no chemical bugs no much longer to be up the babysitter’s coconut for cranky I’m starved tell me about it the only reason I even offered to babysit it’s because Tuesday’s or when candy brains cranky one of her banana cream pie oh I wish I had just one banana coconut granted your wish I knew it couldn’t have been me no no bananas would have been fantastic little buddy so I don’t know cranky wouldn’t wants us fooling with the coconut oh but don’t you wish she had another banana how are we going to explain where all these bananas came from oh you’ll have a hide for a throw rug if he finds that we’re messing with the coconut so it’s times like this I was invisible pity where did you go I can see that I mean I can’t see that are you where are you right all these bananas come from Reggie oh well you see you see the end of this cane between your peoples unless you start cleaning up this mess it is not even here now start cleaning dosti general swampy I can’t leave you in there Klump but I need the hope today so it should be opened upon reciting of the secret password only I do the secret password just cover your ears with libidinous ego Kickapoo if I told you once Klump I told you a thousand times nothing goes in the vault except on coconut sir we don’t even have

crystal coconut but we will plump this time by plan just steal it this idiot-proof in other words I’m not relying on you two it’s well known that the every Tuesday cranky receives a banana cream pie from candy Kong and this Tuesday will be no different except a one minor at your service candy candy clone distinguishable robotic twin indistinguishable robotic twin Kandy ho yeah code man there’s only one it is I care about cooling that’s crazy watch what you’re going detail you know you gotta stop little buddy I haven’t even started all the fun I can have being invisible I don’t see how you doing stuff and me getting in trouble for it is fun with coconut this way cranky it won’t be fun when cranky finds out we’d be messing with the crystal coconut look I got a plan I keep cranky busy well you make your wish to be visible again okay Diddy little buddy my badge is in sync my mind is on ops or please no all I got to do is tune into my inner voice yo man word up wobble and all that yo its dude your inner voice right on nothing right on about your move jack don’t name them all wrong yeah new ones on me but on the board sighs Who am I looking no like a big group is stupid you have you seen getting what am i saying of course you haven’t he’s invisible bummer let’s that’s me it’s using banana cream pie de dandy okay how could you how could I what you

know very well what you ate crazy high but I didn’t eat it then who did did he get II honestly DK it’s bad enough the ether pot but don’t blame Jimmy he’s not even here I swear Teddy he’s invisible invisable oh well just what else is invisible your pie but I made this one just for you but now I’m taking it to Cranky’s to replace the one that you ate but okay little buddy just get serious I just lost a banana pie what are you gonna do next then fluster to the moon using its delivery rocket all clear come back here you hop with how where is candy clue now the pie too cranky keep an eye on our way to get well their clothes made no finally that mess is cleaned up get yourself a baby this smell Oh long story see Lester was going through the mood and I had to get your silly games I’ve got a crystal coconut crisis on my hands I knew you’d find out look I can explain every you can explain why candy stole the crystal coconut candies goals of crystal coconut I did not you stole my crown I did not Diddy so ladies total coconut this explains everything it most certainly does if dandy didn’t steal the crystal coconut then who did I wonder how my little Oh scares me to think of what kind of demented plan the rules brewing in that be brain oh not only have we lost the crystal coconuts but now Diddy’s invisible and there’s no way of making invisible without it I could be invisible forever I can’t even have another birthday party there’s only one solution your father gets the crystal coconut back or else parole wait come on little buddy let’s make trap the karmic tide is high’ dude the cosmos is singing and good vibes are frequent to the max oh yeah you got one of those new autopilot is modes huh noir dude my inner voice it’s gonna guide the ride think you can fly the biplane I don’t know could it be any worse than funky flying the plane on a

regular date good point let’s go Oh minute Dean dollars we and years of I’ve waited for this moment then I’ll the crystal coconut is in the safety of my vault I can go on a nice long stroll you Hey what did you do with these feet are they ever oh sorry little buddy fuzzy did you take her down a little nuts unless my eyes details missing right did he take down bug man not even quickly not until the you know flavor okay candy cone society what do you know let’s take a wrong turn back there

Oh you come from with finished now the fine clump and pummel is you can’t steer major big ugly turns out the like does that answer your question pretty little stars all around my hand well I help you to pound heads learned your lesson oh yeah I’m never making another wish as long as I live hey cuz I’ve got some errands to run so no funny business with the coconut no Louie I brought you something DK but then a cream pie oh my favorite oh no you don’t know we come over pulling the same trick on us sometimes right DK Diddy no that’s not the candy claw but the real candy you chump chimpanzee

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