welcome back my friends to sole trader and guess what i found a map but it’s a user made map thank god someone in the steam community put up a guide really hid that i had to dig and dig to find that that’s kind of ridiculous so yeah basically what i’m going to do now I have to get to Asimov to try and find this this person because that person I was just talking to that person might know where this person is I need to find that person to finish a mission so I don’t think I’ve got a visa no I dama Lisa to go to the old Federation so i had to find one so I gonna go the spaceport hey and book a room and then sleep and then go the end and go the bank and get another loan which is ridiculous but hilarious and three days until open alright so we’re gonna go the three days until open what it’s friday hey there hey there sure uh okay oh yeah but i also have a job at this hi there will do yeah already a role ok so ever roll here this is a bit weird I have a role here as a cleaner and yet there’s nothing for me to do here and the Oh so wait didn’t the bank say three days until open but now it’s open hello okay will do so I’ve got another loan to uh to another as the old Federation hey there okay so fine we’re gonna leave then gonna land in another city no embassy here okay let’s leave what about right here a criminal organization I don’t want to deal with that right now ah there’s no embassy here either so what we’re going to do then we’re gonna head to where are we worried I oh okay so we’re gonna head to samba simba lalala see if they have an embassy simple simply is in the front is in frontier space I guess you don’t need a visa to go there I guess I do need a visa to go the old Federation and someone earlier one to charge me 10,000 credits to go there but since I need to go to both New York and and Asimov which is on Mars apparently i need a visa so we’re gonna go to we’re gonna go to symbol of the lil Allah o damage crap ok

I need to eventually start repairing that nonsense this other thing is nice i guess i could probably do it myself but the sound of thing is nice maybe next time I will do it myself why not okay so we have an embassy for the new order but I don’t need an embassy for the new order I need an embassy for I need an embassy for shipyard here at all does not seem to be a shipyard okay so we’re gonna head to series now 0 we have min to Vesta let’s hit the Vista no you know what I’m gonna do it myself so let’s turn and go I had to do this my own damn self so it seems just using the ship takes damage which I guess it’s fair I guess it’s weird it’s weird man I guess those are a stir it whoa guess those are asteroids and guessing i guess i’m not there that come on come on there we go that’s her to Vesta ok now I see if Vesta has a an embassy hi hey that ok I help people to I forgot about that let’s see sure you know nothing oh I just freaking tastic cuz I wasn’t paying attention hi okay no knows anything thank you damn it damn it please tell me there’s an embassy here uh-oh there’s a shipyard um hi how much to repair my ship oh yeah sure totally pay that thank you uh Syrian embassy here oh there’s not okay oh look if I wanted to join a small criminal band or I mean a small pirate band or a small criminal organization you know there’d be or a tiny screen gang tiny street gang that’s kind of neat okay we’re gonna leave and we’re gonna head to Sarah series now because maybe they have an embassy 22 the old federation because it’s kind

of ridiculous oh pardon me damn it kind of hit the brakes a lot sooner I guess all right okay let’s see if they have a embassies around the border you’d hope they would write you know you’d hope they would have an embassy of sunt oh god that ship whoa whoa what ah oh well that’s okay hey sure uh um it’s 10pm when we go to go to sleep and then go the embassy two days until opened how are these hidden if I can see them right there fine hey I wanted to buy a room again I want to grow the embassy ah it’s a saturday i can’t do anything I seen somewhere in New York okay I got to do that one and then i’ll give the Asimov see if I can talk to my sit my sister I just realized that apparently I’m a cleaner you can just leave whenever ok hey that sure okay sure sure ooh purple purple very purple sure I can pay my ship a different color uh okay sure you know nothing hello suddenly I’m just gonna sleep for a whole day oh woe is me I’m so depressed and I still 25 hours hi will do okay so we get anything out of that nope still no damn thing all right

hi there will do Hey hi there will do well crap okay it’s a bank here cuz I might need to get another goddamn loan nope no bank well alright ah you didn’t uh hello there y’all saw my gun to get a little more money for hours until the pirate band opens for business they only open at lunchtime barely yeah that’s funny hello that can’t do it I negative 90 I want hi okay sure hey hey there no okay Wow all right um I can’t get a visa what am I supposed to do so sup hellz Apollonia the moon okay you know what this is a weird thing why is the game giving letting me take contracts to a place I can’t get to because I don’t have I don’t have a visa for it and I wish this thing would scroll a little faster just a little goddamn thought you know this game is kind of getting on my nerves a little bit why would let me take a mission to a place it knows I can’t get you I mean clearly I don’t have a visa for four okay you know what I’m just gonna have to quit that’s insanely frustrating I’m just going to head back to IO and do stuff now in the new order because that’s ridiculous goodbye all y’all ya bastards just if all you just just go screw just go screw Oh screw we’re gonna head back to cyberbully and then I’ll go and then we’re going to start doing jobs around the new order cuz hey my life goals become boss the new order so I should just hang around there instead trying to get to a place I can’t go to yeah that’s so weird why will the game allow me to take a job to a place that all of a visa to that she’s really frustrated and then I try and go get of these and I can’t do it the one time I could have gotten it I know the money it’s kind of strange boy all right so now we’re going to io yeah there’s just i mean i love i love what the game is trying to do but there

are just some weird omissions and and stuff that I just kind of driving me a little bad like a map I am so thankful I gotta I gotta [ __ ] I gotta say something this person on Steam who made this like I am so thankful that someone made a goddamn map no idea well maybe you do cuz I’m harping on it but I’m so happy someone made a map why is that the most difficult gate to construct I wonder that’s an interesting thing to say about it its head to IO try and find work there I mean don’t we already had don’t I already have a job at the space yeah i’m a cleaner yeah I failed I know I failed so now I’m only gonna take jobs i know i can get to hey there okay no i’m not i’m also not taking a job where you don’t know the goddamn location hey okay yeah hey there hey there sure sure oh for God’s sakes sure for God’s sakes well you got me the visa I’ll take it okay sure ok so okay so this person might know where this guy is so we’re gonna go to series hello there okay okay fourth loan you guys all right Rebecca leave so now we’re going to sarahs oh geez no I wanted to launch so we got to go to yeah all that old them Federation embassy hey now I’ve got yes that’s great huh I kind of wish I wouldn’t have given up those jobs now but that was a little frustrating i’m going to admit good doink go take me of the series gate go go so hopefully we can find my my friend Kyra UL I’m gonna go talk to Kyra and say hey

Cara do you know where um Jos jospeh Joe spoon jospeh serious let’s go series thank God for this map you guys oh my god seriously I would be like like like throwing crap against a wall right now if I didn’t have this map because I’d be like I don’t wear anything is I know where nothing is federate the Embassy’s closed okay hey buddy I need a hey I can get to in London now I’ll do it hey um really I need a room thank you you know stop at the Embassy and we’re gonna talk to my friend who earlier wouldn’t give me a wouldn’t give me a visa but now I have a visa hahaha I wish there was a way a fast forward button so i could be like fast forward an hour please was the plus work nope I’ll have this plus hope and do a thing hey there we go hey I need to find this guy sure dull lion-o where the hell is that ah is that a bar here oh I guess I found him yay oh you just happened to be here hello there ok hello sure that’s a good chunk of change I’ll do it what did I do okay I get what what just happened I don’t know what’s happened Hey oh so many 200 credits yeah so then it’s just wait a minute it just said four weeks I said three weeks what ok so wait no this is yeah so we need to find Odella she’s originally from the old Federation location not known to me old Federation but hey now I can go the old Federation jeez alright so now we’re going to go the old Federation we’re going to ads in my

first thing so we’re gonna leave in a minute but yay so so can I pay one of these off I guess I have to go these actual banks to pay them off that’s okay no they’re not here now the banks are in here okay that’s fine so all right so we’re going to leave and head to Mars now that I can and we’re going to find some goddamn people so I have to deliver a parcel on London tonight we’ll head there first and try and figure out where to go from there so thanks for watching this entry folks and I will see it for the next one

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