Work love home cooking. But how do we find temperature for sorry. I’m late charlie boy Oh man a touch Matic to radar range the first microwave oven with a memory available At home furniture and appliance 400 South deafening xopen weeknights till 9:00 You know the significance of the caucuses how they were thank you debates to see which what the candidates are Supporting and what they believe in of the presidential elections? just Who’s ahead right now? No, I don’t Have any idea the significance of them? No, I don’t That’s for the count of that For the polls and stuff like that, isn’t it? Don’t ask me no idea, oh geez, I should I Is that Is that the initiative to go to the primaries people that get involved? I? have no idea my dad would kill her if he knew that let’s pick new candidates for the different parties the different candidates discuss their policies and things that they Will talk about when they’re running or their delegates will be discussing I suppose. I know I’m not really sure I’m embarrassed to say I’m not even real sure Fraid not No, I don’t think though I know it’s a it’s something that you’re going mode and that’s about all I know about it It’s in January. The Iowa caucuses are the beginnings of the party Decisions on presidential and sound trail candidates all not Exactly. Just a popular vote. That’s what I’d say. They’re very important in determining Or the feel at least who this candidate for the presidency, perhaps might be who would be best supported what the Iowa caucuses are Oh, yes, they’re held in January and they’re to help decide the candidates for election. How do they work? Ah, that’s something I want to find out And indeed tonight, we will find out how the Iowa caucuses work. Good evening. I’m James Baker The Iowa caucuses will be held January 21st 2530 one of them one for each precinct in the state Each caucus elects delegates to the 99 County Convention scheduled for March These County meetings generate delegates to the six congressional conventions and to the state party conventions Which in turn elect national convention delegates, but it all starts at the precinct level and tonight We’ll take a look at what happens there We will see mock caucuses staged by storey County Republicans and Democrats Then we’ll talk to the state chairman from each party. But first here’s a look at a Democratic mock caucus Okay, it’s 8:30 p.m. Now and it’s time for us to elect the delegates from this precinct There’ll be five persons elected from this precinct to go to the county convention are there any groups that want to be represented and I’d like to be a Jefferson supporter. It’s every son supporter any other groups I’d like to support Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Jefferson. I’d like to go as uncommitted Uncommitted and I’m gonna buy myself a susan b anthony Okay I’d like everybody then to congregate in groups, you know based on Jackson Jefferson Anthony and Over here Okay, we’re allowed to have five people The any group Right now the way breaks down

We’ve got two people two delegates from the Jefferson group two people from the Jackson group and the uncommon Tsar Allotted one delegate at this point. So what I’d like you to do is to break into groups and try to rearrange and Come up with the five delegates. Twelve your two Alavi the Anthony Anthony person doesn’t get a chance to kind of reallocate. Okay, we’re going to stay on All the way Because you can’t one of you elect the man Okay, based on that then the Jackson people will be entitled to three delegates to the County Convention, okay? Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Sunday month Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday One two, three, four, five six seven eight nine ten Week so we have a representative body when you go to that County convinced it’s okay and I’ll give you whatever time it takes to elect people from you groups three from Jackson and Okay You promised this one anyway when we do I promise to vote for one, right That’s right all those in favor Freebo so you can three three times for three people home everyone vote for three Are you running I think we need to know we have Nancy rich Victoria? Okay for all those who and you in vote for three, right so those who are the pores and three Those are the who are bored raise your hand. I have I committed Okay all for Victoria Now or For forensic Toria Obviously time does not permit us to present a complete caucus but these brief looks do afford us a taste of the flavor of them

Each party tries to hold its caucuses in public buildings, but in some cases private homes are used as we saw with this Democratic mock caucus the Republican mock caucus coming up next was held at the communications building on the ISU campus Distinct differences exist between Democratic and Republican caucuses not only in terms of goals, but also in terms of style watch First of all, we have to select two precinct committee persons to represent our Precinct on the story County Republican Central Committee We have to pull all those present this evening to see what their presidential Preferences are and we’ll get to that in a moment. We have to elect delegates to the Story County Convention and We have to select nominees to the state statutory and presidential conventions as well as the district counterparts for Congressional district number five. We also select junior delegates if there are any nominees for that We will then turn our attention to the Debate discussion and vote on various issues of local state and federal interest to form the backbone for the party’s platform And then finally, we will get some names of people who want to work as election judges and let me give you a list of our present candidates and You have a ballot before you already on which you may then cast your preference for either. Mr. Scranton Mr. Rockefeller, mr. Cabot Lodge Mr. Romney, mr. Hoover or mr. Eisenhower or you may vote as an undecided or if you so choose you may submit another name and if you would cast your ballots now on behalf of your candidate your chosen candidate Elizabeth will pick up the ballots and then tally them and give us a report in a little bit The significance of the ballot is to give an indication of the relative Standing of the various candidates in the Iowa caucuses tonight Wonder if you could give us the results of the presidential preference poll so we can interweave that with what’s going on We have two votes for Scranton We have six votes for Eisenhower one vote for Lodge and one vote through Okay. Thank you very much. You heard the results and Those will be the results. It will be found in immediately by Elizabeth to state headquarters to be reported By the media at this evening we’ll move on to the next item of business and that is the selection of the Two precinct committee persons and at this time I would like to receive nominations and anyone here at the caucus is entitled to vote for two such persons the responsibilities of the precinct committee person is of course to extend the political organization Down to the grassroots level in the neighborhood in which that precinct committee for and lives To lead the organizational effort on behalf of that of the party to assist in registering voters to be a voting member of the Republican Central Committee at the county level and to Conduct precinct caucuses such as we’re going through tonight. And also of course to assist in all other party activities fundraising and so on of a general nature Determined I would nominate and Palmer is a committee woman from this precinct okay, and Palmer has been nominated as precinct committee person And I might add at this particular point we can elect Two women two men a man and a woman it doesn’t have to be any any combination I could I could nominate at jonesin. Yes, you could I’d like to do that Okay, ed Jones has been nominated and an ant farmer. Are there any other nominations? Okay, dan Griffin has been nominated any other nominations for precinct committee persons Mr. Chairman I was new to the nomination cease. Okay. It’s been moved that nominations cease That’s been seconded She’ll be bored on that aspect first To move to these nominations all those in favor. Say aye aye, please All those opposed. No the Nominations have ceased now who has the list of nominees if iris would read that back to us and Palmer ed Jones and Dan Griffin

Okay We have three persons nominated You are entitled to vote for two persons so please cast your ballot for two persons I could have Shared Whisnant and read Crawford act as temporary tellers for that particular process I would appreciate your picking up the ballots and Counting to give us the results of another the results are Palmer and Griffin You’ve heard the results. Dan Griffin and Anne Palma are your new precinct committee? persons We’ll be back in a moment to talk about the significance of the Iowa caucuses with the state Republican Party Chairman Steve Robertson the state Democratic Party Chairman Ed Campbell, so don’t go away The plight of the two and a half million sick and starving Cambodian refugees has been a nagging emotional consciousness-raising tragedy that has sparked worldwide Concern and on our next show we’ll meet two American Congress women who have just returned from first-hand examination Of the parentis conditions in Thailand to talk about what’s being done for the refugees and the political stumbling blocks that these women have been Able to cut through to get help for the refugees join us for this important Wednesday morning at nine on five When you chew juicy root you’re gonna love that juicy flavor sure secrets the flavor lovers gum, it’s one Brightest sunshine gypsy roots the flavor riverstomp love that luscious burst of flavor in every pack you bake In every sweet taste and fascinating stick. Come on chew jimsy boot and you’ll love that juicy flavor juicy fruits the flavors The Ames Festival Iowa’s most exciting musical event is celebrating its gala 10th anniversary Membership in the festival Association brings you previews of the world’s greatest orchestras receptions with visiting artists and Priority and ordering your tickets for membership information write post office box One two four three Ames, Iowa, five zero zero one one or you can telephone area code five one five two nine four three, two one three On my immediate left is Steve Roberts the state Republican Party chairman and on his left ed Campbell the state Democratic Party Chairman gentlemen, where did the Iowa caucuses come from? And why are they important? Well, they they come from the Iowa statutes their record. They’re the process required under Iowa law for selection of delegates to the respective national conventions, they’re important Initially because they’re the process to select our delegates to the National Convention but they become more important this year because they are the first test official test in the nation of strength of presidential candidates and Secondly, I think because Jimmy Carter got his start in Iowa in 1976 Only well, it’s a less than 2 percent of the national delegates of the delegates to the National Republican convention come from Iowa less than 1% of the Democrat Democratic delegation to the national convention comes from Iowa so what’s the significance? I think it’s significant from the standpoint that in Iowa that we I think have a microcosm of This country and I think because our system is probably more participatory and we start early we go through quite a process Of precinct county district and state conventions for by people have to really commit themselves To participating only for a candidate but for a given issue so I think that’s why the the media the candidates and the political parties have really focused in on Iowa is sort of a model of the caucus system in the United States as we know it today a lot of folks have been talking about the real significance as being a test of campaign organization Which agree with that? Absolutely? it’s an organizational effort all the things that go in the extras the Media the advertising the telephoning it’s all organization. That’s what it is What are the major differences between the Republican caucuses and the Democratic caucuses from your points of view well, I think the the major differences between the Democratic caucuses is versus Republican caucus is that we actually Select delegates in other words, if you’re selected, it could precinct caucus you are in fact the delegate to the County Convention Representing a candidate of your preference or choice Whereby in the Republican Party. It’s a straw poll

Secondly, I think that ours is Sort of open in other words when you break down into a preference group You know exactly where ed Campbell is when he goes over in the corner with this particular preference group I think in the Republican Party correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you do it on a written ballot So that no one really knows where you are or how you voted or whatever and I think those are probably the two major differences That we have in the caucus system There is no question that we that we don’t use the proportional representation, but we do elect delegates to the to the County Convention just like the Democrats do the only difference is that You may or may not know where those delegates stand and your if you’re in the minority in your particular caucus, you’re not necessarily entitled To a delegate like the democratic system Secondly as far as how those delegates are selected they can be done either by Secret ballot as ed suggests, but that’s up to the caucus It could be a situation where everybody votes by hands or standing up for who they’re for It’s not required that we do a secret ballot I think there was probably one other significant thing that ours is Different quite a bit for the Republicans that is that we have to select 50% have to be men and women they have to be equally balanced and I think that has been mandated this time or by before We had to use they called all feasible effort now You must have or shall have 50% men fit percent women at all That was plus we have we call the affirmative action, whereby we have to give strong preference to Certain groups for example blacks Chicanos or whatever it might be and if we don’t do that We can challenge for example that delegation or the delegates elected at whatever level might be We I’d like to make one comment. We we very strongly encourage women to to serve We do not have any requirement of a 50% break, but we have a strong In our rules to have women delegates and also on minorities as well someone wants to participate What about eligibility how do they know whether they’re eligible to participate in a precinct caucus? And what do they go through to find out? The eligibility requirements are relatively simple You’ve got to be a resident of the state of Iowa and you have to be a resident of the precinct To which you’re going and you have to indicate your intent To be a Republican or a Democrat that does not mean you have to be a registered Republican or a registered Democrat at the time you go to the caucus You just have to have the intent to be that you might be something else Independent or other party? Okay Basic that same yeah, okay How does one find out where a precinct caucus is being held in their precinct? How can they find out? Well, there has to be public notice in both parties Which is also required by the statute to allow people to know the time the place Location and also are they have to be in public places? now I think it’s by next Monday is usually sort of the deadline whereby most of the Papers and the other media will put out the exact location of the precinct caucuses. I noticed today I think that Polk County Republicans had theirs in the paper. I think this morning the public notice of the Locations of all the caucuses some small communities, for example, they just have to put out public notice maybe through a press release Where others are paid for but public notice must be put out Well in advance will people know where they have to go and I think in most cases they usually go Where they vote? okay schools churches places like that Mr. Roberts, what affected the Republican debates in your opinion have on all this process I think it had a tremendous effect for Iowans generally and the Republican Republicans in particular gave an opportunity for People who are going to have to make up their minds in the next couple of weeks a chance to see most of the major Candidates it was a tremendous boost for the Iowa Republican Party A lot of people talked about how proud they were of all the candidates and it was just a great show for us What effect? On the caucuses is the fact that the Democrats did not debate this year Well, I think it was more one of disappointment than anything else I don’t think it’s going to have any real effect at all on the turnout at the caucuses at all Do you think the national media attention on the caucuses stimulate caucus activity particularly here in Iowa? Oh, my god has been said I think it does to a certain extent because it’s sort of a political hype that people want to be a part of a system that that’s not Television and the newspapers and the radio and feel part of that system

I think it’s good and healthy for for both our parties in, Iowa because it just means if we get more people into the political system and the more people we get in the system the more Participation we get and it just makes for a better two-party system in the state of Iowa. Well, I think it’s great I would agree. All right What’s the most? misunderstood fact about the caucuses I would say that this is some secret type of process that You’re not welcome to attend. It’s just for party regulars Whoever that might be when in fact Both of us very very much would like every island to participate in one of the two Party caucuses and or would urge people that are independent to decide to go with one of the two parties I’ve often said I’d rather have people decide to be Democrats than independents because I believe in the two-party system We have two strong parties in Iowa, and we need more people. We want people to participate Anything from your perspective I would just sort of echo a little bit more what Steve had to say and that is that the people who are the Real losers in the caucus system and Iowa are the independent voters because what they’re saying to the Republicans and Democrats at this state You go ahead You select your delegates You select the people who are going to be the nominees of your party and then welcome back in and plug into your system in November and will help you elect one or the other so they really missed the boat in fact a lot of our own people missed the boat when they just turn it over to say 35 or 50,000 Democrats and say you go ahead you put it together You select them and then we’ll plug back And again the it’s about as open a system as you can find That we have in the state of Iowa in the two-party system and I think people really miss the boat when they don’t participate I think something interesting that I learned from researching this and reporting hung with this assignment is that Both parties seem to be pushing the idea that indeed those who are elected as delegates to the County conventions at the precinct level could very possibly Go to the national conventions, which is a lot of process away Come election time or a convention time Well, there’s certainly that that prospect now, of course, we only have 37 delegates to the National Convention But but even beyond that, I like to suggest to people that Because this is so early because the eyes of the nation and for that matter the world are on Iowa that this is an opportunity to have an effect way beyond our numbers on the selection of the next president of the United States What must a candidate show in a precinct caucus to be four For that caucus to give him a good showing Well in the Democratic Party, we already determine how many delegates are going to be allocated to that particular precinct so the numbers themselves of attendees make no difference, for example, if Precinct one has five delegates Precinct two has five delegates a hundred people could elect those five as well as 20 and precinct two So the numbers aren’t as important in our system It’s the delegate strength that we’re talking about got about 15 seconds well, I think Numbers are important in our system, of course ultimately Delegates are – all right, sir. Thank you both for joining us tonight We hope that cleared things up a little bit about the Iowa caucuses. Good night, and thanks for watching

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