somewhere stuck between joyful and peachy even in this world full of scum and detritus it’s only right that we all bear our share ain’t that the truth haha take this poor wretch on the run desperate alone about to learn the true meaning of suffering Oh for a few thousand bucks think you can find him for me every man has his talents mod in the rigorous administration of justice as uh it’s one of mine that’s why I love you Trevor I’ll send you his file Swamp you gotta see this what’s going on Ron they were here for you here for you who is here and bikers after you killed Johnny K and they damaged my stuff I they smash up my home damaged my soul this this this this this this statue here of impotent rage this [ __ ] meant more to me than Johnny came in to anyone and they smashed it those pathetic midlife crisis hog ridin shaven-headed fruity leather chapped learn [ __ ] [ __ ] they’re [ __ ] Trevor they are there chap we’re in [ __ ] oh wait wait wait you little [ __ ] whoa whoa whoa hey Michael [ __ ] Townley right [ __ ] wife two kids 45 find them though Santos is a big big face trevor has got to people who are [ __ ] useless huh find out who did that [ __ ] robbery all right and if Michael Townley lives there or anyone matching his description I’m gonna kill you and your [ __ ] cousin am I being clear now yes Trevor thank you wait now smile yeah all right that’s better run along now Ron shall we go cannot believe that they [ __ ] destroyed my statue of impotent rage the cheek huh the [ __ ] cheek of it I gotta swing by ammunation go to sandy shores airfield check it out I’ll come in your ear when I get a hold you Oh gunshot I’m not buying anything i need a sniper rifle with a high-powered scope they say they support local business well we’re about to find out if that’s true Melvin how you feel about brand synergy huh TP industries ammunation that’s the rifle I need Jill do nicely you got a scope and a suppressor for this all right now stop selling weapons to that half-wit Cletus I think that you made the right choice run run I got the gun meet me at the water tower just north of the airfield this airstrip of course there are two

planes are touching down in the field on a weapons run we’re gonna wait till the right time and a 40 creator yes we are I’m up here I don’t see the hardware but I do see a hell of a lot of bikers hardware is not here yet I’m coming up come up we gotta wait till you can slip in there unnoticed should give you the time to plan a route to the gas tank here rigging up to blow really the time is right go on my son whenever you get a doubt in your mind I want you to remember that I’m watching you to the scope of a high-powered rifle right Trevor right right got it now relax the ATV can only take you so far Park it and don’t let them spot you you wouldn’t believe this rod one of these [ __ ] is having a seizure or something shoot well get a move on there’s a guard standing under the control tower he’ll cover hurry enough Ronnie [ __ ] engine to see that guy is shot she’ll have the light on the tower above him it’s coming quick quick there’s one and there’s the other lights off good now go smooth guy in the van so we stopped some kids out her fire we gotta see what he’s up to I think he’s just calm the Dead Guy you can erase him now John man now if that you sure seen a hook on his face right I tied him out of the control tower cam quick this ain’t a joke he’s gonna go can I take him so long sailor Oh No bottom of the tower another guys on his way he’s down there amongst the bodies clean shots rev does another guy at the top of the tower he probably looking for his buddy guy caught the body take him out before he plops Oh down he goes get your site’s back on me trip I’m scared you’re in my crosshairs again there’s no one left to kill so get over to that gas tank and plant the bomb I’m on it which was a guy coming out of that building I shake just second guy Kyle billing help haha please man coming always hated that chopper Jim [ __ ] drive your bikers the truck across town times when I got tactical superiority if I hit the chopper everyone’s gonna know we’re here try and hit the pilot when he settled they might take it crashed my date they might the choppers gotta go man

one dead biker scene is good to me is another I’m afraid I gotta confiscate this weapon ring now he’s going for the gun happens to the best of us now start that plane I hope there’s enough of these guns to go around okay brother shall we go find the guys trailer yeah we should secure this [ __ ] hardware well why don’t you come out here lazy [ __ ] buzz course one of you trashed my model come on planes loaded up with crates Trevor just like you said rest of the guns let’s be on the plane way get me to that place time to see your handiwork Ronald let’s go can be that place 13 you permit just read for passengers Oh the guys taking receipt of these guns is it a folk just off I am aware of this well the man on my wing presents no immediate danger I’ll do my best to oblige you a buyer for these guns already I thought we was just hitting back it up statue if you’d read our later shareholder report Ron you know teeth the Enterprises has been exploring a takeover of some lost MC business in the armaments and narcotics sectors for some time and that time you require someone to purchase our guns right of course but Johnny recent events my impending departure included have only expedited things trouble ships enterprise is a far superior organization well we hopefully improve revenue streams cut overheads and maximize profit all for one thing he won’t be been a bloody idiots to stand around in cow hides a vengeance it’s important

here sharp-eyed shakes I’m tested that’s him let’s do it that kind of show up on military radar big shipment successfully delivered Ron now remember if you beat me to the airstrip all butcher your carcass and a wrap you in cheesecloth boss t hey enterprises are raising guidance and the lost MC are posting unexpectedly soft projections for the coming quarter a vast criminal conspiracy like the lost MC shouldn’t let a goon like Johnny que representa few hard staff to the head knocked the seriousness right out of a sharp man was weak for crystal week for Ashley man was we should have spoken me like that he’ll not do that again so the guns are going to Mexico Mexico yeah guy in the boat is Oscar Guzman he’s in with the cartels this is a mark this could be a way to expand the business like I hadn’t thought of that we might be able to buy into Oscars thing but leave that to me Ron sure contact hey well for this kind of shipment I’ve got those Boyer fees for force my salad coughs oh he pays better than any in this story country will talk about the exact split when we’re grounded okay all right shipments successfully delivered Ron now remember if you beat me to the airstrip ball butcher your carcass and a wrap you in cheesecloth meet me and you’ll see Fast Show and get better at it or fly through barn we don’t want to show on the radar for those wetlands boss so the guns are going to Mexico Mexico yeah Dinah bodas Oscar Guzman he’s in with the cartels there’s a market this could be a way to expand the business like I hadn’t thought of that we might be able to buy in the Oscars thing but leave

that to me Ron I’m sorry to ask contact shipment oh he pays better than any in this story country will talk about the exact split plan we’re grounded okay you’re the better man was that I think that was an adequate restitution for my impotent rage statue that was a mighty fine statute trail I was a mighty fine piece of plastic [ __ ] but there is no price for emotional attachment I mean you might forego your cut to alleviate my heartache I might yeah I mean I will good idea we don’t have time to dwell on that now because we got more runs Ron if there is one thing that they need south of that big fence it is guns Trevor Phillips industries technical expertise managerial innovations unstoppable oh that’s right now go I need to meditate or masturbate are both you

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