what’s up everybody okay let’s cut up hello everybody and welcome to our let’s play of hidden in plain sight um I played one game of this but I have a feeling I’ll do fairly well so we got Natan me obviously uh we got Riley here again oh I don’t know if is again cuz I’m like oh before the other one but we got Sierra she’s been up calling the video morning she actually really died hardcore in this mission XO no I’ve like in real life in real life is why it’s too we’re gonna do each game bug um I guess to be honest it’ll be very tough for you guys to tell who we are unless one of us throws like a smoke bomb or if we kill another one you guys know we don’t really know I’m gonna talk to a five-cent yousa so for this one we’re all at there’s like probably 50 ninjas and there’s four of us but we’re ninjas as well and the objective is to touch all the statues or kill everyone else well you would only need to kill at least one person yeah you know like Battle Royale style or hunger game style preferably battle royale but whatever boom all right let’s do this I got this in the bag play your three best place to see I don’t know nobody knows who they are right off the bat yeah I am so good I Know Who I am out there we go I mean I also know who someone else’s but they’re kind of far away from here a national oh that’s be I still haven’t figured out that i am yet it’s too bad because I’m about to win damn but I was on my way yeah that was you I missed you can walk right Bobby yeah I went for the attack by didn’t get you I got so freaking lost oh I took somebody out yo I don’t know if there was a play or not Oh Oh double mr flying in this one watch ya’ll harvin see what were you doing who killed your mailbox I just thought you guys walk in a straight line those guys are dead no idea who I am right now gift how do you throw yeah what else um oh you know I’m lost oh good take a headache coming Jerry skoura rapid skillet is going down silly frenzy killing spree Oh mother they just go and kill ya that’s 100 i tell you i am again oh very lost this one murder some guy I just side stepped around oh yeah the range you had the range army Oh what have you ever once got rocked oh okay we all know someone on the board 181 alright this is pretty funny I proved a most oh god it’s got murdered yeah cool to have good right so Riley’s on top laughing I’m the bottom right with dead bodies see mrs. murdering people how many smoke bomb no no what I can start using that stuff oh don’t you know first of five I reach my house nobody won yet Oh are they working with the statue race looks like this one’s Jeremy yes is spinning around no one it’s the best way so instead of every Richard I’ve no idea i have again in this one this is bad oh god like three guys dead right there Oh carry on how i do if i was drafted right insider yeah someone just put for the absolute horrible wing i want right around you oh god oh 60 oh I didn’t push your festival areas Thank You Jerry Murray don’t matter oh

no this isn’t fair i wanna run already hit that statue I’m dead oh yes arrangement oh you’re so far away with me geez got some arm oh crap I know who I am damn it haha I wasn’t me was it no one’s modern people so cute no just go crazy here oh quicken was hey that’s a quick win yeah oh that was after five I was five mins 5 so well I want the first game Joe catch a thief all right i’ll be a beef I’m gonna be a slavery ok let’s meet Sierra against rally Jerry I’m all right what are we looking for we’re looking to kill people I know but how do we tell who they are when they pick up points ok langridge I got my sights on some people here like that guy right there corner is chillin Oh God let’s kill a cool took me two shots gonna killed an innocent bag you probably got one shot left that anybody I don’t think so mm-hmm for the skeleton no I’m done one shot I can’t win okay you can get a double kill yeah i’ll switch 13 not too late night it oh I don’t know where I am I don’t know who I am yet do this guy Oh mr. mr. again Oh balls are you kidding here who don’t know who I am let’s split into two I’m not even playing look I’m in the corner somewhere yeah computers don’t spin in circles I did you are you know bunch of oh god where you gotta go you gotta go oh how do you go that’s a guy over there in the corner okay with my thing all right Sarah choose wisely my friend I can’t alternative game you have to each player has a name like all the characters at names and you have to remember all of them and then when you shoot one you have to say that name otherwise good count all right right that gave up I don’t know its coins love grabbing which I haven’t Sierra taking some back again shopping oh so you shot him in the back and he fell backwards I’m always glad I got someone it’s your skill run I like you myself away cuz I know who I was so I know if I gotta go Sarah come on I know I don’t want to ruin but it should it should have been played see he walked her over to coins it man I know he is hmmm why I’m here you got lots of time so take it to hear that you draw two coins in a row again oh my goodness he’s just ragging them up now yeah here we go he’s gonna get them all Sierra why’d you walk around so don’t know what’s going so God knew what I haven’t here take the shot 30 seconds 30 seconds can you get them all come on you gotta get him he’s going right for them cuz if you don’t get him all share and I win really we got them all oh my god the who maybe today or not

yeah oh my god yes yeah you walked over Quinn it disappeared all right all right I got skills yep oh man here we go go through a trace what’s wrong first to five why do you want oh yeah how my ears before and wise run and then shoot his rage for you okay I don’t know one moves all right oh god my controller clicks you kept moving really slowly yeah what everyone else oh no but you’d like inch forward and just stop should have now I can’t cheat so I got nothing yeah you got nothing now you got to go first and run otherwise you’re not gonna you have no chance yeah so go get that that rock guy right there now get the wizard down at the bottom was your shoot yourself I wasn’t you’re saying is that you guys shouldn’t each other I killed Riley too fast laughter yeah I controller clicks it’s not fair I can hear my controller whatever I you press it somebody kill that guy right there it’s all shoot at once yeah well someone shot convinced come on Jesus that was me I shot I chopping pissed myself go for it take the shot one I least did something yeah my Sean miss myself by accident that’s really close your shot myself well well who is that oh my baby are you run right at the beginning I didn’t run unity did you read not dress game that’s why you at the very beginning you just killed it that’s definitely someone that sabacc forgot me take it out early geez sauce Jesus take out that purple rookie no someone just just let the night go Oh purple love you want to do it oh come on take the shot take the shot thats Sarah winning well I shall probably that time so it’s not a total loss everybody shoots me already died as a loss who don’t you go I’ve no i don’t know i have a pelican you’re probably still life interesting interesting very little boy who died I killed someone I was just a random person I had to do it before someone kills me all right Sierra are you who are you who are you but she all four of these are us as possible you say that’s impossible impossible cuz I’m good Hermes dead oh you are dead yeah you didn’t just take a shot these three is dead hi so all right did you actually show yourself come on yeah there we go cash Jesse all of us were so worried yeah told ya that was the first three you just took a shot you’re still alive it’s so I know I am no I don’t cuz I’m moving office I like I was moving but I didn’t know who I was like I movie but I thought it was a skeleton I’m not the skeleton oh yeah I can aim on that [ __ ] is this I don’t

know why am I just take it out good just killed some it’s all good could have been you for all you know I think it was me I got a joke no it wasn’t me I’m going what’s up with that we lose a bedroom isn’t hey guys I’m moving right now we’ve got a group of three guys you Skelton there’s lots of skill actually there’s only one who the hell is this guy why would it be a skeleton if I’m so far back I wasn’t even a guy that’s me oh where is choked him I want to see it yeah come on board I actually didn’t know who I was at the very beginning movers leaving I move like you said of here that was it yeah Oh someone took out someone else totally saw you oh the only one left who shoots yeah no joke take the shots here you gotta take the shot that was me Harry win keep shooting Riley or not the man I don’t what the hell I got ya I’m not moving right now I don’t know who I am right now either I’m gonna get you know which one are you I have no idea who I am we got taken out there no one I don’t even know what color I amaz anything losing it I’m losing my mind I gotta kill someone who’s this guy right here you can’t kill me yeah I knew that was someone i don’t kill myself first if this guy he’s going down human guy right there he’s pissing me off this who’s this some chick scheme stressful i just shot myself I just lost mm-hmm full second does that count no I’m in one with you you know what what what is so I I don’t know who I am again I don’t know who I am damn it I’ve haven’t fell mascara I totally like stupid controller keeps clicking all right accidentally shot you kill me Jerry shot would I didn’t mean to shoot it didn’t mean to shoot you know I kill someone I know I killed someone two people died well I died yeah you’re someone who’s still alive oh my type up I was rearranging my control when I pulled the trigger okay that was nice of you guys I don’t know who i am i’m home i didn’t even know who i was tricking cash i don’t know i was a [ __ ] Gary you’re still alive anytime oh I thought it was rather I’m not dead kill Moses I don’t know Moses they’re dead Moses Moses not running i told you i was a guy spell brother moses i always call the guys after i’m dead i’m losing baby shop in one bigger tamago kake Gohan okay who’s luck rather river beside each other so I knew who you were hey I didn’t even know I was that I’ll be dead on game real funky yeah okay I rear ones where am i haunted I got a win on the board see I move too much off the back trying to figure out who I am yeah which I still don’t know who I am I got it now you guys are in trouble now there’s no one that’s impressive impressive computer right there holy [ __ ] I don’t know who I am pick up skills to pay the bills I thought I was someone I’m not you imagine that really I’d be messed up that’d be weird who who is me I don’t know what am I oh I got it I got it someone is this pink wilkie guy pink corner you got a guy one down the Eddie I can’t shoot anymore so this is just like dude look somewhat out job did you actually yeah you did that garrow’s at you know I’m green oh [ __ ] oh so close very yellow gogoro two wins we’re gonna come back here blue oak you forget ever an aim on you you’re dead suspects suspects this corner here this is junior year I’m gonna shoot oh [ __ ] I don’t want to shoot I’m always the first one

to do it you’re not I killed someone is that cuz that just lock on that one yeah yeah you said you didn’t want to shoot first now you probably won’t win though no no I always kill the purple guy okay if I movie is a dude at guarantee it comes from okay I want to bet my my life Batman buddies rd I don’t have you belly I know who someone is I know urs is intense don’t be lookin bottom screen kill the bottom screen kill him mm that’s it shoot number one shoot green shoot both of them come on all right what do you look at the other half is keeping a low profile yeah i was i was right on the line like I was raking oh I know who I am dead on dead on dead on can’t ready no 10 hits it out of the shot again here yeah and that’s tough it was only just shooting his load I guess whoa rephrase that [ __ ] no I’m good to rephrase it like that really why it’s not as funny as I thought it would be was it funny at all was kind of fun it’s UK next shot there’s always next time you have the opportunity to do a joke there’s always guys here this is too close nobody’s gonna shoot a we’re all playing it safe I shot Oh Skelton’s gonna die just a few wow I think I shoot like honestly oh my god it uses homicide you is that a time I going woo is Yuri kind of one that one together I was a totally good one I know who I’m a fan character model every time the same person three times where’s my a mer you’re a shot I didn’t mean to what games not forgiving god damn it all right don’t worry alive but uh I don’t know shot the games always ship the skeleton come on who’s the skeleton shoot oh shoot oh come on you going way too fast he’s just gotta get home but now look look cute oh my god I’m in the army oh I’ll shut up myself in this team damn it I look through that one we’re different character model this time me too smooth we got so lot used to Bob you got some early aggression here blue god what the hell new snow cone I’m calling yeah look me the crystals are ice you know what they look like you look like kind of cotton candy yeah i was thinking right but you know fluffs but I with legs and low shoes little shoes they got pretty big shoes looking yeah he got pretty big shoes yeah that’s fantastic you know I got my shot this time there’s something of a snob someone here like that Eminem song how’s that not anybody wasn’t anywhere what’s more not picky I quit no good that’s bull shoot that cotton candy pink flavor what it what is the normal pink flavor what do you call it come Jenny know like is a strawberry goes kick whoa who’s left me where you go is right there the way back this is pretty close nobody’s pulled ahead yet dude I wait I was not that for when everyone else is that one except meows it’s could’ve been done a long time ago ya khuda up your patella gay cut pink got candy you got something coming yo we got something caught you gots Godwin others you got some firepower heading your way bro alright what this is like people watching yeah no skeletons like looking at our arrows like okay that arrow Green Arrow’s over there so I can I do a boy like we’re missing no report it’s like a mystery book like a mystery book okay oh okay whoa whoa whoa yeah

we’ve got a group of guys you walk look at these cross hairs sign them all you know someone’s going around we’ll line them up find hop over here that was no one really wow that’s crazy that’s something just hate cotton candy don’t you yeah skelton what are you doing okay couples eligible young oh [ __ ] get this gilded God everyone that was a good game though that was legit like we all had a chance to win it there yeah well cuz nobody died except for me i was first want a diary I died Oh Nathan dad all right let’s do this cruise ninjas all right i’ll be a ninja i’m gonna be playing for young I’ll be all right I go we got one ninja Julie actually we have one ninja whose a ninja i think i’m a night JK spinner let’s not let’s turn it around so our goal is to guard Quincy’s out of here can we kill them ourselves ha no I liked it mer doubt you’re good I was cake I was a mutiny else oh hey where’s nother night mean you gotta stick together so you can thank you hey hey get over here right I’m following you I said okay I’m I’ll follow you all the way over here yeah yeah just imagine awesome I’m just taking out with these guys alright that I’ve got anything you’re surrounded David a ball that’s not a player mm no wait wow just camping yeah this game get him Nathan’s trying to deke me out I know who you are I can’t DQ out there just camping royalties rocky look I guess this dog I have to do all they respond I’m slaying what get out yo girl where you lameo look at this guy boom going protect the royalties I gotta run for it here’s making a run we’ve been using the bees right there up little blue guy right here I’ll make myself known ha ha killed your friend whoo oh no all right obvious I all of us have to be ninjas in two of us guys that was a famine okay I knew it named it was a whole time good spirits out daily let’s move yeah oh [ __ ] so we got it yeah I’m a knight who else i’m a ninja have a night all right let’s do it I’m know who I am damn good that’s don’t know you are yeah i know who i am you don’t have our controllers a bug its glorious can you guys kill us yeah yeah no we can only stun you I wasn’t sure no Jerry and I are nights now we’re Knights yeah hey myk’s are slower yeah protect me Squire it’s only a flesh wound go out of town well you just kill I think I killed someone chose me wow I just saw Smurfs random guy who killed annoys me it’s gotta be me to wait get over here get over I’m greatest night of all time good effort I don’t know the Black Knight impressive what’s the last mode last motors auction mode i guess assassin find yourself kill yourself all right sound really the game don’t know it’s me me and Riley grew a kill shooters who are we shooting we’re killing the assassins this is that weird one oh this is a possible one I play that oh this is gonna be played yeah okay how do we know that they are who they are once we shine the light over the people they die we’re just gonna got it we gotta catch them in the act okay I got a sus back here get him okay you’re not killing anyone really yeah no kidding you gotta do something something easy going to beat yeah yeah me and it’ll just come fine we’re gonna presentation crazy colors at you man crazy man check it out spell my name are I I’ll handwriting Oh horse II someone got why oh that guy to passat we’ll yacht oh no we got three shots right yeah yeah I’d only have two I took a shot oh I thought for sure that was someone Oh

Sierra you tried to kill me look have you actually killed someone oh yeah the room I want to does it do it you keep watching through me that I can actually kill you I can’t leave it boy hey no you can’t kill you June money we gotta get him yeah i don’t know uh yeah i got this side kind of nothing’s happening we’re about something too hot right it’s time oh boy is that someone Oh what I get someone there no I’m a [ __ ] got one shot can’t win nope oh I know he is rizzy we’re on the same team black cape go up left yet I got sear your soul library take the shot oh yes that was really bad sorry oh here you were dead I died long time yeah hold on the side I thought got you I can’t I was being reckless yeah they’re [ __ ] alive yeah Riley got you yeah i got you i thought i got someone I wasn’t sure like I was being reckless down man like what your side like I got a little Redemption so totally can that job because I missed a shower really bad skin cuz I killed before so the total is 13 murders I got 12 of those though so we ought to be 13 murders how do we murder people I’m dead I got three alright you press a when your bus types of all ok Oh night nice shot I’ve got skills and that is yet alrighty hello um I guess yeah okay soo ah I mean um hailing yeah I mean it okay all right no no no my dear Roger i’m lee mirman does sierra again yeah that was teams i guess um that was me so you see ya yeah it’s a tie Sierra one all right Destination X this is not so well anyways thanks you guys for watching deflect video like comment subscribe all the nice it would really upset but other than that I just hope you have a lovely day and hope to see you later I AZ Tucson my yeah

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