[Throughout All Ages 千古(Qian Gu)]
sung by Alan Dawa Dolma 阿兰
The summer cicadas and the winter snow
merely follow each other cyclically in a flash.
♫ ♫ Practice enlightenment and pay no attention to
the fated calamities of life.
♫ ♫ Mere brushstrokes on a scroll of white paper painted out the layers of the world. ♫ ♫ It is difficult to draw your perfectly pure face. ♫ ♫ Unable to sleep at night, who is my heart yearning for? ♫ ♫ The light is veil by the bamboo screen.
In my dream, I’m as care-free as the wind.
♫ ♫ The moonlight seems to practice looking from afar and recording the numerous times the vast sea finished into the mulberry tree field. ♫ ♫ It does not speak of the unspeakable fate of tomorrow. ♫ ♫ If I want to leave a good reputation throughout all ages,
then I have to fall out with the one I love.
♫ ♫ Who would care that you missed
the opportunity for happiness?
♫ ♫ If I am ridicule throughout all ages because
my love has become obsessive and confused.
♫ ♫ Yet, I do not regret believing in you. ♫
The Journey of Flower – (Hua Qian Gu)
Episode 30 Hall of Emotionless Teacher! I found the Heartbroken Flower! Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! Where are you? Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! Little Bone? Teacher, I found the Heartbroken Flower! -Teacher!
-Little Bone I found the Heartbroken Flower How did you end up like this? I’m okay! Teacher, I have found the Heartbroken Flower Hurry and tell me how to cure the poison! Leave it with me This Heartbroken Flower is not a normal medicine It requires profound immortal power to refine it Little Bone, Go back and change your clothes first In the coming days, I’m going into retreat to take in the antidote It’s enough if you prepare for the Immortal Sword Assembly well Teacher! I want to stay by your side Go back Teacher! You’ve worked hard, Little Bone Where is my handkerchief? -Tang Bao!
-Tang Bao!

Hurry and get up. Are you okay? -Are you okay?
-I’m fine! Did you get hurt? Tang Bao, what is up with you lately? Your mind is always wandering! I keep feeling like something has happened again, but I can’t understand it! My brain is going to explode soon! Okay okay -Are you okay?
-No no It’s your fault! If you hadn’t hit Ni Man Tian just now, -I wouldn’t have knocked into Tang Bao!
-You cannot blame me! It’s that Ni Man Tian used too much power! -If you can’t win, what are you blaming me for?
-You-! Looks like the winner of this year’s Immortal Sword Assembly has already been decided! Then who do you think it will be? Naturally, it is -Naturally is it…
-Me? Hua Qian Gu! -Hua Qian Gu?
-Hua Qian Gu? Why? Shuo Feng and Ni Man Tian are both stronger than her! You don’t know this, do you? Let me tell you! You cannot compare to today’s Hua Qian Gu! She’s not only Honorable Superior’s favorite disciple, she is also Zu Mountain’s Sect Leader! Besides, during Tai Bai’s battle with the Seven Murder Faction, she gained a lot of equipment for us! Isn’t her magic very amazing now? Of course that’s true But last time Junior Sister and I were out, so we weren’t able to see it! This time we must have a good battle with her! What are you talking about? Okay, okay. Let’s stop here today -All of you go back.
-Yes -Not so hard!
-Tang Bao, come here! Bones! Bones! Tang Bao, come with me. I have something to ask you Come, hurry Bones, what’s wrong? What’s happened? Tang Bao, have you seen my handkerchief? Handkerchief? -You mean the one with Honorable Superior on it?
-Yes! What is it? Is it gone? You-! Think about it, did you leave it somewhere? I’ve looked everywhere I could! I can’t find it! How about this? Let’s split up to go look in places you usually go to We’ll definitely find it! Little Senior Uncle, what are you doing? Little Senior Uncle, are you looking for this? Give it back to me! Give it back to me! Give it back! What are you being so mean for? I didn’t say I wouldn’t give it back to you What do you want? Nothing really. I just never would have thought that Chang Liu would have a bad disciple like you! Hua Qian Gu, you are very daring! Do you think that just anyone can fall for Honorable Superior? You have committed a terrible crime! What do you want? Little Senior Uncle, I, Ni Man Tian, is not a person that extorts and blackmails people, right? If Honorable One finds out about this, he’ll definitely kick you out of Chang Liu But it also does not matter If Honorable Superior finds out that his dear disciple has this sort of feelings for him, I think he would also be very disappointed and broken hearted Just what do you want? You owe me, Hua Qian Gu If you don’t want your shameful acts to be revealed, -Okay, beg me!
-I’m begging you! -What are you begging me for?
-I’m begging you not to tell Teacher! Hua Qian Gu, aren’t you a man of integrity? I didn’t think that there would be a day when you have to beg me! I hate that expression of yours the most! Hua Qian Gu, it was because of you, everything is because of you! If it wasn’t for you, I’d be the one full of glory! I would be Honorable Superior’s disciple! If it wasn’t for you, I’d be the most fortunate person in this world! You ruined everything! I want you to give back everything that you owe me! Okay! As long as I have it, I will give it to you! Okay. at the Immortal Sword Assembly, I want you to lose to me I promise you!

Okay, it’s a promise Or else! Just wait for you to be completely ruined! Teacher…I’m sorry Hall of Emotionless You haven’t left the Hall of Emotionless for even half a step recently There’s nothing of importance going on. I don’t need to go out You haven’t seen your disciple either Perhaps she’s somewhere around Hall of Emotionless practising her sword Your Hall of Emotionless really is cold and lonely I wonder, how long the Heartbroken Flower she gave you can keep living Senior Brother, Do you really intend to keep on lying to her like this? What are you going to do if she finds out? You must not let her find out The two of you are becoming more similar to each other Each of you gets more stubborn than the other Hua Qian Gu, you are very daring! Do you think that just anyone can fall for Honorable Superior? You have committed a terrible crime! If Honorable One finds out, he will definitely kick you out of Chang Liu. But it also does not matter. If Honorable Superior finds out that his precious disciple holds these sort of feelings for him, I think he’ll definitely be very disappointed and brokenhearted. Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers- Flowers @ Viki Teacher! Teacher what’s wrong? Teacher! Teacher! Why are you like this? Why are you so weak? Teacher! No, you lied to me! The Heartbroken Flower, the Heartbroken Flower actually cannot detoxify your poison! Little Bone, I’m okay Go back No! Teacher! Is there really no way to neutralize your poison? The poison has entered my bones No medicine can cure that No! Teacher! There must be a way! “The only one who can fix the problem is the one who created the problem.” Since you’re toxicated by the Divine Cauldron, Then I’ll go find the Divine Cauldron to make an antidote! I’ll go find the Divine Cauldron! Little Bone, Listen to me. It’s too late Shan Chun Qiu will not so easily give the Divine Cauldron to you Moreover, It’s not as simple as being poisoned at this point Inside the Divine Cauldron, it already reached every inch of my body I will slowly lose my immortality, and then dissipate into nothing What I can do now, is only to control myself, and not let the poison control me and cause myself to go crazy I don’t believe it, Teacher! I don’t believe it, Teacher! I don’t believe it! There must be a way! There must be! That’s right! The poison in me! Teacher, use the poison in my body. I wasn’t poisoned by the Divine Cauldron, you can use poison to force out poison! Teacher, use my poison! Little Bone, I can’t! How could I use you to cowardly extend my life? No, Teacher! -Little Bone!
-As long as I can save Teacher, I am willing to do anything! Little Bone, don’t! Teacher! Teacher, don’t worry

I will definitely find a way to save you! After so many years together, How can I not know Teacher well? If he really knew how I felt about him, Teacher definitely will… Yes, I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t have that sort of thing. I was just desperately eager to conceal and retrieve it only Teacher Teacher, you’re awake? Do you feel better? I’m better, Little Bone Little Bone, my poison is already much better This time, I will go into retreat And do my best to treat the poison You don’t need to come over anymore Focus on practicing This Immortal Sword Assembly, is a test for you Teacher, has your poison really..? You don’t need to worry I’m already almost fully recovered Okay, Teacher I will prepare well for the Immortal Sword Assembly But..I want to come over and see you every day Can I? I will call you if I need you Teacher! Then…I will leave now -Tang Bao.
-Bones! You must remember, when you see Ni Man Tian from now on, try your best to avoid her If you really do run into her, and I’m not near you, go find Senior Brother Shi Yi for help/ Bones! Based on Ni Man Tian’s personality, she’ll do anything to torture you! Just tell me what’s happened, okay? Tang Bao, I’m begging you, stop asking Okay then But if you run into any problems from now on, you must not face it alone You must remember, you still have me! I know Thank you Tang Bao Do you know if there’s a way to erase someone’s memories? Erase their memories? The Seven Murder Faction has a hypnosis technique, to send the other into a trance, and then take away that person’s memories But I’m not very sure how it’s exactly done either

Hypnosis technique? Tang Bao! What have you come for? Go! I just went here to give you your favorite Chinese wood-oil tree leaf chicken Who would want yours? You guys always come over to bully Bones! Hurry and leave! Tang Bao, just what has happened? Who bullied Bones? I don’t want to see you at all! Leave! Tang Bao! Hurry and open the door! Just what has happened? Tell me! Do you think you’re so great that you’ve become Honorable Superior’s disciple? Are you not afraid that I Will tell all of your secrets? In this world, is there any way to control someone’s mind? Of course there is “Absorb the Soul Method” could control one’s mind It could also completely erase the other’s memories But this method is not easy to execute It’s best if the other person’s power is weaker than yours Or else it’ll be very easy to reflect back onto you Unless you have no other choice, it’s best not to use it What’s wrong, Little Thing? You’re suddenly interested about Absorb the Soul Method, Want me to teach you? There’s no need, Big Sister Little thing, why have you become so pale again? Do you know, the most important thing to a woman is her beauty Why are you treating yourself so poorly? Big Sister, it’s because it’s going to be the Immortal Sword Competition soon I’m busy practicing, so That Bai Zi Hua! He’s just like a piece of wood in the ocean! Thickheaded and decadent minded He does some sort of big assembly every year, what meaning is there to see his own disciples fighting back and forth? Perhaps he’s been idle and not busy nowadays? Maybe I need to do something for him? Big Sister’s illness, has it been cured? I cannot let Big Sister know that I agreed not to see her. These are all things I brought especially for you Also cream that I have newly come up with It’s very helpful with preserving your beauty Big Sister, thank you Okay, Little Thing. I have to leave I know, you and I cannot associate with each other I don’t want to make things hard for you either I just missed you too much Big Sister, I- You don’t need to say anything. I don’t blame you This grudge, I will put it on Bai Zi Hua! Big Sister! Little Thing, Remember. No matter what, no matter who wants to make things hard on you, as long as you are willing, blow this bone whistle No matter where I am, I will rush over to save you Got it? Teacher! Teacher, how are you? What’s happened? I’m okay Teacher, you’re getting worse! Why didn’t you tell me? Blood…blood, you’re coughing up blood! Little Bone! You can’t Listen to me No medicine can neutralize this poison Even if you use every method possible, there’s nothing that you can do I don’t care! Even though I cannot neutralize your poison, I can at least help you minimize your pain! Little Bone, you can’t! Little Bone! -Teacher!
-Little Bone!

If you use the poison in your body, you will be affected by the Divine Cauldron as well! -Teacher…
-Go back Go back! Yes, I will go now Subtitles Brought To You By: the Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ Viki -Honorable Ru.
-What happened? Nothing It’s just that I cut my wrist by accident while cooking breakfast You cut your wrist while cooking? Okay. Go on Then..then I will leave now Senior Brother. Senior Brother, can I come in? Senior Brother! Senior Brother! Come Has she left? Do you wish that she left, or that she didn’t? Just now, I saw Hua Qian Gu had an injury on her wrist So the issue with Hua Qian Gu, must be finished off soon Or else, based on the way she is, she would rather bleed to death, so save your life Junior Brother, your personality, I know it very well So…I’ve never asked you to do anything I let you do anything you wanted But this time, I’m afraid I’m low on time It doesn’t matter if it’s for me, or the entire world The sect leader’s position, -please accept it.
-What? Junior Brother, I can give you time to think a bout it But don’t take too long I’m afraid that I can’t keep going for long What are you doing? Little Senior Uncle, the Immortal Sword Assembly will be here soon Please have a little competition with me Are you admitting defeat to me? Let me tell you. It’s too soon You should practice well I will defeat you in front of everyone Qian Gu Do you want to win that badly? Putting your nose where it doesn’t belong! -Have you done everything well?
-Yes Go on There is something I don’t understand. May I ask? What is it? Why not let Bai Zi Hua die within the Divine Cauldron, but instead still save him? Do you think he can live long after being poisoned by poison from the Divine Cauldron? -But-!
-Enough I have my own plans for this. You don’t need to ask so much Pavilion Master, our Pavilion of Strange Decay has never done business without profit Saving Bai Zi Hua has already broken our rules!

For Hua Qian Gu, you’ve changed things again and again Enough! You just need to do your own tasks well I have my own plans for this Leave Yes Teacher Before, in Yao Ge Town, You said that you liked this restaurant’s buns! I especially went to learn from the owner! You haven’t eaten for many days Eat a little! Teacher! I’m begging you, don’t throw me away! If something really happens to you, what am I to do? In this big world, I don’t even know where I should go! Leave the things there, and then leave Teacher! Teacher! Then I’ll leave it outside your door. You must eat! Qian Gu, why do you need these Milk Vetch Root, Angelica Sinensis, Poor Man’s Ginseng, Chuan Xiong? These are all for women to use to keep from bleeding and strengthening the blood flow the month after giving birth I got injured and lost a lot of blood I still haven’t gotten better until now I want to strengthen myself a bit more So it’s like this? I have a thousand year ginseng, perhaps you can find some use for it I’ll go get it for you Thank you! Superior Immortal Zi Xun You’ve finally come looking for me In these few days I Hand over the Divine Cauldron What do you want the Divine Cauldron for? I’ll say it again! Hand over the Divine Cauldron! Why have you become like this? What about it? What? Are you afraid of me? What should I be afraid for? How about we do some business? What business? Haven’t you always wanted to beat Hua Qian Gu? As long as you tell me about Hua Qian Gu’s every action, i will teach you all of my magical techniques and teach it to you Really? All of them? Yes. All of them Okay! I’ll tell you everything! Tell me Hua Qian Gu seems a little down recently

Her hand is injured as well. Her daily actions She spend every day at the Hall of Emotionless You must pay more attention to her actions Every day at this time, come here to report to me Then…when will you teach me the magical technique? After everything is finished, I’ll definitely teach you Okay! I’ll warn you You just need to follow Hua Qian Gu’s actions Leave everything else to me If I find out that you’re doing things off on your own, I will definitely call you, someone who wishes to live but can’t, and someone who wishes to die but can’t Yes If I drink more of this, then the poison in my body will be strengthened. This way, I can save Teacher! Starting today, I won’t use your poison anymore Teacher! My poison is the only thing that can suppress the poison in your body If you can go on for one more day, then I’ll have one more chance to find an antidote! Teacher, I’m begging you! Little Bone, your good intentions, I understand them But there is no medicine to neutralize this poison No need to do useless efforts But you, if your body is too weak, Then you won’t be able to participate in the Immortal Sword Assembly At that point, people will become suspicious That I was poisoned, it won’t be kept a secret anymore Teacher, I don’t care! Even if I win at the Immortal Sword Festival, it doesn’t mean anything if I don’t have you! I just hope that you can be safe As for the Immortal Sword Assembly, I…I will definitely do my best Teacher, please give me a little more time! I will definitely find an antidote. I definitely will! If you still consider me your teacher, immediately leave Teacher! Teacher! Why are you here? What are you in such a panic for? Is there a secret in here or something? What is this? Are you learning some blood magic? Don’t stick your nose in other people’s business! I will definitely lose to you at the Immortal Sword Assembly as promised! This Hall of Emotionless isn’t a place where you can come as you wish! If I find you in here again, I won’t let you go! Hua Qian Gu Do you think that no one can compare with your martial arts? I don’t need you to purposely lose to me I want you to completely lose to me fair and square! Ni Man Tian I’m warning that you should stop here! You must remember You owe me I want to take them all back!

Abstain Thoughts, Teacher’s poison has been almost completely neutralized We must work hard together to prepare for the Immortal Sword Assembly You are working so hard to practice, do you plan to beat me at the Immortal Sword Assembly? Ni Man Tian. I’ve already promised you that I won’t fight for the victor’s position at the Immortal Sword Assembly Why must you keep forcing me towards the edge like this? I’ve already said so I don’t like that look where you don’t seem to care about the world It’s like you don’t care about anyone! Do you think that you’re so amazing because you’ve become Honorable Superior’s disciple? Perhaps, you’re not afraid that I will tell all of your secrets? I’m sorry. I’m begging you What did you say? I didn’t hear you I’m sorry! I’m begging you! What? Are you not willing? If you’re begging, you have to have the right attitude Kneel down! Hua Qian Gu, don’t forget You have a weakness in my hand From now on when you see me, don’t be so high and mighty And next time, it won’t be as simple as kneeling Subtitles Brought To You By: The Flowers @ Viki [Cannot Say 不可說 (Bu Ke Shuo)] sung by
Wallace Huo Jian Hua 霍建华 and Zanilia Zhao Li Ying 赵丽颖
With your hands, you untie my lock.
We fell into a whirlpool of tenderness.
♫ ♫ Through numerous turmoil and wasted time on all the wrong steps, our affections have not changed. ♫ ♫ Bound for life, one idea leads to a disaster. But still we insisted on making the same mistake again and again. ♫ ♫ In one instant,
the vow to stay together for life is shattered to dust.
♫ ♫ Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake. ♫ ♫ Losing you is like losing my soul. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us. Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫ ♫ It is that I don’t dare to say it. ♫ ♫ One step, one smile. One step, one grieve. One step,
one calamity. Changed into a moth that flies into the flame.
♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ did I become me. ♫ ♫ Sink down together with you. ♫ ♫ Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake. ♫ ♫ Losing you is like losing my soul. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us. Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫ ♫ It is that I cannot say it. ♫ ♫ Holding onto the promise. Don’t blame me for my weakness. The situation does not allow you and me.
Give me up so that you can live.
♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ did I become me. ♫ ♫ Sink down together with you.

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