we have a problem here we have a hijacked aircraft headed towards New York we just know it’s not an exercise man in April 2002 al Jazeera reporter yo sorry food had conducted the first and only interview of the two main planners of the September 11th attacks fuda was blindfolded and taken to a hideaway somewhere in karachi pakistan where he met khalid sheikh mohammed and ramzi bin al-shibh in the interview he obtained the first full admission by al-qaeda that they had carried out the 911 attacks the video tapes were kept by al-qaeda but fuda eventually received an audio CD of his interview with bin al-shibh based on exclusive information from that interview top secret was able to track the movements and preparations of the hijackers in the countdown to their mission of death it became apparent how much the United States failed to detect and prevent what al Qaeda called its planes operation which was executed with such deadly effect on 911 in the summer of nineteen ninety eight bomb attacks on the US embassies in nairobi and dar es salaam killed over 200 people the attacks brought Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda to international attention for the first time in Nairobi the Americans captured a Saudi who was involved in the attacks mohammed al al Holly that we end up getting mr. Allah Wally and mr. Allah wallies then interviewed by a couple of agents a New York City police detective and a new yawk FBI agent and he gives up a telephone number and what is that telephone number this is the number that mr. Ola Wally called in sauna because he wanted travel documents and he wanted money the Yemen telephone number belonged to a man who lived in this street in the capital sana the man son-in-law was Halid Almeida who was to become one of the nine eleven hijackers involved in the plot from the very beginning so from august of 1998 until the events of 911 and probably beyond that the United States government is in possession of a telephone number that is part you would argue part of an al-qaeda cell or a support network in Yemen and we know in retrospect that that telephone number is significant in terms of 911 the telephone number was monitored and over a year later through this eavesdropping the Americans got wind of preparations for a top al-qaeda meeting in Malaysia CIA intercepts discussions about this meeting that’s planned and they begin an operation to conduct surveillance of the operation in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia that there’s going to be this meeting at the request of the CIA the Malaysian Special Branch based here in this building kept an eye on the al-qaeda operatives and even photographed the meeting was held in this suburb of Kuala Lumpur in January two thousand the meeting in this apartment block involved men who are planning to launch devastating attacks on us hallett alnath da and fellow Saudi Nawaf al-hazmi were at the meeting they were to be the first two recruits for the planes operation which became the attacks on 911 tell Phoebe Natasha was also there he was the mastermind the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen later that year 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and ramzi bin al-shibh were also thought to be at the meeting the Malaysians remained tight-lipped about the cooperation they offered the Americans the management government was asked by the American government to monitor the meetings well I caddy

softening okay okay well when the al-qaeda summit ended the attendees dispersed the official 911 commission report claims American intelligence then lost track of the al-qaeda operatives after they departed Kuala Lumpur having been under close surveillance the al-qaeda man boarded planes and seemingly disappeared into thin air even the sophisticated nature of the American government and American apparatus CIA FBI and it’s excellent cooperation with PI government Philippine government and most governments in Southeast Asia it seems a little bit you know it’s a dometic it’s kind of mysterious how you know this this came about that suddenly they were not able to be monitored losing meth da and hosny was a critical security lives since after the meeting in Malaysia the two al Qaeda operatives left Kuala Lumpur for the United States the two-point men in the planes operation touched down in california in january two thousand they arrived undetected even though days earlier they had been under surveillance at the request of the CIA the two al Qaeda men entered the USA with their own passports and with multiple entry visas this issue of the phone number in sauna the summit in malaysia khalid ahmed ha Nawaf al-hazmi and the multiple-entry visas is what is 911 is all about in California neff Dodd and has me posed as Saudi students they regularly attended this mosque in Los Angeles the two men soon made a friend in a restaurant near the mosque they met a fellow Saudi his name was Omar I’ll buy you me he helped the two new arrivals to settle in California we did our research into by you mean he seemed to have close connections with the Saudi consulate in LA and some in the Muslim community there suspected he was a Saudi government agent one evening by uni showed up at the medina mosque in san diego with myth Dodd and has me he introduced them to a young Yemeni man named North are Abdullah Abdullah now lives back in Yemen but he still remembers the two men he met at the mosque ademi lake and home tally bein he introduced them to me as students or visitors who had just arrived in San Diego from LA looking for somewhere to study the Raza charolais I asked me to try and help them find the school to learn English he thought I could help them enroll somewhere alt happy no well hope to himself and did you help them to a degree yes he fina and man am although they had been tracked in Kuala Lumpur at the al Qaeda meeting met da and has me lived openly in san diego for a while they lived in a small flat in this apartment complex nobody seems to have been on their trail they weren’t exactly hiding the San Diego phone directory of 2000 even includes Huskies name address and telephone number Matt Dodd and has me frequented this mosque in San Diego where they listened to the sermons of a mosque imam anwar awlaki we have obtained a recording of one of imam ali Keys sermons it offers an insight into his belief if you have a las 10 tile on your side don’t worry Allah subhana Allah will take care of you it’s not a matter of numbers or weapons or Air Force or artillery or battalions if you have a low with you a law will help you the official 911 Commission investigation wanted to interview this Imam but claimed in their report they were unable to locate and interview him we found a lackey in sauna he had been deported from the u.s. in early 2002 he offered us his own view of why 911 happened when only nivin min hello and

we also believe through our reading of the Quran that any nation that is unjust or pompous abaht and does not believe in Allah Almighty Allah the Almighty will send them sighs like those sent to haggle of AD and those are sent to the Pharaohs as a lie aletta diet the unit there were nine clear science and it is as if the signs grow in number each tire tyranny in a certain state or regime grow steadily on and daddy dola island Vong incredible as it sounds Mathare and has me rented a room in the house of an FBI informant in San Diego the informants name was abdul Sattar shake a muslim of indian descent who lived in this street with his to saudi tenants we located his house here we tried but failed to get an interview with him hardly surprising since even the first congressional joint inquiry into 911 was denied access to shake their live in landlord was ideally placed to provide a lot of details on his two tenants there were some of the congressional investigators who felt that he knew more than he was letting on but the FBI was very protective of him they refused to let him be questioned directly by congressional investigators the 911 Commission itself looked at the issue and concluded that he was not aware of the activities of his two guests Alma Doran hosny two days after 911 so in September 13th a communication comes in from the San Diego FBI office which provides a lot of information about both those gentlemen and what they were doing in terms of computers that they might have been using what locations I might have went to the fact that they had purchased a car fact that they had gotten into a traffic accident what ATMs they might have been going to what phone booths they might have been using so there was a lot of information that came in very soon thereafter and that only suggests to me that that the bureau was successful in finding somebody who knew what these guys were doing I mean you can’t get all that information within two days without somebody point pinpointing in saying listen this is what they did this is with it went this is what they drove in May 2000 khalid al mek da and Nawaf al-hazmi began searching for flight schools luckily for them the owner of this school spoke Samaritan but both students were seen as a joke since they wanted to bypass primary training on smaller plants hi grooming exactly his face he came around and told me like we did hand and his smile said I’m gonna fly Boing I said yeah everybody wants to fly boy that was no off we spoke more and later on really they were in touch with regards off as a matter of fact they they kind of pleaded with me you know please keep us on and you know we’d like to move up into the twins can we start flying in the twins and at that point I thought it was a little comical because they didn’t understand or graphs of the concept of how flight training progresses neither method or has me ended up piloting a plane on 911 giving up on learning to fly met Dada decided to return to Yemen in june two thousand to see his newborn baby daughter met dodd went back to his family house in this street in sauna the house with the telephone number which had been bugged by the Americans meth dad spent much of his time in this small mosque leading the prayers to those who knew him his views were unequivocal of Kimura know who the Cutler I remember he once said that it was permissible to kill civilians we’re talking about the hostages who were killed in yemen in 1998 or 99 now laughs Kirk effort a helmet over our I don’t remember how the conversation started that I do specifically remember this much Halid

said they’re killing was permissible should have bena kanekalon halal with meth bargain hosny began to feel increasingly lonely in San Diego having no work nothing to study and with his close companion gone cosme decided to work in this gasps dish washing cars alongside his friend muff Dodd Abdullah cosme remained in San Diego for the rest of 2000 he awaited the arrival of a fellow conspirator a third team member also a Saudi who would be more skilled in flying but a few months before his arrival al-qaeda struck again in dramatic fashion against an American target in october two thousand suicide bombers hit the USS cole destroyer while it was moored in the port of aden in the Yemen 17 American sailors would kill us diplomats politicians FBI officials and CIA agents descended on Yemen to join the hunt for the perpetrators the u.s forged new alliances as it sought to combat the growing threat posed by Al Qaeda need a miracle feedin can I consider the USS Cole incident and aiding as the event which opened the door to development of Yemeni American relations within the framework of combating terrorism or what Elliot and what mechanisms were agreed in the context of the war on terror mechanisms in terms of how to build the Yemeni capabilities in combating terrorism with the matter also work honey so a dialogue was established and Yemen like other countries provided the Americans with useful information dunnellon well of course there was the exchange of intelligence information between Yemen and the USA and a number of countries not only the USA going to do a list of about a latent academic beyond the handshakes and back-slapping there was little progress the mastermind of the USS Cole attack had been photographed at the Kuala Lumpur meeting earlier that year also photographed at that meeting was holud almak dodd who was now back in yemen in the very same city as these American investigators the dots were never joined the Americans failed to find a smoking gun and in the end there was no US military retaliation you know when historians examine 911 the USS Cole is really the curtain raiser for 911 and the fact that the United States government did absolutely nothing about it I mean his astonishing you know famously ambassador Michael Sheehan who was the counterterrorism head at State Department after the coal attack said what do they have to do blow up the Pentagon the new member of the hijack team arrived in San Diego in december two thousand two months after the USS Cole attack his name was honey honge or he would pilot the plane that hit the Pentagon honge or had studied English here at the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1991 some important al-qaeda members had studied here and by the mid 90s Tucson had become a hotbed of radical Islamic activity at this time a number of Muslims were taking flying lessons at various schools in Arizona including Hong Joo this activity caught the attention of Harry Ellen a businessman in Phoenix Arizona who was also an FBI operative Ellen felt there should be an investigation into Middle Eastern men learning to fly in 1996 he reportedly passed on his concerns to an agent in this FBI office in Phoenix Ellen’s handler was FBI agent Ken Williams it appears Williams did nothing with the information until five years later only then in july two thousand and one did william send what came to be known as the Phoenix memo to FBI headquarters in the New York office the Phoenix memo suggested the FBI should monitor Arab students training at aviation schools in Arizona but according to the official 911 Commission report nobody at the FBI offices saw the Phoenix memo until after September 11 had the memos recommendations been acted on the preparations for the 911 attacks might well have been uncovered it seems that no sooner had honge or arrived in San Diego he and has me planned to move to another town first they passed by the gas station sahas me could say goodbye

to his colleague Mukhtar Abdullah via LAN mcafee suddenly he came to see me at the shop it was about 9 p.m. and he was on his way to San francisco-oakland to be specific madinat San francisco-oakland batalla de la mama de cali oo wada alone he had someone with him who came italiano lockup day hanji hanji as he said his name was hannah hajj or Saudi yes he said he was sorry and that they were trying to advance and he introduced him as Lana hope so d he introduced him as a friend who came to San Diego to visit and when I asked at hand or whether he had been in America for long he said I was in Arizona and my job is a pilot he will at Arizona one manatee he attire the manner in which has me said goodbye to Abdullah was more significant than his friend realized at the time Carly he said we will meet again with permission of Allah if not in this life then in the next in eternal paradise then he shook my hand here in Hamburg Germany another important element of the 911 story was developing some of the key players in the 911 plot lived in this flat Mohamed Atta lived here while studying in Hamburg he would pilot the first plane that hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center Marwan al shei he was his flatmate he would pilot the second plane that hit the South Tower 9-11 mastermind ramzi bin al-shibh was also a flatmate here Ziad Jarrah who piloted flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania lived close by between them they would become known as the Hamburg cell we obtained a copy of Mohamed Atta’s bank statement which showed that he called his rented flat in Hamburg Dada Lanza meaning the place of those who follow the Prophet Mohammed an indication of his allegiance to Islam even in his everyday life German intelligence was closely watching the Muslim community here in Hamburg a mosque in this building was a favorite place for the community’s more radical members we obtained this footage from 1999 filmed inside the mosque showing ramzi bin al-shibh addressing a group of guests at a wedding reception here we see pilot hijacker Ziad Jarrah who was also at the way Marwan al Shecky another of the pilot hijackers can be seen here on the far right singing of past Muslim victims so in the year nineteen ninety nine and the year 2000 at least for a couple of months several members of the Hamburg cell were under surveillance in Hamburg but German authorities didn’t realize what they were looking at they didn’t get any information that seemed to be threatening in any way so they decided after a couple of months to stop the surveillance because it was just taking too much personnel from their resources in the early summer of 2000 Mohamed Atta Marwan al shaky and zia Jarrah arrived in the US otta and Shecky attended flight school in Venice on the western coast of Florida just down the road Ziad Jarrah was also accepted by this school in the same street unlike the first two al Qaeda operatives in San Diego these flight students proved to be more proficient Jarrah impressed the flight instructor of this aviation Center in Philadelphia where he later trained Jarrah had requested to fly the Hudson corridor which runs along manhattan island and the VFR hudson corridor comes right up the new york skyline with a hudson river and it’s four aircraft that want to fly below a thousand feet and it’s kind of unusual for a person to come in that is not familiar with the area to have such an explicit knowledge on that one part so he had done his homework and he knew that this Carter would give him a great view of the Manhattan skyline which obviously became

the focal point of 911 in January 2001 Mohamed Atta traveled to Germany to meet with his former flatmate ramzi bin al-shibh de now she had been declined a visa for the u.s. he was coordinating the operation from Germany otta debriefed bin al-shibh on the operations progress bin al-shibh then went to Afghanistan to report to the al-qaeda leadership after his meeting with bin al-shibh Mohammed Atta returned to Florida marijuana he also returned to Florida after having been away in Morocco neither man had a valid visa yet both persuaded us immigration inspectors to admit them back into the country so they could continue their flight training meanwhile in Afghanistan the rest of the hijackers were being selected this exclusive footage shows at least three of the men chosen as the muscles the men who would subdue the plane crew and passengers in the exclusive interview with ramzi bin al-shibh he explained that recruits were not told their targets but knew they were to die o women do me how first all the brothers knew they were going on a martyrdom operation and they were all prepared for this they were not told of the details such as where how and when it would not have been wise for any brother to know the details of the whole operation when he was still in Afghanistan before departing to the land of their enemy some of the hijackers videotaped their wills some of which were released later by al-qaida’s media wing in the videos the hijackers rail against the United States and its policies this is ahmed al haznawi one of the hijackers of flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania first let me show you whether this is Abdul Aziz Al Omari one of the hijackers of flight 11 which hit the World Trade this is saeed al ghamdi one of the hijackers of flight 93 degree miss fotherby and then you know they are you know if they’re even worth in april two thousand and one these muscle hijackers began arriving in America at first they rented rooms in cheap motels such as this one in Florida with 18 operatives on the ground in the US the details of the planes operation could be worked out more precisely ring leader Mohamed Atta worked on selecting for morning flights that would all take off around the same time otta and his team would hijack american airlines flight 11 from Boston’s Logan Airport their target was the north tower of the world trade center which they codenamed the faculty of town planning Marwan Shecky and his team would hijack United Airlines flight 175 also from Boston’s Logan Airport their target was the south tower codenamed the Faculty of urban planning honey hunter and his team would hijack american airlines flight 77 from Dulles Airport near Washington their target was the pentagon which they codenamed the Faculty of Fine Arts Ziad Jarrah and his team would hijack United Airlines flight 93 from Newark Airport their target was the congress on capitol hill codenamed the faculty of law on august 25th the first of the 19 tickets were purchased the zero-hour was set for September 11th ramzi bin al-shibh was at this time still in Germany on August twenty-ninth he was awakened before dawn by a phone call from Mohamed Atta he said two sticks a dash and a cake with a stick down it what is it I said is this a riddle are you waking me up to tell me a riddle the two sticks is the number 11 a dash is a dash and the cake with a stick down it is the number nine thus the picture is complete 911 the 11th of September’s decide the date was set well sama bin Laden was about to stage a

devastating strike against his enemy years earlier the United States might have possibly prevented the 911 attacks had it not squandered golden opportunities to capture or kill bin Laden himself one of the first opportunities arose back in nineteen ninety seven here in southern Afghanistan when some local Afghan tribesmen had agreed to take part in a raid on bin Laden’s base everything had been well planned according to one of the operations masterminds we had gone so far as to take a look at that compound understood where he was because there was a series of three houses his family and extended family and key operatives were there he was in the middle house that’s what we were going after and then we would have done something if we if he had survived the attack then we would have taken him to a remote location and that we would have flown in and arrested in line in the end a political decision was taken not to go ahead with the operation two years later in nineteen ninety nine American intelligence located someone they believed to be bin Laden in his customary white robe we obtained this footage of Osama bin Laden taken by a CIA spy drone the US military was ready to conduct a targeted missile strike the footage reveals how close the Americans came to killing the al-qaeda leader two years before the September 11th Jack’s among them one very much taller than the other but you know that’s what you can see that he’s taller in there and they’re smaller right so you can take the chance all right we’re going to fire into this group and maybe there’s nobody maybe just a tall man right dude maybe we don’t care it would just kill them all no somebody decided in fact that was not a good idea wasn’t worth taking the risk if it had gone ahead would have killed bin Laden there was no question about it but the White House delayed long enough in making a decision where it was no longer possible to do it by the time they decided that they could go ahead whether or not these would be successful operations if they had been authorized I don’t know is very difficult to judge from the outside but it’s clear that there was a certain amount of frustration among the operational people at CIA that the political leadership including some of the political ease inside the CIA were very reluctant to undertake any kind of action whatsoever neither the Clinton nor the Bush administration seemed to grasp the full extent of the threat posed by Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda every morning CIA director George Tenet delivered a presidential daily briefing or PDB to President George Bush from late january two thousand and one to the day of 9-11 itself more than 40 PD bees were delivered which warned of a possible al Qaeda attack in his own words George Tenet system at the time was blinking red on Argost sixth the president was shown during his holiday what was arguably the most alarming CIA report about Al Qaeda to date The Daily Brief was entitled bin Laden determined to strike in US Bush then went back to the vacation after getting this PDB and Condoleezza Rice and he didn’t speak and tan and I think talk to him once so they all went because August they all went on vacation which I thought was kind of an odd response later the president’s national security advisor at the time Condoleezza Rice had to take the hot seat before the 911 Commission to explain why nothing more had been done threat reporting is we believe that something is going to happen here on at this time under these circumstances this was not threat reporting well al Qaeda intelligence dr rice is when you have the place time and date the threat reporting saying the United States is going to be attacked should trigger the principles getting together I’ll say we’re just your site mr. Omer let’s be very clear that the PDB does not say the United States is going to be attacked it says bin Laden would like to attack the United States I don’t think you great frankly had to to have that report to know that bin Laden would like to attack the United States so why are ready earlier than august six threat reporting it’s red reporting to which we could respond it should have triggered really loud alarm bells from President Bush and his top advisors about the need to shake the trees as it were and go out and look for anything have the agencies the FBI and the CIA look for anything that might be an indication of a plot to attack in the United States and that clearly was not

done one man who was well aware of the al-qaeda threat was then national coordinator for counterterrorism Richard Clarke appointed by president bill clinton Clark had a hard time convincing the new Bush administration to take al Qaeda seriously on may 29th 2001 he wrote to deputy national security adviser Stephen Hadley stating when these attacks occur as they likely will we will wonder what more could have been done to stop them in the new Bush administration Clark was effectively demoted it was only in the 911 Commission hearings two and a half years after the attacks when Clark could be brutally frank I also welcome the hearings because it is finally a forum where I can apologize to the loved ones of the victims of 911 to them who are here in the room to those who are watching on television your government failed you those entrusted with protecting you failed you and I failed you we tried hard but that doesn’t matter because we failed such failure may be even harder to understand in the light of what 9-11 mastermind ramzi bin al-shibh told us he claimed the al-qaeda operatives were tailed as they took their surveillance flights prior to 911 methoden a Hawaiian for instance brothers Marwan and Ziad were tailed as they took their casing flights from New York to California this continued throughout the whole journey but her laugh saved them was tomorrow a comer to be done no one walked around when I can the LA send them banaue she does not specify who might have been doing the following it may have been nothing more than paranoia on the part of the al-qaeda operatives but herb portman a flight instructor of Ziad Jarrah confirmed to us that the hijacker had in fact been under surveillance after nine eleven Hartman was visited by some FBI agents they told him they had been tailing Jarrah before 911 they said they had been tracking when actually just lost track of them just prior to 911 they the indications were that we had gotten that they actually had been following a group of these people and had lost touch with him through whatever reason but they had tracked him back to us and when I went back and looked at the pictures and I immediately recognized him at that point the FBI may not have been the only ones tracking the hijackers some media reports claimed an Israeli spy ring operating across America had been following at least four members of the hijack gang including its leader Mohamed Atta these reports remain unverified but according to a former intelligence official it is an open secret that Israeli agents pay close attention to Islamists in the USA did the Israelis have a large intelligence operation in the United States particularly in the new york new jersey area the answer is yes they did they have operations that they conduct against radical Islamists in the United States but they did not there has been no evidence shown that they had advance knowledge of 911 on jun 11 2001 a CIA delegation visited the FBI office here in New York at the meeting the CIA agents presented some of the surveillance photographs taken from the meeting in Kuala Lumpur a year and a half earlier one of the photos was of Halid alemeth da the photographs caused an argument between the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency the people that were in the meeting on the FBI side said well where’d you get these photographs and the people in the agency said we can’t tell you it led to a you know real disagreement I mean strong words were exchanged because the men and women who were looking at these photographs understood what it was greater information sharing between the CIA and FBI would have put hallett alnath Dodd on the radar there and then in june 2001 as it was mcdonough’s name was not added to the watch list until over two months after that meeting this was a critical lapse

because during this time muqdad re-entered the United States unchecked from the time he left San Diego meth dad had been in Yemen mcdonough sought to return to the u.s. to join the hijack team he received a new US visa two days after the CIA FBI meeting in New York he flew into the u.s. on the fourth of july two thousand and one independence day when security is theoretically on high alert mad are joined six other hijackers living in this house in Paterson New Jersey they all shared a one-room apartment on the top floor madari United here with Nawaf al-hazmi his former colleague in San Diego pilot hijacker Hani Hanjour was also in the house together with four of the so-called muscle hijackers mudarra and has me were eventually put on the US national watch list on August twenty-fourth an urgent search for the two men would have uncovered seven of the al-qaeda operatives living here in the same house they all lived here openly under their real names which they used to open bank accounts obtained driving licenses and roll in flight schools and to book plane tickets as it was just one rookie FBI agent was assigned the task of finding muqdad and has me there were yet more security failings in the countdown to 11 in February 2001 Zacarias Moussaoui a french moroccan citizen arrived in the u.s. to seek flight training on large boeing jets even though he had no prior aviation knowledge three weeks before the 911 attacks Masoli was arrested after FBI agents in Minnesota became suspicious about his wish to learn to fly large jets as it was FBI headquarters denied the field agents permission to search misawa’s laptop computer after the arrest later on the chief counsel of the FBI’s Minneapolis field office coleen rowley wrote a stinging memo to the FBI director outlining how FBI headquarters had thwarted agents attempts to investigate Mousawi raleigh believes the 911 plot might have been derailed had the Misawa investigation not been blocked by bureaucratic procedure there are often cases where agents want to pursue cases more aggressively and are either pampered or perhaps rein back in by prosecutors who want a high level high standard of evidence before proceeding now at the early stages of Investigation of course you’re never going to have that and so there’s this tension between what the prosecutor wants which is eventually having a case with a high level of evidence and an investigator who might want to start with a with a lower threshold the plot remained undetected and in the final days according to ramzi bin al-shibh he and Mohamed Atta bade farewell to each other over the telephone with typical religious fervor kukkad nananana sovereign entity he reassured me that God willing we will meet in paradise and that our meeting shall be soon with permission of Allah I asked him that if he saw the Prophet Muhammad to convey our greetings to him without nevius a la hora es el amor bello al-manar 11 gender they william home in the cellar according to bin al-shibh the final hours were the most critical for the hijackers to remain focused and determined don’t air this these were very apprehensive moments for you are going into battle a very large military battle by any standards an unconventional battle against the most powerful force on earth which has all kinds of weapons intelligence agencies and spy satellites you are facing them on their own soil among their own forces with a small company for the nineteen young man that 15 hours before the zero hour lead hijacker Mohamed Atta drove 100 miles north from Boston to Portland Maine with fellow hijacker Abdul Aziz Al Omari their apparent plan was to then fly back to Boston knowing that transit passengers are not usually subjected to rigorous security checks this CCTV image shows Atta and Omari checking in at

Portland Airport at 5 45 a.m. to catch their flight to Boston it’s almost impossible to believe something as important as that flight that day he would be in September 120 miles away by airplane in the kind of weather were this fogs and you could maybe not make it it seemed very risky I was fascinated by that but it could be that you know they were just as amateurish as we were in their planning I don’t see a lot of sophistication in this I think it’s much more amateurs yet these were the amateurs whom America’s intelligence agencies had failed to detect with all the hijackers checking in the last chance to prevent the attacks now hinged on the airport security this CCTV footage from Dulles Airport captures the flight 77 team at the security check the hijackers were carrying short bladed knives three of the five hijackers alarmed the primary metal detector those three going through the secondary metal detector two of them alarm the metal detector one at thigh level and one at ankle level the screener with a hand one did not adequately resolve those alarms a significant failure another failure to add to the string of intelligence and security lapses which meant al-qaeda was able to carry out its deadly operation this is holud al-ahmad are the man photographed over a year and a half earlier at the al-qaeda meeting in Kuala Lumpur now captured on camera once again walking to board the plane the four aircraft took off that morning al Qaeda’s planes operation was carried out and the world witnessed a catastrophic attack that would have profound consequences which are still with us to this day

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