has never put a scrap of silver even a crawfish in my pocket I believe it has done me Morgan and would be more gooder than good and not say God bless into your quite a powerful speaker sir I wonder why you don’t go in Parliament or the Louisiana Legislature don’t be angry uncle scrooge dine with me tomorrow we’re gonna had some crawfish and some alligator tears no I won’t dine with you Sean no but one why did you get married because I fell in there of course you fell in love good afternoon when they are good but you know you never come to see me before I was married why give that as a reason for not coming now good afternoon I had Uncle Scrooge why can’t we be friends even just friends where I’ve never had an acquired to which I have a party or even have been apart and we never will we never gonna and I have come to see you in homage to Christmas and i’ll keep my Christmas spirit to the last a Merry Christmas and a big a nothing screwed I realize I don’t speak very loud and that’s where metal over there after such a disturbing afternoon Scrooge took his melancholy dinner and his usual melancholy tavern and having read all the newspapers went home to bed he lived in chambers which had once belonged to his irascible old partner Marley a gloomy suite of rooms cold and dreary where no one lived but Scrooge the other rooms being led out as offices once in his apartment he closed and locked his door in his usual fact put on his dressing-gown and slippers and sat down before the fire to take his evening gruel the fire was very little indeed casting your shadows on the walls and he was obliged to sit close to the bruto before he could extract any more from it as he leaned forward in his chair his glance happened to rest upon the bell a dish youth bell at hung in the room communicated for some purpose long forgotten with the chamber in the highest story of the building it was with great astonishment and a strange dread that as he looked he saw this Bell began to swing first softly then so loudly that every Bell in the house joined in and rang also this must have lasted for a half minute or so with the screws send a terrifying our the bell ceased only to be followed by clanging and all his deep down below if there’s some person was dragging a heavy chain over the cast from the wine rushing seller Scrooge then remembered that ghosts in haunted houses were described as dragging change then follow the series of strange sadness as a feat mounting stairs coming closer and closer toward his room Scrooge suddenly aware that some weird happening is about to occur hugs his shivering body and waited fear hmm Oh knock it out

reprobate I don’t come back to haunt you if you don’t change and go to 11 focus and go to believe in and Christmas I know you I don’t you Marley’s ghost how now what do you want with me Oh strange I won’t budge me who are you asked me who I was we were you then in life I was your partner Jacob Marley and you can you sit down I can well do it then you don’t believe in me screech I do what evidence would you have of my reality beyond your own senses I don’t know what may don’t slap craze in that your own senses Eddie because a little thing affects them a slight disorder of the stomach makes the cheats you may be an undigested bit of beef a blot of mustard a crumb of cheese a googan cluster it sounds like page 2 of the menu at po folks who are you get out Scrooge mercy dreadful apparition why do you trouble me man a whirling man do you believe in me or not I do I must but why does spirits walk of the earth and why do they talk like they’re from route for liberty Mississippi Oh screw screws screws you old reprobate it is required of every man that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his selim in and if that spirit goes not forth in life it is condemned to do so after dance it is doomed to wander through the world oh woe is me and witness what it cannot share but my have shared owner and turn the happiness you are fettered tell me why I wear the chain I forged in life I made it link by link and it ain’t no trace change it’s a chain I made and of my own free will I worried would you know the weight of the strong called you by yourself it was fully as heavy as this seven Christmas Eves ago you have labored on it sense it is indeed a ponderous chain Jacob Oh Jacob Marley tell me more speak comfort to me Jacob I held none to give ain’t no comfort Jean comfort comes from other regions Ebenezer Scrooge and it’s conveyed by other ministers to other kinds of men North United what I would obey a little more is all permitted to me I cannot rest I cannot stay I cannot linger anywhere in life my spirit never walked beyond the narrow limits of our counting-house mark a weary journey lies before me you must have been very slow about it Jacob slow snail pace slows seven years dead and traveling all the time the whole time no rest no peace incessant torture of remorse shuttle fast on the wings of the way and have a silver eagle hmm you must have got over a quantity of ground in seven years is tenderized still your agent all captive bound and double darn not to know that any Christian spirit working kindly in its little sphere whatever it may be will find its mortal life too short for its vast means of usefulness not to know that no space of regret can make amends for one’s life opportunities misused yet such was I Oh such was i but you are always a good man of business Jacob business man can was my business the common welfare was my business charity mercy forbearance and benevolence were all my business the joy of giving was my business the dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business at this time of the rolling year I suffer most with my eyes down and never raised them to that

blessed star which led the wise men to a poor abode were there no poor homes to which it’s light would have conducted me hear me my time is nearly gone I will but don’t be hard upon me don’t be flowery Jacob pray how is it that i appear before you in a shape you can see me I may not say I have set invisible besides you many and many a days yeah observing smelling knowing everything you do in that is no life part of my penance I’m here tonight to warn you that you have yet a chance and hope of escaping my fate Ebenezer you always were a good friend to me thank you hear me you will be haunted by three spirits is that the chance and hope you mentioned Jacob it is I I think I’d rather not without their visits you cannot hope to shun the path I tread expect the first tomorrow when the Bell Tolls one and take them all at once like the Glaser brothers and have it all over with Jacob screw screw expect the second on the next night at the same hour the third upon the next night when the last stroke of 12 ceases to vibrate look to see me no more no more knock him out bladen quietly the spectra floated out of from the dark leaf night leaving Scrooge desperate with the curiosity behind so anyway the air was filled with phantoms wandering hither and thither messed with haste and morning as they went every one of the more chains like Marley’s ghost many he knew personally old friends have had passed on business acquaintances all bound and fetters and wailing in mournful dirt even quite familiar with 10 ghosts in a white waistcoat the monsters aren’t safe attached to his ankle the misery of them involve clear they sought to health and human matters and had lost the power forever with a painful said Scrooge closed salmon’s of yours just as he had locked in the early evening he tried to say humbug but stopped at the first syllable and things much in native repose straight to bed and fell asleep on the instant subconsciously from deep in the realms of sleep old Scrooge heard the clock told quarter round remember the ghost and warning of the visitation on the stroke of one recalled this sedo’s pitbull nice shirt and castor the ghost of Christmas past entered slowly as the clock was striking one Scrooge love then he took his glasses from under his pillow put him on his nose he left again and then threw them away terrified this field service time is for told me what are you i am the goals whispering Scrooge long piece no your bear see what would you need is me rise and walk with me I am mortal man we liable to fall may my hand will support thee love br1 vu heavens i see i see why i was war here all this i remember well your lip is trembling and what is that upon yo teef could it be grief from Oh both fried chicken

that’s the way why the path of my boyhood I could office line for strange 2l forgotten it for so many years strange but let us along a school do you remember but of course you do even though it is Christmas Eve I of it is not quite deserted a solitary child neglected by his friends is left their sales you know feel like you prob’ly I know him all too well my own lost boyhood my lonely self you recall this old brick schoolhouse with its weathercock and school bell hanging in its roof look now the walls are down and mossy the windows are broken the gates decay let us look within as a boy who still reads near Fievel far boy hole only boy it was that day that my little sister Lynn came with the happy news that she can prescribe my father to let me come home for Christmas I had thought that I was to spend it alone at school how she clapped her tiny hands and laughed and sang rose garden when she told me that he instead a coach to fetch me that we might all have a Merry Christmas together did you go oh yes merrily with my trunk tied on top of the chase and the quick wheels dashing through the snow your sister was always a delicate creature whom a breath might have with it but she had a big heart just like your mama so she had you’re right i will not change saith the spirit god forbid she died a woman and head I think one job yes my nephew Johnny friend I forgot himself as I used to be a pole wife what say you I wish thanks to me now what too late nothing nothing last night a boy was singing of christmas carol at my door i should like to have giving them something that’s all let us see another Christmas and so the spirit of Christmas past let old Scrooge down the memory long ago each separate experience recalling moments quite forgotten although they had but just left the school behind them they were nan the busy thoroughfares of the city it was again Christmas time but it was evening the streets were lighted the ghost stopped at a certain warehouse door and asked Scrooge if he knew it not while I was a fred astaire cried Scrooge and the joy of reunion came over him as he saw his old employer sitting behind a high desk in a Welsh wig why it’s old Fezziwig bless his heart Fezziwig oh I have again cried Scrooge and as he watched he saw the memories of that christmas eve suddenly come into being the clearing of the warehouse floor for dancing the fiddler perched on fezziwig’s had desk the beaming face of mrs. Fezziwig and the gala for 20 couple all dancing his won himself a young lad of 18 laughing with the rest and stroke of eleven fourteen ended with everyone wishing a merry Christmas to my rings work spirit said Scrooge what power we have to render others happy or unhappy the power of words and deeds as great as if it cost a fortune he felt the spirits glance and stuff what’s the matter asked for ghosts nothing in particular said Scrooge just now she’d like to be able to say a word to my flirt Bob Cratchit that’s all once again oh yes before in the opening my time grows short look in Scrooged work this time seeing himself as a man in the prime of life he was not alone but set for the side of a fair young girl in morning dress enthuse as there were tears which sparkled in the light that shone forth from the ghost of Christmas past the very young scrooge was sitting on the

sofa the girl it is left somewhat facing each other with the ghost of Christmas past and the sofa near the girl working on it matters little to you very little another idleness especially in addition Sharon comfort and enjoyment sounds as I would have tried to do I have no Justin Corrado has displaced you this is the infirm handed the world there’s nothing on which the world is so hard as poverty and there’s nothing it professes to condemn with such severity as the pursuit of wealth poor Ebenezer you fear the world too much all your other hopes emerged into the one hope of being beyond the chance of a sordid reproach the reproach of poverty I have seen your nobler aspirations fall one by one until the master passion gain engrosses me how am I not what then even if I have grown so much wiser what then I’m not changed toward you Emma our contract is an old one made when we were both for in content to be so until in good season we could improve our worldly fortune by our patient industry you are changed when it was made Ebenezer you are another man I was a boy your own feelings tell you you are not the same I am that which promised happiness when we were one in heart is fraught with misery now that we are two how often and keely I’ve thought of this I will not it is enough that I’ve thought of it in kinesin have our soft release in words no never in what fair in a change nature and altered spirit in everything that made my love of any worth or value yourself if this had never been before tell me would you seek me out and try to win me now oh no do you think not I would gladly think otherwise if I could heaven knows i won but if you were free today tomorrow can even I believe that you would choose a dowerless girl you who when your very confidence with her weigh everything by game or even if she should do I not know that regret was surely follow I do the love of him may you be happy in the life you’ve chosen why do you delight to torture me one shadowmoor only the shadow knows no more I don’t wish to see it but the relentless ghost pinioned him in both his arms and forced him to observe what happened next they were in another scene in place a room not very large in handsome but full of comfort and Christmas cheer near to the winter fire said a mother and daughter so I like in their lab witness that Scrooge caught his breath to think that the comb we matron might once have called him husband and that another such creature quiet is graceful and this full of promises her daughter might have called him father and been a springtime and Haggard winter of his life as he watched a knocking was heard at the door and such a rush ensued the younger children just intense and play to greet the father who arrived laden with toys and Christmas presents after the excitement quieted down the master of the house SAT by his own fire said his daughter leaning fondly on him and his wife closed by making a picture of contentment and domestic happiness Scrooge could stand no more spirit he cried remove me from this place I cannot bear it leave me take me back put me no longer in his anguish he wrestled with the spirit of Christmas past and yet found he was only struggling with a strange unbroken light he was conscious of being exhausted in drowsy and the being in his own bedroom with barely time to reel to bed before he sank into the heavy sleep at the stroke of one screwed you woke in the middle of a prodigiously tough snore and SAT afraid he knew that the second messenger dispatched to them through Jacob Marley’s intervention would shortly present itself and he wished this time to challenge the spirit the moment of its appearance however no spirit came 10 minutes passed until o’clock proclaimed the hour and he still SAT alone at last he began to think

throughout the hour he had seen a ghostly glad about the clock and he knew that the second messenger dispatched to him through Jacob Marley’s intervention would shortly present itself and he wished this time to challenge the spirit the moment of its appeared however no Spirit came five minutes ten minutes passed until o’clock proclaimed the hour and he still SAT alone at last he began to think throughout the hour he had seen a ghostly glad about the clock and he wondered if in the adjoining room he would find its weird source he had hardly moved from a strange voice called him by name and bakey measures he’ll be it was his own room there was no doubt about that but it had undergone a surprising transformation the walls and ceilings rooms if it looks like a perfect Parvati those impressions president was painted in his hair is through ginger come in come in and know me better man I’m the ghost of Christmas present look upon me spirit conduct me where you will I went forth last night on compulsion and I learned a lesson which is working now tonight if you have aught to teach me let me profit by it yes you I will not only hurt me robe now what say you I see gaiety and Christmas cheer everywhere stores light it up and the Holly and mistletoe that knowing do you know without SAT is yes it’s the humble home of my character Bob Cratchit experience how happy they are the children dancing around the table while mrs. Cratchit lays the feast before them it looks like it is catfish and hushpuppies and who is that man who is it so merrily sharing a tiny little lad or his shoulder that sir is Bob Cratchit and his son Tiny Tim see the boys little crunch and his helpless limbs supported by an iron frame how tenderly his father holds him spirits tell me will Tiny Tim live I see a Vegas suite in the fortune recorder and a flood without an older captured its return if they shadows remain unaltered by the future the child ah no no oh no kind spirit says he will live to be spared why so if he’d be like to die he had better do it and decrease the surplus population mansik menu be at heart well you decide what man shall live what man shall die it may be in the size 11 you are more worthless and less 60 them in millions like this poor man’s child just truth you speak enough we must go hold my realm nicely shot me realm yeah man what feel I see my nephew with his family sure how hard it is he laughs how to join him what else and you forgot me results in a break away Alaska they laughed that I missed dinner did they offer and yet them truth they seem to wish for my presence you are here where the games they played I remember them I don’t look like to join in their sport IDU my eyes upon this loader very good our spirits lives so short mining tonight at midnight park the time is drawing near I do but another problem I am in the presence the ghost of Christmas yet to come you’re about to show me the shadows of the things that have not happened but will happen in the time before us is that so ghost of the future I fear you more than any Specter I’ve seen but I know your purpose is to do me good and as I hope to be another man from what I was i am prepared to bear you company and do it with a thankful heart would you not speak to me I hear voices and then women talking Aborn to his dead they rejoice in his death and speak with coldest life a coral over his possessions even the sheets from his van the Christians from his windows they have taken even the shirt for his dead body their spirit spirit is with her oh that I witness

this I see I see the case of this unhappy man might be my old I beg you I beg you let me see some tenderness connected with death but I might forget the harder of what I’ve just heard I pray you lead on the girls turned slowly walking behind Scrooged Scrooged started walking away head down broken in spirit cringing is he wolf saving the Scrooge wish the ghost of Christmas yet to come conducted him for the second time to the house of this poor clerk and phantom it has Cratchit and all the little Cratchit seated still the statues around the fact but Tiny Tim was nowhere in sight as they watched the door open Bob Cratchit entered wearily they all greeted him eager to burien comfort gave him tea fresh from the hub after a while he placed his arm around the shoulders of his life and calling his children together ascended the stairs in the room with Tiny Tim way cold he’s still in his little bit Bob Cratchit his arm of that is why shoulders followed by their three children walk to the cut for a tiny tim way they stood there looking man I wish you could have seen how green a place it is where he will lay it would have done you good my dear oh but you’ll see it often I promised him we would walk there every Sunday and I would bring him I’d yellow rose well Texas man very good Johnny my name is Jamie Miami since Peters quiet oh my little Tim my little too but we mustn’t be sorrowful oh boy my aunt’s left have a pony Oh Robert he’s were all little angels go and we must seem gay and happy this Christmas and he would have but however and whenever we part from one another I am sure we shall none of us forget poor Tiny Tim’s shall we do or this first parting to the 1 i’m on a snappamatic oh no my eyes and I know my children that when we recollect how patient and mild he was so he was a little little child we shall not quarrel easily among us and forget poor Tiny Tim do you ever never never never never Wow I am very happy my fears for him and for all this shall be a merry merry Christmas sweeping a man’s head wound sorry Johnny man once again the salad ghost of Christmas yet to come back in Scrooged to phone first leading infested Wenders his own it’s me Scrooge hasten to see what the future held for so nationally it was an offices before but not here another had taken his place and sat at the desk which had been here for so many years he bad as hit that he might erased beside the phantom backing him on pointing is before this time to an old churchyard overruns grass and weeds forgotten and untended the spirit stood among the graves and pointed solemnly to one Scrooge cringing and trembling followed by the ghost of Christmas yet to come walk to the grave the for i trow nearer to that stone to its you point answer me one question are these the shadows of things that will be or are they the shadows of things that only maybe these courses will foreshadow whispering Scrooge is carved in the stone have I the man whose death they welcomed over his possessions they cloned no spirit oh no spirit hear me I am NOT the man I was I will not be the man I must bend but for this intervention why show me this if I’m past all hope good spirit your hand trembles your nature intercedes for me and pities me assure me that I may yet change these shadows you have shown me

by an altered life I will live in the past present and the future the skirts of all three shall strive within me oh tell me that I my sponge away to writing on this stone whispering Scrooge I the ghost was standing up screwed still on his knees was reaching up for the ghosts hand in his agony old Scrooge caught the spectral hands it’s off to free itself in stone the spirit stronger yet repulsive his hands in the last prayer to have his faith of birth he saw a sudden alteration in the Phantom’s food and drink it shrunk collapsed and dwindled until his hands crossed nothing but emptiness the ghost of Christmas yet to come had left him Scrooge was sitting on the side of his bed in his nightshirt and cap his eyes shut his hands reaching up for the ghost hands I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year oh tell me I’m a sponge away the writing on this stone I beg you tell me i live i am not dead I haven’t been in the charts lately but I’m not dead Oh Jacob Marley heaven and Christmas be praised for this I say it on my knees old Jacob on my knees I don’t know what to do I’m as light as a feather and as happy as an angel I’m as merry as a schoolboy a merry Christmas to everybody I happy new year to all the world hello hello I don’t know what day of the month it is I don’t know how long I’ve been among the spirits I don’t know anything hello my fine fellow what day is this oh why it’s Christmas Day sure merry Christmas to you Christmas Day hooray hooray I haven’t listed after all the spirits of donuts all in one night Oh heaven be praised party Oh Jacob Marley wherever you are I hear me I know you’re close by so listen to my heart’s desire first I shall send that fine prize Turkey I saw hanging in the poulterer’s shop to Bob Cratchit it’s twice the size of Tiny Tim and he shan’t even know who sins and then I shall dress in my best and after a visit to church she’ll go out into the streets if only to wish the passers-by a happy person I shall be up to all the need and I shall pack the heads of the little children to come by bless my soul how surprised they will be the help me sit at the table with them and happy fellowship and then Marley near Jacob Marley I should go my way to Bob Cratchit’s home to prateik a bet splendid bird with them two whispering Bob’s here that’s so long as I live what shall not darken their door again most of all I shall go to bring the cheer of Christmas to tiny tail so dressing himself just as he had planned he said out is white and hard as a boy wishing know who fasting by the merriest of christmases Merry Christmas sir by the way you look familiar who are you this is david allan coe you talk like that all the time humbug Merry Christmas mam ma you sure look pretty good now thinking must need glasses Merry Christmas everybody and a merry Christmas to you sir well Merry Christmas Merry Christmas what can I do with something like Merry Christmas maybe I can make another musical out of it make another fortune win small rewards that sounds good Christmas big Christmas that’s what i’ll call it has a nice ring to it doesn’t it match the big Christmas woof woof eat he went to church questioned beggars and patted all little children on my head some people laugh to see the alteration name but he let them laugh and little heated them for he was wise enough to know that nothing ever happened on this globe for good at which some people did not have their fill of laughter at the abscess he had never dreamed that any wall may that anything could give him such happiness in the afternoon he turned his steps first towards his nephews home where he went with affection and was received with happy welcome arriving finally at the home of Bob Cratchit and tiny Kim as he enters they were all seated at the table making ready to protect the fine bird he had sent them the Cratchit family was laughing and talking merrily Tiny Tim’s it was a little crush laning against his chair may I join you in your Christmas feast this Christmas Day Bob Cratchit well I merry Christmas to you and yours

Bob Cratchit and the merry Christmas to you tiny tim and may you always tiptoe through the tulips with his sisters and feet are watching his father SAT Scrooge between he and his mother a merry Christmas to you too and God bless us everyone the carolers began to sing holding tiny pinch of all Kings face on it and I say my god and weird you all to join us man here in this time station was triumph of the skies they come for Christ’s right ear for Christmas

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