hello everyone here and welcome to another Donkey Kong Country 2 bonus video this time you are going to be doing all of swanky’s bonus games because those are just kind of neat little things that I thought now people might be interested in seeing and what you are watching me do right here is a finish off my banana coin farming and this is by far the easiest way in the entire game to get as many banana coins as you can possibly ever need you start the level I have both partners throwing up I grab those two points and instantly start to select out and you do not lose the coins that you picked up so it’s not like you have to beat the level in order to keep you know everything that you got so we’ve maxed out at 99 coins yeah because of course Frankie’s uh you know there’s bonus Bonanza things here cost money that is why you want to get as many coins as you possibly can we probably won’t need 99 of them but I said what the heck as you saw I mean I clicked the 10 coins and you know less than 30 seconds there so it only takes about five minutes if you want to get all the way up to the max but like I said you don’t need to do that and yeah the title is going to be a bit of a lie because we actually have already completed some of his bonus games and once you do that and once you do that you can never again do that set of trivia challenges um throughout the entire game and I accidentally press B here so I actually want to talk to before we gots the first question so yeah I did all of the ones in the first world and it looks like I did I did not even read the question as I’m Susie talking and it looks like we did not even them it looks like we did the third one in this world so there will be annotations to those if you want to go back and watch the ones that I already did throughout the main let’s play but otherwise in this video we’re going to be doing the two remaining sets in world two and then all of the sets in the world three four five and six so if you like trivia um grab some popcorn and let’s answer some questions I have no idea what the question was but hothead hop is the only one that is an actual level of this game so that’s probably the correct answer alright on to the next round what is the name of this area of the island Bobby this is world – so we are in crocodile cauldron now listen very carefully how many times do you have to hit the end of area giant bird to kill him in the last row it would have to be six it’s not right okay so anyway it’s good to get back here so yeah basically as awesome as I said I did the third one in the main let’s place so we cannot do that again and yeah so basically they go up by difficulty and depending on which one you complete that’s how many lies you get so completing the easiest one that costs one coin will give you a one-up as we’ve here to up and this one that usually costs three coins will give you a three up getting any question wrong will boot you back to the beginning of that set of questions so you’re gonna have to you know do it all again and pay again but here we have cranky challenge so I mean other answers the question is do that change and the order of the answers also does not change chop it up pauldron so I mean I’m guessing that’s talking about um you know crow at the end of world one and I could swear it was six but it’s not ten it has to be for them there you go I thought it was six I thought that most bosses in this game took six hits but I guess yes I was remembering wrong maybe it was like every other paw stuck six hit a lucky love and number two what color is where the crocodile hits you jumped on in the first lava level well there was okay I was gonna say there’s two different colors green and brown is the correct answer for that what is in extra lives been colored red worthwhile considering we just got one five lives no one life I wish that there was a blue shouldn’t like a yellow balloon I gave you five flies or something like that excluding the end of area boss how many levels were there on the first area of the island um but the majority of the worlds have five although there are a few I think worlds three four and six have six levels which is complete contrast to donkey on country three well where every single world had five but that’s also because there are seven main worlds instead of six plus loss world after that bidding by the interest I’ve enough of an explanation on that and yeah as you can see everything there has been completed and we can move on to the next world and we got to run over the Funky’s flights and yes you will take us to world 3 as well as I said if you want to see the ones that are not included in this video there were of course annotations though so yeah feel free to like and check those out but here we are in world three and we have not done any of these yet Funky’s fun what can your snake buddy do that is special he can jump very high very fast our spits eggs just very high now what is the name of the level with the angler fish who helps you with his underwater light glimmers galleon what is the name of the big muscle-bound crocodile who guards the toll bridge that would be clubs kiosks so there you go doing pretty good so far on what we got we got one wrong because yeah I did not know the number hits it took the beat the first blossom how’s this for fun let’s keep track of how many times Andrew messes up a swampy sweat I guess I just want be swagged swampy swag on how many lives do you start the game with well you start with four but you get a zero so I guess they technically consider that five what buttons you press to team up that would be the a

button if you don’t know that at this point in the game that’d be pretty hilarious what is your why nobody’s name not anyone who’s played donkey kong would know it is brown this note is ran be ten lives primate prize what is the name of this area of the Iowa so that’s not worthy of you know a third kind of question and I remember it’s from key D as I can never know remember helps you spell how do you pronounce the name there probably some kind of pun here I’m not kidding what is your parrot buddies thing I would be swats how many airplanes hanging from the roof of the collar that’s a question worthy of this it’s either one or two I want to I want to say two but I think it’s one yes okay there you go it was two very they say then there’s that was worthy of you know a third kind of level question um yeah like I said once you complete them even then you turn off the game you can never do them again and the thing that sucks is when you turn the game off you lose all of your lives and go back to four or five when you start the game against so it’s kind of weird I mean you would like you know play all these get all these lives and then just lose them when you turn the game off so that’s pretty much what these are for it if you ever need some extra lives now you can go to them but otherwise don’t waste your money on them because you’re just gonna you know lose them when you shut the game off anyway but that is world 3 and let’s see what world’s four has in store for us here welcome back you’ve joined this as the cons are about to choose their game no help from the audience please ah ok wrinkly is winner I don’t know like any of these categories have to do with anything there’s kind of random names what is the name of this area at least it’s in level one this time rather than level three um this is crazy loony goon land that’s actually pretty funny crazy Kremlin totally everyone’s playing along too I hope I’m not answering things too quickly please feel free to pause the video as each question pops up I’m in case you know you don’t want me to of the same thing Wow um I pressed the B button I didn’t even read the question what in the game could possibly be any of these colors red green and yellow well it’s not one up balloons there’s those guys who steal a booth in the barrels who hit you and there’s a green one a yellow one in the black one but that’s not any of these questions it’s the question why isn’t there not a way to go back to the question red green yellow I mean if that’s the cars have a stoplight and my favorite kind of makeup design red black and purple brown black and white um I want to say red green and yellow it’s there okay but that was the only one I mean ah I have no idea what is the name of the two companies that produce this game and Donkey Kong Country a rave and crocodile games creme soft and cruel ink or rare and Nintendo ah the good old days are crazy quiz what is the name of the first wasp I’ve level in this area of the island that would be Hornet hole well done let’s have another what is the name of the old lady Kong who runs Kong college that would be wrinkly Kong and which of these items cannot be found at clubs kiosk in the background or there’s definitely an oil drum don’t believe a boxing gloves and punching bag of their whoa can’t believe how stupid you or I mean the hard luck wow you are sure that’s like it for all that money oh I gives you an all these games Oh crazy quiz I want him actually we’re gonna get to look at that question again I didn’t know no we’re not um yeah I know when the oil drum is there so it has to be a picture of K rool yeah I don’t know I don’t remember that I just want to check that out okay and level three baboon booty what is the snake buddy’s name Bradley what color waist coat does old man cranky Kong we’re in the monkey Museum I once ate green yes okay which of these enemies have you not seen yet during this area of the island well that’s actually a pretty tricky question I know Kellis the swordsman shows up in ranta Randy Rumble um see here the wasp you’ve definitely seen count on nine tails whoa that’s a tricky one it’s definitely not zingers we’ve had Horan hold the cat-o’-nine-tails he doesn’t appear in bramble scramble he wouldn’t be in either of the roller-coaster levels and he wouldn’t be in Hornet hole so hasti cat-o’-nine-tails there you go I guess the swords guy he probably shows up in a Hornet hole somewhere is he wouldn’t show up in bramble scramble well he he might be the guy who rides the the car and the similar roller coaster race level anyway crazy logic here everyone is a winner here except when you’re calling me a loser you jerk okay

so let’s go to clubs kiosk just for fun and see this punching bag you know boxing loves I don’t remember oh yeah there cuz they’re hanging from the thing over there oh you barely Oh actually yeah you barely noticed them I definitely think too much about it oh sorry anyway we don’t need to be here next world I said next world okay head up through here all the way over to funky yeah kinda the ninetails appears in the UH a second Marsh level of I’m sorry the only Marsh level of this world which is the last Marsh level of the game obviously yeah he was not in any of the levels before swanky did I like that question I hope there’s more tricky questions that make you think like that so let’s see what world’s v has for us lockjaw is loose what is the name of this I hate these questions Looney go hey how many little the end of area giant wasp recap and knew I was gonna say four but that’s not an option it has to be three done no no no it’s fine there is one in the middle in four surroundings so it’s five there yeah that’s one looking for next one please what’s the name of the trendy surfing song really really chunky Kong is a is that supposed to be foreshadowing of Donkey Kong 64 is this that definitely was not known at this point I think it’s obviously funky Kong heck yeah haunted Hall with each 8ul good puns there what is the name of the forest level with the blowing wind in it that would be dusty glade next one on the Kremmling island map how many small wants hover around the wasp eyes oh I was gonna say it’s somewhere around three but obviously all of these numbers are kind of around three it’s not for there’s no way it’s for a or B yeah I can’t use you know wooden don’t kick C’s I’m pretty sure it’s not C although my luck I have had that on tests before where you know I’ve looked at multiple choice answers and I’ve said okay it’s definitely not that one they’ll get the test back and that was like exactly the one that it was so for that reason I should probably pick four okay I thought you’d know that all right yeah my University exam logic does not apply to video games go stag Lane 3 wow I should’ve gone with my natural instinct in the first place but if when I do that I usually end up wrong and when I don’t do that it’s I I hate multiple choice actually that’s a lie so I hear some people university were like man yeah I didn’t read the thing it’s definitely crocodile Isle but I mean there’s some people at university were like I hate multiple-choice I’d much rather write an essay to do a multiple-choice test I’m like are you insane okay it’s not time to talk about University giving game one of you gods which of these is not the name of an area of the island you have played I’m not harboring crazy Finland Rock Canyon what is your swordfish buddy’s name on guard stabber yeah right he’s so useless in this game I gotta hit like every time I try to use him how many world map globes are there on the shelves of plonk whoa on the shelves isn’t doing well on the floor I’m gonna say 100 o’s putting hot close enough I’m afraid wow we could blow a lot of coins here uh no no no it’s – it is – I kind of suddenly had that like a flashback of the shelves that’s right there are two I wasn’t thinking of something else earlier Ali’s studio better prices next time no you both they’ll be the same cruddy prizes as always what a liar but anyway that leaves us with one world left and I have to say I absolutely love video game trivia you know based on the actual game itself and rare is like one of the only like people who actually do that I mean you have like you know obviously banjo kazooie with like in-game board game and trivia sections and then you have this with in-game trivia I think that’s fantastic and I love like trivia based on video games that I love in that played so this kind of thing really makes me happy anyway the final three Big Apple bounty Castle challenge cave rules quiz what is the name of stop wasting questions with this easy garbage K rules keep what is the name of the old hunk better be a lot harder which of these enemies also appear in Donkey Kong Country I like this Nick the rap singer the wasp cannon the crock la definitely be singers one of the most staple enemies of the Donkey Kong series despite the fact that they were kind every place by buzzes in the key on country 3 and I don’t believe they appeared at all in returns which is actually really disappointing because they were one of the main staple enemies almost like as goombas and koopa troopas are no mario is how zingers weren’t to donkey kong back in the day up anyway i mean they did appear in 64 though which was pretty great anyway castle challenge what is the name of the castle level with the rising floor castle crush cave rules fresh tragic tower

how many animal buddies can you ride in this game well if we think to animal active rain be on guard twitter squawks and which brings us to five good answer here we go again what is the name of the flying ghost coat trembling and throws objects at you cloak I believe it is there you go oh this is really disappointing but there’s only one more to go Big Eight bounty what is your spot man can you just went over this squid er all right find out two questions let’s do this how many desks oh six I think it’s six no ho maybe it’s five minutes definitely five I’m afraid that’s not correct Twitter asked I don’t think it’s three five that’s correct last question of the game how many different bodies do you think there are in the game yes this is so worthy of a final question should I actually stay here and count them I don’t think I would actually be able to do that do you include variants of the same enemy like I already forgot the sword kind of enemies name but there’s like the green one that kind of sword gets stuck in the floor and then the yellow one who actually like lifts them back up really quickly all right I’ve got the two colors backwards like do you like include red zingers and yellow zingers or are they both the same that will definitely kind of skew the numbers here but what do you have you have cloak you have zingers you have the rat guys what do they call darling trading their names I shouldn’t be doing this oh you have Nucky you have those red fish underwater who are really annoying you have the Stingray like guys underwater we’re kind of annoying you have those blue bug things that no one really ever cares about because they’re not that much of a pain well I’m sorry if you guys who have counted I kept the sword guy well let’s count them again just in case well round down or something like that well you have that we have cloak I really think I’m cut the enemies twice now one other enemies we had oh we got those guys you throw the hooks we have the guys who shoot barrels and cannonballs at you um well that’s we got what else we got come on there’s so many enemies in this game there’s so many more than that how am i creating these things oh we have oh so there’s those guys in the barrels that push you around you count each of them as an enemy or do you count – there’s just one notice they’re all different so that would be one two three I’m up to 14 um what else have we got the screech like from screeches spring comes an enemy I don’t know that’s debatable I’m just going through all the levels in my mind but other enemies am I missing mister obviously 14 is not one of the answers I’m missing so many enemies um grandpa scramble and the enemies and they’re missing no um Randy Rumble everyone else is trying to count too because I can’t really Rumble mean that you count that zinger that chases you say probably not it’s like I don’t think I cause it’s a sword guy let’s just say we’re up to 15 I don’t think we’re gonna ever be able eat up to 30 so the answer is probably 20 and that’s probably why they placed at the bottom what am I missing I’m missing so many enemies oh yeah there’s those big buff guys that walk around there’s the normal Kremmling crocodile enemies I haven’t counted yet I think that’s a 17 um not to be gods what else have we got Oh cat-o’-nine-tails that’s a good one um so that’s 18 there’s no way if we’re ever eating it oh there’s those blue beetle guys that I hate because when you jump on them they really screw you up one more I just wanna get one more so I get the 22 say I thought of 20 enemies what is one more enemy in scheme well I mean there’s a whole bunch of different basic trembling guys I mean there’s the ones that jump around the answer has to be 20 no that was I’m probably missing some which means that 30 is more likely especially if you include different kinds which I don’t think I did for some enemies the answer has to be thirty three two one go yeah well played Andrew well played okay that was a lot of fun so you were probably supposed to include different colors which makes sense that you know a red zinger and because it was a different enemy from a blues singer it’s like a red Koopa Troopa would probably be considered a different enemy from a green Koopa Troopa so yeah that was fun so like I said I love trivia like in video games like that like every game should have that part or just have it and not necessarily make this break the fourth wall I mean how many enemies are in this game is completely breaking the fourth wall but I love myself some fort I love me some you know some good ol fourth wall breaking so I would love to see that kind of thing in more video so that was fun I mean though you know wrap your brain like that and go back to all the levels you’ve played and think of all the different things that you’ve done I love that kind of thing so there you go all of swanky’s bonus games completed and with that said yeah 61 coins to spare so I mean account for the first world and one of the ones in the second

world that I didn’t do so you should be fine with 50 coins I mean you just watched me do it so now you know the answers anyway ah that was a lot of fun I love trivia like that I can’t stand fib you like pop culture trivia I don’t know half the stuff that you know actors and stuff are doing out there but no video game trivia on game that I love and have played the death of bring it on so yeah that is a lot of fun so I really hope you enjoyed that there was one more bonus video I was contemplating making and that would have taken place in castle crush a lot of people for some reason wanted me to talk about on the castle crush glitch where you can really really really break the game and not just okay press the reset button once a grace like you can screw up files and even the game itself so it’s very dangerous to do um so I was going to talk about it a bit and maybe even find the way to make a video about it maybe with an emulator you could probably still pull off but I don’t think I’m going to do that maybe something I’ll talk about it a little bit but basically castle crush glitch it causes tons of crazy stuff to happen and you can pull it off in the castle crush level but I’m not going to be doing it for the sake of not wanting to record one of my donkey young country to cartridges so with that said that pretty much makes this the final Donkey Kong Country 2 video and it was you know fitting to end of off with some epic trivia so I really hoped everyone enjoyed that I really hope that everyone enjoyed this entire let’s play and yeah next up some mario stuff going on now even though mario is number 2 we may be playing some Mario 3 so look forward to that and I hope to see you then so thanks once again and see

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