Bai Cao, where did you go yesterday night? If I didn’t see wrongly, this morning you came out of Senior Disciple Chu Yuan’s cabin, right? It was Senior Disciple Chu Yuan who took you in last night! Senior Disciple Chu Yuan? Senior Chu Yuan also practices Yuan Wu Dao? I thought he was a doctor You don’t even know who Senior Disciple Chu Yuan is? He is our Hall Master’s son! Chu Yuan, your mother sent this home from overseas I brought some over for you Thanks, Dad Chu Yuan, why don’t you move back home? In this small cabin, things such as eating are inconvenient Chu Yuan, this time your mother will be out for quite a while You don’t have to worry about her hot temper. You should move back home Maybe not, Dad We still don’t know when she’ll be back. If she sees me, she’ll get angry again Senior Disciple Chu Yuan used to be very gifted in Yuan Wu Dao When he was 16, he got into the finals of the National Yuan Wu Dao competition Everyone called him “Li Yun Yue’s Junior” Li Yun Yue Junior, that Chinese master, Li Yun Yue Song Bai had a lot of women who thought of Senior Disciple Chu Yuan as their idol Senior Disciple Xiu Qin and Ping Ping were crazy over him But, it was a pity that he ended up withdrawing Why did he withdraw when he was so talented? I don’t know either! Moreover, after he withdrew, he never lived with the Hall Master and his wife again He doesn’t come and watch us during our competitions anymore either Everyday, he just stays in his cabin, taking care of his plants and stuff. He doesn’t even let most people into his cabin You were in luck you got to go into his cabin How great would it be if he could come back to take part in the competitions Then, we wouldn’t have had to lose to Xian Wu Martial Arts Academy all these years Wow, 85 marks! It’s the highest I’ve gotten for English! I’m serious! My mother’s eyeballs are about to drop out Bai Cao It’s great to have you around, you’re better than all the other tutors! It’s because you always spend too much time playing games and reading your novels If you prepare more, you can definitely do better on your next test Senior Disciple Xiu Qin Senior Xiu Qin – Qi Bai Cao, right? – Yes, I am Sorry, but we have to trouble you to do more work in the upcoming days Please, clean up all the areas near the training ground It has to be extremely clean, can you do it? Eh Senior Xiu Qin, Bai Cao is my classmate. She is not Song Bai”s cleaner Normally she cleans and does our laundry, only because she is kind, not because she has to do it I will clean it well Great, sweep the floor here And the rock statues over there, wipe down each and every one. There better not be a trace of dirt The lawn behind has to be trimmed. There should not be a single weed at all All the devices in the training room should be wiped clean after practice No lazing off, and you’re not allowed to wipe it only once in the morning I got it Senior Xiu Qin It’s because Bai Cao spoke up that Master did not chase Xiu Da out Forget it if you aren’t grateful for her actions, but why do you still treat her this way? Grateful? Qi Bai Cao, it’s not that I want to pick on you. It’s just that Master has already ordered

the other disciples to train, so there’s simply no time for us to do the cleaning Therefore, we’ll just have to trouble you No problem But, why did Master suddenly ask for such a high standard of cleaning? In a week’s time, Korea’s Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall will be coming over for an exchange The exchange is also for our martial arts hall to warm up for the coming Challenge Matches So, Master is extremely strict about the hall’s cleanliness Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall?! Is it that Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall? It’s Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall! I need to organize my uniform! There are 18 contestants from Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall who have come to An Yang Besides the 13 contestants that are above the age of 18, there are also 5 other contestants that are above the age of 12 They will visit both Xian Wu and Song Bai Martial Arts Hall for a friendly exchange Hurry up and get in the car Hey, hey, Min Joo! Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall Quan Sheng? That scum who took drugs, Qu Xiang Nan, is in this Martial Arts Hall Today, I must teach him a lesson Qu Xiang Nan! Come out! You better come out! Qu Xiang Nan, come out! Come out! You don’t dare to come out, is that it? – What do you want to go out for? Huh? – Scum, scum, scum! She is Kim Yi Shan’s daughter She already caused trouble at the World Championships’ prize giving ceremony She must be here for you this time round If you go out now, there will be no end to this You won’t actually fight her right? You don’t dare to come out, right? You coward! Coward! Scum! Qu Xiang Nan, you better come out now! You don’t want to come out, right? Fine, then I’ll let the whole of An Yang know you guys are cowards who rely on stimulants to win! I saw you! Qu Xiang Nan, I know you’re inside You thought everything will be fine if you hide? Quan Sheng. How proud Qu Xiang Nan, wait for me. I’ll make you remember me forever – Mentor! – Shut up! Qu Xiang Nan! Coward! Scum! Get out here! Why are you doing this? The signboard is Quan Sheng’s honour. I must confront her! Confront? What do you want to confront? She’s just a stupid girl Scum! Coward! You better come out, you scum! What a coward! Senior? You’re causing a ruckus again, aren’t you? No, Senior. I just — Senior, I just wanted to teach him a lesson – Senior, Senior! – Qu Xiang Nan! Everyone inside the Martial Arts Hall I apologize to all of you on behalf of my junior We’re in a rush today, so I cannot apologize to you in person But, I will come another day to apologize Sorry Sorry, I’m really sorry!

– Why is it you? – Bai Cao I’m sorry, Senior Chu Yuan. I made your books dirty You don’t have to apologize, it’s because I wasn’t being attentive Have your injuries gotten better? Much better Let me take a look Why is there still some bruising? Let me take care of the bruise for you. Follow me Hold on a minute Are they the same person? What are you looking at? Nothing much Come on, follow me The blood under the bruise hasn’t dispersed. You’ll have to put this ointment twice daily and rub the bruise hard Massage the bruise until it feels almost hot to the touch. It’ll be gone in 2 or 3 days In the vast night sky I hear the beating of the heart Even though we’re apart by miles The eyes of desire Does it still hurt? looking for traces of each other – It’s done Thank you, Senior Chu Yuan. I’ll go first Please, in my dreams Wait Leave your footprints Take this ointment with you The same unrest – It’s okay, I don’t need it – Just take it the same expectancy Or else, I won’t feel at ease They’re all proof of love Thank you, Senior Chu Yuan Can you promise me something? That elderflower, let me take care of it for you from now on Last time, I was in charge of taking care of the plants in Quan Sheng Please, trust me. I will— will ensure that the plant blooms Sure, I’m sorry to have to trouble you We shine on each other’s hearts In the vast night sky There are 18 contestants from Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall who have come to An Yang Besides the 13 contestants that are above the age of 18, there are also 5 other contestants that are above the age of 12 They will visit both Xian Wu and Song Bai Martial Arts Hall for a friendly exchange I heard that most of the contestants have won the championship back in Korea And there’s also Min Sheng Hao, the one who competed against Fang Ting Hao Tomorrow, Song Bai will have a fierce battle Friendly exchanges are meant for improving. There’s no winning or losing If you’re scared to lose, you can sleep during the exchange tomorrow Who said I’m scared? I’ll prepare now just for tomorrow’s exchange Seriously. Why is Fan Xiao Ying so good? She doesn’t practice, but only knows how to play games Don’t tell me you are using your phone to train your moves Erm… Haha

That’s for sure! Let me tell you, I’m playing the best Whirlwind Girl game I can challenge all the best players worldwide, at any time and place You’re outdated if you don’t play this game Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall, one of the top Korean Martial Arts Hall To be able to observe their training, it’s a very rare opportunity Everyone, gather your energy! Not a single one of you are allowed to slip away and relax – Understood? – Yes! They’re here Hey! Can such a small vehicle hold 18 people? I want to know too It’s all young children Are they looking down on us? Go back! Hello We are from Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall. We’re here for a friendly exchange I am Min Sheng Hao Hello Nice to meet you The Hall Master is waiting for you Here Okay This Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall is too much How can they send these young brats over? They are obviously looking down on us Exactly The others must have gone to Xian Wu Martial Arts Hall The only reputable person sent here is Min Sheng Hao He even went to visit the Hall Master, and left us with these few brats to have a friendly match with What can we even learn from them? Xiu Da, Xiao Ying, go pick it up How rude. It’s your first time at our martial arts hall and yet you’re causing trouble She’s staring at you so fiercely Maybe she understands what you’re saying in Mandarin So, what if she understands? Rude means rude, there’s no other meaning She looks so familiar Where did this brat come from? How arrogant! Exactly. She’s so hateful All you people of An Yang must have taken steroids again I remember now! I was wondering why she looks so familiar She is the daughter of Kim Yi Shan, a master of Yuan Wu Dao The last time at the World Championships, she’s the one who almost caused Fang Ting Hao to lose his trophy So, that’s her? She really has no proper upbringing Speak softer. She might understand Mandarin Who’s the best among all of you guys? Everyone is better than you You can’t win against me What did you say? All of you cannot win against me! You must be the best among all of them I am Kim Min Joo. I am very talented I want to compete with you How can it be? How very hilarious! That’s the funniest joke ever Exactly Little brat, you don’t even deserve to compete with me. Yet, you want to challenge Senior Ruo Bai? Have you not woken up from your dream? Ah, I know! Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall must’ve sent you over just to save on the flight tickets – Oh, flight ticket fare! – Xiao Ying Everyone is here for a friendly match so as to learn from one another Don’t offend one another with your words

This little girl doesn’t look very old, but she’s so egotistical Senior Ruo Bai I want to go up against Kim Min Joo Way to go, Ping Ping! You? Ping Ping has been practicing Yuan Wu Dao for over 2 years For Ping Ping’s age group, her legwork and speed is considered very good She shouldn’t have a problem going against most females I’m not sure about that Look at this Kim Min Joo. She’s young, but her body is very strong and sturdy The most important thing is the gaze of her eyes Her gaze looks so intense Ping Ping! One kick and it’s already K.O Xiu Qin, help Ping Ping up and let her rest Come on Anyone else wants to challenge me? Not speaking up? Don’t tell me all of you are scared Who’s scared of you? I want to take you on! Xiao Ying Xiao Ying, no! You’re not her opponent Such a wild girl. Come on! Xiao Ying usually goofs off during training, but she’s quite skilled when she’s serious I think Xiao Ying has a chance That isn’t good! Xiao Ying! Xiao Ying, how are you? Are you alright? First it was Ping Ping, now it’s Xiao Ying! They were both down just by one kick Moreover, the spot she aimed for is the same. She must be doing it on purpose! It seems like this little brat really wants to challenge us I already told you guys None of you can do it Your standards are all too low, not worthy to be my opponent Enough! That’s too much, little girl! You purposely challenged us I’ll take you on! Xiu Da’s legwork is considerably good among us guys Females usually cannot compare to the strength of males Most importantly, she’s younger than Xiu Da This is simply impossible Xiu Da, are you okay? All of you don’t dare to challenge me, because all of you are scared You! Come out! I want to take you on! I want to knock you down! So, you guys can know how lousy you all are! Ruo Bai is our First Senior Disciple. You are not worthy to challenge him! You aren’t worthy of any of the senior disciples Unless you get Min Sheng Hao to come and challenge us. That’d be more like it If we were to defeat a little brat like you, others will only mock Song Bai Martial Arts Hall You guys don’t dare to battle it out with me and have so many excuses An Yang people really have such low standards! You guys don’t dare to take me on without the use of an anabolic steroid Fang Ting Hao’s trophy was also gained through despicable means! The use of steroids wasn’t found this time, but you An Yang people still have no morals nor character All of you are like Qu Xiang Nan! You guys are all not qualified to practise Yuan Wu Dao! Quan Sheng’s signboard has already been destroyed by me I will destroy Song Bai’s signboard too I’ll take you on! – Bai Cao! – Bai Cao! You don’t have the uniform on You are not a disciple of Yuan Wu Dao I will not challenge you Yes, you’re right, I’m not! I’m merely a cleaner at Song Bai Why? You don’t even dare to take on a cleaner? Fine! I’ll teach you a lesson Can you do it?

Bai Cao! Be careful! She actually used Kim Min Joo’s horizontal kick! Bai Cao won! Senior! Bai Cao! Don’t touch me! What a poor thing Let me tell you, just now all of us just gave in to you Look! You can’t even win against Song Bai’s cleaner Chang Hai isn’t that good either I say, little girl, you should go back to Korea and train for a few more years Did you cause trouble, again? You’ll be grounded for a month as punishment after we get back I’m sorry for giving you all so much trouble We’re going now Min Joo! What do you want? You already lost once, but you still want to sneak an attack? Cleaner, you’ve won Next time, I’ll win for sure I will train very hard Next year, sign up for training at the hall I’ll wait for you Cleaner, I want to beat you! Kim Min Joo is young, but she’s the daughter of Kim Yi Shan, the Hall Master of Chang Hai Martial Arts Hall She started practicing Yuan Wu Dao when she was 4. Her leg power is better than most, and her moves are great At the age of 11, she emerged as champion at Korea’s Youth Competition 18 and 19 year olds can’t even beat her Yet, Qi Bai Cao could knock her down with only one kick This girl isn’t an ordinary one Qi Bai Cao’s victory was partially based on luck Because of her ego, Kim Min Joo used the same horizontal kicks Qi Bai Cao got a hold of her loophole and managed to win This can only prove that she’s a smart girl Think about it. She has never learned Yuan Wu Dao, but she only saw three of Kim Min Joo’s horizontal kicks and she managed to learn it just as she saw it Add a turn and some power; she really has potential in her I heard that the strength of her leg is even stronger than Kim Min Joo’s That’s true And, she certainly exceeds the power of most people With such a remarkable strength without anyone having ever taught her, I am sure, she has never stopped training all these years

She’s like Chu Yuan. Both have talent It’s a shame I’ve already decided I want to withdraw from Yuan Wu Dao What did you say? Why? I’m sorry You will regret it! Eh, heroine Bai Cao! I’ll treat you to lunch Do you want to eat hotpot or Japanese cuisine? Or, let’s go for a seafood buffet! There’s even lobsters! Heroine Bai Cao I specially prepared this beauty package for you It’s fine, we don’t need it – Take it, Bai Cao – Are you guys stalkers? Why are you guys following us day and night? Or, do you guys just want Bai Cao to teach you the formidable whirlwind horizontal kick? That’s it Xiu Da, have you forgotten how you treated Bai Cao in the past? Heroine Bai Cao, I was wrong in the past You are magnanimous, next time you are the boss! When you want something, just call for me and I’ll come running over! So long as you can teach me that one move I’ll even castrate myself if you want me to! Exactly, Heroine Bai Cao! That formidable whirlwind horizontal kick of yours looked really cool! It opened up our dog eyes! – I meant human eyes – Heroine Bai Cao, just teach us how you did the kick, please? Please, teach us Hey, let go! Let me tell you guys Now, I am Bai Cao’s manager Hand over the money if you guys want Bai Cao to teach you Hey, Xiao Ying. Money harms relationships We are fellow comrades training in the same Hall Bai Cao, you are really awesome! It’s such a pity that Quan Sheng doesn’t want you You should join Song Bai and make Master Yu your Mentor! Hey, Xiu Da! I already have a Master My Master is Qu Xiang Nan Bai Cao The both of you! Oh my god! It’s the one who took the anabolic steroids 10 years ago! It can’t be! He is actually Bai Cao’s mentor? Master! Guang Ya! I heard Kim Min Joo destroyed Quan Sheng’s signboard Is Master okay? I didn’t see him when I came in just now What can happen to him? We, Quan Sheng, are just like cowards Even our signboard got destroyed by someone else We’re so scared, we don’t even dare to step out the main door Are you here to mock us? No, I’m not Now the whole of An Yang knows that you’ve defeated Chang Hao’s Kim Min Joo Are you happy now? Satisfied yet? Guang Ya, it’s not like that! Listen to me I’m here to pass something to Master This is what I bought using my salary It’s for you and Master to eat Also, I’ve found the money that you hid in Little Grass’ pocket I know it must’ve been you. Thank you But don’t you worry, I have enough money to spare I’ve started working at the noodle restaurant owned by Xiao Ying’s family I hold two jobs, so my salary is quite high Guang Ya, can you help me ask Master, whether his anger has subsided? When can I return? Master? What kind of a Master is he?! You still want to come back? Qi Bai Cao! Can you wake up? Have you forgotten who it was who wanted to chase you out in front of Quan Sheng that day? It wasn’t anyone else but him! Guang Ya, don’t say that! Qi Bai Cao, do you think that you’re great? Wholeheartedly following a Master that’s constantly ridiculed by everyone

But, what happened in the end? When you were in trouble, he only cared about protecting himself! He even gave you, his beloved disciple, up without a blink of the eyes He is a worthless scum! And you are the world’s stupidest person! – He is your father – He isn’t! He is a disgraceful person He did such a shameless thing He caused my mother to die He is not my father! Guang Ya! Do you know how much Master loves you? You’ve never cared about him and you don’t even talk to him! You even look down on him like the other disciples do! I’m only his disciple, yet I believe him You are his daughter, why can’t you believe him? Qi Bai Cao, shut up! You believe him? The only thing that came out of you believing him is that you blindly follow whatever he tells you to! You were chased out, yet he didn’t even say a single thing to protect you Go. Get lost! – Get out! – Guang Ya! Go back to Song Bai and bring glory to them! Don’t ever come back! Go! You won’t gain anything good if you follow me You can only give up Yuan Wu Dao if you continue to follow me It’ll be different if you follow Master Yu You are an outstanding student, don’t you know that? Master, are you still angry at me? Master, remember to have your meals on time Master, when you are willing to let me come back, then leave me a message Master, remember to stock lemons up at home In the past, when you drank too much alcohol, I always made lemon juice to cure your hangover Little Grass, tell me, why does Master always avoid me? He doesn’t want to see me at all That day, the issue with Hall Master Zheng, was it really my fault? What’s wrong? Tell me Why aren’t you going to sleep?

Is it because you can’t fall asleep? Last time, my mother always sang me a song and patted me to sleep Let me sing a poem for you But I’ll tell you first, you’re not allowed to laugh if I don’t sing well The grass has grown thick on the plain Each year it turns from gold to green Bushfires cannot wipe it clean In the spring breeze it grows back again The grass has grown thick on the plain From today onwards, I’m your Master and also your father Each year it turns from gold to green Bushfires cannot wipe it clean You’re my daughter In the spring breeze it grows back again Master I really miss you Do you want to come down? Give me your hand Senior Chu Yuan, why are you here? – I came to take a look at you – What? You were on the tree for very long time and you looked very sad There’s nothing. I’ll get off first Is there something you’re upset about? Do you want to talk about it with me? There’s nothing I’m sorry to have disturbed you. I’ll go now Bai Cao Sometimes, you don’t have to distance yourself from others If there’s something to be happy about, you should laugh it out When there’s something that’s making you upset, you should tell a friend about it Don’t always face the problem alone I think I made a very serious mistake Everyone said that I was wrong Even Master ignores me I already tried my best to redeem myself But, everyone is still unwilling to forgive me I don’t know why There’s plenty of things that we can’t control As long as you do whatever you think is right, everything will be fine As for what happens after, you cannot control it And, you shouldn’t think too much about it This is a elderflower bracelet that I just made. It’s a gift for you Do you know why I like planting this flower? Elderflower is a very common, yet fascinating type of flower It adapts very well, and can survive anywhere According to an ancient legend, it can give people peace and happiness, as well as provide strength Next time, I’ll hand it over to you I hope it can give you strength Thank you It can protect you as you firmly choose to do what you love And, to be your real self Little Grass, Senior Chu Yuan is a really tender person Whatever that he said, I should be able to do it, right? Be myself I believe I didn’t do anything wrong So, one day, Master will let me back by his side, right?

– Bai Cao! – Hey, Bai Cao Come shopping with us. Ping Ping and the others are coming along. There’s a new– – What is this? – Nothing What nothing? I already saw it. Give it to me, let me see! – Give it back to me! – Don’t snatch it from me! I won’t be responsible if it gets torn Stop Qi Bai Cao, you’re so weird How come I’ve never heard of you liking to making arm accessories? It’s nothing – Which guy gave it to you? – Is this a token of love from him? It can’t be Xiu Da who gave it to you, right? How can it be? It’s impossible – Then, who can it be? Please, tell me! – There really is no one Let me tell you first. It cannot be from Senior Ruo Bai, because he’s mine Hey, don’t think Senior Ruo Bai is a cold person Once you become his girlfriend, he will be 100% devoted to you. That’s for sure! Quick, tell me! Who on earth gave it to you? I already told you. No one, no one, no one! Please, satisfy my little gossipy heart! Are you going to tell me or not? You really won’t tell me? Are you sure? I’ll give you one last chance. I’ll count to 3 or else you’ll regret it. 3, 2, 1! Qi Bai Cao! Bai Cao! Bai Cao! Your Master, Qu Xiang Nan, is here! He’s at the door Master is here? Master must’ve forgiven me! He must be here to bring me back! Hey, Bai Cao! Wait for me Master! – Bai Cao! Wait for me – Master! Master! Please, take her in Master, what are you talking about? All these years, Bai Cao has been following me It’s because she followed me, that she never got the chance to participate in any competition And nobody could guide her So I ask of you, Master Yu, to take her as your disciple You are my Master. I will never accept anyone else as my Master! Keep quiet! I don’t want you to give up on your dream just because of me Have you forgotten what you said to me before? You said you wanted to take part in competitions, even the Worldwide competitions. And to become the champion! You wanted to be an extraordinary strong tree to protect all the people who love you and the people you love Have you forgotten that? You don’t even listen to what I say. How can you still call me your Master? Master, I’m sorry

I will do everything that you say, but just not this! I cannot do this! Master, it was you who took me in ever since I was a small kid You taught me Yuan Wu Dao You brought me to school and you also taught me how to be a proper person A mentor is one for life, and you’re the only Master that I’ll ever have! Master, no matter what I did wrong, as long as you tell me, I will change! I’ve already packed up all my belongings I will go get everything and follow you back now! Why do you still not understand? Now, you must accept Master Yu as your Master! Do you hear me? Master, I’m sorry! No matter what, I will not accept anyone else as my Master! Master Qu Master! Master Qu! – Master! – Master Qu! The patient has been under stress and drinking alcohol over a long time, which caused blood clots to form This time, it isn’t very serious, but don’t be too careless Don’t agitate the patient too much, understand? Okay, you guys should take good care of him – Thank you – You’re welcome Master I’m sorry I made you angry I just wanted to be by your side I don’t want to get another Master I can practise Yuan Wu Dao by myself Please, I beg you. Please, allow me to be by your side It’s fine if you don’t want to talk I’ll sing a song for you The grass has grown thick on the plain Each year it turns from gold to green Bushfires cannot wipe it clean Bai Cao, don’t just eat rice Eat some meat In the spring breeze, it grows back again The grass has grown thick on the plain Each year it turns from gold to green Bushfires cannot wipe it clean In the spring breeze it grows back again Master, this song is what you sang to me Ever since my mother and father passed on, it was you who brought me back to the martial arts hall and taught me Yuan Wu Dao To me, Mentor is equivalent to my father and mother How can I call someone else Master instead? Your Master just woke up. His emotions should not be stirred Rest well, Master Qu. I’ll bring Bai Cao back here at a later time Master Then, I’ll leave first You should rest well Bai Cao After losing touch with you

I awakened from a dream The tears lingering at the corner of my eyes are traces of your absence After just wanting to cherish it I realised love already expired I was too slow and it was too late to hug your disappearing back Why did you hesitate if you had already made up the mind to leave Why did we hold hands if we didn’t aim towards forever Qi Bai Cao Rest well when you get back. Your Master needs you It’s okay. I’ll go back and make soup for Master

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