– Hi everyone, this is Yun – Wait a minute Hi everyone. As you may see we are not in France, so this time I’m the one who speaks We are doing a small trip, through pretty much half of the country We take you with us, and we start today with Xi’an We are on Talk about Jet lag We are on old Xi’an ramparts Xi’an is kinda the oldest capital of China And the first city to ever have one million inhabitants It is also often considered as the starting point of the silk road We’ll do a big part of the silk road during this trip But it all starts from here Oh, and we have a special guest with us in China Just FYI, it’s 9am and it’s already 32 degrees God, it’s hot Sorry not to be able to send you odors, because it smells really good here They turned the main street into a playing ground It’s funny and quite amazing First day in China, done. It was quite good I’ve been asked in picture three times Including one, the dud thought I was Messi The football player It was probably just the beard So, if you take the train in China Check that the date is alright on the ticket If the date isn’t alright you will have to buy another ticket And since trains are all full You will end up with a ticket to sit on the floor We’ll see you in Chengdu To be honest with you, that’s now people pray here

Yeah, it’s more like it Already time to leave Chengdu We are about to take the plane for Lanzhou, Yun’s hometown You will see it soon Just few things about Chengdu, it’s really a town worth visiting Among China’s big cities it’s my favorite Whether you are passionate about history, or like spicy food Or even if you like pandas You need to see Sichuan and Chengdu And we see you soon in Gansu Here we are in Lanzhou, third stop of our trip Tourism-wise it’s not China most famous place It is know for three things First, it is the only province capital on the Yellow River Which you can see behind me Ok, I promised Yun I would say it, now it’s done Second, they have Lanzhou Beef Noodles A delicious meal. We’ll show you later Third, something interesting, at least for me The cultures blend in Lanzhou Because Lanzhou is truly the entrance of the silk road The starting point, we saw, is Xi’an But where it really starts is Lanzhou And thanks to it Many cultures mix in Lanzhou for centuries Let’s go check all of it And then I give you my five tips for a trip in China Here it is. The famous beef noodles of Lanzhou It’s awesome Ok, let’s use a bubble tea break to give you our 5 tips for you Chinese trip Tip number one, keep your passport at all time You will need it at every turn To go to the museum, take the train, the plane of course Everywhere you will need your passport Tip number 2 Try to book ahead as much as you can China is a country with a lot of people, I teach you nothing here Which means that the number of tickets is limited when it come to, well same thing, transports, museums, anything really Tip number 3 Even if you did book ahead, plan some time for get your tickets You saw, we had a small issue in Xi’an Even if you have a ticket of train or museum booked Since you need to use your passport You will lose some time queuing Compared to those who have booked it with they Chinese ID cards Try to get there…well quite ahead

Tip number 3… 4 Tip number 4 Try the most authentique restaurants, let’s call them like that Those by the street Or even on the street They are usually the best And get some meds ready for those Last tip: go get a foot massage, you’ll see, it awesome Plus, foot massage usually involve the head, the shoulders, the back, all of it really Ok, “all of it sounds” a bit misleading Time to leave Loulou for a few days See you les amis Mama will bring you back some gift We are in Zhangye, fourth stop on on trip And third on the silk road (Chengdu isn’t one) What’s special about Zhangye? Marco Polo would have lived here, and Kublai Khan was born in a temple of Zhangye We are now in a night market Zhangye is a small city by Chinese standards There are still a bit over one million people around It tells you what is a big town in China This here is Danxia It’s the main reason for a trip to Zhangye Today is supposed to be a perfect day to come here The sky is grey, not too much sun And yesterday it rained, which make the mountains really beautiful Let me give you a glimpse, look how cool it is It’s over for Zhangye. We see you in Jiayuguan To be honest with you, we were a bit disappointed with Jiayuguan The fort, while not very authentique, is still quite interesting But there is a strong tourist bait feeling Well, except for the Guan Yu temple, they always look awesome Second attraction of Jiayuguan, the Great-Wall Jiayuguan is quite famous for being the end of the Great-wall The western end, it doesn’t go further And just for you to know, Yun never went on the wall So we told ourselves “at least she would have been on it” Except that the wall is 30 years old here It’s not the real one It’s a replica built on the pieces of the old So, according to me, it doesn’t count And Yun still needs to go on the Great-wall According to me too Well, on top of it Yun quickly gave up

Between 300 and 30.000 steps later I did it, look at that Yun is all the way down and I went all the way up Ok, I think we gave you enough reasons not to bother with Jiayuguan But if you do decide to come here, you should choose the same hotel than us It’s a brand new place, we’ll leave the link in the description below And let’s meet tomorrow in Dunhuang, the last part of our trip We decided to give a last chance to Jiayuguan There is one monument left and it is purely authentique It is the very end of the Great-wall So let’s cross fingers that it might save the day for Jiayuguan Let’s get out of here We arrived in Dunhuang, last part of the journey This is the end of Gansu province A little bit further and we are in Xinjiang And if you ask yourself why I move weirdly since earlier It is because I am discovering and presenting Dunhuang on camel back I’m not the only one We had a sand storm, so we stopped a minute Now that we got out of the sand storm, we can visit the rest Behind me are the Mogao grottoes A place of buddhist pilgrimage on the silk road The place had been abandoned for a very long time and reopened about 100 yeas ago There was a lot of work done to allow people to come There are a lot of small caves, little grottoes In which we can see walls Wall paintings showing Buddhism scenes but also statues of different buddhas It’s super interesting. I’m not allowed to show you what’s inside But if you can, you should really come here Oh, and they keep saying we stole a bunch of stuffs, but it’s not true Sorry friends, we came back to Mingshashan to take some shots It’s not as bad as yesterday, but the sand storm is still around So it’s not great But don’t hesitate to check on internet And if you can, come here, Dunhuang is a nice place Our journey ends on the sands of Dunhuang And even if I can’t wait to go back to the quiet of Normandy I would have loved to go further on the silk road It will be for another time I hope we made you want to discover North-West China And we promise to take you with us on the next adventures In the meantime, we’ll come back soon with more videos about the most beautiful treasures of France So make sure to subscribe to our channel And feel free to comment and share your favorite videos

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