We made it Come on Wooo!!!!! Vang Vieng, Laos Vieng Tara Villa ( Bell sound of cows) ( Bell sound of cows) Nice environment Just a moment ago There will be a herd of cows going through us the cow was light hit Sound like slap! slap! this is our vehicle for today 80000 Kip is about 300 Thai bath Price / 1 day : Deposit with your Passport let’s go the morning Market !!!!!! This is old Runway (old airport) in the part may be Plane down to here that is cool place look! Mountain behind around us we will continue go to local market look at our friends Local Morning market Now we are Morning market They have a very special sale go to see what is i? Palm civet? Um Thai look like… Squirrel?

(Bamboo worm) (Anteater) Bat Grill “Ping Jear” “Ping Jear” “Ping Jear” is Bat Grill Bat grill !!!!! How much of this 2500 Kip for this 13000 Kip Try this 25000 kip we can eat all… Right? we can eat bat bone? can if you have good teeth we walk around this market to see what they eat what they Living vegetable are same in Thailand but just some thing that difference what they call? “Sai Aur” “Sai Aur” with ingredient mead from pork Mission complete for this morning with Morning market a lot of exotic thing some thing that make us like excited who are love local food, Wild food. Don’t miss here Right through Laos i’m forgot Almost to the opposite Toll Checkpoint !!!!!!! how much? 10000 Kip 10000 Kip for Motorcycle 4000 Kip for Person 6000 Kip for Bike Song River wooden Bridge Food Review

Bat and porcupine grill Sai Aur (local sausage) Bat and Porcupine grill BAT!!! today we will try Batman grill Porcupine grill P’Pooh help me it so sticky smell is good but it face are not OK for me look at the bat teeth Batman Porcupine are sticky and so tight… like a f*ck this bat wing Will you eat? wing of Batman Aright! we will try it skin of Porcupine is spacial I’m afraid to chew Porcupine grill are good can i try bottom part first oh… a lot of ingredient and herb ingredient? or entrails? Actuary… Bat meat Bat meat….is not a lot almost of this is skin as same bird structure bat bone are gab is side they add a lot of ingredient and herb and take a look! the green here skin of Porcupine is very spacial will see layer of skin here Porcupine skin this skin is not stinky like cow skin it’s like… more crunchy and you and bite in 1 time if it’s be cow skin we can’t bite um…if Do not think too much Batman is OK! too wait Look at the eye No Don’t eat Me…e…..e look at teeth this is Porcupine see this… this is skin Porcupine skin! it like big Duck skin (crunchy sound) See that? rubber wheel but that is not to hard bite if is rubber tire. this skin is tread it can spit out in piece by piece

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